How To Recover Hacked Yahoo Account?


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How To Recover A Hacked Yahoo Account?

You how to recover and secure a compromised Yahoo email account. You can use

either your phone number or your recovery email address to do so, and you can

perform this process both on the desktop version of Yahoo.

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Recovering On Desktop

1) Open up Yahoo mail home page.

2) Click Sign in. It’s in the upper-right side of the Yahoo

main page.

3) After click the trouble signing in? link. This option is

near the bottom of the sign-in section.

4) Enter your phone number or recovery email id. In the

text box in the middle of the page, type in the phone

number and recovery email address you have on file for

your Yahoo account.

You can also just enter your Yahoo email address here if

you are unsure of which information Yahoo has.

Recovering On Desktop

5) Click Continue. It’s a blue button near the bottom of the page.

6) Retrieve your verification code. Click Yes, text me an Account Key for a

phone number or Yes, send me an Account Key for a recovery email

address, then do the following:

• Phone number — Open your phone's Messages app, open the text from

Yahoo, and review the 8-character code in the message.

• Email address — Open your recovery email address inbox, open

the Recover access to your Yahoo account email from Yahoo, and review

the 8-character code in the middle of the email.

• If you entered your Yahoo email address, enter the missing numbers or

letters from the recovery option listed, then follow one of the above sub

steps depending on whether you have a phone number or an email

address on file.

Recovering On Desktop

7) Enter your verification code. Type the 8-character

verification code which you retrieved into the text box in the

middle of the page.

• Yahoo will automatically capitalize any letters.

8) Click Verify. It’s a blue button below the verification text


9) Select your account if prompted. If you have multiple Yahoo

accounts which use your phone number or recovery email

address, click the one you want to recover.

Recovering On Desktop

10) Change your password immediately. When recovering

your Yahoo account on a computer, you have the option of

resetting your password. You should do this in order to

avoid future hacking attempts:

• Click Create a new password on the "Success" page.

• Enter a password into both text fields on the "Set a new

password" page.

• Click Continue

• Click Looks good, then click I'll secure my account later.

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