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SMARTreport #44

2019 Autumn Edition 5









Raffles Europejski Warsaw, Poland


talks about the past, present and future of the brand

For me personally, I am particularly excited

about our upcoming opening in London,

which is a transformation and careful

restoration of a beloved British heritage

building, that has never been open to

the public before, so it's quite a lot of

responsibility to be restoring and bringing

this property back to world travellers and

the British population.

My role as steward of the brand is really to

ensure that its DNA is intact through every

individual property. It’s about bringing the

dream of Raffles all around the world.

Because it’s not just opening a hotel; the

Raffles owners have a very specific vision

that they have in mind when they take on

a new Raffles property. So, whether it’s

in Shenzhen, where they are bringing a

new product and a new level of service

that the city hasn’t seen before; or

Boston, where we have a new build in the

historical heart of this iconic American

city, it's very much about assuring that

the Raffles DNA is kept throughout all the

different properties, but also, to keep up

with trends and the times.

What current trends have you

identified that fit with the Raffles


The area of wellbeing has evolved from

niche trend to a core offering that guests

want and expect. And for Raffles, we are

very much about providing emotional

luxury. So our wellbeing concept is about

emotional wellbeing. It has three core

pillars: Harmonious Design, Nutrition

for Pleasure and Rituals for Serenity. We

know that sleep is very important so what

is the whole journey before you sleep?

And when you wake up, how do you reenergise?

So everything from lighting to

music to the food that you eat, to reading

materials, to scents and aromatherapy

oils. And how your butler will personalise

your journey for you with your bath.

What has Accor brought to the brand?

The main thing Accor has brought to

Raffles is the development pipeline,

providing us with a strong distribution

network. Also, very importantly, the new

ALL loyalty programme from Accor –

Accor Live Limitless – which allows the

Raffles brand to have easy access to a

much broader group of luxury travellers.

We see our French market as very much a

feeder market, naturally growing, and we

are seeing more of our European markets

growing stronger.

Tell us about the grand re-opening of

Raffles Singapore.

In Singapore’s bicentennial year, we have

done it as a community event and all the

proceeds from that day will be given to

various charities across Singapore. The

re-opening is very important for us – it

was one of the most anticipated events

in travel and it allowed us to pay homage

to our flagship. But it’s also the timing

that was important, because shortly

after is the reopening of the Raffles in

Siem Reap – near Angkor Wat – which

itself is going through restoration, as is

the one in Phnom Penh. So, in October,

both properties are coming back after

restoration. And we’ll have a new global

brand campaign that’s going to come out

in Q1 2020

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