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Travel With The Times

Times Journeys creates exceptional experiences

inspired by New York Times reporting around

the world. Curiosity is at the heart of our mission.

Our travelers are lifelong learners who want to

engage the ideas, issues and opinions shaping our

world. Go beyond reading and listening. Join our

journalists on a sailing like no other.


The Times Journeys

Experience at Sea

Set sail with New York Times journalists and

experts for experiences unavailable elsewhere.

Join us on any of 11 signature sailings in 2020,

each focused on a different region or topic inspired

by Times reporting.

In-Depth Encounters

While crossing the Atlantic, attend a musical theater masterclass

led by Tony Award-winning actresses Victoria Clark and Faith Prince

and acclaimed Broadway pianist Seth Rudetsky. (See page 10)

Enlightening Experiences

Taste and learn about Italian wines under the tutelage of The Times’s

longtime wine writer and chief critic, Eric Asimov, while cruising beautiful

Campania, Sicily and southern Italy. (See page 12)

Meaningful Connections

Explore mindfulness and practice yoga off the shores of Alaska with likeminded

travelers and Tara Parker-Pope, the founding editor of Well,

The New York Times’s award-winning feature. (See page 14)

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“It was a once in a lifetime experience

to be in the company of so many

outstanding journalists.”— Beth K.

Opinions on

the Mediterranean

Join the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Maureen

Dowd and the New York Times Op-Ed columnists

Roger Cohen and Charles Blow on a northern

Mediterranean cruise aboard Silversea’s new Silver

Moon. Discover Tuscany, Portofino, Monte Carlo,

Marseille and Palamós on this eight-day cruise from

Rome to Barcelona full of intellectual insight.

Featured Experts

On an exclusive Times Journeys itinerary of talks and receptions, discuss

political ideology and the future with New York Times Op-Ed columnists

with expertise on politics, race and international affairs, among the most

intelligent and respected in the world.

Charles Blow

Times Op-Ed


Maureen Dowd

Times Op-Ed


Roger Cohen

Times Op-Ed


Itinerary 8 days

Departs Aug. 17

From $8,280


Silver Moon,



Italy: Civitavecchia

(Rome), Livorno

(Tuscany), Portofino

Monaco: Monte


France: Marseille

Spain: Palamós,


Journey Highlight

• Be one of the first

to sail aboard

Silversea’s newest

ship, Silver Moon,

debuting in August

2020, the latest allsuite

luxury ship in

the Silversea fleet.

Book Now 855 399 6677


Transatlantic Broadway

on the Queen Mary 2

Sail the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2 with

Broadway luminaries including Victoria Clark,

Faith Prince, Seth Rudetsky and New York Times

theater editors. Get an inside look on what it takes

to compose and perform in a musical, learn how

to write a feature, take a master class and test your

Broadway knowledge. Exclusive performances

and events get you closer.

Featured Experts

Actors, writers, composers — and theater editors — take you inside

the bright lights of Broadway. Among the headliners: Tony Award-winning

actresses; Seth Rudetsky, whose fingerprints are on many shows;

and Scott Heller, The Times’s theater editor.

Itinerary 9 days

Departs Oct. 22

From $3,000


Queen Mary 2,



United States:

New York



Journey Highlights

Victoria Clark

Tony Award-

Winning Actress

Scott Heller

Times Theater Editor

Faith Prince

Tony Award-

Winning Actress

Alexandra Jacobs

Times Style Section

Deputy Editor

Scott Frankel

Broadway Composer

Seth Rudetsky


Broadway Host,

Broadway Pianist

• Rehearse and

perform in a variety

show with the stars.

• Before the cruise,

have brunch at

The New York

Times Building

in Manhattan and

tour the newsroom,

usually closed

to the public.

8 For deck plan and full itinerary visit nytimes.com/timesjourneys

Book Now 855 399 6677 9

The Foods and Wines

of Sicily and Southern Italy

Food and wine have always been central to the Italian

way of life. Immerse yourself in the bounty of Sicily

and Southern Italy’s regional cuisines on this eightday

cruise with Arthur Schwartz, known as “the food

maven,” and Eric Asimov, The New York Times’s

chief wine critic, aboard Ponant’s newest ship,

Le Jacques Cartier.

Featured Experts

Hear Arthur Schwartz talk about why there is no real Northern Italian

cuisine, what gives Calabrese food its heat, and how Sicily’s neighbors

influence its food. Taste Italian wines under the tutelage of The Times’s

longtime wine critic, Eric Asimov.

Itinerary 8 days

Departs Oct. 18

From $6,580


Le Jacques Cartier,



Italy: Civitavecchia

(Rome), Gaeta,

Naples, Agropoli,

Vibo Valentia,

Taormina (Sicily),

Syracuse (Sicily)

Malta: Valletta

Arthur Schwartz

Cookbook Author

and Newspaper

Food Editor

Eric Asimov

Times Wine Critic

Journey Highlight

• On exclusive shore

excursions with

your experts, visit a

winery in Campania,

tour a buffalo farm

where mozzarella di

bufala is produced,

and explore a fish

market in Catania.

10 For deck plan and full itinerary visit nytimes.com/timesjourneys

Book Now 855 399 6677 11

Wellness at Sea in Alaska

Take care of your body and soul in the luxury of

Silversea’s Silver Muse on an eight-day cruise from

Seward, Alaska, to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Journey with the team behind Well, The New York

Times’s acclaimed section on wellness, mindfulness,

healthful eating and aging. Attend exclusive events

and learn how to take better care of yourself.

Featured Experts

Join Tara Parker-Pope, Dr. Jordan Metzl and Buddhist teacher Haemin

Sunim on a journey of beauty and wellness. With daily Well challenges,

meditation sessions and Mindful Cocktail events, make the connection

between nature’s beauty and your own physical and mental health.

Itinerary 8 days

Departs June 4

From $6,880


Silver Muse,



United States:

Seward (Anchorage),

Juneau, Skagway,

Sitka, Ketchikan

Canada: Vancouver

Journey Highlights

Dr. Jordan Metzl

Sports Medicine


Haemin Sunim

Buddhist Monk and

Best-Selling Author

Tara Parker-Pope

Times Columnist

and Founding

Editor of Well

• Meditate with

the Zen Buddhist

master Haemin

Sunim and design

a personal fitness

plan with Dr.

Jordan Metzl.

• Travel in the

all-suite luxury

of the Silver Muse,

the newest ship

in Silversea’s fleet.

12 For deck plan and full itinerary visit nytimes.com/timesjourneys

Book Now 855 399 6677 13

“Great organization, speakers

and participants. This was well

beyond my expectations — thought

provoking, engaging and just

plain fun.”— Allen W.

Persian Gulf: A Voyage

From Muscat to Dubai

Sail the Persian Gulf with the longtime New York

Times reporter Clifford Krauss and Op-Ed columnist

Roger Cohen aboard Ponant’s brand-new 184-

passenger yacht, Le Jacques Cartier. On this

nine-day cruise from Muscat to Dubai, explore the

spectacular history and culture of Oman, Qatar

and the U.A.E. and hear from two experts on

the issues facing this area.

Featured Experts

Your experts are perfect for this cruise: Clifford Krauss reported for

years from the Persian Gulf region and now covers energy. Roger

Cohen has covered diplomacy and international affairs for The Times

for 30 years.

Itinerary 9 days

Departs Dec. 5

From $6,080


Le Jacques Cartier,



Oman: Muscat,

Sur, Khasab

Qatar: Doha

United Arab

Emirates: Sir Bani

Yas Island, Abu

Dhabi, Dubai

Clifford Krauss

Times National

Energy Business


Roger Cohen

Times Op-Ed


Journey Highlight

• Take exclusive

shore excursions

with your Times

experts, including

the fjords of

Khasab and visits

to Dubai and Doha.

Book Now 855 399 6677


Panama Canal:

The Americas in Focus

Experience the Panama Canal and distinctive

cultures of the Americas on Times Journeys’ voyage

through Central America. On this 15-day cruise

on Holland America’s reimagined Eurodam, learn

about regional affairs, politics, foreign policy and

the making of an engineering marvel from New York

Times journalists and eminent experts.

Featured Experts

Attend 16 exclusive seminars to learn about the sociology of American

politics, American foreign and security policy, regional affairs and the

building of the Panama Canal. Exclusive access to your experts plus

activities open to all give you special insight.

Ginger Thompson

Senior Reporter

at ProPublica

Vanda Felbab-Brown

Senior Fellow at the

Brookings Institution

Thomas Edsall

Times Op-Ed


Stephen Ressler

Professor Emeritus

at West Point

Itinerary 15 days

Departs Feb. 16

From $4,422


Eurodam, Holland



United States:

Fort Lauderdale,

San Diego

Colombia: Cartagena

Panama: Panama


Costa Rica: Puerto


Nicaragua: Corinto

Guatemala: Puerto


Mexico: Huatulco,

Puerto Vallarta

Journey Highlight

• Traverse the

Panama Canal

and learn about

its strategic and

environmental roles.

16 For deck plan and full itinerary visit nytimes.com/timesjourneys

Book Now 855 399 6677 17

Transatlantic Crossing

on the Queen Mary 2

Immerse yourself in intellectual pursuits on

this seven-night Atlantic crossing aboard Cunard’s

flagship Queen Mary 2 and a night in New

York City. Four New York Times journalists will

accompany you, offering insider takes on topics

from business and crossword puzzles to urban

affairs and the art of the obituary.

Featured Experts

Spend time with New York Times journalists at exclusive talks, meals

and receptions on board as well as activities open for all aboard. Learn

about crossword puzzles, covering financial scandals, New York’s urban

tapestry and the art of the obituary.

Itinerary 9 days

Departs July 5

From $3,330


Queen Mary 2,



United States:

New York City



Journey Highlights

Charles Strum

Former Times Editor

and Reporter

Sam Roberts

Times Obituaries


Leslie Wayne

Former Times

Business Reporter

Deb Amlen

Times Senior Editor

and Crossword


• Visit The New York

Times Building

in Manhattan and

tour the newsroom,

normally closed

to the public.

• Enjoy the luxury

and high level of

service aboard the

R.M.S. Queen Mary

2, the only ocean

liner left.

18 For deck plan and full itinerary visit nytimes.com/timesjourneys

Book Now 855 399 6677 19

“The combination of the New York

Times experience, the quality of

the cruise line and the people I met

made this the trip of a lifetime.”

— Sandra W.

Aegean Sea:

From Istanbul to Athens

Sail the Aegean Sea with the New York Times

reporter Andrew Kramer and Op-Ed columnist

Bret Stephens aboard Ponant’s 244-passenger

yacht Le Lyrial. Discover Greece and its islands

on this eight-day cruise as you attend exclusive talks

and receptions and explore exceptional sites on

shore excursions. Unpack once and travel in luxury.

Featured Experts

Hear Andrew Kramer, a longtime Times Moscow correspondent, speak

on Russia, Turkey and the complicated history of the area you are

sailing. Listen to Bret Stephens, a Times Op-Ed columnist, discuss

political ideology and the future, near and far.

Itinerary 8 days

Departs July 10

From $5,630


Le Lyrial, PONANT


Turkey: Istanbul

Greece: Lemnos,

Syros, Patmos,

Delos, Mykonos,

Paros, Hydra, Athens

Journey Highlights

Bret Stephens

Times Op-Ed

Columnist and

Associate Editor

Andrew Kramer

Times Foreign


• Discover the

breathtaking Greek

islands of Syros,

Delos and Paros

on exclusive shore

excursions with

your Times experts.

• Explore the

wonders of the

ancient world

from the intimate

luxury of the

PONANT ship.

Book Now 855 399 6677


Tulip Time in Holland

by Barge

Travel as they did in Holland’s 17th-century golden

age: by private barge on board the M.S. Magnifique

II, through the beautiful countryside. Visit great

Dutch cities with their historic architecture and

famous museums. The highlight of this nine-day

journey is a visit to the famous Keukenhof tulip

garden, where millions of tulips of every description

and color will be in bloom.

Featured Experts

Your expert adds a unique element and knowledge to your cruise,

chartered exclusively for Times Journeys, so you can go deeper into

the art, geography and history of the region.

Itinerary 9 days

Departs April 14,

21 and 28

From $6,995


M.S. Magnifique II


The Netherlands:


Haarlem, Leiden, The

Hague, Rotterdam,

Gouda, Kinderdijk,


Geraldine Fabrikant

Former Times


April 28

Marlise Simons

Times Foreign


April 21

Susanne Masters


and Writer

April 14

Journey Highlights

• Sail through

Holland during

the Tulip Festival,

when thousands

of acres of flowers

are in bloom.

• See works of

Dutch masters

and explore the

famous Keukenhof

tulip garden.

22 For deck plan and full itinerary visit nytimes.com/timesjourneys

Book Now 855 399 6677 23

The Galápagos:

Evolution in Action

Charles Darwin called the Galápagos Islands “a little

world within itself.” With just 15 travelers, and expert

New York Times guidance, this intimate, active

journey lets you explore the world’s most fascinating

wildlife destination while cruising in air-conditioned

comfort. Daily nature walks and snorkeling

excursions bring you close to dancing blue-footed

boobies and prehistoric-looking iguanas.

Featured Experts

In these equatorial islands, an almost primeval world awaits. Learn

more about these historic islands and the threats to them from local

and Times experts, who can provide intimate portraits and global


Itinerary 11 days

Departs March 19,

June 11 and Sept. 17

From $7,595


M.S. Galaxy 1


Ecuador: Quito,

Santa Cruz Island,

Isabela Island,

Fernandina Island,

Santiago Island,

North Seymour


Sandra Blakeslee

Former Times

Science Writer

September 17

Allison Amend



June 11

Kenneth Chang

Times Science


March 19

Journey Highlights

• Swim with sea lions

and visit islands

with wildlife species

that exist nowhere

else in the world.

• Explore Quito,

one of the bestpreserved


cities in Latin


24 For deck plan and full itinerary visit nytimes.com/timesjourneys

Book Now 855 399 6677 25

“Plan on going again and bringing

as many of my friends as possible.

One is never too old to learn about

how the world works and the joy

of sharing with such an intelligent

group of people. … Best group of

people I have ever cruised with!”

— Vickie B.

International Affairs

on a Baltic Cruise

Spend 15 days immersed in international affairs

with Times Journeys as you cruise from Amsterdam

to St. Petersburg and back. Call on Cold War hot

spots and put the Iron Curtain in context. With

exclusive access to New York Times-selected experts

and the luxury of one of Holland America Line’s

newest ships, the Nieuw Statendam, sail with Times

Journeys and hear the latest on challenging issues.

Featured Experts

Join the longtime Times European correspondent Steve Erlanger and

the Op-Ed columnist Timothy Egan and other experts for an update

on Arctic geopolitics, Russia and the Eurozone.

Steven Erlanger

Times Chief



Bonnie Jenkins

Founder and

Executive Director


Daniel Schnur

Political Expert

Albert Camarillo

Past President of the

American Historical


Timothy Egan

Contributing Times

Op-Ed Columnist

Itinerary 15 days

Departs Aug. 30

From $5,009


Nieuw Statendam,

Holland America


The Netherlands:






(Berlin), Kiel


Estonia: Tallinn

Russia: St.


Finland: Helsinki

Sweden: Stockholm

Denmark: Aarhus

Journey Highlight

• Attend 20 exclusive

seminars and learn

how the Cold War

is heating up again.

Book Now 855 399 6677


Our World-Class

Tour Operators

Ready to Join Us?

Insight Cruises

Insight Cruises, founded in 1999, creates education travel experiences

for guests who value learning for its own sake. Insight Cruises welcomes

you to a vital, engaging community for whom curiosity and discovery

are second nature.

Judy Perl Worldwide Travel

Judy Perl Worldwide Travel has planned and operated special-interest

cruises for groups of all sizes, all around the world since 2001. Its

extensive cruise ship program experience ensures seamless event


Academic Travel Abroad

Academic Travel Abroad was founded on the principle that travel and

learning go hand in hand. With nearly 70 years of experience and an

expansive network of experts worldwide, ATA curates travel experiences

for the intellectually curious.

MT Sobek

MT Sobek is the premier, all-inclusive, specialty adventure travel

company. Since 1969, MTS has pioneered authentic and deeply

immersive experiential journeys worldwide, creating fresh alternatives

and unique experiences.

Visit nytimes.com/timesjourneys

or call 855 399 6677 for more.


Quoted tour prices are per person, double occupancy except where indicated and subject to availability. Excludes internal and

international air. Programs subject to change. All terms and conditions can be found at nytimes.com/times-journeys/terms

or you can call 855-NYT-7979 and request a copy be sent to you. Academic Travel Abroad CST#2059002-40, Insight Cruises

CST#2065380-40, Judy Perl Worldwide Travel LLC CST#2122227-40, MT Sobek CST#2014882-10.

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