Making The Connection

I was asked by a fellow photographer, “how do

you ask such a sensitive question and get the

ideal clients for this?” Yes, it is a sensitive subject

so you’ll want to be tasteful with the verbiage,

and yes, there will be a lot of moms who won’t

be ready and that's 100% okay! But rest assured,

the answer is easy! There are so many moms out

there who will jump at the chance to honor their

babies with a tribute like this. I took to my social

media platforms, business and personal, and

said I was looking for 6 rainbow mamas to

honor and to tag/comment themselves or someone

they knew and the messages came pouring

in. I was overwhelmed with sadness at first with

how many messages I received.. how could that

many mamas just from my community have suffered

so much. As I read each and everyone's

story, I became excited to give 6 moms the

chance to feel like they were commemorating

their angel babies as well as loving on their rainbows.

It was a first-come, first-serve basis. After

navigating through lots of messages, it didn't

take long until I had my group of rainbow moms

selected and it was like it was meant to be! Everyone

was available for the date, the colors and

dresses were chosen and the ball was finally put

into motion! The day of, give yourself a cushion

of time to allow your moms to change, or in

case one or some of them are running behind.

Give a clear meeting spot, especially if your clients

aren't familiar with the area to ensure punctuality

and to keep your timeline, well, on time!

Storms and Rainbows

The shoot started, and for a brief moment, it was

filled with sorrow as we took the time to remember

the reasons why they were rainbow

mothers, to begin with, but as the shoot proceeded,

we were filled with the contentment of

knowing that after such devastation, that happiness

could follow. It's understood that the

beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages

of any storm. When a rainbow appears, it does

not mean that the storm never happened or that

we aren't still dealing with its aftermath, It

means that something beautiful and full of light

has appeared amid darkness, clouds, and chaos.

Storm clouds may still hover, but the rainbow

provides a counterbalance of color, energy, and

hope. A hope that will resonate in their souls

that there won't be pain without something new

to be born. I had never met a group of mothers

so strong, so proud, and it was then in the midst

of it all, that I saw how beautiful it was when

one stranger offers such deep and genuine support

to another. Unprompted. To all you women

out there who have experienced such a storm,

you are beautiful. You are an inspiration. Keep

smiling and your rainbow will come shining


I would love to acknowledge the mothers who

have participated in this shoot!

Red: Sandra

Orange: Jessica

Yellow: Amanda

Green: Cheyenne

Blue: Victoria

Purple: Sherae

Studio Glitter Rainbow & Milk Bath: Victoria

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Amber Tiffany Photography


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