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Pupil Victoria seeking answers

Victoria Hutana from

Mount Hutt College will

be among 40 talented

senior secondary school

students tasked with finding


science questions at a

gathering in Wellington

next month.


the science and technology

focus will see

students work together in

teams of five over three


Organised by Royal

Society Te Aparangi in

partnership with Ministry

of Business, Innovation &

Employment and Freemasons

New Zealand,

Powering Potential will

bring promising science

students together to work

alongside a scientist or

Maestro Mac turns his hand to making guitars

From Page 1

Amould is used to hold

the top, back and sides in

place while gluing them

together, with backs typically

2.5mm thick.

The guitar­making

process also includes fitting

kerfing strips, tail

piece inlays and guitar


specialist who will act as

their mentor.

The students will

research, investigate and

collaborate to provide

recommendations on

Guitar necks are made

from flat bits of timber

like kauri and rimu and

cut into two and then

counter poised with the

grain so that they can’t


The truss rod, which

increases or decreases

tensions on the neck, is

then embedded in the

questions posed by the

mentor. Findings will be

revealed on the final day

at aspecial presentation,

Science mentors are

confirmed from NIWA,


A bridge is glued on

and holes drilled for the


When the guitar components

are finished in

the raw, including the

fret board, they are

treated and 12 to 15 coats

of lacquer applied before

final high gloss polishing.

Lincoln University, University

of Auckland,

Environmental Science

Research, Sleep Wake

Centre, Infometrics and

include Curious Minds

ambassadors from Otago

and Taranaki.

Victoria said she had

submitted an in­depth

application and video to

Powering Potential and

was both ‘‘shocked and

excited’’ to hear she had

been selected.

‘‘I am excited to meet

the 40 students attending

the course and thrilled to

be able to experience the


Her application

focused on her science

strengths and how they

have contributed to

science inschool through

Toiletries for Hospice Mid Canty

‘‘The entire process for

me is very much about

being hands­on.

‘‘And at 73 Istill have

sensitive hands to steer

me,’ he said.

Mr McElwain uses

hand tools like planes

and spokeshaves and

prefers to sand by hand

because he has more

various forums.

The Year 12 student

said her favourite area of

science was chemistry

because ofits fun practicals

and the interesting

theory behind it.

‘‘I would like to attend

either Otago University

or Auckland University

for further study in the

sciencearea, although I’m

still unsure exactly what I

would like tobelater.’’

Fourteen studentswere

selected from the South

Island for Powering

Potential and Victoria

Hutana was one of just

four students selected

from the Canterbury


Photo: Mount Hutt

College’s Victoria


Ashburton County

Lions members Marie

McAnulty, left, and

Jackie Ryan, right,

hand over abig stash

of toiletries to Hospice

Mid Canterbury

volunteer services

manager Christine

Wilson as part of an

initiative completed for

World Services Day.

The toiletries will be

distributed by hospice

to clients over the

coming weeks and

include shampoos,

face creams, soaps and

other useful items.


His finished, one­off

guitars come with abooklet

that catalogue the

entire guitar making process,

and cost around

$3000 plus GST.

Fittingly, the guitars

have the brand name of

Blackford after his former


T’s&C’s apply


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