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Absolute Automatics is a leading automatic transmission repair specialist in bayside area Melbourne, Beaumaris and Parkdale. We are specialized in automatic transmission repairs & services including rebuilds, exchanges, diagnostic & repairs. We provide a wide range of automatic transmission parts sales, all mechanical repairs at a competitive price. We also offer our service in Mordialloc, Moorabbin, Mentone, Chelsea, and Braeside. For more details visit: Call on (03) 9587 6878.

Absolute Automatics

Absolute Automatics

• Absolute Automatics are your Local Automatic Transmission

Specialist Mechanic. For over 20 years Absolute Automatics

have been the Trusted experts when it comes to Automatic

Transmission Servicing and Repairs.

• We provide a full range of Automatic Transmission Rebuild

services for all car makes and models, including imported cars,

performance vehicles, commercials, 4WDs, and AWDs.

Our Services

❖ Transmission Rebuild and Overhauls

❖ Transmission Diagnostic & Repairs

❖ Transmission Service

❖ Performance Transmission

❖ Transmission Sales, Parts & Exchange Units

❖ All Mechanical Repairs

❖ Logbook Servicing

Transmission Rebuild & Overhauls

• We cater for most Makes and Models including Front wheel

Drive, 4WD and All Wheel Drive transmissions as well as

conventional Rear wheel drive transmissions.

• We have a team of Experienced Technicians

who will look after your car with

Professional care.

Transmission Diagnostic & Repairs

• Our transmission staff are fully trained, experienced

tradesman who have chosen to specialize in the repairs of

automatic transmissions.

• We are highly experienced in the operation of torque

convertors, planetary gear sets, automatic transmission

hydraulic and electronic controls, valve body repairs, drive line

noises, vibrations and common problems.

All Mechanical Repairs

• We offer a full range of services from mechanical servicing to auto

electrical servicing and repairs, brakes & clutch repair, fuel injection

and computer diagnostics and testing.

• Our aim is to make us your first choice for all

your vehicle diagnostic and electrical repair

by providing you with the best customer

care and attention available in the


Logbook Servicing

• Absolute Automatics is a licensed and approved repairer

giving you confidence in our trained technicians when carrying

out logbook servicing.

• By following the logbook and using

approved quality parts, your new

vehicle warranty will not be void

and will go the distance.

Major Areas Covered Services

• Bayside area Melbourne & Chelsea

• Beaumaris & Braeside

• Parkdale

• Mordialloc

• Moorabbin

• Mentone

Contact Us

• Address: 7 Boundary Rd, Mordialloc VIC 3195

• Phone No.: 03 9587 6878

• Web Site:

• Email id:

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