Best CBSE Affiliated School in Noida for Your Child


Aster Public School is the best CBSE Affiliated School in Noida. We offer a high quality of education & best facilities.

parents to understand these two boards completely, keeping in mind their child's

abilities and then make a decision. Most parents prefer to choose CBSE Affiliated

School in Noida.

Elementary Comparison between CBSE and ICSE Board

• The syllabus of CBSE is in sync with various COMPETITIVE EXAMS such as IIT,

JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT. So, it’s easier for students to pave their path if these

exams are their goals. CBSE has a lot of talent search examinations and

scholarships in stores and the volume of the syllabus is also less. Whereas on

the other hand, the ICSE board is very comprehensive and complete,

covering all fields with equal importance. Since much emphasis is laid on

English in ICSE, students from this board have a slight edge over other

students in exams like TOEFL.

CBSE is quiet POPULAR in India so it is very easy to find schools no matter

where you shift in to and its certificate is recognized in all colleges and

academic centres, through-out the country. Whereas the certificate under

ICSE is recognized all around the world especially by foreign schools and


Similarities between ICSE and CBSE Boards

• Both the school boards offer a high quality of education and are highly

recognized by all colleges in India.

• The main subjects taught in both systems are the same.

This debate of choosing among CBSE and ICSE board is not that easily resolved so

it's ultimately the final decision of parents analysing the ability and capability of

their child.

Contact Details

Phone no: +91-8010109090

Address – 1, Sector – 3, Noida Extension, U.P.


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