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December 2019

January 2020

There’s part of me that wants to hide for the

next month! To find a deserted island in the

Pacific where I can feel the sand beneath my

feet until the noise of Christmas and the New

Year is well and truly over.

I doubt I’m the only one who has such escapist

dreams. I reckon that Brexit fatigue has turned

more of us than ever into those who wish we

were somewhere else in December and January.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Scrooge.

Christmas is not humbug. Certainly not

if you believe in Christ.

Christian faith turns the clichés of the season

into a wonderful time of the year.

It speaks real hope into all that commercially

manufactured joy.

The message of the manger is that in Jesus,

God has taken our humanity to himself.

The Creator became our Saviour!

That’s good news worth celebrating and

inviting others to find out about through the

excellent Lansdowne Christmas Programme

that has been organised.

And those January resolutions can be triggers

for trusting God in new and exciting ways as we

look forward.

So the other part of me definitely wants to be

here over the next month to sing carols, open

presents, eat too much and see the New Year in.

I do like the sound and look of 2020, and we

have a great Church Motto to go with it. 2020

is to be a year of Mission in which we grow in

confidence as we share how our story has been

folded into the story of God.

Peter Baker | Senior Minister

Flames dance from the fire,

the wood crackles, the smell

of candles permeates the air

and my mind drifts towards


It is that time of year when I start

compiling lists; my card list, gift list

and list of the people to invite around.

You want to wish Seasons Greetings; to

neighbours, work colleagues, friends and

family. I mustn’t miss anyone out!

I suddenly have a thought… I worry about

not sending a card or giving a gift, but

have I ever told them about the greatest

gift or even invited them to a carol

service? Am I too caught up in the secular

Christmas traditions? I tell all, well,

all my church friends, that Christmas

revolves around the birth of Jesus.

Christmas is the easiest time to let people

know about Jesus. Most enjoy a good

carol and are open to being invited to

a carol service and wouldn’t think I’m

weird if I ask them. In fact, a lot of my

friends would probably welcome the

invitation. I can let the preacher do the

hard part and I can pray whilst he speaks

and then be open to any questions that

they may have.

For those who are not able to make it, I

can let them know what I have been up

to at Christmas and let them know why I

want to celebrate Jesus’ birth as we chat

about what we have been doing in the


As I look at my lists again, I view them

in a different light. Who haven’t I told or

invited? This is now going to be my main

priority. I would love them all to accept

the greatest gift that they can receive.

I sit, stop and pray!

Gaynor Brown | Member

Sing and


with us

at Lansdowne Church

5 December:

Advent Prayer Central 7:30pm

8 December:

Students and Internationals Carol Service

6:30pm (at LCC)

15 December:

Carols by Candlelight 5:00pm and 7:30pm

22 December:

All Age Service 9:15am and 11:15am

(no evening service)

25 December:

Reflective Service 9:00am,

Celebration Service 10:30am

29 December:

10:30am service

6:30pm Prayer and Praise evening

An evening with

Dennis and

Sheila Eaton

When Rev Dr Chris Wright was with us for a Mission

Sunday some years ago, he helpfully pointed out that

there were five Biblical aspects to global mission –

evangelism, teaching, caring for creation, justice

and compassion. There is no doubt that Dennis

and Sheila’s ministry in Malawi encompasses

all these aspects. Evangelism – explaining

the Gospel to children, individuals and groups;

teaching – Sunday ministry and conferences for

men and women, not to mention the audio Bibles;

caring for creation – setting up irrigation systems

so that much needed food can be made available and

water more readily accessible; justice – seeking to

help the vulnerable and marginalised; and compassion

which is expressed in everything they do from a programme

of re-building homes destroyed in the cyclone, taking people to

hospital, comforting the sick, the dying and the bereaved.

On Saturday 18 January 7.30 pm Dennis and Sheila will be sharing

something of how the Lord has been working during their last two

periods of ministry. Refreshments served from 7.00 pm.

Linda Fox | Mission Council

Mark Barrell lives in Maputo, Mozambique where he, his wife

Susanna and youngest child Lizzie moved to in January

2018 with BMS World Mission, whom they also served

with in Uganda between 2001 and 2006. He assists

the ministry of the Association of Mozambican

Christian Lawyers (AMAC) helping local Christian

lawyers develop access to justice programmes,

whilst encouraging their witness to Christ in the

legal profession. Susanna’s ministry provides

opportunities for vulnerable, abused and disabled

women through a sewing initiative called “Capaz”


Mark, a qualified solicitor, was involved in the practice

of family law for twelve years. From 2010, and prior to

moving to Mozambique, he was the Executive Director of

the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship in the UK. Their son Jacob works

for BMS World Mission as their Events Producer and Film Designer and

other daughter Annie is in her final year reading History at Sheffield

University. Mark has appeared in an Oscar winning film and still believes

Wolves will one day win the Premier league.

Mark will be speaking at all our services on Sunday 12 January 2020.

A Sunday with

Mark Barrell

For I am not ashamed of the gospel,

because it is the power of God

that brings salvation to everyone

who believes.

Romans 1:16


Presumably, when Paul the apostle told

the Christians in Rome that he wasn’t

ashamed of the gospel, he had experienced

in some way and at some point exactly that


We know for example, that in his pre

Christian life Saul had hated the gospel.

He had concluded that Jesus of Nazareth ,

a crucified man, was an embarrassment to

good Jews like him.

But such was the transformation in Saul,

that not only did he change his name but

also the direction of his entire life. All

because what once he believed to be a weak

message was in fact strong.

Perhaps even as a follower of Jesus, Paul had

not been entirely without those times when

he felt the awkwardness of faith in Christ.

On numerous occasions the Lord has to

reassure him in the middle of a mission,

“don't be afraid.... keep on speaking .”

And here he was addressing people

who lived in the capital of an Empire

synonymous with power, about a message

of a Saviour whom Roman power had killed.

Yet in this gospel, Paul claimed, was the

power of God to save anyone and everyone.

This gospel of a handful of nails and a

broken body was a message of such glory

that Paul would give everything he had to

proclaim it, whatever the consequences.

So as we embrace this text as our Motto

for 2020, in what will be a year of Mission,

perhaps it's no bad thing to begin by

acknowledging that we too are not immune

to being ashamed of the gospel.

Our silence or nervousness can be an

admission that in work, home and

neighbourhood, we don't always find it

easy to live with confidence as disciples of

Christ. Our society with its secular agenda

can appear to be a very powerful voice which

drowns out the message of the cross. It is

tempting to keep quiet and not rock the


But Paul would encourage us to speak up.

For there is nothing in science, history or

literature which has anything like the kind

of power which the good news of Jesus

possesses. In the gospel is freedom and

forgiveness, hope and love, unmatched and


Let this year of 2020 be one in which we

know and tell the gospel with unashamed

confidence. It has saved us and it can save


Peter Baker | Senior Minister

Something for Everyone

(check website for latest information)

Stepping Stones (for children under 2), Footsteps (for 2-4 Year Olds), Ground Breakers

(for School Years Reception – Year 6) Sunday mornings at Woodbury Avenue, 9:15am

and 11:15am. Children stay in for the first 15 minutes of the service.

Jelly Tots (Toddler group for pre-school children and their parents/carers)

Woodbury Avenue, 10.00am – 11:30am on Wednesdays (Term-time)

St Augustin’s Church Hall, 10:00 – 11:45am on Thursdays (Term-time)

Hi5 (school years 2-6)

Kids club, Friday evenings, Term-time, 6:30pm -7:45pm

Mum’s Bible Study (For mums with young children)

Alternate Mondays, Term-time, 10 – 12pm, Woodbury Avenue.

Lansdowne Youth (for school years 7-9).

Focus - Fridays: 7:30pm - 9:00pm (term-time).

Focus- Sundays: 11:00am - 12:30pm.

CYFA (school years 10-13)

Wednesdays: 7:30pm - 9:30pm (term-time).

Life’ for Students and 18- 30s

Mondays at 7:00pm at Naked Coffee (4 Christchurch Rd)/and other locations.

Women of Lansdowne

All meetings start at 10:00am with tea/coffee and brunch.

Men of Lansdowne

All meetings start at 8:00am with tea/coffee and breakfast.

Life Explored (check website for dates)

Join us on Monday evenings for dinner and the chance to explore the bigger picture of

life together. Evenings include dinner, a short film and chance to discuss informally.

Castle Coffee

Thursdays between 10:00am-12:00pm at Woodbury Avenue.

Join us for a coffee and a chat. Everyone welcome.

In Touch

Providing practical and spiritual help to the homeless.

Every Tuesday and Friday at 11:45am at St Augustin’s Church, Bournemouth.

International Cafe

Fridays at 8:00pm at Naked Coffee (4 Christchurch Rd).

Prime Time

Daytime group that meets on a monthly basis at Woodbury Avenue

Connect Groups – An informal introductory group for newcomers or those who don’t

yet feel connected to Lansdowne Church.

Key Dates

December 2019/January 2020

1 December SUN AM Peter Baker: Isaiah 9: 1-6 The Promise of a Divine Child

1 December SUN PM Peter Baker: Isaiah 11:1-9 The Promise of a New Creation

2 December MON Exploring Christianity 7:00pm | WA

5 December THU Advent Prayer Central/Forum 7:30pm | WA

7 December SAT Women of Lansdowne 10:00am | WA

8 December SUN AM Peter Baker: Isaiah 40 The Promise of Great comfort (Communion)

8 December SUN PM Mike Smailes: Luke 1: 26-38: The Promise of a Suprising word

W/C 9 December: Small Groups meet at various times/locations

10 December TUE Elders’ Meeting 7:00pm

11 December WED Building Prayer 12:30pm | WA

14 December SAT Men of Lansdowne 8:00am | WA

15 December SUN AM Miles Tradewell: Luke 1: 39-56 The Promise of a Kingdom

15 December SUN PM Carol Services 5pm/7:30pm | WA Peter Baker: Luke 2: 1-20

19 December THU Members’ Meeting 7:30pm | WA

20 December FRI In Touch Christmas Lunch 11:45am | SA

22 December SUN AM Keith Jewell: All-Age Christmas Service (No evening service)

25 December WED Reflective Service 9:00am/ All-Age Celebration 10:30am | WA

29 December SUN AM (10:30am) Miles Tradewell: Luke 2:22-40 The Promise of a longing fulfilled

29 December SUN PM Prayer and Praise 6:30pm | WA

5 January SUN AM Motto Sunday: Romans 1:1-17

5 January SUN PM (WA) Motto Sunday:

7 January TUE Members’ Meeting - provisional

11 January SAT Men of Lansdowne (8am) Women of Lansdowne (10am) WA

12 January SUN AM Guest Speaker: Mark Barrell (Communion)

12 January SUN PM Guest Speaker: Mark Barrell

15 January WED Prime Time 2:30pm | WA

16 January THU Mission Prayer Central 7:30pm | WA

18 January SAT Dennis and Sheila Eaton Evening 7:00pm | WA

19 January SUN AM Romans 1:18-32

19 January SUN PM 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11

25 January SAT Wedding Celebration for Michael and Rebecca Ots 3:30pm | WA

26 January SUN AM Romans 2:1-3:8

26 January SUN PM 1 Samuel 2:12-4:1a (Communion)

Lansdowne Church

Woodbury Avenue



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Registered Charity No 1158579

Lansdowne Church is a name of Lansdowne Baptist Church Bournemouth. CIO. Charity No. 1158579.

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