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Welcome to MPP Global


It’s you that makes MPP Global the company and family that it

is. It’s also your passion, your expertise and your commitment

that makes our company a great one.

When you go the extra mile to ensure a client is happy or

when you pull out all the stops to deploy a new feature and

meet a deadline, you are directly contributing to the ongoing

success and growth of the company. To encourage this

mind-set and to attract and retain the best talent available,

it is our job to make sure working for MPP Global is the most

rewarding and exciting role you will have in your career


One thing is for sure, the ride is going to be one heck of an

at one of the best places to work in the country.

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And this is our pledge to you; we will invest in the infrastructure,

training and office environment to enable you to excel in every

way. By providing a winning environment we will produce a

team of winners and evolve the next generation of leaders

who will continue to take MPP Global to the next level. We

are only as good as the people who work here and we hope

you ‘buy-in’ to our ethos, our culture, and help lead the

company to greatness for the years ahead.

exciting one!

Chris Cheney

Co-Founder & CTO

Paul Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

Culture & People


noun | cul·ture | \’k l-ch r\

the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices

that characterises an institution or organisation.

The MPP Global Culture Code is the set of beliefs, core values and principles on which our great company is built. It gives what we do

meaning. A strong code enables formidable leadership, effective team working and creates a great place to work. Our Culture Code is

the operating system that powers the company.

Our people are the lifeblood of MPP Global. Our team are enthusiastic, highly intelligent and leaders in their field.

They drive the company forward and are the bedrock of its success. All of us work collectively towards the same company mission:

“ To deliver the world’s smartest subscriber management & billing

platform to blue-chip Media companies the world over.”

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Our Values

All employees at MPP Global share the same values, ones which are demonstrated every day to guide our business activities.

These are: Quality Passion Client-First Innovation Team Player

Here are the qualities that go to make up those values and some of the things our team have said about each other that

demonstrate them.

Quickly got up to speed

and been smashing out

tickets with some really

high-quality work.

Adrian Bradfield, Software

Development, Manchester.

Joined 2018.


We want the best

We challenge each other

to attain the highest levels

Diligent focus on quality

and accuracy which

rubs off on his team

and their attitude.

Mark Walker, Product,

Birchwood. Joined 2017.

Endless travelling over the

last several weeks and still

managing to help everyone.

True MPP Global dedication.

Julian Morelis, Commercial,

Birchwood. Joined 2014





We take ownership

We inspire others with our

ambition to be the best

A pioneer of the Manchester

office! Completing tickets

non-stop with ease and

producing quality code.

Patrick McHugh, Software

Development, Manchester.

Joined 2017.

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Amazing Client dedication

and always on hand to

provide a helpful and

effective answer.

Craig Shields, Project Management,

Birchwood. Joined 2017.


We build trust

We have obsessive empathy

with our customers

For jumping in last minute,

giving up his weekend &

helping APAC with the

go-live of their first client.

Chris Jones, Implementation,

Birchwood. Joined 2014.

Exploring a wide range of

possible improvements...

including ones that even our

external agencies hadn't

thought of!

Kate Goldsmith, Commercial,

Birchwood. Joined 2016.


We coach, we learn, we lead

We strive for continuous


His determination

in the deployment &

implementation of new

client skins. His ability to

think out of the box.

Callum Green, Infrastructure,

Birchwood. Joined 2017.

For being the best

mentor and when needed

always there to help.

Peter Spilsbury, Software

Development, Birchwood.

Joined 2011.




Team Player

We are united

We share, we are open,

we are honest

The real MVP! From closing

deals to being Team

America’s tech resource

& MPP Global historian.

Scott O’Neill, Client Experience,

New York. Joined 2003.

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How It All Started

The founders of MPP Global, Chris Cheney and Paul Johnson,

first met in 1991 whilst studying for a degree in Mechanical

Engineering at The University of Salford. In 2000, they had

their first brainwave soon after the emergence of mobile

phones and the pair launched a mobile lifestyle service called

MyPocketPal, a portal comprising an assortment of apps you

see on any smartphone today. Turn MyPocketPal into an

acronym and you will see where our company name originates!

The business was very entrepreneurial in the early days, and

with drive, determination and ambition we soon had clients

using our mobile marketing services in diverse sectors such as

healthcare, insurance, banking, sports, media - and even

theme parks!

In 2009, we signed our first contract with Sky, the UK’s most

successful Pay-TV broadcaster, and MPP Global rapidly

evolved from a web and mobile digital agency to one which

provided mission-critical, enterprise-grade SaaS solutions.

Consequently, our company DNA shifted to a philosophy of

putting the client first as we maintained exacting SLA

standards. Our ethos has evolved over the years but putting

clients first is still central to our core values to this very day.

Castle Irwell Student Village - December 1993

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Workspace & Benefits


(inc. dental

& eye care)

2 parties

per year

(fully expensed)




25 days




(with prizes)

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What Our People Say

Josh Fogg, Product Owner, Birchwood. Joined 2012.

“ The people who work at MPP Global look out for one

another, will always try to help and nurture newer members

of the business. ”

Darren Whyte, General Manager, MENA. Joined 2017.

“ MPP Global is a fantastic company to work for in the high-tech

industry. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, they are always

seeking new innovation and best practice. ”

Patrick McHugh, Software Development, Manchester. Joined 2017.

“ MPP Global is a great place to work as they respect my input

and encourage innovation. You’ll find that the culture here

encourages teams to excel both professionally and personally. ”

James Vallance, Marketing, Birchwood. Joined 2013.

“ It's fast-paced, hard-work and challenging and I haven't

stopped learning since I've been here, both in terms of

marketing and technology. ”

Phil Moss, Product Owner, Birchwood. Joined 2018.

“ The goal is to be world class; to offer the world’s smartest

billing platform. This breeds a positive, driven atmosphere

where innovation is encouraged. ”

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Developing Careers

It’s the talent and passion of our people that drive us forward. Our focus is to provide opportunities for our team to thrive as we

continue to grow; it’s important to us to help you develop your career as MPP Global continues on its journey of growth. Through the

years, we have many stories of our people who have flourished, starting as graduates to becoming some of the most pivotal people in

our company. Here are some examples…

Josh Adams, Software Development, Birchwood. Joined 2017.

“ My role was Software Developer and I joined at the end of February 2017. They’ve given me a lot of opportunities to prove myself

and expand my knowledge. They’ve allowed me to take on tougher challenges as I’ve progressed, which really helps you learn and


The best part of working here is the people you get to interact with. Everyone has the

same vision and goal and is easy to get on with, and they’re always willing to take the

time out of their day to help you. It’s an important thing about where you work to

enjoy being with the people you work with.

One of the more recent things was they allowed me to go out and be on site with a client, Specsavers, for three weeks, which has

helped me become more successful as an employee. Taking on that responsibility and potential risk lets you learn more and prove

yourself. It was interesting working at the client, and I learned a lot from it, learning about their integration and how they actually

interacted with what we built. I’d always approached things from the client side, but seeing it from their perspective directly helped me

appreciate it a bit more.

You don’t learn unless you’re allowed to, so experiences like going down to a client and learning things on the job by doing things

outside of your comfort zone help you progress.

So in that sense, MPP Global has really helped me develop. ”

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Developing Careers

Scott O’Neill, Business Development Manager to Head of Client Experience, New York. Joined 2003.

“ There were about six of us when I started back in 2003 as Business Development Manager. It went down to four people after a

while, so it was pretty small. We were based in Didsbury near Manchester at the time.

I’d moved from being a Business Development Manager to a VP and then got asked to move to the USA and start the office here,

which I did, so I was involved in setting this office up while working as a Head Of Sales role. And now I’m Head of Client Experience for

the US and my level of responsibility has grown hugely.

Setting up the US office was a big leap for the organisation, a leap into the unknown, so as a business we took a calculated risk to

come into this market and we had to be dynamic and entrepreneurial to get it done. They’ve provided the necessary support and

infrastructure and guidance from senior management.

We’re pivoting to become a client-first organisation and client experience is the number one central point, so it’s a very important role.

I feel that building out the CS/CX team here in the US is a very important thing to do.

The people who work for MPP Global are a really great group to work with.

Most people go above and beyond to help out and help my team here be

successful. That’s the number one thing about MPP Global; the team, the

people around you.

The company has changed tremendously, we’ve grown exponentially since I started and it makes me feel proud to be part of

something that has grown to this extent and I’m very happy to see the business doing so well. ”

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Developing Careers

Jason Stronstad, Quality Analyst to Product Owner, Birchwood. Joined 2013.

“ When I had my interview, I knew somebody who worked here and met up with them and they mentioned an opportunity. I’d come

out of university after getting my Masters and was struggling to find work. Everybody wanted at least two years’ experience for even

junior roles that I went for, so I was starting to lose hope, I was about a week away from going back into retail. I gave my CV in for this

role here and didn’t really expect any different, but two weeks later I was sat across the table from Chris Cheney. One of the things he

said was ‘You don’t have any experience, so why should we hire you?’ and my response was ‘How am I ever going to get experience if

no-one will hire me?’. He sat there for a moment and said ‘I like that answer’ and a week later I got offered the job, and a week after

that I started work. Having felt like I wasn’t going to get anywhere, MPP Global gave me a chance and I’m not the only person this has

happened to.

After a couple of years of being a QA, I decided I wanted something more and sat down with Chris Cheney to talk about progression in

my career. He suggested Product Owner and I’ve been doing that for two years now. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of pressure but it’s nothing I

can’t handle and I enjoy the responsibility, having gone from a relatively junior QA to being a Product Owner of one of the core

modules of eSuite.

MPP Global is willing to give people who don’t have the experience a

shot and that not only makes some of the best employees but it also

makes them loyal because MPP Global will always be the company that

gave them their chance.

That’s one of the main reasons I’m still here five and a half years later because they gave me that shot and they continue to do so.

They didn’t have to make me a Product Owner, they could have hired out, but they saw I had the potential and were willing to give me

the chance and let me prove that I’m worth it.

I think that’s one of the best things about MPP Global. ”

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