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Great Play for small Children.

Great Play for small

Children: Wonderwalls



(m) 2,3 x 2,7 x 1,6

(‘-‘‘) 7-7 x 8-11 x 5-0

EN 1176 (m) 5,3 x 5,7

ASTM/CSA (m) 6,0 x 6,4

ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 19-7 x 20-11

Wonderwalls is the latest innovation in play equipment for

toddlers by Berliner. Fitted with a wealth of play functions in

a reduced space Wonderwalls are specifically aimed at the

needs of toddlers and pre-school children. Each equipment

design offers a number of play worlds that are interconnected

by windows and passages between the three or respectively

four walls, which are fanned out around a central post. As well

as space for retreat, children are encouraged to engage in

role-playing games using elements such as mud tables,

benches, sand workshops or openings in the walls. Language

and social skills are fostered and trained in a playful way.

The colourful design and the choice of natural motifs such as

a mushroom, pumpkin or tree stump appeal to toddlers and

create an inspiring environment.

Thanks to the modular system, low rope elements can be

connected directly to the walls. Children can garner their first

experiences in balancing, or crawling on wobbly surfaces,

which play an important role in developing a sense of balance.

The use of various particularly robust materials such as HDPE,

steel, aluminum, rubber membranes or rope not only ensures

the longest possible lifetime of the equipment, but also offers

a wide range of changing surfaces to explore different sensory

experiences. Children thus learn to perceive their environment

more consciously.

EN 1176 (m) 0,94

ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 4-10

Playing in the undergrowth! The world of

hedgehogs, mice and beetles starts here.

The highlight of these Wonderwalls in the

design of a tree stump is a passage with

rubber membranes connecting two play

areas. And anyone looking closely will find

a secret opening under the bench. Do you

dare crawl through it?


Wonderwalls.01 offers among other features:

Wonderwalls.02 offers among other features:



(m) 5,0 x 2,7 x 1,6

(‘-‘‘) 16-5 x 8-11 x 5-0

EN 1176 (m) 8,0 x 5,7

ASTM/CSA (m) 8,7 x 6,4

ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 28-5 x 20-11

Rubber Membrane Curtain

A curtain made of rubber

membranes makes going

through it a sensory experience.

Puzzle Elements

Sliding the elements creates

different animal and colour

combinations, depending

on which side of the wall the

child is.

Revolving Flaps

Peepholes and motifs are

hidden behind the revolving



This offers an attractive challenge

for toddlers who are

learning to walk.

EN 1176 (m) 0,50

ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 5-0

Playing under the mushroom! Toddlers can

immerse themselves in the world of wonders

and fables, like pixies. Play elements

such as mud tables, hatches in the walls

and a sand workshop encourage role play.

A hammock made of rubber mats encourages

the youngsters to swing or try their

first walking and crawling experiences on

shaky ground.


Mud Tables

Mud tables at different

heights encourage role


Rotating Disc

By turning the disc, different

motifs come to light.

Sand Slide

The sand slide makes gravity


Sand Crane

Children can shift the sand

from one table to another.

2 Berliner Play equipment for life

Berliner Play equipment for life




coming soon!

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Published: November 2019





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