sophisticated DIY Contents by MontanaCans - 2nd Issue! More Projects on https://allspraypainted.com/

sophisticated DIY Contents by MontanaCans - 2nd Issue!
More Projects on https://allspraypainted.com/


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allspraypainted<br />


Intro<br />

We have been quoted as saying, „Create Your Own World“.<br />

And when we first started this journey, we had no idea of<br />

how relevant this quote would be.<br />

For those of you who may not have seen the first issue of the<br />

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong>, our team has been passionately<br />

helping people creatively personalize their surroundings,<br />

regardless of indoor or outdoor. Whether it be up-cycling furniture,<br />

re-vamping home decor or innovating DIY projects<br />

from scratch. Anything has been possible at allspraypainted.<br />

Create<br />

We are grateful for the help of our many international talented<br />

contributors. Not afraid to „give it a go“, they have added<br />

color and vibrance to our everyday lives. We also tip our<br />

hats off to our main supporter, MontanaCans. Not just a manufacturer<br />

of premium quality German made aerosol<br />

products, but also a source of inspiration and innovation.<br />

Although many ideas at allspraypainted have grown and flourished,<br />

it is not the ideas exclusively. So has our community.<br />

It‘s time to give a pat on the back to you, the reader. After all,<br />

you are the people that water the creative seeds we plant<br />

together. And hopefully enjoy the fruit those ideas bring.<br />

A year full of color has bound us all together. We have worked<br />

with old materials and new ones. We have gotten our hands<br />

dirty while working with wood, our gloves dirty while applying<br />

paint and turned rubbish into treasure. But above all had we<br />

had fun doing it.<br />

your<br />

own<br />

world!<br />

We have celebrated the seasons with their elements and the<br />

color changes they bring. We have re-invented some less<br />

than inspiring rituals into some exciting new projects. We have<br />

even turned nothing into something, while scratching our<br />

creative itch. The allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong> 02, is a celebration<br />

of what we have learnt and achieved. A reminder of what<br />

we did and a source of inspiration of what is still to come. So<br />

grab a seat and get inspired by the chapters in front of you.<br />

And never forget you can „create your own world!“

Content<br />

01<br />

02<br />

Metallic Effect Bowls 10<br />

Striped Gradient Clock 18<br />

03<br />

Granit Tray and Easter Eggs 24

04<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

05<br />

Pink and Yellow Stools 28<br />

Glitter Homeware Objects 34<br />

06<br />

Glass Paint Tealights 42

Content<br />

07<br />

Aqua Colored Wooden Boxes 48<br />

Glass Paint Container 54<br />

08<br />

09<br />

Gradient Wooden Blocks 60

10<br />

Metallic Dipped Pumpkins 68<br />

11<br />

12<br />

Marble Effect Workspace and Wall Art 74<br />

Red Glitter Christmas 80

01<br />

Metallic Effect Bowls<br />



01<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

13<br />

Make sure the bowls are clean and free of dusts<br />

and oils. Give them a light sanding with very<br />

fine sand paper. Take your masking tape and and<br />

apply it below the top of the bowls rim. You don’t<br />

want any paint near where there will be food or<br />

mouths. So only mask till about 2/3 of the way up.<br />

Apply the tape evenly and equally, pressing it<br />

down all the way around so no paint can sneak<br />

under the edges. Now it’s time to cover the rest of<br />

the bowl so no paint overspray lands anywhere<br />

you don’t want it to. Shake all your cans for 2-3<br />

minutes. Turn them upside down and remove the<br />

nozzles. Let the little black safety ring underneath<br />

them fall out. Re-apply the nozzles and give them<br />

a test spray, away from any surfaces.<br />

With gloves and mask on, start with the Montana<br />

Universal PRIMER and apply a light even coat to<br />

the outside of your bowls. Let them dry at least<br />

15 minutes or more, till they are touch dry. Give<br />

the painted surface an optional light sanding and<br />

then re-apply. Ideally you leave the bowls sit to<br />

dry over night so you are sure the primer is completely<br />

cured.<br />

The last step is applying the METALLIC Effect<br />

colors. Clean free of dust and make sure the<br />

bowls are dry. Shake the cans. The important<br />

part is to remember not to spray too close to your<br />

bowls with the METALLIC colors. Keep the can<br />

15-25 cm away from the bowls and apply in thin,<br />

even coats. Do multiple coats, allow them to<br />

touch dry and repeat the steps: sand – clean –<br />

shake – spray.

Metallic Effect Bowls<br />


• Montana METALLIC Effect EMC1010 Titanium<br />

• Montana METALLIC Effect EMC6040 Avocado Green<br />

• Montana METALLIC Effect EMC1030 Aztec Gold<br />

• Montana Universal PRIMER<br />

• Masking tape<br />

• Paper or material to cover the rest of the bowl<br />

• Fine sand paper<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


01<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />


Warm Grey Stationary Update<br />


09<br />

0.12 Allspraypainted Lookbook

02<br />

Striped Gradient<br />

Clock<br />


Striped Gradient Clock<br />

Make sure the wood is clean and compatible to<br />

be sprayed. Shake all cans for 2–3 minutes. Take<br />

off the nozzles and turn the cans upside down,<br />

allowing the little black safety ring to fall out.<br />

Nozzle back on, now test spray away from any<br />

surfaces. Starting with the Montana GOLD color<br />

Yolk, spray an area from the left side leaving<br />

room for the next color Pink Pink. The final touch<br />

is a touch of Malachite. You are almost done!<br />

Remove the painters tape after about 3 to 5<br />

minutes and put on two coats of Montana Cans<br />

VARNISH Spray in Semi-Gloss to seal the paint<br />

and the wood. Let the clock base dry overnight.<br />

Put the clock kit together in the hole and<br />

you are ready to hang it.<br />


02<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />


Customized Striped Gradient Easter Clock Eggs<br />


• Montana GOLD G6130 Malachite<br />

• Montana GOLD G1230 Yolk<br />

• Montana GOLD G3130 Pink Pink<br />

• Montana Cans VARNISH Spray T1005 Semi-Gloss<br />

• Wooden circle as clock base<br />

• A clock kit<br />

• Painter’s tape<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


23<br />


03<br />

Granit Tray and<br />

Easter Eggs<br />


Granit Tray and Easter Eggs<br />

On the tray, apply the Montana Universal PRIMER.<br />

Let dry and apply two coats of GRANIT Effect<br />

Spray. Seal with the Montana VARNISH. Let dry<br />

overnight. For the eggs, We didn’t need to prime<br />

them, as boiled eggs make for a great surface to<br />

paint. Depending on which type of egg you have<br />

chosen, you may want to prime it with the relevant<br />

Montana Plastic, Polystyrene or Universal<br />

PRIMER. Make sure the surfaces are clean, dust<br />

free and dry. Lightly coat them with the GRANIT<br />

Effect Spray at a distance of about 20–25cm in the<br />

color of your choice. Leave them to dry and then<br />

carefully roll them over to coat the other side.<br />

Disclaimer: Please note that sprayed Easter eggs<br />

can only be used for decorative purposes. 26

03<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

27<br />


• Montana GRANIT Spray EG7000 Light Grey<br />

• Montana GRANIT Spray EG7050 Grey<br />

• Montana GRANIT Spray EG9000 Black<br />

• Montana PRIMER (depending on material of egg)<br />

• Tray<br />

• Eggs (natural, plastic, wood or polystyrene)<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet

04<br />

Pink and<br />

Yellow Stools<br />



Pink and Yellow Stools<br />

Start by taping off the last 15cm–20cm of each<br />

stool’s feet. These areas you may want to stay<br />

clean and show natural wood when you remove<br />

the tape. If you are using existing stools you’ve<br />

found or recycled, give them a sanding to remove<br />

any existing paints or coatings. Ensure they are<br />

clean and dust free. We recommend using the<br />

Montana Universal PRIMER to pre-coat the wood.<br />

This will ensure the best color vibrancy for the<br />

later color application, but it also make sure the<br />

paint sticks optimally. Starting at the base of the<br />

legs, we first applied our darker colors, using<br />

broad sweeping strokes that were at least<br />

15cm –20cm away from the stools. Second coat<br />

the lighter shade and final color the lightest. Don’t<br />

forget to paint the insides and underneath of<br />

the stools as well! Once all the colors were applied,<br />

we removed the painters tape from the feet<br />

of the stools. Give them a coat of protection with<br />

Montana VARNISH Spray and let dry overnight.<br />


31<br />



• Montana GOLD G3000 Lychee<br />

• Montana GOLD G3010 Bazooka Joe<br />

• Montana GOLD G3020 Strawberry<br />

• Montana GOLD G1010 Easter Yellow<br />

• Montana GOLD G1220 Yellow Cab<br />

• Montana GOLD G1240 Golden Yellow<br />

• Montana Universal PRIMER<br />

• Montana VARNISH T1005 Semi Gloss<br />

• Wooden stools<br />

• Sanding paper (if required)<br />

• Masking tape<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


05<br />

Glitter Homeware<br />

Objects<br />



Glitter Homeware Objects<br />

Remember the Montana GLITTER colors work<br />

best on black or dark surfaces. Count yourself<br />

lucky if any of your homewares are black to<br />

start with. If not, give them a coat of Montana<br />

GOLD Shock Black. Let dry. Attention:<br />

High quality metallic glitter pigments are heavy.<br />

As such, to ensure the best results, always<br />

re-shake your GLITTER Effect Colors to re-mix<br />

them again before use. Even after short pauses and<br />

regardless of if you shook well for 3 minutes to begin<br />

with. Leave your freshly painted objects 24 hours<br />

or more to completely dry. For the final touch, apply<br />

your Montana VARNISH Gloss.<br />


37<br />


Glitter Homeware Objects<br />


• Montana GLITTER Paint Silver<br />

• Montana GLITTER Paint Dusty Gold<br />

• Montana GLITTER Paint Amethyst<br />

• Montana GLITTER Paint X-Mas Red<br />

• Montana GLITTER Paint Cosmos<br />

• Montana GOLD SHOCK 9000 Black<br />

• Montana VARNISH T1000 Gloss<br />

• Home wares including vase, urn, pots and a table<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />



06<br />

Glass Paint Tealights<br />


Glass Paint Tealights<br />

Collect, empty the jars you think would be good<br />

vessels to hold candles. Make sure the jars are<br />

clean, free of dust and oils. Grab a tea towel and<br />

give them a wipe off before you start spraying.<br />

Then prepare your spraying area with a drop<br />

sheet, or piece of cardboard to spray on which<br />

will catch any overspray while spraying.<br />

Shake your cans vigorously for 2–3 minutes. Depending<br />

on how intense you want the color, you<br />

can apply one or more layers. Holding the can<br />

back about 15cm - 20cm from the jars, apply in<br />

thin light coats. The lighter you apply, the more<br />

light will stream through the glass. Add decorative<br />

thread if desired. 44

45<br />


Glass Paint Tealights<br />


• Montana GLASS Paint GP6220 Mint<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP3010 Coral Red<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP1210 Almond<br />

• Colored thread to match chosen GLASS Paint colors<br />

• Empty glass jars<br />

• Scissors<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


07<br />

Aqua Colored<br />

Wooden Boxes<br />


Aqua Colored Wooden Boxes<br />

Make sure your boxes are smooth and free of<br />

possible splinters by sanding lightly with fine<br />

sanding paper. Brush them off and make sure<br />

they are clean and dry. Two light coats of<br />

Universal PRIMER, with a light sand in between<br />

coats are ideal. At a distance of about 15cm–<br />

20cm from each box, apply thin even coats of<br />

Montana GOLD color. One color per box.<br />

Let the boxes dry overnight and combine them<br />

as required.<br />


51<br />


Aqua Colored Wooden Boxes<br />


• Montana Universal PRIMER<br />

• Montana GOLD G6000 Venom<br />

• Montana GOLD G6120 Malachite Light<br />

• Montana GOLD G6160 Pine<br />

• Montana GOLD G2610 Cool Candy<br />

• Montana GOLD G2660 Aqua<br />

• Montana GOLD G6200 Venice<br />

• Montana VARNISH T1005 Semi Gloss<br />

• Empty wooden boxes<br />

• Sand paper<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


08<br />

Glass Paint<br />

Containers<br />



Glass Paint Containers<br />

On some of the glass containers you can choose<br />

to mask off areas with painters tape. When you<br />

remove the tape after spraying, you are left with<br />

the original clean glass. At about 15cm from the<br />

glass, we sprayed sweeping passes of the GLASS<br />

PAINT. Consider that the more you put on, the<br />

more opaque they become. If you want a more<br />

transparent look, apply less coats. Leave the glass<br />

containers to dry overnight but remove the<br />

painters tape before the paint was completely dry.<br />

If desired, spray some leaves or twigs with colors<br />

from the Montana GOLD Line as an addition. 56

57<br />



• Montana GLASS Paint GP1210 Almond<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP3010 Coral Red<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP3225 Rosé<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP4170 Orchid<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP5055 Bay Blue<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP6115 Teal<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP6220 Mint<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP9100 White<br />

• Montana GLASS Paint GP9000 Black<br />

• Montana GOLD G6120 Malachite Light<br />

• Montana GOLD G4000 Baby Skin<br />

• Montana VARNISH T1005 Semi Gloss<br />

• Glass containers or bottles<br />

• Plant matter/twigs/leaves of your choice<br />

• Masking tape<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


09<br />

Gradient Wooden<br />

Blocks<br />


Gradient Wooden Blocks<br />

Online, in a hardware store, recycle some wood<br />

or speak to a timber yard. Once you have your<br />

blocks, you need to assess if it is ready to paint<br />

or not? They must be clean, dust/oil free and<br />

smooth. If required, take some sand paper and<br />

rub your blocks down. Shake the Montana GOLD<br />

cans vigorously for 2-3 minutes. Take off the<br />

nozzles and turn them upside down, allowing the<br />

little black safety ring to fall out. Nozzle back on,<br />

a short test spray away from any surfaces to see<br />

if you are ready to go. Instead of the standard<br />

skinny beige dot nozzle that the can comes with,<br />

we chose a Flat Jet Cap Medium from our<br />

Montana DIY Capset. A must have for any DIY’er.<br />

This cap delivers paint evenly in vertical or<br />

horizontal output depending on how you turn<br />

the plastic insert. Which makes fading gradients<br />

easier as long as your spray stroke is in the<br />

direction you turned the insert. For this project,<br />

set horizontally to spray. 62

09<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />



Now you don’t need a degree to figure out fading.<br />

You just need to make your spray strokes get<br />

further and further away from the surface your<br />

painting as you spray, in this case from the<br />

wooden blocks. If you do this, you will notice at<br />

each pass, the paint applies a little thinner and<br />

the color appears to become less opaque.<br />

When you have done majority of your fade, you<br />

can also spray from a little higher up the block<br />

so the spray mist falls thinner on the part you are<br />

fading. This may make the fade look smoother.<br />

If it looked fine as it was, you can leave it at that.<br />

63<br />

Grab an old piece of cardboard and practice on<br />

it as much as you need to until you are happy.<br />

Think about where you want the fade to stop also.<br />

Remember if you want the look of natural wood<br />

to stay on the lower parts, you need to consider<br />

that when you are spraying.

09<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

67<br />


• Montana GOLD G8070 Salmon<br />

• Montana GOLD G3070 Purple Red<br />

• Montana GOLD G8170 Lip<br />

• Montana VARNISH T1005 Semi Gloss<br />

• Wooden Blocks<br />

• Sand paper (if required)<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet

10<br />

Metallic Dipped<br />

Pumpkins<br />


Metallic Dipped Pumpkins<br />

Clean the pumpkins with a damp cloth several<br />

times to take away any dust or dirt. Proceed to<br />

spray all the pumpkins completely in the color<br />

Lychee. Make sure you allow at least 15–20<br />

minutes before the next step. To create a dipped<br />

like effect, apply each pumpkin in one color<br />

from the top down to the middle. Literally making<br />

it look as if each pumpkin was dipped on its<br />

head in metallic color. Spray focusing on the<br />

stem of the pumpkin and lightly turn it.<br />


10<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

71<br />


• Montana METALLIC EMC3020 Red<br />

• Montana METALLIC EMC1050 Gold<br />

• Montana METALLIC EMC6040 Avocado Green<br />

• Montana METALLIC EMC5030 Ice Blue<br />

• Montana METALLIC EMC6210 Tennessee<br />

• Montana METALLIC EMC4230 Plum<br />

• Montana METALLIC EMC7010 Silver<br />

• Montana GOLD G3000 Lychee<br />

• Pumpkins<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet

Metallic Dipped Pumpkins<br />


73<br />


11<br />

Marble Effect<br />

Workspace and<br />

Wall Art<br />


Marble Effect Workspace and Wall Art<br />


11 <strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

77<br />


Cover all the areas of your work space objects<br />

that you don’t want paint on. Coat the rest of the<br />

area in Montana GOLD Line Shock White. Apply<br />

a nice even coat of Marble Gold. It is best to<br />

peel the tape off 5–15 minutes after your MARBLE<br />

coat has been applied to avoid the paint curing on<br />

the tape and tearing as you want to remove it<br />

cleanly. Pull way from the lines where you have<br />

your exposed surfaces. This will ensure your<br />

lines are crisp and tight. Then allow to dry overnight<br />

so the paint can cure.<br />


The better the quality of your cardboard, the better<br />

it will hold paint without buckling. Measure and<br />

cut all the black card to fit the frame you want to<br />

use. Get creative with different styles and patterns.<br />

The tape should be removed about two<br />

minutes after the paint had been applied leaving<br />

the contrast of the black paper and the paint.<br />

A test spray proved good and with drop sheet<br />

laid, gloves on, mask on and windows open, we<br />

then applied the paint over our first piece. The<br />

closer and more direct you apply MARBLE 400ml<br />

paint, the closer the paint threads land on your<br />

substrate. This looks very spider web like. Let<br />

your artworks dry a few hours. Carefully mount<br />

them in your frames in preparation for the actual<br />

hard work of figuring out in which order to hang<br />


Marble Effect Workspace and Wall Art<br />


• Montana MARBLE EMGOLD Gold<br />

• Montana GOLD Shock9100 White<br />

• Plain cover notebook<br />

• Masking tape<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


11<br />

<strong>ALLSPRAYPAINTED</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

79<br />


• Montana MARBLE EMGOLD Gold<br />

• MARBLE EMSILVER Silver<br />

• Scissors or craft cutter<br />

• Pencil<br />

• Card or sturdy paper<br />

• Rule<br />

• Masking tape<br />

• Bowl to draw a circle<br />

• Hammer and nails<br />

• Frames<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet

12<br />

Red Glitter<br />

Christmas<br />



Red Glitter Christmas<br />

It‘s nearly the festive season again. Time to dust<br />

off the decor box and give your space some<br />

Christmas spirit. As with all your creative projects,<br />

make sure everything is clean, dust free<br />

and dry before you start. Once you‘ve done this,<br />

prepare your painting space with the drop sheet<br />

so that you don‘t get dust on your freshly painted<br />

ornaments. Start with any of the objects that<br />

have pre-coated surfaces that need covering or<br />

have no coat at all and you want to seal them.<br />

Grab your Montana Universal Primer can. Place<br />

the items on the drop sheet and apply evenly.<br />

The final aspect is adding color to your remaining<br />

objects. Remember we have Metallic colors and<br />

normal pigmented colors. Take some time to<br />

consider which items you want to give a Metallic<br />

look and which just need a new color to pep them<br />

up. Then shake, shake, shake and then choose<br />

the ornament you want start with. Have your<br />

objects 20-25cm away and apply thin even coats.<br />

After leaving these all to dry 24 hours or more,<br />

you are ready to put them into service.


• Montana GOLD G8175 Paris<br />

• Montana GOLD G4040 Powder Pink<br />

• Montana GOLD G8070 Salmon<br />

• Montana GOLD G8170 Lip<br />

• Montana GOLD G8190 Flesh<br />

• Montana GOLD SHOCK9000 Black<br />

• Montana Metallic EMC3110 Rose<br />

• Montana Metallic EMC1030 Aztec Gold<br />

• Montana Glitter X-Mas Red<br />

• Montana Glitter Dusty Gold<br />

• Montana Universal PRIMER<br />

• Christmas Decor of various types (we had baubles,<br />

cardboard trees & stars and wooden forms & letters)<br />

• Metallic display rack (optional)<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


Red Glitter Christmas<br />


87<br />


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