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Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 38

14 November 2019


Awards presented indicated commitment, hard work, focus and

contributions on behalf of each student;and supportfromfamiliesand

staff. All recipients arecommended forall thattheyhaveachieved.

It is also with very grateful appreciation that the College recognises

communitysupportofmanyofthese awards.

Special Congratulations aregiven to –

DUX of AshburtonCollege 2019


and thereforerecipientofthe

RotaryClub of AshburtonScholarship Award

and the Ashburton High School Centennial Trust Plaque

In gaining Dux, Ben attained the

following Awards –

• Mathematics with Calculus

(Hogg Memorial Prizeand Robb Cup)

• Physics(John HeffordMemorial Prize)

• Statisticsand Modelling

(John Stewart Memorial Prize)

• Accounting (Gabites Ltd Prize)

• Economics

• Level 3ExcellenceAward

• Application and Effort

Andwas also presented the -

• 1st XI Soccer Trophy for outstanding

contribution to College soccer

Proxime Accessit (Runner–Up to the Dux)

Emma Stagg

Andrecipient of the Rotary Club of Ashburton Scholarship Award

Emma’s pathwaytothis achievement

came via –

• Geography

(Arnott Awardand Jane Taylor Cup)

• OtagoUniversity-

New FrontiersEntranceScholarship

• Level 3ExcellenceAward

• Application and Effort

Andwas alsopresented the –

• Top All-round Female Sportsperson

(Cochrane Cup)

• Butterick Memorial Trophyfor

scholarship in English and Sporting


AshburtonTrust TertiaryStudy


RakiruaTrophyfor the TopAll-Round Achievement

by aMāori studentinYear 13

Jade Peters

Jade also received -

• Level 3Award

• Application and Effort

andthe –


Centennial Scholarship

CommunityContributed Awards

On behalf of our studentrecipients,AshburtonCollege acknowledges,

with gratitude, the community-minded support which enables the

annual provision of the following generous scholarships.

AshburtonA&PAssociation Scholarship -BrittanyFowler

John GriggScholarship


John Bell memorial Scholarship -BrittanyFowler

Robert Bell MemorialScholarship - Lupepe Saofai

John Lane Scholarship

- Kelly-Anne Bentley

Rosalie Begg Memorial Scholarship -Meg McIntyre

Turner Memorial Prize for Citizenship -Emily Armstrong

-Shane Crawford

TTRyder Prize for Application, Cheerful Effortand Building Significantly

on her Learning

-Lupepe Saofai

CHAndrews Prize for Initiativeand Enterprise

-Grace Adams


Butterick Memorial Trophy for Scholarship in English and Sporting


-Emma Stagg

AshburtonClub and MSAScholarship -GraceAdams

AshburtonMasonic Lodge Centennial Scholarship

-Jade Peters

EA Networks Scholarship for aStudent Studying to Enter the Electrical



-Leanne Walsh

AshburtonTrust Tertiary StudyScholarships

Grace Adams, Shane Crawford, Mitchell Farr, Mollie Gibson, Kate McIlroy,

Tegan McIntyre,Emma Stagg,Harriet Stock,WilliamWallis,Leanne Walsh.

NBS AshburtonCollege Alumni Scholarship - Aidan Elvines

Lions of Ashburton County Award for Citizenship and Community



ROMcDowell Awardfor Pride in their School andCommunity

-Harriet Stock

Lions Club of AshburtonSenior Serviceand Leadership Award

- Josh Jones

ROMcDowell CrystalTrophyfor Character andLeadership

(presented by the Ashburton High School

Centennial Trust) -Mollie Gibson (pictured right)

Rotary Club of Ashburtonand Fooks Memorial

Awardfor ProminenceinScholarship,

Leadership andExtra-CurricularActivities

-William Wallis.

Year 12 Prize-Giving

Again, as partofthis eveningheld on Monday04November,the audience,

staff and students were entertained by arange of musical genres and

high-quality performances from members of the Ashburton College

Empoly8 Band–Joseph Collins,Christina Francis,CalaisHill,Spencer Ifopo,

Barbara Nabeka, Scott Thomson, Ocean Waitokia – (Processional and

Recessional); Christina Francis and Joseph Collins leadingthe singing of the

National Anthem; Joseph Collins performing his original composition ‘This

is my Life’;Christina Francis singing ‘Sandcastles’ and Ocean Waitokia singing

‘I Told YouSo’.

Guest Speaker was Dr JaredCorbett. Jareddescribes himself as aproud

alumnus of Ashburton College and the UniversityofOtago.

Jared (pictured right)

completed his medical

training and registration

through the University

of Otago Wellington

campus, with placements

at Wellington, Hutt and

Wairarapa Hospitals,

beforemoving to

Auckland having made

the bravedecision to

pursue musicfull-time.

As amember of both the

New Zealand Secondary

Students’and New

ZealandYouth Choirs,

Jared wasable to hone his passion forchoral singing,which led him to

directthe Wellington Youth Choir alongsidehis studies.

Jared is now working towards aGraduate Diploma inConducting through

the University ofAuckland, and is directing the premier choirs at both

SaintKentigern’sand St. Cuthbert’sColleges in Auckland.Healso performs

regularly with TheUniversityofAuckland and Voices New Zealand Chamber

Choirs, and works asalocum junior doctor during spare weekends and


In outlininghis pathwaysinceleaving Collegeand describing a‘double life’

of medicine and music, Jared’s presentation wasn’t at all directivebut it did

engender some thought options which students might want toconsider

when evaluating their post-secondaryschooldirections.

Always passionate about music, Jared, when leaving College, weighed up

between the ‘sensible’option of an established career, and the seemingly

less secure option of following his love of music.Hedid notehewished he

had taken Biology in Year 13, premedical studies! Whilst not deterring any

students from considering afuture career in medicine he did outline the

challenging realities, hours, pay and conditions of young doctors’working


Enjoyedwashis insistencethat, despiteinvolvement with Auckland Choirs,

he ‘went’ toAuckland but should not be classified as‘living’ inAuckland,

with all due respecttoour northerncityinhabitants!

Most importantly,the audienceheardabout the value of beinghappywith

acareer choice, understanding if that option is not fulfilling and ‘not you’

then it is alright tomake achange. People don’t have to ‘be stuck’inone

job forever, or they can followmorethan one path simultaneously and keep

options open. For Jared, music formed part ofhis study life and, now, by

having completed his medical degree before making acareer change he

still has the opportunityto combine bothbybeing able to undertake locum

work during weekends and school student holiday times –described as

being in his ‘spare’ time!

KeyAwardsatthis evening were -

ANZ Bank AcademicAchievementAward

forthe TopStudentinYear 12


In attaining the Year 12



following awards -

• Accounting –jointaward

• Biology (AshburtonDistrict

Council Prize)

• Chemistry(Ashburton

DistrictCouncil Prize)

• Level 2ExcellenceAward

• Application and Effort


• Citizenship Awardfor mentoring students in reading


forthe TopYear 12 Māori Student

Lucy Moore

Lucy also gainedthe

following awards –

• Art Painting (Ashburton

DistrictCouncil Prize)

• Designand Visual

Communication –jointaward

• Level 2ExcellenceAward

• Application and Effort

Meet our Head Students Elect for 2020

Student leadership aspirations are strong amongst the current Year 12

group, with twenty two students (eight girls and fourteen boys) putting

theirnames forwardfor consideration as Head Students.

The appointment process is rigorous, as outlined by the Principal; involving

self-nomination, voting by staff and students for the initial short-listing;

speeches, further voting by staff and students, and interviews by the

College’s Principal Ross Preece, Head of Senior School Claire Bubb and

Trevor CroyofAdvanceAshburton.

Announced on the nightwere–

(pictured below, lefttoright)

Maria Costas (DeputyHead Girl), PoppyKilworth (Head Girl)

HenryChapman (Head Boy), and Kyle Cabangun (DeputyHead Boy).

The Ashburton College Head student team for 2020 feels highly

honoured and privileged to have received this opportunity.

Theysaidthattheir wish is to inspire andachieve their over-arching goals


• continuing to build apositiveimage forAshburtonCollege

• connecting closely with the current studentbody

• leaving along-lasting impactonthe College and wider community.

They concluded by saying ‘weare really looking forwardto2020’.

BoardofTrustees StudentRepresentative

Additional to Student Leadership roles, students also put themselves

forwardfor the position of StudentRepresentativetothe BoardofTrustees.

Theprocess forthis follows legislativeprocedures.

Following nominee speeches, College students voted electronically, atthe

same timeasfor the Head Students,onThursdayand Friday24and

25 October,for this

one-year position.

This year,four

students were

nominees forthe

role,which is a

very pleasing level

of interest shown

in this responsible




this year was


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