Walkabout Gourmet Adventure 2020 Brochure

Walkabout Gourmet Adventures has been operating personalised walking and Fine Food holidays worldwide since 1986. https://www.walkaboutgourmet.com

Walkabout Gourmet Adventures has been operating personalised walking and Fine Food holidays worldwide since 1986. https://www.walkaboutgourmet.com


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Walkabout Gourmet Adventures



and explore the world

Dear Adventurer,

For 34 years Walkabout Gourmet Adventures has had a strong desire to wander and explore the world with a great passion for

creating unique experiences. Travel connects us to our planet, its people and ourselves...on our boutique group journeys, small

group journeys and private journeys we take you to 27 countries throughout the world. We offer a trip for every adventurous

spirit - from African safaris, hiking odysseys in the Alps, wellness journeys to exploring the more culinary side of a region. Our

commitment to excellence and service is ongoing and we are looking forward to meeting you and walking with you in 2020.

Gabriela & Graeme Clarke

Founders and Directors of Walkabout Gourmet Adventures


Our walking holidays

Our philosophy is simple - to get out

of the cities and into the countryside

where you can discover the charm and

beauty of these regions. Walking with

a small, like minded group - just 5-16

travellers maximum - is by far the best

way to explore them. It is important

to have time to “smell the roses”, not

to rush through but to soak up the

atmosphere. We are great believers

that the journey is what matters, not

the destination. All our holidays are

guided - we are not there to overload

you with facts and figures but discreetly

share with you the wonderful places we

have discovered during our “journey”.

In terms of “grading” our Walking

Holidays are designed for healthy,

active people who want to explore a

region at a leisurely pace. Naturally

those holidays which visit mountainous

regions are going to be more strenuous

and some of the paths can be stony

and undulating. We are always happy

to talk with you about a particular tour

before making your choice. Most of our

holidays are about 2 weeks - we do have

some longer ones and also some for 7

days. On an average 2 week tour we

normally choose 3 regions to explore.

We prefer to stay for 3 or 4 nights in the

same hotel - it is much more relaxing

for you as you spend less time packing/

unpacking and you get a real feel for

an area. It is better to see less but well

than just fleetingly passing through!

During the day all you need to carry is

a light day pack. We have comfortable

9 seater vehicles to transport you and

your luggage between the regions we

visit. Our holiday price includes twin

share accommodation, breakfasts and

all dinners except on the free days.

Who are our guests?

When you join a Walkabout Gourmet

Adventure holiday you can expect to

be travelling with a like minded group

of people who enjoy the outdoors and

walking during the day and appreciate

delicious food and a fine hotel at

night. The composition of our guests

is varied. It includes couples, friends

travelling together and singles. Mostly

our guests still come from Australia,

some from New Zealand and then

a scattering from all over the world.

Our hotels

We realize that one of the most important

aspects of your holiday is feeling comfortable

and relaxed in your hotel at night after a

day of walking. We prefer family run hotels,

which offer charm and a personalized

atmosphere. However this style of hotel

is not always available in the areas where

we operate our holidays. Even though the

style may vary the standard is always high.

In Spain we often use the unique

Parador hotels. In some countries we

use refurbished castles and monasteries

or historic manor homes. One of our

priorities is that they are in a quiet location.

Mowani Mountain Camp, African Walkabout Tour

All have en suite facilities and many have

a swimming pool or wellness centres. Twin

share is the norm but single supplements

are available on all walks if requested.

Hotel Bellevue San Lorenzo, Italian Lakes Tour


Our Cuisine

As our name implies, no matter where our

adventures have taken us, food has always

been a central feature on our journeys. We

believe that only through local cuisine we can

experience the true side of a culture.

You will have the opportunity to sample

provincial cooking in some of the world’s most

famous food regions complemented by superb

local wines.

Ristorante Stazione, Intragna

Whether it is a dinner in an Italian trattoria,

a Greek taverna or a Michelin star gourmet

restaurant in France, the meals will always

remain a memorable part of your holiday.

Without it there is no authentic travel

experience. Long after our journey has ended,

those times we congregate around a dinner

table with newly formed friends, take part in a

local cooking class or our amazing picnics we

will remember the most.

La Bastide de Moustiers, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie


yours begins now ...

Boutique Group Journeys

On our Boutique Group Journeys you can experience the true

heart and soul of a place. We always seek glorious locations

for our walks and flavoursome culinary experiences. Meeting

the locals is another feature and every boutique group

journey has no more than 16 guests .

Exclusive Group Journeys

On our Exclusive Group Journeys you can count on an

intimate group size of no more than 8 guests. On these

journeys the emphasis is to gain a deeper insight into the

cultures and interact with the locals. The small group size

allows for more flexibility of the program.

Culinary Journeys

As our name implies the food is a very important feature

of our culinary journeys. You will have the opportunity to

sample provincial cooking in some of the world’s most

famous food regions complemented by superb local wines.

Whether its truffle hunting in Umbria, enjoying a cooking

class in Provence, visiting local winemakers and artisans in

Basque Country, eating at Michelin-starred restaurants, or

exploring the home of the Slow Food movement in Piedmont,

our culinary-focused trips offer the perfect bite-sized

delights that will satisfy your craving for delicious cuisine

as well as adventure. Across rolling vineyards, through busy

marketplaces, or in cooking classes with local families and

well known chefs. You will get a first-hand look at how food

is an integral part of many cultures.

Private Journeys

We are happy to organize a private holiday to any of our

destinations described in our brochure. Perfect for any kind

of traveller, from groups of friends to single explorers. If you

have a special request just ask us and we shall see if we can

fulfil it. We offer a 10% discount for groups of 8 or more

joining an existing departure - direct bookings only.

Wellness Journeys

Our Wellness Journeys specialize in innovative wellness

travel, integrating art, nature and fascinating places and

cultures of the world. Recharge your body and nourish your

mind. Our new Wellness journeys offer the perfect balance

of inspiring destinations, rejuvenating activities, and healthy

food experiences.

City Journeys

What better way to discover a city’s secrets than with

someone who has sourced out all the local’s favourites and

has come up with a list of things to see and do off the tourist

traps. Discover culture gastronomy and most importantly,

the people and stories of their city. Every city journey has no

more than a maximum of 5 guests.


Introduction 2-9

2020 Calendar 11

Meet our team 12

Europe Journeys 13

A Mediterranean Odyssey 14 - 15

Crete - The Island of Zeus (new) 16

Jewels of the Balearic Islands 17

The Pilgrim’s Way 18

Discover the Pyrenees 19

A Journey back in Time 20

From the Sea to the Summits 21

Taste of Europe 22

Flavours of Bavaria 23

Gastronomic Trail through hidden France 24

A Parisian Getaway 25

Secrets of Provence 26

Pagnol’s Provence 27

A Rejuvenating Retreat in Provence (new) 28

Flavours of Provence 29

Timeless Valleys 30

Walk to the Stars 31

Italian Lakes 32

The Romantic Path 33

When in Rome 34

Coastal Gems of Tuscany 35

Follow the Gourmet Trail 36

Epicurean walk in Italy 38 - 39

From the Mountains to the Mediterranean 40

La Dolce Vita 41

Peer Gynt’s Trail 42 - 43

Iceland Explorer 44

A Winter Tale in Iceland 45

Greenland Explorer 46

On the Celtic Way 47

The Highlanders Trail 48 - 49

Eastern Circuit 50

Explore Croatia and Slovenia 51

Residence Saint Mary 52 - 53

America 54

Into the Wilds of Alaska 55

Africa, Middle East & Asia 56 - 57

Mystical Morocco 58

African Walkabout 59

Journey through the Holy Land 60 - 61

Treasures of Cappadocia and Eastern Turkey 62 - 63

Flavours of South India 64 - 65

Australia 66

Serendipity House 67

Grampians & Great Ocean Road 68

Explore Wilson’s Promontory 69

General Information 70

Booking Form 71

Flavours of Italy in Piedmont 37




01/03 - 12/03 Flavours of India

16/03 - 23/03 A Winter Tale in Iceland


01/04 - 18/04 A Journey back in Time

03/04 - 13/04 Mystical Morocco

16/04 - 30/04 La Dolce Vita

21/04 - 28/04 Crete - the island of Zeus

29/04 - 12/05 From the Mountains to the Mediterranean

30/04 - 16/05 A Mediterranean Odyssey


14/05 - 27/05 The Pilgrim’s Way

15/05 - 29/05 Follow the Gourmet Trail

18/05 - 03/06 Treasures of Cappadocia and Eastern Turkey

26/05 - 30/05 When in Rome


01/06 - 14/06 Jewels of the Balearic Islands

03/06 - 18/06 Epicurean walk in Italy

10/06 - 16/06 Pagnol’s Provence

17/06 - 02/07 Sea to the Summits

19/06 - 02/07 Coastal Gems of Tuscany

19/06 - 02/07 Walk to the Stars

25/06 - 08/07 On the Celtic Way

26/06 - 02/07 Flavours of Bavaria


12/07 - 25/07 The Peer Gynt’s Trail

13/07 - 19/07 Flavours of Provence

27/07 - 09/08 Iceland Explorer


09/08 - 22/08 Into the Wilds of Alaska

12/08 - 18/08 Greenland Explorer

26/08 - 08/09 Timeless Valleys

26/08 - 08/09 Italian Lakes


02/09 - 15/09 A Taste of Europe

11/09 - 24/09 The Romantic Path

14/09 - 29/09 The Highlanders Trail

16/09 - 29/09 Eastern Circuit

29/09 - 12/10 Secrets of Provence


03/10 - 09/10 Flavours of Italy/Piedmont

03/10 - 16/10 Explore Croatia & Slovenia

05/10 - 09/10 A Parisian Getaway

15/10 - 05/11 African Walkabout

16/10- 30/10 Journey through the Holy Land

18/10 - 31/10 Gastronomic Trail through hidden France


21/11 - 28/11 Grampians & Great Ocean Coastal Trail

29/11 - 03/12 Explore Wilson’s Promontory

5/07 - 11/07 A Rejuvenating Retreat in Provence

10/07 - 23/07 Discover the Pyrenees


Meet our team

Walkabout Gourmet Adventures is owned in Provence and House in Byron Bay.

and operated by Gabriela and Graeme Gabriela and Graeme still lead the majority

Clarke. They established WGA 34 years of their walking holidays and they are

ago combining their love of food and the now supported by their children Nastassja

outdoors. When they are not guiding or and Serjosha. The team of tour leaders are

working on new itineraries, they live in highly skilled professionals, yet they are

Forcalquier in Provence and during the also incredibly warm people who run on

European winter, they try to escape for a few endless energy, an unquenchable thirst for

months to Australia. Forcalquier is the base fun, and genuine excitement for welcoming

for their European office and their holiday you. They have that special “it” factor that

accommodation apartments. The Walkabout transforms a trip into an unforgettable

office in Australia is managed by Trish Ozard journey. They are with you during the entire

Gabriela Clarke Gabriela Graeme Clarke Graeme Trish Ozard Clarke Gilles Trish Ozard Boivin Gilles Boivin

who has been working for WGA since 1993.

Trish looks after all the reservations and can

provide you with information on all their

walking holidays as well as the apartments

holiday and look after all the details while

you walk, relax and enjoy your journey! We

are always delighted to hear the positive

feedback from our guests about our guides.

Gabriela Clarke Graeme Clarke Trish Ozard Gilles Boivin

vin rke Trish Ozard Jean Gilles Pascal Boivin Briau Jean Helmut Pascal Witt Briau Helmut Fatih Koc Witt Fatih Koc Gabriela Clarke Gabriela Graeme Clarke Graeme Clarke Gilles Boivin Gilles Boivin

Gabriela Clarke Gabriela Graeme Clarke Graeme Clarke Gilles Boivin Gilles Boivin

Gabriela Clarke Gabriela Clarke

Gabriela Jean Pascal Clarke Briau Graeme Helmut Clarke Witt Trish Fatih Ozard Koc Gilles Boivin Gabriela Clarke Graeme Clarke Gilles Boivin

Gabriela Clarke Graeme Gabriela Clarke Clarke Graeme Trish Ozard Clarke Gilles Nastassja Boivin Clarke Gilles Boivin Pascal Briau

itt Gilles Fatih Boivin Koc Gabriela Margret Hecker Margret Gabriela Nicole Hecker Schad Clarke Sabine Graeme Nicole Haertel Schad Clarke Sabine Haertel Jean Gilles Pascal Boivin Briau Jean Helmut Pascal Witt Briau Helmut Witt

rke Graeme Clarke Jean Gilles Pascal Boivin Briau Jean Helmut Pascal Witt Briau Helmut Fatih Koc Witt Gino Fatih Minacapilli Koc Gino Minacapilli


arkeJean Margret Graeme Hecker Clarke Nicole Trish Ozard Schad Sabine Gilles Boivin Haertel

Jean Pascal Briau Helmut Witt

Jean Helmut Pascal

Pascal Witt Briau

Briau Jean Sabine Helmut

Helmut Pascal Haertel Witt

Witt BriauRagnar Helmut Fatih Þór Þrastarson Koc Witt Bergþóra Fatih Kristjánsdóttir Koc Gabriela Gino Wendy Minacapilli

Smith-Wood Clarke Graeme Fatih Koç Clarke Gilles Boivin


Gino Sabine Minacapilli Haertel Gabriela Clarke Graeme Clarke Gilles Boivin

Gabriela Jean Pascal Briau Helmut Witt

Margret Hecker Margret Nicole Hecker Schad Sabine Nicole Haertel Schad Nastassja Sabine Haertel Clarke Nastassja Clar

riau Helmut Witt Fatih Koc Gino Margret Minacapilli Hecker Margret Nicole Hecker Schad Sabine Nicole Haertel Schad Nastassja Sabine Haertel Clarke Nastassja Clarke

Briau Helmut Witt Fatih Koc

Margret Hecker Nicole Schad Sabine Haertel Nastassja Clarke


Gabriela Clarke Graeme Clarke Gilles Boivin

Gabriela Callum Hecker Snell Clarke Nicole Graeme Margret Shine Aroor Schad Hecker Clarke Sabine Nina Nicole Halstensen Haertel Schad Nastassja Gino Sabine Gilles Minacapilli Boivin Haertel Clarke Jean Nastassja Margret Pascal Hecker Clarke Briau Helmut Nicole Schad Witt

rtelGabriela Nastassja Clarke Jean Pascal Briau Margret Helmut Hecker Witt Nicole Fatih Schad Koc Gino Sabine Minacapilli Haertel Nastassja Clarke

ker Nicole Schad Sabine Haertel Nastassja Clarke

cker Nicole Schad Sabine Haertel

Jean Pascal Briau Helmut Witt

Jean Pascal Briau Helmut Witt Fatih Koc Gino Minacapilli Margret Hecker Nicole Schad Sabine Haertel Nastassja Clarke

Margret Hecker Nicole Schad Sabine Haertel Nastassja Clarke

Margret Hecker Nicole Schad Sabine Haertel Nastassja Clarke

Margret Hecker Nicole Schad Sabine Haertel Nastassja Clarke




A Mediterranean Odyssey

17 days / 16 nights I Turkey & Greece

Our walk begins in Istanbul, the only city in the

world, which embraces two continents, one arm

reaching out into Asia, the other into Europe.

The museums, churches, palaces, mosques,

bazaars and the sight of natural beauty seem

inexhaustible. As you recline on the shores of

the Bosporus at sunset contemplating the red

evening light reflected in the windows and on

the slender minarets on the opposite shore, you

understand why so many centuries ago settlers

chose to build on this remarkable site. Formerly

known as Constantinople, the vibrant centre

of the old Byzantine and Ottoman Empires,

Istanbul is a chaotic mixture of cultures, history

and architecture. We leave the city along

the shoreline of the Marmara Sea and visit

Gallipoli. From here we continue south and

visit ancient Troy, a 5,000-year-old legend, the

archaeological ruins of Ephesus and the rock

pools of Pamukkale. The shores along the Aegean

region are among the loveliest landscapes in the

country. The magnificent coastline, lapped by

the clear water of the Aegean Sea, is abundant

with vast and pristine beaches, surrounded by

olive groves, rocky crags and pinewoods. We

trek in the most beautiful coastal areas of the

Turkish Mediterranean. Known to the ancients

as Lycia, this fabled coast of clear turquoise blue

water is rich with archaeological sites. Fragrant

pine forests tumble down a slope to end abruptly

in red cliff secret coves and sandy beaches. We

visit splendid Greco - Roman ruins of the Lycian

period: Caunos, Letoon, Pinara and Xanthos

before we begin our journey into Greece. Here

we discover the lost islands of the Dedocanese

on a Turkish “Gulet” boat. These Greek Islands

are all so beautiful and different!!! Symi, the

Venetian with pastel colors, Nysiros the volcanic

and Tilos, the authentic. We discover each one

of them on foot and walk on some marvellous

hidden ancient footpaths.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

On our one night in Canakkale, our hotel is

only a stone’s throw away from the ferry that

crosses the Dardanelles strait and is surrounded

by boutiques and restaurants. The next two

nights we stay in Selcuk in a vineyard, which

is in an idyllic location. We spend one night

in Pamukkale, at the foot of the snow-white

“travertines”. Our new hotel has a fantastic spa

centre - a Turkish bath with marble and tiles from

Kutahya, sauna, jacuzzi and several swimming

pools. Our hotel in Dalyan is right on the banks

of the Calbis River and only 3 minutes from the

town centre.


Tour Information

Date: 30 April - 16 May 2020

Begins: Istanbul, Turkey

Ends: Fethiye, Turkey

Price: AUD$ 8,665








Dalaman • •

Nisyros • Fethiye





Tour Combination

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the

“Mediterranean Odyssey” and

“Treasures of Cappadocia and

Eastern Turkey” walks to be


During our two-night stay you can enjoy the lovely pool, Turkish bath or even

a massage. On our two-night stay in Fethiye our hotel offers magnificent views

across the bay and is very centrally located. It also has a Turkish bath house

and a Finnish sauna. On our 3rd night in Fethiye we move onto our luxurious

gullet, ready for an early departure. It is a real treat to call this 35-metre-long

“Gulet” home for the next 8 nights, anchored in a harbour or a deserted bay.

Contrary to what you might have experienced, Turkish cuisine is not spicy,

except for the Southern part of the country, which has a strong Middle Eastern


Lamb used to be the most important meat eaten, but now it’s too expensive.

The eggplant remains the most popular vegetable, enjoyed in various forms.

Turks don’t eat pork, because of their religion. But we find beef, lamb, fish and

poultry in a lot of dishes, although the vegetarian specialties are incredible!!

There are also many excellent local wines. The dinners during our 10 days in

Turkey will either be in our hotels or in cosy small local restaurants where we

can discover one of the greatest cuisines in the world. On the Greek part of

this journey we enjoy delicious dinners on or below deck, which are prepared

by our crew. We also discover some secret small taverns on the islands with

some tasty delicacies.


Vinifera Vineyards Hotel, Selcuk

Prenses Selin

Crete - The Island of Zeus 8 days / 7 nights I Crete, Greece

Our tour starts in Chania in Crete, one of the

most beautiful cities in Greece. Crete is the most

southerly and largest Greek Island and provides an

inexhaustible array of vivid impressions. A cradle

of European civilisation, it has an unrivalled history

and culture and is a paradise for the amateur

archaeologists. The island was the seat of the great

Minoan civilization, whose fascinating remains

are one of the most impressive sights in the entire

Mediterranean region. Our walk passes through

vineyards, orchards and olive groves and takes us

to the superb White Mountains, jagged peaks which

are sometimes snow-covered until early June. They

epitomize the essence of Crete, which is virile, proud

and fiercely independent, like the Cretans themselves.

We pass small isolated villages and follow the old

footpaths created by shepherds and their animals.

From the fertile valleys and isolated plains high in

the mountains we have some spectacular views to

the Libyan Sea. On the southern side of the Omalos

plateau, the Samaria National Park was established to

protect the endemic flora and fauna of this fascinating

region that encompasses Europe’s longest gorge and

a number of smaller gorges. It is one of the two

remaining habitats for the Cretan wild goat or Kri-Kri

that lives in secluded hollows on the mountainside.

The Kri-Kri are usually seen in the afternoon but their

shyness makes it unlikely to glimpse one. The 18km

hike through the Samaria Gorge begins at Xyloskalo

on the Omalos plateau at an altitude of 1200 metres.

A well-maintained path drops down to the bottom of

the gorge through a fragrant forest of pine and cypress

trees. Along the way, there are many species of flora,

some of which are endemic to Crete and found

only in this gorge. Wild herbs that grow profusely

in the nooks and crannies of the cliffs, release their

fragrance with only the slightest touch.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

In Crete we stay in “the best of both worlds” - the

dramatic mountain scenery and the charming coastal

villages. Here we have chosen a variety of beautiful

hotels, full of ambience and history. Food in Greece

- like its wine - is highly regional. Lots of salads, fresh

seafood and the favourite meat is lamb. The Greeks

love their coffee and sweets and the streets are lined

with small footpath cafes.

Tour Information

Date: 21 April - 28 April 2020

Begins: Chania, Crete, Greece

Ends: Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Price: AUD$ 3,945




Creatan Sea


Oia • • Fira


Lefka Ori



(White Mountains)

Samaria Gorge •



• •

Gazi Malia •

•Palaiochora• Loutro

Zaros •

Libyan Sea


Tour Combination

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both

“Crete - Island of Zeus” and

“Mediterranean Odyssey”

walks to be combined.



Jewels of the Balearic Islands 14 days/ 13 nights I $8,185

Jewels of the Balearic Islands 14 days / 13 nights I Mallorca & Menorca

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and

offers Mallorca some is the excellent largest of walking the Balearic destinations Islands

especially and offers the some lesser excellent known West walking Coast. destinations We are

based especially in the the Sierra lesser de known Tramuntana West Coast. Valley We near are

Sòller, based famous in the Sierra for its de orange Tramuntana groves Valley and small near

romantic Sòller, famous villages, for which its orange the Moors groves called and small the

golden romantic “Suliar”. villages, Hidden which rocky the bays Moors with called crystal the

clear golden water, “Suliar”. the scope Hidden for rocky excursions bays with and crystal the

magnificent clear water, scenery the scope make for excursions this area and a real the

paradise. magnificent Our scenery walks, make well this away area from a real the paradise. tourist

resorts, Our walks, lead us well past away orange from and the flowering tourist resorts, almond lead

plantations us past orange with and marvellous flowering almond views plantations of the

mountains with marvellous and the views sea. Both of the coast mountains and mountains and the

host sea. a Both profusion coast of and flora mountains and fauna host and a the profusion main

cultivated of flora and plants fauna are and fig the trees, main almonds, cultivated orange plants




fig trees,



not to


forget the









to forget


the olive

is the





trees. Menorca

and greenest

is the

most easterly and greenest of the Balearic Islands.

of the Balearic Islands. In spring we are rewarded

In spring we are rewarded with splendid displays of

with splendid displays of wild flowers, which

wild flowers, which include Cistus bushes, yellow

include Cistus bushes, yellow Crown Daisies,

Crown Daisies, purple gladioli, Asphodels and a

purple gladioli, Asphodels and a wide variety of

wide variety of orchids, to name just a few. The


island has

to name




a few. The








for birds.



are important







have the

Menorca does not have the mountains like

Mallorca, the scenery is spectacular and the

mountains rugged coastline like Mallorca, is dotted the with scenery small is spectacular inlets, coves

and the crystal rugged clear coastline bays. Our is dotted beautiful with small gentle inlets, walks

coves into the and interior crystal clear of the bays. island Our beautiful take us through gentle

walks some into quaint the interior timeless of villages the island where take us time through seems

some to have quaint stood timeless still. villages Here we where might time find seems some to

have lively stood morning still. markets Here we selling might fresh find local some produce lively

morning for our picnics. markets Menorca selling fresh has a local fascinating produce history for

our and picnics. culture Menorca and was has a designated fascinating history a UNESCO and

culture Biosphere and as was far designated back as 1993. a UNESCO Biosphere

as far back as 1993.

Our Our Hotels Hotels & Cuisine Cuisine

Our splendid hotel in in Mallorca is is situated in in the the

olive and and citrus citrus groves groves above Sòller. above After Sòller. renovating After

the renovating former the 200-year former old 200-year olive old mill olive and mill two and

neighbouring two neighbouring “Fincas”, “Fincas”, a luxury a hotel luxury was hotel created. was

It created. has a It wonderful has a wonderful pool with pool stunning with stunning views,

aromatic views, gardens aromatic and gardens landscaped and surroundings. landscaped In



our Hotel

In Menorca

is right in





is right















from where






easy access




all of our

we have






to all

in both locations are excellent.

of our walks. The restaurants in both locations are


Tour Information

Tour Information

Date: 1 Date: June 1 - 14 June June - 142020

June 2020

Begins: Begins: Palma, Mallorca, Palma, Mallorca, Spain Spain

Ends: Ciutadella Ends: Ciutadella Menorca, de Menorca, Spain

Price: AUD$ Spain 8,185

Price: AUD$ 8,185

Port de Sa Calobra •

Sòller •

Banyalbufar •


• •


Illes Balears

Balearic Sea

• Alcúdia V


Cap de Cavelleria •

Punta Nati •

Ciudadella •

• Cala Morell


• Fornells

Far de Favàritx

S’Albufera •

Mahón •

Tour Combination

Departure dates have been

Departure arranged dates to have allow been the "Jewels of

arranged the to Balearic allow the Islands" “Jewels and of “Sea

the Balearic to the Islands” Summits" and “Sea walks to be

to the Summits” combined. walks to be


Boutique Hotel Ca´s Xorc

Boutique Hotel Ca´s Xorc,

Hotel Tres Sants, Menorca

Hotel Tres Sants, Menorca


The Pilgrims Way 14 days / 13 nights I France & Spain

Tour Information

Date: 14 - 27 May 2020

Begins: Biarritz, France

Ends: Santiago de

Compostela, Spain

Price: AUD$ 7,665

Only someone who has travelled the route to or from

Santiago can understand that the so-called Route of

St James, which ends in Santiago de Compostela, is more

than just religion, culture, sport, history, art, gastronomy

and countryside rolled into one. It is all these things,

but at the same time much more. It is hard to explain

a phenomenon that is more than twelve centuries old

in its current form, but which also incorporates myths

and legends from people and traditions long predating

Christianity itself. Part of the answer lies in Galicia, a

land prone to harbouring mysteries, spirits, witches,

mandrakes and other hidden treasures. In the Middle

Ages, when half a million pilgrims a year walked this

path in spiritual quest, extraordinary monasteries,

pilgrim hospices, and villages sprouted along the route

to serve pilgrims’ needs. Our walking journey covers

the most beautiful sections of “El Camino” on peaceful

mountain paths and country lanes marked with the

scallop shell, symbol of St. James. Our walk begins in

Ainhoa in Pays Basque in France which is very different

from its neighbouring regions and best illustrated by the

unique Basque language. As we walk these thousand

year old trails, where 20th century intrusions are few,

we relish Romanesque settings redolent with the air of

pilgrimage. Following “The French Route”, our journey

ends in Santiago de Compostela, the Holy City reputed

to hold the bones of fisherman-evangelist St. James.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

On this tour we exclusively use the Parador and

Pousada Hotels in Northern Spain. They are state-run

luxury hotels, mostly located in historic buildings.

They are furnished with appropriate antiques and

their restaurants concentrate on local specialties. Our

first few days are spent in Ainhoa, one of the most

picturesque villages in Pays Basque. Our cozy hotel,

classified as a historical monument, dates back to

the 17th century and has served as a hostel along the

“French Route” of the Pilgrim’s Trail. It is extremely

comfortable with a secluded garden, swimming pool

and sauna. It is renowned for its elegant dining and has

in recent years earned a Michelin star for its fabulous

cuisine. Having crossed the border into Spain, our next

two days are in a Parador in the historic village of Sos

del Rey Catolico, which has been declared a Spanish

National Trust monument. Our hotel has an elegant

interior and guesthouse. The gastronomic specialities

are roast lamb, marinated rabbit and medieval cake -

freshly made. Our lovely Parador in Santo Domingo

de la Calzada is located in a former convent of San

Francisco. The convent was rebuilt in 1595 by Juan

Herrera and is composed of three different sections,

the church, museum-workshop and guest house.

The hotel is well known for its delicious cuisine

specializing above all, on local produce and washed

down with an incomparable Rioja wine: artichokes

with clams, sautéed vegetables with lamb, fine kid

and suckling pig roasts and some of the best desserts,

such as “ahorcaditos de Santo Domingo” - pears in

wine with chocolate sauce. Our next destination

is Leon where we stay at the Parador “Hostal San

Marcos”. This amazing 5 star hotel is one of the most

important buildings in the Parador chain, being the

former Hospital and Monastery of San Marcos, the

headquarters of the Order of Knights of St. James. The

tasty delights of Leonese cuisine, lamb dishes, local

sausages, delicious trout and exquisite desserts are just

some of the fine offerings of this famous hotel. Our

last two days are spent in a cozy Pousada in the pretty

village of Portomarin. Directly on the pilgrims’ trail, our

hotel offers beautiful views of the vast landscape and

distant mountains and introduces us to the Galician

cuisine and the famous Portomarin liquors.


Santiago de Compostela


• Portomarín





• Pamplona

• Sos del Rey Católico

• Santo Domenico

Tour Combination


Montpellier •

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both

the “Pilgrim’s Way” and

“Epicurean walk in Italy”

walks to be combined.



• Biarritz




Tour Information

Discover the Pyrenees 14 days / 13 nights I France & Spain

This is one of our favourite walks. It combines

the breathtaking views in the Pyrenees,

beautiful Mediterranean coastline with

ancient villages, and a rich array of flora and

fauna. The Pyrenees stretch for 430kms from

the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Our walk

begins in Collioure, a small fishing village,

known as the jewel of the Côte Vermeille.

Onto Ceret for lunch and a stroll around

this pleasant, typical French town. It is most

famous for its outstanding Musée d’Art

Moderne with works from Matisse, Braque

and especially Picasso. We cross the border

into Spain and from our tiny village we have

magnificent views across to the Cadi Moixero

N.P. Our walk takes us into the fertile valley

of Cerdanya where we discover ancient

villages and picnic amidst magnificent alpine

countryside. Today we continue on to one

of the most beautiful National Parks in the

Pyrenees — the Aigues Tortes and Lake St

Maurici National Park. There are over 50 lakes

and the most characteristic features of the

Pyrenees are represented in this park. Here

we base ourselves in the tiny village of

Tavascan at the end of a remote valley. After

a day of mountain passes and spectacular

scenery, we travel to the Ordesa National Park

in the Aragon region of Spain. This marvellous

mountain range is the natural border between

Spain and France. The Ordesa valley is a

tongue of green vegetation running for 15

kms between two imposing walls of bleached,

calcareous rock. Right at the end is our

Parador with its unique location just below

the imposing Monte Perdido. The walk into

the spectacular Circo de Pineta starts directly

at our hotel and takes us through some

magnificent mountain scenery. Pyrenean

chamois are plentiful and the lammergeyer

has one of its major European strongholds in

these mountains. From here we traverse into

France to the small town of Gavarnie in the

Pyrenees National Park. In our small friendly

hotel we enjoy the typical cuisine of the

region which our host, Bernard, prepares to

perfection. Gavarnie is an ideal location for a

walk into discover the amazing amphitheatre

of the Cirque de Gavarnie. It can only be

described as one of nature’s wonders. There

are over 1500 species of wildflowers native

to the Pyrenees and wildlife is abundant.

Lynx, lizard, marmot, ptarmigan, bearded

vultures, golden eagles and there are even

approximately 15 Brown bears in the National

Park. Our final day takes us to Biarritz on the

Atlantic coast, where the tour ends. With its

colourful shops, picturesque restaurants and

delightful old fashioned tea rooms, it is a great

place to finish this tour.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

the surrounding mountains and of course to

We receive a charming welcome in our hotel

in Collioure. This delightful Catalan residence

is a real gem . The hotel is set in a lush garden

but only a few minutes from the centre of this

gorgeous town. In the Cerdanya Valley we

stay in a tiny, remote village with an important

historical background. Our friendly family-run

hotel has a beautiful garden and swimming

pool with grand views to the Cadi- Moixero

N.P. At night we experience truly homemade

Catalonian cooking. In Tavascan, near the

Aigues Tortes National Park, we stay in an

extremely cozy and friendly family-run hotel.

It is set in a wonderful mountain landscape and

the hotel restaurant offers delicious mountain

cuisine. In the Monte Perdido nature reserve

we stay in a welcoming Parador, located on

the western slopes of the mountains now

designated as the Ordesa National Park. The

restaurant maintains the high standards of

the Parador Group and serves the best of the

dishes popular in the Northern part of Aragon.

Particularly tasty are the: “Trucha del Cinca a

lo fine” which is local trout, “Pierna de jabali”

being roast leg of wild boar and“Teresicas de

Aragon” which is a local dessert made with

puff pastry. From our hotel in Gavarnie we

have magnificent views towards the most

famous section of the Pyrenees, the Cirque de

Gavarnie. In the cozy dining room we enjoy

our tasty dinners each evening.

Date: 10 - 23 July 2020

Begins: Montpellier, France

Ends: Biarritz, France

Price: AUD$ 6,795



• Biarritz



National Park

Gavarnie •

Mt Perdido• Pineta • Tavascan


National Park


Tour Combination




• Collioure

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“Discover the Pyrenees” and

“Iceland Explorer” walks to be





A Journey back in Time 18 days / 17 nights I Spain & Portugal

Andalusia is one of the most diverse regions

in southern Spain. It has a mild climate with

wonderful unspoilt beaches and hidden coves.

The land of flamenco songs and dances, dazzling

whitewashed villages set against an intense

blue sky. Olive groves stretching as far as the

eye can see. The tiny villages are linked by old

pathways and still used today. The beautiful local

architecture and narrow winding streets remind

us of a long Moorish heritage. Even 500 years

after the departure of the Moors, we can still

admire their advanced civil engineering skills

when we walk along their elaborate system of

aqueducts. This tour offers a wonderful insight

to this charming part of Spain. It takes you to

beautiful mountain country, gorgeous green river

valleys with abundant and varied wildlife and

a huge range of Andalusian flora. In Granada

we visit the legendary and incomparable

Alhambra Palace, one of Europe’s most romantic

monuments. This tour offers a wonderful insight

to this charming part of Spain. It takes you to

beautiful mountain country, gorgeous green river

valleys with abundant and varied wildlife and

a huge range of Andalusian flora. In Granada

we visit the legendary and incomparable

Alhambra Palace, one of Europe’s most romantic

monuments. The spectacular Sierra Nevada is

home to the highest peaks in Spain and UNESCO

has declared it a Biosphere Reserve.

The typical whitewashed ancient villages,

known as Las Alpujarras, are famous for their

characteristic flat rooftops. Our walking track

takes us through these intriguing, old-fashioned

villages and constantly changing scenery.

The views are truly unbelievable - from often

snow-capped mountains to the glistening

Mediterranean. Ronda is one of Andalusia’s

loveliest towns, towering over a plateau and

famous for its plunging river gorges. It is a

spectacular base for walks to some of Spain’s

most beautiful pueblos blancos (whitewashed

villages). We walk “fragrant” trails and follow an

old smuggler’s path in the Sierra de Grazalema

Mountains. We continue to magical Seville, one

of the jewels in the crown Europe.

The elegant Andalusian capital is Spain’s

passionate city of flamenco and bullfighting, of

artists and poets, of jasmine-scented gardens

and Moorish monuments. A dreamy sense of

a life, long since disappeared elsewhere in

Europe, envelops one in Portugal. The Algarve

conjures up images of golden sand lapped by

azure waves. We discover hidden landscapes

and a fascinating history. During our coastal

walk we explore deserted beaches, fossilised

cliffs, blowholes and the majestic Cabo de Sao

Vicente, the southwestern most point in Europe.

Time will pass quickly as we discover Lisbon,

one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of

Europe. Famous port wines add to the sweet taste

of Portugal and we explore northern Portugal

on hikes through vineyards perched above the

beautiful Douro River.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

The enchantment of spending a night in the

Alhambra gardens is the exclusive opportunity

in the Convento de San Francisco. Built by

Fernando and Isobel in the late 15th century on

the site of a Moorish palace, it is now a Parador

and listed under one of the best 500 hotels in

the world. The views of the Genralife, gardens of

Secano and the Albaicin are a real luxury. This

splendour is preserved in the restaurant fare. Our

friendly hotel in the Sierra Nevada is on a large

property amidst orange and olive plantations.

From the garden, with its very large pool, we have

marvellous views of the majestic mountains. Our

candlelit dinners highlight the interesting and

flavoursome Alpajurrian cuisine. The fabulous

Parador in Ronda provides a panoramic view

of the “Tajo”, a gorge of more than 100 metres.

Partridges, Andalusian soups and rabbit are some

of the specialities of its restaurant. Our elegant

hotel in Seville is overlooking Plaza Nueva

Square - located in one of the best locations

and only 250 metres from the cathedral and the

ancient part of the city. In the Algarve we stay in

a Pousada with views of the ocean and towering

cliffs of Sao Vicente. Our Hotel in Lisbon is

ideally situated in the city centre just beneath

the castle’s walls. A special treat is our Vintage

House in the Porto region. It is surrounded by

vineyards and all rooms overlook the river and

the steeply terraced vineyards beyond.

Tour Information

Date: 01 - 18 April 2020

Begins: Granada, Spain

Ends: Porto, Portugal

Price: AUD$ 9,485


Porto • • Pinhao

Duoro River


• Sagres

• Seville

Ronda •



• Granada


Parador de Ronda, Ronda


The Vintage House Hotel, Douro

From the Sea to the Summits

16 days / 15 nights I France & Switzerland

This beautiful walk begins in the rolling hills of

the famous food and wine regions of Dordogne

and Burgundy. It then continues east to the foot

of Europe’s highest mountain Mont Blanc with

the “piece de resistance” being our last 4 nights

in the Swiss Alps walking amidst some of the

world’s finest alpine scenery. In the Dordogne

we spend our time walking through delightful

oak forests, past ancient villages and beside the

romantic Dordogne River. You will be surprised

by the variety of delicious produce from this area

– walnuts, fois gras, black truffles, goat cheeses

and some excellent wines. The Dordogne has

a very colourful history dating back to the

Stone Age and today has some of France’s bestpreserved


Onto Burgundy - a land of clustered storybook

hamlets, medieval chateaux, world-renowned

wines and hot mustards! Our walks here, of

course, concentrate on trails through some of

the most famous vineyards in the world. We

also introduce you to some of the lesser known

regions near Autun which is renowned for its

beautiful deciduous forests and a history dating

back to Roman times. Surely one of Europe’s most

treasured sights are “the Alps”. There is nothing

else in the world quite like them. It is not only

the sheer grandeur of the towering peaks but

it is the cozyness of the hillside villages, the

unforgettable display of alpine wildflowers, the

sound of cowbells ringing through the valleys

and the sight of a welcoming inn as you round

a bend on a mountain trail. We base ourselves

in Chamonix at the foot of Europe’s highest

mountain - Mont Blanc. With 310 km of walking

tracks, this wonderful alpine area is a walkers’

paradise. Here, you also have the opportunity to

ride on the world’s highest cable car to Aiguille

du Midi, 3842m. On a clear day the view is

truly unbelievable. You can even catch another

cable car across the glacier to Italy for a real

Cappuccino! Our final destination is the famous

Bernese Oberland in the Swiss Alps where we

have chosen the lovely village of Grindelwald as

our base. Marvel at the sheer splendor of Europe’s

most spectacular mountain scenery. Stroll knee

deep in alpine wildflowers and journey to the

famous Jungfrau Joch on the highest railway in

Europe. A walk not to be missed is the classic ridge

walk to the Faulhorn, regarded as one of the top

10 in Switzerland. Our walk concludes in Luzern

from where there are good train connections in

all directions and flight connections from nearby

Zurich International Airport.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

In the Dordogne Valley we stay in the beautifully

restored Villa Romaine. This immaculate hotel

is located only a few hundred meters from the

Dordogne River overlooking the valley. Enjoy

a pre dinner drink on the terrace and watch

the colours of the sandstone buildings fade in

the final evening light. Taste the delights of the

famous Perigord kitchen as our hosts Emily and

David spoil us each evening with some truly

memorable meals. In Burgundy we stay in a

charming 18th century farm house which has

been lovingly restored . It is located just on the

outskirts of Beaune in a quiet village in a beautiful

country setting. Relax in the delightful garden,

enjoy their delicious breakfasts on the terrace and

in the evening take an aperitif in the courtyard. At

night we have selected 4 wonderful restaurants

from the region where we enjoy excellent food

and of course the opportunity to sample the

famous Burgundy Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

A warm welcome awaits you in Chamonix. Our

hotel is family operated and has a relaxed and

personalized atmosphere. Located at the base of

the Aiguille du Midi, it has stunning views across

the mountains and a pool and garden to enjoy.

As they do not operate a restaurant you have the

opportunity to sample three lovely restaurants in

the town, which we have chosen and another of

your choice on your free day. Our final hotel is in

Grindelwald. It has a superb setting overlooking

the village with a panorama of some of the most

famous mountains in the world including the

north face of the Eiger. The Brawand Family has

been operating the hotel since 1708 and now

Christian and Vera are the 9th generation to

manage it. At night enjoy delicious dinners which

highlights the influence of the German, Italian

and French cuisine. Don’t be late for breakfast as

the Buffet offers an amazing selection of healthy



Tour Information

Date: 17 June - 2 July 2020

Begins: Bordeaux, France

Ends: Luzern, Switzerland

Price: AUD$ 8,945



• Bergerac

• Bordeaux

• Saint-Émilion • Lascaux

• Sarlat

• Carsac

Tour Combination


Dijon •

Autun • • Beaune





Interlaken •


Mont Blanc 4807m

Grinderwald •

Lac Leman

Jungfrau 4199m

• Chamonix


Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the “From

the Sea to the Summits” and “A

Rejuvenating Retreat in Provence”

walks to be combined.


Tour Information

Date: 02 - 15 september 2020

Begins: Lyon, France

Ends: Munich, Germany

Price: AUD$ 7,945

Taste of Europe 14 days / 13 nights I France & Germany

Champagne is a world famous region,

located in North Eastern France. The

Champenois vineyards are planted only

with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and

Chardonnay grapes. These magnificent

vineyards stretch as far as the eye can

see over rolling hillsides, dotted with

picturesque villages. Behind these billions

of bubbles is a long history and it wasn’t

until the late 17th Century that the tart

wines of Champagne became the sparkling

wines that we all know so well today. Our

walks take us through this lovely undulating

countryside - past vineyards, gorgeous oak

forests and beside swift flowing streams.

The Alsace region, nestled between the

Rhine River and the Vosges Mountains,

is one of France’s most unique areas. It is

blessed with a wealth of beautiful scenery,

cultural sights and is famous the world over

for its fine white wine and delicious cuisine.

The storybook villages with their Tudor style

houses are an absolute delight. Our walks

take us along the famous wine route and

into the glorious deciduous forests of the

Vosges. We learn about the area’s Celtic

heritage and visit some of Europe’s finest

old castles and monasteries.

The Black Forest has always been a

region, which conjures up images of

deep dark forests with winding romantic

paths, picturesque valleys and cozy

timber farmhouses. Discover a fairytale

landscape as we walk our way through

some of Southern Germany’s most beautiful

countryside. Its stunning beauty which

includes pristine mountain streams,

alpine meadow and hillsides ablaze with

wildflowers allow you to step back in time

and imagine what ancient Germany might

have once been like.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our first hotel is directly on the border of

Champagne and Burgundy; so we have the

best of both these famous food and wine

regions. Our hotel has been an absolute

labour of love by the Vandendriessche

Family during the last 10 years. Nestled in

the tiny village of Courban is the enchanting

Chateau de Courban. This noble, classical

mansion enclosed by ancient stone walls,

has been rebuilt in 1839 on the foundations

of a 17th century castle, of which is left a

beautiful tower housing a dovecote. More

recently the family have lovingly restored

the chateau and have established a charming

boutique hotel. Enjoy a delicious cuisine

highlighting the specialties of two of France’s

most famous food and wine regions. Our

hotel in Alsace is situated in one of France’s

most beautiful villages - Obernai. Our hotel

was once the former manor house and

wine cellar of the distinguished Baron de

Gail Family and is now one of the premier

hotels of the region. After a day of walking

you will certainly look forward to relaxing

in their brand new wellness centre. In the

evening enjoy fine dining in their excellent

restaurant where you can also sample some

of France’s premier white wines. In the

Black Forest we stay in the charming village

of Menzenschwand. Our cozy family hotel

is located on the edge of the village at the

beginning of one of the most beautiful

valleys in Southern Germany. Typically

German, the day begins with a healthy

breakfast buffet. Before dinner savour the

setting sun and enjoy a pre dinner drink

looking up towards the highest mountain

in the Black Forest. At night enjoy delicious

home cooked meals as our hosts, Sabine

and Sylvia, introduce us to the gastronomic

delicacies of this region.

• Frankfurt



Strasbourg • GERMANY

Obernai •

• Troyes Sélestat Black Forest Munich

Ribeauvillé •

Freiburg •


FRANCE • Feldberg


Innsbruck • AUSTRIA

• Luzern • Brenner





Riquewihr •

Colmar •


Tour Combination

Lake Constanca






Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “A Taste of

Europe”, “Eastern Circuit” and

“Explore Croatia & Slovenia”

walks to be combined.


Tour Information

Date: 26 June - 02 July 2020

Begins: Munich, Germany

Ends: Munich, Germany

Price: AUD$ 4,265

Flavours of Bavaria 7 days / 6 nights I Germany

The Flavours of Bavaria is not only a cultural,

foodie and walking holiday but also an opportunity

to discover one of Germany’s most stunning

regions. Located throughout the northern Alpine

foothills, Upper Bavaria is home to pristine lakes,

impressive mountain peaks, lush woodlands and

the discovery of a culture that is renowned in

the world for its charm and warm-heartedness.

Everyday life has been minutely recorded through

the many household items, tools, and pieces of

clothing displayed in various museums of local

history, including cake tins, snuff boxes, and the

infamous Bavarian ‘wolpertinger’, a creature

made up of the fur, claws, teeth and horns of

many different species. We discover the many

sights around Lake Tegernsee, an area whose

far-reaching history has left many awe-inspiring

traces. Artists, musicians, statesmen and nobility

have lived in the fine houses that appeared after

the first monks settled in the valley. We enjoy the

“Gemütlichkeit” of a real beer garden experience

while sitting with the locals, and savour regional

beers. Our breathtakingly beautiful walks lead us

along lakeshores, through idyllic meadows, forests,

valleys and into the surrounding mountains. One

of the many highlights is the herbal walk with

Ulla Menke, a nationally recognized herbal

educator. It is an interesting excursion into the

rich world of wild herbs and fruits and Ulla will

tell us everything about medicinal and poisonous

plants and the importance of water. She will teach

us something about the history, culture and food

culture - the versatile use of herbs, shrubs and the

trees. We walk along the romantic Mangfall River

to the Wohlschlagerhof farmhouse where she

prepares some of her finest concoctions and dishes

like soups, wild vegetables and herbs, vinegar, soft

drinks, jellies, salads and more. The Hasenöhrl-

Hof is a 500 year old Bavarian farm reconstructed

into a “state of the art” event location where we

learn about the Bavarian food. During our “event”

cooking course we find out many secrets of the

Bavarian kitchen which spoil us with fresh, regional

and seasonal food. Other activities include a visit

of a distillery of Bavarian single malt whisky, an

organic dairy, a ride on a horse carriage, an openair

museum and a cooking class in a flower-clad

traditional house. On our final day we return to


Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our first two nights we stay in a charming

hotel just above the Tegernsee Lake. It has a

unique panorama view of the Tegernsee and the

surrounding mountains. In the evening some

culinary surprises are waiting for us. The next

4 nights our hotel is in a beautiful mountainous

landscape at the foot of the Wendelstein mountain,

in the German Alps. It has a delicious restaurant,

an indoor pool and excellent spa facilities. The two

dinners during our 2 days of cooking will be in the

cosy dining rooms of our two private farm houses,

enjoying our efforts from the day, together with

some excellent local wines.



Lake Tegernsee •

Lake Chiemsee •

Rosenheim •

• Schliersee

Fischbachau •

Bayrischzell •

Upper Barvaria



Salzburg •


Tour Information

Date: 18 - 31 October 2020

Begins: Biarritz, France

Ends: Avignon, France

Price: AUD$ 7,965


• Grignan

Vaison-la-Romaine •

• Avignon


• Sare Carcassone • Montpellier

• Ainhoa






• Minerve


Gastronomic Trail through Hidden France

14 days / 13 nights I France

Tour Combination

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“Gastronomic Trail through

Hidden France” and “Flavours of

Italy in the Piedmont” walks to be


Our walk begins in Ainhoa in Pays Basque

in France which is very different from its

neighbouring regions and best illustrated by

the unique Basque language. Nestled between

the Atlantic Ocean and the high peaks of the

Pyrenees, the Basque country offers a superb

variety of terrains, wild or cultivated, all enjoying

a remarkably generous climate. We then

move along the Pyrenees range, westwards to

Carcassone in the heart of the picturesque Aude

region, where the reputable “Corbière “ wine is

produced. Carcassone is known the world over

as the best preserved fortified town from the

middle ages. Built originally by the “Cathare”,

dissidents of the the main stream catholics, the

old city went through a long history of glory

and destruction, wealth and abandon to finally

be saved and restored in the 19th century. We

explore this spectacular region with walks in the

“Causses” area around the village of Minerve,

the secret vineyards of Corbière hidden in the

pretty countryside outside of Carcassonne. We

experience the beauty of the 17th century “Canal

du Midi” winding its way between villages in the

shade of giant plane trees. Our third and last base

for this tour is in the lovely little hilltop town of

Grignan in the “Drôme Provençale” just outside

of the Rhône valley.

Grignan is known for the renaissance chateau

sitting at the top, host to many festivals and

concerts in the summer months. Here we are

at the heart of some of the best names for the

“Côte du Rhône” wine. The countryside is a

patchwork of vineyards, lavender fields, olive or

apricot orchards, truffle oak tree plantations and

occasional cereals fields. The region is incredibly

charming and the people generous and friendly.

In many villages, time seems to have simply

stopped. Our walks take us through various parts

of the countryside, up and down some high hills,

through farms and villages and we don’t forget

to sample some of the local marvels as we visit

olive mills or wineries. In the nearby town of

“Vaison la Romaine” we witness the remains

of ancient days when Romans had established

themselves in the region.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our first few days are spent in Ainhoa, one of the

most picturesque villages in Pays Basque. Our

cosy hotel, classified as a historical monument,

dates back to the 17th century and has served

as a hostel along the “French Route” of the

Pilgrim’s Trail. It is extremely comfortable with a

secluded garden, swimming pool and sauna. It is

renowned for its elegant dining and has in recent

years earned a Michelin star for its fabulous

cuisine. In the Corbière we stay in a small

Chateau just outside of Carcassonne amidst the

property’s own vineyards. Wine is made there in

the cellars and is served freely at the particularly

generous dinner table. In Grignan we are based

in a beautiful 4 star hotel surrounded by a vast

park right at the foot of the town and Renaissance

Chateau. The Hotel is in an 18th century house,

originally the residence of the local doctor and

maire of Grignan. Our rooms are large and

tastefully decorated. We take our dinners there

in the hotel with open views to the gardens or

even better, weather permitting, outside on the



A Parisian Getaway 5 days / 4 nights I France

What better way to discover the magic of Paris than

by getting shown around by an insider who has

spent years sourcing out all the best places the city

has to offer. Nastassja is happy to share with you

her favourite food finds and other secret corners.

It’s pretty obvious that this tour will involve a lot of

culinary delights - indulging in the oh so fabulous

sweet pattiseries, and sipping wine while tasting

the various French cheeses with baguette! The city

is rich in art, gastronomy, fashion and culture and

these will be our main focus points through the

trip. Whether you’d like to source out that extra

special item for a loved one or for yourself, trust

Paris to have it just waiting for you to find! The

“Art de vivre à la Française” will be experienced

in the most authentic way and on a daily basis,

how lucky are you! Making the time to sit at

cafes and watch the world go by with delicious

croissants, and of course the divine french bread

and butter! In the evenings, we will slowly stroll

our way through the night lit streets and enter a

whole new culinary celebration of the French

cuisine in some of the best sought out restaurants

in town. Speaking of which we shall also have the

opportunity to learn more about how to actually

cook a French dish with a cook during a Parisian

cooking class. Get ready to uncover the most

sought out culinary secrets of French cuisine, and

go home with a recipe list full of tasty dishes. A

special evening surprise will be held at the Moulin

Rouge show – get ready to immerse yourself in one

of the oldest and most entertaining cabaret shows

in the world. A truly unique experience! From

strolling along the banks of the Seine, discovering

the hidden corner of neighborhoods such as

Montmartre with its spectacular panoramic views,

the charming village-like Marais, chic St Germain

des Près, your feet are in for some sightseeing in

style. Don’t worry there are sufficient cafes to rest

at! One cannot go to Paris without at least having

the ultimate Eiffel tower experience. Its top views

give a unique perspective of what Paris truly is.

A wonderful city from above and below! Art has

and still plays a most important role in the Parisian

scene and it comes as no surprise that a visit to

the famous Louvre museum and Musée D’Orsay

will be viewed with an expert in the field of art

history. Autumn in Paris is a truly magical time

of year, it is all about colours and coziness: the

streets are emptier, the days are shorter and the

lights are golden. We shall make the most of this

and stroll around the Tuileries gardens whereby

we will then visit a museum dedicated to one

of the most renown painters in France – Monet.

Engross yourself in his magnificent world for a

little while and imagine the pastel coloured water

lilies turning to reality right in front of your eyes!

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our charming Parisian hotel is located in the

heart of Paris in the beautiful neighbourhood of St

Germain. Centrally positioned and within walking

distance to all the main attractions, bakeries,

cafes, restaurants and shops. Our culinary

experience in Paris will mostly be focused on

tasting the real French cuisine in its many flavours

and forms. Dining amongst the locals where the

quality of the food and atmosphere are at its best.

All dietary requirements can be adapted upon

request. A relaxing spa, massage and yoga can

also be organized upon request.

Tour Information

Date: 5 - 9 October 2020

Begins: Paris, France

Ends: Paris, France

Price: AUD$ 2,465






Chagford •• Exeter

St Yves • • Helford River


Jersey Paris

• St Malo •


Belle Île






Tour Information

Secrets of Provence 14 days / 13 nights I France

Date: 29 September - 12 October


Begins: Aix-en-Provence, France

Ends: Aix-en-Provence, France

Price: AUD$ 7,425

Our adventure begins in Aix-en-Provence

where we meet and then drive to Cassis. We

visit this picture perfect postcard village on

the Mediterranean and travel through the wellknown

wine region of Bandol before we reach

Le Lavandou, our base for the next 3 nights. Our

first walk will be in the idyllic Iles d’Hyères. The

islands have been known since the sixteenth

century as the Golden Islands, on account of

the colour of their southern cliffs. Their natural

beauty makes them an ideal location for some

spectacular coastal walking. Our second walk

takes us to St Tropez from where we explore a

fairly steep stretch of the coastline before moving

more inland across some very pretty vineyards.

We leave the seaside and drive towards the

Montagne du Luberon. This mountain range

is full of charm and runs east from Cavaillon

towards Manosque. Today it embraces about

50 communities, which all appeared during

the Middle Ages, clinging to the rock face.

The tall houses with their imposing walls

huddle close together at the foot of the castle

or church. The inhabitants of this region existed

from the cultivation of olive trees and lavender,

rearing sheep and from silk worms. Traces of

these ancient traditions can still be seen in the

little walls and enclosures of dry stones, and in

the “bories”, small stone cabins in which the

peasants sometimes sheltered for weeks, during

the time they were working in the fields. We

visit Roussillon and walk in the strange shapes

and lurid colours of the ochre cliffs. The village

dates back to the 14th century and is red from

the dust of the ochre cliffs on which it stands.

The different shades of the ochre are featured in

the local houses and enhance the village and the

surrounding countryside. In the late afternoon

we arrive in Forcalquier, our base for the next 5

nights. This sunfilled corner of France is a sweet

land, scented with lavender, dotted with olive

trees, Roman remains and hillside villages with

fountain-filled squares. Our splendid walks

will lead you through hills covered in wild

rosemary, sage and lavender and the perfume

promises some outstanding cuisine for which

the French are so famous - Aioli, Daube, young

rabbit baked in a honey and lavender crust,

fabulous goat cheeses, olive oil and the famous

melons. Of course we shall visit the wonderful

market in our hometown of Forcalquier, ancient

abbeys, Europe’s largest gorge, the Luberon

Valley and the Lure Mountains - the setting for

many of Jean Giono’s novels. We walk in the

Luberon Valley, and everywhere you will enjoy

the typical scents of Provence, the fragrance

from the region’s wild herbs, the tang of pine

trees and the perfume of lavender. Relax in the

beautiful gardens of our idyllic country retreat,

take a swim or have a game of tennis. Before

dinner, taste the award winning local Pastis

or a homemade orange wine. Dinner tonight

will be in a lovely restaurant near Forcalquier.

Our final stop is the beautiful alpine town of

Barcelonnette in the remote Ubaye Valley in

the French Alps. It is rich in history and offers

the perfect location to explore the Mercantour

National Park. The park stretches along the

Italian border and surprises us to no end with

some spectacular mountain scenery.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

The first 3 nights are spent in le Lavandou on the

Mediterranean. Our hotel is set in a lush garden

surrounded by flowers, palm trees, a swimming

pool and spa. It is only 5 minutes from the

beach and very close to the ferry harbour to

the magical Ile de Port Cros. In Forcalquier

we stay in one of our favourite hotels. Located

in a picturesque Provincial setting in Haute

Provence, it has two swimming pools and a

tennis court. Here we have selected a number

of individual restaurants, which offer truly

gastronomic delights of the so famous “Cuisine

Provençale”. In the French Alps our cozy hotel

is situated in the magnificent mountain village

of Barcelonnette. Here we can sample great

food with a Mexican influence.



Barcelonnette •


• Ganagobie

• Apt • Forcalquier

Le Luberon







Cassis •

Htes Alps

• Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

• Castellane

Lac Ste Croix

Iles d’Hyeres •


Verdon Gorge


Ubaye Valley

Alpes de

Hte Col de Larche


• Saint Tropez

• Le Lavandou

Le Lavant, Port-Cros





Mercantour N.P.

Ventimiglia •

• Menton





Pagnol’s Provence 7 days / 6 nights I France

Tour Information

Date: 10 - 16 June 2020

Begins: Aix-en-Provence, France

Ends: Aix-en-Provence, France

Price: AUD 3,950

Jean de Florette and Manon de Source, My Mother’s Castle and My Father’s Glory - who has not

heard of these wonderful books and films of Marcel Pagnol! From our hometown, Forcalquier,

we shall take you to the places which influenced Marcel Pagnol in his writing. During your time

with us you will get to know many of Provence’s special tastes and smells. Most of the regions

have remained unspoilt and the villages have preserved their local identity and spirit. Inspired by

Julian More’s book - Pagnol’s Provence - we show you some of the famous film locations. In Haute

Provence with Montagne de Lure, Contadour and Ganagobie, we recognize scenes out of “Regain”

and “The Baker’s wife.” Join us for the rare opportunity to experience daily life in Provence at the

pace of the local inhabitants We shall walk in the L’Etoile Range and Cassis. We also travel through

the tiny village of La Treille where much of the film Jean de Florette was shot.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

In Forcalquier we stay on the outskirts of the village, in the countryside, in a hotel which Pagnol

himself could have easily chosen; charming and so typical of the real Provence. It is set in the

countryside with a delightful garden, swimming pool and for the energetic, a tennis court. Before

dinner you can try your hand at boule while enjoying a glass of the local aperitif “pastis”! Afterwards

we travel into the countryside to experience some delightful local restaurants offering real Provincial

food. The last two nights are spent in Cassis, a beautiful seaside port on the Mediterranean. Our hotel

is only minutes away from the harbour in a very quiet location with a lovely garden setting complete

with a pool and spa. We dine out in the old town and experience fresh Mediterranean seafood both


Mt Ventoux

• Avignon Banon • Ganagobie

• Forcalquier

Le Contadour

• Manosque





Calanques •


• • Aubagne

Cassis •

Tour Combination



Nice •


• St Tropez

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“Pagnol’s Provence” and “Sea

to the Summits” walks to be






A Rejuvenating Retreat in Provence

We invite you to take some time out and visit a

more spiritual Provence with activities relating to

the senses. In our hometown of Forcalquier, within

the walls of a converted 13th century convent,

is UESS, the European University of Scents and

Flavours. This institution is dedicated to research

and training for the study of aromatic and scented

plants, vital for the development of the cosmetics

and food industries, which are particularly active

in our region. It organizes many specialized

training courses and one of them is the Perfumers

Workshop which enables beginners to learn the

basis of a perfume composition and create our

own customized and unique perfume. At the

end of the workshop we can take home our own

flacon of self-made perfume. Not least amongst

the wonderful things about our “neighborhood”

in Haute Provence are the gardens of the Prieuré

de Salagon. This ancient Benedictine priory is

located on a 2000-year-old Gallo-Roman site

and includes a 12th-century Romanesque church

famous for its classical music festivals. The ethnobotanical

gardens present some beautiful flowers

and aromatic plants from a region famous for

them, and the medieval garden shows you what

was growing here “way back then”.

Our walks take us into the gentle hills of Provence

with siestas in a field of wild thyme and through

small hilltop towns. Nastassja Clarke’s greatest

passion has always been about healing, selfdevelopment

and empowering people to be the

very best version of themselves, and for them

to reach their full potential. This is why she has

included various healing techniques, which shall

inspire others to rediscover parts of themselves on

a deeper introspective level. She will also be there

to assist and support you through your journey

on the retreat here in Provence by personally

7 days / 6 nights I France

coaching you “one on one”. With her soft

guidance she will provide you with alternatives

to heal, grow and live a life that is more vibrant,

joyful and aligned to each person’s unique needs.

Under the gentle guidance of Federico Insabato,

we attempt to gain a deeper inner elevation

through the wonderful practice of meditation

and yoga. Ayurvedic Massages are also available

upon request. The radiant Antonella will assist and

help you integrate the Alexander Technique - an

educational process that was created to retrain

habitual patterns of movement and posture in

order to reintegrate spatial self-awareness and

regain general wellbeing in the body and mind.

The Life Alignment Technique will also be

available under the loving guidance of practitioner,

Paola Conti. Life Alignment is a transformative

healing system of the body, heart and mind. It

provides the means to free ourselves from the

past, in order to fully live in the present and in

the process to discover our life’s purpose. Every

morning Nastassja will greet you with healthy

breakfast alternatives to start your day just right

and will provide you with easy and delicious

recipes for you to bring back to your daily life

routine once the retreat is over! Expect an array

of fragrant vegetarian dishes during the retreat by

professional chef, Virginie, specialising in fresh

local organic produce.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

We stay at Residence St Mary in our own

holiday apartments, which are in a charming,

cobblestoned street in the old town of Forcalquier;

ideally located to explore the quieter parts of


Tour Information

Date: 05- 11 July 2020

Begins: Aix-en-Provence, France

Ends: Aix-en-Provence, France

Price: AUD 4,165



• Digne

• Ganagobie

• Avignon

• Forcalquier

• Dauphin

• Manosque • Moustier Ste Marie

• Pertius Lac Ste Croix



Durance River

Montagne de Lure




Tour Combination

Occitane Spa, Mane

French Alps


Verdon Gorge



Nice •



Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “A

Rejuvenating Health Retreat in

Provence” and “Peer Gynt’s Trail”

walk to be combined.


Flavours of Provence 7 days / 6 nights I France

We fell in love with Provence many years ago

and there is nowhere else in the world quite like

it. Above all, Provence is a region to delight and

nourish the senses - the strong colours which

attracted many of the world’s famous painters,

the smell of lavender, pine and wild herbs,

shopping in colourful markets, street cafes, local

wines, rich vegetable soups, chicken stuffed

with rosemary and bouillabaisse with freshly

baked bread. On this holiday we stay in an

idyllic country retreat in Upper Provence. It is

an area of great natural beauty away from the

tourist haunts. During the three day cooking

seminar, professional chef, Gabriela Clarke, will

introduce you to authentic Provençale cooking.

It is a pleasant way to immerse yourself in the

French way of life and learn how to prepare and

cook the delicious local produce. Included in

our itinerary are visits to the famous Forcalquier

market, a rustic chèvre cheese farm, an ancient

olive mill, France’s No 1 pastis distillery and

Monsieur Bresc, a local beekeeper. Our walks

take us into the gentle hills of Provence with

siestas in a field of wild thyme, strolling through

small hilltop towns and visiting the famous

Gorge du Verdon, the second deepest canyon

in the world. After a day of activities, relax in

the beautiful gardens of our retreat or visit one

of the local cafes and practice your French with

the locals. Take a swim, play tennis or enjoy a

game of boules at sunset (it is a great excuse for

a glass of pastis!)

Our Hotels & Cuisine

We stay in one of our favourite hotels, Auberge

Charembeau. Located in an idyllic Provincial

setting in Haute Provence, it has a swimming

pool and tennis courts. We have selected a

number of individual restaurants, which highlight

the diversity of the “Cuisine Provençale”. The

dinners during our 3 days of cooking will be in

the dining room of our own home, enjoying our

efforts from the afternoon, together with some

excellent local wines.

Tour Information

Date: 13 - 19 July 2020

Begins: Aix-En-Provence, France

Ends: Aix-En-Provence, France

Price: AUD$ 3,985



• Digne

• Ganagobie

• Avignon

• Forcalquier

• Dauphin

• Manosque • Moustier Ste Marie

• Pertius Lac Ste Croix



Durance River

Montagne de Lure




French Alps


Verdon Gorge



Nice •




Timeless Valley 18 days / 17 nights I France

Our stay in Upper Provence is at the border of

the well known region of southern France with

a more mountainous, less populated area to the

north. The long ridge of the Lure Mountains is

generally considered to be the actual frontier

between two different worlds. We explore the

territory found immediately to the north of this

ridge, a combination of rugged slopes, wide

rocky riverbeds and tiny hamlets. Not very far

from here, we venture into a highly remote

valley of the Southern Alps, a region called

“Queyras” with solid farming traditions. Our

‘home’ is just down from St Veran, the highest

village in Europe at 2000m. From our base

the walks will take us even higher towards the

border of Italy, over ridges in excess of 2800m.

The Monviso, one of Italy’s proud summits at

3841m will soon become a familiar landmark.

Back to lower country, we then find ourselves in

“Ardèche” a part of the Cévennes in the Massif

Central with particularly strong traditions.

Generations of farmers carved the steep slopes

into countless terraces to scrape their survival

from this tough but majestic country. Chestnut

trees (bread tree in the popular language) were

essential to the subsistence of local populations

for centuries and we don’t leave this region

without a good “roasted chestnut party! Finally

our journey allows us to discover some parts

of Savoy - further north in the Alps than earlier

in the tour. Our base is in the superb town of

Annecy, renowned for the breathtaking beauty

of its lake and the picturesque atmosphere of the

old town. Annecy is only a short distance from

Geneva in Switzerland. The lake is surrounded

by tall mountains and for obvious reasons hiking

is the favourite hobby of most locals.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our base in upper Provence is a charming small

hotel in Sisteron. Here we are treated to some

of the region’s specialties, one of them being

the Sisteron lamb, renowned nation-wide! In

Queyras we make a small but comfortable 2

star hotel our home. The vast outside terrace

is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the late

afternoon light after a day up and down high

mountain tracks. Our hosts treat us to some

“serious” mountain dishes, often based on

locally produced cheese. In Ardèche our home

is again in a “Maison d’Hôtes”, on the side of a

roaring torrent with a 20m high waterfall right

at our doorstep. The enthusiastic owners have

turned an 18th century silk mill into charming

accommodation. Their dining table draws

respect from all around the place and offers a

range of very inventive and tasty dishes based

on local products. In Annecy we stay in a cozy

3 star hotel a few steps away from the lake and

at walking distance to the busy town centre.

From our hotel it takes about 15 minutes on foot

along the lake to reach the old part of town. For

our dinners we have chosen some of the most

inviting restaurants.

Tour Information

Date: 26 August - 08 September


Begins: Aix-En-Provence, France

Ends: Geneva, Switzerland

Price: AUD$ 6,495






• Burzet

Tour Combination




Sisteron •

Annecy •



Saint-Véran •





•• Nice




Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “Timeless

Valleys”, “The Romantic Path”

walks to be combined.


Walk to the Stars 14 days / 13 nights I Italy & France

Our walk begins in Florence and follows the scenes from some famous films along

the Italian Riviera and the Cote d’Azur. “A Room with a View” was filmed at Pensione

Bencista in Fiesole where our tour begins. From here we travel to the Ligurian Coast.

The hills and mountains in the backdrop make it a spectacular setting. Sestri Levante,

formerly a fishing village, is both beautiful and full of life with stunning sea views on

the two bays. The town makes a perfect base for discovering the wonders of Liguria

and is not too far away from the well-known sites like the Cinque Terre and Portofino.

Our walks will take us to the most picturesque and quaint towns and villages along

the Ligurian coast. On our journey through Liguria’s villages and unspoiled nature we

discover some places which have been locations for famous Italian and foreign films

like “The Trip to Italy”, “Enchanted April”, filmed in Portofino, on the Italian Riviera and

“The Bourne Identity” with Matt Damon where one scene was filmed at the Imperia

harbour. The stretch of coast belonging to Imperia Province is also known as the Riviera

dei Fiori, the Flower Riviera, characterized by bays, ports and coves. At a short distance

from the coast, behind the hills are valleys and pristine woods with many great walking

tracks. Time to cross the border into France and our adventure continues to the Côte

d’Azur, known for its dramatic mountains, sparkling blue Mediterranean waters and a

craggy coastline. On a coastal walking track we discover the famed St-Jean Cap Ferrat

peninsula with luxurious villas, including the spectacular Villa Ephrussi. We explore the

hilltop villages of Vence and St Agnès and stroll the streets of beautiful Menton. Time

permitting, we also visit Monaco. “And God Created Woman”, with Brigitte Bardot,

“Bonjour Tristesse” and La Piscine, starring Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet

and Jane Birkin and “Two for the Road” with Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn were

all films set at the Côte d’Azur. Our final destination is St Tropez, one of the world’s most

famous “villages”. Once a totally unknown fishing community, St Tropez started its days

of fame when it attracted prestigious painters in the first part of the 20th century. It later

gained international attention when stars of the movie industry (Brigitte Bardot, to name

only the “sparkiest”) made St Tropez their trendy place of vacation and even sometimes

their home. On our walk we explore a fairly steep stretch of the coastline before moving

more inland across some very pretty vineyards. In the evening we have time to wander

around the port and explore the narrow alleys of the historic part, nearby.

Tour Information

Date: 19 June - 2 July 2020

Begins: Florence, Italy

Ends: Aix-en-Provence, France

Price: AUD$ 7,725





Borgomare •


Nice • Villefranche

• Cap Ferrat


• Saint-Tropez



Imperia •


• Santa Margherita

Portofino • • Sestri Levante

Cinque Terre

Pisa •

San Marino


• Lucca



Relais Del Maro, Borgomaro

Grand Hotel Villa Balbi, Sestri Levante

Our Hotels & Cuisine

We stay in “the best of both worlds” - the

charming coastal towns of Sestri Levante,

Villefranche and St Tropez as well as the

charming hotel in Borgomare in the hills

behind Imperia at the Ligurian Coast..


Italian Lakes 14 days / 13 nights I Italy

This magnificent walk extends from the

Ticino in Switzerland to the Veneto in the

south. Narrow and long, these lakes are all

of glacial origin and their banks are covered

with varied and luxuriant vegetation. The

numerous villas with attractive gardens on

the lakeside, the great variety of flowers

throughout the year and the small sailing

villages add to the charm and originality

of these pre-alpine lakes.

Late summer at Lago Maggiore! With its

Mediterranean climate and fantastic

food, it is an ideal region to begin our

walk. Passing this majestic lake, our route

takes us through the narrow gorges of the

Verzasca and the Centovalli. The grottos

(restaurants) along the way offer fresh

home-grown produce and such delicacies

as minestrone, saffron risotto, and rabbit

in red wine with rosemary potatoes. At

the enchanting Lago di Como we are

surrounded by wooded hills below the

majestic mountains. The lake consists of

three long narrow arms and has a total length

of 50 kms. We walk on old mule tracks

through varied and lush Mediterranean

vegetation with splendid views across the

lake. The Panoramic Trail, which begins

in the picturesque little village of Soglio,

just across the border in Switzerland,

offers some majestic mountain scenery.

Lake Garda is the largest and perhaps

the most beautiful of the northern Italian

lakes. Sheltered by the Dolomites, it has a

temperate climate and historically was the

most northern locality in the world where

citrus fruits could be grown commercially.

Our itinerary includes a walk at Monte

Baldo, the Sentiero Angelini and a walk

to the fairytale castle of Drena. To catch

a glimpse of the imposing private villas

and gardens, we take a ride on one of the

steamers, which regularly ply the lake and

walk from Gargnano to Muslone.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our first four nights are spent in a small,

traditional village in Ticino, Switzerland in

the hills behind Locarno. We stay in a very

comfortable family run hotel where you

will receive a warm welcome and enjoy

delicious home cooked local cuisine.

On our last two evenings you can truly

experience the culinary delights in the

famous “Da Agnese” Stazione Restaurant

- a well-known gourmet retreat converted

out of an old railway station! Our hotel in

Varenna is a romantic villa, right on Lake

Como. The big terrace is immersed in

flowers and the blues and greens of

the lake - an ideal spot to sip a glass of

Prosecco and watch the sunset. Our last

five nights are spent in a splendid hotel

at Lake Garda. It offers magnificent views

across the lake. It is situated in a lovely

garden, complete with a wonderful

swimming pool and wellness centre. Our

restaurant offers a delicately flavoured

cuisine. Risotto, homemade pasta, grilled

or sauced meat and lake fish are well

prepared and extremely tasty.

Tour Information

Date: 26 August - 08 September


Begins: Luzern, Switzerland

Ends: Verona, Italy

Price: AUD$ 8,485



h Zürich




St Moritz

• Saglio

Val Verzasca •

Val Maggia Intragana •

Ascona •

Verbania •

Stresa Lago Maggiore

• Chiavenna

• Bellinzona

Dongo • Gravedona

• Menaggio

• Varenna

• Locarno

Lago di Como


Riva del Garda

Malcesine •

Limone Sul Garda



Lago di Garda




• Verona


Tour Information

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “The Italian

Lakes” and “The Romantic Path”

walks to be combined.

Hotel Royal Victoria, Varenna

Hotel Bellevue San Lorenzo, Malcesine


The Romantic Path 14 days / 13 nights I Austria & Italy

Holidays in the Austrian Lakes District mean

sunshine, dreamlike mountains and swimming

in crystal clear lakes. Our magnificent walks

take us through gentle rolling fields to majestic

mountains, sleepy valleys, alpine streams

and quaint villages with geranium-bedecked

chalets. Highlights are the Loser peak with

views down to Lake Altaussee and Lake

Grundlsee and The Three Lakes walk to Lake

Toplitz. Enjoy local culinary delights in some

of the most romantic settings. We continue into

the friendly Leutasch valley, which stretches

along the base of the Wetterstein range of

mountains, the border between Austria and

Germany. It has a real “country” feel, with

small village churches and fields of hay dotted

amidst original alpine forest. Our walks will

take us into the Gais valley which is known for

its Alpine meadows and the spectacular walking

areas, as well as being the home of the turnof-the-century

German-language author Ludwig

Ganghofer. The Austrians have a reputation for

being high spirited and charming. It takes a lot

of willpower to walk past the inviting outdoor

cafes, especially with the smell of freshly baked

strudel in the air. We travel via the Brenner Pass

into northern Italy to the “King of the Alps” -

the Dolomites. These jagged rocky peaks are an

inspiring sight, especially at sunset when the

mountains take on a breathtaking hue of pink,

known as “Alpenglow”. We walk through green

meadows, alive with flowers and explore such

famous mountains as the Stella group and the

Puez Geissler N.P.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our Hotel in the Austrian Lakes District is a

romantic and quiet hide-away in an incredibly

unspoiled setting. It has its own private access to

the lake, a beautiful terrace and a very nice spa

centre. As there is absolutely no traffic, the only

“noise” comes from a little creek next to the

building. Food and beverages are outstanding

and the breakfast is certainly the best we have

experienced - a great beginning for a day of

walking in the Alps. On our return, the delicious

homemade cakes on display in the Brahms Café

will certainly tempt you. The German composer

Johannes Brahms preferred the Seevilla Hotel

during his many stays in the Salzkammergut

Region and two of his compositions were

even premiered here at the Hotel Seevilla. The

next 3 days we stay in the beautiful Leutasch

Valley. Our hotel is ideally located in a very

quiet position and with glorious views of the

mountains in a homely and family atmosphere.

It has a heated indoor pool and a beautiful

swimming lake. The cozy restaurant serves the

typical Tyrolean cuisine. Our family run hotel

in the famous Groedner Valley has a traditional

Alpine style and is full of atmosphere and

charm. The tastefully furnished premises offer

panoramic mountain views, a wellness centre

and the restaurant serves delicious Italian


Tour Information

Date: 11 - 24 September 2020

Begins: Munich, Germany

Ends: Bolzano, Italy

Price: AUD$ 7,985



Leutasch Valley

Bolzano • S. Cristina

• • Selva



• Innsbruck


Tour Combination

• Salzburg

• Bad Ischl

Hallstätter See

Bad Aussee • • Altaussee



Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“Romantic Path” and “Secrets of

Provence” to be combined.


When in Rome 5 days / 4 nights I Italy

What better way to discover the eternal city’s

secrets than with someone who has sourced out

all the locals favourites, and has come up with

a list of things to see and do off the tourist traps.

Nastassja has now lived in Rome for four years

and has always been on the lookout for new

things to explore. May is the perfect month to

visit Rome – the jasmine is intoxicating every side

street and the city is blooming back to life after

the colder months. Rome is considered the heart

of Italy, where the abundance of life is high and

all aspects revolve around food, wine and good

company. The Italian way of living is: simplicity

and quality. Even though their diet mostly consists

of Pizza, pasta and gelato, there are many local

Roman dishes, which go further than just gluten

and carbs. The pleasure one can get out of eating

one simple dish is indescribable and has to be

experienced at least once – and Rome is sure to be

a live theatre experience. Dining is always highly

entertaining and lively, as for the “aperitivos”, an

absolute essential part of Roman living, which

happens at the end of a working day, consisting of

a pre dinner drink with lots of tasty nibbles along

with it! A real danger but worth the indulgence

and many flavours! This tour will consist of food,

wine and a bit of culture; an escape into nature

will also take place. As for the ladies a personal

shopping tour around the picture perfect Roman

streets can also be organised, and the men are

welcome to join or find one of many beautiful

cafes and lounge in the sun, pretending to do

what Romans can do so well – nothing! Another

highlight will be a cooking class with an Italian

woman in her kitchen, and going to the market

and cooking up all the ingredients from scratch.

And then of course comes the best part – tasting

what we concocted! Rome is known for its seven

hills, which promise spectacular panoramic views

over the whole city. The Gianiculum hill is the

perfect way to work off the food, which we shall

be consuming on a daily basis. Everyday at noon a

single shot of a canon breaks the peaceful silence

- a tradition that has been going on since the 19th

century. On our way, we will stop for coffee and

do it as the locals do – at the bar. Energised by then

we can face the “climb” where we will stop by

the magnificent “Fontanone”, a fountain, which

was built by the pope Sixtus V. For the health and

wellbeing of everyone, we will also include a few

yoga sessions to reconnect with our inner-self and

work off all the food! Your body will thank you for

it! Extras such as an evening at the Theatre, or spa

experience in the Jewish ghetto can be organized.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our boutique hotel is just around the famous

Campo de’ Fiori market. Centrally located and

within walking distance to all the best bars, cafes

and shops. Our culinary experience in Rome

will mostly be focused on the traditional Italian

dishes, dining amongst locals, where the quality

exceeds the quantity and appearance. All dietary

requirements can be adapted upon request.

Tour Information

Dates: 26 - 30 May 2020

Begins: Rome, Italy

Ends: Rome, Italy

Price: AUD 2,925



• Siena • Assisi

• Spoleto

• Norcia

• Pescara

• • Pescesseroli • Vieste




• Tivoli





Vico Capri • • •

Sorrento • Amalfi

• Eracolano

• Peschici

• Mattinata

• Manfredonia

Vesuvio National Park


Coastal Gems of Tuscany 14 days / 13 nights I Italy

Explore the mystical Tuscan coastline of the

Maremma, a hilly area dotted with vineyards,

castles and a sandy coast with beautiful beaches.

This region has been inhabited for millennia,

and along our trails we will discover many

archaeological sites. We walk through pine tree

forests and aromatic Mediterranean vegetation to

sandy beaches. In the nearby Uccellina mountains

we explore a medieval Cistercian abbey. Nearby

Mount Argentario is a peninsula tied to Tuscany

by just two strips of land. This wild and unspoilt

promontory was once used as a defensive fortress,

and indeed, its former military function is still

visible today. From Porto Ercole we meander

up through Oak Forest to the Convento dei Frati

Passionisti, a Monastery, built in 1737. From the

summit of Monte Argentario at 645 meters we

descend to the panoramic seaside town of Porto

Santo Stefano, which is the departure point to the

Giglio Island.This ultimate hidden gem offers the

bluest of seas all around, and fabulous beaches to

unwind after a day of walking. The largest part of

the island is wild and covered by Mediterranean

vegetation. Get ready to be intoxicated by a whirl

of fragrances. The wild beauty of the countryside

around Capalbio will sweep you off your feet

to mystical places such as the magnificent

Tarot garden, which features large colourful

sculptures created by renowned Artist Nikki de

Saint Phalle. With just a ferry ride away we will

immerse ourselves into the dreamy Italian island

of Elba, one of the most beautiful Islands in the

Mediterranean!!.The meandering footpaths on the

colourful island bring us through the quaintest

of villages, green shady forests leading us up to

high secluded peaks, which offer stunning 360°

views of this slice of paradise! Elba’s typical low

Mediterranean vegetation offers a large variety

and the greatest treat is that one can always finish

off at one of the many inviting beaches to cool off

from the day with a fresher approach.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our hotel in the Maremma is a renovated historic

farm which is in the same family since 1830 in a

spectacular landscape with olive trees, vineyards

and fields of golden grain. In Elba we stay in a

charming hotel close to the seaside.

Tour Information

Date: 19 June - 02 July 2020

Begins: Rome, Italy

Ends: Florence, Italy

Price: AUD$ 7,645

• Livorno

• Cecina


• Piombino


• Elba Island

Maremma Nature Reserve

Talamone • Albinia

Monte Argentario•

• Capalbio

Porto Santo Stefano &•


Porto Ercole • Ansedonia

Giglio Island • Tarquinia


Fiumicino •


Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “Coastal

Gems of Tuscany”, “Pagnol’s

Provence” and “Rejuvenating

Retreat in Provence” walks to be


Hotel Filippo II, Porto Santo Stefano

Hotel Riva del Sole, Marina di Campo


Follow the Gourmet Trail

Our walk begins in Torino. Once on the Gourmet

Trail, we travel through the Piedmont - one

of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Surrounded by the

high Alps, its landscape is like a grand garden

with valleys, vineyards, hazelnut bushes and

old castles. A food lover’s paradise! Wonderful

cheeses, grapes, wild herbs, grappa, wine and

most importantly the famous white truffles. These

are just some of the mouth-watering treats which

await you after a day’s walking. In Novello we are

ideally located to explore the famous vineyards

of Barolo and Barbaresco along the way. The

charming nearby towns of Asti and Alba are only

a short drive away. Located between Tuscany

and the French border is the famous Cinque

Terre; five idyllic fishing villages standing out

like a string of precious stones. Our walking

track follows what must surely rate as one of the

world’s most stunning coastal paths as it winds its

way through the Cinque Terre National Park. We

base ourselves for 3 nights in one of these famous

villages - Riomaggorie. Soak up the atmosphere

of a genuine Mediterranean seaside village as

you explore the narrow streets and discover for

yourself why UNESCO has declared this a World

Heritage Site. On your free day you can explore

further afield by catching the ferry to Portovenere

or La Spezia. The magic of Tuscany is not only

its culture that brought forth the Renaissance or

masters like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci

but its magnificent countryside. Our walk leads

us through medieval hilltop villages, rolling hills,

fertile valleys, vineyards, olive groves and forests

ablaze with colour. We follow a trail through

the wooded countryside of Chianti and the hills

around San Gimignano. At night enjoy delicious

Tuscan cuisine; vegetable timbale with a basil

15 days / 14 nights I Italy

sauce, bruschetta, guinea fowl in vin Santo,

memorable porcini dishes, the best pasta and

mouth watering pastries. We travel through the

Crete Senesi, the charming landscape south of

Siena, to Lazio. This lesser known region of Italy is

an area of volcanic lakes, mountains, gorges, olive

groves and vineyards. Much of the landscape was

formed by the eruption of volcanoes, which has

produced hot springs and rich fertile soil. Before

the rise of Rome the Etruscans and the Latins

populated it. Rich archeological sites can still be

found. Our walk ends in Orvieto.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our hotel in the Piedmont is a family run, restored

farmhouse in the heart of the Langhe hills near

Barolo. Cà San Ponzio is a great place to relax

and enjoy – the real meaning of “La dolce Vita”.

In nearby local restaurants we will be spoilt with

a delicious selection of Piedmont gastronomic

specialties. In the Cinque Terre we stay in a

comfortable hotel, perched on top of the old

village of Riomaggiore. It is beautifully situated,

overlooking the Mediterranean and the terraced

vineyards. In our restaurant we can enjoy typical

Ligurian cuisine, fish and seafood, with the classic

Cinque Terre white wine. The next four nights are

spent in a grand country estate, nestled in the hills,

surrounded by olive trees and overlooking San

Gimignano. It has a beautiful landscaped garden,

complete with a swimming pool and tennis courts.

A highlight here is the opportunity to eat in some

of the best local restaurants in this famous region

of Tuscany. Our final three nights are spent in a

modern hotel right at Lake Bolsena.. The chosen

restaurants surprise us with an imaginative Italian

cuisine and offer a stunning panorama of the lake.

Tour Information

Date: 15 - 29 May 2020

Begins: Torino, Italy

Ends: Orvieto, Italy

Price: AUD$ 8,185


er • • Alessandria

• Barbaresco

• Alba

• Barolo



Levanto • • Monterosso

Corneglia •

Manarola •

Riomaggiore •

Portovenere •

Cinque Terre


• Vernazza

Tour Combination




• Lucca

S.Gimignano • Siena

• Montalcino

• S. Antimo

Sovana •

Pitigliano • Lake• • Orvieto




• Viterbo

• Castellina

in Chianti




Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “Follow

the Gourmet Trail” and the

“Epicurean walk in Italy” walks to

be combined.


Tour Information

Date: 03 - 09 October 2020

Begins: Torino, Italy

Ends: Torino, Italy

Price: AUD$ 4,275

Flavours of Italy in Piedmont 7 days / 6 nights I Italy

The Piedmont, one of the largest regions in Italy,

is an area of outstanding beauty and history.

Surrounded by the high Alps, its landscape is like

a grand garden with valleys, vineyards, hazelnut

bushes and old castles. Its capital is Turin, which

was for centuries the capital of the Savoy Dynasty.

More recently the area has gained a reputation

for its fine gastronomy and was adopted by the

UNESCO as a world heritage area. Two of its

most famous products are of course the highly

sought after white truffles and its popular wines,

namely Barolo and Barbaresco. In his private

kitchen our friend and professional chef Gino

offers hands-on instructions in classic Italian

cuisine. The emphasis is on simplicity, quality,

fresh ingredients and easy-to make recipes.

Gino will share the secrets of pasta making

with us and we also learn all about the famous

white truffles while on a truffle hunt. Lessons

are complemented by visits to wineries and a

colourful market! Our walks in the Piedmont

take us through splendid and almost untouched

countryside, dotted with traditional farms.

Highlights include visits of Alba, Barolo and

Barbaresco, some of the most important towns

in the Piedmont. On day 7 we return to Torino

where the Flavours of Italy tour concludes.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Surrounded by vineyards, we stay in a

magnificent villa near Agliano. It is set in the

peaceful Piedmont countryside, boasting a

swimming pool, spa and a vast garden. We

have selected a number of individual restaurants

which highlight the diversity of the “Cucina

Piedmontese”. The three dinners during our 3

days of cooking will be in our villa, enjoying

our efforts from day to day, together with some

excellent local wines.






• Barbaresco

• Alba

• Barolo

• Alessandria

Tour Combination


Ligurian Sea


Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“Flavours of Italy” and the

“Gastronomic Trail through

hidden France” walks to be



Epicurean walk in Italy 16 days / 15 nights I Italy

Tour Information

Date: 03 - 18 June 2020

Begins: Sorrento, Italy

Ends: Florence, Italy

Price: AUD$ 8,325

Our tour begins in Sorrento - the gateway to

the stunning Amalfi Coast. This 25 km long

peninsula, rising to more than 1,400 metres, has

an extensive web of magnificent paths, many

of ancient origin. Well above the busy coastal

towns, we walk through hamlets, citrus orchards

and vineyards on the mountainside. A highlight

is our magical walk on the enchanted island

of Capri. It is also possible to visit the famous

Vesuvio, which entered the history books when

it erupted in 79AD. In the space of two days

the Roman settlements of Pompeii, Ercolano,

Stabia and Oplontis were wiped out. Today the

volcano’s reputation as a merciless destroyer has

been greatly diluted and you can walk in Vesuvio

National Park, established in 1991. On your free

day you can visit Pompeii where you can find the

richest insight into the daily life of the Romans. We

move onto Peschici on the Gargano Promontory.

It offers dramatic scenery and its high rocky spur

plunges into the Adriatic Sea, broken here and

there by small beaches. In the Abruzzo Mountains

the wild landscape exerts a strong influence.

They are dominated by the Appennines and the

hinterland forms one of Italy’s last remaining

wildernesses. At 2,912m, the highest peak is Gran

Sasso. A particularly beautiful area is the Parco

Nationale d’Abruzzo. It is one of Europe’s most

important nature reserves with a rich landscape of

high peaks, rivers, lakes and forests.

Once hunted almost to extinction, the park now

boasts 100 brown bears. Our route continues

to Umbria - the “Green heart of Italy”. This

region contains some of Italy’s most outstanding

medieval hill towns - Orvieto, Assisi, Spello, and

Spoleto are just a few. They also house some of

Italy’s oldest churches along with Roman and

Etruscan remains. Such countryside yields many

delicacies - trout, olive oil and the prized truffles.

Norcia, our base for the next 3 nights is located

in the heart of the Appennines and the Monte

Sibillini National Park, and already founded 600

years before Rome. It bears the mark of a long and

colourful history: ancient city walls which are still

standing, major monuments and a wealth of art.

Our walk takes us through the Sibillini National

Park, which was founded in 1993 in the land of

the mythical Sibyl tribe. Wolves, golden eagles,

pilgrim falcons and many other native species are

the most evident signs of a varied and rich fauna.

The charm of abbeys and medieval villages,

scattered in the form of a crown at the foot of the

mountains, have created an ancient and evocative

world. Even today, time seems to have stopped to

pay homage to such extraordinary beauty. On

our way to Florence we travel through Assisi and

spend the morning visiting this famous town. Our

walk ends in Florence where you have excellent

rail connections in many directions.



• Siena • Assisi

• Spoleto

• Norcia

• Pescara

• Pescesseroli • Vieste



• Tivoli

• Rome





Vico Capri • • •

Sorrento • Amalfi

• Eracolano

• Peschici

• Mattinata

• Manfredonia

Vesuvio National Park


Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our first 3 nights are spent in a lovely hotel

in Sorrento and 2 nights in Amalfi. Both

hotels are situated in the centre and just

a short distance from the seafront. Our

dinners are in a variety of restaurants which

offer a flavoursome cuisine, based on fresh

vegetables, fish and seafood. 4 nights are

spent in a peaceful hotel at the harbour in

Peschici. Here the local cuisine is enlivened

with seafood, fruity green olive oil and dry

white wine. Here we will be spoiled with

some of the best Italian home-cooking and

the fish soup alone is worth the visit. During

the next 3 nights in the Abruzzo we stay in

an elegant art nouveau country house, set in

a large park with century-old trees, centrally

located in Pescasseroli. The restaurant of the

hotel boasts a choice of classic cuisine or

traditional regional specialties. In Norcia

we stay in the magnificent Palazzo Seneca.

Our dinners will be taken in the elegant

ambience of our hotel and also at the

Ristorante Granaro del Monte, originally

the main grain store of Norcia, built for

protection within the town walls. On the

menu we can find tagliolini noodles with

truffles, spelt soup, fettucine with wild boar

and many other specialities.

Relais & Chateaux Palazzo Seneca, Norcia

Hotel Continental, Sorrento

Hotel Miramalfi, Amalfi


From the Mountains to the Mediterranean

14 days / 13 nights I Sardinia, Italy & Corsica, France

Sardinia has glorious beaches, dramatic cliffs,

fascinating prehistoric sites and a wild interior

roamed by shepherds. The churches, where

Christianity and paganism mix, are part of

Sardinia’s fabulous mystique.

On our coastal rambles, mountain hikes and

cultural exploration, we discover the best of

this alluring island where we are never far from

the glistening blue sea. We catch the ferry for

a short trip across the Straits of Bonifacio to

Corsica. It is a mountainous island, 170km south

of the French mainland, with an extraordinarily

diverse landscape and is often referred to as the

most beautiful island in the Mediterranean. Our

carefully chosen route enables us to discover

some of the most majestic mountain scenery, a

spectacular coastline with vertiginous cliffs and

wonderful sandy beaches. Our guided walk

will take us past tumbling rivers, through forests

of pine, silver birch and chestnuts, across

hillsides of lavender, rosemary, thyme and an

aromatic undergrowth that the locals call the

Maquis, from which the French Resistance took

its name.

We move towards Piana from where our

day walks will take us up into high territory,

sometimes on the famous “GR20”, possibly

Europe’s most reputable hiking track. We walk

a section of the Sentier du Littoral and discover

the wonderful rock garden of Les Calanches in

the Golfe de Porto. In the heart of the Regional

Nature Park of Corsica, it has been listed World

Natural Heritage by UNESCO. From Piana we

explore the beautiful Capo Rosso and Capo


Tour Information

Date: 29 April - 12 May 2020

Begins: Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Ends: Ajaccio, Corsica, France

Price: AUD$ 7,845

Cap Corse

St Florent • • Bastia

Calvi •


Capo Rosso •



Calanche •


• Bonifacio

Alghero • Sardinia

• Cala Gonone

Sinis Tharros •• Oristano



Tour Information

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“From the Mountains to the

Mediterranean” and “Follow

the Gourmet Trail” walks to be



Our Hotels & Cuisine

In Sardinia, our beautiful family-run hotel is in an impressive rural

setting below the Sopramonte massif. The architecture is distinctively

Sardinian and the hotel’s restaurant is famed for its Sardinian

specialities. We stay 2 nights nights in Alghero where our hotel is

close to the beach and not very far from the centre of the town. The

following 2 days we stay in the fascinating town of Bonifacio. It is

perched on a spectacular cliff top at the southern tip of the island

and is the most Genoese of Corsican towns. Set out along the walls

of the Bonifacio ramparts, our hotel is situated in a quiet location

on the harbour with lovely views across the water and to the old

town. Each night we discover the delights of the Corsican cuisine

by visiting the best local restaurants in this pretty old port. The next

4 nights we stay in a hotel in Piana. It is classified as one of the

most beautiful villages in France, overlooking the Mediterranean

and the famous Calanches. Our restaurant has wonderful sea views

and offers fresh fish from the Gulf, often made into “aziminu”

(bouillabaisse or fish soup), chèvre and brebis cheese, charcuterie,

various pastas and delicious salads. The final 2 nights we stay in St

Florent in the northwest, just at the base of Cap Corse. St Florent

is a charming seaside town in the Nebbio region and not far from

the vineyards of Patrimonio. Our cozy hotel in St Florent has a

wonderful atmosphere. Local traditions, modern comfort, excellent

cuisine, and tastefully furnished premises make it an ideal base for

us to explore the superb countryside.


La Dolce Vita 15 days/ 14 nights I Italy

Sicily is a sun-drenched, palm-fringed island

and derives its rich culture from the impressive

parade of Mediterranean powers that have

ruled its shores for the last two millennia.

The glorious monuments are of many epochs,

from Greek temples to cathedrals adorned

with Arabic-Norman facades. We discover

Sicily on walks through the splendid Riserva

dello Zingaro, pristine coastal land backed

by steep mountains. It was Sicily’s first nature

reserve and is a real oasis of biodiversity.

During our walk we find the most isolated

and enchanting beaches and enjoy the

natural beauty of this protected eco system.

The interior of the Madonie Mountains

reveals Sicily’s deeply rustic culture - tiny

mountain villages, farms, shepherds and

freshly-made cheeses. From Cefalu we have

a magnificent panorama of the turquoise

sea and a lovely stretch of sandy beach

before moving to the Aeolian Islands, which

lead a precarious existence in the buffeted

waters off the northern Sicilian coast. They

offer excellent walking with some splendid

vantage points over the other islands. They

are named after Aeolus, the Greek god who

kept the winds he controlled shut tight in one

of the islands’ many caves. The 2,600 year-old

heart of Siracusa, Ortygia, is set on an island.

We walk the narrow streets, explore Doric

temples and the fabulous Greek, Roman and

Christian ruins. The majestic volcano Mount

Etna dominates a large part of eastern Sicily

and is the highest active volcano in Europe.

Our walk takes us above 2000m and together

with a local guide we discover this fascinating

mountain. Pantalica Gorge is Sicily’s greatest

necropolis. Along the path through the gorge

we discover some of the 5,000 Neolithic

tombs, hewn into the canyon walls. On our

way to Palermo we stop in Piazza Armerina.

Here we visit the vast and sprawling complex

of the Villa Romana, once a Roman hunting

lodge dating back to 286 and 305 AD. The

mosaics are virtually intact and the most

breathtaking ones are those of the Roman-

African period.

Tour Information

Date: 16 - 30 April 2020

Begins: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Ends: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Price: AUD$ 7,945

San Vito

Lo Capo





• Monreale




Aeolian Islands


Madonie Mountains


• Enna

• Piazza

• Armerina


Mt Etna







Hotel Pocho, San Vito Lo Capo

Our Hotels & Cuisine

On this marvellous island we stay in “the best of both worlds” - the dramatic mountain scenery

of the Madonie Mountains in Petralia Sottana and the charming coastal villages like San Vito

Lo Capo, the ancient part of Siracusa and the island of Lipari. Here we have chosen a variety

of beautiful hotels, full of ambience and history. The excellent local cuisine has already a taste

of Africa. Mountainous areas produce lamb, goats and characteristic Sicilian cheeses. From the

plains and coast, and the rich volcanic soils around Mount Etna, come superb vegetables and

sub-tropical fruit. There is also a great variety of fish and very drinkable local red and white wine.


Hotel Carasco, Lipari

Peer Gynt’s Trail 14 days / 13 nights I Norway

Our Walk begins in one of Europe’s best kept secrets – Bergen. It has a

gorgeous location directly beside the sea but with towering mountains

rising just behind. It has a bustling port and famous fish market and it

is well worth spending time here before or after the walk. We travel

west towards the famous fjord country including the romantic Geiranger

Fjord. Our walk here takes us past waterfalls and onto an alpine

plateau with superb views towards the most famous fjord in Norway.

We pass the spectacular mountain road, Trollvegen and follow the old

King’s Road to the tiny Dovrefjell National Park. It was established to

protect the dramatic highlands around Mount Snohetta and to provide

a suitable habitat for Arctic foxes, wild reindeer, wolverines and musk

oxen. In Norway, fossil records show that the musk ox prospered around

Dovrefjell during the last Ice Age. Henrik Ibsen’s “great hunter” Peer Gynt

did not fell a single deer in the entire story, but he brought to Rondane

status and a place in international literature. Following the footsteps of

Peer Gynt, we walk in the amazing landscape of the Rondane National

Park, surrounded by a ring of mountains. This region, 600 million years

old, once rose from a lifeless sea. Through thousands of years this

alpine area has provided hunters with a living, and the hunters have left

their mark in the form of reindeer traps and burial mounds. Rondane’s

range of fauna is diverse - from lemmings to reindeers! The spectacular

Jotunheimen National Park is “home of the giants” and the epitome of

Norwegian countryside with its high peaks and mountain communities in

the valleys. It offers magnificent walking through ravine-like valleys, past

plunging waterfalls, deep lakes and glaciers. The view from Besseggen

across the two lakes of Bessvatn and Gjende is outstanding. On our

last day we follow the famous Sognefjellet which traverses the highest

mountain pass in Northern Europe and then onto the Sognefjorden

before returning to the historic town of Bergen. From here it is possible

to take one of the world’s finest rail journeys, passing between snowy

peaks and over the bleak Hardangervidda plateau to Oslo. Don’t miss

the side trip on the Flam line, which hairpins its way down the Flam

valley to Aurlandsfjord, stopping midway at the thundering Kjosfossen



Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our hotel in Øye is like a fairytale from

“La belle époque”. At the end of the 1800’s

Hotel Union was the most sought after hotel

in Northern Europe – its guest list read like a

“Whose Who” of Europe - Queen Wilhelmina

of the Netherlands, Emperor Wilhelm II of

Germany, King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway,

and Queen Maud and King Haakon VII of

Norway are some of the royalty who enjoyed

their stay here. This romantic hotel has now

been completely renovated and has an idyllical

location amidst beautiful untouched natural

scenery, located only a short distance from

the Geiranger fjord. In the Dovrefjell National

Park we stay in a small hamlet which has been

very tastefully restored. It combines modern

comfort with historical authenticity. At night

enjoy deliciously prepared dinners as Knut and

Ellen introduce us to the gastronomic delights

of this region. Our hotel on the edge of the

Rondane N.P. is located just above the tree line

and commands excellent views of the National

Park. It has very comfortable lounges and also

an indoor heated swimming pool and sauna.

A culinary adventure is the “koldtbord” - a

buffet offering a wonderful selection of fish and

seafood specialities, salads, meat dishes, breads,

delicious cheeses and various desserts. Our

hotel in the picturesque village of Lom has been

in the same family since 1897. It is a stately farm

courtyard consisting of the main building and

several historic 17th century log houses. The

beautiful timber-lined lounges and sitting rooms

create a wonderful atmosphere. The tradition of

using the local ingredients was established at

Fossheim by the former Head Chef Arne Brimi

– he created what was called “natures kitchen”

where local food is prepared using a long

cultural and culinary tradition. This inspiration

from Arne has continued with the menus being

baed on the fine local produce such as reindeer,

local trout and fresh vegetables which are

grown in the valley just outside of Lom. Norway

is a haven for berries with delicious raspberries

being used in many of the desserts. Don’t miss

the chance to sample the famous waffles with

cloudberries after our walk at Sota Saeter.

Tour Information

Date: 12 - 25 July 2020

Begins: Bergen, Norway

Ends: Bergen, Norway

Price: AUD$ 9,365



• • Kongsvold

Dovrefjell N.P.

Lom • • Vågå Rondane N.P.

• Otta

Jotunheimen Trondheim N.P.

• Aurland

• Flåm •

• Voss Lillehammer

• Hardangervidda



a Bergen

Øye •

Geiranger Fjord


Tour Combination



Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “Peer Gynt’s

Trail” and “Iceland Explorer “

walks to be combined.

Hotel Union

Hotel Rondablik, Rondane


Kongsvold Hotel

Tour Information

Date: 27 July - 09 August 2020

Begins: Reykjavik, Iceland

Ends: Reykjavik, Iceland

Price: AUD$ 10,885

Iceland Explorer 14 days / 13 nights I Iceland

Our journey begins in Reykjavik and takes

us into an untamed world of fire and ice,

of spouting geysers, blue lagoons, massive

glaciers, and multicolored valleys stretching to

the sea. Our spectacular adventure immerses

you in the full realm of Iceland’s extraordinary

landscapes, with fantastic coastal and

mountain walks. We travel northeast and our

first few days are spent in the delightful remote

fishing port of Siglufjoerdur, a highlight of any

trip to the north. The country’s most northerly

town, Siglufjörður clings precariously to the

foot of steep mountain walls, which enclose

an isolated narrow fjord on the very edge of

Iceland. The Arctic Circle is barely 40kms away

but Siglufjörður makes an excellent base for

walking around the surrounding mountains.

From here we also have the opportunity to

join a whale-watching excursion in search

of humpbacks or even the giant blue whale.

After visiting Godafoss, “waterfall of the

gods”, with its spectacular cascade, we head

to Lake Myvatn, known as one of the best birdwatching

sites in the world. We explore the

lake surroundings and also visit Dimmuborgir

lava field, an area of bizarre lava formations

with volcanic arches, pillars, caves, and

bridges. In the Krafla volcano area, our hike

brings us across countless rift fissures and lava

flows from the eruptions of 1975 and 1984.

We pass through the starkly contrasting desert

scenery of the Northeast Highlands to the

enormous Dettifoss in Vatnajökull National


Europe’s largest waterfall, in terms of volume

discharge, Dettifoss is bizarrely set in an arid

area of sand and rock formations. We allow

time for a soak in the milky blue waters of the

Naturebath in the North, a famed geothermal

spring. We continue moving east and come to

Seydisfjordur, a place of singing waterfalls and

peculiar characters. We stay in this welcoming

town, which is rich in history. The Vatnajökull

icecap, Europe’s largest glacier, is the backdrop

for our walks between mountain and shore. We

walk along stunning Jökulsárlón Lagoon, cross

Skaftafellsheidi Heath, passing the beautiful

Svartifoss waterfall, skirting the massive

Skaftafellsjökull Glacier and walk in the Katla

Geopark. We explore the Reykjadalur Valley,

with its green hills and natural hot Springs and

magnificent Thingvellir National Park, a World

Heritage Site. We are happy to say that we have

found some amazing hotels and an Icelandic

cuisine that deserves a special mention for its

creativity and high quality! Attention coffee

connoisseurs - this is high competition to Italy

– we never had a bad coffee anywhere!

Our Hotels & Cuisine

The first three nights we stay in Siglufjörður

and our hotel is built into a fisherman’s

marina. All rooms have wonderful views of the

surrounding mountains and this quaint town.

Enthusiastic chefs at the hotel’s restaurant

have some culinary surprises in store for us.

We spend 3 nights in our hotel at Lake Mývatn

which blends well into the landscape and the

grass roof does not destract from the unique

views of the lake and the river Laxá. From the

hotel’s restaurant we can admire the beauty

of the surroundings. Seydisfjordur is one of

our favourite places in Iceland. The pretty

village lies in a deep cleft between high snowcovered

mountains and is famous for its 19th

century wooden houses. We spend 2 nights

at our hotel which consists of three separate

houses, full of character and atmosphere. The

next 3 nights are spent in Kirkjubæjarklaustur,

which is part of the beautiful Katla Geopark.

Less than an hour’s drive from the hustle and

bustle of Reykjavík and set against a backdrop

of majestic mountainous lava fields, the last 2

nights are spent in a Luxury Adventure Hotel.

It’s location by the “Golden Circle” route

makes it the perfect base for our walks. It has

an awesome Lava Spa, an excellent restaurant

and an award-winning Northern Lights

bar with amazing views of the magnificent

landscape that stretches out to the horizon.


Reynisfjara Beach •

• Eyjafjörður

Siglufjörður •

Delvik •


• Gullfoss Vatnajokull

Reykjavik Tingvellir


• • National Jokulsarlon •

Park Glacial Lagoon •

Selfoss •


Seljalandsfoss • •

Skógafoss •

Dyrhólaey •



Tour Combination

• Dettifoss

• Krafla Crater

• Lake Myvatn

Egilsstaðir •

Seydisfjordur •

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “Iceland

Explorer” and “Greenland

Explorer” walks to be combined.


Ion Hotel, Nesjavellir

A Winter Tale in Iceland

Winter is a magical season in Iceland, with

far fewer visitors, a snow-dusted landscape,

and the chance to see the northern lights!

Our winter adventure brims with outdoor

escapades and we have timed our winter tale

to give us plenty of daylight hours to enjoy

our activities. On our walks we explore the

stark beauty and the soft light among frozen

waterfalls and we snowshoe along lava fields

with sweeping vistas. A dog sledding tour on

snow and a visit to the unchained Siberian

Husky Kennel at Berg Bergþóra’s home, the

farm Heiði is another highlight. In Mývatn,

snowmobiling is one of the local’s favourite

ways of travelling through the rough arctic

conditions. Snowmobiling is a part of their

lifestyle and they love to share their passion

for snowmobiling with us. Another thrill is to

visit the Lofthellir Ice Cave inside a volcano. It

is a permafrost Ice-Cave inside a Lava Tunnel,

boosting incredible ice formations, some

hundreds of years old. The tour starts from

our hotel and the journey to the cave leads

us through rugged tracks along incredible

geology. The drive takes us past the volcano

Mt. Hverfjall and along Lúdentarborgir crater

row. Another thrill on our winter tour is

hunting for the Northern lights. As night falls,

we search for the spectacular blue, green,

and violet arcs shimmering across the sky

above us. It is thanks to the weaker magnetic

field around the poles, that electrically

charged particles from the sun can enter the

earth’s atmosphere here. But we don´t need

to understand the physical part of it to enjoy

the amazing Northern lights above us. Our

8 days / 7 nights I Iceland

hotel is in the best spot for seeing the aurora

borealis! We have always enjoyed our visits

to the Mývatn Nature Baths during summer,

but it is even more special in winter. The

nature bath was opened in 2004 and has

proven to be one of the region’s highlights for

travellers. Based on a century’s old tradition,

the tastefully designed complex offers

bathers a completely natural experience.

Begin with a relaxing dip in clouds of steam

rising up from fissures deep in the earth’s

surface and end with a luxurious bath in a

pool of geothermal water drawn from depths

of up to 2,500 metres. Containing a unique

blend of minerals, silicates and geothermal

micro-organisms, the warm soothing waters

of Mývatn Nature Baths benefit both skin

and spirit alike. The Sigurgeir’s bird museum

is the perfect solution for an unfavourable

weather day and is on the farm Ytri-Neslönd

beside Lake Myvatn. It was established

following the pioneering work of Sigurgeir

Stefansson who lived at the farm. Sigurgeir’s

bird museum is considered the largest known

private bird collection in Iceland. There are

plenty of other activities that could be an

option dependent on weather!

Our Hotels & Cuisine

We spend 7 nights in our hotel at Lake

Mývatn which blends well into the landscape

and the grass roof does not distract from the

unique views of the lake and the river Laxá.

While eating delicious food at the hotel’s

restaurant, we can admire the beauty of the


Tour Information

Date: 16 - 23 March 2020

Begins: Akureyri, Iceland

Ends: Akureyri, Iceland

Price: AUD$ 6,895


Reynisfjara Beach •

• Eyjafjörður

Siglufjörður •

Delvik •


• Gullfoss Vatnajokull

Reykjavik Tingvellir


• • National Jokulsarlon •

Park Glacial Lagoon •

Selfoss •


Seljalandsfoss • •

Skógafoss •

Dyrhólaey •



Tour Combination

• Dettifoss

• Krafla Crater

• Lake Myvatn

Egilsstaðir •

Seydisfjordur •

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both, “A

Winter Tale in Iceland” and “A

Journey back In Time” walks to

be combined.


Tour Information

Greenland Explorer 7 days / 6 nights I Greenland

Date: 12 - 18 August 2020

Begins: Kulusuk, Greenland

Ends: Kulusuk, Greenland

Price: AUD$ 7,125

If you want to experience one of our planet’s

most jaw-droppingly beautiful settings, come

to Greenland. With icebergs spilling out

of its fjords and a fascinating Inuit culture,

Greenland is a wonderland for adventure.

Our walks are well paced, with stops to enjoy

the views, wildflowers, birds, unusual rock

formations and of course the thousands of

exquisitely sculptured icebergs stranded on

the shoreline or cruising the fjords. With its

vast central ice caps and rugged, fjord-cut

eastern coastline, Greenland has one of the

most spectacular landscapes in the world. We

arrive by boat from Kulusuk and have a day to

explore Tasiilaq on Ammassalik Island. It has

colourful houses, friendly people, howling

sled dogs, smiling kids and a pioneering spirit.

These are two of the many hundreds of barren,

rocky islands guarding an impenetrable maze

of fjords and inlets on Greenland’s sparsely

inhabited east coast. On our path through

the Valley of Flowers we can discover many

delicate Arctic plants in bloom. We go on a

fantastic boat tour with a local guide from

Tasiilaq village toward the big glacial fjord of

Knud Rasmussen. Here we discover Icebergs,

whales and extraordinary scenery. One of

Greenland’s most scenic routes is hiking up

to Somandsfjell, the impressive mountains

just above Tasiilaq. From here we have a

panorama view of the area. Our helicopter

flight between Tasiilaq and Kulusuk offers

stunning views of the land, sea and ice

below. Arriving at Kulusuk, we have a day to

explore the rugged Kulusuk Island on foot.

We walk to Greenland’s most popular village,

which remains a settlement of fishermen

and hunters. There is a small harbour, shop,

church, workshop for sealskins and carving

giving a glimpse of the traditional Greenland.

Another highlight is a spectacular walk on

a glacier. In this realm of elemental beauty

and wilderness, we will savour the rarity of

pure silence and the spell-binding light of

the Arctic summer. There are plenty of other

activities that could be an option dependent

on weather!

Our Hotels & Cuisine

The first 4 nights we stay in Tasiilaq and

our hotel has a wonderful location above a

sheltered fjord, overlooking the picturesque

town and majestic mountains. It has been

fully modernised, yet retains a friendly,

informal atmosphere. Our hotel in Kulusuk is

close to the airport and it is Greenland’s only

settlement hotel where you can experience

the true atmosphere of the unique lifestyle

in an Inuit hunter settlement. Greenland’s

culinary scene is still very influenced by

the rustic Inuit cuisine. It is a nation where

food preparation from scratch still permeates

everyday life and almost everyone has a

favourite cooking method for reindeer, knows

how to salt their own fish, and boil their own

jam. Apart from whale, one of the most protein

sources, we can also find reindeer, lamb

and the occasional muskoxen on the menu.

The delicious but rather rare Greenlandic

salmon, called kapisilik, can only be enjoyed

in the country. Crowberries are a delicious

substitute and the herb Angelica has been

intergrated into the gourmet cuisine.

Nuuk •

Tour Combination



Tasiilaq •• Kulusuk


Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“Iceland Explorer” and

“Greenland Explorer” walks to be



Tour Information

Date: 25 June - 08 July 2020

Begins: Exeter, England

Ends: Vannes, France

Price: AUD$ 8,325

On the Celtic Way 14 days / 13 nights I England & France

Cornwall is a fantastic county with friendly people,

beautiful countryside, great food, a vibrant history

and a strong sense of Celtic culture. During our

walks we discover tiny fishing villages, smuggler’s

coves, dramatic cliffs, countless spectacular

beaches and sweeping bays. The Dartmoor in

Devon is a truly inspiring part of the world! It has

swards of pastures, narrow lanes and picturesque

thatched cottages. The heart of the Moor is wild,

heather-covered hills, punctuated by the stark

beauty of the granite Tors. Normandy, the land of

Calvados, Camembert and cider, just can’t help

looking like it is posing for a picture postcard.

Rolling hills are so green they make your eyes

squint. Mont St Michel is amongst the most

unlikely, extraordinary sites on the surface of

the earth. What makes it so exceptional, besides

bearing some of the finest examples of gothic

architecture ever produced, is the location of

the “Mount” itself. The so-called Bay of Mont St

Michel sees the largest tides in the world with up

to 12 metres difference between high and low!

As a result, the bay changes twice a day from a

flat sandy beach to the ocean. During our visit

we have time to admire the abbey in its unique

location. Brittany offers an outstanding setting

for some wonderful walking; a rugged coastline

swept by the rough Atlantic Ocean. Above

the cliffs, massive granite headlands covered

in heath extend back to sun-drenched forests

and picturesque villages. The spectacular coast

occasionally interrupted by long sandy beaches,

rivers and hidden bays, surprises walkers time

and time again. The movement of the huge tides

provides a fascinating spectacle. Belle-Ile-en-Mer

is surrounded by steep rugged rocks and braves

the Atlantic Ocean. Incessantly wave after wave

breaks at the innumerable corners and angles of

the rocks, washing them continuously. Roaring

surf and foaming spray are special features of

Belle Ile.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our family run 4 star hotel in Cornwall is set in

65 acres of outstanding natural beauty, right on

the banks of the Helford River. It has its own golf

course, tennis courts, large indoor pool health

spa and award-winning restaurant. Our hotel in

Dartmoor has been a former mill and is nestled

in a river valley just outside the ancient moorland

stannary town of Chagford. It is well known for

its excellent cuisine. In St Malo we stay right at

the entrance to the historical fortress town and

only a short distance to the Mont St Michel Bay.

Our chef specializes in a traditional, yet creative

cuisine made with regional produce, fish and

seafood. Our hotel on the quaint island Belle-

Ile-en-Mer boasts an unbeatable location, right

on the characteristic steep cliffs overlooking the

Atlantic Ocean and the Aiguilles de Port-Coton







Chagford •• Exeter

St Yves • • Helford River




• St Malo •


Vannes •

Belle Île


Tour Combinations



Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the “On

the Celtic Way” and “Discover the

Pyrenees” walks to be combined.


The Highlanders Trail 16 days / 15 nights I Scotland

We begin our route departing from Edinburgh. Deemed one of the

most friendly cities in the world and dating back to the 11th century,

our monumental tour commences amongst Neo-classical architecture,

medieval alleys and regal gardens of the city’s monarch. Our striking

adventure immerses you in the full realm of stunning landscapes,

remarkable history and welcomes us into the heartfelt warmth and spirit

that is Scotland. We travel north and enter The Cairngorms, the largest

National Park in the United Kingdom. Scenes of Caledonian forests, bay

granite and mountain heather make for exceptional walking. Our first

accommodation is Dalmunzie Castle, a quintessential, turreted Scottish

residence, standing proudly at the head of a 6500-acre estate, dating

back to 1510. Dalmunzie is nestled in the heart of Glenshee and is

surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful mountains, glens and little

rivers all a few steps away from the front door. Deer, highland cows

and no doubt a kilt or two can be spotted along this fabled route of

cattle duffers, poets and legends abound. This isolated gem is home to

a mysterious dark forest beckoning us into the history drenched trails of

the region’s spectacular mountain walks. We pass through the crown of

the highlands - Dunrobin Castle, the pristine residence of the Earls and

Dukes of Sutherland. Here we spend an afternoon enjoying the pristine

gardens learning the ancient art of Falconry. Traditionally mastered to

provide game for the inhabitants of the Castle we witness the spectacular

acrobatic skills of owls, falcon and hawk. We continue the journey to

the tip of the country and bid the shores of Scotland farewell as we

enter the dark waters of the alluring north. Shipwrecks greet us as we

enter the Orkney Islands. Endowed with ancient mysteries we part on

the windswept archipelago of standing stones, eagle tombs and orcas.

After adventuring through Neolithic stone circles, iron age villages from

5000BC and perilous views on our coastline walk, we continue our

expedition to the lonely and endless skies of the Assynt - the national

scenic area. Walks carved by glaciers lead us through the breathtaking

mountains to caves strewn with bones of humans and animals dating

back to 40,000 years ago. As we drive to the far west coast we cross

the bridge to the infamous Isle of Skye revealing a fascinating view

of the past where drovers swam their herds of highland cattle across

the sea to market on the main territory. The largest island of the inner

Hebrides boasts radiating peninsulas where we walk basalt terrain of the

spectacular Quiraing and The Old Man of Storr. We visit the romantic

Armadale castle in the south where the first free settlers of Australia

departed their beloved homeland to pioneer a new life. Here we find

a museum dedicated to the emotional journey of the men and women

of the area. Our trip south-east leaves behind the dinosaur fossils,

waterfalls plunging off sea cliffs, clan warfare and folklore as our iconic

Celtic pilgrimage leads us to the doorway of an enchanting island castle

set in the mists of the great Loch Leven. Glen Coe echoes our footsteps

as we trek the mammoth valley where the stories of a haunting past are

walked through its notorious and romantic glen. Meandering our way

through the ever unfolding magnificence of the Trossachs National Park

we find ourselves on the bonnie banks of the peaceful and serene Lake

of Menteith. A timeless oasis graced by swans and fishermen catching

our evening meals as we replenish on local cuisine. Ben Lomond and its

surrounds idealise our Southern Highlands adventures as we inhale the

rugged beauty by ways of steamboat and walking around the esteemed

waters of Loch Katrine and Loch Ard. We are satisfied to say that we

have found a truly epochal selection of hotels and Scottish cuisine that

deserves a special mention for its creativity, thought and quality.


Tour Information

Date: 14 - 29 Septembre 2020

Begins: Edinburgh, Scotland

Ends: Glasgow, Scotland

Price: AUD$ 10,950

• Scourie

Badcall Bay


• Kirkwell


• Quiraing



Dalmunzie Castle •

Bridge of Orchy • Perth •

Loch Katrine

Port of Menteith • Edinburgh

Glasgow • •



Tour Combination

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the “The

Highlanders Trail” and

“Explore Croatia and Slovenia”

walks to be combined.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

The first two nights we stay in the Cairngorm

National Park and the Castle is built in the Valley

of Glenshee. All rooms have a rich history each

telling a story of the characters that once lived

there or passed by its stonewalls. From cattle

rustlers, to earls to poets and maidens this

neo-classical castle balances a unique blend

of charming humility amongst its countless

roomed hallways. Our enthusiastic chef forages

local delights from the surrounding mountains,

treating us to some culinary surprises at the

castle’s very own restaurant. We spend three

nights in our lovely new hotel on the main

island of Orkney. Originally built in 1880 as a

herring and pork curing store, the Storehouse is

right in Kirkwalls historic centre.

It has now been renovated and re-designed,

recycling all the materials within the original

building, mixing the old with the new. It also

has one of the best eateries in town. From

our Hotel Eddrachilles at the north coast of

Scotland we have the most spectacular vistas

out toward the picturesque island-studded bay.

The charm and character of this 200-year old

building used to be a church manse, sitting in

its own garden with direct access to the sea.

Here we are spoiled with afternoon teas and

delicious dinners. The next 3 nights we spend

at the Flodigarry Hotel on the Ilsle of Sky.

It has all the modern luxuries and we have

stunning views of the dramatic seascape

towards the Torridons and Scottish mainland.

This spectacular setting is the perfect base

for exploring the Isle’s walks, townships and

stunning mountains. Here we also have a

fine selection of outstanding restaurants. Our

Bridge of Orchy hotel is on the way up to the

west side of the central highlands. It consists

of a small cluster of buildings in the surreal

landscape of Rannoch Moor and the majesty

of Glen Coe and beyond is the ideal place

to start our walks. Less than 30 minutes from

the famous Loch Lomond, we spend the last

three nights at the elegant and serene waters

of Lake Mentieth. With all the country charm,

including the highland cows out the back, we

enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the

Trossachs. With an excellent restaurant and an

award-winning menu our taste buds delight in

the flavours of the region.

Dalmunzie Castle, Glenshee

The Storehouse, Kirkwall

Tour Extension

Extend your trip with our

Scottish Photography add on

options. We invite you to join

Tim Perceval on a Scottish

Autumn photography walk.

Price to be advised, depending

on the number of days/nights.


Eastern Circuit 14 days/ 13 nights I Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia

The Eastern Circuit is not only a cultural

and historical walk but also an opportunity

to discover one of Europe’s most amazing

Nature Reserves – The High Tatras, which

pass through both Poland and Slovakia. Our

route starts in Munich in Southern Germany.

Travelling east, we stop for lunch in the

delightful town of Regensburg. It is beautifully

located on the Danube River and is home to

the famous 13th Century cathedral and 12th

Century stone bridge. The town is built on

Roman ruins, which date back to 90 B.C. In

the afternoon we continue through Bavaria

before we cross the border and enter the

Czech Republic near Cheb. Our route takes

us through the delightful region of the Ore

Mountains before reaching the picturesque

countryside of Bohemia, famous for its spas

and maze of walking trails. After indulging

ourselves in the spa town of Karlovy Vary

(Karlsbad) for 2 nights, we travel the short

distance to visit one of the finest cities in

Europe, Prague. Naturally one could spend

a week in this romantic city but during our

visit guests are given a great overview – it

is very easy to explore all the worthwhile

sights on foot directly from our centrally

located hotel. We travel further East through

the Czech Republic and cross the border

into Poland. We spend two days in Cracow,

Poland’s former capital and one of the great

art and cultural centres of Europe. Located

on the Vistula River, the city stands on the

place where the Little Poland Upland and

the Carpathian Mountains meet and form the

so-called “Cracow Gate”. In the Polish Tatras

we base ourselves in the beautiful mountain

resort of Zakopane. Located in a picturesque

valley, it is renowned for its quaint timber

houses and folklore. From here we discover

high peaks and ridges, alpine meadows,

cosy alpine chalets and crystal clear streams

flowing into breathtaking mountain lakes

such as Morskie Oko. The next day takes us

across into Eastern Slovakia into one of the

most beautiful natural wonderlands in Europe

- the High Tatra Mountains National Park.

The region is alive with marmots, rare

chamois, eagles and even bears. Our walks

take in more spectacular mountain scenery,

including a visit to Scalanaty Pleso where there

is an option via cable car to visit Lomnicky

Stit, the second highest peak in the Tatras. Our

final day takes us to the sophisticated Austrian

city of Vienna. On our way we travel through

the beautiful little Carpathian Mountains.

They begin in Romania and in Bratislava

they finally come to an end. Bratislava, the

capital of the Slovak Republic, is located on

the Danube River and the Austrian border is

almost in sight of the city.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our first 2 nights we spend in a beautiful

hotel in the old spa town of Karlovy Vary.

Even today it still has a Victorian atmosphere

and the wide boulevards and architecture

are outstanding. A highlight is the aperitif

in one of Europe’s oldest hotels, The Grand

Hotel Pupp. Our 2 nights in Prague are in a

delightful hotel next to the river and near the

famous Charles Bridge. All the main historical

sights are just a 10 minute walk away. The next

two nights are spent in a charming family run

hotel in the centre of Cracow. We dine in one

of Cracow’s famous cellar restaurants where

we enjoy fresh local trout or Kings Shaslics

cooked on an open grill. During the 4 days

in the Polish Tatras we stay in an extremely

comfortable hotel in the bustling resort town

of Zakopane. Our dinners will be in cosy local

restaurants with excellent Polish cuisine. Our

final 3 nights are spent in the High Tatras in

the Slovak Republic. We stay in the venerable

old Grand Hotel in Stary Smokovec. This

historic building which dates back to the

beginning of the last century has lots of old

world charm, next to the Tatra Mountains N.P.

Tour Information

Date: 16 - 29 September 2020

Begins: Munich, Germany

Ends: Vienna, Austria

Price: AUD$ 7,845


• Karlovy Vary


• Prague




• • Starý Smokovec




• • Bratislava








Tour Combination

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“Eastern Circuit” and “Explore

Croatia and Slovenia” walks to be


Grand Hotel, Stary Smokovec

Hotel Belvedere, Zakopane


Tour Information

Date: 03 - 16 October 2020

Begins: Dubrovnik, Crotia

Ends: Venice, Italy

Price: AUD$ 7,865

Explore Croatia and Slovenia

14 days / 13 nights I Croatia & Slovenia





• Lake Bohinj

• Ljubjana


• Skocjan Caves

• Opatija CROATIA

• Plitvice Lakes N.P.



• Paklenica N.P.

Our journey begins in the World Heritagelisted

city of Dubrovnik and takes us

to the island of Mljet where we hike the

spectacular coastline of this sun-splashed

island which is almost entirely a National

Park. Enchanting Croatia is lapped by the

crystal-clear, azure waters of the Adriatic.

A wide variety of landscapes can be found

in Croatia. Most people are familiar with

the stunningly beautiful indented coastline

and its array of amazing islands, however,

over 40% of the country is mountainous.

We discover Paklenica National Park,

which stretches from deep canyons,

beech forests and spring fed creeks to

the Adriatic coast. We explore the aquacoloured

lakes, cascades and waterfalls

of World Heritage-listed Plitvice Lakes

National Park. A magnificent landscape

with wooded hills and 16 terraced lakes

strung together by waterfalls that were

simultaneously carved out and, with

the help of mineral deposits created this

fluid landscape. Countless cascades and

strangely clear and colourful water make

this park a misty natural wonderland. After

a short stay in the famous spa town of

Opatija we cross the border into Slovenia,

which shows off with its towering peaks

of the Julian Alps. Rich spiritual traditions,

charming and ancient mountain villages,

spectacular granite peaks of the Julian Alps

and an intact Old World culture are the

treasures of tiny Slovenia. It is only half the

size of Switzerland and has fewer than 2

million inhabitants but this peaceful and

spectacular corner of old Europe is a real

gem. Its Renaissance-flavoured towns are

unspoiled and the walking opportunities

are endless. The capital Ljubljana is the

country’s political, economic and cultural

centre. It has often been referred to as a

little Prague without the crowds. It actually

has more of a town feel rather than a city

atmosphere. Its 56,000 students make sure

that it stays young! Our journey ends in

beautiful Venice, one of the most romantic

cities in the world! Our walks take us

through vineyard-covered hills and forested

trails that lead to frescoed monasteries. We

scramble up into the majestic alpine terrain

in the Triglav National Park and discover

isolated valleys that shelter the kind of

truly bucolic villages that have largely

disappeared in Western Europe.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our hotels on the island of Mljet and in

Starigrad are directly at the seaside. Imperial

charm we enjoy in our luxurious 4 star

hotel in Opatijia in Croatia, complete with

an in house spa centre. Our contemporary

hotel in Slovenia is in the small village of

Ribcev Laz. It has a large indoor pool and

is very close to Lake Bohinj.

In Croatia the excellent local cuisine

already has a Central European flavour. On

the coast, however, where fish and seafood

are widely used, the Mediterranean

flavours of Italy are dominant. From the

plains and coast to the mountainous

areas, rich soils produce superb vegetables

and fruits. Both red and white wine are

produced and the standards are definitely

improving. For its size Slovenia offers an

incredibly varied cuisine. Because it is

surrounded by countries on all sides it is

heavily influenced by their styles; Austrian

sausages and strudel, Italian ravioli like

dumplings and Hungarian style goulash

and palacinke (pancakes with a variety of

fillings). They have been making wine in

Slovenia since Roman times so be prepared

for some pleasant surprises!




• Pescara • Bari

Tour Combination


Mljet •



Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both the

“Explore Slovenia and Croatia”

and “Gastronomic Trail through

hidden France” walks to be


Residence Saint Mary


In Forcalquier, our hometown in

Provence, we have 4 apartments

for holiday rental. They are all

located in one of the nicest streets

in the old town, rue Saint M a r y

– a c h a r m i n g , cobblestoned

street, leading up to a hilltop

park. One of the unique aspects

of the location is the fact that

rue Saint Mary is a “cul-de-sac”

and extremely quiet with no

traffic noise. However, the main

square with its lovely cafes and

restaurants is just around the

corner. It is certainly convenient

to be able to wander down in the

evening, have a lovely meal with

a bottle of wine and not have

to worry about who is driving!

The apartments have either one

or two bedrooms with separate

kitchen, lounge and bathroom.

Three of the apartments can

be connected into a four/five

bedroom house - perfect for a

large family or a group of friends.

They have modern conveniences

and have been decorated in

the Provencal style. Three of

the apartments have delightful

terraces with stunning views of

the old town and surrounding

Provence countryside, including

the French Alps. On top of the

hill, overlooking the old town,

is a 19th century chapel set in a

wooded cemetery, marking the

site of the former citadel. In the

past, Forcalquier was a favourite

residence of the counts of

Provence and an internationally

renowned cultural, political

and economic centre. Today,

Forcalquier hosts one of the

liveliest and most colourful

markets in the region. Here you

will find all the produce of the

season: lavender, honey stalls

and artists selling their wares.

Wander through the restored

old town with its narrow streets,

basking in the middle of rolling

luxuriant scenery and discover

the many interesting near-by

sites like the Verdon Gorge or

the picturesque villages in the

famous Luberon Valley. Enjoy

delicious provincial cuisine

from a variety of excellent local

restaurants. It is also possible

to arrange golf, art, language,

yoga and cooking classes during

your stay with us in Forcalquier

- please ask for further details.

Forcalquier is almost in the heart

of Provence and all major points

of interest can be easily visited in

a day. Travelling time to nearby

cities - Nice 2 1⁄2 hours, Aixen-Provence

1 hour, Avignon,

Marseille and French Alps 11⁄2



Sancie I Apartment I 2 bedrooms I 1 bathroom I Terracee

Blanche I Apartment I 1 bedroom I 1 bathroom I Rooftop terrace

Beatrice I Apartment I 1 bedroom I 1 bathroom I Terrace

Eleonore I Apartment I 1 bedrooms I 1 bathroom I Courtyard

Please contact us for further details

and prices or visit www.walkaboutgourmet.com




Into the Wilds of Alaska

14 days / 13 nights I Alaska, America

Tour Information

Date: 09 - 22 August 2020

Begins: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Ends: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Price: AUD$ 10,275

Inspired by Wendy, a superb Alaskan

guide, we have introduced Alaska into our

Walkabout Program. The vast beauty of this

country is overwhelming with plenty of fresh

and delicious food. The first two days we

stay at Sheep Mountain, which is very close

to Wendy’s home. From here we walk up to

Lion’s Head and venture out on Matanuska

Glacier where we explore the wonders of

this moving glacier. Together with Wendy,

who is a certified glacier guide, we strap on

our crampons and discover the incredible

features of the glacier, including beautiful

crevasses and startlingly blue ice. The glacier

is constantly changing and moving, so our

route is dependant on the conditions of

the day. We end our walk with some great

photos and a better knowledge of glaciers

and how they are formed. Deep in the

Alaskan interior are over six million acres of

preserved wilderness, which include massive

expanses of forest, glacial lakes, frozen

tundra, and towering mountains - including

North America’s tallest mountain, Denali.

The name “Denali” means “The Great One”

in the native Athabascan language. At 6190

m above sea level, it is the highest peak in

North America and surrounded by one of the

world’s most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries.

Denali National Park is home to many types

of wildlife including caribou, moose, wolves,

Dall sheep, bald eagles, and the mighty

grizzly bears. We shall learn a lot about

wildlife, history and geology of this area on

our walk and our wilderness safari, which

will take us deep into the National Park. Our

next destination is Seward in the South. Here

our highlight is an optional magical cruise on

the Kenai Fjords with breathtaking scenery,

massive tidewater glaciers and abundant

wildlife like the cute otters, sea lions, plenty

of whales and a variety of seals. We may even

spot some black bears swimming. On our

trail at the edge of Exit Glacier we witness

how Glaciers re-shape a landscape and learn

how plant life reclaims the barren rocky land

exposed by a glacier’s retreat.

Our final 5 days we spend in Homer. It has

long been known as the “Halibut Fishing

Capital of the World” and described as

“where the land ends and the sea begins”. It

has spectacular views of Kachemak Bay, the

Kenai Mountains, and several volcanic peaks

across Cook Inlet including Mt. Augustine,

Mt. Iliamna, and Mt. Redoubt. Our “ Lands

End” hotel is on the Homer Spit (“spit” is

a geological landform), a narrow 7.2 km

long gravel bar and the longest road into

ocean waters in the world. It accommodates

Homer’s port facilities along with numerous

shops and restaurants. We visit the enchanted

artist community of Halibut Cove as well

as Seldovia, “across the bay” from Homer.

On your free day you can try your luck

and fish for the Kenai River King Salmon

or join Eric from Alaska Ultimate Safaris on

a bear watching safari. Flying slower than

an airplane gives you plenty of time to take

photos of the scenic surroundings through

the big windows. The chopper experience

allows access to remote areas that planes

simply can’t reach. Eric loves the outdoors

and is very knowledgeable. The flight is about

45 minutes each way from Homer, along the

way you can see Mt. Redoubt, volcanoes,

and gorgeous mountain vistas. Sitting beside

the riverbank and watching the bears fishing,

eating and teaching their cubs is certainly

a mesmerising experience, so absolutely

peaceful and will be a great finale to your

visit of America’s last frontier.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

We stay in “the best of both worlds” -

the dramatic mountain scenery of Sheep

Mountain and Denali N.P and the charming

coastal towns of Seward and Homer in the




Denali •




• Mount Redoubt


• Kenai • Fjords

• Kachemak Bay


• Halibut Cove

Seldovia •

• Sheep Mountain

• Matanuska Glacier

Africa & Middle East




Mystical Morocco 11 days / 10 nights I Morroco

Morocco’s sensuous beauty is legendary,

from imperial cities with labyrinthine and

souks to the awesome grandeur of the

Sahara. Our journey begins in Marrakech

and takes us across the Tizi n’Tichka pass to

the outskirts of Ouarzazate, which is now

a small Moroccan Hollywood (numerous

films took place, and are still shot here).

In the afternoon we continue to the Dades

Valley, an amazing area in the High Atlas

Mountains and a photographer’s paradise!

The valley has lush green fields, spectacular

gorges, and slot canyons of rose-coloured

sandstone. The Dades Gorge has a fairy-tale

feeling and the strength of the colours will

never escape your memory. The Dades area

is filled with lush valley oasis towns and

many of the Kasbahs are in ruin, contributing

to the mysterious atmosphere. We settle

at the foot of Erg Chebbi where Morocco’s

tallest sand dunes stretch to the horizon

and admire the magnificent sunset. The

next morning we try not to miss the sunrise

over the Erg Chebbi dunes. They stretch over

kilometres and kilometres and are sublime

at sunrise as they change colours from pink

to ochre and from red to orange. We cross

the desert where only a few villages brave

those difficult living conditions. Eventually

we enter the Draa valley and the oasis of

Agdz. Located in a vast palm grove on the

old caravan route it is linking Marrakech and

Timbuktu and renowned for its fine dates.

We leave Agdz and travel north through

the lush Draa Valley and travel to the lovely

town of Ouirgane. It is all surrounded by

the High Atlas Mountains, in the heart of

the Berber country. Ouirgane is also known

as a health resort, perfect to enjoy the spa

and yoga. Together, with our local guide,

we discover the Toubkal National Park in

the High Atlas Mountain range. It covers

an area of 100,000 hectares and boasts

the highest mountain peak in North Africa,

Jbel Toubkal, 4167 metres (13750 ft) high.

In Agdz as well as in Ouirgane you can

immerse yourself in a spiritual practice

with some gentle yoga and pranayama

meditation in the majestical Moroccan lush

gardens of both hotels. Slowly coming to a

complete state of relaxation where the only

thing breaking your peace of mind may be

the running water fountains with scents of

jasmine luring you into a complete state of

bliss. Our last day takes us to Marrakech

where our journey ends.

Domaine de la Roseraie Resort & Spa, Ouirgane

Our Hotels & Cuisine

From the dining room of our Kasbah in the Dades

Valley we enjoy panoramic views and savour

some of the country’s traditional cuisine - a

delicious couscous, the famous Pigeon Pie, the

Moroccan soup, Harira, or the many varieties of

Tagine with meat. In Erg Chebbi we spend two

nights in the renovated Tombouctou guesthouse.

Its privileged location near the sea of dunes is

just magical. In Agdz we stay in a beautiful,

newly built Kasbah for 3 nights. Our peaceful

hotel, inspired by many Moroccan Kasbahs, is in

the heart of the palmarie and has a scrumptious

restaurant, which opens up to the pool area.

It offers fine Moroccan cuisine but we might

also escape for one night to the more familiar

European cuisine. In Ouirgane, at an altitude

of 1,000 metres, our charming hotel is secretly

hidden in the middle of sixty acres of natural

parkland. All rooms and suites open on patios

and terraces surrounded by thousands of rose

bushes. There is also a very inviting spa and pool!

Tour Information

Date: 03 - 13 April 2020

Begins: Marrakech, Morocco

Ends: Marrakech, Morocco

Price: AUD$ 5,565








• Seville


• Malaga

Ronda •


• Tangier

• Gorges Dadés

• Boumalne Dadés

Tour Combination

• San José

Sierra Nevada

• Cabo de Gata N.P.

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow the “Mystical

Morocco” and “La Dolce Vita”

walks to be combined.



• Granada





African Walkabout 22 days/ 21 nights I Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe

Our African Walkabout allows you to

experience Namibia, Botswana and Victoria

Falls. Highlights include Sossusvlei and the

highest sand dunes in the world, the bustling

coastal town of Swakopmund, luxurious safari

lodges in the Namibian wilderness, wonderful

game drives in Etosha National Park, a sunset

cruise on the Kavango River while watching

fisherman on the banks in Angola, the Western

Caprivi, observing hippos in Chobe National

Park in Botswana and finally standing next to

Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders

of the World. This year we are changing our

itinerary so that we can stay longer in Namibia

– this beautiful country has some of the best

wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa so we

are excited to be able to spend more time here.

We have also found some wonderful new

lodges so after a day of game drives you can

truly relax and enjoy the comfort and delicious

food that these lodges offer. Namibia is located

on the Atlantic coast of Africa but the general

landscape is dominated by the oldest desert in

the world - the Namib. The surrounding areas

are dry with fascinating geological formations.

Because of the harsh climate the wildlife

congregate at the waterholes so here we have

an opportunity to come “face to face” with

lots of big game – elephants, lions, giraffes,

zebras and a multitude of antelopes. It is

always very memorable seeing these animals

in their natural environment. Chobe National

Park in Botswana is one of Africa’s truly great

National Parks - our game drives and cruise on

the Chobe River allow us to get up close to all

the big game. Victoria Falls is the perfect place

to conclude our African Safari – the Falls are a

powerful force of nature and it is a wonderful

spot to reflect on the sights and impressions

which we have had during the last 3 weeks.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

Our accommodation is in very comfortable

safari lodges with swimming pools and in

stunning locations and sometimes in smaller

family lodges. Most of our meals are at

the excellent restaurants in our lodges but

sometimes our guide will prepare a dinner

under the stars or beside a campfire to give us

a truly authentic African experience.

Tour Information

Date: 15 October - 05 November 2020

Begins: Windhoek, Namibia

Ends: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Price: AUD$ 10,945

Okavango River


• Victoria

• Okavango Delta




• Windhoek BOTSWANA

Namib Naukluft

National Park

Sossuviei •

Johannesburg •

Fish River •

Orange River •

• Mamaqualand Flowers


Etosha National Park


• Twyfelfontein



Cape Town

• Caprivi

• Chobe


Grootberg Lodge, Palmwag

Dolomite Camp, Etosha National Park


Journey through Holy Land 15 days / 14 nights I Jordan & Israel

Our walk begins in Amman and promises an exciting exploration of

Jordan and its antiquity. It also includes 3 nights in the Holy City of

Jerusalem in Israel (political circumstances permitting). From Amman we

visit the fabulously preserved Roman ruins at Jerash, an archaeological

masterpiece consisting of a triumphal arch, stadium, huge fountain,

temples and collonaded streets. We cross the border into Israel at the

King Hussein-Allenby Bridge, one of the three passages from Jordan.

Here we will explore the treasures of Jerusalem from the times of King

David to the Prophet Mohammed. We walk to the West Wall and can

write our own personal prayer note to tuck into the wall, see the golden

dome of the mosque on Temple Mount, and follow the path called the

Via Dolorossa, where Jesus carried his cross past the Stations of the

Cross and we view the Old City from the heights of the Mount of Olives.

We cross the border back into Jordan at the Eilat border and have a

short visit of Aqaba at the Red Sea in the south of Jordan. We travel to

Wadi Rum, once Lawrence of Arabia’s headquarters during the Great

Arab Revolt of 1917-1918. Rocky peaks rise out of pink sands and

Desert Bedoudines ramble these sands with their camels. Together with

our local Bedouine guide we will explore some amazing canyons and

walk between towering sandstone cliffs. The ever changing palette of

colours is best seen at sunrise or sunset. In the late afternoon we enjoy

a gentle camel ride, ending the day with a traditional Bedouin feast and

gazing into the stary sky. We discover fabled Petra, the long-lost city of

the Nabateans, a stunning ruin carved from solid red sandstone in the

3rd century BC. Petra is a world heritage site and the sheer sandstone

hills form a deep canyon that protects it in all directions. Our walks in

Little Petra and Petra take us through the Siq and the Treasury and Royal

Tombs. We cross mountains with wide views before descending to the

Monastery and climb to the High Place of Sacrifice. One evening we

can enjoy Little Petra at candlelight and we even experience a “hands

on” short cooking class. On our way to the Dead Sea we walk in the

Dana Nature Reserve - a region of wadis and mountains. Ever since

the days of Herod the Great, people have flocked to the Dead Sea in

search of its curative secrets. With the highest content of minerals and

salts in the world, the Dead Sea water is thought to possess healing

properties, and the mud on the shores has been used for therapeutic

purposes for over 2000 years. Float in the natural buoyancy of the Dead

Sea by its mystical setting and luxuriate at the truly magnificent Spa

in our exquisite resort. On our way to Amman we visit Mount Nebo,

from which Moses glimpsed the Promised Land. We also visit Madaba,

famous for its mosaics, especially the ancient map of the Holy Land.


Tour Information

Date: 16 - 30 October 2020

Begins: Amman, Jordan

Ends: Amman, Jordan

Price: AUD$ 9,765

Aljoun •

• Jerash

Jordan River

Jerusalem •

• Madaba

Dead Sea



• Amman

• Mount Nebo

Petra •• Wadi Musa

Kings Highway

• Aqaba

• Wadi Rum





Our Hotels & Cuisine

There are many ways of getting to know Jerusalem. Probably one of the

nicest is to explore this wonderful city from the Austrian Hospice. It is

situated in the middle of the Old City of Jerusalem, directly on the Via

Dolorosa and within easy walking distance of all the holy sites of the

monotheistic religions. Despite the pulsating life in the streets of the Old

City, the Austrian Hospice represents an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Four nights are spent in very comfortable chalets of a luxurious Desert

camp which blends naturally into its surroundings. It has exceptional

views of the Moon Valley, a large modern kitchen and even a swimming

pool. It was hand built by its Jordanian owners in the Bedouin Arabic

tradition, using mostly natural materials from the direct surroundings.

The next four nights we are at the 5 star Moevenpick Resort Hotel in Wadi

Musa, directly at the entrance to the historic city of Petra. It certainly has

oriental flair and features an exciting combination of natural stone,

handcrafted wood and Middle Eastern fabrics and textures. The hotel has

an outdoor pool, steam bath and a fully equipped gym. Two nights we

stay in the historic village of Dana, far from the noise and traffic. Our

newly built rooms have a private balcony with an amazing view. The

Kempinski Ishtar is a truly luxurious and exclusive hotel, overlooking

the Dead Sea and famous for its ozone-rich air, mineral loaded seawater

and ultra-violet filtered sunshine. The amazing spa complex is set amidst

glorious gardens dotted with lagoons, waterfalls and private pools, with

indoor Jacuzzi, ice cave, steam room, Ayurveda, Asian therapies and

local salt and mud treatments - the perfect setting for our final stop in


Kempinski Ishtar, Dead Sea

Movenpick Petra, Wadi Musa


Treasures of Cappadocia and Eastern Turkey 17 days / 16 nights I Turkey

Three million years ago violent eruptions of Mount Erciyes (3,916m) and

Mount Hasan (3,300m) covered the surrounding plateau of Cappadocia

with tuff, a soft stone comprised of lava, ash and mud. The wind and

rain have eroded this brittle rock and created a surrealist landscape

of rock cones, capped pinnacles and fretted ravines, in colours that

range from warm reds and golds to cool greens and greys. Goreme

is one of those rare regions in the world where the works of man

blend into the natural surroundings. During Byzantine times chapels

and monasteries were hollowed out of the rock, their ochre-toned

frescoes reflecting the hues of the surrounding landscape. Even today

troglodyte dwellings in rock cones and village houses of volcanic tufa

merge harmoniously into the landscape. Cappadocia is also a natural

wonder and a unique area in the world, loaded with history. We trek,

exploring the surreal landforms of the Goreme valleys and enjoy the

colourful blaze. Following ancient pathways, we visit the strange rock

cut churches and monasteries carved from the soft volcanic tuff. We

continue to South-eastern Anatolia, which is rich in history and cultural

heritage with many magnificent historical sites, dating back to 7,000 BC.

Mount Nemrut is an impressive peak rising from a flat plain in Northern

Mesopotamia and stretches to a height of 2150 metres. It is unrivalled

in its historical treasures and the gigantic statues. The toppled heads of

Apollo, Zeus and Hercules are just amazing. We continue eastward to

Sanliurfa, the birthplace of Abraham and once an important post on

the ancient trade routes between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean

coast. Today it hosts one of the best bazaars in Turkey. Our trail takes us

through Harran, famous for the unusual and fanciful beehive-shaped

houses and to Mardin, one of the oldest cities in Mesopotamia and well

known for its delicious food. Van is one of the most important cities of

the old Vaspurakan region and located on the east coast of Lake Van. It

is the largest lake in Turkey at an altitude of 1,720 metres and ringed by

beautiful mountains. Here we also visit the island of Akdamar, just half

an hour from the shore with a church from 921. Dramatic Doğubayazıt,

set on a stark treeless plain between ranges of craggy mountains, is the

last Turkish town on the highway to Iran, just 35kms to the border. From

the striking 18th century Ishak Pasha Palace we gaze upon legendary

Mount Ararat (5137metres). According to the Bible it was in the Ararat

Mountains where Noah’s ark landed. We journey on to Kars, famous for

its cheese and goose meat. South-east towards the border with Armenia

we visit the fascinating old site of Ani. Once a wealthy rival of Kars, it

is now a ghost town. Ani lies close to a great ravine which demarcates

the border. The ruined 1000-year-old churches contain remarkable

wall paintings and sculptured decorations. We drive east towards the

Black Sea Mountains and walk in the Lake Cildir region. This huge and

glorious lake is curiously unknown to tourists. The landscape reminds

us of some remote Scottish lochs, and it is an intensely arable area.

We walk on the plateaus of Artvin and Savsat, an attractive hilly area,

surrounded by high mountains on all sides, including the 3,537 metres

Karçkal Mountains to the west, watered by many mountain streams and

pools. They are an extension of the Caucasus and separate the Black Sea

from Anatolia. The weather in Artvin is very wet, and the forest is every

shade of green imaginable. This greenery runs from the top all the way

down to the Black Sea coast where we finish our tour in Trabzon.


Our Hotels & Cuisine

Set in a landscape of fairy chimneys, the next 3 nights we

stay in a unique cave hotel, which is carved into a mountain

cliff. Situated in the heart of town, it has luxurious cave

rooms. Located at the foot of the Ortahisar Castle, whose

natural beauty has been preserved over time, traditional

culture remains a way of life. In Eastern Turkey we stay

in “the best of both worlds” - the dramatic mountain

scenery of Mount Nemrut and the Kaçkar Mountains or in

charming lake side settings on the shores of Lake Van and

Lake Çıldır. Here we have chosen a variety of beautiful

hotels, full of ambience and history. The Turkish cuisine is

one of the greatest cuisines in the world. While influencing

plenty of other cuisines in the countries the Ottoman

Empire formerly occupied, the Turkish cuisine reflects

the country’s history. The varied climate allows for almost

everything to be grown within the country. Contrary to

what you might have experienced, Turkish cuisine is not

spicy, except for the Southern part of the country, which

has a strong Middle Eastern influence. Lamb used to be

the most important meat eaten, but now it’s too expensive.

The eggplant remains the most popular vegetable, enjoyed

in various forms. Turks don’t eat pork, because of their

religion. But we find beef, lamb, fish and poultry in a lot of

dishes, although the vegetarian specialties are incredible!!

There are also many excellent local wines. The cuisine of

the Black Sea region uses fish extensively, especially the

local anchovy.

Best Western Premier, Urgup

Manici Hotel, Sanliurfa

Tour Information

Date: 18 May - 03 June 2020

Begins: Kayseri, Turkey

Ends: Trabzon, Turkey

Price: AUD$ 7,865



Black Sea


Trabzon •


Doğubayazıt •


Urgup • Kayseri •

Aksaray • • Mt Erciyes



Tour Combination

Departure dates have been

arranged to allow both, the

“Treasures of Cappadocia

and Eastern Turkey” and the

“Mediterranean Odyssey” walks

to be combined.


Flavours of South India 12 days / 11 nights I Kerala, India

Kerala the “land of coconuts” is situated on India’s

west coast and has over 500kms of tropical beaches

facing the warm Arabian Sea. For centuries, South

India’s Malabar Coast has been the heart of the spice

trade in the Indian Ocean. In its thriving port cities,

the confluence of Greek, Roman, Phoenician, Arab,

Chinese, and European cultures remain visible in the

architecture, religion, and daily life of the people. We

discover its incredible cultural heritage and lovely

landscapes, from palm-tree lined white-sandy beaches

and pastoral waterways where ornate “kettuvallam”

houseboats lazily float, to rice paddies lined in

coconut groves and rubber plantations where tigers

once roamed. In Cochin, with its stunning location

along the Arabian Sea, our walks reveal the legacies

of its European past, from British mansions and Dutch

cottages to a 16th century synagogue. In the cool

mountain region of Munnar our walks are amongst the

cool tea, coffee and lush spice plantations. The very

sound of the word Thekkady conjures up images of

elephants, unending chains of hills and spice-scented

plantations. In the Periyar forest of Thekkady is one of

the finest wildlife reserves in India and spread across

the entire district are picturesque plantations and hilltop

towns with great mountain walks. As we glide on

our deluxe private houseboat, Kerala’s picturesque

rural scenes are all around us. Our journey on

waterways through this quiet region reveals the life

of people working their fields with water buffaloes

and fishing with nets from traditional longboats.

With such a rich and ancient culture influenced by

so many different customs, Kerala has thrived. Many

cuisines were developed over time but always without

compromising the freshness of the local ingredients

used. It is this philosophy that has kept the people so

healthy. Their strong cultural ways are still practised

and much respected. We learn how to prepare native

dishes using spices from Kerala’s Western Ghats.

Ancient crafts like handloom weaving, carvings and

basket weaving are mostly done by hand. Discover

the cordon bleu in you during a short cooking seminar

with the head chef of the Fog Hotel in Munnar. India is a

country which is world-renowned for being a spiritual

one and also as the birthplace of yoga and meditation.

Soothe the body and soul with a meditation course or

yoga class. Finding harmony with the Divine!


Tour Information

Date: 01- 12 March 2020

Begins: Cochin, Kerala, India

Ends: Cochin, Kerala, India

Price: AUD$ 6,445



• Backwaters of Kerala

• Alappuzha Kumarakom

Arabian Sea



• Munnar

• Thekkady

Our Hotels & Cuisine

The four and five star

hotels are chosen from the

best in the area for your

comfort, and charm. The

food will be the biggest

surprise - delicious, freshly

cooked and healthy. Kerala

cuisine is not hot, instead

beautifully spiced. And yes

you can bring spices back

provided you declare them

and they are dried and

sealed. The last two nights

are on a dreamy houseboat.

Taj Malabar, Cochin

Xandari Riverscapes, Alleppey




Serendipity House


Live a resort lifestyle in this beautiful 3-bedroom house in one of

the quietest parts of Byron Bay. It is ideally located and only a short

walk to the beach and the famous Suffolk Park bakery. The iconic

Shaz and Baz Organic Deli is just around the corner. Guests can

enjoy a stylish indoor/outdoor and open plan living. There are

three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has modern conveniences

and has been decorated in a coastal contemporary style. The large

kitchen is ideal and has direct access to one of the best covered

outdoor entertaining areas. It has a gorgeous 10-m saltwater pool

as well as a hot spa to soothe your body, mind and soul. The

breezy Balinese hut fits perfectly into the manicured gardens.

Located at the most easterly point of Australia’s mainland, Byron

Bay is a combination of outstanding beaches, wonderful scenic

outlooks and lush greenery. It has an alternative vibe and relaxed

atmosphere with so much more to do then just surfing or lazing

in the sun. The lighthouse walk is always a good start to the day

or join a yoga and meditation class. There are many interesting

local markets to discover and the hinterland is truly impressive.

It is full of greenery, wilderness and wildlife. Parts of this area

are blanketed in lush rainforest that remains largely untouched.

Bangalow and Newrybar are two great towns outside of Byron with

some interesting delis, cafes and an award-winning restaurant.

There are also many art and craft shops. The countryside is dotted

with farms producing fruit, vegetables, macadamia nuts and

coffee bean plantations. Near Mullumbimby is Crystal Castle,

a wonderful place to relax and unwind. The cafe has some of

Byron’s best healthy food! The Byron Bay golf course is very close

and there are many more activities on offer in Byron Bay. Please

ask for further details. Byron Bay is well connected to 3 airports

- Ballina/Byron Airport (25 minutes) Coolangatta Domestic and

International Airport at the Gold Coast (45 minutes) and Brisbane

International Airport (2 hours).

Please contact us for further details

and prices or visit www.walkaboutgourmet.com


Grampians & Great Ocean Coastal Trail 8 days / 7 nights I Australia

Experience the majestic splendour of the well known

Grampians. This unique area offers spectacular scenery

with mountain peaks over 1000 metres and numerous

species of wildlife. We visit Mafeking, the site of

Victoria’s last gold rush, where in 1900 over 10,000

diggers lived under canvas in search of their fortune.

Throughout the year the National Park is ablaze with

a seemingly endless variety of wildflowers. It truly is

a botanical paradise. Before European settlement in

Australia, a large part of the Grampians was occupied

by Aboriginals. Today the region contains the greatest

concentration of Aboriginal rock paintings in Victoria.

Our walks take us to Mt Zero, the Wonderland and

Mt William. Experience the Port Campbell and Otway

National Parks, a perfect location for a few days of

fascinating coastal walking. We explore long stretches

of unspoiled coastline and walk up into the hinterland,

which provides shelter for an array of unique wildlife.

We visit the famous 12 Apostles, huge limestone

pillars worn and weathered by the stormy Southern

Ocean. The magnificent Melba Gully is the jewel of

the Otway’s and renowned for its dense forests of

Myrtle Beech. A highlight of time in the Otway’s is the

opportunity to walk 2 sections of the newly opened

Great Ocean Walk. The trail goes through some

previously inaccessible areas in the former Otway

National Park.

Tour Information

Date: 21 - 28 November 2020

Begins: Melbourne, Australia

Ends: Melbourne, Australia

Price: AUD$ 3,985





Grampians, Halls Gap • Melbourne

Port Campbell •

Great Ocean Road •







• Wilsons Promontory


Gold Coast



Our Hotels & Cuisine

In these marvellous two regions we stay “in the best of

both worlds” - dramatic mountain scenery combined

with spectacular coastal landscapes. We have chosen

three lovely hotels, full of ambience and charm. The

excellent cuisine in both regions allows plenty of

space for indulgence!! In the Grampians we spend

3 nights in Halls Gap in a 4 hectare green oasis on

the edge of town. Our evening dinners are in three

of the best restaurants in town where you have the

opportunity to sample delicious home style cooking. In

Port Campbell we have 2 nights in newly established

luxury villas. This delightful sleepy little seaside resort

has gone through somewhat of a revival in recent times

and it now hosts some excellent restaurants, which we

shall sample during our stay. Our final 2 nights are

spent just outside of Apollo Bay. Nestled in amongst

20 acres of beautiful rolling countryside all rooms

have magnificent sweeping views of the coastline. We

dine at nearby Apollo Bay, which has some of the best

restaurants along the Great Ocean Road.

Southern Ocean Villas, Port Campbell

Seafarers Getaway, Apollo Bay


Explore Wilson’s Promontory 5 days / 4 nights I Australia

Join us to explore one of Australia’s most outstanding

National Parks, Wilson’s Promontory. “The Prom”,

so called by its many admirers, is the most southerly

point of mainland Australia. The park encompasses

magnificent coastal and mountain scenery. Over

700 species of native plants exist, providing a

perfect habitat for the prolific wildlife. Kangaroos,

koalas and wombats are just a few of the many

native inhabitants. Emus, rosellas, kookaburras and

cockatoos can be seen almost everywhere. The

only way to experience the Prom is on foot. Our

walk highlights some of the park’s most beautiful

areas. We pass through a variety of vegetation

from bush to luxuriant, moist fern gullies. These

harbour magnificent white sandy beaches, washed

by spectacular rolling surf. On our first day we stop

shortly after the turnoff to Phillip Island and discover

the newly established George Bass Coastal Walk

near Kilkunda. Our 2nd day is spent at Wilson’s

Prom NP where we walk to Pillar Point, Squeaky

Beach, Picnic Beach and Lilly Pilly Gully.

Day 3 we discover the secluded Cape Liptrap

Coastal Park not far from where we are staying. Day

4 we venture back into The Prom and walk out

to spectacular Tongue Point. On our final day we

have a leisurely start before driving to Lyre Bird Hill

Winery for our final celebratory lunch.

Our Hotels & Cuisine

The countryside surrounding Wilsons promontory is

home to rich farmlands which produce Australia’s

best dairy products, fine meats, poultry and crisp

vegetables. The area is also noted for several

excellent vineyards and a boutique brewery. Our

accommodation is in a delightful Guesthouse

overlooking Wilsons Promontory with sweeping

views of Waratah Bay just a few km’s away. In the

evening relax on the terrace as we watch the sun

set over this magnificent vista and enjoy a delicious

3-course dinner prepared by our hosts.

Tour Information

Date: 29 November -

03 December 2020

Begins: Melbourne, Australia

Ends: Melbourne, Australia

Price: AUD$ 2,465





Grampians, Halls Gap • Melbourne

Port Campbell •

Great Ocean Road •







• Wilsons Promontory


Gold Coast



Bear Gully Coastal Cottages, Walkerville



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