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Touching Lives in Our Community and Across the World

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four historic churches or a

newly built one. “It was very

clear to me that we can’t be

an institutional church; we

need actually to be the body

of Christ. The strong arm

mentality of this is what we’re

going to do doesn’t always

work,” explained Father

Meyer. In Jennings County,

he had been the pastor of St.

Joseph, St. Ann, and St. Mary.

He came from three separate

parishes, three parish councils,

three religious education

programs, and three youth

ministry programs. Father

Meyer knew that the parishes

would have to merge into one,

but did not understand why

they could not keep all of the

doors of the buildings open?

At the time, dedicated parishioners

were in the midst of

petitioning The Vatican in an

effort to keep their churches

open when Father decided to

take his idea to Archbishop

Tobin. The Archbishop encouraged

Father Meyer and

the parish council to write

a formal letter to convince

him to allow the congregation,

united as one parish, to

have four different buildings

to worship in. It was a joyous

day that summer when Father

Meyer was able to announce

at mass that indeed that idea

was approved and All Saints

was born, one parish with

four different campuses!

Once everything was official,

steps to help people heal were

taken, and the formation of

the culture of All Saints Parish


In November of that same

year, the first-ever Gobble

Wobble 5K took place. The

race was intentionally not

about the parish; it was about

giving back to the community

as one hundred percent of the

proceeds are donated to the

North Dearborn and Sunman

Food Pantries. After the first

race, Father Meyer recalled

how a parishioner thanked

him for organizing the first

All Saints Parish event. Father

The 2018 Gobble Wobble Team, who planned and coordinated the Annual Thanksgiving

Day 5K race. Through their hard work, they helped raise over $40,000, which all went to

the local food pantries.

Meyer explains, “That was a

moment for me as our pastor

that we are really coming

into our own and coming

into who God is calling us

to be.” As preparations are

now underway for the Sixth

Annual Gobble Wobble that

will be held on Thanksgiving

morning in the town of Dover,

it has now become the largest

5K in Dearborn County and

the fourth largest 5K in Indiana

on Thanksgiving! Last

year there were over thirteen

hundred participants, and over

forty thousand dollars was

raised! That’s pretty amazing,

especially for a little town that

doesn’t even have a zip code!

In August of 2015, Archbishop

Tobin came and

formally installed Father

Meyer as the pastor of All

Saints. From that moment on,

the “We Are One” philosophy

took off. In January of 2016,

under the guidance of Father

Maureen Stenger, Emily Alig, Samantha Hensley, and

Father Jonathan Meyer after one of the various mud races

they did together.

Meyer, renovations of each

church began. Restorations of

each campus were completed

in amazingly only six months

with the help of numerous

parishioners and community

members who spent countless

hours volunteering their time.

The signal was clear to everyone

that these buildings would

remain open as a lot of money

and time had been invested in

their upkeep.

On March 1, 2017, the Adoration

Chapel opened at the

St. John the Baptist Campus.

Its opening was a vision of

Father Meyer’s. The Chapel is

open three hundred sixty-five

days a year, with over three

hundred committed adorers,

and monthly mass is also celebrated

there. Father Meyer

celebrates mass at each campus

each weekend, along with

offering daily mass Monday

through Friday. The number

of altar servers during mass

is a sight to behold. Having

twenty servers or more

per mass is common. When

asked about this phenomenon,

Father Meyer says, “I call it

radical engagement, how do

you create a community that

attracts other people? How

Seventeen years ago, on

October 10, 2002, Father

Jonathan Meyer was ordained

as a Deacon.

do you create a culture that

people want to be a part of?”

Father Meyer believes the

tremendous impact he has on

the youth is due in part to the

other hat he wears as a track

and cross country coach for

East Central High School. Father

is an avid runner; coaching

enables him to share his

love for the sport while at the

same time, making a positive

impact on young athletes. He

elaborates on how so many

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- Henry James

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