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55 Years Together


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Youth Can Shift the Power

The Anvil Trail

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Harmonie Blais has lived on

Haida Gwaii for 23 years, is a

mother of six and enjoys crafting,

carving, song writing, gardening,

homesteading and adventuring




On the cover: Illustration by Thomas Arnatt

Monica Caulfield, a professional

astrologer since 2007, is

passionate about helping people

develop tools of awareness and

purpose in life.


Jamie McDonald lives in Daajing

Giids Queen Charlotte and loves

being on the water, gardening

and cooking.


What's inside?

8 23 34

Christine Rowan can be

found most days in her garden,

influenced by nature, creating

beauty and growing food.


Yvonne Smith, born and raised

on Haida Gwaii, is passionate

about harvesting and cooking

local, seasonal food.



Alternative energy initiatives by Haida Gwaii

young people.


Take a forest walk with Into the Unknown.


Beef Wellington with Wild Mushrooms – a

fond farewell to Yvonne Smith.


Who would have known there are so many

interesting things about counting birds?


What does fall have in store for your zodiac



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Haida Gwaii Trader Values


We proudly serve the

traditional territory of the

Haida Nation along with all

those who live, work and play

on Haida Gwaii. We offer

affordable advertising for all

local businesses and exemplary

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and ego.


We support basic, equitable

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nutritious, locally produced


Letter from

the Editor

Celebrating Shifts

Outside our living room window, the contrasting colors of our Norway

maple, western hemlock and silver birch tree take my breath away.

Although the changing seasons here on Haida Gwaii are rather subtle

compared to other parts of Canada, I find each fall’s reveal of the white bark

of our native, red alders luminescently sublime.

Much like summer turning to fall, or fall turning to winter, anything that

shifts takes some getting used to. Whether it’s adjusting to darker days,

aging gracefully, embracing new and alternative technologies or adapting to

new or lost jobs or relationships, as the saying goes: change is inevitable,

growth is optional.

As yet another year comes to an end, it is a time for gratitude and reflection.

I am deeply thankful for all the people who make this publication possible,

and ever so appreciative of you, dear readers, for your ongoing support.

I would like to share a blessing with you. Gifted to me from a valued

friend, a copy of this hangs thumbtacked to one of my office walls. It has

many adaptations and was originally written by British poet Minnie Louise

Haskins in 1908:

May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where

you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are

born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have

received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be

content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into

your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.

It is there for each and every one of us.

All the very best of the holiday season to you and yours!

Youth can shift the power

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a young person today,

facing the world’s greatest injustices and environmental

crises while being excluded from important decisions.

But youth on Haida Gwaii have incredible power and

responsibility to influence politics, steward the land, and

promote Haida ways of being. The rich history of

resilience on Haida Gwaii is an empowering reminder

that we stand within a community of strength and selfsufficiency.

At the September 25 climate march organized by high

school students in Daajing Giids, scores of students and

community members marched through town in the

pouring rain, chanting in solidarity with the global week of

action. “Keep the Earth clean, it’s not Uranus,” asserted

one of many hard-hitting signs.

At the Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly (HGYA) hosted by the

Council of the Haida Nation just a few days later, teens

from across the Islands shared resolutions agreed-upon

within their teams. Through these resolutions, young

adults called for more support for X̲ aayda kil/X̲ aad kil,

workshops on traditional medicines, public transit

between communities, and a stronger voice in forestry

and logging issues. Youth in G̲ aw Tlagee are also making

upcycled reusable bags and are calling for more climate

change in the curriculum and action in the community.

by julia weder

by Julia Weder

Building on the HGYA and other exciting community

initiatives, high school students are forming groups

that aspire to turn those ideas into action. In the

north end, there is Damaan Tlagee Society -

protecting the land - and in the south are the Green

Leaders. They advocate for a greener, more

equitable world, where all life is respected. From

musical jams, to film-making, to direct political

pressure, teens are taking the lead on building

stronger relationships between communities and

becoming more effective change-makers.

Youth aim to shift the climate action narrative away

from lifestyle changes and towards systemic and

collective action. Corporations actively slowing the

transition to an equitable, sustainable economy are

the real culprits; and a diversity of tactics, from

community governance to grassroots action, is

what builds community power and will ignite the

changes that we want to see.

You are invited to get involved and join the powershift.

Follow Haida Gwaii Youth Action on Facebook

or Instagram () to stay

updated on youth-led initiatives across the Island, as

well as on Instagram, or

email julia.weder@gmail.com. Haawa to all who are

part of the movement and who make our communities

vibrant, safe, and powerful.

We plan for our future, or someone else will plan for us. - Guujaaw

(quote from Islands' Spirit Rising by Louise Takeda)

4 HG November / December 2019 5








November 18 th , December 2 nd & December 16 th at 7pm


36 Cedar Ave. West, PO Box 198 • Tues-Fri 9:30am-1pm

250-557-4295 • Public works after hours emergency 250-557-4272

www.portclements.ca • office@portclements.ca




Fourteen artisans

Large range of gifts and prices

Everything made on Haida Gwaii

Spruce forest, looking up

Into the Unknown:

The Anvil Trail

By Harmonie Blais

The Anvil Trail in Tlell is a great outdoor reprieve in

almost any kind of weather. On a cloudy or rainy

day, sun lovers won’t have to make the difficult

choice to give up a sunny beach walk to enter

a tall, shady forest! In rain, the forest canopy

acts almost like an umbrella, absorbing a lot of

the downpour. In mild wind, the trees provide a

windbreak, but beware of extreme windstorms.

Big wind can mean big trouble underneath trees,

and the risk of being struck by falling branches

and tree bits is simply not worth it.

routes are well-signed, with trail indicators and

comprehensive location descriptions. One of my

favourite short hikes is to start at the indicated

entrance, but stick to the first right fork (this is

NOT well marked). After about fifteen minutes,

the hiker will arrive at a spot known as “The Big

Bend” on the Tlell River. I remember catching a

Coho Salmon here years ago with my kids looking

on. This water is classified under freshwater

status, and a salmon stamp is required to fish

here. Expect to lose your lures on the snags.

I have never done the entire long loop of the Anvil

Trail. I did recently walk the short loop, veering

left at the Big Bend and doubling back to the

highway. The entire walk is under a spruce and

hemlock canopy, with two short visits to the Tlell

River. As the river is a source of fish for bears,

especially in autumn, it is not surprising that I saw

fresh bear dung. There are some impressively

large spruce trees along this trail, all of which

sprouted in the 180 or so years since the big

fire that swept across Graham Island around

1840. Also gracing the forest are plentiful salal,

and tall huckleberry bushes. I walked through

an interesting patch of hemlock dwarf mistletoe,

which is a parasitic plant growing on western

hemlock, presenting as “broom” formations on

the tree branches.

Huckleberries in October

Tlell River, south side

The short loop trail was well-maintained,

reasonably dry, and only took about 45 minutes in

total to hike. The longer loop looked to be closer

to two hours, and would allow the hiker to see the

famous Tlell Log Jam.

Location: Apartment above

Queen B’s, Queen Charlotte

Hours: open every day between

Dec. 11 th – 24 th from 11-4

For more information call Kathy

Pick at 250-559-0045

Opening Celebration!

Dec. 10 th,


Refreshments will be


Sign at the Big Bend

Located just north of the Tlell Fire Hall on Highway

16, the Anvil Trail can be hiked as a quick in and

out, a short loop, or a long loop. The various

6 HG November / December 2019 7

Photos courtesy Archie Stocker Sr.

Liz and Archie - 2008

Liz and Archie Stocker

55 Years Together

This summer while renting a room at Ralph Stocker’s

house in Old Massett, I had the privilege and honour of

attending Liz and Archie Stocker’s 55th wedding anniversary

party at Sarah’s Longhouse. My partner and I were

pretty new to Haida Gwaii, and even though we didn’t really

know anyone at this gathering except for Ralph and

his grown children Erika and Towustasin, we were warmly

welcomed. Although we had never met, Liz and Archie

made sure to come introduce themselves and welcome

us to their celebration. As the evening went on, we chatted

with those around us, ate too many of Liz’s amazing

meatballs, and certainly had too much cake for dessert.

By Shannon Hammond

Mostly, we listened. Liz and Archie’s granddaughter Erika

drummed and sang in the Haida language. Liz’s cousin

Pauline performed in costume to “The Time of my Life,”

and many people told stories about Liz and Archie. There

was much love, laughter, and gratitude in that room.

What follows is a piece of Liz and Archie’s story, which I

gratefully gathered from them on a warm and sunny September

day when they welcomed me into their Old Massett

home on Eagle Avenue, known locally as the “back

road.” Like many Haida Gwaii homes, the entrance to their

house is adorned with rocks, shells, and pieces of drift-

wood. A carved black raven “perches”

on the front of the house above

the door. Inside, I am taken to the living

room, which is filled with shelves of

lovingly collected keepsakes and many

photographs hung on the walls. Liz sits

by the window working on sewing one

of her famous “animal pillows,” basically

a big animal shaped pillowcase made

out of something soft and cuddly. Some

lucky kid in Liz’s life will have some good

snuggles with that pillow.

We begin with their births – Archie on October

21, 1935 near Stuttgart, Germany,

and Liz eleven years later on January 29,

1946, born into the Raven Clan in Old Massett,

Haida Gwaii. Archie was one of ten

children to his parents. As a young child living in East

Germany near the Polish border, he watched the German

army move through his town in their campaign against Poland.

Later, his family lived in Metz, France, near the border

with Germany. Shortly after the family moved there,

Germany lost the war. The Stockers and many other Germans

living in France were evacuated

back to Germany

under very

dangerous circumstances.

In the years following

the traumas

of World War

II, Archie and his

older brother

dreamed of going

overseas to Canada.

When each

of them turned 21,

they made the journey

away from their

family and place of

birth. Archie tells of

the rough and stormy trip across the Atlantic, and how

many nights he was the only passenger on deck, revelling

in the strong winds and tumultuous ocean waves.

Clearly, he was made for the wild weather of Haida Gwaii,

though he didn’t know it at the time. At first Archie and his

brother thought they would be “cowboys on the prairies,”

but when they saw pictures of British Columbia they were

drawn by the beauty of Canada’s west coast.

Archie in Vancouver

Archie spent a few years working

at different jobs in BC before

coming to Haida Gwaii. After

two years running the store and

post office in Garibaldi, Archie

went back to Vancouver and

began applying for jobs advertised

in the newspaper. He

received a letter in response

to one of his applications, offering

him work in Tlell as a

farm and sawmill helper. His

new employer paid his way,

and so he arrived on Haida

Gwaii in December 1961.

Eventually he began working

in MacMillan Bloedel’s

logging camp at Juskatla, where he

lived in a bunkhouse during the work week and travelled

to the communities of Haida Gwaii during his time off from

work. “I started as a choker man in April 1962 and worked

my way up through the ranks to operate the log dump in

Juskatla,” Archie shares. “For a while, we actually lived

in Juskatla camp’s married quarters. I operated mobile

steel spars and drove the extra heavy duty off-highway log

trucks for 25 years ‘til my retirement in 1998.” Throughout

his working life and continuing to this day, Archie’s passion

has been photography. Enjoyed by many, his photos

have been published in numerous periodicals, including

the Haida Gwaii Observer, where he has been submitting

photos for over fifty years.

Archie hard at work

The Old Massett of Liz’s childhood was a very different

place from the village of today. Until 1958, there wasn’t

even a road connecting the northern communities to

southern points of Graham Island. Public schools were

still in the early phases of integrating Indigenous students

with non-Indigenous students. Most of what is now Eagle

Avenue in Old Massett was still just forest and bog, while

the community spread out along Raven Avenue, or the

“front road.”

Liz remembers the families of Old Massett moving around

a lot during the summer, fishing and gathering food to prepare

for winter. Sometimes they would go as far as North

Island, which we now know as Langara Island. There they

would camp, each family with their own little shack. They

smoked and canned fish, caught crab and abalone, and

picked berries. All of those treasures of the land and sea

were then brought home to “the village.” Many families

also travelled up the inlet, where they caught salmon in

8 HG November / December 2019 9

ig nets across the Yakoun River. Liz recalls how the kids

would build their own little branch houses while the adults

worked to catch and preserve fish.

The kids of Old Massett worked hard too, helping with

things like cutting wood and preparing meals. One impressive

chore was helping to bring large rounds of wood

cut from a hold of logs that had been corralled and hauled

in as it floated by the village. Their unique method for

transporting these large pieces of wood was to nail a

plank on each side of the blocks and push them along like

a wheelbarrow. When they weren’t helping with chores,

Liz remembers spending time playing on nearby beaches,

especially jumping around on big pieces of driftwood.

Sometimes the kids got into a little trouble, like when Liz’s

cousin once fell in between some logs. All ended well

with a resourceful rescue from the other kids, who knew

which logs to move in order to free her. When they weren’t

playing on the beach, Liz and the other kids had the

whole village as their playground, in particular the forest

that is now Eagle Avenue with all its houses.

Comically, neither Archie nor Liz can remember the specifics

of how they met, other than it being during some

social event. As Archie describes, “I became friends with

many local Haida people who

welcomed me. In restaurants,

at dances, at local Haida

festivities, on visits to the

beaches, I met a lot of folks.

Somehow and somewhere

Liz and I met. We must have

made eyes at each other, and

the rest is history.”

Things were a lot different on

Haida Gwaii “back then” than

they are now. In the late fifties,

a gravel road (Highway 16)

was finally built that connected

all of the Graham Island communities.

Liz and Archie can

recall many harrowing journeys

on that road before it was finally

paved in the late sixties and

early seventies. It was in such

bad shape that many people

used the better maintained logging roads when driving

between Port Clements and Queen Charlotte.

Liz and Archie were married in Old Massett’s Anglican

church on July 25, 1964, and shortly afterwards moved to

Port Clements so that Archie could be closer to his work

in Juskatla. They raised five children there, starting with

the birth of their daughter Katharina, followed by daughter

Carol, and sons Ralph, Karl, and Archie Junior.

Over the nearly thirty years the Stockers lived in Port

Clements, life was filled with all kinds of ups and downs.

During the sixties there was a critical housing shortage.

There was also no running water,

electricity, or sewer service.

In trying to better their living

situation, the Stocker family,

“moved from two-room tar paper

shack to two-room tar paper

shack,” as Archie describes.

Around 1968 they were finally

able to buy a home on Dyson

Street. Along with lovely oak

and chestnut trees, they also

inherited the previous owner’s

geese, chickens, and ducks.

They grew a huge garden on

that property, including 300

rhubarb plants that allowed

them to sell rhubarb all over

the island. Still without running

water, the family, particularly

Liz, hauled many

gallons of water from the

creek that flowed through their

property for drinking, cooking, washing clothing, and all

the other things one uses water for in a household. (Let’s

all just take a moment and appreciate the water coming

out of our taps that we often take for granted!)

Liz and Archie's wedding - 1964

(top L-R) Carol, Katharina and Ralph.

(bottom L-R) Karl and Archie Jr

Stocker residence in Port Clements

Eventually a well was dug on

the property, and a waterline laid to the house. A pump

and coil installed in a part wood/part oil range provided

hot water. Not long after, central water and sewer systems

were built for the whole town. The garden grew, the

rhubarb was enjoyed by many, and the Stocker children

grew up with the other kids of the community, many of

whom were visitors on the property,

whether invited or not. Every two

weeks, Liz baked twenty-four loaves

of bread!

As a mixed race family, the Stockers,

along with many others, often had to

contend with the complexities of systemic

racism. Liz speaks to the double

standards of the Indian Act for

interracial marriages, saying that, “if

a Native man married a white woman,

she gained status, but if a Native

woman married a white man, she lost

her status.” Liz is of course referring

to being “status Indian,” a designation

under Canada’s Indian Act that

still exists today. Having status has

meant a lot of things over the years

Stocker residence in Port Clements

since it was institutionalized, and still plays a complex role

in the lives of First Nations people. Because Liz married

Archie, she was not allowed to live on the Old Massett

reserve or any other reserve. Liz and Archie had many

meetings with other interracial couples, all of whom participated

in the nationwide fight for change to Canada’s

Indian Act.

Finally, in April of 1985 Bill C-31 was passed, which

amended the Indian Act to create more gender equality.

Haida women married to white men could now regain their

status. But as Liz says, “it wasn’t that simple...” To regain

her status, Liz had to jump through a lot of time-consuming

bureaucratic hoops, including having to pay money to

the government to establish status for her children. She

persevered through the process, standing up for herself

against an inherently prejudicial system.

The reward for her effort was that after twenty-nine years

away from her family and friends in Old Massett, Liz was

finally able to go home. Of living in a Haida community as

a white man, Archie says “I feel as if I was born and raised

here amongst the Haida people, they all treat me so nice.”

Liz recalls one of her most memorable times being when

their first grandchildren were expected, to sons Ralph and

Karl. Although Karl was already living off island, Ralph’s

daughter Erika became a frequent “cute little visitor”.

When hearing them talk about their life together, it is clear

that Liz and Archie have a great appreciation for family

and community. Their most cherished memories and

current activities revolve around their

Nonnie Liz with granddaughter Erika

10 HG November / December 2019 11

Haida Gwaii Mobile Sauna

By Jamie McDonald

(L-R) Aiden, Rylie, Shane, Nora, Eliza, Liz, Erika,

Ralph and Towustasin (Special guest, Liz's

famous meatballs!)



A few years ago, I was down in Vancouver with a friend and we were invited

to partake in a sweat. This was not just in any sauna, but in a BC Mobile Sauna

Society sauna! The sauna was built of delicious smelling cedar in a cube truck

parked in someone’s private yard. “Community Sweats” were offered to the

public once a week, admission by donation. It was a great experience, sweating

naked with a bunch of strangers while we chit-chatted about this and that

without any artifice. As stated on the BC Mobile Sauna Society’s website, I truly

felt it “lowered the barriers to meaningful interaction, and promoted wellness,

healthy living and body acceptance, in an open, inclusive and non- judgemental


children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Archie

might have to think for a minute to tell you how many

grandchildren are in their lives, but Liz will tell you without

hesitation that there are two granddaughters, six grandsons,

two great grandsons, and four great granddaughters.

Through fifty-five years of marriage and all of the challenges

in those years, Liz and Archie’s love for each other

has deepened. “I depend on Liz for all she does,” says

Archie, “and I try to do the best I can do for her, for better

or worse. Liz is my helpmate, a woman full of good ideas.

She can think ahead way better than I can, and I have

come to depend on her for her good judgement. I am a

lucky guy to have her beside me.” Archie goes on to say

that the secret to a long life together is simply to “stick

together like glue and do things for each other.”

I certainly feel lucky to have met Liz and Archie, as well as

others in their family. It was a great privilege to live in Old

Massett for a few months this summer, soon after arriving

as new residents of Haida Gwaii. It is an honour to tell this

story, one of many Old Massett stories. People of Haida

Gwaii, I would love to tell more of your stories. If you would

like to share some of your life with me, please get in touch

by calling 250-557-2088 or email office@haidagwaiitrader.

Fast forward to the end of mushroom picking season last fall. A few of us were

gathered around my kitchen table during a stormy night talking about our

love of saunas and how cool it would be to build one. After that conversation

I started looking at different mobile saunas online, and that inspired me to try

building one myself. With a little help from my friends, I purchased a trailer

from Terrace and secured a building site where I had access to tools. I designed

what I wanted it to look like, then gathered what I needed for the project. Some

things were purchased, while some were re-purposed from local materials. I

had never built anything bigger than a picture frame, so I checked out some

books from the library, watched a lot of YouTube videos, and asked some more

experienced friends for advice. It has been such a great learning experience

from start to finish. I learned how to use a lot of different woodworking tools,

how to plan a building project, how to work within a budget, how to frame a

window, how to make tongue and groove boards, and many other things. Most

of all, I learned that with a bit of time and dedication, most ideas can become a


Once it is finished, my plan with this project is to offer Community Sweats once

a week. These can be done in various locations depending on who is willing to

use their space for hosting them. With only minor finishing touches left to do,

hopefully we can start having sweats this coming winter. For more information,

to help out, or to get updates about Community Sweats, visit Haida Gwaii

Mobile Sauna Society on Facebook.

12 HG November / December 2019 13

A taste of home

By Yvonne Smith

Beef Wellington with Wild Mushrooms

For this recipe we are going to head to the forest of Haida Gwaii, something many of us living here do on a regular basis, and we are going

to forage for the Chanterelle mushroom.

Chanterelle is one of the most popular of wild edible mushrooms. They tend to grow in clusters in mossy coniferous forests, and are one of

the richest sources of vitamin D. When you harvest these mushrooms, please cut the bottom stem of the mushroom in the area from which

you plucked it so that it may fall back to the ground, thus helping reproduction of the next growth. I highly recommend that you distinguish

what the mushroom looks like before you head out. There are poisonous look-a-likes such as the Jack ‘O Lantern that you should not

ingest. Harvest the mushroom from mid July through September, and even later on Haida Gwaii because of our mild fall temperatures.

I prefer fresh Chanterelles, although you can dry them. When dried, they will become much tougher in texture. Chanterelles are excellent

sautéed, with scrambled eggs, in a soup, or paired with poultry. They are excellent with butter or oil, and their low water content makes

them ideal for sautéing. Although I prefer them on their own or with milder meats like chicken, turkey or grouse, I wanted to give beef a try.

I was not disappointed – very delicious!

Wellington Instructions:

Earlier in the day, thaw puff pastry in the fridge until defrosted. You will

want to take it out of the fridge about one hour before you’ll be using it.

Start with cleaning your Chanterelles, using a mushroom brush or pastry

brush. Do not rinse in water, as this makes them soggy. Once cleaned,

chop mushrooms into pea size chunks and set aside.

Take out your tenderloin and bring it to room temperature. Preheat oven to


Make a square using two pieces of plastic wrap. Lay out the prosciutto on

the plastic wrap, overlapping just a bit longer than your tenderloin.

In a medium size frying pan, add two tablespoon butter and shallots, sauté

until soft, then add garlic and mushrooms. Sauté until mushrooms have a

bit of colour, then add one quarter cup of white wine and sauté longer, until

liquid has mostly reduced. Remove from stove and add the cashews, fresh

thyme, salt and pepper to taste. Cool slightly, then spread over the square

of prosciutto that you placed on the plastic wrap.

In the same medium frying pan add one tablespoon of olive oil, and turn

your burner up to med-high heat. You are going to just sear the outside of

the tenderloin to give it some colour. You are not cooking it, so it is important

that your pan is very hot. Sear both sides, then set aside and allow to

cool slightly. Brush both sides with dijon mustard. Do not wash the pan, as

you will use it again to make the gravy, and it is now nicely seasoned with

the meat. After the tenderloin is slightly cooled place it in the centre of your

prosciutto and mushroom filling, then wrap the prosciutto around the meat

to seal. Wrap the plastic around the meat and filling – holding both ends,

roll away from you to tighten into a casing. Refrigerate this casing while

you roll out the puff pastry.

Use one half package of puff pastry. On another piece of plastic wrap, roll

out the pastry a few inches longer and wider then your casing. Take casing

out of fridge, remove plastic wrap, and place in the centre of the pastry.

Wrap pastry around the casing, and make another casing by holding the

ends and rolling away from you. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

Break an egg, separate yolk from white. Take casing out of fridge and

remove plastic wrap. Brush yolk over the puff pastry and score with a knife.

Bake in preheated oven until it’s nicely golden brown, about 20-25 minutes.

While your Wellington is baking you can make the gravy:

Melt a tablespoon of butter in the used frying pan, add the shallots, garlic,

and mushrooms. Sauté for a couple of minutes. Add one quarter cup of

wine, and again reduce. Sprinkle a tablespoon of flour over the mushrooms,

and cook about one minute. Add the beef broth and continue to cook on

low, stirring occasionally, until your Beef Wellington is ready. I really hope

you enjoy this dish as much as I have. I know it’s a little bit of work, but it’s

wonderful for a winter meal. Happy holidays.

Sadly, this will be the last, “A Taste of Home” article. Yvonne Smith’s

contributions to the HG Trader magazine have been thoroughly

enjoyed by many. We will miss Yvonne’s talented food creations and

send her wishes of success and joy!

HGT Team

Ingredients for Beef Wellington:

• One packet of puff pastry (454 grams)

• One packet of prosciutto (100 grams)

• Three quarter cup of chopped cashews

• One large shallot, finely chopped

• Two garlic cloves, finely chopped

• One quarter cup of white wine

• Two cups of cleaned chopped Chanterelles

• Two 8oz Beef tenderloin steaks, as thick as you like

• Dijon mustard to brush on the steaks

• One tablespoon olive oil

• One tablespoon chopped fresh thyme

• Salt and pepper to taste

• One egg yoke

Ingredients for Gravy:

• Half cup of Chanterelles

• Two tablespoons butter

• One tablespoon shallots, chopped

• One garlic clove, minced

• One quarter cup white or red wine

• One tablespoon flour

• One and a half cups beef broth

• Salt and pepper to taste

2 HG March / April 2018 3

14 HG November / December 2019 15


By Christine Rowan


While working in your garden, do

memories come to you of people,

pets, or a wonderful occasion? I

often find myself pondering many

things while my hands work the soil.

Most strongly for me are thoughts of

people I care about, and those whose

company I have enjoyed in a special

event or over a lifetime. Holidays can

be a source of marvellous memories,

both good and bad, for thinking of

people we treasure.

For many of us it is important to hold

cherished memories of loved ones

close to our hearts. For me that often

involves growing something I love in

their memory. It may mean sharing

a gift of a shrub or cutting that you

know someone who has passed used

to enjoy in their garden. Sometimes

it can be as simple as a coloured

stone, a wooden marker, or even a

lovely hand- crafted bird house. The

possibilities are as endless as our


My husband and I, being lovers of

dogs (and all animals for that matter),

have loved and lost many over the

years. Each have been gently interred

in our gardens with a beautiful

flowering shrub planted above them

to remind us of the special place they

hold in our hearts. This would also

include some bunnies and chickens.

My mother loved roses, with pink

being her favourite. I grow a small

sweet Polyantha shrub rose called

‘The Fairy,’ with clusters of very lightly

scented shell pink blooms, as well as

at least one variety of fragrant sweet

pea, to remind me of her. A beach

gravelled nook featuring an anchor,

weeping purple beech, and glass

ball is a mariner inspired tribute of

remembrance to my father, whose

memory endures.

I would like to think that these sorts

of markers in a garden could also

be used for happy events, such as

the birth of a new family member.

What a joy to plant a tree and watch

it grow over the years along with

the child. Measurements could

be placed along the bark to show

growth spurts of young children,

much like we do in, say, a doorway

of our homes. Often when someone

purchases a new home or property,

it is customary to plant something in

the yard to celebrate such an exciting


With Remembrance Day soon over,

and the holiday season fast upon us,

I will take this time to think of those

special people and occasions that

make my life and my garden more

meaningful. I will try to incorporate

these experiences into the next fresh

sessions of time spent in my everchanging

garden and life. Wishing

kind thoughts to all in this season,

and always.




• Roasts

• Steaks

• Ground

• Short Ribs

• Halves

• Quarters



• Roasts

• Chops

• Sausage

• Bacon

• Spare Ribs





Christmas fair

Saturday November 30th

10 am to 3 pm

at the QC Visitors Centre

More Info: 250-559-8316



Rosa ‘The Fairy’ Garden Goddess watching over Garden framed by wood heart Beloved pooches’ graveside angel

Special cuts also available


250-557-4569 • Mon-Sat 8-6 (Closed Sundays)

66196 Hwy 16, North of Port Clements

QC Farmer’s Market every Saturday

16 HG November / December 2019 17


celebrating local

independently owned businesses

Meet Amber Payton of Amber’s Spa

Amber’s Spa believes everyone deserves a little pampering now and then.

A relaxing massage, a soothing facial or pretty manicure or pedicure can

lift your spirits when you need a pick-me-up.

Amber’s Spa has developed a regular clientele as its services become better

IN SANDSPIT known through promotions of the business by the Love Haida Gwaii IN TLELL

K’IL LLNAGAAY program.



There’s a fun, new way to get your fitness on in Sandspit! Featuring Tlell River Fly and Tackle is Haida Gwaii’s first choice for all things

Gale Force Indoor Cycle, Haida Gwaii’s first and only boutique indoor

Recently, Amber has added the Bio Sculpture product line to her nail

fishing related. Located in one of the best fishing meccas around

cycle studio. With a myriad of classes to suit varying levels of fitness,

care services and is certified as a Bio Sculpture technician. She notes

the globe, this quaint little shop packs a healthy stock of fly and

there’s something for absolutely everyone. Spin cycling is known to

that the Bio Sculpture gel is the only gel product in Canada with a 5-star

conventional gear, as well as outdoor clothing, giftwares and local

get participants hooked; from the energizing music and social buzz,



rating and is only available on Haida Gwaii at Amber’s Spa. The

crafts. Be sure the big ones don’t get away with top-notch rods,

the exhilarating experience of released endorphins, Gale Force Indoor

LED curing light used for Bio Sculpture cures the nail gel in 30 seconds

reels, lures and bait- Tlell River Fly and Tackle utilizes high quality

Cycle delivers exercise like no other. If you’ve never attended a spin

as opposed to the 2 minute curing time of other curing lights, making it a

fishing gear that will ensure a great day on the water. Stop by the

class 604 before, First don’t Avenue let your nerves get the best of you! A healthier,

safer and quicker process.

shop and check out their plentiful display of supplies today!

fitter Queen you is just Charlotte, one decision BC away!


Amber’s Spa offers a full menu of spa services that will give you the lift and

Email: ahorwood@shaw.ca

the extra confidence you need or just a little boost of happiness in your

509 Beach Road • Sandspit K’il Llnagaay week. Indulge a little or get a full, 40717 head-to-toe Hwy 16 • pampering Tlell Tll.aal at Amber’s Spa.

778-268-4253 • startyourroadtofit@gmail.com

250-557-2030 • tlell_islander@yahoo.ca


in Queen Charlotte

Meet Gail Russ of

Nanaay’s LNT Bakery in Skidegate

Welcome to Nanaay’s LNT Bakery, we are located at 472 Skidegate

Heights in beautiful Skidegate, Haida Gwaii. We offer fresh home

baked bread daily, with your choice of white, whole wheat or seven

grain. Also available are delicious dinner buns (white, whole wheat

or seven grain), cinnamon buns with your choice of butter cream or

cream cheese frosting, monkey bread, delectable donuts, muffins HAIDA of GWAII BEACH CABINS IN MASSET


your choice, pepperoni stix and scrumptious pizza of your choice.

A visit You to Queen will notice Charlotte that wouldn’t I use the be word complete “choice” without over a and well-deserved

advertisements meal at Blacktail. – this This is trendy, because on-point I will restaurant bake whatever delivers YOU would Boasting hand-crafted workmanship with a cozy ambiance, these

over in my Haida Gwaii Beach Cabins are the epitome of rustic-chic by the sea.

a casual like! fine dining experience fit for a celebration, romantic rendez-vous

or a casual gathering with great friends and loved ones. For They are the perfect accommodation option for those looking to

off-grid cabins are nestled along lush trees atop Tow Hill in Masset.

the real Bread foodie is available lovers, the daily; delectable however menu all consists of my of other daily, products freshcaught

available seafood, by locally-grown order. I also ingredients have a few and frozen made-from-scratch loaves available - they to choose are from, secluded from the hustle and bustle of it all, guests

are reduce their environmental footprint. With three comfortable cabins

everything! not in Undoubtedly, my freezer any there’s longer no wrong than answer two or when three selecting days. Gift a Certificates may never want to leave! Haida Gwaii Beach Cabins welcome guests

dish; are the available flavour profiles as well. are always Please perfectly call me at balanced 250-559-4519, and satisfy text to my cell all year at long. If you’re coming to Haida Gwaii, Tow Hill and the Haida

the nines. 250-637-1407, instant message me on Facebook or simply drop Gwaii by Beach Cabins are where 472 you Skidegate need to be. Hts, Skidegate, BC

my house. Any questions or suggestions are more than welcome.


Haawa! 1-3207 Wharf Way • Queen Charlotte Daajing Giids

16039 Tow Hill Road Email: • Gail.Russ@gov.bc.ca


BlacktailHaidaGwaii@gmail.com • 1-604-762-5742

250-626-9784 • lotsafun@beachcabins.com

Love Haida Love Gwaii Haida showcases Gwaii is funded locally by owned Northern and Development operated businesses Initiative Trust and and is funded Misty Isles by Northern Economic Development Development Society. Initiative

Trust To list & your Misty business Isles Economic LoveHaidaGwaii.com Development or Society. for more To information, list your business call Alanah on at the 250-559-8050 Love Haida or Gwaii email website alanah@gohaidagwaii.ca

or for more

information call 250-559-8050 or email admin@mieds.ca

Planetary Management

Let’s Use Our Plastics

by Craig Carmichael

It has been just half a century since plastics started

to become common in various products. Now, plastic

waste has become one of the most serious global

environmental problems. Yet there seem to be very

good ways to tackle the problem at local levels. All over

the world, people are putting plastic into waffle irons

or other heaters and melting it into solid floor tiles,

driveway paving tiles, and other useful items. YouTube

videos can be found with a variety of ideas about smallscale

plastic re-purposing.

Some innovators have put designs for plastic recycling

and manufacturing on the web. Especially valuable,

PreciousPlastic.com has CAD-CAM (Computer Aided

Design and Manufacturing) part designs that can be

downloaded to produce low-cost plastic shredders,

extruders, injection molding machines, compression

machines, and other useful plastic processing

machines. One can make plastic “boards,” fence posts,

blocks and sheets, as well as more refined products.

I myself would like to take all those clear plastic food

containers and turn them into greenhouse panes

or ‘corrugated’ panels. Why pay a fortune for newly

manufactured polycarbonate greenhouse sheets with

this resource lying around everywhere?

Home-grown efforts to reduce plastic waste are already

happening here on Haida Gwaii. Masset teacher Dan

Schulbeck and students at Gudangaay Tlaats’gaa Naay

Secondary School have built a machine that processes

some types of plastic into diesel. When enough diesel

is created, this resourceful and creative group of local

innovators will use the diesel to power a stove for

distilling salt water into salt for seasoning food. The

salt will be infused with herbs grown in the school

greenhouse before being sold to the public. Proceeds

from salt sales will then be used to help fund various

projects encouraging Haida Gwaii residents to be less

dependent on plastic products (e.g. making cloth bags

for grocery shopping).

To re-purpose plastic, it must first be sorted into

appropriate types. The easiest sorting method, of

course, is for willing residents to sort their plastic

contributions into well marked receptacles. However,

there are also clever ways to sort plastics if necessary.

Some of them float in water, while others sink. Some

will float in saltwater.

If you burn wood, the best way to dispose of them

is thus simply to throw them into your wood stove

as fuel or put them into a bonfire.

Home Plastic Elimination Tip: Polyethylene and

polypropylene (PE, LDPE, HDPE, UHMW(- PE), PP) are

two of the most common plastics, used in disposable

products such as plastic bags, food containers,

greenhouse plastic, as well as ropes and netting. These

plastics represent the greatest amount of plastic waste

taking up space in landfills. But both of them are

hydrocarbons that burn more cleanly than gasoline,

producing mostly water and carbon dioxide. If you burn

wood, the best way to dispose of them is thus simply to

throw them into your wood stove as fuel or put them

into a bonfire. They burn hot, so be careful not to put in

too much at a time. A plastic bag of wood shavings is a

great way to light a fire, without spilling wood shavings

around near the stove.

It seems the more one looks for information, plastic can

be less of a problem and more of an opportunity.

If anyone would like to receive notifications of news

and events related to this topic, I can be reached at 250-

532-8574, 250-559-7735, or email craig@saers.com

18 HG November / December 2019 19








The Gift of Local Food for the Holidays

Sure to add freshness, full flavors and healthy ingredients to

your seasonal meals, these local products also make wonderful

gifts! What better time is there to enjoy delicious, locally

produced foods than the holiday season?

St. Mary’s Spring Farm Kombucha

A great non-alcoholic option for

holiday gatherings! Flavours change

every two weeks depending on what

is in season. Right now, its apple,

made from locally grown fruit.

Salal and rosehip are coming up

next. Available at fourteen locations

around Haida Gwaii including the

Friday, Masset and Saturday, Queen

Charlotte Farmers’ Markets for five dollars per bottle. On tap

is also available for larger groups! “My 5-year hope,” shares

proprietor Marylynn Hunt, “is to have it at every location

where Coca-Cola is sold...so people can have a healthier

choice.” 250-559-8282 or stmarysspring@gmail.com

The Salt Cart’s Wood-fired Salt and Gift Baskets

If you have yet to try this sea salt,

we highly recommend you do!

Hand harvested from local waters

by Sandspit’s Cathy Baran, it is

dehydrated using wood-fired stoves.

Available in salt shakers for $10 or

sample packets for $5 - salt shakers

can be found at the Sandspit Visitor

Centre (located at the airport). Another great item offered by

the Salt Cart is their custom gift basket.

This very affordable (between

$20-$45) and delectable gift

is made with combinations

of sea salt, local chanterelle

mushrooms, local mint tea and

Skeena River Valley Saskatoon

berry jam. Yum! Check

out Cathy’s table at the QC

Christmas Craft Fair. To order

your salt and/or gift basket call

250-637-2231 or 250-637-1742

(text message) or email cbaran@qcislands.net

BARU FARM Deer Processing Gift Certificate

A perfect gift for that hunter on your list! This gift certificate

includes skinning, cutting, vacuum sealing and freezing on

deer. $105 plus GST. Located in Queen Charlotte, give Baru

Farm a call! 778-828-7224

Order your holiday turkey now!

Cathy Baran

The Salt Cart

A full-service butcher shop, Island Acres Butcher Shop offers

cut and wrapped beef, pork, chicken and turkey. All of their

meats come from animals that graze on insecticide-free

Roger Stoltzfus

Island Acres Butcher Shop

Morel Mushrooms

pastures and medication-free


Say hello to Roger at the Queen

Charlotte Farmers’ Market on

Saturdays. Or, visit the shop

directly at 66196 Hwy 16, just

north of Port Clements - they

are open from 8am-6pm,

Monday to Saturday. For more

information call 250-557-4569.

Ethically harvested and meticulously cleaned and dried by

Sandspit’s Phil Oates, these Morel mushrooms, prized by

gourmet cooks around the world, are exquisite holiday gifts

for any food enthusiast. “They rehydrate really well compared

to others,” Phil shares, “and the resulting broth can be saved

for soup stock or gravy.” 1oz bag $10, 2oz Mason Jar $20 or

$150/lb for bulk orders. Call Phil at 780-881-3963 or email


“Shopping local means that I

am eliminating the middleman,

which usually is the shipping

costs. Just as we try to eat

local, we also try to buy local.

Sometimes it cannot be done,

that’s when I try to go without or

at least buy Canadian.”

-Sian Nalleweg, Port Clements

Raincoast Breads

Made with yeasts that are

farmed along the coasts of

Haida Gwaii, these delicious

breads have textures and

flavours that are out of this

world! Products range from

artisan pizza, rustic sourdough

herb focaccia or hamburger

buns to organic loafs that

include seasonal ingredients like Haida Gwaii black currants

and Brubaker Farms tomatoes. You can find them at Isabel

Creek Store in Queen Charlotte and prices start at $8 and up.

For more information email raincoastbreads@gmail.com





= f






= b





c ^o jb op'

fk pq fq rq b

To become a sponsor or for more info call 250-557-2088 or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com


“There are so many great local

products and businesses - I want

to support that variety.”

-Lori Wiedeman, Queen Charlotte

20 HG November / December 2019 21

Shop Local


gift guide

The holiday season is a wonderful time for layered and fuzzy

outfits, warm and delicious beverages, rest and rejuvenation,

gathering with cherished friends and family and supporting

our local economy. Wait. Supporting our local economy?

Indeed. You see, when we shop locally, we, in turn, support

our local businesses - businesses who hire local people, pay

local taxes and sell all kinds of community-based products. No

matter how small the investment, every dollar we spend at home

helps to keep our communities strong and connected. HG Trader

is proud to present it’s first, annual SHOP LOCAL Holiday Gift

Guide. In it you will find all kinds of great gift ideas all from

local businesses, artisans and handcrafters. Keep in mind these

items are sold first come, first serve, so get these treasures while

they last!

22 HG November / December 2019 23



3. 1.











1. Jewelry by North Beach Girl – handcrafted, beautifully designed and super affordable necklaces and earrings

made by Tow Hill’s Debra Powers. $20-$35 -Crow’s Nest Country Store & Coffee Shop

2. Val Malesku Sterling Silver Earrings - feather design. $170 -Longhouse Gift Shop

3. Native Northwest – hooded wraps, featuring Ernest Swanson formline. $80 -Trading House Gift Shop

4. Extraordinary Soaps Gift Basket - Mermaid Lavender Scrub and Gale Force Cedar essential oils scrub bar. $22 -The Salt Cart

5. Raven’s Tail Earrings - with ermine fur. By local artist, Raven Ryland. $225 -Trading House Gift Shop

6. Crow’s Nest Gift Basket for Her – pamper that special lady in your life with luscious beauty products,

mouth-watering chocolate and more! $44.59 -Crow’s Nest Country Store & Coffee Shop

1. Crow’s Nest Gift Basket for Him – from grease remover soap to organic coffee,

this collection of gifts is sure to make him smile! $44.59 -Crow’s Nest Country Store & Coffee Shop

2. 3-in-1 NEBO PaL+ Multi-Tool – well made and very sturdy. Has a 2200 milliamp power bank, a super

bright 400 lumen rechargeable flashlight and a three inch, folding stainless steel blade! $39.99 -North Coast Supply

3. Flannel Lumber Jacket – warm and versatile in various styles and colors. $37.50 and up -Longhouse Gift Shop

4. Harley Davidson Model Motorcycles – made from recycled Harley Davidson parts. $55 -QC Liquidation

Check the last page of this article for business locations, hours and other information

Check the last page of this article for business locations, hours and other information

24 HG November / December 2019 25


2. 1.





kids + teens







5. 5.




1. SEGA Genesis Mini- a slick, miniaturized unit of the iconic SEGA Genesis console, just plug and play!

Comes with 40 legendary games. $99.99 -North Coast Supply

2. Rastar Remote Control Supercars – Bugatti, Porche, BMW, Murciélago. Includes rechargeable battery. $60 -QC Liquidation

3. Adorable Aurora Plushies – Dr. Seuss’s classic holiday season stuffies of Grumpy Grinch, Grinch Santa, his loyal dog Max

(with antler on his head) and big-hearted, Whoville resident Cindy Lou Hoo. $24.99 - $27.99 -North Coast Supply

4. Folkmanis Puppets – black bear club (featured picture). $50 Also available: octopus,

raven, baby black bear, loon, baby sea otter, etc. $26.50-$47.50 -Trading House Gift Shop

5. Electronics Galore! Kingston 32GB USB flash drive. $29 16GB memory card. $16.99 Lightning cable.

$8 Ultra speed 3-meter charging cable. $19.99 Wireless earbuds and charger. $39 -QC Liquidation

6. TY Beanie Boos – adorable snuggle buddies and playmates. TY Beanie Boos. $14.99

TY Paw Patrol Beanie Boos (pink and blue). $17.99 - Charlisle Clothiers

1. Local Artisan Silver Jewelry - artists such as Val Malesku, Haida Gwaii Organic Jewelry, Laura Dutheil and more! Starting at $40 - Funk It!

2. Egyptian Cloud Microfiber Sheet Sets – soft and machine washable. Double $39.99 / queen $49.50 -QC Liquidation

3. Tableware Treasures – handcrafted pottery by Sandspit’s Amber Faktor, many feature stunning forest

and marine themes. Mugs range from $25-$35, bowls $65-$120, vases $25. -Sunfish Studio

4. Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care – award-winning vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. $37-$48 each - Funk It!

5. The Blue House Staycation Getaway Gift Certificate – this season, delight your ‘hard to buy for’ friends or family

with the gift of peace. Super cozy and funky, this two-bedroom Port Clements guest house has a full kitchen, a large, comfy

living room and a claw foot tub with an ocean view! 3 nights, only $249! (valid Oct – May) -Adele’s Haida Gwaii Guest Suites

6. Kitchen Aids – Functional and stylish additions for any kitchen. Porcelain enamel kettles. $59.99

Countertop convection oven. $399.99 - Charlisle Clothiers

7. Haida Gwaii Hoodies – a cozy and stylish gift for him or her. Various colors. $73 -Longhouse Gift Shop

Check the last page of this article for business locations, hours and other information

Check the last page of this article for business locations, hours and other information

26 HG November / December 2019 27













1. Cobble Hill Puzzles – great fun for the dark days of winter for you and/or your little ones! All under $25 - Funk It!

2. Aromabotanical Candles - made with high quality essential oils and pure extracts.

Large (40-hour burn) $14.99 / small (10-hour burn) $6.99 -Crow’s Nest Country Store & Coffee Shop

1. Functional Art -strictly handmade burl and driftwood bowls. $50-$100. Cat friendly root stump tables

with shellacked tabletops and alder wicker furniture including chairs, benches, wardrobes and more! $75 and up. -Harmonie Blais

2. Wood Toys & Coasters – the wood toys are a hit with kids! Made by Sandspit’s Jim Grantham, there are cars, trucks, helicopters, trains, logging trucks

and more. Jim’s coasters are a fun and affordable stocking stuffer. Available at Funk It! in Queen Charlotte. $28.95 - $143 -Jim Grantham / Funk It!

3. From Where I Stand – book by Jody Wilson-Raybould, who has represented First Nations and the Crown at the highest levels. $27 -Trading House Gift Shop


4. Haida Gwaii-themed Pottery - cups, mugs, bowls, vases, pitchers - from small to big. Available in selected stores and the Christmas Craft Fairs.

Cups $18-35 bowls $22 and up. -Dominic Pottery


3. The Haida Gwaii Box – made from locally harvested wood, this

handmade creation is sure to be a cherished keepsake. $65 -Haida Gwaii Woodworking Company







for the




1. Pokoloko Winterwear – made from incredibly soft alpaca wool. Hat $25 / headband $23 / scarf $41 -Longhouse Gift Shop

1. Templeman’s Toffee - gourmet butter crunches. So delicious, handmade in small batches and made in Canada. $7.95 each - Funk It!

2. Flavours to Savour Gift Basket - includes hand-harvested, local sea salt, Haida Gwaii dried chanterelle mushrooms,

Haida Gwaii mint tea and Saskatoon Berry Jam from the Skeena River Valley. $38 -The Salt Cart

3. Gourmet Village Dessert Skillets – yummy fun! Bake and serve fresh from the oven! Each 6.5” cast iron

skillet comes with either Chocolate Brownie or Chocolate Chip Cookie mix. $21.99 -North Coast Supply

2. Gifts for avid fishers and hunters! Plano Guide Series tackle box. $89.99 Simms Freestone fishing hip pack. $188.95

Outdoor Edge game processing set. $89.99 -Tlell River Fly and Tackle

3. Stanfield’s Heritage Sweaters – warm and durable with Haida Gwaii logo. Men’s & women’s $99.99 / children’s $89.99 - Charlisle Clothiers

4. Blundstone Boots – stylish, durable, warm and water-resistant. Men’s, women’s and children’s sizes available.

Men’s and women’s starting at $229.99-$259.99 / children’s $119.99 - Charlisle Clothiers

Check the last page of this article for business locations, hours and other information

Check the last page of this article for business locations, hours and other information

28 HG November / December 2019 29

Shop Local

holiday gift guide

Birding in Winter

by Margo Hearne

Business Directory

Adele’s Haida Gwaii Guest Suites fondly known as the ‘Blue House’, this perfect home-away-from-home accommodates up to six guests and features two bedrooms, a

large living room, full kitchen and a claw-foot tub overlooking the ocean. Relaxing sounds of waves and incredible sunsets are sure to delight one and all. Located at

101 Bayview Drive, Port Clements. 250 981 7051 adelekupp123@gmail.com

Charlisle Clothiers has unique gift ideas for the whole family. Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes. Notions, kitchen and house wares, bed and bath, art

supplies and more! Enter their December Giant Christmas Stocking Draw! Open Mon 12-5:30 and Tues-Sat 10-5:30. Holiday hours: closed Dec 25th, 26th and New Year’s

Day. Join them for their Christmas Open House, Sun Dec. 15th from 1-5. Located at 104 Causeway. 250-559-8444

Crow’s Nest Country Store & Coffee Shop is one of Tlell’s must stop shops. Along with groceries, liquor, tobacco, fresh baking, deli items and specialty drinks, they also

sell a wide selection of gifts, many made by local artists and handcrafters. There is something for everyone! 250-557-4593

Dominic Pottery is all handmade at Dominic Legault’s studio in Tow Hill. He creates beautiful Haida Gwaii-themed cups, mugs, bowls, vases and pitchers – from small

to big. Available at the local craft fairs as well as Masset retailers, The Ground Gallery and Coffee House and the Masset Airport Gift Shop, in Tlell at Crystal Cabin and

Sandspit’s Airport Gift Shop. 250-626-7896

Funk It! carries products for every room in and outside the house along with affordable gifts for everyone. Check out their stunning displays of furniture, lighting, home

décor, Sid Dickens tiles, locally crafted jewelry, pottery, quality consignment clothing, gardening supplies and more! Open Mondays 12-4, Tues-Sat 10-5. Located at 3508

Wharf Street in Queen Charlotte. 250-559-4753 or funkit@qcislands.net

Haida Gwaii Woodworking Company (formerly OMVC Woodworks) makes custom-carved carved wooden signs, furniture, yew serving boards, boxes, sushi trays and

more! All made from locally harvested wood. Located in Old Massett. For more information, email iduncmac@gmail.com

Harmonie Blais a multi-talented artist, musician and mother extraordinaire, is excited to share her latest passion: usable and functional art made from value-added wood

products. Located in Port Clements. 250-557-9359 or harmonie@qcislands.net

Jim Grantham at Funk It! is a part-time resident of Sandspit who has been making and donating wood toys for children’s hospitals for many years. Loved by kids all over

the Pacific Northwest, his handcrafted toys not only feel good, they smell good too! You can find a good selection of Jim’s wood toys and coasters at Funk It! located at

3208 Wharf Street, Queen Charlotte. 250-559-4753 or funkit@qcislands.net

Longhouse Gift Shop has lots of unique gifts including a wide selection of Haida Gwaii branded clothing. Drop by and say hello and keep an eye on their Facebook

page for new stock and in-store specials. Open Mon-Sat 10-5:30. Holiday hours: Dec. 24th open 10-5, Closed Dec. 25th, 26th and New Year’s Day. Located at 107 Front.

Street, Skidegate. 250-559-8013

North Coast Supply sells a wide variety of hardware, fishing supplies, paint, tools, housewares, small and large appliances, sporting goods, giftware, home entertainment,

electronics and more! Open daily, Mon-Sat 8:30-6. Holiday hours: Sunday, Dec. 22nd only 12-4, Dec. 24th closing early at 5pm. Closed Dec. 25th, 26th and Jan. 1st.

Located at 1498 Main Street in Masset. 250-626-5559 or northcoastmasset@gmail.com

QC Liquidation is where you will find sale prices every day. They sell electronics, toys, housewares, gifts, craft supplies, furniture, automotive, hardware, Christmas lights

and artificial trees, chocolate and grab and go snacks. Open 9-6 Mon-Sat. Dec. 24th open 9-5, closed Dec. 25th, open for Boxing Day Specials 9-5. Closed Jan 1st-7th.

Located at 622 Oceanview Drive, Queen Charlotte. 250-559-4749

Sunfish Studio sells functional, island-inspired ceramics that are handmade by Sandpit’s Amber Faktor. Products can be purchased directly from her studio (open by

appointment), at the Sandspit Visitor Centre and the Crow’s Nest in Tlell. Amber will also be attending the QC Community Club Craft fair on November 30th. Check out

Sunfish Studio’s store on Etsy! 250-640-4289 or sunfishstudiosandspit@gmail.com

The Salt Cart carries sustainably harvested foods like sea salt, dried mushrooms and mint tea. They also sell Wild Coast Naturals hand balms, handmade artisan soaps

from Anchor Soap Company and other hard to find products. By appointment or at the Queen Charlotte and Sandspit Christmas Craft Fairs. Sea salt (shakers) available

at the Sandpit Visitor Centre located at the airport. 250-637-2231 or text 250-637-1742

Tlell River Fly and Tackle carries a wide variety of products for fishing, hunting, woodworking and outdoor adventuring as well as beautiful, local photos and handcrafts.

Check FB or Google for their regular and extended, holiday shopping hours. Located in Tlell, just north of Richardson Ranch. 250-557-2030 or tlell_islander@yahoo.ca

Trading House Gift Shop at the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay whose goal is to inspire understanding and respect for all that Haida Gwaii, carries a huge

assortment of local art, books (adult & children), gifts, chocolate, jewelry by Haida and local artists, wood paddles and much more. Open Tues-Sat 9:30-5.

Holiday hours: Dec. 24th 9:30-noon, closed Dec. 25th, 26th, 27th and Jan 1st – 7th. Located at #2 Second Beach Road, Skidegate. 250-559-4643

= Facebook = Love Haida Gwaii = Instagram

Saw-whet Owl

The cold was biting and there was no place to hide. The

northeaster swept over us at Rose Spit and we could

only handle it for a few hours before hypothermia began

to set in. It’s the way the weather can be during the

Christmas Bird Counts on Haida Gwaii. Mid-winter

counts take their toll, although you could say we have it

easy compared to some places. We have seen up to 100

species island-wide in some years, whereas Rankin Inlet,

on the northern shores of Hudson Bay in Nunavut, had

one species - a Raven - last year. The important thing is

that people are out there looking for birds - filling in the

forms and finding the gaps in bird populations across

the continent.

The true state of the North American bird population

occurs when winter residents remain and summer

migrants have gone. Where have they gone? That’s what

we and other counters are hoping to find out. The birds

we see here may have come from the far north, while

the ones seen from Washington to California are quite

possibly our summer nesting birds: Orange-crowned

Warblers, Townsends Warblers, Swainson’s Thrushes.

Our summer birds are their winter birds.

In 1982, when Peter Hamel started the counts on Haida

Gwaii, the National Audubon Society published the ‘big

book’ detailing the results of all the counts from all over.

It was an exciting day when the book arrived in the mail

and we could compare at a glance our records to those

of other places. We often found new birds for North

America. One year we had three Bramblings, a beautiful

Eurasian species, which was new for the continent.

Now, with the results published online, it takes longer

and is a bit more complicated to ‘find and compare,’ but

all things considered, the Haida Gwaii counts are an essential

part of our knowledge of wintering populations


The counts began in 1900 following outrage over the

slaughter of water birds, especially egrets and other

waders, for the millinery trade in the 1890’s. Before socialites

Harriet L. Hemenway and Minna B. Hall started

a campaign to end the killing, more than five million

birds, including herons, ibis, terns, grebes, hummingbirds,

and owls were slain for fashion. Over 900 ‘upper

crust’ women eventually formed the Massachusetts

Audubon Society, which became the National Audubon

Society. In 1900, Audubon member Frank M. Chapman

launched the first Christmas Bird Count, the all-volunteer

holiday census. It was meant as an alternative to the

traditional Christmas hunt, where hunters competed

to kill as many birds (and mammals) as possible. These

courageous women forced the changes, and now there

are almost 77,000 birders out there annually. It’s an

exciting time.

Haida Gwaii count dates fall between December 14 and

January 5. Count areas are Greater Massett, Port Clements,

Tlell, Skidegate Inlet (includes Sandspit, Queen

Charlotte, Skidegate) Rose Spit, and Hecate Strait.

Count days for each community will be posted on our

blog https://haidagwaiibirds.wordpress.com/ and we

will try and get the word out locally.


30 HG November / December 2019 31

Old Massett Office

162 Raven Avenue


Skidegate Office

226 Front Street




UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Major Contributions grant

for the Village of Port Clements Fire Hall Renovations




The Gwaii Trust board was busy during the fall, with

directors and staff holding two strategic planning sessions

in September and October to design initiatives as we

move into the new year. Our youth board also met, making

recommendations which will be going forward to the next

board meeting for review. We’re now in the process of

putting together an operations plan for 2020. Watch for

opportunities to engage in community discussion throughout

the year, and keep your eyes on our website and social

media for updates on grant application deadlines and

meeting dates.

The annual deadline for our Major Contributions grant

is January 23, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. Major Contributions is

designed to support larger projects in community infrastructure

and planning. Our goal is to help build safer,

healthier and more attractive communities. This grant is

open to applications from local government and non-profit

organizations. 2019 recipients included:

• Gowgaia Institute, Mapping Infrastructure Project,


• Sandspit Community Society, High Hopes for

Hoops, $105,465

• Sandspit Volunteer Fire Dept, Sandspit Fire Protection

Project, $76,435

• Village of Port Clements, Fire Hall Exterior Renovations,


• Village of Masset, Masset Mobile Equipment

Upgrades, $82,355

• Queen Charlotte Heritage Society, Seniors & Family

Housing Project, $185,345

• School District 50, Wellness Spaces in our Schools,


There is only one intake per year, so be sure to get your

application in. For complete details and application forms,

please see our website at gwaiitrust.com


Our office will be closed from noon on

Friday, December 20, and reopening on

Monday, January 6.

Wishing everyone a fantastic fall and wonderful

holiday season.






As a gift from the Gwaii Trust Society, all Haida Gwaii residents have free admission to:

Haida Heritage Centre & Haida Gwaii Museum • Port Clements Museum • Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum.

Proof of residence must be shown for each entry (valid photo ID with address) NON-RESIDENTS MUST PAY ADMISSION





Haawa • Thank you

32 HG November / December 2019 33

Making Memories –

Non-Gift Holiday Traditions

By Jamie McDonald

On the upside, the act of holiday season gift-giving often results in increased joy, gratitude and connectedness.. A

well-thought-out gift expresses our love and appreciation and says, “You’re a cherished being to me.”

On the downside, as this time of year can be stressful and expensive, more and more people are embracing non-gift

traditions to enrich their lives. We asked some folks on Haida Gwaii, “What non-gift giving holiday/winter traditions

do you love/look forward to?” Thank you, tons, to those who took the time to respond. We think their comments

will make you smile and perhaps even warm your heart.

“In the fall, my class and I make lanterns to symbolize the dwindling outdoors light and

how one can keep the light alive within. We also learn songs related to this. I’ve done

this for the last 3 years to continue to honor the traditions linked to the changing of

seasons.” – Sarah Pansino, Queen Charlotte

“Along with yummy, hand-warming hot drinks, I also especially love outdoor lights - at

any time of year, not just during the holiday season. We have a string of white lights

around our house year-round. If ever the darkness feels daunting, we just plug in those

lights and voila, it goes from gloomy to fun and sparkly.” - Shellene Van der Beke, Port


“My partner’s family does a musical day during the

holidays and I’m really looking forward to that.

Everyone plays a different instrument: piano, cello,

guitar…and we all sing Christmas carols.” – Deanna

Shrimpton, Queen Charlotte

“I look forward to sharing gratitude around the table

during the holidays. I also greatly enjoy swapping

recipes!” – Karen Walhout, Skidegate

“A big community Christmas dinner with some

caroling. For both communities.” – Thomas E Dix,

Old Massett

“I really look forward to getting together with other

ladies during the holidays and making beautiful

wreaths.” - Erin Harris, Queen Charlotte

“I look forward to making pies for my annual

friend-fam-Festivus.” – Emily Campbell, Tow Hill

“In my family, we have stopped gift giving and

replaced it with activity sharing – i.e. we offer an

activity to do with our family member. Some of

these have included a spa day, cross country skiing,

going to the movies or theatre, and many more.”

– Jamie Mcdonald, Queen Charlotte

“During the short days of winter months, I like to

take things more slowly, and leave space in my life

for extra rest and inward reflection. Rainy days on

a Haida Gwaii beach are perfect for contemplation.

Any celebrations at this time of year must involve

wonderful food, and perhaps some single malt

libation. Winter is for appreciating simple comforts,

and thoughtfully laying the foundation for

springtime changes.” – Shannon Hammond, Masset


vs. Gifts

• How about enjoying some

holiday season music from

artists you have never listened

to before?

• Get crafty! Make your own

ornaments and decorations

with what you have around

the house.

• Bake from scratch. Maybe a

gingerbread house?

• Instead of traditional

Christmas cards, write thank

you notes.

• Do a good deed by helping

someone in need.

• Donate your time to a

worthy cause.

• For your spouse or parents:

make a chore coupon book

(dinner of your choice,

vacuum the house, free car

wash, etc.)

• Have fun! Do puzzles, go

for a walk and hang treats for

birds or visit a neighbor or

friend you have not seen in a


34 HG November / December 2019 35

Puzzle Page

Making Light of Winter Darkness

by Shannon Hammond

Haida Gwaii Stargazers

By Monica Caulfield



4. Holiday celebrations bring cheer, and are best when they include plenty of _____.

5. If we like to grow things, planning for our _____ will help remind us that spring

is coming.

6. We need more of this in winter than we do in summer.

11. Many of us find joy in giving ____ to loved ones for the holidays.

12. The funny people in our lives will lift us up with this when we feel the winter blues.

14. To brighten a dark day, try eating something from this juicy group of fruits from

warmer climates.

15. Life responsibilities demand, but it’s good to have more _____ time during winter.

16. Spring and summer are filled with vibrant green, but winter tends to look mostly


17. If we go to sleep at sunset and wake up at _____, we know we’ve had a good

long sleep.

19. Some people take these to help increase energy and boost immunity.

Background image: Colin Legg


1. As the calendar year changes, it’s a good time for ______ about the year behind us.

2. When we see the _____, we should step outside and enjoy some of it.

3. A bonus of less _____ is that we are often awake to see both sunrise and sunset.

7. Rich holiday foods help our bodies _____ for winter, though we may prefer to remain lean.

8. Winter means less time on the beach, and more time gathered with loved ones in ____


9. Sometimes it’s a good idea to stay home and wear _____.

10. In addition to more rest and sleep, it’s also important to stay _____.

13. When our pets grow their winter ____, they are especially comforting.

18. Hearing and seeing these can really brighten a dark day, especially as many have moved

south for winter.

Answers are found at the end of the Community Calendar at the back of the magazine.

Aries (March 20 - April 19) You’ve come to that place, dearest Aries,

where you are starting to psychoanalyze your thoughts and feelings.

Expand your horizons by traveling abroad or discovering the latest

ethnic restaurant in your neighborhood. Do whatever you can to

broaden your view. This will help you down the way as you role

model your mission in life, out into the world. Keywords: calling,

pursuit and purpose.

Taurus (April 19 - May 20) Whether you know it or not, dearest

Taurus, your people want and need your undivided attention. It’s

important that you show up for them as well as show up for yourself.

It’s key now to connect with loved ones on a deeper level in order

to gather the wisdom needed for your future. Hope and success

are on the horizon. Wake up to the sunrise. Keywords: optimism,

desire and prospect.

Gemini (May 20 - June 21) You desire to connect on a deeper level

with loved ones, dearest Gemini. But in order to do this, there’s

“work” on the back end that needs to be attended to. Analyze your

intentions and organize your time so that whatever needs to be

completed, is prioritized. Take care with your health that you don’t

take on too much too soon otherwise you might have to let go of

plans because you are feeling under the weather. It’s a balancing act

but you’re up to the task. Keywords: hardiness, well-being and bloom.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Prepare yourself, dearest Cancer. You

have come out of the fun house, hopefully feeling rested and now

it’s time to establish yourself as someone who is capable of adapting

to whatever life may throw at you. Get yourself set up so that you

are hyper-aware of what is coming your way. You are making an

outstanding contribution to society so understand this and give

yourself some much-needed credit. Keywords: highlight, robust and


Leo (July 22 - August 23) Play now, dearest Leo. Work hard at

playing hard. View your surroundings as something to appreciate

and validate. You are having fun creating experiences anew and

when you show gratitude for all that you have and do, more of that

goodness has a chance to show up for you. Reinforce the belief that

life is grand, no matter what is happening around you. It’s good to be

alive. Keywords: discover, coach and dance.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Are you feeling like nesting at

home, dearest Virgo? If so, you’ve picked the perfect time to do so.

Being the productive person that you are, you could pick a task to

do at home; paint your bedroom, de-clutter your closet or learn

how to cook a new dish. Finding ways to be creative and useful will

make you feel alive. Keywords: constructive, dynamic and roost.

Libra (September 22 - October 23) Have the self-confidence to speak

up within your family, dearest Libra. It is probably long over due. To

get the most out of this, practice diplomacy but with clear objectives

and boundaries. What are you trying to accomplish and what is

your purpose? When in doubt, speak with kindness, understanding

and a little bit of spice. Keywords: courtesy, patience and grace.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) It’s time for you, dearest

Scorpio, to have the determination and pizzazz, in order to gather

information on the road ahead. You have a right to make your presence

known, so rise up to the occasion. Nobody but yourself can

be trusted to have your back. So make a stand for what you believe

in, knowing that this is the way to radical honesty and fulfillment.

Keywords: brave, boldness and grit.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 22) Feeling dreamy, dearest

Sagittarius? It’s easy to slip back into darkness, knowing that you

can sleep it off. But this is merely temporary. You are going to be

asked to step into the light and say and be who you really are. So it

would be good to know the answer to that. What do you want and

how do you plan on getting it? These are questions worth pondering.

Keywords: tenacity, backbone and spirit.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) Your mission in life is front

and center, dearest Capricorn. What are your aspirations and goals

and how can you creatively shift your gears forward? You may be

dealing with a fair amount of acquaintances and all the energy it

takes to manage them. Put on a confident face and decide where

you want to lead them. Keywords: progress, ambition and


Aquarius (January 20 - February 19) Are you feeling a bit restless,

dearest Aquarius? Traveling to foreign lands might be in the cards

for you even if those foreign lands are actually in your own backyard.

You need to be wooed by life right now otherwise boredom

may set in. We all know that a bored Aquarius is an Aquarius that

starts to cause trouble. You don’t want to cause trouble, do you?

Keywords: navigate, tour and sail.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Deeply examine what makes you

tick, dearest Pisces. How can you be honest with yourself as well as

others on your path to peace? Find a way to embrace all that life has

to offer even if it initially doesn’t look feasible. Give it another look,

just to make sure. Feel inspired to open up to new ways of thinking

and being. Keywords: achievement, advice and truth.

36 HG November / December 2019 37

In the Home & Office - cont.

Looking to post a free* classified or event ad? It’s super easy! Simply log onto www.haidagwaiitrader.com, click on the category tab for the type of ad you wish to place and the site will

then guide you each step of the way. Need a hand? Do not hesitate to contact us. Prefer mail? Our mailing address is PO Box 222, Port Clements, BC, V0T 1R0. Please note: The deadline

for new and/or updated classifieds to appear in each issue is noon on the 20th of the month prior to the next publication. (For example, noon on Aug 20th for the Sep/Oct issue.)

*Free classifieds apply to private, personally owned and non-business postings. Ads pertaining to business products, services, employment as well as real estate for sale or for rent are subject to fees.

In the Home & Office Furniture/Appliances/Electronics/Clothing(not kids or baby)/Jewelery/

Collectables/Books/Music/Computers and Computer Accessories/For Sale-Misc

CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Philips Respironics - REMStar Auto A:Flex. Automatic Pressure Adjustment •

Heated tube for comfort • Bluetooth compatible. This model sells for over $1200 new. Selling this used unit for $400.

Comes with everything you need, but when buying a used CPAP machine it’s recommended to purchase a new mask.

$400. Call Dominic at (250) 626-7896 or email visceralorbit@gmail.com

Man’s ring, $35. Gold appearance, could be re-worked with Haida motif. Call Cliff Bell Brown at (778) 884-7297 or email cliffbellbrown@gmail.com

Tayama Pressure cooker, $100. Brand new, still in box. Purchased as a gift, they received two. Perfect for students or

moms. Cooks chicken breast in 7 minutes. Call Eagle Eye at (250) 637-1660 or email Eagleeye.mp@gmail.com

Musical Jewellery box. Holds your necklaces and rings, $30. Call Sarleana at (250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@hotmail.com

Keds, size 8, like new. In excellent condition. Cutest Keds ever! Too small and worn maybe a half dozen times. Asking

$20, they are $60 new. Call Cathy L Camp at (250) 626-7734 or email gumboot@massett.ca

Water cooler. Hot and cold $75 Call Fletcher at (250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@hotmail.com

Judy Larson Limited Edition Print, “Pryor Commitment.” Print # 1069/3250. This print was also personally signed

by the artist at an art show, at which time it was also entitled “Reflections of the Soul”. The hidden images in her work

is evident in this 32” x 36” framed print. $350. Call Julia Corbett at (250) 559-8885 or email juliacorbett_8@hotmail.


Walker, $70. Sturdy walker with seat, brakes, and carry bag. For people under six feet tall. Adjustable. Too short for

Jack. Call Jack at (250) 637-1102 or email Armstrongs@haidagwaii.ca

End table. Nice glass top end table, $10. Call Sarleana at (250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@hotmail.com

Top-of-the-line Taylor acoustic/electric 914ce. From my collection. New, unplayed condition. Includes Taylor Expression

system user guide and hard-shell guitar case, $4,000. Call Brian at (250) 626-5119 or email brian-mulvany@


Breville Bread Machine. The Custom Loaf Bread Maker lets you create a loaf of bread as unique as you. This smart

device gives you endless options to customize your own loaf of bread, plus the automatic fruit and nut dispenser

releases ingredients at the right moment. 13 Automatic settings. Fully programmable 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 lb bread options.

Window with interior light for quick status checks. Collapsible paddle takes the ‘dent’ out of the bottom of bread. Jam

& gluten free settings. Hardly used, $275. Call Karen at (250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net

Coffee Table, $90. Used, in excellent condition. Burbury Country Lodge coffee table. New $449 + tax & shipping.

More information available on Wayfair’s website. Item number on website is LNPK8212. Call Terry C. Tollestrup at

(250) 559-4595 or email echobay@hgqci.org

Pedestal Sink faucet mirror set. New in box, $550. E-transfer to hold please. Pick up only, thank you. Call Eagle Eye

at (250) 637-1660 or email Eagleeye.mp@gmail.com

Pretty Cotton Floral Shirt in 2 sizes, $20 each. One XXL (feels like 1X or 2X), and the other is a Petite XL. 3/4

sleeves, buttoned cuffs, curved hem, machine washable (kept the XL for myself). Call Cathy L Camp at (250) 626-

7734 or email gumboot@massett.ca

Travel Wheelchair, $100. Folds up small, detachable legs included, fits a smaller person (probably about 200 lbs or

less), great for travel and smaller spaces. fits in doorways of 22” or bigger. Call or text Dominic at (250) 626-7896, or

email visceralorbit@gmail.com

Reebok hockey bag, $45. Call Fletcher Collison at (250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@hotmail.com

Sliding Glass Patio Doors. 2 Sliding Glass, fir wood interior, patio doors. Never used, in original wood shipping container.

Beautiful addition to a new build or reno! Call Eva Lazorek at (604) 932-7994 or email evalazorek@hotmail.


Oyama Turbo Convection Oven. Able to bake, grill, steam, or roast. This is one of the better ovens, as there are

no infrared lamps that burn out. Attractive, easy to clean glass. 12 litre tempered heat resistant glass cooking bowl

provides ample cooking space for a variety of foods. Separate dials for setting temperature and cooking time. Two wire

cooking racks, plate tong, and instruction manual with recipes. Baking up to 482 degrees F/250 degrees C. Better for

you than a microwave, also you don’t have to heat up your oven for small things. $75 Call Karen at (250) 559-4255 or

email karefoe@qcislands.net

Solid wood Umbrella Stand. Nice addition for your entrance way. Reduced price, $375. Call Eagle Eye at (250) 637-

1660 or email Eagleeye.mp@gmail.com

2x2 Green Leaf Grow Tent. Comes with everything in picture. Includes dim-able ballast, 400w bulbs HPS & MH,

tent, hangers, charcoal filter, exhaust + fan, timer. $575 obo. Willing to trade for something of equal value. Call Derek

at (250) 557-4226 or email derkergreenthumb@gmail.com

Microwave. Panasonic inverter 1200 W, 2.15 cu ft microwave. Clean, works well, $25. Call Patrick at (778) 887-5542

or email agear@haidagwaii.net

Christmas tree. It’s a 7 foot Alberta blue spruce, easy to put together, $75. Call Sarleana at (250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@


Kitchen Tiles. Brought back from South America. 4 of each design, plus 1 broken one of the top design. Approximately

9 3/4” long x 3 1/4” each. $30 for all 9 tiles. Call Dominic at (250) 626-7896 or email visceralorbit@gmail.com

Solid oak desk/bar, $290. Call Eagle Eye at (250) 637-1660 or email Eagleeye.mp@gmail.com

Outbound collapsible cooler. Brand new 24 can capacity collapsible cooler Ordered the wrong size $25 Call Karen at

(250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net

Small and large transfer belt, $20. Small used one time as I needed a larger one. Large one used a few times over a couple weeks. $20

Call Karen at (250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net

38 HG November / December 2019 39

In the Home & Office - cont.

Walker. Solid walker, in good condition, $120. Text or call Dominic at (250) 626-

7896, or email visceralorbit@gmail.com

New Bogs. Youth size 5 bogs (Euro 38), $70. Wrong size for us. Call Patrick at

(250) 626-3290 or email plmeagher@gmail.com

Honeywell oil filled electric heater. EnergySmart electric oil filled radiator.

Whole room heater. Digital EasySet controls w/ 1-12 hour timer, adjustable

thermostat, & 3 heat settings. Large, easy-pull, luggage style handle & easy glide

wheels. Tip over switch, overheat protection. Purchased for backup heat, however

hardly used. $130. Call Karen at (250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net

Medicine Cabinet. New, purchased a few years ago. Meant to be inserted into wall, will require

hook up for lights. Sliding doors are mirrors. Measures 30” x 30” up front. $120. Call Sandra

Dan at (250) 626-3596 or email sandradanruss@gmail.com

Oak Dresser. Price reduced, $375. Call Julia Corbett at (250) 559-8885 or email


Piano for sale. Good condition, $300. Call Patrick at (778) 887-5542 or email


Ikea sofa bed for sale. Brand new, in the box, Ikea tri-fold sofa bed (double) with

orange cover. Paid $500 after shipping, asking $350. Call Toni at (250) 626-5472

or email tintintooni@gmail.com

Flat screen TV stand 42”. New, finally put this together, but bought a bigger TV.

$200. Call Eagle Eye at (250) 637-1660 or email Eagleeye.mp@gmail.com

Alvarez Yairi WY1K acoustic/electric guitar. From my collection, rare koa

model, made in Japan. Mint, unplayed condition. Includes hardshell guitar case.

$2,000. Call Brian at (250) 626-5119 or email brian-mulvany@hotmail.com

Fender Guitar. Fender Squire Duo Sonic Guitar. Includes guitar case, guitar

stand, music stand, amplifier and cord, Korg tuner, and guitar chord poster. $175.

Call Patrick at (778) 887-5542 or email agear@haidagwaii.net

Readers Digest Condensed Books Collection. Approx. 200 books from July

1963-2008. Good condition. Best offer. Call Dave at (250) 557-9334 or email


Dr Ho’s 2 in 1 Back Relief Belt. 2 in 1 back decompression belt. Clinical grade traction and

decompression therapy belt. Includes back belt, manual hand pump, DVD (never used), “Magic

Heat” pad (never used). Size A (25-41 inch waist), for men or women, $159. Call Sonia Rice at

(250) 626-9049 or email sonia.rice6058@gmail.com

Bedside Tale. Mahogany, 26” high, $15. Call Patrick at (778) 887-5542 or email


Single Bed. Single box spring and mattress, one slight stain. Otherwise good condition, but

without a frame. Not suitable for a heavier person. $40. Call Alexis Gilchrist at (250) 713-8718

or email alexisleelady@gmail.com

Home Exercise Station. Stamina Power Tower (model PT 1690). Barely used, in

near mint condition. Specs available on internet. $50 Call Patrick at (778) 887-

5542 or email agear@haidagwaii.net

In the Yard & Workshop

Garden Equipment and Supplies/Hobby Supplies/Tools/Building Materials/

Pet and Pet Supplies

Big double pane windows. I have 2 big double pane windows for sale. First one is

from my kitchen, 6’ long and 4’ high, $140. Second one is from bedroom, 6’ long

and 3’ high, $130. Call Danny at (250) 631-3478 or email dstewart@massett.ca

In the Yard & Workshop - cont.

Roxul – Rockfon Ceiling system. Grid and panel ceiling system. Similar in style

to the ceiling in the City Centre (same size panels, different style). 9 boxes of 2’ x

4’ panels (112 sq ft/ carton - 1008 sq ft total available) with 82 x 12’ grid and 180

x 4’ grids (enough to install over several rooms) and 300 x 3” wood eye Lags for

hanging and wire. Asking less than what I paid, minus taxes and delivery. Good

deal if this is what you are looking for. $2,250. Call Jonny at (250) 637-1497, or

email jondunsmore@yahoo.ca

Circular saw. Craftsman 7 1/4” circular saw with laser track. Good condition,

comes with guide and case. $25. Call Patrick at (778) 887-5542 or email agear@


Laying hens for sale. 2019 laying hens, $15. Call Leslie at (250) 557-4276 or email rfeeds@


Champion Generator, 9200/11500 Watt. Bought in August 2019, used for 10

hours. 3/4 tank of fuel, electric and manual start. Asking $1,200. New at Canadian

Tire for $1,299 before tax and shipping. Comes with battery charger. Call Mark

Vanherd at (250) 557-4669 or email Mvanherd@xplornet.com

Blueskin Water Membrane. I have two rolls of Bakor Blueskin WP 200 Waterproof

Foundation Membrane, 36’ x 66.7’, leftover from a project. These are $159

at Home Depot right now, plus freight. Selling the two rolls as a package for $300.

They are located in Tlell. If interested, text or call Brook at 250-637-1996, or

email magpie@haidagwaii.net.

Hydroton pellets. Hydroton expanded clay pellets for sale. Nine 50-litre unopened

sacks of Hydroton. The pellets are used in hydroponic grow operations.

They replace, and are superior to the “lava rock” previously used in grow ops.

Imported from Germany. Half the price of Amazon delivered. Selling for $100

per sack, or $700 for all. Call Giuseppe at (250) 637-1632 or email giuseppe@


Compound bow. 65 pound bow, 8 arrows without tips, 6 arrows with tips, replacement

plastic fletching, 4 hunting heads, wax, 6 inserts to screw in the heads,

several nocks, and a few other things. $500. Call Matthew Schroeder at (778) 260-

0465 or email matthew@qcislands.ca

Dirtbike/ATV helmet. Barely used, size XXL. Paid over $300, asking $150.

Email chris421sd@gmail.com

Underlay. Acoustic membrane, Technoflex, 400 sq ft, $275. Call Eagle Eye at (250) 637-1660 or

email eagleeye.mp@gmail.com

BBQ Burners For Sale. Two new BBQ burners, H-type, $20 for both. Call Harold

Mackay at (250) 626-3305 or email hkmackay@telus.net

Electric weed eater. Used once, then we moved. Like new, includes manual and

protective eye wear. New price: $100. Call Jack at (250) 637-1102 or email Armstrongs@haidagwaii.ca

Solar/Off Grid Stuff. Solar panels - 305W, 208W, 100W, charge controllers.

Prices at TurquoiseEnergy.com. Call Craig Carmichael at (250) 532-8574 or email


Shotgun for Sale, $250. Mossberg Maverick Model 88, pump-action 12 gauge,

3-inch, improved cylinder, home defence barrel. Valid PAL required. Call Paul at

250-557-4277 cell 905-396-4277, or email stagcreek62@hotmail.com

Boxing Gloves. Boxing class is starting soon. Do you have your gloves yet? Brand

new pair of 12oz Fairtex DCS boxing gloves in cream/maroon, $150. Last pair I

have on Island. If you are having trouble finding gloves, please contact me and

I can see what we can get in. Thanks and have a good day. Call Ronald at (250)

626-7927 or email dcshaidagwaii@gmail.com

40 HG November / December 2019 41

West End

Auto Sales

2013 GMC Sierra

4x4/208,081km/Stk#6268 $11,995

2014 Nissan Versa

92,600km/Stk#6115 $8,995

2014 Dodge Caravan

123,800km/Stk#6291 $9,995

2004 Ford F350XL

Super Duty Service Truck

4x4/242,634/Stk#6296 $8,995

“ No reasonable

offer refused!”


605 Ocean View Dr.

Queen Charlotte


In the Yard & Workshop - cont.

BIG BROAD AXE. Good old steel, sharp and functional, ready for a handle, can

be made to fit either right or left handed. This is the biggest broad axe made, used

for hewing timbers. 12” of blade, rare, $100. Call Dominic Legault at (250) 626-

7896 or email visceralorbit@gmail.com

Rifle for Sale. CZ 455 Canadian .22 with tactical bolt and dedicated rings for 1

inch scope (no scope included). This rifle has the interchangeable barrel option to

convert it to 17 HMR. Comes with 5 and 10 round magazine. Shoots 0.8 m.o.a. at

100 yards. Rifle is in new condition, $675. Call Martin Aalders at (250) 637-5606

or email ma-trucking@hotmail.com

12 Gauge Semi Auto Browning Gold Hunter Shotgun for sale. 12 gauge semi

auto, very good condition with extra chokes, ammo, soft case, clay pigeons, and

thrower included. $800. Call Gerry at (250) 557-2475 or email gerrym@galaxymail.ca

Firewood, $200 a cord. Cut to length of choice. Can deliver Charlotte to Port. Call Laticia Brady

at 778-783-6106 or email dan_pineault@hotmail.com

Submersible Deep Well Pump. 1.5 HP, 12 GPM, 220 volt. Brand new, still in box. $699 new,

will sell for $399. Call Cornelius at 250-557-4280 or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com

On the Road

In part or complete-Cars/Trucks/Vans/Campers/RV’s/ATV’s/Heavy Equipment

2011 Dodge Caravan, 85,000km. $7,000 obo. Please call or email Jim for more

information at 250-557-4418 or jim@abfam.ca

Tri-fold tonneau cover. Bought for over $1000, will sell for $200. Fits Chevy or

GM 6 1/2 foot box. Pick up in QC. Call Jack at (250) 637-1102 or email Armstrongs@haidagwaii.ca

2002 Subaru Forester. 111,000km, well maintained and serviced, some Haida

Gwaii surface rust. Good running all-wheel drive, great on gas. All new tires,

shocks, and struts. $3,800 obo. Call Kyle May at (778) 260-2227 or email kyle@


Beach truck for sale. 1999 tundra, brand new alternator, needs battery. Mechanic serviced,

$1,000. Call or text Jeremy for details at 250-626-8920, or contact Toni at (250) 626-5472, email


1993 VW Westfalia, imported. $29,000. Driven 316,000 km. Personally imported

from the Black Forest in Germany in 2017. Turbo-diesel, doesn’t exist in Westfalias

from North America. Drives well. Left-hand drive (normal). Maintenance

done recently. Text (no calls) Aggie to view, 778-645-4921, or email aggiecangardel@gmail.com

Car heater/fan. Small car heater plug it in your lighter, perfect for those cold

winter / or summer nights if you need a little extra heat. has a fuse and can be used

as a fan or a heater $10 Call Dominic at (250) 626-7896 or email visceralorbit@


Dog ramp. Ramp for vehicle, $75. Call Karen at (250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net

2000 Nissan Frontier crew cab 4x4. Great little truck. Good on gas, seats 5.

Newer Bridgestone Dueler tires with lots of tread left. Couple of rust spots but

generally in great shape. 269,000km. Comes with colour matched canopy that also

has roof racks for hauling lumber, kayaks, etc. $5,300 obo. Call Nate at (778) 227-

0922 or email Cet1977@hotmail.com

2008 Toyota Rav 4. Two owners, both on island. Regularly serviced. No major

accident. 240,000km, $6,000. Call Dennis Deault at (250) 637-1128 or email


On the Road - cont.

2002 Toyota Echo. Automatic transmission. Brand new alternator, belt, and battery. It’s great on gas (approx 6L/100km

on highway), and is a good, reliable commuter vehicle. The hood is green because the previous owner hit a deer and got

it replaced, no further damage was done. The seal in the trunk leaks, and the gas gauge doesn’t work. It has 176,395 km

on the odometer and had its last oil change and inspection at 176, 081km. $2,750. Call Solas Reynolds at (250) 626-3677

or email solas.reynolds@gmail.com

Tires for sale. Hercules Terra Trac MT, 275/75 r18, about 70-75% tread left. $600. Call Gary Russ at (778) 260-0990 or

email thedupe79@hotmail.com

Freedom hard tri-fold tonneau. For a Dodge short box truck, may fit other trucks as well. Great condition, less than 2

years old, $450. Call Karen at (250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net

Window Deflectors, NEW in box. Genuine GM Part# 23334324. 2015-2019 Chevrolet Colorado; 2015-2019 GMC

Canyon. E-transfer to hold, $100. First come, first served. Call Eagle Eye at (250) 637-1660 or email Eagleeye.mp@


Toyo open country tires. 275/70 r18 Toyo Open Country C/T, M and S rated, 1000kms on them, next to new. $1,500.

Call Gary Russ at (778) 260-0990 or email thedupe79@hotmail.com

Winter tires on mag wheels. 4 Nokian tires on mag wheels, tire size 235/45 R18. Wheels are 5 bolt 114.3 x 5, fits Nissan

Altima, Maxima and most Nissans. Tires and wheels in good condition, $600. Call Bret Johnston at (250) 626-7250 or

email fishmasset@gmail.com

Tire & Rim. Never used. Tire & rim sprinter mount. Continental – Vanco four season tubeless-radial-80PSI LT 215/85

R16 115/112Q mud + snow, 6 bolts, from Sprinter RV, second spare. Replacement quoted at $450 + shipping, asking

$300. Call Eva at (604) 932-7994 or email evalazorek@hotmail.com

Wheel Covers for Sale. 16” chrome wheel covers, set of 4, brand new, in the box. Paid $70, will take $55. Call Stephen at (250) 557-

4727 or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com

2009 JEEP Patriot. Rocky Mountain edition. DVD player, sunroof. 167,000km, oil change every 2,500km, $4,300. Call

Elsie at (250) 626-9699 or email gwaiinaay@gmail.com

42 HG November / December 2019 43

On the Road - cont.

On the Water - cont.


2011 Mazda 3, $5,800 obo. Automatic sedan, 174,500km. Includes a set of winter

tires off rim (already on car). Purchased two years ago on island. No previous

accidents (reports included). Minor scratches on trunk, and purchased with small

dent in side door. Highway driven only, no off-road. Replaced all four brake pads,

rotors, and calipers in mid 2018. Oil and air filter change mid 2018. Shop vac and

brand new emergency car kit included. Non smoker and pet free vehicle. Call

Firyal at (250) 637-1064 or email firyal.mohamed@gmail.com

2004 Nissan Pathfinder, Chinook edition, $3,800. Automatic transmission, 250,000km, 4x4,

runs great. New rear struts, rear coil springs, and belts. Previous owner replaced the exhaust.

Clean interior. A/C works great. Minimal rust, spent the majority of its life in Vancouver. Sunroof.

Set up to tow. All-seasons (stock rims) and winter tires (steel rims). Custom sleeping/storage

platform that can be removed if you prefer. Windshield has a crack along the bottom, below

the line of vision. Power window controls work but they are a bit finicky. Available for viewing

in Tlell from Oct 12 and I’ll also be travelling around the island later in the month. Available to

drive away end of Oct. Message me with any questions! Call Lauren at (778) 984-5194 or email


Top of the Line Van for Sale. 2005 Toyota Sienna, 7 passenger van, $6,500. Allwheel

drive. Comes with service records. Very good condition. Brand new tires.

224,000km. Should provide years of maintenance-free travel. Call Paul at 250-

557-4277, cell 905-396-4277, email stagcreek62@hotmail.com

1996 Dodge Ram truck for sale. 1500 4x4 pick-up with canopy. 180,000kms, runs excellent,

good brakes and tires, $4,000. Call Stan Atkins at (250) 626-3248 or email tlc@mhtv.ca

On the Water

In part or complete-Power Boats/Sail Boats

Flippers. Size L/XL, $35. Call Fletcher at (250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@hotmail.com

New marine diesel engine. 7.3 liter engine never used. 300 H.P. $5,000 Call Oryst

at (780) 678-0678 or email osn@telus.net

Boat with Brand New 370HP Motor. Recently greatly reduced for quick sale,

$40,000 OBO. 38’ fibreglass, 2’ draft, 9’beam. Burns only 10-12 gallons per hour.

Fuel capacity 160 Imp gallons / 728 litres. Bow thruster / new trim tabs. Flow

scan radar. New GPS, radio. Furno satellite navigation w/colour video plotter,

McMurdo satellite safety beacon. Propane cabin heater, private forepeak head, 2

forepeak bunks. Open stern deck space 14’ x8’. Open cabin space behind skipper,

and passenger seating7’x9’. Moored at Queen Charlotte Marina. Follow signage

for ‘A’ finger. Seller ready to consider all sincere offers. Call Nick 250-922-4358,

Kathleen 437-350-7946, or email kathowes1@gmail.com

Troller for Sale. AKKO CHAN, 42 ft fibreglass freezer troller, very clean,

well-maintained. Brand new John Deere 240hp engine installed in 2017, new gear,

twin disk, new exhaust and tail shaft, lots of fishing gear included. This vessel is

ready to fish. Price $180,000 (CDN). Serious enquiries only please. Call Colin

250-559-4637 or 250-637-1997, or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com

Paddle board bag. Mint condition paddle board bag, approx dimensions 11’ 2”

long by 3’ 3” wide. Only used a couple of times. Was $200 new, asking $100. Call

Charley at 250-626-3644 or email Cet1977@hotmail.com

Fly tying material collection. Huge collection of fly tying materials: capes, furs

(incl. polar bear), feathers, chenilles, etc. Goes on and on - too much to list. Vise,

$80. Tackle box, multiple tools, hooks incl, $265. Call Ron McKee at (250) 559-

8769 or email ron.mckee@haidagwaii.ca

Boat for Sale. Six-man inflatable, $1,100 (no trailer). Call Dave at (250) 557-9334

or email info@haidagwaiitrader.com

Surfboards. 5’11” Flexcore ocean rodeo honeycomb glass fcs2 5 fin 20 1/8 x 2

1/2 32L, $350. 5’9” x 21 1/2 x 2 1/2 single fin with hard channels at fin for extra

thrust, custom built, heavy glass for ding resistance, $280. 5’7” Seaglass Project

wave skate board, epoxy finless, for rail riding small waves, $190. Call Randy at

250-626-7336 or email randamadee@yahoo.ca

REDUCED! Awesome Boat For Sale. Aluminium fishing vessel, very well

maintained. 30ft x 11ft 300 hp 6076 John Deere diesel inboard. Bunks, stove, sink,

toilet. Large working deck, stabilizers. Fantastic for use as a sport fishing vessel,

charter vessel, dive, work or commercial fishing vessel, or just plain great boating!

Can be purchased with or without a Halibut Licence w/ minimum quota. Great

boat, great deal, $160,000. Please call Scott Wylie at 250-301-6171 for information

or to view, or email qcilands@gmail.com

22 foot Fibreglass boat, $1,500. If you like to take a look at it give me a call.

Fletcher Collison at 250-626-7606 or email fletchercollison1964@gmail.com

Windsurf gear-lots of it. Only one base and one board short of getting two people

on the water! Prefer to deal with one person and sell as package. Got 4 sails: Gaastra

3.9m and Gaastra 4.4m, $200 each. Neil Pryde 4.5 and Neil Pryde 5.5, $275

each. Two Neil Pryde carbon fibre masts, 400cm and 430cm, both $150 each. Two

harnesses, $40 and $60. Three mast extenders, $30 each. One mast base, $50. Two

booms, $75 and $125. Three fins. Will sell the whole package for $950 per board.

Extra fixed harness lines. Call randy at (250) 626-7336 or email randamadee@


Pflueger fly rod. 9’ graphite IM8 lightweight fly rod, brand new in case, still has

tags on, $50. Call Karen at (250) 559-4255 or email karefoe@qcislands.net

Kids Zone

From infants to toddlers-Clothing/Toys/Books/Games

Baby change table. White change table, 3 drawers, $150. Call Sarleana at (250)

626-7606 or email fletchercollison@hotmail.com

Teddy bears. Soft teddy bears, $5. Call Sarleana at (250) 626-7606 or email


Full Size Hockey Net. As shown, $20. Call Patrick at (778) 887-5542 or email


Play pen. Dark blue and purple, $30. Call Sarleana at (250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@


Real Estate & Rentals

Residential, Commercial, Lots, For Rent, Rent to Own, Shared Accomodation

DL1821 Kumdis Island 111-acre property located near the easterly shore of

Kumdis Island, a short boat ride north of Port Clements. Access to the island

is by way of walking trail from HWY 16 on Graham Island to the Kumdis

Slough. High water provides barge or boat access; at low tide it is possible to

walk/wade across. With the property is a License of Occupation for a parking

area and barge unloading site at the shoreline. There is approx. 7-7,500 cubic

metres of merchantable timber on the property. Price $285,000 Call 250-286-

3293 or email edhandja@bcoceanfront.com

Masset Property for Sale 3-acre property with 30x50 warehouse and 3 bedroom

dwelling. Price $350,000 Call 778 884 7018 or email mitchvermeer@


Insurance for Home.

Auto, Business,

& Recreational

Masset: 250.626.3711

Queen Charlotte: 250.559.8426

44 HG November / December 2019 45

Real Estate & Rentals - cont.

Real Estate & Rentals - cont.

House, Shop and 3 Revenues Selling a safe place on the edge of the world.

Pop 4000 people in Haida Gwaii. Zero crime. Clean air. Coastal climate. Two

developed lots in the centre of Queen Charlotte. Suitable to build a business

at home and raise a family in a caring community. Main house, large

workshop, 2 rental suites plus a commercial building. $232,000. Listed at

Haida Gwaii Trader. Giuseppe. Price $232,000 Call 250-637-1632 or email


Million Dollar View! REDUCED! 1800 square foot family home in Queen

Charlotte with a spectacular, panoramic view of Skidegate Inlet. Includes a

three-bedroom, two full bathroom house, shop, greenhouse and pond. Wraparound

deck on the main level, overlooking Bearskin Bay. Downstairs has

a separate covered entrance and deck, large family room, bedroom and an

office with Inlet view. Separate rental space? Asking $725,000. Serious enquiries

only. Viewing by appointment only. Price $675,000. Call 250-637-

1102 to book a viewing or email armstrongs@haidagwaii.ca

Beautiful Home for Sale! (Price reduced!) This amazing two storey house

has an attached garage, three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms with the

main bathroom boasting a fabulous soaker tub. There are three separate

living areas, one houses the stone wood stove. The kitchen and upstairs living

area have an open concept, the master bedroom has a custom built in closet.

There is a large deck just off the kitchen where you can enjoy watching the

birds in the Delkatla Sanctuary, the beach is only a 15 min walk away! Price

$315,000 Call 250-626-7160 or email naikoon45@gmsil.com

Haida Gwaii Accommodations ‚ Long or Short Term Furnished and unfurnished

one- and two-bedroom apartments available in Port Clements. Newly

renovated, including bathroom and kitchen. Sat. internet, 40-inch TV, king

size beds, laundry and parking. Well suited for worker accommodation.

Clean and secure building. Please email for more information or call/text 250

661 9012. Furnished unit also available in Masset. Call 250-661-9012 or

email dustin@rushworthelectric.ca

Building and Lot for Sale Price Reduced! Building, outbuildings and lot

for sale. Kitchenette upstairs. Apt downstairs , they need work. 2 bedroom,

2 bathrooms. Was a bakery and Sears. Selling as is where is , commercial /

residential. Price $150,000 Call Jim at 1-250-301-5518 or email jcbakery@


Huge Master Bedroom and Ensuite! Clean and well-kept house with

very large Master Bedroom and large ensuite/laundry area. Open Concept,

U shaped kitchen, open to dining and living spaces. New Stove. Lots of

windows bring in the light and the various trees provide privacy! One Storey.

Everything on one level. Possibly perfect for handicapped access, just needs

a ramp. Very well-built house in Old Masset. Super nice yard, front and back

with plenty of room for expansion and vehicle parking. A very cozy home!

Price $110,000 Call 808-557-6526 or email haidagirl626@gmail.com

One Residence plus Two Rentals, Queen Charlotte 605 2nd Avenue. Two

building lots with older trailer and addition, small cabin and mobile home,

both currently rented, 32 x 40 (Approx) workshop. Quiet neighbourhood,

5 minutes from the center of town, about 8 miles from the hospital. Price

$160,000 For more information call 778 260 0482(cell) or 709 648 2249


Assisted Living Martin Manor, an assisted living facility in Queen Charlotte

is now accepting applications for residency. These are 1 bedroom suites

with 2 meals a day, housekeeping and Lifeline provided. For more information

or an assessment please contact Connie at 250-559-4991 or email


Home in Masset Masset: 3 Bedroom, 1 and 1/2 Bathroom on quiet cut-desac.Clean,

bright, move in condition. Includes fridge and stove; new laminate

flooring in Living room. Close to library, school, town, on quiet cut-de-sac.

Price $139,000 Call or email health112@gmail.com

Lot for Sale - 2nd Ave., Queen Charlotte This 50’ x 120’ lot has an ocean

and mountain view and is located near the high school. The property is fairly

level, has a paved road leading to it, driveway access and both water and sewer

connections. Some clearing required. Price $80,000 Call 604-928-5350 or


Shop and Business for Sale Light Industrial- Commercial Shop, Land and

Business for Sale - 1205 Oceanview Drive, Queen Charlotte. 3.751 acres with

original shop space of 2427 Sq.ft. This space includes 2 mezzanine areas.

One is 475 Sq. Ft. of living suite and the second is 245 Sq. Ft. of office space

and 217 Sq. Ft. of storage. There is an additional shop space of 1092 Sq. Ft.

Also, an outside covered shelter that is 14 Ft. high and 5,453 Sq. Ft. Call 250-

559-4141 or email jikert@qcislands.net


Miscellaneous Wanted Items/Lost/Found/ Wanted Information/Real Estate

Seeking to Purchase Home. We are serious in purchasing a house around Queen Charlotte,

Tlell, or Port Clements. If you have a house for sale, give me a call. Carey Stewart at 250-637-

1117 or email careystewart67@gmail.com

Want to buy dry, seasoned firewood. Willing to pay extra costs for ferry. $123. Call Peter at

(778) 260-0277 or email beannaeb77@yahoo.com

Wanted chainsaw. Looking for chainsaws in running or non running condition, any brand or

size. If you have anything for sale please let me know. Email me at chris421sd@gmail.com

Looking for rental, 1-2 bdr cabin. Artist/writer is looking for 1-2 bdr rental. Please call Willow

at 778-475-0180 or email canadianwildliferescue@gmail.com

Looking for a deep freezer in good working condition. Call Sarleana at 250-626-7606 or email


Looking to buy a trailer home, 2-3 bedroom. If you have something available please call

Sarleana at (250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@hotmail.com

Looking for a second hand bike! Looking for a bike that will fit 5’6” - nothing fancy, just

something that will get me from A to B. Preferably under $100. Thanks! Call Kaila Radan at

519-369-8567 or email kaila.radan@gmail.com

Long-term Accommodation Needed. If you have something available, please call Sarleana at

(250) 626-7606 or email fletchercollison@hotmail.com

46 HG November / December 2019 47

Wanted - cont.

Freebies - cont.



Open an account and

get $200

Learn more at:


*Terms and conditions apply.

Carpenter needed in Masset. Renos needed: roof and windows. Please call Darlene at 250-626-

3355 or email haidawaves@gmail.com

House Wanted. Looking to purchase a house in/around Masset. 2-3 bedrooms preferable, with

a good sized yard. No duplexes please. Call Mary at 250-218-6704 or email mary.duchesne9@


Room rental wanted. I am looking to rent a room until the first week of December. I would

appreciate any leads for the Queen Charlotte/Skidegate area. Please call or text Matthew at 208-

446-9913, or email Matthewpeck125@gmail.com

Searching for round tables. We are looking to rent/buy 20 round tables for our wedding next

summer. Please get in touch if you have any leads! Haawa, Michaela and Tyson. Call Michaela

McGuire at 604-831-1831 or email mcbrowns2020@gmail.com

Sewing Machine that works. I am interested in a sewing machine that does work, or someone

who understands sewing machines and can help me figure out what to do for the two that I have.

I will pay, of course. Call Louise at 250-626-3193 or email llinden09@gmail.com

Looking to House Sit or Rent Room for December 1. I’m moving from Victoria up to Haida

Gwaii (preferably Masset). I hope to be teaching part-time college, and tutor senior high school

in the sciences, math, and computer programming for the new year. I’m also looking to tutor/

teach at Old Massett’s “Educational Department.” I only check my email about once a week, so

please call me directly if you are looking for a responsible older gentleman to either house-sit

or to rent a room. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Call Jon A Sigurdson at

250-381-6924 or email JonAugustSigurdsonBahai1992@gmail.com

Motorcycle Club. Anyone interested in joining/forming a motorcycle club? Call

Stephen at (250) 626-3269 or email lumenarti@yahoo.ca

Experienced house sitters want to house and pet sit for you!. We are a mature

professional couple (46 & 55) on sabbatical from the rat race. We would love

to house and pet-sit for you and your furry friends. Quit our jobs in downtown

Vancouver, and looking for our new home. We always leave homes better than we

found them! We have found house-sitting the best way to truly experience a community.

Current references available, including a Queen Charlotte reference. We

look forward to hearing from you! We are open to anywhere on the North or South

Island. Call Pam at (604) 782-7801 or email Gionpam@gmail.com

Washing Machine Wanted. Looking for good, working washing machine, reasonable cost. Will

pick up or pay for delivery. Call Alexis Gilchrist at 250-713-8718 or email alexisleelady@gmail.


Room Wanted for Dec 1. I’m a 27 year old female who recently moved to Masset and is working

as a full-time nurse at the hospital. I’m looking for a room as per December 1st within walking/biking

distance of the Masset hospital. Preferably under $700-800/month. I’m clean, quiet,

and am happy to provide baked goods! Any leads are appreciated, thanks! Call Kaila Radan at

(519) 369-8567 or email kaila.radan@gmail.com

Share Ride to Vancouver in November. My girlfriend Stephanie is travelling to Vancouver in

November, and we are looking for a ride share for her. She will share expenses with you, making

both yours and her travels cheaper. Call Jellal at (250) 268-4661 or email stephanie_jtm@hotmail.com


Anything that just needs a new home!

Epson printer ink cartridges. Bought the wrong ink cartridges, so have black and colour

cartridges to give away. The cartridges are for an Epson printer, Expression Home or Workforce.

New, but removed from package. Call George at (250) 559-7899 or email grstein@qcislands.net

Mushroom baskets. About 6+ baskets, some lids. Call Toni at 250-626-5472 or email tintintooni@gmail.com

Double mattress looking for a new home. Used, in good condition. Must pick up. Call Margaret

at 250-559-4224 or email rapscalions3@icloud.com

Futon. Solid wood, great mattress. It is free because it has a repaired joist. Call

Patrick at 778-887-5542 or email agear@haidagwaii.net

CD Player. Pioneer PD103, 24 years old, but solid and clean. Electronics look

good and it sounds good. The tray mechanism was sticking, so I lubed what was

accessible, and it works. Headphone jack is noisy. It could use a more thorough

lube and a new drive belt. Drive belts are inexpensive on Ebay, and a new belt

would not be hard to install. It is too nice to throw away, but I do not need it

anymore. No remote. No digital output. Call Dave Crossley at (250) 559-8208 or

email dwcrossley4@yahoo.ca

House plants. Small and medium size. Call Sarleana at (250) 626-7606 or email


Free house. 3 bedroom fir constructed house in Sandspit, needs to be moved.

Would be ideal for Copper Bay. There are already skids and dollies underneath

it. Needs TLC. Approx 40’ x 24’. Call Philip Shiels at (250) 637-1353 or email


Employment & Training

Help Wanted/Work Wanted/Businesses for Sale/Business Opportunities/

Education/Opportunities/Training Programs or Seminars

Transition House Support Workers – Casual/On-Call. Rate of Pay: $19.45 –

22.65/hour (JJEP Wage Grid Level 10) Hours: Position is shift work (mornings

8:00-16:00; afternoons 16:00-24.00; evenings 24:00-8:00) The employee is NOT

required to use their automobile in the performance of their duties. This position

requires Union membership. Job Summary: provide support, security, information,

education, crisis intervention and referrals to residents and crisis line callers.

Qualifications: diploma in a related human/social service field, one (1) year related

human/social service experience, or an equivalent combination of education,

training and experience. Must have a valid certification in Standard First Aid (2-

day course) with a CPR-C component. Food-Safe Certification . BCSTH Foundations

in Violence Against Women Training (online) completed is an asset. BCSTH

Introduction to Transition House Work Module 1 (online) completed is an asset.

BCSTH Introduction to Transition House Work Module 2 (online) completed is an

asset. Completion of all 5 modules of Support Worker training an asset. Completion

of additional internal trainings offered through HGSCP an asset (ie. Cultural

Competency Training, Domestic Violence Safety Planning etc). An ability to work

effectively with clients in a professional non-judgmental environment and ensure

confidentiality. A solid knowledge of community resources. An ability to work

both independently and as a team. Good written, oral and problem-solving skills.

An understanding of the dynamics of abuse. The ability to work in a high stress

environment. Knowledge of First Nations Culture.

For complete job description please contact: ea.hgspeace@massett.ca

To be considered, please submit cover letter, resume and 3 current job references

by email to ea.hgspeace@massett.ca or mail to: Haida Gwaii Society for Community

Peace; P.O. Box 811, Masset, B.C. V0T 1M0, or in person at 2132 Collison

Avenue, (across from the Library). If you have questions, call Angela Foster, Transition

House Director at (250) 626-4664 or email ea.hgspeace@massett.ca

48 HG November / December 2019 49

Employment & Training - cont.

Employment & Training - cont.

Authentic Screen Printing


Employment Opportunity. Northern Savings Credit Union has an opening for

a Full Time Member Services Representative for our Masset branch. This would

appeal to an outgoing individual interested in providing excellent customer service

and a career in sales. General Duties: • Processes member transactions. • Recognizes

member needs, promotes and cross sells credit union products and services

to members by explaining basic credit union products and services, and referring

more complex requests for information and assistance to appropriate branch staff.

Minimum Qualifications: Education: • Secondary School Diploma required. Experience:

• Previous sales and service experience is an asset. Call Santa Slubowski at

(250) 627-3658 or email info@northsave.com

Employment Opportunity. Northern Savings Credit Union has an opening for a

full time Member Services Representative for our Queen Charlotte branch. This

would appeal to an outgoing individual interested in providing excellent customer

service and a career in sales. General Duties: • Processes member transactions.

• Recognizes member needs and promotes and cross sells credit union products

and services to members by explaining basic credit union products and services

and referring more complex requests for information and assistance to appropriate

branch staff. Minimum Qualifications: Education: • Secondary School Diploma required.

Experience: • Previous sales and service experience is an asset. Call Santa

Slubowski at (250) 627-3658 or email info@northsave.com

Seeking Home Share Living Providers. Individuals with developmental disabilities

face challenging housing issues. For 12 years the HGSCP has helped meet

those needs by providing housing and care for clients with a range of abilities. Now

we’re hoping we can find people who can help us continue that tradition of service.

Our clients have a variety of needs, but most simply need a home where people will

care about them. They require supervision and need the support and stability that

comes from living in a home, rather than an institution. What they really need is

someone to care, just as we have been cared for. Haida Gwaii Society for Community

Peace is seeking interested parties to share their homes and lives with persons

with developmental disabilities. Shared living providers welcome an individual

into their home and offer a warm and inclusive living environment. Both parties are

matched according to their strengths, needs, experience, interests, and personalities.

The successful candidate must be committed to follow the values and principles

of Community Living BC, along with providing a home that supports a person’s

needs, goals, and dreams. For more information about being a Home Share Provider,

please visit the Community Living BC website at www.communitylivingbc/

individuals-families/support-for-adults/home-sharing/home-sharing-providers/ If

you have extra room in your home and want to take on a rewarding and challenging

experience, we’ll be happy to give you more information. Call Brenda Byberg or

Kim Shantz at 250-626-4664 for more details on monthly compensation rates and

required certificates (First Aid), or email ea.hgspeace@massett.ca

Community Living Contract Manager/Frontline Support Worker. This position

is part of a team helping adults with developmental disabilities to develop skills to

achieve greater independence and community involvement, by emphasizing employment

and volunteering, recreation, social engagement, life skills, and health and

wellness. This position manages HGSCP Community Living BC contracts, including

Home Share, Community Inclusion, Residential Care, Home Based Inclusion and Respite

contracts. Maintains excellent program standards in accordance with CLBC and

HGSCP principles, policies and procedures. Trains, orients, and supervises frontline

staff. Monitors and authorizes program expenditures. Maintains and oversees client

files and provides reports and monitoring on contract activities. Provides frontline

support to supported individuals.

Job Skills and Abilities: strong personal values based on self-determination, autonomy,

and dignity for all individuals. Strong interpersonal skills and supervision skills.

Adaptable/flexible to changing requests and environment. Analytical problem-solving

skills. Able to manage time and priorities through effective self-directed multi-tasking.

Demonstrated skills in working with individuals and families utilizing services.

Ability to remain calm in stressful situations. Will have a reliable vehicle, valid class

5 BC driver’s license, and 2 million liability business auto insurance. Successful

completion of a Criminal Record Check and Driver’s Abstract.

Training and Experience: must be able to work with individuals with disabilities.

Diploma in the field of Human Services/ Social Services. Valid First Aid certificate.

Three (3) years recent related experience including three (3) years supervisory or

administrative experience. Or an equivalent combination of education, training and

experience. This position will remain open until filled. For a complete job description

or to submit your application please contact Brenda Byberg, Executive Director,

Haida Gwaii Society for Community Peace. Phone 250-626-4664 or email ea.hgspeace@massett.ca

Community Service Listings

Not For Profit Groups/Organizations/Societies

GwaiiTel Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) Date: Saturday, November

30 th , 2019. Location: Skidegate Small Hall. In camera session for the members from

1:30pm to 3pm. Open to the public from 3pm to 4pm. For more information email

Terri Walker at Terri.walker@gwaiitel.ca

Port Clements Museum. We are open 2-4 Saturday & Sunday, including holidays

(except Christmas day). $5 admission for adults/teens, FREE for Haida Gwaii residents,

PCHS members & kids 12 & under. Will open upon request outside regular

hours for tours, school groups and visitors. Call the museum at (250) 557-4576 when

open or email pcmuseum@qcislands.ca to arrange.

Saahlinda Naay - Saving Things House, Haida Gwaii Museum. The Haida Gwaii

Museum plays an important role in making arts and heritage more accessible and

raising awareness of the importance of heritage and history on Haida Gwaii. Through

our collections, the Museum acquires, preserves and presents objects, archaeological

artifacts, artworks, and settler material culture, all connected to the human and natural

history of Haida Gwaii. As a gift from the Gwaii Trust Society, admission is FREE

for all Haida Gwaii residents until the end of March 2020. Check out the Museum

archives, latest exhibits and more on our website and be sure to check us out on Facebook!

Call Haida Gwaii Museum at (250) 559-4643 or email museum@haidagwaii.


Port Clements Community Hall Society. The Port Clements Community Hall

is available for rent. Located mid-island, it is a great place to hold your meeting,

wedding, concert, or any other function. Our hall has a full kitchen and bar area and

can host up to 150 persons. For booking, please leave a message at (250) 557-4313 or

email info@haidagwaiitrader.com Call Charleen at (250) 557-4313 or email info@


50 HG November / December 2019 51

Community Service Listings - cont.

PC Rod and Gun Club Fall and Winter Events. Everyone is welcome! Join us for our AGM/Potluck Dinner on Sunday,

Nov.17th at the Port Clements Firehall. Dinner is at 6pm and the AGM is after. Our next shooting event is the Christmas

Turkey Shoot on Sunday, December 15, 1-4pm. This event takes place at the Rod and Gun Club on Juskatla Road. Bring

your own gun or try one of ours! The Port Clements Rod and Gun Club is a community-based club supporting local hunting

and fishing interests. Members and guests welcome! Located on Juskatla Road (5 km Southwest of PC). Call Ron Haralson

at (250) 557-4255 or email rib@qcislands.net

Queen Charlotte Community Hall Rentals. The Queen Charlotte Community Hall, located on Bay Street, has the EA

Ross room (meeting room that seats up to 70 people), main hall, stage, kitchen - all available for rent. Also available for

rent are wooden tables ($5 each per day), wooden chairs ($1 each per day), a complete place setting for 225 people, water

goblets and wine glasses, cups and cutlery, and white or black linen tablecloths, etc. The kitchen is also available to rent

on a daily basis for prepping for larger events. For more information call Reine Pineault at 250-559-4792 or email info@


From our families to yours, we wish you peace, health and

prosperity for the holiday season and beyond!

We are honored to serve Haida Gwaii and look forward to

many more collaborations in 2020!

Haida Gwaii Trader

Haida Gwaii Trader Community Calendar Nov/Dec 2019

Do you have an event you want to advertise?

Go to www.haidagwaiitrader.com and post your not-for-profit event FREE OF CHARGE

Old Massett & Masset/Gaw Tlagee

Masset Farmers' Market

Fridays / 11am-2pm / Across from the Credit Union / Main

Street Since its first season, Masset Market has attracted hundreds

of visitors (both locals and tourists) and a variety of vendors. “Make

it, bake it, grow it” is the market’s philosophy. Vendors come from

a variety of communities and sell everything from fresh produce

to knitted hats to hand-made soaps. Food growers, producers

and artisans of all types are invited to share their goods every

Friday from 11am–2pm year-round. New vendors are welcome.

For more information call 250-626-3768 or check out https://


Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Wednesdays, 8pm-9pm / St. Paul's Church / Millard and

Collison Weekly meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. If you have a

drinking problem, we can help. For more information contact John

at 250-626-7557

Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum

Christmas Social

Saturday, Nov 16 / 7-10pm / Dixon Entrance Maritime

Museum, 2182 Collison Ave. The DEMM Christmas Social will be a

delightful evening of live and silent auctions with Andrew Finnie as

our amazing auctioneer. There will be tasty sweets and savouries.

Admission is $10. Raised funds will go towards operating expenses

and a much-needed new roof (needs to be replaced in 2020). The

Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum Society would appreciate any

donations that could be used in the live and silent auctions. For

more information or to donate please call Anne Marie at 250-626-

5126 or email: tobeadragon@gmail.com

Queen Charlotte/Daajing Giids

Taoist Tai Chi Queen Charlotte

Mondays 12–1 pm, Wednesdays 7pm-8:30pm, and Saturdays 10am-

12pm / Queen Charlotte Community Hall / 134 Bay Street Taoist Tai

Chi internal arts are specifically aimed at cultivating health and

vitality and were developed by Master Moy Lin-shin, a Taoist monk.

Everyone welcome! For more information contact Beatie Maxen at

250-631-9160, haidagwaii@taoist.org or


QC Farmers' Market

Saturdays / 11am-2pm / Just outside the QC Community

Hall / 134 Bay Street Local foods, seafood, artisans, hot lunch,

picnic supplies, and more! Start your week’s grocery shopping

at the market and support local growers and producers. For

more information contact Marylynn Hunt at 250-559-8282, email

stmarysspring@gmail.com, or check out lovehaidagwaii.com/


Bethel Assembly jam session

Wednesdays / 7pm-9pm / Bethel Assembly Church / 222

Oceanview Dr. Country, Folk, Gospel Music, bring an instrument

and play along, or learn new songs, or just come and listen. For

more information contact Alma-Rose Siddall at 778-260-0972 or


Regular School Board Meeting

Tue, Nov 26 / 6-8pm / District Administration Office / 107 3rd

Ave / A light dinner will be provided to share with the public at

5:30 PM. Meeting will begin at 6:00 PM. For more information

contact Colleen Bradley at 250 559-8471 or boffice@sd50.bc.ca or


Masset Christmas Craft Fair

Sun, Nov 17 / 1-5pm / Howard Phillips Community Hall,

Collison Ave. Shop local for the holidays, and eat some yummy

food! We'll have pizza by the slice, Haida tacos, hot dogs, and

drinks. Joan Heart will be selling her beautiful crocheted items,

David Hunter his stunning Haida art, Jeanette Corry her delicious

baked goods, Terri-Lynne Penner her wonderful honey and

beeswax candles, and many other vendors will be there too!

For more information contact Cynthia Davis at 250-626-7676 or


Sandspit/K’il Llnagaay

Taoist Tai Chi Sandspit

Thursdays / 7pm-8:30pm / Sandspit Airport / 1 Airport Road

Taoist Tai Chi internal arts are specifically aimed at cultivating

health and vitality and were developed by Master Moy Lin-shin,

a Taoist monk. Everyone welcome! For more information contact

Remi Gautier at 250-637-5729 or haidagwaii@taoist.org or


Moresby Island Management Committee


Monday, December 2 / 7pm-8pm / Sandspit Community Centre /

Sandspit Regular Monthly Meeting. For more information contact

Barb Parser at 250-637-1752 or mimc@sqcrd.bc.ca

QC Visitors Centre Artisans Christmas

Craft Fair

Sat, Nov 30 / 10am-3pm / Queen Charlotte Visitors Centre /

3220 Wharf Way / Friends of the Queen Charlotte Visitors Centre

is pleased to present the annual Artisans Christmas Craft Fair.

Please join us on Saturday, November 30 from 10am-3pm. Buy

local this holiday season! For more information contact 250-559-

8316, info@qcinfo.ca or www.queencharlottevisitorcentre.com

QC Community Club Christmas Craft Fair

Sat, Nov 30 / 10am-3pm / Queen Charlotte Visitors Centre /

3220 Wharf Way / Friends of the Queen Charlotte Visitors Centre

is pleased to present the annual Artisans Christmas Craft Fair.

Please join us on Saturday, November 30 from 10am-3pm. Buy

local this holiday season! For more information contact 250-559-

8316, info@qcinfo.ca or www.queencharlottevisitorcentre.com


Taoist Tai Chi Tlell

Tuesdays 10am-12pm / Thursdays 10:30am -12pm / Tlell

Fire Hall, 36542 Highway 16 Taoist Tai Chi internal arts are

specifically aimed at cultivating health and vitality and were

developed by Master Moy Lin-shin, a Taoist monk. Everyone

welcome! For more information contact 250-557-9362 or

haidagwaii@taoist.org or www.taoist.org/haidagwaii

52 HG November / December 2019 53

Port Clements/Gamadiis

Village of Port Clements Council Meetings

November 18, December 2, and December 16, 7pm / 36 Cedar

Avenue Come out and join us for our regular council meetings! For

more information call 250-557-4295, email office@portclements.

ca, or visit www.portclements.ca.

Port Clements Rod and Gun Club – Winter


AGM – Sunday, November 17 / 5:30-9pm / Christmas Turkey

Shoot – Sunday, December 15 / 1-4pm / PC Rod and Gun

Club / Juskatla Road Everyone is welcome! Our next events are

our AGM on Sunday, Nov. 17 (potluck dinner at 6pm, followed by

AGM), and Christmas Turkey Shoot on Sunday, Dec. 15. Bring your

own gun or try one of ours! The Port Clements Rod and Gun Club

is a community-based club supporting local hunting and fishing

interests. Members and guests welcome! Located on Juskatla

Road (5 km Southwest of PC). For more information contact Ron

Haralson at 250-557-4255 or rib@qcislands.net

Port Clements Christmas Craft Bazaar

Saturday, Dec. 7th/Port Clements Community Hall. Please

join us for our annual Christmas Bazaar! Tables will be rented for

$20 each. Set up will happen at 9am. For more information email

charleen@obrienlogging.com or call 604-317-7400 to reserve your


Puzzle Page


Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Fridays / 8pm-9pm / Skidegate Firehall, upstairs, 887 Highway

16 / Weekly meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. If you have a

drinking problem, we can help. For more information, contact Lou

at 250-559-4568

Haida Gwaii Museum 6th Annual Gala and

Art Auction

Sat, Oct 05 / 7:30pm-9:30pm / Kay’llnagaay Performance

House / #2, 2nd Beach Road Join award-winning writers Angie

Abdou, Kate Harris and Jan Redford as they discuss their new

books on outdoor adventure. Readings and panel discussion

moderated by Hal Wake. For more information email


GwaiiTel Society’s Annual General Meeting



Saturday, November 30 / 3-4pm / Skidegate Small Hall

In camera session for the members from 1:30pm to 3pm. Open

to the public from 3pm to 4pm. For more information email Terri

Walker at Terri.walker@gwaiitel.ca




Memories vs. trash – isn’t the true spirit of the holiday

season about rest, rejuvenation and connecting with family,

friends and community? Do we really need another box of

tree decorations, tinsel or garlands? Simple and natural is

not only easy, it’s affordable too. Hard to beat are freshly

cut berried holy stems, cedar, fir or spruce boughs, a

simmering pot of cinnamon and cloves and an

oh-so-much-fun string of popcorn!

In the belly, not in the garbage – today, food waste realities

are becoming widely known. According to many reputable

sources, nearly sixty percent of all food produced in Canada

is wasted. Sixty percent (wow emoticon). Understandably,

people are beginning to think differently about food. They

are buying only what they need, being OK with purchasing

fruits and vegetables with a few, small blemishes, storing

food properly, freezing veggie scraps to make broths/stocks,

eating food before it expires and eating all of their leftovers.



(recycling or

residential collection)

Call us at



Holiday Waste Reduction Tips

There’s no denying the wisdom of recycling as a form of waste diversion. It helps to conserve energy, reduces air and water

pollution, reduces greenhouse gases and conserves natural resources. What’s even better though is waste reduction. As the

holiday season sees an average of 25% more blue bin/garbage volumes, the following litter-lessening tips are not only simple,

they’re darn sensible.

Oh Christmas tree – do you prefer artificial trees? It is

reported that some people re-purchase fake trees every six

to seven years. If properly stored and cared for, an artificial

tree should last a lifetime or even passed on. Prefer real?

Decorated, potted trees can last a week to ten days

indoors. Or, why not decorate a tree in your yard that can

be seen from the living room window? Small suet balls in

holiday shapes or strings of apple, raisins or cranberries

are appreciated, winter bird treats. If you prefer a cut, real

tree, when it expires, it can be taken to the landfill or

returned back to nature, so long as they are entirely free of


Eco-friendly gift wrapping – being that paper, bows or

ribbon that are coated in plastic or foil are non-recyclable,

more and more people are packaging their gifts with natural

fiber options. Seriously, what’s wrong with gifts wrapped

in recycled newspaper, plain or brown paper or even better,

reusable shopping bags or totes?

Residential collection will remain the same except for Masset/Kumdis road

collections which will move from Wednesdays to Mondays, (so collections are on

Dec 23rd and 30th, 2019) and then back to Wed’s starting Jan. 8th, 2020. Landfill and transfer station will observe the statutory holidays.

Christmas 2019 schedule:


(Located on Hwy. 16 – just north of Port Clements)

Mon to Fri 8:30am-3pm + open Saturdays, Dec. 7 th and Jan. 4 th from 11am-3pm

For more info call 1-888-557-9339

or email islandsolidwaste@ncrdbc.ca

North Coast Regional District

Background image: Colin Legg

54 HG November / December 2019 55



Start your holiday shopping this year with

unique gifts, great deals and awesome local,

independently-owned businesses. Get your best

plaid and enjoy a relaxing alternative to

“Black Friday” by spending some time

(and dollars) at your favourite local business.

Look for special offers at your local

Haida Gwaii businesses.

PLAID FRIDAY s NOVEMBER 29, 2019 s #plaidfriday

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