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Message from the Head of School

Building Community by Sharing our Stories

To kick off each of my five years at Seven Hills, I have dedicated myself to a theme

around “Building Community.” Our theme for this 2019-20 school year is Building

Community by Sharing (Y)Our Stories. At our August opening meetings, I asked

faculty and staff to share with each other something about a moment when they felt

they belonged. I shared about how I grew up in a family of four boys, and while I felt I

belonged in my family, I had a different and deeper sense of belonging in my all girls high

school. It was a transformative time in my development, where I learned that I truly had a

place among females and in schools.

As I begin my fifth school year at Seven Hills, some of my most memorable and

significant moments have been connecting with our community and hearing people’s

Favorite Read Alouds

stories. I feel grateful for the opportunities to serve as a Middle School advisor, visit and

read in the elementary classrooms, talk with teachers and parents, and travel and meet

with our alumni around the country. I am inspired and humbled by the good they are

doing in the world.

This theme of building community is woven throughout this issue of Connections, with

stories and highlights from the past year—faculty and staff professional development and

presentations (p.4), visiting authors and experts sharing their own stories and careers

(p.5), and some stories that captivated our entire community, like the goslings that

hatched on campus (p.10)! Stories of our passionate graduates (p.12), our engaged alumni

(p.14), and our generous donors (p.18) also fill me with appreciation.

Our Board of Trustees have been hard at work, updating and articulating Seven Hills’

strategic destinations, resulting in an updated plan—Whole Child, Whole Community—

centered around the three pillars of our mission (p.28). While charting a course for the

next five years, we are redefining who we want to be as a community. This is seen in

our new onsite Community Lunch Program, our work with faculty and staff on program

development, our commitment to be an inclusive community, and our vision for the

future. It’s an exciting time to be at Seven Hills!

Thank you for being part of this community that is made stronger by the diverse

perspectives you each bring and by your contributions of time and resources. It is with

deep gratitude that I look back on 2018-19, and with great excitement, look forward to

more learning, discovery, exploration, and stories in the year ahead.

With gratitude,

Kathleen McNamara

Head of School



The Seven Hills

School is a learning

community with the

mission to develop

the intellect, engage

the spirit, and

foster respect for,

and responsibility

to, our world.




From Her Night Stand



Over 90%

of parents ranked caring

and happiness as top family

values in the Harvard Caring

Schools Survey




of water


to the mint


eggs laid by

Seven Hills


Whole Child,

Whole Community

roadmap to our

60th year




inquired about Seven Hills as

part of the admissions process



school bus



of 8th grade

graduates are

headed to

public high



of 8th grade

graduates are

headed to


parochial, and

boarding high



grants received by faculty for collaborative summer planning

after school











Seven Hills marchers in the Walnut Festival Twilight Parade



A Place to Call Home:

An Interview with the Ebel Family

Ten years ago, Eric and Stéphanie Ebel were living and raising

their family in Grenoble, France. When their daughter Chloé was

three years old and their son Lucas just a baby, Eric received a job

transfer to San Francisco. One night Eric’s boss invited them to his

home in Walnut Creek, and Eric and Stéphanie fell in love with the

warmer temperatures, the vibe of a smaller town, and the good

things they heard about the schools. After moving to Walnut Creek,

they began looking for a school that could recreate the community

they had in France. With no other family nearby, Stéphanie needed

a school that she could trust, and a community that she could ask

for recommendations for a pediatrician or good books to read.

After a couple of years at a Montessori school, Stéphanie and Eric

toured Seven Hills for Chloé’s 1st grade year. They noticed the

natural environment, the creek, and that every teacher took time to

answer questions while giving students responsibility and agency.

While waiting for their family interview, a man in the lobby struck

up a conversation with them and happened to know their village in

France—it turned out to be Bill Miller, the headmaster at the time.

Stéphanie told Eric, “We’re not visiting anywhere else.”

Since deciding to stay in the United States long term, the Ebels

have been grateful for the Seven Hills community. In France, schools

were more closed off to parents, so it was new to have such a close

partnership with the teachers. They were also impressed with the

social-emotional curriculum. “I remember when Lucas’ class started

using Kimochis in Kindergarten,” says Stéphanie. “He was able to tell

me that he was feeling generous, or angry, or another emotion. At

age five and six, he knew himself well thanks to those methods.” It

aligned with their belief that if children learn to be kind when they

are young, you can help them become good adults.

Stéphanie has been involved in several volunteering roles over the

years, including PIA president, Evening of the Arts chair, crêpes maker

for teacher appreciation, and room parent coordinator this year.

“We all have a common bond. We care about creating the best

possible educational experience for our children,” she says. “When

we volunteered, we connected with other families, and the school

community became our family by adoption.”

With Chloé graduating this year, the Ebels are grateful for the solid

foundation she has for her future. In addition to the graduation

festivities, they are also excited for Lucas’ 5th grade class trip to

Yosemite this year. Eric and Stéphanie have watched their children

become great public speakers, take risks and make mistakes, have

confidence, and wake up wanting to go to school each morning.

“The whole child approach has been a way of life. It’s about being

happy and kind, and learning techniques for handling life’s ups

and downs.”



Experts in their Field

Faculty and staff professional development is a high priority at

Seven Hills, because we believe that students should be taught by

the best trained, most motivated, incredibly passionate teachers.

Despite years of collective experience in the classroom, it is the

norm to see Seven Hills teachers participating in professional

development and adding to their toolbox of cutting edge skills,

approaches, and knowledge. In fact, this past summer, teachers

spent over 1,500 hours fine-tuning their practices and exploring

innovative topics like responsive classroom, inclusive schools, and

reading and writing workshops.

In addition, many Seven Hills’ faculty present their own data and

ideas at education conferences around the country. Through the

presentation process—spending time in self-reflection, discussing

their research, answering questions, and receiving feedback from

other educators—teachers grow even more. “The experience of

sharing their best work with other teachers is a deeply satisfying

one,” says Director of Teaching and Learning Rhys Miller. “It helps

students in classrooms far beyond Seven Hills, gives the opportunity

to network with a broader learning community, and brings fresh

ideas back to Seven Hills students.”

Highlights from 2018-19

The Image Of The Child

For the past four years, Seven Hills’ ECE program has been a part

of the Innovative Teacher Project (ITP), a Reggio Emilia inspired

professional development community of educators. In May, the ECE

team—including current teachers Shauna Maraccini, Gina Hinck,

Jenny Marcus, and Kelley Cochran—was selected to host 40 fellow

early childhood educators on the Seven Hills campus for a day of

ITP presentations. The Rainbow teachers presented on “Stories

of Identity” and their journey

into cultural competency

work with preschoolers; the

Red Barn teachers presented

on “Children as Storytellers”

and shared their experience

on the use of loose parts. The

team also provided attendees

an opportunity to explore

Seven Hills’ unique ECE spaces

and exchange ideas related

to the project’s overarching

theme, The Image Of The

Child: Children as Active

Protagonists of Their Growth

and Development Process.

Do You Desmos?


School Math

teacher Kathy

Henderson was

accepted to

present at four


in 2018-19 on

her expertise

in Desmos,

a company

that invites

students to

create their own


ideas through

hundreds of fun, digital activities. At the National Council of

Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) conference in Seattle, she

presented to a packed house of 145 participants on how to use

Desmos to create engagement and promote discussions in the

classroom. She also wrote a four-part blog series for NCTM on

Desmos and will be presenting at more conferences during the

2019-20 school year.



Author Talks Promote a Love of Reading and Writing

After collectively reading The Only

Road/El único destino over the summer,

Middle School students met the author

Alexandra Diaz who shared her parents’

own story of migration from Cuba with

only $40 and a change of clothing. The

classes discussed the writer’s craft and

research process, and Diaz encouraged

students that, as with any pursuit, writing

mastery takes practice and the more one

puts forth, the greater the return.

Newbery Medal picture book and young

adult author, Matt de la Peña visited the

Lower School to share about his journey

from reluctant reader to author through

the transformative nature of literature.

He also attended the monthly faculty

and staff meeting and shared more of his

inspirational story about learning, writing,

and loving. Seven Hills is thrilled to

have Matt as our artist in residence

for the 2019-20 school year.

Parent Lecture Series Brings Engaging Authors to Campus

Kicking off the Parent Lecture Series, Dr. Michele

Borba, award-winning author of Unselfie: Why

Empathetic Kids Succeed in an All-About-Me World,

discussed why empathy is a key predictor to help

kids succeed in our plugged-in, trophy-driven world.

She shared nine approachable, teachable habits for

parents to nurture children’s

empathy in bite-sized chunks

at home.

Closing out the series, Eric Schlosser shared

questions and findings from his most famous

book, Fast Food Nation. Schlosser engaged the

audience with his exploration of how junk food

companies continue to target children, and how it

is contributing to an epidemic of obesity and poor

health in America. The lecture on food and health

dovetailed with the recent launch of the Seven Hills

Community Lunch Program.

Local Guests Share Their Crafts

Bay Area based storyteller Muriel

Johnson captivated ECE students

with her interactive and passionate

style during a special library

performance. An early childhood

educator for more than 20 years,

Muriel has performed at schools,

churches, museums, colleges,

festivals, and countless other

venues from rural communities

to Cape Town, South Africa.

KPIX-5 Chief Meteorologist Paul

Deanno visited 3rd grade in the

spring as part of the students’ weather

unit in science. He shared about the

different types of weather, what it’s

like being a career meteorologist, and

even why he’s called a meteorologist!

He also read his newly published

children’s book, “WOW! Weather!” to

the class.



The Empathy Advantage

At Seven Hills, our commitment to diversity and inclusion builds

empathy and helps strengthen cultural competency skills that

allow our graduates to thrive in a global society. We want our

students and graduates to have a strong sense of self, and the skills

to connect with and respect others. Providing opportunities for

students to explore their own identity, culture, and life experience in

a safe learning environment can foster an appreciation for different

perspectives, dispel stereotypes, create stronger relationships,

and ultimately build empathy towards peers. We also know from

research that diverse schools have stronger academic outcomes,

just as diverse organizations are higher performing, more

innovative, and leaders in the market.

From ECE to Middle School, Seven Hills teachers are continually

looking at ways to shift and evolve aspects of the curriculum to

ensure that it is relevant and inclusive of a broad range of cultures

and histories. Using the lens of “mirrors and windows,” teachers are

introducing classroom literature, media, and materials that reflect

students’ own experiences as well as the experiences of others.


The Colors

of Us

After hearing

preschoolers begin to

talk about their skin

colors, the Rainbow

teaching team reflected

on how their curriculum

could further support

children as critical

thinkers and explorers of

their personal identity.

After reading the

book The Colors of

Us, students had the

opportunity to explore

their multi-layered

identities through

painting self-portraits. They used mirrors to closely analyze

their facial details and mixed their own paint colors to

replicate their skin tone, which they described with words

like “peanut butter,” “chocolate,” “peach,” and “pancake.”

Through the unit, Rainbow children discovered the many

ways in which they are similar and different.

Celebrating the “Global Us”

The 2nd grade ancestry and family unit has long been a favorite

tradition. A couple of years ago, the 2nd grade teaching team asked

themselves, “how could we make this an even more authentic experience

for students to better understand each other’s families and cultures?”

Instead of assigning students scripts to learn, they asked students to

choose which aspects of their family story they wanted to share at the

Global Us presentation—from special celebrations, to the origins of their

names. Through writing, dancing, singing, playing instruments, and

public speaking, the unit reflected all of the class’s different cultures, and

students made new discoveries about their families and themselves.


noun / the action of understanding, being aware

of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing

the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another.

— Merriam Webster

Each child seeing themselves as part of a unit, and feeling a sense

of belonging at school, is a crucial piece of the social-emotional

learning that happens at Seven Hills. We aim to create authentic

learning opportunities that allow students to stretch their horizons,

exhibit agency in their learning, and develop an empathetic core.

“This important work ensures that Seven Hills’ curriculum is ever

evolving,” says Director of Teaching and Learning Rhys Miller.

“Teachers are constantly aligning their lessons to reflect the

various beliefs, backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures that

students bring into the classroom, and students are gaining

invaluable competencies they will need to navigate the world

beyond Seven Hills.”

From exploring identity through self-portraits and learning about

family traditions and cultures, to celebrating history through

music and dance, and using creative writing and poetry to

understand personal belief systems, our students are building

empathy skills, emotional intelligence, and connections to

become leaders and changemakers.

California’s Cultural Tapestry

A culmination of their exploration of the history of music in

California, 4th graders performed “California Tapestry”—their

year-end concert celebrating the different groups who make up

the cultural fabric of our state. Students narrated a Miwok story,

performed a traditional Mexican song, danced a Hawaiian He-eia

hula, sang a Japanese song and some Blues, and concluded with’s song “What I Am.” With many new perspectives to explore

and perform, students were invited to look beyond one point of view,

and to consider the thoughts, feelings, motivations, and intentions of

the different groups throughout California’s history.

I Am From...I Believe

In 6th grade language arts, young

writers wrote “I Am From” and

“I Believe” biographical poems.

Written prompts guided students

to explore the traits, tendencies,


events, homes,

and memories

that have


who they

are. Through




and personal

preferences, they

completed poems

sharing their unique

identities and value systems. Sixth

graders also worked on a project which

entailed artistically writing sentences about their identity on

an enlargement of their thumbprint. While building creative

writing and poetry skills, students also deepened their shared

points of connection and understanding of differences.



First grade sandcastle builders use Baker Beach as their classroom for the day.

Hoo-hoo! Students showcase their

art projects during Evening of Art,

Innovation, & Greenstival.

A Community of Buddies

“Okay, remember that we have to look out for each other and stay together!”

said a 4th grader to a Kindergarten student. A beloved tradition of many years,

the buddies program plays a special role in promoting the values of respect,

compassion, difference, responsibility, friendship, and inclusion. ECE-8th grade

students meet their buddy at the beginning of each school year, and have

opportunities to connect each month while sharing lunch, reading books, going on

scavenger hunts, attending field trips together, or playing during buddy time. As

Seven Hills participates in the Harvard Caring Schools initiative, buddy time teaches

social skills that foster a caring and kind school community.

Mr. EB and our Jaguar

show their school spirit

during the Walnut Festival

Twilight Parade.



The Jags golf team putts their way to

several victories at the East Bay Golf

League Championship.

Jellyfish parent

volunteers swim

their way to the

Halloween Festival.

New Investigations in

Middle School Mini Camps

Want to create your own documentary? How about

building an electric go-kart named Geoff, or enjoying

dim sum in San Francisco? Seventh and 8th grade

students not traveling on last year’s international trips

were engaged in these unique learning investigations

during new week-long “mini camps.” Students

could choose to explore Science and Electronics,

Filmmaking and Documentaries, or Bay Area

Excursions. Similar to the Middle School

electives launched the year before, the mini

camps infused student choice into the lineup

of horizon-broadening classes.


Music, movement, and makebelieve

at the Red Barn end

of year celebration.


ahead to new


on the first

day of school.


the perfect

selfie during


& VIP Day.

Mother Goose Comes to Campus

Last spring atop the trellis in the Student Commons, a

“mother goose” made a nest and spent four weeks sitting

and watching over her six goose eggs. Students and faculty

galvanized around this event. The Seven Hills grounds crew

built a ramp for the future goslings to safely descend from

their high perch, and Middle School science teachers Matt

Shargel and Megan Kaye ’09 installed a “nest cam” so that

students and teachers could watch the event unfold.




investigate plant

life at Berkeley



7th grade


service and


with Save

Mount Diablo.

On a Saturday morning after the eggs had hatched, staff

members Linden Van Wert and Katherine Stahl were

onsite to pad the goslings’ jump off of the structure

with gymnastics mats, and witness the family’s inaugural

march to the lake at Heather Farm Park. The month of

the goose made for an exciting time of student learning

as our newest community members hatched their way

into the world!


Building a solid shelter

during the 6th grade

Mount Lassen trip.

Konnichiwa! New friends delight

the audience during the Japanese

Exchange Welcome Assembly.

4th graders show off

their henna as they

learn about Diwali.

Sharing the ancient

Chinese tradition of

Tai Chi during 2nd

grade’s Global Us.



A New Journey: Graduation Celebrates the Class of 2019

At the 56th annual graduation ceremony in June, Seven Hills honored and recognized the

achievements, effort, and growth of our 8th graders in front of their families and friends.

Reflection and gratitude filled Hunt Hall as the 44 graduates from the Class of 2019 thought

about the lessons they will take with them as they launch into their new high school

adventures. The event is marked by special traditions—memory boards under the tent, 8th

grade speeches and individual quotes, the entire K-7th grade in attendance, and the faculty

and staff receiving line.

“We are so proud of all the Class of 2019 has accomplished here, and we cannot wait to hear

about the ways they will make a difference in their high schools,” said Scott Espinosa-Brown,

Head of Grades 4-8. Most importantly, we know that they will continue to embrace our creed—

to be respectful, responsible, honest, caring, positive, mindful, and grateful.

“While I have a home that I share with my family whom I love dearly and

with whom I laugh and create memories, my heart also rests in this school

and with the class I have grown up with who helped make me who I am now.

We have laughed, we have created memories, we have grown, and we have

accepted each other for who we are.”

– Grant Gutzwiller ’19

Class of 2019: High School Destinations


Zubin Acuña – Acalanes

Ashley Ashiku – Thacher

Anton Borovikov – College Preparatory

Olivia Breach – Athenian

Iris Buttles – San Ramon Valley

Lia Chinn – Carondelet

Jack Clancy – San Francisco University HS

Nathaniel Copeland – Athenian

Charlotte Dawson – Bentley

Mark Dickey – Athenian

Shipley Duff – Campolindo

Alexandra El-Sherif – Head-Royce

Zachary Elian – De La Salle

Kaveh Farahbakhsh – De La Salle

Alex Filonov – Miramonte

Aubrey Fitzsimmons – Head-Royce

Hans Gingrich – De La Salle

Hannah Glasky – Campolindo

Michael Goldberg – Wichita Collegiate HS

Grant Gutzwiller – Athenian

Olivia Harris – College Preparatory

Leila Helton – College Preparatory

Maile Hoch – San Ramon Valley

Mackenzie Hoey – Carondelet

Peter Hughes – De La Salle

Chloe Kang – Athenian

Lily Kangas – Head-Royce

Zane Khoury – Bentley

Darius Koster – Bentley

Sonam Manghani – College Preparatory

Owen Menzies – Athenian

Gavin Nunez – Bentley

Mira Patel – College Preparatory

Katherine Pflieger – Campolindo

William Pirone – College Preparatory

Audrey Reiser – San Ramon Valley

Katelyn Rodde – Carondelet

William Rueb – De La Salle

Ava Satterfield – Bentley

Pierson Scheinberg – College Preparatory

Nicholas Schwab – Bentley

Charlie Walters – Northgate

Addison Young – Northgate

Constanza Zamani – Miramonte


Class of 2015: College Destinations

Seven Hills students from the Class of 2015 have big plans

and are now in colleges and universities across the U.S.


Kenyon College

University of Missouri

University of Michigan


Olin College of Engineering

Saint Joseph’s University

Swarthmore College

University of Pennsylvania

University of Vermont

Yale University


Arizona State University

Boise State University

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

California State University, Chico

Colorado State University

Chapman University

Diablo Valley College

Gonzaga University

Loyola Marymount University

Montana State University

Occidental College

Saint Mary’s College of California

Santa Clara University

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Riverside

University of California, San Diego

University of Washington


American University

Duke University

Emory University

Rice University

Texas Christian University



Last year's alumni events brought together graduates spanning several decades,

near and far. Many thanks to our faculty-led Alumni Council for helping to build and

connect our alumni network.


Class of 2014 alumni parents

gathered on campus to assemble and

stuff care packages for young alumni

in their first year of college, filled with

homemade goodies, special Valentines

treats, and notes from their former

Seven Hills teachers.


The third annual Career Pathways was an amazing day for

6th and 8th graders to be exposed to different paths to

career success through alumni and parent speakers. Keynote

speaker Bryce Pinkos ’99 discussed the technology of

filmmaking and his journey to Lucasfilm, and encouraged

students to learn all aspects of a business by being open to

doing anything.


Seven Hills welcomed

to celebrate their gra

More than 50 alumni

reconnected over bru



Alumni gathered at

Calicraft Brewing

Company on a

warm fall afternoon

to catch up with

their friends and

former teachers.



Head of Grades 4-8 Scott Espinosa-Brown and faculty

members Nancy Lane and Carolyn Nelson hosted an alumni

meet-up at House of Brews in New York City while traveling for

professional development.

Alumni Events:

Save the Date

November 19

Career Pathways:

Networking Event (SF)

with special keynote by

Jim Lanzone, CEO,

CBS Interactive and

Chief Digital Officer,

CBS Corporation


back the Class of 2015

duation from high school.

, alumni parents, and faculty

nch and stories.



The June All-Alumni

Reunion was

attended by alumni

and faculty spanning

three decades!

Alumni toured

campus, reminisced

with classmates,

and caught up with

faculty and staff.



The Class of 2019 was officially welcomed

into the alumni ranks at

the longstanding Alumni

Welcome Lunch. Three

members of the Class of

2015, Jack Engstrom ’15,

Sarah Forman ’15,

and Ellen Jurgens

’15 returned to offer

advice about high

school and life beyond

Seven Hills. Each

speaker represented

a different high

school perspective—

public, parochial, and


touched on everything

from academics and

extracurriculars to social

life and peer pressure.

January 31

Class of 2015 Alumni

Parent Care Package Party

March 4

Alumni Happy Hour

April 24

Career Pathways:

Career Day

May 16

Class of 2016

Senior Send Off

May 29


Welcome Luncheon

June 6

All-Alumni Reunion



A Message from the Board Chair

As we celebrate the 57th opening of The Seven Hills School for the 2019-20 year, I’m reminded of both the

legacy and evolution of our amazing academic institution that today is home to over 400 students, 270

families, and 90 faculty and administration team members.

Over the last four years, the Board has welcomed Kathleen McNamara as our Head of School and

collaborated with her vision for our future. We have commemorated the accomplishments and retirements

of long-tenured faculty, administrators, and trustees, and have attracted a new cohort of educators who,

in joining with our seasoned faculty, embody our school’s whole child curriculum and benefit from our

strong commitment to professional development. These milestones have taken place in a world filled with

social, economic, political, and technological change, making strong learning communities like Seven Hills

increasingly important places for our children to learn, grow, and become independent thinkers.

As the incoming Board Chair this school year and a trustee for the past six years, I am honored to work

alongside 20 talented trustees to embrace the responsibility for and stewardship of the important legacy

that is The Seven Hills School, in a way consistent with the mission, values, and beliefs secured under the

previous board leadership of Sameer Hilal.

Our first step was the launch of the strategic plan Whole Child, Whole Community (p.28-29), which will

serve as the school’s roadmap for the next several years. This plan includes deeper insight into the oftenasked

question of what a whole child education really means from a curricular and community standpoint.

In parallel, the Seven Beliefs For Seven Hills will continue the development of the school’s values-based approach to educating our

students beyond academics.

Our Whole Child, Whole Community approach also aims to better connect all constituencies within our school. Examples of this approach

include our ongoing cultural competency initiatives, as well as the rollout of our all-school lunch program, which we sincerely believe over

time will become cornerstones of our vibrant community.

All of the above investments and plans are only possible due to the countless hours provided by our school’s passionate volunteers,

talented teachers, and dedicated administration, together with the ongoing financial contribution from our donors and generous families.

Through your generosity, we celebrate yet another important milestone as we reach the goal of $5 million for the Seven Hills endowment,

which now funds over $220,000 annually towards the school’s operating budget. Thank you to all members of our extended Seven Hills

community for your continued support as we look ahead to the possibilities to come for our exceptional school.


Matt Janopaul

Chair, Board of Trustees




Board of Trustees


Sameer Advani

Jamil Akoni

Heather Alumbaugh

Pat Blake

Annette O’Donnell-Butner

Paul Deeringer

Candace Fleming

Matt Janopaul

Raj Krishnan

Alexandra Lee

Mackenzie Lesher




Laura Furstenthal

John Gingrich

Khira Griscavage

Julie Gutzwiller

Sameer Hilal

Gina Morris

Patrick Lin

Rob Little

Matt Macomber

Julie Meissner

Ronke Olatunji

Bryce Pinkos ’99

Dave Satterfield

Seiyonne Suriyakumar ’02

Lisa Barnett Sween

Kirsten Young


Net Tuition 1 $9,459,204 85.4%

Annual Fund

and Auction 2 717,170 6.5%

Other 682,881 6.2%

Endowment Draw 220,171 1.6%

Total $11,079,426

1. Net Tuition does not include

Tuition Assistance ​

2. Does not include

Raise the Paddle


Salaries and

Benefits $8,256,354 76.0%

Instructional 1,147,924 10.6%

General and

Administrative 218,951 2.0%

Fundraising 158,610 1.5%

Plant 471,754 4.3%

Debt Service 610,321 5.6%

Total $10,863,914

3. Excludes non-cash





Capital Projects and Maintenance


Note: capital expense is funded via

operations, gifts, and reserves



Total Liabilities and Net Assets


Seven Hills is committed to enhancing the student experience while keeping tuition as low

as possible. The Board of Trustees helps manage the school’s finances with the goal of

supporting mission-driven growth and fiscal strength.

The operating budget in 2018-19 was $11 million. Salaries and benefits continued to account

for more than 75% of the overall operating expenses, while tuition provided 85% of the

overall operating revenue. Second to tuition, the Annual Fund and auction combined were

the largest source of operating revenue.

These numbers reflect pre-audited financials from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Audit will be available

upon request as of December 2019.



Supporting a Whole Child Education

At Seven Hills, our mission calls us to build a foundation that fosters a lifelong love of learning, educating not just the mind, but the

heart. We do this in partnership with our community, and all those committed to creating the best future for our children. We gratefully

acknowledge the trustees, parents, grandparents, alumni parents, alumni, foundations, faculty, and staff who supported The Seven Hills

School during the fiscal year July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information and listings in this report. If we have made any errors or omissions,

we sincerely apologize, and please bring it to the attention of the Development Office at (925) 933-0666.






$20,000 - $29,999

The Benevity Community

Impact Fund

David and Emily Breach

Ravikanth Ganapavarapu

Robert and Renee Little

National Philanthropic


Leadership Circle

$10,000 - $19,999

Patrick and Alison Blake

Christopher and

Annette Butner

Benjamin and

Sara Clinger

Fidelity Charitable

Gift Fund

John and Laura Furstenthal

Frederick Hughes, Jr.

Fred and Noel Hughes

Matthew and

Marissa Janopaul

Kenneth and Jennie Klein

Stephen and

Mackenzie Lesher

Schwab Charitable Fund

Delbert and

Kimberly Stafford

Corby and Heather Stead

Patrick and Diane Suciu

Giving Champs

$5,000 - $9,999


Bank of America

Matching Gifts


BlackRock Matching Gift


George and

Stephanie Buhalis

A special thanks to the more than 400 parents, faculty,

grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, and friends of

the school, who supported the Seven Hills Annual

Fund between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Gifts

to the Annual Fund support every aspect of school

life including our dynamic faculty, beautiful campus,

and whole child program to benefit our inspiring and

wonderful students. Thank you for your thoughtful and

enthusiastic participation.

Jonathan and

Kristin Butler

Frank and

Elizabeth Cassal

Chevron Matching

Employee Funds

Warren and Erin Colbert

Brian and Kristen D’Arcy

Daniel and

Lindsay Delaney

Amber DeSilva

David DeSilva

Charles Gibson and

Terezia Nemeth

John Gingrich and

Christine Currie

Robert and Wendy Greer

Joel and Holly Grossman

Louis and

Patricia Grossman

Peter and Julie Gutzwiller

Sameer and Melissa Hilal

Wendy Jordan

Scott and Lori Keith

Raj and Rupy Krishnan

Cornel and

Alexandra Lee

Patrick and Darlet Lin

Jonathan and

Gillian Marek

Kathleen McNamara and

Jihad Mirza

Jay and Julie Meissner

Gregory Pilarowski and

Anna Gai

David and

Anabelle Satterfield

Yi Shi and

Shangjie Zuo

John Sween and

Lisa Barnett Sween

Thomas and

Stephanie Taira

Wally and Kirsten Young

Headmaster’s Circle

$2,500 - $4,999

Katherine Alberts and

Lori Siegel

Jonathan and

Amanda Ambrose

Simon Ashiku and

Annette Chen

Maximilian and

Lori Auffhammer

Brian and Lisa Baskin

Gordon and Diana Baty

Guillermo Bossero

Ryan and Nicole Brown

Ewan and

Alyson Chesser

Edward and

Vanessa Childs

Paul Chua and

Grace Chan

Alexander Copeland and

Lolli Beall

Paul and

Christa Deeringer

Alexander and

Samantha Duff

William Dutra

Eric and Stéphanie Ebel

David Fitzgerald and

Haywon Lieh

Lee and

Candace Fleming

Google Inc.

Employee Giving

John and

Khira Griscavage

Jay and

Genevieve Gudebski

Scot and Liann Hagey

Brett and

Kymberly Johnson

Charles and

Lainie Johnson

Thomas and Danielle Kahl

Jeffrey and

Nicole Kangas

Pamela Keith and

Elizabeth Mahler

Peter and Tara Khoury

Mitchell Kumagai and

Deborah Podberesky

Kurt and

Leighanne Levensaler

Eric and Karen Littell

Zhonghui Luo and

Li Huang

Matthew and

Kamin Macomber

Richard and

Patricia Marcogliese

MasterCard Matching

Gifts Program

Drew and Kaeti McMillan

Rahul Parikh and

Rina Shah

Parnassus Investments

Shami and Lori Patel

Robert and

Margie Pearce

David and

Sylvia Pearlstein

Jeffrey and Jessica Pozzi

Jeremy and Jennifer Rich

Phillip and Teri Rogers

Armin and Lisa Seifart

Steven and Susie Sovik

Tanner Wickes and

Julie Anne Springman

Wickes ’98

Edward and

Devra Struzenberg

Edward and

Leslie Sullivan

Edward Surak and

Claudia Furtado

Carlo Tamburrino and

Paulette DeFalco

Michael Tatara and

Helen Kurtz

Ian and Alexis Tawes

The San Francisco


Vanguard Charitable

David and

Joelle Weckerle

Wells Fargo Foundation

Educational Matching

Gifts Program


$1,000 - $2,499

Walter and

Natasha Acuña

Sameer and Stella Advani

Jamil and Cheryl Akoni

Jason and

Nicole Ambrose

Anonymous (2)

Amir Axelrod and

Sherry Wang-Axelrod

Douglas Baloun and

Traci Huahn

Alberto and Ana Bianchi

Ilya Borovikov and

Victoria Holcomb

Dennis and

Veronica Brinkmann

Bret and Sarah Cameto

Steven and

Vanessa Capelli

Alison Carrillo

Ronald and Fannie Chan

Peter and Precilla Clancy

Casey Conroy and

Diana Herrera-Conroy

Kevin Considine and

Christine Paige


Santosh and

Eva Marie Dhanalal

Imran and Regula Dhedhi

Luis Domínguez and

Vanessa Torre

Thomas and

Julie Ducharme

Mario and

Graciela Dueñas

Mario and Tamara Dueñas

Family Office

Foundation, Inc.

Anne Gartner

Genentech, Inc.

Thomas and

Valerie Greeley

Karan and Ella Gupta

Blake Haley and

Christine Deakin

Jonathan and

Alyssa Harris

Terence Heywood and

Pamela Lesoganich-


Hitachi Vantara

Paul Ho and

Katherine Jue

IBM Matching Grants


Andy and Barb Jaspar

Paul Ho and

Katherine Jue

Byongkook Kang and

Helen Yoon

Tanveer and Sarah Khan

Charles Killian and

Michelle Watts Killian

Brent and

Rebecca Larson

Jae Lee and

Shireen Advani Lee

Robert and Christine Lee

Alexandr and Julia Lints

Norman and

Mo Livermore

Randall and

Elizabeth Luskey

Thomas and Denise Lyle

Kathleen Manning

Aimee Medeiros

Neil Menzies

MGD Painting &

Decorating, Inc.

Jason and Ginelle Mills

Morgan Stanley

Global Impact

Funding Trust, Inc.

Henri and Lorena Moudi

Nand and

Sarbani Mulchandani

Kenneth and

Dorothy Paige

Justin and Tracy Pajer


William Radtke and

Tabitha Kix-Radtke

Rafi Rafiei Rozbahani and

Banafshe Nabizadeh

John and Julie Rhee

William and

Allison Roberts

Jonathan and

Jennifer Rodde

George and Cheri Russell

Ibrahim and Aylin Sahin Foundation

Jay Saoud and

Kristina Kramer

Brian Scheinberg and

Laura Pierson-


Shervine Shirazi and

Ameneh Khosrovani

Silicon Valley Bank

Matching Gifts -

SVB In the Community

Jonathan and Ali Singh

Simerjit Singh and

Harmol Raikhy

John and

Deborah Steinbuch

Cynthia Stephenson-


Morgan and Lisa Swiggett

Todd Thorner and

Leyla Khosrovani

Larry and Deveney Totten

UBS Financial

Robert and Amy Walters

Daniel and Barbara Wark

2018-19 Faculty

and Staff Donors

In addition to their countless daily

contributions to Seven Hills and our

students, 100 percent of our faculty

and staff supported the Annual Fund in

2018-19. Thank you!

Tanveer Alibhai

Annie Allen

Virginia Arias

Lori Auffhammer

Michelle Barahona

Karen Begg

Brittany Berg

Clare Bisho

Kellen Bothwell

Christiane Brinkerhoff

Samantha Buono

Kelly Cardella

Michael Chamberlain

Lucy Chappell

Stephanie Chiang

Kelley Cochran

Cynthia Cogswell

Carolyn Cruz

Rebecca Cushing

Cora Davidson

Jason Davis

Barbara Eaton

Scott Espinosa-Brown

Laurel Evans

Tyler Flynn Rambo

Deborah Frerk

Riki Gibson

Susanne Goldman

Patty Gonser

Ashley Gordon

Christi Gotvald

Corinne Hayhurst

Katherine Henderson

Michelle Hercoson

Jesus Hernandez

Gina Hinck

Stephanie Hough

Kim Hughes

Megan Kaye ’09

Katie Kreuser

Nancy Lane

Rebecca Larson

Adam Lechner ’87

Elgin Leslie

Kate Levine

Sarah Lewis

Lisa Lindgren

Veena Lohia

Shauna Maraccini

Jenny Marcus

Alisha Marsh

Kelly McCargar

Phil McFann

Kathleen McNamara

Rhys Miller

Jihad Mirza

Dan Murphy

Carolyn Nelson

Nick Obando

Charlene O’Brien

Tina Ory

Heidi Plumb

Megan Prieto

Renee Ramig

Cyrell Roberson

Generra Rocchi

Dan Rogoff

Mark Roquet

Lauren Sanders

Julie Scarpelli

Karen Schulz

Matt Shargel

Deborah Shipherd

Paul Smith

Stephanie Sproul

Katherine Stahl

Cassidy Thompson

Patti Turetzky

Linden Van Wert

Mart Villatuya

Beth Wadsworth

Amy Walters

Alison Wash

Mari Weiss

Joanie Wills

Kirsten Woods

Ponce Yambao




Annual Fund

Class Captains

A special thanks to our Class Captains

who shepherded our Annual Fund

efforts in 2018-19 and helped us

achieve an impressive 92 percent

parent participation. Your enthusiasm

is inspiring!


Red Barn










Annual Fund

Parent Chair

Grace Chan

Katie Alberts

Stephanie Taira

Diana Baty

Katie Alberts

Julie and Jay Meissner

Casey Conroy

Marissa Janopaul

Jason Husk

Kat Sellis

Michael Gandy

Vicky Holcomb

Chip Johnson

Joshua and Tara Wellen

Wellen Properties

Farhad Zamani and

Georgina Jensen

Arlo and

Christine Zoerner


Up to $999

5AM Venture

Management, LLC

Jeffrey and

Heidi Abramson

Nick Adamson and

Carisa Harris Adamson

Annie Allen

Robert Allen

Anonymous (15)

Rodolfo and

Virginia Arias

Pedro Babiak and

Laura Lippow

Gene and Alicia Bakkum

Gretchen Bartzen

Cas and Carol Beals

Christopher and

Karen Begg

Carlos and

Domenica Benitez

Brittany Berg

Nicholas and Clare Bisho

Altaf and

Salimah Boghani

Andrew and

Kellen Bothwell

Bright Funds Foundation

Brent and

Christiane Brinkerhoff

Bill Butner and

Bil Sullivan

Jones Butner

Mark and Kelly Cardella

Adrian Carrillo and

Michelle Barahona

Kimberly Carpenter

Lucien and

Lauren Cazenave

Michael Chamberlain and

Kathleen Jiménez

Lucy Chappell

Charles Schwab


Rick and May Chuarta

Cisco Community

Connection Matching

Gifts Program

The Clorox Company


Daniel and

Kelley Cochran

William and

Cynthia Cogswell

Dawn Craig and

Teresa Brink

Kendall Craig ’18

Ryan and Nicole Crowley

Carolyn Cruz

John and

L. Adrienne Cupples

Dan and

Rebecca Cushing

William and Linda Daniel

Brad and Cora Davidson

Davidson Educational

Therapy & Consulting

Jason and Lisa Davis

Pamela Dayton

Amish and Shilpa Doshi

Alice Duff

John Thomas Earle ’17

Mark and Kristine Earle

Sofia Earle ’14

Samuel East and

Kristy McVey East

Richard and

Barbara Eaton

Danilo Ebias

Lauren Elkind

Peter and Sue Elkind

Kenneth and

Diana El-Sherif

Scott and



Kurt and Sheryl Ettinger

Paul and Laurel Evans

Bejan and

Torrey Farahbakhsh

Joseph and Lucy Felcher

Marlon Fernandez and

Wren Amos

James and

Marcie Fitzsimmons

Tyler and

Jessica Flynn Rambo

Deborah Frerk

Joe and Beth Furstenthal

Mary Gaines

Michael and

Katherine Gandy

Juan Gaviria and

Marcela Robledo

Gregory Gholson and

Katherine Henderson

Sadegh and

Narguess Ghorban

John and Jacki Gingrich

Laury Glasgow

Mark and Naomi Glasky

David Godsoe and

Renee Ramig

Edward Goldberg and

Larisa Genin

Susanne Goldman

Bob and Patty Gonser

Brandon and

Ashley Gordon

Mark and Christi Gotvald

Doug and

Susan Greenberg

Jack and

Marcia Greenberg

Marc and

Wendy Greenberg

Benjamin and

Joanna Grossman

Warren and

Peggy Gutzwiller

Russell and Jane Hall

Ralph and

Karen Hanahan

James and

Hali Hausmann

Travis and

Corinne Hayhurst

William and

Kimberly Hecht

Stan and Sarah Helton

Michelle Hercoson

Hernandez Janitorial


Jesus and

Lucy Hernandez

Spencer and Gina Hinck

James and Cara Hollis

Dewey Horton and

Ann Hatanaka

Gabriel and

Stephanie Hough

Patrick and

Kimberly Hughes

Jason and Anna Husk

Richard and

Jennifer James

Matthew and

Nicole Jeffers

Thomas and

Pauline Jeffers

Matthew and

Natalie Johns

William Katakis and

Milena Martinez

Megan Kaye ’09

Bryan and Jenifer Kester

Myra Kiger

Barbara Klein

Andrew and

Alana Kleinberger

Emily Koster

Kathryn Kreuser

Chalis Kuba

Carlton and

Carrie La Cour

Troy and Nancy Lane

Ross and Olga Larner

Kirk LaSala

Magie LaSala

Lawrence Livermore

National Laboratory

Adam ’87 and

Shannon Lechner

Elgin and Michele Leslie

David Levin and

Julie Scarpelli

Kate Levine

In gratitude…

We celebrate our donors who support Seven Hills with vitally important annual leadership gifts

of $2,500 and above with special recognition. Your loyal and generous support provides a

strong foundation for a thriving Annual Fund.


Steve and Sarah Lewis

LexisNexis Cares

Lippow Development Co.

Kevin and Ramona Little

Carla Lo Coco ’92

Carlos Lobo and

Riki Gibson

Paresh and Veena Lohia

Mohamed and

Chelsea Lounnas

Harsha Madannavar and

Deepa Bangalore

Rajesh and

Rujuta Manghani

Matthew and

Shauna Maraccini

Jennifer Marcus

Robert and

Caroline Maruska

Michael and

Eileen McAndrews

Dave and Kelly McCargar

John and

Lindsay McCormick

James McDonnell and

Linda Margulies

Philip McFann

Miklos and

Kathryn Melczer

Neil Meyer and

Stephanie Chiang

Dan Michael and

Lillian Leong

Neil and Rhys Miller

Bill and Kristy Miller


Jason and

Gina Morris

Daniel Murphy

Carolyn Nelson

Marygail Nelson

Frank and

Natasha Nicholson-


Calin and Anca Niculescu

Stacy Norman

David and Sally Nosal

Nicholas and

Erica Obando

Kerry and

Charlene O’Brien

Eniola and

Aderonke Olatunji

Jon and Tina Ory

Pacific Gas & Electric

Oliver and Amy Parker

Camile Pennix

John and Hannah Pirone

Heidi Plumb

Joseph Pollock and

Rebecca Demorest

Gregory and Liana Pope

Nickolas and

Megan Prieto

Psychiatric Care

Shandon Quinn and

Diane Maroongroge

Gustavo Rafaela and

Samantha Buono

Nathan and

Kimberly Rapp

Ralph Raulli

Ingrid Ray

Thomas and Linda Reiser

Cyrell Roberson

Generra and

Nicole Rocchi

Daniel Rogoff and

Laura Cox

Mark and

Katherine Roquet

ROSS Gives Back

Timothy and

Jennifer Ruane

Michael Rubiano

Philipp Sack and

Nikki Singh

John Safipour ’13

Colin Safreed and

Xochitl Gonzalez


Matthew Sager and

Amanda Ashton-Sager

Michael and

Lauren Sanders

Edward Scherr and

Shelly Pozzi

Susan Schnieders

Karen Schulz

Steven Schwab

Matthew and

Kristine Shargel

Keith and

Deborah Shipherd

Richard and Ginger Silva

Paul Smith

Douglas Spear and

Isabelle Ord ’86

Stephanie Sproul

Stephen and

Katherine Stahl

Jeff Steinberg and

Kirsten Woods

Diana Superfin


Suriyakumar ’02

and Anika Shah

Kristel Svansjo

Daniel and

Lindsay Sweetnam

The Walt Disney



Cassidy Thompson

Gerald and

Patricia Turetzky

Harpreet and

Anudeep Ubhi

United Way

of the Bay Area

Linden Van Wert

William and

Kimberly Vaughn

Mart Villatuya

Geoffrey and

Beth Wadsworth

Brian and

Sophia Walsh

Wareham Property

Group, Inc.

Bob and Alison Wash

Murray and Mari Weiss

Roger and Lani Werne

Eric ’96 and Emily Wight

Robinson and

Joanie Wills

John and Lisa Woll

Arthur Woo and

Emmelie Sabatte

Larry Wynn

Ponce and

Lourdes Yambao


Annual Giving


Board of




& Staff





Endowment Surpasses 2020 Goal of $5 Million!

Seven Hills reached a significant milestone this August when our endowment surpassed $5 million—a goal set in 2014 as part of the

school’s previous strategic plan, Approach 2020. Through an endowment initiative to honor retiring Head of School Bill Miller, continued

generosity through the auction, and careful stewardship and investments, we have doubled our endowment in less than five years.

A strong endowment enhances all aspects of the student experience by giving Seven Hills the financial flexibility to dream big and seize

new and emerging opportunities. Practically, the power of our endowment provides annual revenue which otherwise would come from

tuition increases. In fact, the endowment draw from earnings provided more than $220,000 in additional revenue last year.

A heartfelt thank you to those listed below for helping us surpass our endowment goal by making an endowment gift in 2018-19.

Together with supporters from years past, you have created an enduring legacy for the students of Seven Hills.


Jamil and Cheryl Akoni

Russell and Crystal Alpert

Jonathan and Amanda Ambrose

Amir Axelrod and Sherry Wang-Axelrod

Sebastian and Renee Bea

Nicholas and Clare Bisho

Patrick and Alison Blake

Ilya Borovikov and Victoria Holcomb

David and Emily Breach

George and Stephanie Buhalis

Jonathan and Kristin Butler

Christopher and Annette Butner

Bret and Sarah Cameto

Chevron Matching Employee Funds

Neil Meyer and Stephanie Chiang

Paul Chua and Grace Chan

Stephen Cohn and Rose Anne Critchfield

Critchfield Cohn Family Fund at the

East Bay Community Foundation

Ryan and Nicole Crowley

Brian and Kristen D’Arcy

Paul and Christa Deeringer

Charles and Mevis Demarest

Samuel East and Kristy McVey East

Eric and Stéphanie Ebel

Scott and Katherine Espinosa-Brown

Kurt and Sheryl Ettinger

Paul and Laurel Evans

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

James and Marcie Fitzsimmons

John and Laura Furstenthal

Anne Gartner

Juan Gaviria and Marcela Robledo

Sadegh and Narguess Ghorban

Joel and Holly Grossman

Peter and Julie Gutzwiller

Jonathan and Alyssa Harris

Kevin and Elaine Hennessy

Sameer and Melissa Hilal

Fred and Noel Hughes

Patrick and Kimberly Hughes

Paul and Deborah Jansen

Thomas and Danielle Kahl

Jeffrey and Nicole Kangas

Bryan and Jenifer Kester

Charles Killian and Michelle Watts Killian

Andrew and Alana Kleinberger

Conrad and Selena Lai







Cornel and Alexandra Lee

Mackenzie and Stephen Lesher

David Levin and Julie Scarpelli

Eric and Karen Littell

Whitney Livermore ’00

Carlos Lobo and Riki Gibson

Thomas and Denise Lyle

Matthew and Kamin Macomber

Matthew and Shauna Maraccini

Kathleen McNamara and Jihad Mirza

Jerry and Deborah Mellin

Neil Menzies

Goal of

$5 Million Reached



Bill Miller’s

First Year



Start of





End of





Goal of

$5 Million



can now



a year!

Merrill Lynch

Dan Michael and Lillian Leong

Bill and Kristy Miller

Cassian and Jeanette Naughton

Justin and Tracy Pajer

Michael and Ellen Peterson

Gregory Pilarowski and Anna Gai

John and Hannah Pirone

David and Emily Pottruck

Jeffrey and Jessica Pozzi

Gustavo Rafaela and Samantha Buono

Timothy and Jennifer Ruane

George and Cheri Russell

John Safipour ’13

Michael and Lauren Sanders

Schwab Charitable Fund

Larry and Cybille Scott

Yi Shi and Shangjie Zuo

Mari Shurtz

Stephanie Sproul

Delbert and Kimberly Stafford

Brooks and Michelle Stratmore

John Sween and Lisa Barnett Sween

Daniel and Lindsay Sweetnam

Morgan and Lisa Swiggett

Thomas and Stephanie Taira

Ian and Alexis Tawes

Todd Thorner and Leyla Khosrovani

Harpreet and Anudeep Ubhi

Robert and Amy Walters

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational

Matching Gifts Program

Robinson and Joanie Wills

John and Lisa Woll

Wen Yen Yuan

Julian Rettger Fund for

Emotional Well-Being

Julian Rettger graduated from Seven Hills in 2003. His parents

established The Julian Rettger Fund for Emotional Well-Being

in 2010, to honor Julian, who passed away in June of that

year. Julian’s family has raised more than $500,000 through

the fund to support the social and emotional well-being

of students. Seven Hills has named the library in his honor

because of his early and continuing passion for books.

Named Endowment Funds

Create Enduring Legacies

Over the years, individuals and families have established named

endowment funds that continue to provide for the school. Like

contributions to the general endowment, these gifts are invested

in perpetuity with a percentage of the interest earnings used

each year for strategic priorities like professional development,

program innovation, and tuition assistance.

Mary Ann Adamski


Carl Corrigan and Sharon Kidd

Douglas Cuesta ’04

Celenia Delsol

Alison Espinosa-Setchko ’05

Salina M. Espinosa-Setchko ’95

Paul and Laurel Evans

Mark and Kathy Foletta

David Godsoe and Renee Ramig

Bob and Patty Gonser

Russell and Jane Hall

Travis and Corinne Hayhurst

Liviu and Ana Ionescu

Ellen Jurgens ’15

Kelly Kingdon ’10

Greer Kleber ’08

Andre Lay ’96

Carlos Lobo and Riki Gibson

Kathleen Manning

Bill and Kristy Miller

Kevin Moylan and Rania Berkeley

Daniel Murphy

David and Sally Nosal

Bryce Pinkos ’99

Lucia Pirone ’17

William Pirone ’19

Philip B. Rettger and

Diane Bell-Rettger

Bennet Riley ’09

Taylor Sproul ’12

Seiyonne Suriyakumar ’02 and

Anika Shah

Telos Academy

Wil and Victoria Tyra

Linden Van Wert

Robert and Amy Walters

Eric ’96 and Emily Wight

Kris and Jan Worswick

The Barlow Family Endowed Fund

The Brown Family Endowed Fund

The Butner Family Endowed Fund

Deborah Jansen General Endowment Fund

The Hennessy Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Hilal Family Endowed Fund

Jim Clark Former Trustees Endowment Fund

Joseph Family Minority Scholarship Fund

Julian Rettger Fund for Emotional Well-Being

On May 30, 2019, Seven Hills alumni came together for the

inaugural Alumni Giving Day in support of Julian’s Fund.

Through a generous donation from Julian’s parents, every gift

was matched dollar for dollar. Thank you!

Karen Malin Endowment for Professional Development

Matthews Music Scholarship

The Scott Espinosa-Brown Endowed Fund for Student Life,

Leadership, and Service

The William H. Miller Endowment Fund

Named funds are a meaningful way to create a permanent

legacy for your family at Seven Hills and can be established

with a minimum gift of $50,000. If you are interested in

learning more, please contact Director of Development Amy

Walters at or (925) 933-0666.



2018-19 Hills

Angels in


Jeffrey and

Heidi Abramson

Ian Agol ‘82 and

Michelle McGuinness

Annie Allen

Robert Allen

Susan Alonso

Brian Atwood and

Lynn Edminster

Mathew and

Sarah Bakulich

Kelly and Carrie Barlow

Gretchen Bartzen

Sebastian and Renee Bea

Brad and Shiva Berman

Patrick and Alison Blake

Parke and

Victoria Boneysteele

Kevin Booth

David and Emily Breach

David and Kim Bridges

Robert† and Alice

Bridges Foundation

Ryan and Nicole Brown

George and

Stephanie Buhalis

Christopher and

Annette Butner

Philae Carver

Mark Fosbury and

Kristin Castagno

James and

Françoise Cervantes

John† and

Susan Chapman

Adam and Carol Chase

Chung-Cheng and

Jen-Kuei Chen

James and Kathy Clark

Ronald and Susan Codd

Stephen Cohn and

Rose Anne Critchfield

Michael and Shirley Coke

Alexander Copeland and

Eileen Beall

The Copeland Family

John and

Debby Cunningham

Mary Dalsin-Mills

Steve and

Celeste Danglade

Charles and

Nancy Deschane

Amber DeSilva

David DeSilva

Scott and

Deborah DeVries

Robert Dolinko and

Laurie Bronson

Todd and Christine Dow

Joseph and Holly Eiden

Irwin and Vivian Eskanos

Ira and Pamela Finch

Charles Fiske and

Karen Leo

David and Jessie Flatt

Roger and

Madeline Fleischmann

John and

Laura Furstenthal

Bob Gallo

Sandra Gallo

Ravikanth Ganapavarapu

Shrikant and Ira Garde

W. Philip and

June Gardner

Kimberly Gilmore

John Gingrich and

Christine Currie

Anthony Giordano and

Theresa Klinger

Charles and Alexis Glavin

Kent and Diana Godfrey

Bruce and

Barbara Goodman

Dan and Linda Gordon

Richard and Lori Green

John and

Khira Griscavage

Stephen and

Katy Gronowski

Thor and

Christine Grossen

Kenneth and

Jeanifer Grullon

Peter and Julie Gutzwiller

John and

Wendy Hammergren

Michael Han and

Annie Hahn

Terence Heywood and

Pamela Lesoganich-


Sameer and Melissa Hilal

Diane Horton

In recognition of their enduring

commitment to Seven Hills, we

celebrate the Hills Angels donors

who, over time, have cumulatively

contributed $25,000 or more to the

Annual Fund. Your loyal and generous

support has fueled our innovative,

mission-driven approach to educating

students for nearly 60 years.

Abraham and

Deanna Hsieh

Frederick Hughes, Jr.

Fred and Noel Hughes

James and Laura Hulburd

Robert Ishii and

Nancy Wallace

Matthew and

Marissa Janopaul

Paul and Deborah Jansen

Thomas and

Mary Anne Jorde

Matthew and

Melissa Jose

Sheldon Kahn and

Sarah Liron

Joseph and

Odette Kardek

Ross and Amy Kari

Janet Katari

Kevin and Michaela Katari

Jerry and Carolina Katz

Mitchell and Karen Kay

Pamela Keith and

Elizabeth Mahler

George and

Bonnie Kennedy

Larry and Julie Kirsch

Steven and

Rochelle Klein

Bob Kliger

Stuart and Anne Knowles

Benjamin and

Judy Kronick

Jim and

Shannon Lanzone

David and Traci Lardner

Ari and Sheryl Lauer

Henry and

Jennifer Leingang

Stephen and

Mackenzie Lesher

Robert and Renee Little

Michael and

Sherrie Littlejohn

Norman and

Mo Livermore

Jeffrey and

Jennifer Loomis

David and Connie Lowe

James and Shari Lucas

John Lyngaas and

Linda Noel

Matthew and

Kamin Macomber

Steve and Beth Marini

Mark and Mindee Mastrov

Pat Matthews and

Patti Paulson

Scott and Tomi Matthews

Stephen and

Nancy McCarthy

Wendy McDermott

James McDonnell and

Linda Margulies

Kevin McGuirk

Daniel and Marina Miller

Bill and Kristy Miller

James and Dorothy Mills

Sam Mills

Tom and Julia Miner

Abraham Mintz and

Catherine Cutler

Langdon and

Elizabeth Morris

Paul and Diane Morton

Clarence and Irene Mou

William and

Frances Myers

Brian and Patricia Napper

Subhendu Narayan and

Kavitha Rao-Narayan

John and Ruth Nelson

Brent and

Elizabeth Nomura

David and Sally Nosal

Stephen and

Maggie Oetgen

Peter and

Isabelle Op de Beeck

Ralph Pais and

Gayl Huston

Charles and

Adelaide Park

Shami and Lori Patel

Jerome and Jane Perez

Eric and Amy Peterson

Joseph and Toni Petite

Scott Pipo and

Gloria Pickhover

Michelle Place

Joseph and

Rosalia Polizzi

Ingrid Ray

Christine Riley

Geoffrey and

Lesleen Riley

Susan Rogers

Andrew and Jinny Rudd

Fred and Susan Safipour

Edward Scherr and

Shelly Pozzi

Steven Schwab

Larry and Cybille Scott

Carl Shapiro

Mark Shapiro and

Roberta Goldberg

Brian and Michelle Sharpes

Murray and

Christine Sheldon

Philip Simon and

Terry Neben

Brad and Amy Skepner

Elizabeth Solomon

Corby and Heather Stead

Ronald and Caryn Suber

Patrick and Teresa Sullivan

Suri and

Rushika Suriyakumar

Bahman and

Mardjan Taheripour

Ronald and Robyn Taylor

Larry and

Deveney Totten

Christopher Trinkus

Richard and

Karen Walker

Michael and Maria Walton

Dennis and Bonnie Wells

Tom and Marla Williams

Keith and Susan Wilson

Douglas and Joyce Wing

Bruce Woods and

Nancy Frary-Woods

Glen and Elisa Yeung

Roy and Cathy Yih

Mark and Shawn Young

Wally and Kirsten Young

† deceased

New Hills Angels Member

Ways to Make a Difference

Heritage Society

We recognize members of The Heritage Society who have included

Seven Hills in their estate plans. Through their thoughtful planning,

members of the Heritage Society are providing for the future of the

school. Thank you for your vision and commitment.

Pete Babiak and Laura Lippow

Parents of Steven Babiak ’07

and Sydney Babiak ’11

Gretchen Bartzen

Director of Development


Brad and Shiva Berman

Parents of Daniela Berman ’05

Jon and Lisa Blake

Parents of Adam Blake ’11

and Andrew Blake ’12

John† and Susan Chapman

Parents of Chris Chapman ’03

and Emma Chapman ’05

Jim and Laura Hulburd

Parents of Alanna Hulburd ’06

and Kyle Hulburd ’09

Paul and Deborah Jansen

Parents of Ben Jansen ’03

and Nicholas Jansen ’05

Thomas and Mary Ann Jorde

Parents of Kevin Jorde ’01

and Christopher Jorde ’03

Joel King

Director of Finance and

Operations (2000–2011)

Jim and Karen Malin

Head of Lower School


Kathleen McNamara

Head of School


Dan and Marina Miller

Parents of Marshall Miller ’01

Bill and Kristy Miller

Headmaster (1992–2015)

Parents of Hennessy Miller ’04

and Keenan Miller ’08

Abraham Mintz and

Catherine Cutler

Parents of Elizabeth Mintz ’13

and Zachary Mintz ’12

Philip Rettger

Parent of Julian Rettger ’03†

Linden Van Wert

Faculty member since 1975,

Librarian (1976–2015), Green

Ombudsman (2015–present)

John and Alice Villanueva

Parents of Amber Villanueva ’96

and Erica Villanueva ’99

† deceased

If you have included Seven Hills in your will or trust or are interested

in learning more about how to do so, please contact Director of

Development Amy Walters at or

(925) 933-0666.

Our mission calls us to build a foundation that creates a lifelong love

of learning. We accomplish this goal in partnership with our extended

community through three primary fundraising efforts. Join us!


The Annual Fund is the school’s cornerstone fundraising effort each and

every year. The Annual Fund is part of the school’s operating budget and

thus provides yearly and essential resources above and beyond tuition.

Gifts directly support the many things you love most about the school,

from hands-on-learning opportunities to our talented faculty.


The school’s annual auction is a fun community-building event that

also raises vital funds for student programs and the endowment.

Mark your calendars for this year’s auction, Saturday, March 21, 2020.

This treasured tradition is a fantastic way to connect with other

families while supporting the school.


Gifts to the endowment and special fundraising initiatives provide

long-term financial health and major capital improvements. The

endowment is invested in perpetuity with interest earnings used each

year to support strategic initiatives, while capital campaigns allow the

school to best align our learning spaces with our mission.

How to Make a Gift

If you have included Seven Hills in your will or trust or are interested

in learning more about how to do so, please contact Director of

Development Amy Walters at

or (925) 933-0666.



Checks should be made payable to The Seven Hills School and

mailed to: The Seven Hills School, Development Office,

975 North San Carlos Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94598



If you are interested in transferring stock or other securities to the

School, please be sure to notify the Development Office.



On March 23, parents, faculty, staff, and friends saddled on up and hit the trail for the biggest jamboree

of the school year, Country Nights, the annual Seven Hills auction. Guests arrived adorning their cowboy

hats, rhinestones, and belt buckles for an evening of dinner, dancing, and spirited bidding!

It was a night of big hats and big hearts as the community came together to raise more than $335,000 in

support of our students, programs, and endowment.

Hats off to our dedicated co-chairs Kristen D’Arcy and Nick Bisho, who with their team of volunteers led the way

and made the auction possible. Thank you to everyone who put in countless volunteer hours, sponsored the

event, entered the raffle, donated items, and raised their paddle. This night wouldn’t be possible without

the support of our community.


Kelley Cochran

Adrian and Shada Kuba

Patrick Evan Salon

Corby and Heather Stead

Coffee Shop

Chalis Kuba

Piatti Restaurant

Patrick and Diane Suciu

Auction Co-Chairs

Kristen D’Arcy and

Nick Bisho


Wren Amos

Carisa Harris Adamson

Diana Baty

Rania Berkeley

Nick Bisho

Ryan Crowley

Kristen D’Arcy

Kristy East

Marissa Janopaul

Rupy Krishnan

Steve Lesher

Patrick Lin

Denise Lyle

Terezia Nemeth

Renee Little

Aimee Medeiros

Lori Siegel

Susie Sovik

Lisa Swiggett

Lexi Tawes

Christy Zoerner

Board Liasons

Alex Lee

Patrick Lin

Matt Macomber



Riki Gibson

Item Donations

1515 Restaurant

and Lounge

Nick Adamson and

Carisa Harris Adamson

Adventure Day Camp

Katherine Alberts and

Lori Siegel

Tanveer Alibhai

Annie Allen

Lori Auffhammer

Gene and Alicia Bakkum

Beach Blanket Babylon

Bel and Bunna’s Books

Nick and Clare Bisho

Black Stallion Estate


Blackhawk Country Club

Patrick and Alison Blake

Blow Dry Bar

David and Emily Breach

Norma Bristol/


Music Program

Christopher and

Annette Butner

Kelly Cardella

Lauren Cazenave

Center REPertory


William and

Cynthia Cogswell

CorePower Yoga

Paul Deanno


The Dutra Family

Edible Excursions

Elevate Basketball &

Performance Training

Elizabeth Nicole Salon

Encore Gym

Enhanced by Amelia

Scott and



Laurel Evans

Extended Day Team


Fantasy Forum

Actors Ensemble

Five Little Monkeys

Tyler Flynn Rambo

Forma Gym

Frank Family Vineyards

Ginger’s Gelato

Ashley Gordon

Gott’s Roadside

Christi Gotvald

Jay and Jenn Gudebski

Peter and Julie Gutzwiller

Havana Restaurant

Kathy Henderson

Sameer and Melissa Hilal

Gina Hinck

Stephanie Hough

Jason and Anna Husk

Inman Family Wines

James Brian Studios

Matt and Marissa Janopaul

JBJ Curated Goods

for Life


JP Cosmetics

Kallie Jo Photography

Megan Kaye ‘09

Kelly Slater Surf Ranch

Kendra Scott

Patrice Konigsberg

Skip and Carrie La Cour

Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Nancy Lane

Jim and Shannon Lanzone

Lareen Fender’s The Ballet

School Performing Arts

Ross and Olga Larner

Rebecca Larson

Adam Lechner ’87

Cornel and Alex Lee

Christopher and

Danette Leighton

Stephen and

Mackenzie Lesher

Elgin Leslie

Sarah Lewis

Limitless Escape Games


Patrick and Darlet Lin

Lindsay Wildlife


Rob and Renee Little

Veena Lohia

Shauna Maraccini

Jenny Marcus

Alisha Marsh

Kelly McCargar

Peggy McCormick

Phil McFann

McGuire Denim

Kathleen McNamara and

Jihad Mirza

Jay and Julie Meissner


Harriett Michael

Dan Michael and

Lillian Leong

Mike Hess Brewing

Monti Kids

Mountain Meadow Ranch

Dan Murphy

My Gym

Carolyn Nelson

Nordstrom Walnut Creek

Oakland Zoo

Tina Ory

Parksmart Regional

Parking Inc

Bryce Pinkos ‘99

Heidi Plumb

Jeffrey and Jessica Pozzi

Gina Puljiz

Gray and Brenda Reavis

Red Ox Clay Studio

Dan Rogoff

Round Hill Country Club

Lauren Sanders

Julie Scarpelli

Karen Schulz

Larry and Cybille Scott

Seven Hills Girl Scout

Junior Troop 33835

Shadowbrook Winery

Matt Shargel

Sienna Ranch


Sky High Sports

Soccer Shots East Bay

Steven and Susie Sovik

Sparta Taekwondo

Splash Swim School

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars

Sunrise Bistro

& Catering

Susie Cakes

Ian and Alexis Tawes

The Bar Method

The Seven Hills School

The Seven Hills School

Board of Trustees

The Walt Disney

Family Museum

The Woodhouse Day Spa

Cassidy Thompson

Torsap Thai Kitchen

Treasure Island

Sailing Center

Linden Van Wert

Bill and Kimberly Vaughn


Beth Wadsworth

Alison Wash

Mari Weiss

Wheel Kids Bicycle Club

Joanie Wills

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza


Seven Hills Auction

March 21, 2020


Hunt Hall

Silent • Live • Dinner • Dancing

Join us for

a fun night out!

More details to follow




Strategic Destinations for The Seven Hills School

As our 60th anniversary as a school draws near, the Board of Trustees launched an updated

strategic plan, an ambitious roadmap for The Seven Hills School. With the three pillars of the

Seven Hills mission as its cornerstone, Whole Child, Whole Community will drive our efforts to enhance

our program and remain at the forefront of educating the whole child, while holding fast to the values

that have kept us strong for nearly 60 years. To read the plan in its entirety, please visit the Seven Hills

website at

Destination: Develop the Intellect

Promoting Exemplary Learning and Teaching

Commit to a dynamic curriculum review cycle, which assesses academic, socialemotional,

and co-curricular learning

Expand our commitment to STEAM curriculum, incorporating life and natural science as

well as technical science, utilizing our own natural campus as an outdoor laboratory

Design a comprehensive digital and information literacy program, including coding

classes, digital citizenship, research skills, and parent education

Create an increasingly diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of students, teachers,

and families providing all students the necessary educational advantage to succeed in a

global world


Adopt the exemplary teaching model—a growth-oriented faculty evaluation model that

highlights innovation, collaborative teams across grades and subjects, and opportunities

to learn and lead


Destination: Engage the Spirit

Developing the Whole Child

Participate in Harvard University’s Caring Schools Initiative promoting kindness and

empathy to build ever stronger learning communities

Launch a community lunch program that includes a communal dining experience to

enhance nutrition, learning, and connection

Support each student through personal learning profiles tracked over time, through

newly created care teams supported by a permanent counselor position

Deepen cultural competency through teacher professional development, parent

education, and student programming

Expand opportunities for student voice and choice, in which students’ inquiries and

interests drive their learning, service, and leadership

Destination: Foster Respect for, and Responsibility to, Our World

Ensuring Financial and Environmental Sustainability

Invest in student learning, gathering and performance spaces—both new and re-imagined—through strategic campus master

planning and a bold fundraising initiative

Design an updated tuition assistance model reflective of the school’s mission and values

Create opportunities for enhanced diversity and optimized student-teacher ratios by expanding Middle School enrollment and

engaging in community partnerships

Grow our endowment to support strategic priorities and reduce our reliance on tuition increases, while exploring partnerships

and alternative revenue opportunities

Explore possibilities for our Early Childhood Education (ECE) program to reach into the local community for teacher training and

professional development partnerships with local colleges and schools of education

Build stronger connections with parents, alumni, alumni parents, and the broader East Bay community as we approach the

school’s 60th anniversary


2019-20 EVENTS The Seven Hills School

October 10 All Community

Parent Dinner

975 North San Carlos Drive

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Non Profit Org.

U.S. Postage


Handled with Care

November 19 Career Pathways

Networking Event (SF)

January 15 Applications Deadline

March 21 Auction

April 9 Evening of Art & Innovation

April 29 Spring Performance

May 8 Grandparent & VIP Day

June 4 Graduation

June 6 All-Alumni Reunion

Parents of Alumni:

Please Forward This Publication

If your son or daughter no longer maintains a

permanent address at your home, please notify

Seven Hills of his/her new mailing and email

address at

Pardon our Dust!

Tenvold Kitchen


Lunch is served! At the start of the school

year, Seven Hills launched an integrated

Community Lunch Program to allow

students, faculty, and staff to connect

over high-quality, delicious meals and

snacks prepared daily by chefs from

Epicurean Group.

Construction on the new commercialgrade

Tenvold kitchen is underway, and

once the upgrades are complete, our chef

team will be able to cook student lunches

from scratch in an onsite kitchen with

commercial ovens, grills, serving stations,

and dish room to allow for reusables.

Since healthy minds and healthy bodies

work in tandem, we are thrilled to be

aligning lunchtime with our mission.


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