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A Pu bl i cati on of K appa K appa Psi , Gam m a Chapter

Rook i e Ed i ti on

Why is your sect ion

t he best ? | p. 2

Map of t he Ave | p. 4

How t o m anage your

schedule w it h HMB| p. 5


Cover by Dylan Majewski, Alto Sax


02 W hy is your section

the best?

04 Best places on the


05 H ow to m anage your

schedule with H M B:

Avoid the str ess


Kappa Kappa Psi is a student service and leadership

recognition society whose chief aim is to assist the Director of

Bands in developing the leadership and enthusiasm that is

required of their band. Our goals are to provide the band not only

with organized and concentrated service activities, but to give our

membership valid and wholesome experiences in organization,

leadership and social contacts.

The Fraternity is presently located in over 150 colleges and

universities nationwide. On the local level, chapter responsibilities

include numerous concentrated service projects as well as

providing the intangible items of morale, spirit, enthusiasm,

atmosphere and attitude within the band.

Membership in Kappa Kappa Psi is an educational and

service activity as well as a social one. And it is this kind of activity

that enriches the band student?s life and sharpens

an appreciation for both the best in Music and

what it takes to achieve it. It is to this end that

our National Fraternity is dedicated, and we

cordially invite your participation in this effort.


By Oliver Kou, Clarinet

Each section in HMB has its own unique cultures

and traditions. As a rookie, you have the chance

to bond with people in your section over the coming

season. So, what makes your particular section the

best? Find out below!


The piccolos have

a lot of fun

choreography and

have some of the

best marching.

They are a positive

and hardworking

section and hey,

playing the

melody most of

the time is pretty



The trumpets

think they are the

best section

because of the



musicians. They

are a social

section, bond

quickly, and are

regulars at Red

Robin. They are

the most spirited

section and

always playing the

melody is the

cherry on top.

TROMBONES The trombones know how to

have fun in any situation. They are an extremely

diverse section but they still feel like a family,

especially with Bone Breakfasts after game days.

They are also the most musical section!

SAXOPHONES The saxes think they are the best section

because they can unabashedly be themselves. They are there

to support and push each other to be their best selves. Their

section creates a feeling of belonging to a family. Saxes Never



MELLOPHONES The mellophones always know how to lighten

the mood and get hyped for game day. They work hard, play

harder at Buffalo Wild Wings, and don?t believe in birds.

BARITONES The baritones think they are the

best section because they are the loudest

section. They have the best dance moves and

were quoted saying ?sorry piccolos.? They

always have a fun time together as a section.

CLARINETS The clarinets think they are the best section due to

their healthy culture. When there are debates and disagreements,

they serve to strengthen the section instead of tearing it apart. There

is much section love that provides a place to bring out a little bit of

their weird side.

SOUSAPHONES The sousaphones

are a very diverse group of people but

are a tight-knit family because they

are always willing to work together.

They definitely need that because of 3"Vertical Playhouse" on game days.


The drumline is

literally the

heartbeat of

the band. They



are very detail

oriented, and

the cleanest




By Andreas Phillips, Clarinet and

Monica Mursch, Alto Sax

University Way, better known as "The Ave," is a

stretch of city blocks filled with go-to restaurants

and hang out spots. Whether you're grabbing lunch at

Mee Sum or shopping for Husky gear at the bookstore,

you'll find everything you need on The Ave! Here are

some of our favorites:

- Boba And Dessert s

- Boba Up

- Sweet Alchemy

- Kung Fu Tea

- Beetle Cafe

- Rest aurant s

- University Kitchen

- Samurai Noodle

- Thaiger Room

- Noodle Nation

- Mee Sum

- Byrek & Baguette

- Pho Than Brothers

- Cafe On The Ave

- Alladin Gyro-Cery

- Pho Thy Thy

- Coffee

- Cafe Solstice

- Cafe Allegro

- Starbucks

- Ugly Mug Cafe

- Bookst ore

- The University Bookstore




By Nicole Pasia, Alto Sax

Congrats! You made it

through audition day.

Being a part of the Husky

Marching Band is one of the

most fun, rewarding

experiences of your college

career. But with four

rehearsals a week, sectionals,

and game days, it can be

pretty stressful to focus on

school or work as well.

Here are some helpful tips on

balancing HMB with your

schedule from previous Alto

Sax section leader Sofia Dolce:

Priorit ize and com m unicat e

"I would say the number one

thing is to identify your

priorities during the fall

season and communicate that

as soon as possible to your

respective leader. As a section

leader maybe that's your

co-section leader or HMB

staff, but as a member

definitely give your section

leader a rundown of what

your fall looks like. That

allowed me to understand not

just the level of performance

they actually had the time for memorizing music so you

but also to assess people's organize time with your section

lives as a whole, outside of leader or other rookies to

and including HMB. Your rehearse. Ask for help when it's

section leader would rather needed."

have a heads up that you have

Know it ?s okay t o st ep out

prior commitments than think

som et im es

you're flaky based on your

"The other thing would be to

behavior later on."

realize you can't give 100% to

Be honest w it h yourself, ask

everything (school, outside

for help w hen you need it

activities, social life, sleep) all

"It is possible to do all, but the time and that it's okay!!! It's

only if you are honest about okay that some days you'll

when you need help or when procrastinate homework to go

you need to step out a bit. out with your section and other

Maybe you have to become a days maybe you need a

shadow for a week so you can raincheck because you have a

read your class notes on the huge exam."

sidelines. Maybe another Here are a few more tips to get

week you're having trouble you through football season:

Above: Members of the brass sections at a football game


Sophomore Astrid

Martin throws a

dubs up while

marching in the


Google calendar (or an

alt ernat ive) is everyt hing!

Whether it?s using your phone?s

calendar or writing in a physical

planner, it really helps to have all

of your events and

responsibilities visible in one

place. That way, you won?t miss

any important deadlines that may

have slipped your mind. It also

lets you find gaps in your

schedule that you can use to

study, relax, or practice your


Find connect ions t hrough HMB

There are over 240 people in this

band. Odds are, at least one of

them will have the same major or

be in the same club as you. Reach

out to them! Everyone has been a

rookie at some point and will be

glad to offer you some advice.

Hopefully these tips will help you

be more prepared to tackle fall

quarter and make the most out of

your time in and outside of band.

Good luck!


Questions about Kappa

Kappa Psi?

Feel free to ask us!

Bayl or Bl ai r

Pr esident


Andr eas Phi l l i ps

Vice Pr esident


Thank you for reading! Go Dawgs!

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