RK ADDA newsletter 11 November issue

Monthly E-Magazine for the listeners of Radio Karishma. Download the Radio Karishma app to get this magazine every month.

Monthly E-Magazine for the listeners of Radio Karishma. Download the Radio Karishma app to get this magazine every month.


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<strong>RK</strong> <strong>ADDA</strong> –Meet the members<br />

Abha Ahuja is passionate about mindful living and being kind<br />

to all sentient beings. She is a Reiki practitioner and a<br />

vegan.She equates passion to where she puts her efforts. She<br />

values living introspectively with a general conscious<br />

awareness of her own responsibility to cultivate love,<br />

compassion and kindness towards all sentient beings. She is<br />

passionate about practicing her spiritual path, which provides<br />

meaning, purpose, and a great sense of fulfillment and joy to<br />

her life. Abha is also the creator of a very versatile, nutrition<br />

rich and tasteful brand of Gluten<br />

.<br />

free flour called Metta Atta.<br />

Metta means loving-kindness in Pali. Love for family, children,<br />

tradition, and the need for taste and texture in gluten free<br />

eating is what inspired Abha to start on her journey of<br />

creating Metta Atta. She loves spending her free time creating<br />

and trying out new and exciting recipes with Metta Flour.You<br />

can check them out her recipes with Metta Atta<br />

here:https://mettaatta.com/recipes/ Once you have tasted<br />

her gluten free delicacies, you will not want to go back to<br />

eating anything else. Ask Shilpa Lele.<br />

Abha Ahuja<br />

Saloni Jivnani<br />

Saloni Jivnani : owner of Saloni boutique : A Master<br />

tailor ; no one stitches and alters like her . love for<br />

clothes and fashion and beauty has kept her in this<br />

field for over 30 years now .Originally from Gujrat<br />

India , came to USA to make it big and she did !<br />

Started as a small tailoring shop and now owner of a<br />

full fledged boutique in the heart of plano .. a<br />

success story of a woman of grit and passion . Saloni<br />

is a loving wife to a equally loving and supportive<br />

husband and very loving mother of two grown up<br />

children and peoples person who loves to dance<br />

,sing and party . After being an ardent listener of<br />

Radio Karishma ever since has now joined <strong>ADDA</strong> for<br />

the very same reason where she is looking forward<br />

to meet new people and create some fun memories<br />


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