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RK ADDA –Meet the members

Sandhya is very passionate about home decor, Interior designing, baking,

entertaining and loves travelling. She is a keen learner of Ikebana and dabbles a

bit in Oshibana, Zentangle and Cyano.Sandhya is a seasoned and successful e-

commerce entrepreneur. She is reachable at 702-827-9393 and her email

address sdevas@gmail.comHer three online stores:

1.www.backdropsource.com - For printing banners, backdrops and display

stands for events, conferences , photography and many more. (Presence in 6


FB : https://www.facebook.com/BackDropSource/

Instagram : @backdrop_source

2. www.zuyyu.com - Travel site where you can book taxis for your trips or tours.

(Present in over 15 countries)

Instagram : @zuyyu_

3. www.kumbly.com - Handmade handcrafted home and fashion goods.

FB : https://www.facebook.com/kumblythestore/

Instagram : @kumblythestore

Sandhya Devas

Shilpa Lele

Shilpa is the mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife to a

wonderful husband, she is the lead singer for the Radha Krishna

Temple also takes care marketing and advertising for Radha Krishna

temple -recording advertisements, recording festive videos .She also

sings for Sounds of Isha , Isha FoundationShe is extremely passionate

about special needs individuals. Her motto of life is - Creation thrives

from the root of positivity”Shilpa was a successful placement

professional for home staff for like nannies, personal managers and

home managers currently She is a radio host for Radio Karishma where

she does suprabhat show with legendary ancient stories from our

scriptures explaining the importance of our festivals to keep awareness

of spiritual teachings as alive as the festivities themselves.

Sapna is a beautiful, vivacious human being who happens to

possess equally beautiful voice. She emanates warmth and

kindness and you are engulfed in it as soon as you meet her.

Not surprising that she has a dedicated fan following – people

who love her voice and people who value her kindness. Her

passion is to read, write and cook. She is a motivational

speaker and in order to continue motivating and inspiring the

world with her words, she hosts “Dil Ki Baat Apke Saath” on

Radio Karishma. Her motto and . aim in life is to spread

happiness and positivity around. Sapna is an an educator.. She

possesses Masters in education from Rockford college Illinois.

She has nurtured young minds for about two decades as a

teacher and has no transitioned into a business owner who

runs a preschool. She is into professional development and

training teachers in addition to being a CPR and first aid

instructor. You can find more information about her on her

website www. Sapnarana.com

Sapna Rana

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