It’s that time of the year again where we get to go and participate in the Miami Book Fair, particularly during the Street Fair weekend happening this November 22-24 in Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus. The book fair, considered America’s finest literary festival, is a great opportunity for national and international authors to showcase and promote their works to hundreds of thousands of attendees and book enthusiasts. It’s also a chance for authors, exhibitors, booksellers, and other professionals from the publishing world to share
and exchange ideas and discover current trends in the industry.

In this issue, we got to talk with Dr. Frank Douglas, author of the engrossing memoir
Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream. Douglas shares how he became a successful researcher, scientist, and published author despite the challenges and adversities.

In “Kids Need to Know About Mom’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis,” author Diane Davies
explains how one can have a truthful and honest conversation with children when someone in the family has been diagnosed with a serious illness.

Shirley Andrews makes her case that extraterrestrial beings helped mankind with their
prehistoric achievements in “Gods from the Sky to Earth in Prehistory.”

We also offer a glimpse of Kay Whidbee Sherwood’s new book, News From the Holy Land III: The Messiah’s Kingdom. We continue to receive contributions from various talents and genius creators, and in this issue, we feature the works of Gloria Winkles, Ivor Kovac, Mounina Bouna Aly, Thomas Reischel, Dr. Frank L. Douglas, and Ted Torgersen.

Finally, get to know more about the wonderful city of Miami and its attractions in our
lifestyle feature “My Oh My Miami.”

We all love stories that resonate with our own, especially those that bring us to greater
heights in mood and in thought. We hope you’ll enjoy reading this issue as much as we
enjoyed piecing it together.

Dr. Frank L.


Vol. 1 Issue 9


Diane Davies

Gloria Winkels

Ivor Kovac

Kay Whidbee Sherwood

Mounina Bouna Aly

Shirley Andrews

Ted Torgersen

Thomas Reischel



Editor’s Note

It’s that time of the year again where we get to go and participate in the Miami Book Fair,

particularly during the Street Fair weekend happening this November 22-24 in Miami

Dade College, Wolfson Campus. The book fair, considered America’s finest literary festival,

is a great opportunity for national and international authors to showcase and promote their

works to hundreds of thousands of attendees and book enthusiasts. It’s also a chance for

authors, exhibitors, booksellers, and other professionals from the publishing world to share

and exchange ideas and discover current trends in the industry.

In this issue, we got to talk with Dr. Frank Douglas, author of the engrossing memoir

Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream. Douglas shares how he became a

successful researcher, scientist, and published author despite the challenges and adversities.

In “Kids Need to Know About Mom’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis,” author Diane Davies

explains how one can have a truthful and honest conversation with children when someone

in the family has been diagnosed with a serious illness.

Shirley Andrews makes her case that extraterrestrial beings helped mankind with their

prehistoric achievements in “Gods from the Sky to Earth in Prehistory.”

We also offer a glimpse of Kay Whidbee Sherwood’s new book, News From the Holy Land

III: The Messiah’s Kingdom. We continue to receive contributions from various talents and

genius creators, and in this issue, we feature the works of Gloria Winkles, Ivor Kovac,

Mounina Bouna Aly, Thomas Reischel, Dr. Frank L. Douglas, and Ted Torgersen.

Finally, get to know more about the wonderful city of Miami and its attractions in our

lifestyle feature “My Oh My Miami.”

We all love stories that resonate with our own, especially those that bring us to greater

heights in mood and in thought. We hope you’ll enjoy reading this issue as much as we

enjoyed piecing it together.



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Diane Davies, Gloria Winkels, Ivor Kovac, Kay Whidbee Sherwood, Mounina Bouna Aly,

Shirley Andrews, Ted Torgersen, Dr. Frank L. Douglas, and Thomas Reischel.

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What’s Inside

4 An Author’s Journey Overcoming

The Battlefield of Life

12 I Did Not Know What He Wanted

by Dr. Frank L. Douglas

21 Kids Need to Know About Mom’s

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

by Diane Davies

28 With No Resistance

Poetry by Gloria Winkels

34 Trouble on the Sea of Mars

Short story by Ivor Kovac

50 Sneak Peek of

Kay Whidbee Sherwood New Book

58 What If Heaven Fell Over You?

by Mounina Bouna Aly

64 Gods From The Sky

To Earth In Prehistory

by Shirley Andrews

72 Contributor - Poetry by Ted Torgersen

86 Best Foot

Poetry by Thomas Reischel

93 Lifestyle:






An Author's Journey

Overcoming The

Battlefield of Life

By Calvin Garcia

It takes a certain kind of grit to

withstand the onslaught of hardships

that poverty and discrimination

brings. But what does it take to

actually thrive and prosper despite

the disadvantages one is dealt with

early in life?

Authorial Magazine sits down with

Dr. Frank Douglas, leading researcher,

scientist, and founder of the Center

for Biomedical Innovation at MIT, to

talk about his new memoir, Defining

Moments of a Free Man from a Black

Stream, where he chronicles his

inspiring story, from growing up

poor in British Guiana (now Guyana),

facing racism and xenophobia in

an unfamiliar land, and eventually

accomplishing feats of greatness in the

field of pharmacology and medicine.

In these turbulent times, when the

ugly face of racism is showing itself

again, it’s more important than ever

that an inspirational tale such as Dr.

Douglas’ is heard.

Now that he’s accomplished so

much, including receiving numerous

awards for his work (like being

named Director of the Year for

Global Pharmaceutical Research

and Development in 2011 and 2004,

Black History Maker in 2007, and

GQ’s Rock Star of Science in 2010),

he’s taken the time to pen his very

own life story, that others might know

how a Black immigrant overcame

adversity and found kindness in a

competitive world. Read on to know

more about this distinguished man

and his newfound career as an author,

his journey to becoming a published

writer, and his message to his readers.


authorial magazine | 4

Authorial: What does a-day-in-thelife

of Dr. Frank L. Douglas look like?

What are the things you love doing?

What are your hobbies and interests?

My typical day begins at about 6

a.m. with 15 minutes of light exercise

followed by a cup of coffee and six

to eight strawberries or a slice of

watermelon. This is followed by

looking at the first hour of Morning

Joe while going through paper mail

and email. Some memos are answered

immediately and others are added to

the ‘handle later’ stack. After a shower,

I would play or study chess online

for about one hour after which, on

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I

would take the 30-minute ride to the

dance studio for my lessons in Smooth

dances: Tango, Waltz and Foxtrot; or

Rhythm dances: Rumba, EC Swing

and Cha-Cha. After dance lessons,

I would work on house chores, such

as going to the super market, the

cleaners, or to the Post Office.

The evening from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

is dedicated to working on scientific

consulting projects or reading

scientific or other articles. On days

when I do not have dance lessons, that

3-hour period is used for spontaneous

or planned interactions with family

and/or friends.

Weekends are purposefully left open

for visits or phone calls with the

extended family.

I love playing chess, learning ballroom

dancing, and watching old movies

on Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

authorial magazine | 5

Have you always known you’d become

a writer? Have you always wanted to

be one? How did you get into writing?

What or who inspired you to write?

Writing scientific papers, proposals

and reports was an integral part of

my life. I had not considered writing

outside of the areas of my profession.

However, for several years, a cousin

of mine, Prof. Aubrey Bonnett, had

been encouraging me to write my

autobiography. He would say “Bro, if

people only knew how you grew up,

they would be amazed to see what

you have accomplished on the global

stage.” So, last year, after what I refer

to as my third retirement (smile), I

decided that the time had come to

reflect on my life and tell the story

particularly for the edification of my

grandchildren as they reached critical

milestones in their life.


Tell us something about your book.

Why should people read it? Do you

think it would make a difference in

their lives? In what way?

My book is a Memoir. It focuses

on those aspects of my life, from

childhood to recent times, and reveals

how what I learned in school and

church as a teenager formed the

bedrock of the value system that

helped me deal with discrimination

in American institutions and navigate

other challenges.

People who read this book will

be encouraged to seek to know

themselves, take responsibility for

the decisions they make and to

persevere even when challenges seem

insurmountable. They will see different

ways to deal with discrimination and

acts of racism in American institutions.

The book also gives insight into

innovation and business strategies

in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

I think this book will really inspire

others to work hard to realize

their ambition.

What sets your book apart from

other similar books in this genre?

What would you wish the readers to

experience when they read your works?

What I think might separate this

book is that the readers will find

themselves relating to many of the

experiences. The book describes

overcoming negative experiences

and challenges. It also celebrates

examples of significant goals that were

achieved through the collaboration

of scientists from diverse cultures.

I would like the readers to experience

the degradation one feels when one

is discriminated against or devalued,

and also recognize that adhering

to a constant set of values imparts

the fortitude necessary to deal with


What is the most challenging part of

your writing journey? How did you

go about it?

Since this was my first attempt to

write a nonscientific book, initially

I was puzzled about how to begin.

Interestingly, I focused on choosing

a title that would describe my

character. This was no easy task

because it required my looking into

an imperfect mirror that might not

reveal an accurate image. It was during

this process of searching for a title that

I remembered the encounter with a

British technician when I worked

at Xerox. It was he who told me the

meaning of my name Frank Douglas.

He said “Frank is Celtic and means

Free Mason or Free Man and Douglas

is Scottish and it means from a Black

Stream. That is You! You walk around

these labs like a Free Man from a

Black Stream.”


authorial magazine | 6

That did it. I thought I should

write my Memoirs, rather than my

Autobiography. That way I could recall

events in my life, from boyhood to

present, that might have contributed

to, or exemplify my being a Free Man

from a Black Stream. I identified

about 50 such events and selected

thirty that I considered important in

becoming and being Frank Douglas.

Second, I decided that I needed

to structure it in a manner that

demonstrated active reflection. It

was then it occurred to me that that

was what I often did on long flights

and car rides. During those times I

would reflect on significant events in

my life. That done, I worked 10- 12

hours each day and 3 months later

my rough draft was completed.

If you could tell your younger self

anything, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self that

which I want my grandchildren to

learn early. That is to know when ‘to

be silent and listen’; when to ‘keep the

sword in the scabbard’ when to ‘stiffen

the sinews and imitate the action of

the tiger’; and never to let anyone

discourage them from the pursuit

of their goals.

What are you looking forward to

most in life right now?

I am looking forward to a long,

healthy life and the return of civility

in America where we treat each other

the way we would like to be treated.

What advice would you give to your


I would ask my readers to use the

various situations that I describe in

my book as teaching opportunities; as

ways to increase diversity and inclusion

in their workplace, universities and


Tell us something about you that only

a few people know. Why is this not

known so much?

Few people know of my early

evangelical, religious background.

Of course those who read the book

will discover it. The reason is that I

consider people’s religious beliefs as

their private choice and I do not want

to be distracted by the discrepancies

between what they profess and the

behaviors they demonstrate. In

general, I keep my private life private

and avoid inviting acquaintances and

strangers to comment on it.

Give us one word that best describes

you. Explain why.

Forward-thinking. The words I hear

frequently, when people describe me,

are: humble, innovative, resilient,

determined, thinks outside of the box.

I choose Forward-thinking because I

have never included the word failure

in my vocabulary or attitude. There

might be unwanted or unexpected

outcomes, but for me, they both

present incredible opportunities to

discover and do new things. They are

not to be treated as ‘setbacks’.

In totality, what is the message of your

book and you as an author?

In totality, the message of my book

is that adherence to a strong set of

values, hard work and perseverance

-the components of True Grit- will

overcome all manmade obstacles. A

strong value-system helps one adapt

to changes in life.


authorial magazine | 7




Ebook | $ 9.99

Paperback | $ 11.99

Growing up on the plains of South Dakota, completing grade school

in a one-room school, surviving blizzards. Success in Air Force the

culmination of a career in achieving the highest enlisted grade in the

Air Force. A full life after the Air Force with writing and painting.

Graduating from college with a degree in Economics 39 years after

graduating from high school.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

Book copies are available at


Defining Moments

of a Free Man

from a Black Stream

Dr. Frank L. Douglas

Ebook | $ 3.99

Paperback | $ 14.99

This memoir covers the key events in the life of Dr. Frank L. Douglas as he rises

from a life of poverty in Guyana and enters the United States in 1963. He is

surprised by the racism and discrimination in the US and describes how the values

inculcated in him during his teenage years helped him deal with discrimination

both in the University and Industry. It also describes the occasions when white

colleagues supported him as he rose to top management and leadership positions in

the pharmaceutical industry and academia. His journey reenforces how hard work,

having true grit and being true to oneself can help one achieve one’s goals.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

Book copies are available at


Paperback | $20.45

Ebook | $3.99

Hardcover | $30.95

Paperback | $13.95

Ebook | $3.99

Gabriel’S Journey

by Nora Rose

Gabriels Journey is a powerful book! One that will

open discussions with your children about trust,

believing in yourself, goal setting and focusing on the

good in every situation. I love how the Author has

incorporated many teachable concepts into the story.

The illustrations are magnificent and bring the story to

life. This is a book to be shared. I highly recommend it!

The Jewish Background of

Christianity in God’s Plan of

Salvation: A Catholic Approach

to the Old Testament

by Marianne Ivany, D. Min.

Modern Catholics may be dissuaded from reading or studying the Old

Testament simply because the stories seem unusual or implausible and the

language, foreign and confusing. Still, we must not neglect the inestimable

value of God’s self-disclosure and the wealth of wisdom within the

Hebrew scriptures, nor the Jewish prayers and traditions contained within,

as many of them lie at the core of our faith and worship.


Book copies are available at


Paperback | $14.95

Ebook | $9.99

Paperback | $15.99

Wisdom from

a Wheelchair

by Olivia Espinosa

The author of Wisdom from a Wheelchair has been disabled since she was

twelve years old. While going through her own personal struggles and the

progression of her disability, Olivia Espinosa found her gift from God:

creating daily inspirational messages that have changed her life and healed

her spirit.

It is her hope that this book will bring you inspiration, faith, strength, and

comfort. It will warm your heart when you’re feeling too far from God. You

will find encouragement and support to overcome your own life’s struggles.

You too can move mountains.

Trails to and Tales of

Sanderson, Texas

The Saga Continues Book 2

by Cleo W. Robinson Jr.

This sequel begins where the first book ends. The same locales and

characters are still very much involved. However, a few more characters

will be trailing into the area from a couple of new geographic locations

to keep the action moving. The new characters bring their own unique

backgrounds and survival skills. They are good people, friendly, but do

not push them.


Book copies are available at


i Did Not

Know What

he Wanted

By Dr. Frank L. Douglas

As he casually looked backward, the

image of the receptionist hugging

his Goose Down Parka with her face

buried in its fur-lined collar, induced

a feeling of alarm and unease in the

Leader. He strode the remaining 50 feet

to his office and firmly resolved that

in the future he would not accept the

greeting and offer from the receptionist

to place his winter coat in the closet.

However, avoiding what had become

a morning ritual with this receptionist

would not be simple. There was a single

elevator that opened onto a small

waiting room on the right, and on

the left there was a large, semicircular

cedar counter, on which stood a desk

computer on one side and a vase of

flowers on the other, and in the center

loomed the welcoming face and upper

torso of a receptionist. An open coat

closet and a couple racks of magazines

were also present in the receptionist

area. The offices lay behind these

two areas and access and egress were

through two hallways, one of which led

directly from the elevator and coursed

between the reception area and the

open waiting area.

Thereafter, he would take the

elevator to the floor above his office,

walk to the far end of this floor and

descend the stairwell, one flight down

to his floor and office, which was at the

back end of the floor.

Mary, was a large woman, whose

dresses though clean were clearly of

inferior material and style. Her face

seemed small for her large body and

the coexistent furrowed brow and ready

smile attested to an ongoing battle

with the vicissitudes in her life. Ed, the

Deputy Leader of the Division, had

described her to the Leader as a mother

of three children, somewhat ‘down on

her luck’, who had been referred to him

by a friend in the nearby university.

He had hired her to share the duties

of receptionist with another student.

Ed had included literature searches for

articles on polymer structures, which

were of interest to the Division, in her

responsibilities. The other student was

also tasked with literature searches

while working as receptionist. Shortly

after her hire, many of the scientists

commented on the excellence of Mary’s

work, both with respect to the relevance

of the articles she selected as well as

the quality of her 2-3 line summaries

of the articles.

The maturity of her work habits

impressed the Leader and on discovering

that she was pursuing a Master’s degree

authorial magazine | 12

at the local University, while struggling

to find the one month’s deposit required

to obtain an apartment for her and

her three children, the Leader called

Ed into his office and asked: “Do the

two part-time receptionists earn the

same hourly wage?”

“Yes, they do,” Ed replied.

“And I assume that the job

description is the same for both


“Yes,” Ed replied.

I have one other question. “How

would you describe the tasks they

actually perform?”

“Mary is not only answering the

phones and making appointments

for the five managers in the group,

she also assists departments by typing

documents and thus help maintain

timelines. In addition, she does literature

searches as requested, many of which

come from you. The other student only

manages phone calls and works on

literature searches as requested. Mary

also dabbles in Chinese art and she

was the one who designed the recent

Christmas postcards for the Division.”

“Hmmm,” said the Leader,

“perhaps you should have Human

Resources evaluate her tasks, update

her job description and increase her

pay, if necessary.”

About three weeks later, Ed

reported that the new job description

was evaluated and recommended that

Mary receive an increase of $1.50 per

hour. The Leader agreed.

One month later the Leader’s

executive assistant told him that Mary

wanted to see him. He acquiesced.

Mary came into his office beaming

from ear to ear. He invited her to sit

in one of the two chairs that were on

the opposite side of his desk. Mary

declined and said that she only wanted

to thank him because with her raise,

she was able to get an apartment for

her and her three children and would

be moving into their own apartment

that weekend. “Thank you, thank you,


Sir!” and with joyful steps her large

frame seemed to glide out of his office.

The following day, the Leader

reflected awhile, then put three,

hundred dollar bills in an envelope on

which he wrote: ‘House Warming Gift’.

At the end of the day, he walked to the

receptionist area, gave the envelope to

Mary and quickly escaped into the

fortuitously open elevator.

Imagine his surprise on the

following day, when, unannounced,

Mary was standing in his office with

the envelope in her outstretched hand.

“Thank you, Sir. But I do not want to

be treated as a desperate need case.”

The Leader stood, somewhat redfaced,

took the envelope, and said:

“My apologies. I meant no disrespect.

But thanks for letting me know how

it made you feel.”

At the end of the day, after the

Leader’s Executive Assistant had

already left for the day, the large body

of Mary framed his open doorway.

The Leader decided to remain seated

behind his desk and simply asked: “Is

there a problem, Mary?”

Mary replied. “I really appreciate

the gift. I just felt awkward taking cash

from you. But if you would write it as

a cheque, I would gladly accept it.”

The Leader extracted his cheque

book from his brief case, addressed

a cheque for $300.00 and added

‘House Warming Gift’ in the memo

section of the cheque. He placed it in

an envelope, rose from his chair, but

remained behind his desk as he offered

the envelope with the cheque to Mary.

Mary smiled broadly and said:

“Thank you. Have a good night, Sir.”

The next three months were

uneventful, except that it was clear

that Mary was blossoming in her new

role. She no longer wore the same dress

all week, but had a varying and better

quality wardrobe during the week. She

was being treated as part of the team and

had become the fulltime receptionist

for the Division. She seemed to have

established personal friendships with

some of the managers and when one

of them had an executive assistant

vacancy, Mary applied for the position.

One day, as the Leader was getting a

cup of coffee from the open waiting

room, Mary accosted him. The Leader

was somewhat surprised because apart

from a communication from Mary to

enquire about the progress of his trip

in China, and a second to ask advice

about an issue involving a teacher of

one of her children, he had had scant

contact with her. Nonetheless, on the

rare occasions he encountered her, he

kept the interaction very brief, but

pleasant. He was even more surprised

when Mary said quite forcefully: “You

need to get me the job as executive

assistant for Grace.”

The Leader did not conceal his

annoyance when he responded:

“Grace makes that decision, not I.”

The Leader also knew that Grace had

offered the position to someone else in

another department of the company.

Mary, insisted: “You can get me that

Job, if you want to.”

Now, quite angry, the Leader

said: “I think that you are being rather

impertinent. First, you do not report to

me, and secondly, we have done quite

a lot to recognize and reward you for

your contributions!” The Leader left his

empty cup on the table and abruptly

returned to his office. The following

day, Ed came into his office and said:

“Mary has offered her resignation.

What should I do?”

The Leader responded: “You hired

her. You are her manager. You do what

you consider appropriate.”

Mary left the Division and

the company.

On Saturday morning of that

week, the Leader received an unusual

call and invitation to have lunch with

the CEO, his boss. They met at a

Chinese restaurant, and after sliding

into the large red booth seats to sit

facing each other, the CEO handed

the Leader a letter and said: “John,

our lawyer, came to see me. John said

that Ed had brought Mary to see him

because Mary had a complaint against

you. You must know that John’s opinion

is that there is nothing here, but it was

important that I discuss this directly

with you.”

The Leader read the letter that

the CEO had given him. It was a

little bit incoherent. In it, Mary

stated that she loved her work in the

Division but the Leader had ‘behaved

inappropriately’ to her. This had caused

her to resign from her position. She

gave no details, but wanted to reverse

her resignation. The Leader expressed

surprise that Ed had not made him

aware of this development with

Mary. He described to the CEO his

interactions with Mary, particularly

the ‘House Warming Gift’ and her

demand that he should influence Grace

to hire her. The CEO expressed his

concern that since a Labor Lawyer

was investigating complaints that the

Leader had created an environment

that was hostile to women, the Mary

accusation would not be helpful. The

hostile environment complaint had

occurred in the wake of the Leader’s

dismissal of one of the senior women

associates. This complaint from Mary

could be seen as another evidence of

a hostile environment.

That weekend the Leader reflected

on his most recent interaction with the

Communications Director whom he

had dismissed. This senior associate

was invariably late in completing her

assignments and frequently off-loaded

her responsibilities onto others. In

the last meeting that included the

Human Resources representative,

the Communications Director and

the Leader, the HR representative

requested a brief statement of her

complaint. She stated that the Leader

was unreasonable in his expectations.

She gave as an example that the Leader

sent emails at 2- 3 am.

The Leader responded: “My work

habits are my own concern. No one can

tell me when I should work after normal


authorial magazine | 13

office hours. Similarly, no one should

tell you when you should work, if at all,

after normal office hours. So you can

choose when to read your emails.” The

HR representative recommended that

the Communications Director could

either seek to fulfil the requirements

of her job or accept the separation

package that was being offered. The

Communications Director decided to

accept the package and as she rose to

leave the meeting, she looked directly

at the Leader and said: “I will go to

the press and ruin you.”

The Leader reflected further

and found it curious but not totally

surprising that Ed had not informed

him that Mary had written a letter

accusing him of having ‘behaved

inappropriately’ to her. He then recalled

that the Head of another Division had

cautioned him to be watchful of Ed,

his deputy, who was disappointed that

he was passed over for the job that

the leader now held. The Leader had

heeded this warning and after careful

attention and study of Ed’s actions and

interactions, he had concluded that

this outwardly pleasant and ‘eager to

please’ man was in fact a tortured and

conniving soul. He also reflected that

Ed had complained frequently about

the Communications Director’s poor

work habits but had refrained from

confronting her because she had friends

in ‘high places’ not only in the city, but

also in the state legislature.

What could this all mean?

The leader had readily agreed to

have a well respected Labor Lawyer

investigate complaints that he had

created an environment that was hostile

to women. But in that luncheon meeting,

he had also learned from the CEO

that the dismissed Communications

Director was soliciting the 30 women

in the Division to sign a letter that

charged the Leader with creating a

hostile environment.

The Leader, who had a reputation

for fairness, and for creating

entrepreneurial and innovative teams,

also had a personal philosophy based

on Socrates’ statement: ‘Understanding

the formula offers a beauty in life that

is permanent, a justice in life that is

absolute, and an authority in life that

is unimpeachable.’ A tall man, slightly

balding and with an athletic built,

the Leader possessed an energy and

intellectual intensity that was most

apparent when he challenged his teams

to think ‘outside the box’ and to achieve

BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals).

He rarely reacted emotionally when

there were disappointments in projects.

He would ask: “What is unexpected

in these results? What is unwanted in

these results?”

Finally, he would exhort his teams

with: “Focus on those two questions

and you will either find the specific

solution or discover something new.”

Similarly, when it had to do with

personnel issues, he rarely reacted

immediately. He sought to understand

the problem. He believed that to

understand took time and patience.

He also recognized that the aggrieved

can only listen after they feel their

concerns have been heard. Hence, it was

consistent with his values system that

he would welcome the appointment

of an external expert to evaluate his

Division. But now he felt that his

character and reputation were being

attacked and so he needed to act.

Two events further unsettled the

Leader and the more he mulled over

Mary’s action, the more he thanked his

uncanny instinct for sensing possible

danger. On one of his brief encounters

with Mary she had asked where he

lived because, as she said, she could

have her kids clear the snow from

his driveway. He had responded, in a

matter-of- fact manner: “Thank you,

Mary. However, I do have a professional

company that takes care of my lawn

and driveway.” With that he had

immediately excused himself.

The second event was that Mary

had sent a note to everyone announcing

the address of her new home. He

was curious to know what type of

neighborhood and house it was. One

Sunday afternoon he researched the

address and slowly drove by the house

number. It was a duplex two story

house on a street that was noticeable

for being well-maintained, whereas, in

contrast, several houses were clearly in

need of repair and painting. He recalled

suddenly becoming uncomfortable as he

thought: ‘what if Mary had unwittingly

seen him?’ With that thought he had

gradually, but purposefully, accelerated

the car and turned right at the first

cross street as he rapidly exited the


He knew that he needed to act

promptly and resolutely.

At 9 am the following Monday

morning, he called his managers and

senior associates into his office. They

were ten in number and for the first

time he noticed that the women were

in the majority: six women, four men.

He stood behind his desk. Did not

greet them. Did not offer them a

seat, but looked directly at them and

said: “Some of you have complained

that I have created an environment

that is hostile to women. I have not

interfered with the interviews that are

presently being conducted to evaluate

this. This weekend I learned that Mary

has accused me of and I quote ‘acting

inappropriately’ to her. Now I would

like you to know that I have engaged

Mr. James Barnes, who, you all know, is

a well respected lawyer in this region. If

any of you try to ruin my reputation, I

shall come after you individually. Have

a Good Day!” With a wave of the

hand he dismissed the group. He did

notice, that Grace, who was a friend of

both Mary and the Communications

Director, became flushed and turned

her head to avoid his direct stare.

His lawyer, Mr. James Barnes,

sent a brief letter to Mary advising her

that the Leader intended to take legal

action should she seek to damage the

Leader’s reputation. Ed whose office

adjoined that of the Leader’s and who


authorial magazine | 14

normally would visit the Leader to

discuss projects in real time, hardly

darkened his door in the days that

followed. One could feel the tension

on this floor of the five storied building

that housed the Division and its Labs.

The CEO convened a meeting to

discuss Mary’s accusation. The attendees

included the Leader, the Heads of the

three other Divisions, the Head of

Human Resources and the Lawyer.

The Leader sat motionless as the lawyer

read the letter and explained that it

was rather vague and only asserted

that she had resigned because the

Leader had behaved inappropriately to

her. The lawyer explained that he was

surprised that Ed had brought Mary

over to his office with her complaint

and letter without first alerting him

to the situation. The lawyer also stated

that he could get nothing more specific

from Mary, except that she wanted to

return to her job. The CEO asked the

Leader for his defense. The Leader said

that he had nothing to add except that

he had engaged Mr. James Barnes,

Esq. to defend his reputation, if

needed. The meeting ended without

anyone, except the company’s lawyer,

saying anything that could have been

considered supportive of the Leader.

About one week later, the Labor

Lawyer was concluding the interview

phase of her investigation when she

asked the Leader to meet with her.

In the meeting the Leader recounted

the incident in which he saw Mary

hugging his parka and holding its furry

collar to her face. He described how he

would take the elevator to the higher

floor, walk to the back of that floor and

descend the stairwell to his floor and

office in order to avoid contact with

Mary. He also commented on one other

occasion when Mary had tried to hug

him and when he told her that he did

not like being hugged, she stated that

she was sure that if she were Juliet or

Nancy, two other associates, he would

have accepted their hugs. The Leader

also recounted that his desire to help

her furnish her new apartment had led

him to give her $300.00 which she had

returned in place of receiving a cheque

for the same amount. The Leader

also said that he was quite impressed

with her maturity in selecting and

summarizing articles, which led him

to recommend to her boss that he

should review her job description and

adjust her compensation, if necessary.

However, he stated that he was quite

annoyed when she approached him

demanding that he influence Grace to

hire her as Grace’s executive assistant.

The Labor Lawyer said I have

one question. “Did you think about

giving her $300.00? Certainly, you don’t

walk with that amount of money in

your pocket.” The Leader immediately

put his hand in his pants pocket and

produced two, one hundred dollar bills.

He said: “Every morning I put three,

one hundred dollar bills in my pocket

and I try to give them to poor people

begging on the street, whenever the

opportunity presents.

My goal is to give a significant

amount that can really help that

recipient on the given day.”

The Labor Lawyer said: “I have

only one piece of advice for you. The

next time that you would like to help

an associate in your Division, have the

Division collect general contributions

to which you can give anonymously.”

The following day the Labor

Lawyer interviewed Mary.

After expressing her concern

that Mary was now without a job,

the Labor Lawyer asked: “Mary, help

me understand why the Leader made

you feel uncomfortable. Did he ever

make a pass at you?”

Mary asked, “What do you mean?”

Labor Lawyer: “Did he ever invite

you to dinner?”

Mary: “No. But he did take me

to lunch once.”

Labor Lawyer: “What did you

discuss at lunch?”

Mary: “He wanted to know what

I was studying in the University and

I told him that I was finishing my

Master’s at the end of the Semester. I

also told him that I like Chinese art

and that I paint in Chinese style.”

Labor Lawyer: “what did he say?”

Mary: “He is strange that way.

He did not say much. I did all of

the talking.”

Lawyer: “What did you think?”

Mary: “I thought he must like me

because after that lunch, Ed, my boss,

who never treated me like I was worth

anything, called me into his office and

told me that I was getting a new job

description and a raise.

The Leader also gave me a

cheque for $300.00 when I moved

into my apartment. Here is a copy of

the cheque.”

Labor Lawyer: “Did he ever

communicate with you outside of work?”

Mary: “Yes, he texted me a few

times including when he was on

business in China. Here is a copy of

the text.”

The Labor Lawyer studied the text

and then said: “This text looks like he

was responding to a text from you.”

Mary said: “Oh, yea. I had texted

him to find out how his trip was going.”

Labor Lawyer: “So why do you

find this text strange?”

Mary, “Don’t you see. He talked

about the restaurant having a romantic

atmosphere even though it is an old


Labor Lawyer: “Mary, let me

understand this. He never made a

pass at you that you can clearly describe.

He never invited you to dinner. He

never invited you to visit his home. He

never asked you to show him your new

apartment, so why do you believe that

he ‘behaved inappropriately’ to you?”

Mary responded, somewhat

flustered: “Well, he was so very kind

to me and I did not know what

he wanted.”

September 5 , 2019


authorial magazine | 15

Paperback | $12.95

Ebook | $9.99

Paperback | $17.95

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Hiram Ulysses Aloysius

Higgenbotham’s Special Day

by Jami Lewis Spray

Hiram’s name is a mouthful, and he is a “handful.” A typical day

in the life of Hiram will bring a smile to your face. His curiosity

may cause him to make unwise choices, but he always tries to

obey his parents. What will his surprise be on this special day?

The First Alien Christmas

by Bernardine S. Stevens

What would you do if you discovered your Christmas tree was an

alien from another planet?

Zorn was once a vibrant, colorful planet but now it is dying.

Empress Eigna knows she must find another home for her subjects

and it must be one with plenty of carbon dioxide, which Zornians

need to survive. Earth appears to be the perfect relocation option;

however, there are issues with the way humans treat each other.

How will they ever accept aliens immigrating from another planet?

While her military advisor is all for exterminating the entire

human race, others push for a more peaceful resolution.


Book copies are available at


Searching for answers, the empress sends Ybbuc, her most trusted

intelligence agent, to Earth. He is to learn about humans and

how Zornians can adapt to life on Earth. After visiting several

locations, and having encounters with both people and animals,

Ybbuc feels the task is almost impossible.

Paperback | $6.99

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Rhythm of my Soul:

A Book of Poems

by Tapati Bhaumik

This book is a reflection of my belief that we

are one family on this planet; let us nourish

and nurture each other by bringing new insight

from far and near. This book will bring a new

insight of my thought to refresh readers’ mind.

The Biggest Hole in the Iron

Curtain: The Batizy Story

by Levente Batizy

The Biggest Hole in the Iron Curtain: The Batizy Story is Levente

Batizy’s sweeping yet intimate immigration story. Starting with

the story of the Batizy patriarch, the architect of the family’s great

escape, and following the sacrifices that the Batizy’s mother and

stepmother made during the resettlement, The Biggest Hole in

the Iron Curtain also includes recollections from Batizy and his

thirteen siblings following the fiftieth anniversary of the revolt.


Book copies are available at


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Harmony to All

For Professionals and

Non-Professional Musicians

by Diogenes Alberto Rivera

Since Pythagoras developed the musical scale (C D E F G A B C), it

has been necessary in order to continue the evolution of music, to clarify,

or to enlighten the path of musicians. Music might look like a mystery

just because of that lack of that simple and important true. And that

simple true is that in every single major scale, there are intrinsically-its

minor seven scale (and thus the chord), its major seven scale, its minor

scale, and its diminished scale. There are five figures or diagrams, which

save hundreds of words and teach you how to master all the harmony

scales and thus chords. Enjoy, enjoy, and create your own music.

Fortitude: A Quest through

Fear and Doubt

by Gayle R. Lee

Fortitude is a spiritual memoir. It spans a four-year period when the author

walks away from her stressful long-term job and embarks on a journey

searching for security and her destiny. It’s about breaking unproductive

behavior patterns and getting out of her comfort zones.


Some of her journal notes are added in with the text to show the inner

struggles and triumphs as she attempts to figure out the keys to success

and happiness.

Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $29.99

Paperback | $19.99

Ebook | $3.99

Paperback | $19.95

Ebook | $9.99

Keeper of the Flame

by JoAnn Petrie Carr

This is a fictional inside look in answer to the question, What’s it like being

married to an astronaut? I was an Apollo wife in the sixties, which gives me

a unique perspective from which to write this book. This is the feminine

view of the space race and has never been done before by an insider. Keeper

of the Flame is a metaphor for the universal story of every traditional

married woman who found herself exposed to the possibilities offered

by the changing world of the sixties. It will also appeal to those younger

women who struggle to combine career and family. Jennifer Davis, devoted

mother of four and wife of an Apollo astronaut, had dreamed of being a

lawyer. Instead, she married and started a family while her twin brother

went to law school. Although the women’s movement tells her she can have

a career of her own, she supports her husband in his quest for the moon.

Her husband is a good but neglectful man who is driven by his need to

excel at whatever he does. His time and attention are focused exclusively on

the moon to the detriment of his family and his relationship with Jennifer.

God’s Visual Kingdom

Is An Epiphany Away

by Dawn Michelle Mapes

Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

Matthew 23:24

God’s promised kingdom is visible using everyday items. By

combining Scripture and truly seeking God in all things, a servant

of God in the United States has located the frequency and line of

sight in which you can visually witness Jesus Christ and the Holy

Spirit under God’s directive, which is imprinted on our material

world. The mysteries spoke to us become clear and obvious once

you glimpse behind the veil. This revelation will give mankind the

evidence that God is the Master Principle guiding the unity field.

Giving us the promised Comforter to bring each of us to salvation

eliminating all doubt from humanity.


Book copies are available at



authorial magazine | 20

Kids Need to

Know About

Mom’s Breast

Cancer Diagnosis

By Diane Davies, author of Jeannie Ann’s

Grandma Has Breast Cancer

“You have breast cancer.” Hearing

my doctor say those four words

in connection with my body was

devastating to say the least. Let’s try

overwhelming, shocking, shattering,

damaging, or even ravaging. None of

those words come close to describing

how I felt when I received that

diagnosis. With my husband and adult

daughter by my side, the consultation

continued. I never heard a word of

what was said as I was planning

my funeral!

Here I am, however, fifteen years a

survivor and breast cancer patient

advocate trying to make the journey

less lonely and less scary for those that

come after me. My intent in writing

Jeannie Ann’s story was to create a

tool for families facing a breast cancer

journey to use when they needed to

start the conversation where children

would be told about the loved one’s

diagnosis. Reading Jeannie Ann’s

story will serve as a stepping stone to

creating an atmosphere where truth

will be told and questions answered.

“Wait! I don’t want my children to

know that I have cancer. I want to

protect them from the harsh realities

of life. I don’t want anybody to know. I

want to keep this diagnosis a secret. I

especially don’t want to feel or appear

weak, or scared and I certainly don’t

want to cry and really scare my kids.”

I get it. I do understand. I’ve been

there. My husband’s first wife lost

her life in an accident. When we

married and had our daughter we

never even thought to tell her about

this tragedy as she grew older. Great

Grandma passed away and the

minister leading her funeral was a

member of the family. He was talking

about this wonderful 101 year old little

woman and all of the changes she had

witnessed in her century of living. He

mentioned the accident among other

family trials and incidents that Great

Grandma lived through. My twelve

year old daughter was distraught and

shattered. She explained to us that

she felt abandoned by her family

and alone. We had lied to her by

never telling her. My husband along

with his mother and I spent many

hours helping her understand the

terrible oversight. Children need to

know they belong and that they are

important enough to know the whole

story, good and bad, that we share

together as a family. We learned that

one the hard way.

So let’s focus on this “WHY” it is

important that children know about

a loved one’s diagnosis. First of all

children are very perceptive. They

thrive on routine because it makes

them feel safe knowing what is

coming. Any break in routine no

matter how small is upsetting for

them. In Jeannie Ann’s story, the break

in routine comes when she gets home

from school, a longer tighter hug from

mom, no snack and baby brother still

in his pajamas from the night before,

is her tip off that something is not

right. Dinner is a quiet affair – another

hint. Anything out of the ordinary

takes the safe out of the routine.


authorial magazine | 21

As hard as the truth may be, children

imagine it worse. Jeannie Ann

overhears Mom and Dad whispering

after she leaves the table. She hangs

around the doorway and hears

the word C A N C E R! Now her

imagination goes wild. Who has

cancer? Is it me? My baby brother?

Mom or Dad? What will happen to

me? Who will take care of me? With

the lack of information, children fill in

the blanks themselves often in scary,

unhealthy ways totally missing what

is really happening.

Keeping cancer a secret can make the

child feel shut out and abandoned

as we learned with our daughter.

Jeannie Ann even imagined that

she was the cause of the cancer and

the pain because of something she’d

forgotten to do or perhaps because

of bad behavior that she did do. The

illness came as a punishment. This

kind of thinking is not unusual and

becomes another stress in the dynamic

of the family causing a closing of

the lines of communication. When

trying to keep a secret, the child may

hear about the diagnosis from a wellmeaning

neighbor or even other kids

on the bus destroying the trust that

the child has in the parent. This can

lead to the child thinking that her/his

family doesn’t even love them enough

to let her/him in on the secret.

As hard as we as parents try, it is

impossible to shield our children from

the stressful parts of life. If we were

successful, I’m not sure that would

be a good thing anyway. Our job as

parents is to teach children how to

manage such challenges in life by

modeling for them what works for us.

Being honest and truthful with

children is important during the

good times as well as the bad. When

a child thinks the parent is not being

truthful, it becomes difficult for them

to know when they are being told the

truth. The effects of treatment, loss

of hair, exhaustion, nausea, sleeping

all the time, can be terrifying for

children without knowing the facts

behind what is happening. Talking

about feelings make feelings less

overwhelming, upsetting and scary

even for adults.

Your child depends on you. A cancer

journey can be a loving growing

opportunity for the family. It takes

work and planning at a most difficult

time, however. By letting our children

in, we as parents are allowing them

to learn how to care and provide

support and comfort for others and

for ourselves. This is an important

life lesson.

Here is something to think about. talks about the Four C’s

of Child Concern When Someone

They Love is Diagnosed With Cancer.

1. Did I CAUSE it?

2. Can I CATCH it?

3. Can I CURE it?

4. Who will take CARE of me?


Keep these four questions in mind as

you plan the conversation with your

children regarding the diagnosis of

a loved one with cancer.

Choose a time when you can focus all

of your attention on the conversation.

Make it a quiet time with as few

distractions as possible. Turn off all

radios, TVs, cell phones, and other

authorial magazine | 22

devices to make for less interruptions.

Plan for the time to be a long enough

so all questions can be answered. The

best place to hold this conversation

is at home where all involved are

comfortable and feel safe. If at all

possible, the loved one with the

diagnosis should be the leader with

all members of the immediate family

in attendance even the very young.

Add others only if they increase the

child’s comfort. People outside the

family could possibly add more stress

for everyone. I’d be real deliberate

about who should be there and why.

If you are the patient, practice saying

out loud “I have cancer.” That is a

tough one. For me once I gave voice

to it, it became reality. I highly suggest

practicing it so you are able to control

your own response. It’s okay to cry.

You should be honest with those you

love and crying is an honest response.

Remember there is no age limit for

the need to cry. Allowing emotions

to be expressed honestly help the

children to feel safe and secure.

Be prepared with all of the facts as

you never know what questions will

be asked. It is important to share what

part of the body is affected and simple

details regarding the treatment plan.

Listen carefully to what the child

is asking. There is no need to talk

beyond what is being asked or to go

into details that may just add to the

fear. Being honest and hopeful is the

best approach. If a question is asked

that you do not know the answer to,

assure them that you’ll find the answer

and share it at that time.

“Will you die?” is sure to be one of

the anxieties on everyone’s mind so

spend some time thinking about how

you will answer that one. Dying is

always a possibility so be careful not

to make a promise that is actually

beyond your control.

Be sure the children understand that

they are not responsible in any way for

Mom having breast cancer. They did

not cause the cancer by their actions

or inactions. And just as important,

they cannot “catch” cancer – it is not


“Who will take care of me?” is

certainly a topic not to skip over with

children. Where will I be while you

are sick or in the hospital? Where will

I eat? Where will I sleep? If possible,

allow the children to have a voice in

this plan. Be sure to reassure that no

matter what happens, the child will

be cared for and that you will try to

keep their life as normal as possible

under the new circumstances. At the

same time, modal for them that it is

okay to laugh and be happy during

this time of illness.

Children can share in the experience

with you by assigning them tasks to

help with according to their age level.

Teens of course can take on more

responsibility but still need to have

their own time and space if possible.

Here is a reminder list for parents

for after the conversation and as the

journey continues:

• Make time for continued

conversations with the children

and the teens.

• Put time on the calendar for

each child.

• Encourage the children to do

his/her everyday things

• Check in with the child on an

ongoing basis

• Include child in a clinic/

treatment visit if possible

• It is okay to say “I don’t know!”

• Telling children that a dying

patient “is going to sleep” can

make bedtime confusing and

frightening. Your own beliefs

will guide you in this matter.

• If the child seems withdrawn,

has an ongoing behavior

change or prolonged disinterest

normal activities – seek

professional help. Your health

care team will have suggestions

for you as to who to see. Don’t

let this slip through the cracks.

Alert the child’s daycare/school

to help watch for signs of

needing help.

Listening to your child is the most

important advice when a loved one is

diagnosed with any cancer. Listening

is a vast part of communication and

good communication helps everyone

in the family cope with the changes

that lie ahead. Talking with your

children honestly and helping them

express their emotions will help them

feel safe and secure and continue

to build trust in you as the parent.

Honest communication with your

children throughout the cancer

journey is of utmost importance.

Don’t go it alone – reach out! There

is plenty of help for those of you who

are strong enough to ask for it.


Diane Davies

authorial magazine | 23


It Isn’t Hard If You Keep

Your Eyes on the Mentor,

God, Our HeavenLY Father

Elizabeth Len Wai

Ebook | $ 9.99

Paperback: | 11.95

God is the only perfect parent; it is appropriate that we should choose

him as our mentor in parenting. A lot of the behaviors that irritate

us in our child, God has experienced with us--tantrums, questioning,

disobedience, defiance, crying, and begging. He has experienced

them all with us and still calls us his children.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

US Review of Books

Book copies are available at


The News

from Arkansas

Sense of Humor Required

Valerie Katz

Hardcover | $26.99 Paperback | $13.99 Ebook | $3.99

I was a California girl. My children were unofficially forbidden to move more than 1 ½

hours from their mother . How did I end up in Arkansas? I blame Eric Estrada! After

purchasing our new home in Arkansas it was a full year before we could actually move.

We endured the comment “Your moving where!” and the looks that went with it, by our

California friends for that entire year. So this started out as e-mails to friends and family

to let them know all the strange and amusing differences in our new world. Many of

them wanted to know if I was saving them to make into a book. One year at Christmas

my son Donald said he only wanted one thing for the following Christmas, a copy of the

book. So here is this book of laughter, and a few tears, that I hope you will enjoy.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

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Poetry for

God’s Glory

Ebook | $ 3.99

Bernadette N. Fordyce

Paperback | $ 13.99

In the world today, some believe in evolution. This has given cause for a lot of confusion. The

Big Bang theory is just man's opinion. In Genesis gives an authentic account of creation. This

inspired book chronicles how all things began and still exists in the air, in the seas, and on land.

All came into being by the word of God's command. Only man, the crowning act of creation

was made by his hand. From the dust of the earth with his breath he gave man life. Put Adam to

sleep, took a rib, and fashioned for him a wife. God created man in his own image and likeness

specifically as in his word it is described fearfully and wonderfully. The only creatures he gave

wisdom, dominion, and authority endowed with knowledge to think and speak intelligently

yet many are still saying man is a descendant of monkey perverting God's gift to promote

evolution's false theory. His word informs man, "God created in the beginning." All doubts and

disbelief came about as a result of sin. There is enough evidence in creation to put our trust in

not one of God's children should question their origin.


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Robert G. Hrib

Paperback | $ 11.99 Hardcover | $35.95

Robert retires from the Paterson Fire Department to take a job as Public Safety Director of the Federal

Government in Washington DC. His second day on the job he wakes up to find the President and the

first family has been murdered. It is a terrorist plot against the United States Government.

The Director and his staff try to solve why the President was murdered. He has to perform his job as

Public Safety Director even when he becomes the target of the terrorist. The Director has to learn how

to think like a police officer not a firefighter.


His job is to deal with the White House Police, the FBI, Secret Service, and District Police and Fire

Departments and a Civilian review board. He falls in love with three women but has to be careful not

to get into a Washington Scandal.

Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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I love to watch the clouds

As they float by in the sky

Changing forms as they move

With no resistance

I love to watch the trees

As the branches sway to and fro

As the wind blows

With no resistance

I love to watch as the waves

In the ocean start to build up

And then fall down with a loud splash

Only to begin the process all over again

With no resistance

And so it is when my thoughts start to take over

I recall how the clouds float by in the sky

How the tree branches sway to and fro

And how the waves build up and fall down with a loud splash

With no resistance

I tell my thoughts to just float on by

Without me getting attached to them

Just go the way of the clouds in the sky

And the tree branches in the wind

And the waves in the ocean

With no resistance

And so I watch my thoughts

Floating on by out of my mind

And then I remember who I really am

Love and Light and I am free to be just me

My true self living in the present moment

No worries of the past n or of the future

Just this moment

With no resistance of what is

There is only this moment that is real

Being aware of the truth of who I am

With no resistance

Now that is Freedom

Gloria Winkels


authorial magazine | 28


Gloria Winkels

Author of Twists and Turns

authorial magazine | 29

Paperback | $15.00

Paperback | $13.99

Ebook | $4.99

The Pilgrim Messiah: A Novel

Drawn from the Gospel of Mark

by Dr. Richard C. Cheatham

The author blends Biblical scholarship with his warm imagination to

transform the Gospel of Mark into Jesus’ story. Christian creeds proclaim

“Jesus Christ: Fully Human, Fully Divine,” but his humanity tends to be

overlooked in actual practice. The readers of this novel will experience The

Man of Galilee in all his rich humanity. They will see the tender parting

with his family when he leaves for the Jordan River. They will hear his

thoughts as he struggles with Satan in the wilderness. They will meet his

followers, Simon Peter, James, John, and Mary Magdalene. Thomas and

Judas – yes – even Judas as understandable, likeable people. The readers see

his growth in the understanding of the peril and enormity of his messianic

ministry. They will share his struggles and be with him on the cross. In

short, the readers of this novel will never again think of Jesus as less than

fully human.


by Rodney S. Campbell

It’s been ten years since Michelle Timeworth, known by the nickname Misfit,

traveled to Han’s Island as a member of the Barracudas, a CIA assault team.

Although she’s now a deadly fighter, that wasn’t always the case.

As a small child growing up in Brooklyn, Michelle witnesses the murder of her

parents and older brother. This event puts her on a troubled path and leads her

into a criminal lifestyle as a young teen, landing her in juvenile detention in

between being shuffled from family to family as she tries to build an existence

for herself. Her life takes a different course when a navy recruiter takes her

in and raises her, keeping her out of trouble and preparing her for a brighter

future. Twenty years before her CIA career begins, she serves as a Navy SEAL

and unknowingly works for a criminal organization known as the Alumnus.

But she has no idea that as an adult, she’ll have the opportunity to have her

vengeance on those who killed her beloved family.


Full of action and adventure, this screenplay explores the past of a member of a

CIA assault team, revealing the trauma that shaped her into the heroine she is.

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The Revelations and Warnings

of Jesus to His Church

by Dr. Albert Heaney

Given that Jesus has issued a warning that in the end-times the church

will be infiltrated with false prophets that will “mislead many,” and given

that the book of Revelation was given to reveal future events in the endtimes,

and given that various interpretations of prophesies in the book

are given by present-day biblical scholars, this book attempts to clarify an

understanding of the revelations provided in the book by closely adhering

to the messages given and avoiding giving interpretations that are not

explicitly provided in scripture. It is important that the church becomes

aware of the messages God has given to the church of our day so that it

can be prepared to face the future and be ready to endure “to the end.”

The author believes that the book of Revelation was not given as a puzzle

to be decoded by scholars but, rather, as a series of messages that can be

understood by ordinary people, so as to open their eyes as to all that God

has prepared for those who love Him.

An Emptyful Chair:

Journeying into the

Mystical Presence of God

by Andrew Harnack

Andrew Harnack, a Lutheran pastor, having grown up in a conservative

family and church, felt the call of God to the ministry. Eventually many

of his fellow ministers became uneasy with Andy’s evolving approach to

scripture. Instead of believing the Bible to be always literally true, Andy

saw scripture as testimony to Christ and a guide to spiritual development.

He became wary, making the Bible an idol, especially an idol designed

to compete with scientific knowledge. When Andy refused to teach the

inerrancy of scripture, the national church forced him out.


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Last Supper at

Mona Lisa’s

Ann M. Novakov

Ebook | $ 4.99

Paperback | $20.99 Hardcover | $ 34.99

Amazon Customer

Ms Novakov’s novel is a MUST READ!

Ann Novakov’s Last Supper at Mona Lisa’s is a must read!

It’s set in New Orleans and follows 2 orphaned, Sicilian brothers, Carlo & Dante, who came

of age during Pearl Harbor. Orphaned under unusual circumstances, one brother is good,

while the other not so good. Either one you can’t help but to love; yes, you too will love and

understand the one who is not so good.

There are twists and turns that will make you laugh, identify with & cheer on the little man,

and/or make you upset and cry for the boy inside the man!

I was so emotional at a few points I messaged Ms Novakov, threatening not to read another

one of her novels. But, that’s far from the truth! I will email her until the next novel comes out!


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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My Home Is In

The House Of


Robert L. Vandegrift

Ebook | $ 9.99

Paperback | $ 15.99

In December 1996, I found that I had Stage 4 colon cancer. It was my Christmas gift.

The cancer had spread to both lobes of the liver and I was given only four to six months

to live … closer to four. I didn’t want to die. I had just turned sixty-eight years old and

I was afraid. There was so much that I needed to do and certainly death, right then,

was not one of them. It took me a while to develop a plan and I would learn that some

of whether we live is up to us. From my point of view, we need to create strategies to

augment medical treatment. We must fill our life with verbs rather than adjectives. It

all began shortly before Christmas, twenty-one years ago. This is my story, and I am

hopeful that some of my strategies will help others.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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Trouble on the

Sea of Mars

Short story and illustration by Ivor Kovac

Chapter 11

At Sea

Nathan woke up slowly and painfully.

He was lying on a metal floor, and

he found that his arms and legs were

bound. With much effort he managed

to roll over onto his back. There were

many aches and pains in his body, but

it seemed that there were no bones

broken other than a few ribs. His

headache was worse than ever.

He noticed that he was in a room with

one exit, and it was a solid looking

metal door with a single round window.

“Are you able to function, Nathen

Benson?” said a female voice.

He turned to the other side, and saw

Kor Neev sitting on a mat with her

back to the wall. Her hands were bound

with handcuffs in front of her, but her

legs were completely unbound.

“Well… That depends on how you

define ‘function,’” Nathan replied.

“Perhaps it is irrelevant. It is highly

probable that they will interrogate

you and throw you over the side of

the ship. At this time of the year the

hulai herds are migrating through

here, and they are often brought to

the surface by storms. There will be

no trace of your body.”

“What’s a hulai?”

“They are dangerous sea creatures,

which combine chemical stings with

bio-electric shock to subdue their

prey. They are omnivores, and will eat

anything from plankton to people. I

suppose that, in terms of menace, the

nearest equivalent from your world

would be sharks, but they look nothing

like your sharks. They are slow, but

dangerous in herds, and lethal in close


“We’re still alive Kor Neev. Do you

have any idea why they took you?”

“I do not know who took me,

therefore I cannot even begin to guess

their motives.”

“Well begin anyways.”

“There are some pirates who engage

in theft and kidnapping for ransom



authorial magazine | 34

“All this technology and you still

have pirates.”

“Indeed, there are many small countries

in our world, and not all are as civilized

as the Krenth, but, the pirates generally

avoid any sort of conflict with us.”

“Could they be Sovath?”

“They are not Sovath. The skin around

their eyes is gray, and their skull shapes

are not Sovath.”

“Sovath agents?”

“Possible, although the Sovath

would have nothing to gain by

kidnapping me.”

“Maybe the Axis did it?”

“I did not see any humans other

than you.”

“Are you attempting to insult me on

some level?”


“No, I’m just—“

“I told you to go back and call for help.

There were too many of them for you

to overcome.”

“I couldn’t just leave you.”

“So then what is your idea?”

“I have none.”

“So help me think it through. Use that

big brain of yours.”

“Did you at least call the police before

you left?”

“No, I followed those men who

followed you after you left the


authorial magazine | 35

“I did not notice those men until lit

was too late… But you were foolish

not to call the police. What did you

expect to accomplish by pursuing me?”

“I expected to save you.”

“You will die because of that.”

“That was a risk I took. Listen, maybe

you’re mad at me for not calling the

police, but I don’t have one of those

fancy mobile phones, and a lot can

happen in the time it takes for the

police to come. You know that.”

“But now you will almost certainly die.”

“Everyone dies Kor Neev, but in my

country, we help a lady who is in

trouble. We aren’t cowards.”

“And yet you have rendered no help,

and the authorities do not have any

leads to pursue.”

“So suppose I had called them instead

of following you. Then they would be

searching the city, the ship would be

long gone, and you would be on it all

alone with those men.”

“There is a certain logic to what you

say, but your presence here will make

no appreciable difference now.”

“You don’t know that. Every action

has a consequence.”

“The consequence this will have is

most likely your death.”

“We’ll see.”

The door swung open and a group of

masked men came in. Two of them

gripped Nathan firmly by the arms,

while another held his legs, and another

untied his legs. Then they rolled him

over so that his face was to the ground,

and the man worked to untie his arms.

Once that was done they jerked him

roughly to his feet and took him out

of the room.

They led him down a hallway and

took him to a small room and forced

him roughly down into a chair placed

in front of a metal desk. There was a

Krenth man with no mask on behind

the desk in front of him, which Nathan

took as a bad sign. One of the masked

men shut the door behind them, while

the men who had held Nathan’s

arms remained standing on either

side of him.

Nathan gave his name, rank, and

number, but the man behind the

table responded by slamming his

hand on the table. One of the men

next to Nathan slapped him firmly

on the head.

“Do not waste my time!” the man

behind the table said. “Why did you


authorial magazine | 36

come here? We know everything about

you and the Krenth.”

“Then why are you asking me

questions?” Nathan asked.

Again he was slapped, this time a

bit harder.

“There are many things that can be

done to a man’s body before he dies,”

the man behind the desk said. “Now,

I will not ask you again!”

So they aren’t Krenth? They look like

Krenth. I suppose they’re the same race

but different nationalities…

It seemed a logical theory, and there

were differences in the accent when

this man spoke. But before Nathan

could think about it for long, strong

arms wrapped around his neck and

chest, while others grabbed his arms.

The man behind the desk got up and

opened a cabinet. He removed a vial,

and something that looked like a

syringe for dispensing tiny amounts

of liquid. He dipped the syringe into

the liquid and filled it up, then he

approached Nathan.

“It is convenient that you already have

your shirt removed,” the Martian said.

He held the syringe in front of

Nathan, and squeezed out one drop

which fell onto the table where it

immediately fizzled and sent up a

thin stream of vapor.

“Yes, this is the right concentration.

Now, I am going to count to three…”

Nathan considered waiting him out.

How and why he followed them should

be obvious, and was certainly not a

sensitive topic. But if he could be

coerced into revealing that information,

they might continue to press him for

other information.

But once the vial approached his skin

Nathan the words tumbled out of

his mouth.

“Alright!” he said. “I followed Kor

Neev out of the restaurant because

I saw your people following her, and

it looked suspicious. When I saw

them grab her I tried to stop them

but they hit me with some kind of

electrical weapon.”

“And you did not think to call the

police or tell the authorities?” the

Martian asked.

“No. I wanted to save Kor Neev, and I

thought I could handle two Martians.”

“I do not believe you.”

The Martian touched the tip of the

syringe to his shoulder, and a second

later Nathan hissed in pain.

“That is just the moisture from the

syringe, next time I will squeeze out

a drop!” the Martian said.

“It’s the truth!” Nathan said. “Are you

interested in the truth or do you just

want me to say something to make

you stop?”

“I believe him,” one of the men next to

Nathan said, also in a strange accent.

“Then he serves no more purpose,”

the interrogator said to the man who

held Nathan’s arm.

They jerked Nathan to his feet and

dragged him out. He attempted to

struggle against them once they got

into the corridor, but he was already

hurt, and the men were unusually

strong for Martians. The one who

gripped his right arm was at least as

strong as he was. He wondered how

it was possible, but he did not have to

wait long for his answer.

Once they reached the deck of the ship

they sealed the door behind them. It

was raining profusely, so no one else

was on deck but Nathan, the men

who gripped his arms, and one other

masked guard who followed. There was

lightening overhead, and sometimes

Nathan noticed what looked like small

bursts of lightening beneath the waves

of the ocean.

The men took Nathan toward the

back of the ship and threw him down

roughly. He narrowly avoided falling

over the back of the ship, but he

recovered quickly and rose back to

his feet. The men who held his arms

stepped back, and one of them took

out something that appeared to be a

sidearm. Nathan said a quick prayer

but kept his face firm.


“And now American, before you die,

I want you to know who it is that has

beaten you,” the man with the gun said.

With his free hand he reached up and

removed his mask. It was a Japanese

man. The area around his eyes had

been painted gray, but Nathan clearly

recognized him.

authorial magazine | 37

“Yoshi!” Nathan said.

“Yes fool, it is I,” Yoshi said. “Once

again you have proven to be my


“Really now? You know, you and

Schultz are a fine team. First you

soften me up for him, then he softens

me up for you.”

“I do not know what you are

talking about.”

“Uh-huh, play dumb then. But it’s a

fact that Captain Schultz tangled with

me before I came here. You expect

me to think it’s a coincidence that he

was out running right in the same

place where you people kidnapped


“I am not interested in your foolish

blather. I have brought you here to

acknowledge your defeat. You will

admit that I am your superior, and

then I will kill you.”

“I don’t think so. You’ll have to stroke

your own ego.”


Lightening flashed, and in the same

instant Yoshi dealt Nathan a swift

backhand slap which caused him

to stagger.

“I want your confession!” Yoshi said.

“And I will have it!”

The other man who had been holding

Nathan’s arm sighed and removed his

mask. He was also an Earthman, and

appeared to be German.

“There are many things that can

happen before a man dies,” Yoshi

warned as he took a step closer.

“If you’re going to torture him make

it quick!” the German said. “We are

on a schedule.”

“It’s best if we get rid of the body

while the hulai are active,” the third

man said. “Just put a bullet through his

head and be done with it, our wound

him and let the hulai finish the work.”

“Very well then,” Yoshi said. “American,

turn around, and get on your knees.”

“I won’t,” Nathan said. “If you’re going

to kill me then at least have the courage

to look me in the eyes while you do it.”

“Swine!” Yoshi shouted, and he

punched Nathan in the stomach with

his free hand.

Nathan gasped, but still he

straightened up.

“Turn around!” Yoshi shouted again.

This time he put the barrel of the

gun right against Nathan’s forehead.

Nathan’s heart beat rapidly, this was it…

“Just shoot him Yoshi!” the German

groused. “A bullet will go through the

front of a man’s head just as easily as

the back.”

Yoshi sucked in an angry breath, and

Nathan struck, slapping the gun so

that it flew from Yoshi’s hand and

clattered across the deck. He followed

that motion with his left fist and struck

Yoshi on the neck, then grabbed him

by the shirt and brought him in for a

knee to the chest. But Yoshi shifted to

avoid the blow and ended up falling

over the back of the ship. He struck the

water and disappeared into the wake.

Without wasting time Nathan

immediately turned on the German,

striking him squarely center of his

chest. In the meantime the Martian

ran for the gun. Nathan lunged after

him but he slipped on the deck and

came down on top of him. The German

recovered and grabbed Nathan by

shoulders, hoisting him to his feet,

and the Martian also came to his feet.

Nathan threw his head back against

the German and kicked the Martian.

The Martian stumbled and fell over

the side of the ship. He landed on

some black floating object and rolled

off to the side. In the next second

there was a loud scream, which was

abruptly cut off.

The German charged Nathan again, in

a clear attempt to bowl him over the

side of the ship, but Nathan changed

his footing. He struggled with the

German for a minute or so, but in

spite of Nathan’s injuries he put up

the better fight. After all, Nathan was

struggling to live, while the German

was working to end his life from a

position of presumed strength. Nathan

triumphed, and the German rolled

over the side of the ship.

Nathan was panting, and felt absolutely

exhausted. He thought he would lay

there and rest for a moment, but when

the German screamed from the water

below he immediately looked in the

direction of the sound while bracing

himself for the new menace.

The ship was moving rather fast, but

between flashes of lightening Nathan

was able to make out a bizarre mass

of tentacles and fangs at work on the

Germans soldier, and in that moment

he felt a swell of regret. Though the

German was his enemy, the death

seemed overly harsh, and was not one

which Nathan would have wished on

him, or which he had even wished on

Yoshi. Yoshi may have, but the German

would have been satisfied by a straight



Still, they’re the enemy, and they’re in

the wrong for kidnapping Kor Neev.

authorial magazine | 38

Chapter 12

Taking The Ship

Nathan picked up the sidearm that

Yoshi had threatened him with and

examined it. It seemed to operate on

the same basic principles as Earth

style pistols, but the shape and the

alloys were different.

After briefly examining the pistol

Nathan looked around the deck to see

if anyone else had heard the scuffle,

but between the roaring of the wind

and crashing of waves and thunder

it was very difficult to hear anything.

There were a few doors leading back

inside at different places, but since

Nathan had no idea where exactly

those doors went he decided to go

back in the way he came. At least

that way he could find his way back

to Kor Neev.

He crept cautiously toward the door,

keeping his pistol at the ready, but

hoping that he would not have to

use it. Firing the pistol outside was

one thing, but firing it inside the

ship would certainly cause the crew

to come running.

When Nathan reached the door

he peered through the small round

window, and saw that the hallway

was still empty. He opened the door

cautiously and shut it behind him.

Apparently the door could only be

locked from the inside, and since Yoshi

and his men had not yet returned

the door had been left open. Nathan

decided to latch the door, just to dispel

the notion that they might still be

outside. Of course it was only a matter

of time before Yoshi’s absence was

noticed, but until then Nathan would

make the best of his circumstances.


Nathan encountered no one as he

made his way down the first corridor,

but when the corridor dead ended in

a T intersection he nearly bumped

into two men after making turn.

authorial magazine | 39

They were just as startled as he was.

He only had seconds to think and

react. If he shot them then everyone

would come running. If they were

Martians he could overpower them,

but if they were Earthmen it would

be harder to manage.

He followed his gut and pistol

whipped the man closest to him

squarely on the top of the head. The

man crumpled instantly. The other

man attempted to draw his pistol

but Nathan grabbed his arm and

jerked him forward, putting him into

a leverage that forced him to bend

over, and using the momentum to

slam the man’s head into the wall.

Nathan bent down to examine the

two men and removed their masks.

They were definitely Martians. One

of the men was unconscious, but the

other was dead. It was unfortunate,

but they were enemy soldiers engaging

in an aggressive act.

After looking around and testing some

of the doors, he found an equipment

closet. He undressed the dead man

and put on his clothes. He tied up

and gagged the living man using ropes

that were present in the closet, then he

took the pistols from both. He used

some grease to smear around his eyes

before putting on the mask. It was

a dirty dark gray, which was almost

black, and it gleamed somewhat in the

light, so it was not a perfect match,

but it might be enough to dispel any

unwanted attention.

He took the dead body, which was

lighter than an Earthman of that

size would have been, and carried it

back to the deck where he dumped

it over the side of the ship into the

stormy waters.

Then he ran back inside and headed

straight for Kor Neev. When he

opened the room where she was kept

she stood to her feet. Although her

face did not show it, her movements

seemed somewhat tense, as if she

were bracing herself for something

unpleasant, possibly death.

“Kor Neev!” Nathan said. “It’s

me, Nathan!”

He lifted the lower part of his mask

just enough for her to see his pink skin.


authorial magazine | 40

“Nathan?” she asked. “I see you

overcame the guards.”

She wasted no time on either an

emotional outburst or an expression

of incredulity, which served to remind

Nathan of just how alien she truly was.

“Yes,” Nathan replied as he handed

her a pistol.

“But you have not taken the ship,”

she replied.

“We have to take the ship, and I don’t

know how many guards are left.”

“I will assist you.”

“It’s better if you stay out of danger.”

“That is not logical. Until we take the

ship there is no safety.”

“You could stay here and pretend that

you are a captive.”

“That will only work until our captors

determine that you are working to

undermine them. At that point they

will use me as a hostage. The safest

place for me is wherever you are.”

“Alright, we’ll do this together then.

Stay sharp, I may need you to cover

me at some time.”

“I will do what necessity requires. You

need only tell me what you want.”

“Tough girl… Let’s get going.”

They made their way cautiously

down the hallway toward the front

of the ship, which was where they

believed the main control room was.

When they rounded a corner they

came across a man with no mask.

He was the same man that had

interrogated Nathan.

“Hey!” he said. “You there! Where

are you taking that prisoner, soldier?”

Nathan turned on the man and

pushed him up against a wall. The

man pushed back but it was futile.

Nathan shoved him all the harder

and caused him to gasp.

“What is the meaning of this?” the

interrogator demanded.

“Keep quiet!” Nathan said.

“How dare you! I’ll have you brought

up on charges for this! You will be—“

Nathan suddenly took of his mask,

and the man immediately fell silent.

“We’ll go back to your office,”

Nathan said.

Nathan released the man and quickly

put his mask back on, while Kor Neev

kept her pistol trained on him in case

he decided to run. But he did not run,

which probably meant that he was

more afraid of death than of failing

in his mission. He would certainly

have nothing to gain by trying to

fight with Nathan.


The inquisitor sighed and began to

walk toward the office where he had

interrogated Nathan. No one said a

word as they went. Once they were

inside Nathan shut the door and

locked it.

“Sit down,” Nathan said.

The inquisitor gave Nathan a defiant

look for a second, but ultimately

he sat down.

authorial magazine | 41

“Who is the captain of this ship?”

Nathan asked.

“I am,” the inquisitor said.

“Nathan,” Kor Neev said. “Perhaps if

we searched these cabinets we could

find implements to accelerate the

interrogation process? Shall I look

while you question?”

“It doesn’t matter what you do to me,”

the captain said. “There are other men

on this ship, and many of them are


“How many?” Nathan asked.

Kor Neev turned away from them and

opened one of the cabinets nearby, and

the captain eyed her nervously. She

removed a small knife and carefully

felt the blade with her finger before

setting it on the desk. Then she

returned to her rummaging.

“I asked you a question soldier,”

Nathan said.

“The total crew compliment is 150,

and of that 50 are Earthmen,” the

captain said.

“He is lying,” Kor Neev said.

She pulled a transparent vial from

the cabinet, which both Nathan and

the captain immediately recognized.

She removed the lid and waved her

hand over the top in order to drive

the scent toward her face.

“I heard about you Americans,”

the captain said. “You’re soft! You

don’t believe in torture and arbitrary


It was true enough, but Nathan

considered that with Kor Neev present

he had the opportunity to play “good

cop bad cop.”

“I don’t believe in torture, but I can’t

speak for Kor Neev,” Nathan said.

“Nathan,” Kor Neev said. “I believe

this bottle contains what we need.”

“I don’t know if I can stop her, this

is her world,” Nathan said.

“I tell you it’s impossible!” the

captain shouted.


“Then what can it hurt for you to

humor us?”

“This is taking an inordinate amount

of time,” Kor Neev said.

“Sixty seven,” the captain said, “And

a compliment of twelve Earthmen!”

“Germans and Japanese?”

Nathan asked.

“Yes, I think that’s what they’re called,”

the captain replied.

authorial magazine | 42

“Why are you working with them?”

“I don’t know. The decision comes

from higher up.”

“Why are you trying to take

Kor Neev?”

“I don’t know, we’re just

following orders.”

“You don’t know very much it seems…”

“This conversation is quickly becoming

irrelevant,” Kor Neev interjected. “If

we take this ship then my people will

quickly ascertain their purpose, if we

do not then it will not matter what

we know here.”

“I agree,” Nathan said. “I want

you to take us to the command

center, captain…”

“And if I refuse?” the captain said.

“Then you are of no use to us,”

Nathan said.

“Nathan,” Kor Neev began.

“Fingerprints may be required to enter

the bridge of this ship. If you could

hold his hand still I could remove it.

Perhaps during the process he will

change his mind. The alternative is

to dispatch him quietly and then

remove his hand.”

“You blasted Krenth!” the captain said.

“You pretend like you’re superior to

everyone else, but you’re just vindictive

childlike egoists hiding behind a false

veneer of intellectualism. We of Zovel

have not forgotten your sadism, or

what you did to our ancestors!”

“You’re one to talk about sadism,”

Nathan said. “Last time I checked

it was you who dripped acid on my


“He dripped acid on you Nathan?”

Kor Neev asked. “Are you badly hurt?”

“It’s sore, but it’s not that severe,”

Nathan replied.

“Then let us let us not hesitate to do

what must be done in this situation,”

Kor Neev said.

“Are you going to let her do that?”

the captain asked in a somewhat

panicked voice. “If you do, then that

makes you an accomplice.”

“I may not be able to stop her,”

Nathan said.

“What I did to you was standard


“Zovel procedures… Krenth


“Alright, I’ll take you to the bridge,

but it will do you no good. You will

simply be trapped there.”

“I’ll be the judge of whose trapped,”

Nathan said as he pulled the Krenth

to his feet. “Now get moving, and

don’t try anything stupid. I’ll kill

you if I have to, and I don’t need my

gun to do it.”

“IF you kill me you won’t make it to

the bridge.”

“But you won’t make it anywhere at

all, except for the next life, which in

your case would probably be Hell.”

The captain sighed and opened the

door, and Nathan readjusted his mask

to conceal his human skin. The captain

led the way, and they moved quietly

along the corridors without being

hindered. They passed a few men

on the way but these saluted their

captain without saying a word. They

just assumed that the captain was

moving the prisoner.

Once they got to the bridge Nathan

shut the door behind him and removed

his mask. There were only three men

on the bridge but they immediately

reacted when they saw Nathan.

“Don’t try anything funny!”

Nathan said.

But two of them were already on

their feet and one was reaching for

his sidearm. The man got his sidearm

out of the holster part way before

Kor Neev shot him down. The other

man froze where he was, but his

hand hovered dangerously close to

his sidearm.

“Take it out slowly and put it on the

ground,” Nathan said. “Then kick it

over this way.”

The man hesitated, but after some

time his hand moved slowly toward

the holster.

“I will not hesitate to shoot you,” Kor

Neev said. “Do it now.”

The man’s shoulders slumped. He took

out his pistol and did as instructed.

“Now you,” Nathan said to the main

who remained seated. “Get up and

kick your sidearm over to me. Then

I want the two of you to move to the

other side of the bridge. Take a seat

there and don’t get up again without


“You’ll never get away with this,” the

captain said.

“If we do not survive then you will

not survive,” Kor Neev said. “I will

make certain that you are dead before

any rescuers can arrive. You will not

partake in whatever benefits your

people hope to obtain from this

dubious endeavor.”


“I’m a soldier..,” the captain said.

“And now you have lost, so you’re

going to have to deal with that,”

Nathan said. “Now I want the bridge

door sealed so that no one can get in.”

Nathan looked around the bridge.

By the look of things the technology

was a good deal more sophisticated

than that of the Teddy Roosevelt,

and this was only a sea going vessel.

The bridge of the Teddy Roosevelt

authorial magazine | 43

was riddled with dials, switches, rolls

of magnetic tape, and buttons which

were large and clunky compared with

what he saw here. Everything on the

bridge of the ship was streamlined.

The keyboards were black, with small

keys laid out systematically. There

were glowing screens with full color

displays of schematics as well as live

images from cameras.

Kor Neev approached one of the large

flat glowing screens and tapped on it

in a series of places, then she looked

back up toward Nathan.

“I have engaged the internal locking

mechanism of the door, but there

is also a manual bar which can be

put in place to prevent the door

from being externally overridden or

forced,” she said.

Nathan quickly found the bar and

locked it into place.

“Nathan,” Kor Neev began again.

“I believe I have found a way to

neutralize the threat of the crew.”

“How is that?” Nathan asked.

“There are a number of safety doors

that can be lowered in the event of

a hull rupture,” she said. “If we close

these doors then much of the crew

will be trapped below deck.”

“So you’re going to kill all of my

crew?” the captain said. “You know

those doors are airtight.”

“I see no other option,” Kor Neev said.

“Listen, they’re good men, and even

though we may have wronged you

personally, they’re all just following

orders,” the captain said.

“That changes nothing,” Kor Neev

said. “Your government should not

have initiated this endeavor, and

all of your men knew they could

potentially be killed when signing

up to join your military.”

“But now that I think about it we

should try to keep them alive so that

your people can interrogate them,”

Nathan said.

“If they know less than their captain

they will be of little use,” Kor

Neev said.

“But live agents of the Axis caught

while engaging in espionage and

treachery against your people should

help our case,” Nathan said.

“That is true…” Kor Neev said.

“Perhaps there are some defensive

measures for dealing with intruders

that we can utilize…”

Kor Neev went to another computer

panel and began to type on the

keyboard, while the captain scowled.

One of the men at the other end of

the room started to get up.

“Hey!” Nathan shouted. “Sit

back down!”

But in the same moment Nathan

found the captain grasping at his

arm. He elbowed the captain in

the face and followed it up with a

left jab, and at the same time a gun

went off. The captain fell to the floor

unconscious and bleeding from his

nose and mouth, and one of the men

at the other end of the room was

dead, while the other had his arms

out. Kor Neev was pointing her gun

at the second man.

“Wait!” he shouted frantically. “Don’t

shoot me!”

“Why not?” Kor Neev asked flatly.

“I have a family at home.”


“I’ll help you.”

“I find it difficult to trust you.

Shooting you would be the simpler


“I can give you what you want. Look,

I don’t want to die.”

“Very well then.”

“Listen, we have an intruder

nullification mechanism. We can

release gas throughout the ship. It

will put everyone to sleep.”

“You will tell me how to activate

this mechanism. If there are any

attempts at treachery you will be

swiftly terminated.”

“I understand, but I’ll need to come

over there.”

“Come then.”

The man took a seat near Kor Neev

and began to work on the console. A

minute later a call came to the bridge.

“Don’t answer that,” Nathan said.

Another call came after that, and

again they did not answer it.

“I think they’re starting to get wind

of what’s going on,” Nathan said.

“I’m working as fast as I can!” the man

said. “Normally this is something the

captain would do.”

There came a thump on the door,

followed by another. Kor Neev placed

the point of her gun against the

crewman’s head.

“I expect results,” she said.


“I’m working!” the man said.

There was silence for a few minutes,

but then there came a sound like

someone welding.

“I think they’re trying to cut their

way through,” Nathan said.

“I suggest you redouble your efforts,”

Kor Neev said to the crewman. “If

they come through I will kill you.”

“There!” the crewman said. “It’s done!”

authorial magazine | 44

“I am going to close the pressure

doors all the same,” Kor Neev said.

“I don’t want them killed,” Nathan said.

“I believe I can lower the doors

enough to trap them but still allow

the air to circulate,” Kor Neev said.

“Alright, make it so,” Nathan replied.

A minute later the sound of welding

or cutting stopped.

“It seems that the gas has run its

course,” Kor Neev said.

“Or they’re faking it,” Nathan said.

“They may have gas masks on board.”

“There is one way to make certain,”

Kor Neev said. “I believe the entire

ship, aside from crew quarters, is

under camera surveillance…”

Kor Neev entered a few commands

and the large monitor in front of her

was abruptly fragmented into smaller

displays showing different portions

of the ship. The majority of the men

were passed out. There were a few

still moving, some of which who had

acquired gas masks, but they were

trapped in their part of the ship by

the bulkheads.

“Success!” Nathan said.

“So it would seem,” Kor Neev said.

“It looks like Americans and Krenth

can accomplish a lot when we work

together, even when the odds are

stacked against us.”

“This incident does not constitute a

sufficiently large sample to make such

a generalization, however, I do agree

that this outcome skews favorably

toward an alliance with your people,

and demonstrates clearly that such

an alliance has potential. I only hope

we can make it back before my father

comes to a decision…”

“You mean, he would proceed

without you?”

“He would. It is highly probable

that they are looking for me, but my

father and the Council were already

very close to a decision prior to my

abduction. They may choose to obtain

another advocate for the American

side, which would cause a delay,

but at this point my father and the

Council must be weighing the merit

of proceeding with this case and going

through the effort of finding a new

advocate verses making a decision

based on everything which has been

established so far.”

“That’s bad.”

“We need to send out a distress

call to my people, and request

immediate pickup.”

To be continued...


authorial magazine | 45

I Will Disentangle Myself

.... and Leave

Bob Williston

NOOK Book | $2.99 Paperback | $20.16 Hardcover | $ 41.10

The author, raised in a mellow fundamentalist Christian sect, spoke out in defense

of egregiously abused members of the group. That precipitated a decade of false

accusations, harassment, and ostracization; and subsequently failed health, a lost

career, and separation from a lifetime social support system. Forced to leave, he

researched, the origins and history of the group and scandalous events that belied

the group's harmonious reputation. Further, in his search of what to safely believe in,

he gained the equivalent of a major in religious studies. He concludes with what he

found would satisfy his sense of morality.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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The Four Steps


Joseph GuyTON

Ebook | $9.99 Paperback | $23.00

This book is about feelings, wisdom, passion, humor, joy and entertainment.

There are erotic stories of love, poems of romance, love letters, facts of life

and some plain old shit that you have heard before. Over thousands of years

society has practiced to cultivating, educating, legislating, manipulating and

discriminating on how love is shared. Sometimes it happens naturally; two

people become one forever after. The circle of trust, faith and commitment

has been established - they were soulmates from the beginning. Some find

love through marriage, others find love from the birth of their child and there

are those who just stumble upon love. But if you believe the love of your life

is out there, then you must practice how to love yourself first.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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Hardcover | $14.99

Paperback | $7.99

Hardcover | $39.95

Paperback | $24.95

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Runnin’ with Frogs

A Navy Memoir

by George R. Worthington

This book is an autobiographical sketch of a Naval career,

highlighting challenging assignments during a spectacular

era in America. Details of deployments and special events of

international and national moment associated with operational

and command tours are described. Actions, decisions, and

personal learning impacts are forthrightly discussed with indepth

descriptions of special training.

G’s Daily Prayers and


Prayer Changes Things

by Calvin C. Gordon

This book will be an uplifting daily devotional that will give

you the reader a daily dose of “medicine” that includes scripture,

a philosophical quote, and a short prayer to Heaven to help

you prepare for the day - and life in general. So often we get

discouraged and distracted by the trials and challenges of life.

So it’s encouraging to have words each day that will motivate

and make you the reader stronger and more capable to face each

and every day.


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Hardcover | $34.99

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Ebook | $4.99

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Last Supper at Mona Lisa’s

by Ann M. Novakov

Betrayal, revenge, and murder take their seats at an anniversary table. Thirteen

guests toast their Sicilian-American hosts, Dante and Lisa Santangelo, as a

communion-like Chianti and homemade focaccia suddenly turn bitter on

their palates. With cries for help frozen on their faces, all thirteen guests are

inexplicably silenced forever. Dante and Carlo Santangelo are left orphaned

when their parents are murdered by a local Mafioso Don. The two boys grow

into men with different values and personalities. Dante is a charmer who

wants revenge on his parents’ murderers. Carlo is the gentle giant and family

protector who wants to recapture the simple life he cherished as a child. When

the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Carlo immediately enlists in the military

while Dante operates the family pizzeria, sending the brothers down different

paths-one to serve and one to seek revenge. As Carlo leaves for battle, he makes

one request of Dante: to look after his girlfriend. But neither man has any idea

of what lies ahead as the war unfolds and life comes full circle to reveal their

destinies. Last Supper at Mona Lisa’s shares the gripping story of two Sicilian-

American men orphaned after their parents are murdered by a Mafioso as one

fights for his country and the other plots his revenge.

Liam’s Town

by Marissa Dike

Liam lives in a town where nothing ever changes. Every day he wakes

up, goes to work in his Grandfather’s shop, and spends time with his

friends: fiery Trinity, loud-mouthed Fender, and lovable Jenny. But

one day, a terrible storm hits his town, bringing a stranger along with

it who threatens everything - and everyone - that Liam has grown

to love. Slowly, and much to his horror, Liam realizes that his town

and the people inside of it are not everything that they seem to be

on the surface, and he is eventually faced with a choice: does he want

to remain in blissful ignorance, or does he want to learn about the

terrible secrets hiding in his town?


Book copies are available at


Sneak Peek

Watch out for the release of

Kay Whidbee Sherwood’s new

book, News From the Holy Land

III: The Messiah’s Kingdom.

Take a sneak peek inside the

book here:


The angel swung his sickle on the

earth, gathered its grapes and threw

them into the great wine press of

God’s wrath. . ..and blood flowed

out of the press, rising as high as the

horses’ bridles for a distance of 1600

stadia [or 200 miles] (Revelation

14:19-20 NIV).

Suzi choked back the revulsion she felt

rising up in her throat as she glanced

over her uncle’s body to the broad

plain below. Thousands of bodies

were already floating in the blood and

rain which was rising by the minute.

A small group had gathered just

below the crest of the plateau-like tel

(generations of ancient city ruins built

on top of each other) – Tel Megiddo.

The group included two young women

in fatigues with red crosses on their

sleeves, and five beautiful beings

clothed in glimmering white robes,

with golden sashes holding their

gleaming swords in place, and the

body of a soldier, Tom Lansing.

His head was resting in the lap of his

daughter Evette, one of the medics.

Tom and Evette, had volunteered to

fight for Israel against the Armies of

the Anti-Christ. Tom, Evette, and

Suzi (Tom’s niece and Evette’s cousin)

had seen Yeshua and his mighty army,

at first like a huge flock of white birds,

descending from the clouds to defeat

the innumerable troops of the nations

attacking Israel.


Suzi and her husband Erik had chosen

to stay in Israel and convert to Judaism

four years ago. Erik, who had just

joined the little group, sensed his

young wife’s trauma and held her

close to him as she began to sob

uncontrollably. It had been a long and

authorial magazine | 50

demanding three and a half years since

the “Beast” had taken over the temple

and proclaimed himself God. Now

it was over and all of the restrained

stress burst out as if the damn at

Niagara Falls had broken. At that

moment, one of the splendid ones,

her mother Alise gently caressed

Suzi’s head and raven black hair.

Tears still streaming down her face,

she immediately felt a perfect peace,

stopped crying, and turned to her

mother who was dressed in glowing

white like the others in the group who

had actually fought in the battle with

Christ as members of the Armies of

God. Suzi, Erik, and Suzi’s cousin

Evette knew that their beautiful

relatives had all been ready when

the last trumpet was sounded. Alise,

Sue and Bob (Alise’s mother and stepfather),

as well as Janet and Melanie,

(Evette’s sisters and Suzi’s cousins)

had all disappeared at the same time

and had been spared the horrible

period that their grandmother’s book

had called “God’s Wrath” and “The

Great Tribulation”. The glowing ones

had not been compelled to hide, to

resist the “mark of the beast,” or to

be martyred because Jesus had come

back for them and all, dead or alive,

who were ready for his call.

At the same time, Evette was thinking

about her father who lay dead at their

feet because he had volunteered to

help in the great war against Israel.

She was also thinking about her

mother Lila, who had turned to the

Messiah so shortly before she was

brutally killed by the officers of the

“Beast” or the anti-Christ. “Will I ever

see them again?” She pondered. Janet

and Melanie said she would, but how

do they know? A few moments ago

they were all laughing and jumping

up and down with joy first because of

the end of the war and the Messiah’s

return, then at the reunion of the

family members.

Roger, a young man who had

volunteered with Tom and Evette,

joined them looking tired but happy.

He had found the group when the

recall sounded, signifying that the

battle was ended. He was amazed

when he saw the immortals, not sure

who they were.

Then Bob hugged him and Sue

laughed at his expression when he

recognized them. Roger had been

a member of a youth Bible study in

their home for two or three years. “We

want to share with you all what we

have experienced and some of what

we learned while separated from you,”

Bob exclaimed to the group.

Sue, Alise, Janet, and Melanie

altogether began to try to express

what a wonderful place and time it

had been. “We actually saw God.”

“He was pure love.”

“It was so beautiful with such colors!”

“The music was magnificent!”

“We learned so much from Jesus


Bob continued, “The very first thing

that happened was that Jesus met

us in the air and we were taken to

be presented to our Father God,

the almighty creator. You should

have seen it. There was a huge floor

which looked like the flat surface

of an Emerald. Above it there were

other jewel colors which seemed to

just hang free but stacked upon each

other. At the top of the stack was a

large platform with a magnificent

throne on it. Actually there were

three thrones. God was sitting on

the one in the center. When he said,

‘Come up here,’ I knew he was talking

to me! Imagine out of thousands –

maybe millions, he spoke to me. I felt

myself being transported right onto

the platform immediately in front of

him! The love I felt emanating from

him almost crushed me. For some

reason I looked down and saw that I

was covered with blood. I heard him

say to me, ‘Because you are covered

with my son’s blood, you are blameless.

Welcome to the Kingdom of God.’

At that point, Jesus himself gave

me this fantastic robe, and I was

transported back to the place down

on the emerald floor. When I tried to

tell others what had happened, they

said that the same thing happened

to them at the same time! Then the

praise began, and it continued for

who knows how long.”

Melanie couldn’t hold it any longer.

“It was the most beautiful music I’ve

ever heard. I used to just play music

on a flute, too shy to sing, but being

in front of the God of the Universe

filled your being so full that you had

to sing. There were instruments also.

Maybe someday, I thought, I’ll get to

play for God too.”

“And she did – she became a regular

member of one of the fabulous bands

in heaven!” Sue broke in, fondly

patting her granddaughter. “After

that we were taken to our very own

homes. They were all absolutely

beautiful, but I think mine was

the most beautiful of all. However,

everyone else believes theirs is the

best because each one is designed to

please the inhabitant who will live

there. It’s amazing how God knows

us better than we know ourselves,

and he wants to give us the desires

of our heart. After all he created us

individuals with a plan for our lives

which included personality and taste

as well as purpose and mission, all to

be developed on earth by following

his word and his guidance.”


Alise joined her mother in explaining

what had occurred since they left

earth. “One day an angel came to my

door and asked me to accompany him

to the back yard of my home. There I

saw a part of my house which I had not

authorial magazine | 51

seen before. The angel explained that

my house was made from the works

I had done on Earth after I received

Jesus. ‘Good works like kindnesses,

love given to others, generosity, and

helps -- all given for the right reasons

and motivations – are represented as

gold, silver, or precious jewels all of

which will not burn. On the other

hand, the articles made of wood, hay

or stubble represent wrong motivation,

and attitudes, evil works and even

good works done for wrong reasons.

These will burn up causing you loss,

but you remain a child of God here

in heaven. Are you ready?’ He asked.

When he pointed at the building, it

was enveloped in flames. After a very

short time, I could see that some of

the structure was destroyed, but much

of it still stood. I felt strangely joyful,

not sorry for the things that were

burned, and also clean as one feels

right after a bath. I know that all of

us had a similar experience.”

Janet, who had been listening intently

and nodding with each one of the

speakers, now almost shouted. “After

the fires died out, we could see that

there were crowns and jewels sparkling

in the ashes. The angel told me they

were mine; I should pick them up

and wear them. They were the most

beautiful things I had ever seen. I put

one of the crowns on my head telling

him that I felt like a princess, realizing

that as a child of the king, I was – I

am a princess! Then he handed me an

elegantly engraved invitation to the

coronation of the Crown Prince of

the Kingdom of Heaven. The most

thrilling part of the last three years

to me was the coronation of Jesus

as King over all the Earth! Then he

took my arm and escorted me to the

temple in heaven. The doors of the

sanctuary were open and I could see

the Ark of the Covenant glowing in

the sanctuary. Then we were again

standing before the glorious throne

of God with a great multitude of

people, all wearing crowns as beautiful

as mine. Just as I was admiring them,

I heard a chorus of trumpets from

behind. When I turned to look,

everyone was kneeling on the floor

and the Messiah was striding toward

the throne. He was so beautiful with

his white gown, caught up with a gold

braided belt and shoulder epaulettes

on the purple robe which flowed

behind him for what seemed like a

mile. I quickly fell on my face before

he reached me. When Jesus reached

the throne, he knelt before the Father

God, who stood up and spoke. He

said the same thing he had said when

Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist,

‘This is my beloved son in whom I

am well pleased.’ Then he said, ‘The

kingdom of the world has become

the kingdom of Christ, and he will

reign forever and ever.’ With that

he placed the most glorious crown

of all on the head of the king of the

whole Earth. The Father God guided

his son to the throne on his right

side, but before he sat down Jesus

turned to address the people who

were kneeling before him. ‘I confer

on you a kingdom also as my father

has conferred on me. You will rule and

judge in my kingdom just as you were

promised. The twelve who followed

me when I was on Earth will sit on

thrones and judge the twelve tribes

of Israel.’ Spreading his arms wide to

encompass all, he said, ‘You will all

work with me as judges, governors,

priests, and authorities in one of the

nations on Earth.’ Then all fell to their

knees again and worshipped him with

such joy and praise we never heard

on Earth. Then the people began

taking off their crowns and placing

them at his feet. It was so good to

have something of great worth to


authorial magazine | 52

offer him who gave his life for our


Bob added to what the others had

said, “So you see Evette, Your mother

and father, as well as the others who

were martyred during the last three

and a half years, have not had these

experiences yet. They will be presented

to God, be pronounced blameless, be

settled into a mansion, and have their

works judged; but they will return

to Earth to help with the Kingdom.

There is important work for them, as

well as for you and for us, to do for

the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”

Then hearing the happy sounds of

Jewish singing and dancing back in

the camp on the Tell, Bob cheered,

“Let’s go join the celebration! Be

joyful! Praise God! Celebrate! The

King has come!”

Paperback | $12.95

Toxin 666: Terror

in the heartland

by Larry D. Steinman

The USA was still reeling from 911 when terrorism struck the University

of Iowa. The unfolding crisis brings together a strange cast of characters:

a grieving hospital chaplain, a Vietnam War vet with dark secrets, a

transplanted New York teen, a high school teacher, a brilliant California

grad student, a research scientist, a tough Chicago FBI agent, a heroic

black Lab and a glass of milk.The action ricochets between West Branch

and Iowa City, Iowa. Hundreds of lives are at risk. Iowa’s back roads carry

death to the University of Iowa campus. Terror visits the heartland.


Book copies are available at


Bible Coded

A Collection of Cryptograms

of Bible Teachings

Book IV

David Conine

Paperback | $12.99

Bible Coded is an enjoyable, challenging and educational way to take a journey through the

Bible and maybe even to find a place for God in your life. Bible Coded is a collection of 540

cryptograms taken from all of the books in the Bible. A cryptogram is a puzzle in which each

letter of a word has been replaced by another.

Each puzzle includes three hints as illustrated on page 7 in the book. The Bible book, from

which the cryptogram is taken, is also provided in coded form.

Bible Coded comes in four Books (BOOKS l-lV). Each book contains 135 puzzles along with

the solutions for the cryptograms in that book, in numerical order. You can request a complete

Scripture Reference Guide for the entire collection of Bible Coded Cryptograms Books l-lV.

Appendecy l includes solutions from the Old Testament and Appendecy 2 includes solutions

from the New Testment. Complete details are provided on page 166 of Book IV.

Once you have completed the entire collection, you will have completed the Bible Coded

journey through the Bible. We trust that your experience is a meaningful one.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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Orphan Bride

Kenneth Alden Ray

Ebook | $9.99 Paperback | $15.95

Emilene McConnell-Emma-believes she is an illegitimate orphan. A letter from a

solicitor in London arrives and turns her world upside down. The letter directs her

to go to London to receive her history and what turns out to be a dream beyond her

wildest fantasies. A chance encounter in a park while she was feeding pigeons and

pondering what to do now that she had arrived in London. Two strangers approached

her to see if she was as lost as she looked. They befriended her immediately and took

her on an adventure that involved money, unknown family, and an inheritance that

made her an heiress. Those two people had their own issues to resolve; which included

the murder of their parents and their older brother and the theft of a great deal of the

proceeds from mills owned by the family. When Emma found the clue that solved the

mystery as to the guilty parties, her reward was a kiss that opened both hers and our

hero's eyes and heart to the romance they had both been trying to hide. Join them as

they traverse the unlimited joy of new love and the happiness it brings.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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Paperback | $14.00

Ebook | $9.00

Paperback | $12.95

Ebook | $9.99

Collection of Short Stories

by Larry D. Steinman

Things aren’t always as they seem in “The Cougar,” “Where’s the Fortune,”

and “The Case of the Pearl-Handled Dagger.” Mystery, intrigue, and classic

whodunit tales compose this nail-biting Collection of Short Stories by Larry

D. Steinman.

Larry D. Steinman never thought of himself as a storyteller. One day a

thought came to him. He wrote it down and, before he realized it, he had

written a story. So here he is, seventy-eight years old, starting a new career.

He enjoys his newfound passion and hopes people find pleasure in reading

his stories.

Larry currently lives in Beggs, Oklahoma.

The Poppies on the Hill

by Ted Landkammer

Poppies in the springtime have always been such a wonderful

sight to me! I always shout, “Look at the poppies!” Then, I saw

an elderly lady standing by her wheelchair and lovingly looking

at a field of poppies and singing a joyful song. I greeted her and

we sang a song together. We have been friends ever since. A fine

lady enjoying spring and the joy of poppies. Join me as we laugh

and play with the Poppies on the Hill!


Book copies are available at


Paperback | $45.00

Ebook | $40.00

Hardcover | $26.95

Paperback | $15.95

Ebook | $3.99

Cooking from Within:

Telepathically Received

Recipes from The Holy

Order of Yodh

by Guru Madeleine

Cooking from Within: Telepathically Received Recipes from The

Holy Order of Yodh is a collection of dishes that reflect the teachings

and discipline shared by Guru Madeleine with her students. As a

means of developing self-control—first in the body and then in the

mind—dairy, red meat, alcohol, and drugs, including caffeine, are

eliminated. The diet instead focuses on dark, leafy vegetables and soy


The Irate Pirate

by James Edward Best

Petie is a young pirate-in-training until one day…when he begins to doubt

that he is cut out for this life. After making a list of pros and cons, Petie

realizes his moral dilemma: he cannot steal from others, yet that is exactly

what his destiny tells him he must do.


Author James Edward Best’s humorous, warm writing in The Irate Pirate

helps young readers, ages four to ten, deal with challenges that most of us

face: How do we comfortably pursue our dreams when they conflict with

the expectations of others? How do we tell our loved ones, friends, peers,

and those in authority about our decision and receive their responses?

Never preachy, Best offers children not clear-cut answers but ways of

examining problems so that they can evaluate and choose the best response

for themselves.

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What If Heaven

Fell Over You?

by Mounina Bouna Aly

I lived an ordinary life on the outside.

I was becoming an actuary. I just

became a kundalini yoga teacher. I had

just found my passion: yoga, which

simply means union, in Sanskrit.

One day in 2007, seemingly out of

the blue, the whole left side of my

body completely paralyzed, and I was

diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I

was shocked! I denied it for 3 years. I

really believed life had made a terrible

mistake. I tried very hard to go back to

my precious life, without making any

changes. That didn’t work. My disease

became worse. I surrendered to life!

When I was in the hospital in 2010,

I decided to begin to allow life. I

began to say yes to life, which at the

moment, meant a complete disaster.

I would find out eventually that what

was happening outside of me, in my

body, was first happening inside of me!

With nothing left in my life to

occupy my time, my energy, and

my attention (no kids and no more

work), I began learning about myself,

through meditation and self inquiry.

I also began to learn about life and

about healing.


I began to discover the aliveness of

life with this adventure! I was in awe

with this discovery, this new found

companion that is life! I discovered

that life is alive, loving, and intelligent.

I discovered ‘Life is alive’ by

allowing life! Life always responds

to our emotions.

authorial magazine | 58

I discovered ‘Life is loving’ by realizing

that life always happens FOR us, as

this terrible disease came to heal me!

It was a gift for me to heal myself.

I discovered ‘Life is intelligent’. First,

I found that all my symptoms were

specific for what I needed to heal.

Second, I found that life knows

exactly what she is going because

she is mathematically precise.

I began with a holistic body approach

to liberate the tensions that were

imprisoning my body. As my body

was changing from the gentle work

I was doing on it, I was very shocked

to notice that my mind as well was

changing! How could that be? I had

always believed that body and mind

were separate, two separate entities. I

was wrong! Body and mind are united!

A lot of old emotions were liberated

from my body. My body used to be

stuck in the past. I brought it back

to the present moment. I also did

some written work to change some

very limiting belief I had around love,

for example. I thought love was my

weakest emotion; I know today love

is my greatest strength!

One day during my holistic bodywork

course, as I was working on liberating

the diaphragms of my body, I had the

impression that I was a vibration! This

is accurate. We are energy. We are a

vibrational beings.

What I discovered and learned and

practiced led to my healing of multiple

sclerosis. It led me to fall in love with

myself, my body, and with life! It led

me to discover my true nature! It led

me to raise my vibration to love!

In a vulnerable and authentic way,

this is what my book Receiving the

Healing Gift in MS is inviting you

to: fall in love with yourself, your

body, and with life! Discover your

true nature of a co-creator with life,

and that life is always happening for

you, because life is your secret lover!


authorial magazine | 59

Ebook | $4.95




Ann Covell

Paperback | $16.95 Hardcover | $29.95

The Other Angel is a dramatic, startling tale of how four young people from diverse

backgrounds, each with their own aspirations and values, become unlikely though

firm friends. It is an absorbing story that will attract readers as they get to know

the characters, whose disparate lives intertwine before the Civil War splits them up.

The Gettysburg battle aftermath brings them back together. It is an exciting story

filled with breathtaking scenarios of plots, war and espionage, as well as romance

and pathos. The story will resonate with readers as it unfolds to an emotion-charged

conclusion that will invoke their empathy.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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to Power

Understanding & Overcoming Addiction

Kal Rissman

Ebook | $9.99 Paperback | $14.95

What newscast does not include something on tragedy caused by

addiction? What extended family has not had someone with an

addiction problem? What hospital is not one-third full of patients

there due to addictive problems? Even though addiction is America’s

number one health problem, our understanding of this disease is

woefully inadequate. Kal Rissman has the ability to take the complex

issues of addiction and make them understandable. This is a book that

not only offers a non-judgmental understanding of addiction, but

offers concrete solutions and hope to those afflicted with the disease

and those affected by the disease.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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Hardcover | $22.99

Paperback | $15.99

Ebook | $3.99

Hardcover | $45.95

Paperback | $34.99

Ebook | $3.99

The Great Barrier

Beach Field Guide

by Anthony S. Minardi

The publication The Great Barrier Beach Field Guide is the result of

several years of beach surveys of the Northeast coast, Long Island, New

York, New Jersey, New England, and the coastline of North and South

Carolina. “In its natural state, the barrier beach is a fascinating mixture

of opposites: high and low elevations, wet and dry, hot and cold, sterile

and fertile, windblown and sheltered.” It is the combination of these

factors that, with a strip of land varying in width from a few thousand

feet to a few hundred or less, have produced several distinct zones of flora

distribution. Considering the mixture of abiotic elements of the various

zones, the flora that occupy a zone must be genetically equipped to adapt

or be replaced by a genetically equipped species. The environment is the

selecting agent; it determines and selects the most genetically equipped to

survive and perpetuate.

Rome and America

The Great Republics

What the Fall of the Roman Republic

Portends for the United States

by Walter Signorelli


In innumerable ways, the United States of America is the political

and social descendant of the Roman Republic, and the influences

of Rome reverberate throughout our world. Yet while America

reflects the heights of Roman structures, ideas, and principles, we

also now face a host of problems similar to those that the Romans

faced-immigration and citizenship, the consequences of slavery, the

growing divide between classes, the conflict between conservatives

and progressives, and the challenges of being a superpower.

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Hardcover | $25.99

Paperback | $15.99

Ebook | $2.99

Paperback | $10.95

Trails to and Tales

of Sanderson,Texas

by Cleo W. Robinson Jr.

This is a work mainly of fiction. However, many of the stories

and characters are drawn from real life. It is a about life in a

small ranching and railroad town in Southwest Texas just east

of the Big Bend area. For nine months in 1958 and 1959, I had

the pleasure of living in Sanderson, Texas. It was a time between

high school and college that I needed to decide what I wanted

to try to do with my life. Although I was born in a small town,

Ionia, Missouri; my family moved to Springfield, Missouri

when I was less than one year old so I never experienced small

town life. Sanderson, Texas provided that missing ingredient.

When I Said Yes

by April Phillips

When I Said Yes is a thank you letter written to Bishop T. D. Jakes

and Pastors Joel and Lisa Osteen by the author, April Phillips. The

purpose of the letter is to thank these three inspirational leaders

for making an impact in her life and for encouraging her to give

her life to God. In the letter, April gives specific accounts of events

that happened on her journey with God. Her story line is filled

with the highs and lows of life’s struggles and the sacrifices that

she made to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner.

The author explains how overcoming obstacles brought her closer

to God, changed her professional career, and altered her life for

the better. The author chose to publish the letter for the world to

read in hopes of inspiring more people to give their lives to God.


Book copies are available at





by Shirley Andrews

Planets surround more than half of

the 100 or more billion known stars in

the galaxy. Recent observations using

powerful telescopes have indicated

that hundreds of millions of these

worlds are terrestrial and many of

them undoubtedly have water and

Earthlike atmospheres. Life in the

cosmos is everywhere, and has been

since long before we appeared on

this planet.

Many of the beings who developed

in these distant spheres advanced

their scientific skills enough to leave

their homelands and travel in space.

Our desirable small planet, with its

luxuriant plant growth and pleasant

climate has always attracted visitors,

some of whom spent a considerable

amount of time here. Information

about them is prevalent in carefully

preserved legends and in more recent

scholarly literature. An isolated group

of very small people with large

heads who live in central China are

a further reminder of the presence

of extraterrestrials on the Earth in


Memories of past visitors from far

away are preserved in most of the

records of ancient cultures throughout

the world. Usually the travelers are

described as Gods descending from

the skies. From the African tribes of

the Zulu and Dogons we learn that

the visits of these Gods are the oldest

thing in their histories. The ancient

Order of Egyptian Ammonites and

Central America’s Popul Vuh tell us

that their guests used the compass,

knew the Earth was round and

understood the secrets of the universe.

Greek mythology portrays the

Gods and Goddesses as real people,

complete with emotions and sexual

powers. Possessing powerful weapons

and traveling at immense speeds, they

were involved in human affairs, but



The Far East offers a wealth of

information. Brahmin books claim

authorial magazine | 64

friends from the cosmos brought

previously unknown fruits and grains

to the Earth. The first emperors of

China maintained that they were not

descended from human beings on

this planet; their ancestors came from

the heavens above in metal dragons

that spit fire. Recent translations of

ancient Indian epics contain hundreds

of references to the presence of the

Gods and their ships that flew in the

air. These books from the past include

information about the vehicles, details

of how to operate and repair them,

and even accurate portrayals of the

land of our world as it appears from

far above.

In the Bible, the Gods space vehicles

are referred to as swift clouds or

cloud chariots, or just chariots, the

primary means of transportation when

Biblical information was assembled

and interpreted. Pilots are charioteers

and liftoffs are whirlwinds. Ezekiel

1:4-5 offers one of the more graphic

descriptions: “As I looked, behold a

stormy wind came out of the north

and a great cloud, with brightness

round about it, and fire flashing forth

continually. And from the midst of

it came the likeness of four living


Airplanes, space ships and rockets were

unknown in the early 20th century

when the 25,000 clay tablets from the

library in Nineveh, the ancient royal

capital of Sumeria were discovered.

No one understood the Sumerians’

references to the all-powerful Gods

who came to their country in ships

from the heavens in the third

millennium B.C. Zecharia Sitchin,

an expert in Sumerian, Assyrian,

Babylonian and Hittite languages, as

well as the history and archaeology of

the ancient Near East, offers an up-todate

translation of these texts. Sitchin

reports that they reveal that Gods

from the sky spent time in the lands

between the Tigris and Euphrates

Rivers for hundreds of years. They

resembled humans, wore helmets,

possessed weapons, and were the

source of the rapid appearance of the

Sumerian’s sophisticated knowledge

of architecture, astronomy, metallurgy,

complex mathematics and advanced

medical techniques.

Striking similarities between the

Atlanteans’ and the Sumerians’ culture

suggest that extraterrestrials were

at least partially responsible for the

advanced civilization of Atlantis.

Plato describes the God Poseidon

settling in Atlantis and marrying

a mortal woman who bore many

children. In a similar way, Sumerian

tests and pictography depict the

Gods uniting with women from

the Earth. Poseidon’s superhuman

feats as he constructed his home

in Atlantis, dug large canals and

excavated for the capitol city resemble

the capabilities of the Gods of history.

Plato’s Atlantean City of the Golden

Gates contains many similarities

to the beautiful capitol city of the

Sumerians who write that Gods and

Goddesses furnished a considerable

amount of assistance in its design

and construction.

Respected psychics offer insight

into the contributions and presence

of extraterrestrials at the time of

Atlantis. Ruth Montgomery gives

visitors from outer space the credit

for the great crystal which provided

the Atlanteans with a nonpolluting

source of power. In 1938 Edgar Cayce

relates that occupants of vehicles

came to the Earth during its last

period and warned the Atlanteans of

the impending destruction of their

country.(Reading 1681-1) At another

time he refers to visitors to the Earth

from other worlds or planets at the

beginning of the Mayan civilization.

(Reading 1616-1)

One of the greatest mysteries in the

study of the evolution of mankind is

the sudden appearance on the Earth’s

surface of Cro-Magnon peoples.

For hundreds of thousands of years

the human race was unchanged.

Individuals retained the same physical

characteristics, worked with simple

stone tools and searched for food

in similar ways. Suddenly, without

progenitors, Cro-Magnons appeared

in widely separated areas. These

intelligent, modern people lived on

the southern tip of Africa 100,000

years ago, in Australia and the Near

East 60,000 years ago, and in France

and Spain in the valleys of rivers

leading to the Atlantic Ocean 35,000

years ago. Zecharia Sitchin and many

others believe the abrupt emergence

of Cro-Magnons was the result of

“when the sons of God came into

the daughters of men, and they bore

children to them,” as described in the

Bible in Genesis VI.

Ancient Sumerian clay tablets refer

to the Gods who came from above

and supervised the construction in

their land of step pyramids with flat

tops. Similar prehistoric buildings

are prevalent in Mexico, Egypt and

China, all places favored by heavenly

visitors. The earliest pyramids in

Egypt were constructed with flat tops

for religious services, but before long,

because of the heat, the worshipers

preferred to be indoors and the sides

were extended up to a point.

Our visitors from space came from

a variety of places. The Cherokee

believe their forebears were people

from the stars known as the seven

dancers (the Pleiades) who settled in

Atlantis and moved to the American

continent when the Atlantean islands

sank into the ocean. The Pleiades are

a group of about 300 stars that lie

within the constellation Taurus the

Bull. Although they are 400 light

years from our sun, seven of these

stars are visible without a telescope.

References to the Pleiades and to


authorial magazine | 65

their inhabitants’ frequent visits to the

Earth are found in many civilizations

on this planet. The Hopi and Navaho’s

star calendar of 52 years is based on

a cycle which correlates with the

rising and setting of the Pleiades.

Initiation of young men into the Hopi

spiritual ways takes place only when

the Pleiades are directly overhead.

Legends from Great Britain describe

the Pleiades as the dwelling place

of giant sky Gods who once visited

the Earth. Callanish and many other

prehistoric stone monuments in

Scotland line up with the position of

the Pleiades in the sky at the Equinox

or on other significant astronomical

dates. The ancient occasion of

Halloween occurs when the Pleiades

are directly overhead in Great Britain.

The Homeland of the Pleiadians is

referred to in occult literature as the

heart for our portion of the galaxy. In

the Bible the Lord asks Job: “Canst

thou bind the sweet influence of the

Pleiades?”( Job 38.31)

In addition to the Pleiadians,

extraterrestrials from other celestial

lands frequented this planet. The

Dogons believe their visitors were

from the vicinity of the bright

star Sirius. The importance of the

contributions of the Sirians’ numerous

visits is immortalized in occult

literature where Sirius is considered

the cosmic throat center. Zecharia

Sitchin believes the primary guests

of the Sumerians were from a tenth

planet whose long elliptical orbit

circles our sun once every 3600 years.

In 1937, in a mountainous area

of central China, not far from the

plain which contains over 100 large

pyramids, a Chinese archaeologist

found skeletons with big heads and

slight bodies. Nearby were 716 small

stone discs covered with strange

writing. Twenty five years later, a

Chinese scholar, after translating some

of the hieroglyphs on the peculiar

discs, said he believed they referred to

a space craft that crashed 12,000 years

ago. The vehicle could not be repaired

and the occupants were forced to

remain on this planet. Many died, but

those who grew accustomed to living

here survived. Chinese legends tell of

the presence in the past of strange

small people who were feared by the

local inhabitants.

Persistent reports of very little people

in central China continued into the

20th century. One British scientist

reported that in 1947 he spent

six months in a remote mountain

settlement where a few hundred of

them lived. after he learned their

language. The tiny people told him

their ancestors came from a planet in

the Sirius system very long ago. The

actuality of the miniature beings was

confirmed in November 1995 by the

Associated Press, when it revealed the

discovery of 120 very small individuals

living in a valley about 200 miles

from the mountain range where

the skeletons and stone discs were

found. Much smaller than African

pygmies, they range in size from 3

feet 10 inches to 2 feet 1 inch. There

is no acceptable explanation for their

tiny bodies, or the relatively sudden

appearance of this village: perhaps the

Chinese moved the unusual people

from the nearby mountains so they

could study them.


We will probably never know

very much about the activities of

extraterrestrials on the Earth in

prehistory, but the Gods are still

nearby. In the past, visitors from outer

space were openly acknowledged and

discussed. It is time for the citizens of

this planet to optimistically welcome

those who are as capable of helping

and advising us as they were in

the past.

authorial magazine | 66


Lost Cities of China,

Central Asia & India,

David Hatcher

Childress, Adventures

Unlimited Press,.

Hartwig Hausdorf -

Lecture at the Association

for Research and

Enlightenment, May 16,

1997, Virginia Beach

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Ruth Montgomery,

Fawcett Cress

Atlantean Traditions in

Ancient Britain, Anthony

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Press New York

The Pleiadian Mission,

Randolph Winters,

The Pleiades Project,

Yorba Linda CA

Voices of Our Ancestors,

Dhyani Ywahoo,

Shambhala, Boston

Author Bio

Shirley Andrews lives in Concord, Massachusetts.

She is a graduate of Middlebury College and has

studied, performed, and taught flute for over twenty

years. Her intense interest in Atlantis has always

been part of her and she believes it stems from one

or more past life experiences there. After raising six

children, Shirley was able to devote time and energy

to the study of Atlantis and related subjects, which

led her to research in the libraries of the British

Museum, Harvard, the University of Chicago, and the

Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)

in Virginia Beach, as well as personal travels to the

Azores, the Andes, Central America, the Dordogne

Valley in France and the Tito Bustillo cave in Spain.

She and her husband have traveled extensively, hiking

and mountain climbing throughout the world, often

focusing on the customs and beliefs of inhabitants

in remote areas as they reflect on the spirituality of

the distant past. Her foremost desire is to share what

she has learned with others and incite their curiosity

to discover more about these fascinating subjects.


Shirley Andrews is the author of: Atlantis: Insights

From a Lost Civilization and Lemuria and Atlantis:

Studying the Past to Survive the Future. Find out more

about her and her books by visiting her website at www.

authorial magazine | 67

A Ball’s Game

Stefan Mathis

Paperback | $10.99 Hardcover | $15.99

What happens when a talking baseball, a rock and roll concert,

and a game between heated Major League rivals come together

one afternoon? A day filled with fun, laughter, and mayhem. And

maybe some hard feelings. Join Bennie the "talking baseball" and

his friends in an inning by inning account of the game from their

point of view. This cute, funny, kid friendly, heartwarming tale will

be enjoyed by baseball fans of all ages. But this story is more

than just fun and games, it contains tons of facts and figures

surrounding the "grand old game." Read this story at the ballpark

between innings, and you'll be finished before the last out!


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Paperback | $12.99 Hardcover | $18.99

In the summer of 1967, two teenagers from completely opposite kinds of upbringing met

in Columbia City, Indiana. They both worked at the local Kroger grocery store. She worked

as a cashier, and he worked as a night stocker. She was sixteen, and he was seventeen. This

infatuation grew into a love stronger than the worst storms and more passionate than the words

of Shakespeare. The first storm they endured as newlyweds was Paul being drafted and sent to

Vietnam for fourteen months. Their journey was one of commitment and determination. Their

love for each other and for Christ drew them together during all the difficult times. A time did

come when they nearly divorced. How they dealt with the hurt and heartache is an inspiring

lesson. Paul was a brilliant businessman and ended his career as a senior vice president with

Kroger. That journey wasn’t without its struggles. He made a vow to Carol in the first year of

their marriage that he would see that she have everything she ever dreamed or imagined. He

kept that vow even on the last day of his life.


Miami Book Fair - Street Fair Weekend

November 22-24, 2019

Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus, FL

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Paperback | $9.00

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Paperback | $26.95

Ebook | $9.95

Syndrome of a Wife Batterer

and Resounding Tribute to the

Men Who Keep Their Vows

by Alice Faye Wimberly (Kemp) Pastor

When Alice Fay Wimberly (Kemp) Pastor was young, she fell for a man

who soon became the most dangerous part of her life. Blinded with love, she

ignored the signs and acts of abuse in her relationship and became determined

to make it work. Despite the feelings of loneliness and desperation, she believed

her husband’s empty promises to change, to become kinder, and to stop the bad

behavior. However, it didn’t stop. If anything, it only got worse as time went on,

and Alice realized she had to escape, for her family’s safety.

With small children to protect, Alice vowed to leave her old life of pain,

neglect, and abuse behind, and she began a new chapter of her life, one that

required great determination and perseverance. Despite the challenges of her

new life, Alice quickly overcame many obstacles and soon found her strength,

her success, and her voice.


by Codis Hampton II

“In his semi-autobiographical debut author Codis Hampton II, takes

the reader through his experience as a seventeen year old African

America GI stationed in South Korea during the Civil Rights

movement of the 1960’s. Unchon-ni is not only a coming of age tale

but journey in which the author shares the conflict between duty,

country, and heritage, as well as the suspense, mystery and adventure

he experienced as a Brother of Arms. A must read...”


Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $34.99

Paperback | $20.99

Ebook | $9.99

Paperback | $14.60

Millennium Women War on Men

Bully Tactics Is Why Their

Independence Is Failing Them in

Their Relationships and How to Be


by K. B. Lewis

This book was written in order to reflect back like a mirror— to

bring awareness of the (BULLY) attitude that many Independent

women have with the men in their lives—an attitude that they

may or may not be aware of, which is destroying and failing them

in their relationships with men. This book is about a paradigm

shift that will change and enhance the lives of both men and

independent women’s relationships forever.

Uncloseted Love

by Theresa E. Cobb

This is a fictional story of a woman turning seventy, who decided to

step outside of the box. Rebecca took a trip to Europe to celebrate her

big birthday and have an adventure. Within twenty-four hours, her

life changed forever. Her first thoughts were, “OMG, I should have

worn Depends” when she saw the most gothic looking man walk pass

her. The sins of our fathers sometimes play a big part in how our lives

take shape. Mikael’s past provides the adventure Rebecca set out to

have while touring Europe. Be careful what you wish for. This story

encompasses love, sex, murder and suspense. He was ten years younger

than she and that only enhanced their growing relationship. Life’s twists

and turns will leave you breathless, the ending will leave you stunned.


Book copies are available at


Ted Torgersen

Author of Out of Exile

Day of the Beast

It’s the day of the Beast,

don’t look to the East,

‘cause the sun ain’t a goin’ that way.

I think it’s still best

that it goes to the West,

like the songs that we know always say.

It’s the day of the Beast,

it just gives me the creeps,

the times, they won’t let you be.

So, far into the night,

consider everything twice,

and wonder if it’s really alright.

It’s the day of the Beast,

it’s the day we like least,

better not try to understand.

Everything after seems better and faster,

than things were before it all came.

We waited so long, but now that it’s gone,

it won’t ever be back here again.

It’s the day of the Beast,

and the sellout’s complete,

just march to your fate, never mind.

They like things this way,

and no matter what they say,

planned it like this all the time.

It’s the day of the Beast,

and whoever you meet,

has already decided your fate.

Though their words sound so strong,

things still come out wrong,

and the date says it’s already too late.

So we pull the blue string,

‘cause there’s still songs to sing,

they couldn’t quite stop us this time.

Tell them there’s no peace,

it’s the day of the Beast,

and we gonna keep speakin’ our minds.

Ted Torgersen, Out of Exile


authorial magazine | 72


authorial magazine | 73

The Invisible Stranger

Who am I now,

and what was I before

in that uncertain country

that I couldn’t take, anymore?

Inaction has consequences too:

if I see nothing, say nothing,

hear nothing, fait rien,

I am nothing, and no one can see me,

nor where I am not,

nor what I’m not doing.

If a leaf falls by itself in a forest,

does it make any sound?

Or does your whole play pretend castle

have to crash down around you

to get your attention?

Can I man walk naked down Main Street,

lighting invisible bonfires

that smell faintly

like the funeral pyre

of lost love?

Dance away, and no one will see you,

slip away and no one will know

you were ever there.

Make a little pile of leaves and feathers

to show that nobody cares.

Burn down Babylon

with the fire of truth

and forget that you ever had a name.


Ted Torgersen, Out of Exile

authorial magazine | 74

Paperback | $8.99

Ebook | $2.99

Paperback | $8.95

Ebook | $8.95

John and the Jesus Boat

Episode One

Ad 27 - On the Road

by Rolin Bruno

Young John should be home, helping his dad catch fish from their boat.

Instead, he’s down by the river, hanging out with some crazy preacher they

call the Baptist. So why is John calling himself a disciple? What happened

that took this teenager away from home? And who is this “Lamb of God” the

Baptist keeps talking about?

John and the Jesus Boat is set in the dangerous turmoil of First Century Palestine

where people are yearning for their expected savior. They hope this savior will

free them from the oppressive thumb of Rome. Kirkus Reviews reports, “This

tale delivers a fresh and well-researched fictionalization of the assembling of

Jesus’ apostles from John’s point of view.” For an up-close experience in the

everyday lives of the men and women who walked with Jesus, the first episode

of John and the Jesus Boat is a must-read triumph of historical fiction. Crack

open the book for your own adventure with Jesus in the first century AD!

Affirmations for Law

Enforcement: We Protect.

We Serve. We Care.

by Darlene Hoyt

Dr. Darlene P. Hoyt is a Board Certified Police and Public Safety

Psychologist. She has been working in the field of Law Enforcement since

1990 providing counseling, training at the Academy, Peer Support, Critical

Incident Debriefings, working with Swat Teams, providing Pre- Employment

Psychological evaluations for hire, and testifying in Court. Everyday Law

Enforcement Personnel are on the job to protect the public and community

at large while at times putting themselves at risk. Dr. Hoyt has created this

book for Law Enforcement personnel to help them cope with the pressure

and strains of working in stressful, dangerous and troubling situations. Daily

affirmations can help promote positive mental focus, reduce stress, and improve

mood and sense of well-being. The hope of this book is to provide Law

Enforcement Personnel another tool to use in their daily life to achieve peace,

success and job satisfaction.


Book copies are available at


One Morning

On the morning of this day,

I man slowly walk away,

no more to show you my face.

I now sadly walk away,

you never asked me to stay,

and now I gone from

all the shame and disgrace.

In the ending of our days

things are wrong, like always;

and now at last you send me away.

So I’m gone, gone away,

like the wind from yesterday,

nor will you ever hear

what I did say.

Time has come and gone,

and at last I’m feelin’ strong,

no more to listen to your lies.

The truth behind your eyes

is buried, like lost tides,

and the reef is rotting on the sand.

Love has gone away,

and now these songs will play,

for all of those legends and their day.

Like your heart,

your words are cold,

as the lifetime that you sold,

double banded, like the rainbow

of your disguise.

Like your heart,

your words are cold,

as the lifetime that you sold,

double banded, like the rainbow

of your disguise.

Hide yourself within,

like you did way back then.

Never, again, will you see the day

that you could cloud my mind,

like an afterthought, left behind;

in the morning of your designs

I walk away.

This day brings me grace,

and I’ll slowly walk away;

even the dust is dust

where you stay.

Love came here to die,

and leave me behind,

to speak whatever’s

left in my mind.

The luck was always bad,

that’s what’s makin’ me so sad.

Better to remember better days.

And everything you said

is still there, in my head,

as I man slowly walk away.

Once more to slide out through the cracks,

this time with nothing at my back,

as ever, I gladly slip away.

Ted Torgersen, Out of Exile


authorial magazine | 76

30 Days

by Dr. Steve Adams

A cell phone and a red light strip away the protective framework

of Lauren Alexander’s life. Knowing she was adopted while her

parents still lived was one thing. With them gone, only one man

knows the answers to all of the questions in her head—tabloid

prince and major league pitcher Jack Mallory.

Can the faith of a fifteen-year-old girl dealing with her own grief

challenge the demons of her biological father’s past to get the

answers she wants? Can Jack see Lauren as more than the ghost of

her dead mother?


Paperback | $19.95

Ebook | $9.99

Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $26.99

Paperback | $13.99

Ebook | $2.99


by Donald Ray Schwartz

A seventy-year-old man, Maishe Rosstein, undergoes an open-heart

surgery. Details of his procedure open the novel/novella. Once in recovery

in ICU, in intermediate, then later at home, he recalls that during the

procedure, he perceived darkly through a glass his days entering the air

force (AF), his duties, the women he met, and other events. More than

mere dreamy recall, it is as if he lives them again. Thence, the story returns

where it began, at his home, recovering, now with new insights about his

life. Please note that once AF-classified information is included, albeit now

declassified and available to the public.


of the States

by Ron Tagliapietra


Paperback | $13.95

Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $29.95

Paperback | $17.95

Ebook | $9.99

Paperback | $14.00

Ebook | $9.00

Finding the Clouds and a Life

by Carl M. Robinson

The schedule for my sampling flight was the last mission for Operation Castle.

The device is twenty-three miles across the atoll from where our office is

located. The device is sitting on a float of some sort over where an island was

blown away. Every flight I made to get flying time, I would fly over the area to

see how the construction was coming along. I was looking forward to seeing

what kind of damage it would make in relation to size, heat, sound, and height.

Another thing I would practice at the end of every flight was a GCA landing.

The day finally came for the explosion, but nobody saw anything. A mammoth

storm had moved in, and there was a need to help the sampler airplanes find

the cloud. A B-36 with a good navigator could figure where the cloud is located

and direct the sampler pilots to the cloud. After a few tries of directing the

F-84s to where the cloud was thought to be, there was a delay. The sampler

aircraft were getting low on fuel, and finally, the navigator gave a heading

that worked, eight roentgens. Lieutenant Berger and I, still in formation, got

information that the ceiling was one hundred feet and visibility was a quarter

mile at the airfield. We requested a GCA, which should be fun.

Learning to Read in English

and Spanish Made Easy: A

Guide for Teachers, Tutors

and Parents


by Susie G. Navarijo

Reading is fundamental to every child’s growth. It expands their

creative experiences and allows them to venture into the unknown.

It also expands their vocabulary and develops concepts that are

going to help children with communication skills and prepare them

for academic success. Reading is the critical foundation for learning.

Book copies are available at


Rain Time

My epitaph’s on my tombstone,

an’ I think it’s gonna rain,

the words there are half written,

an’ I think it’s gonna rain.

The things that you said to me

are still drivin’ me insane:

that I’m goin’ to another place

where no one knows my name.

Yes, I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

I think that I’m in trouble,

I think that’s what you said,

they ain’t gonna find my words,

‘cause I wrote these instead.

My time ain’t good for nothin’,

it’s as empty as my head,

I got a real, real problem

‘cause my tombstone says I’m dead.

I know it’s gonna cost me somethin’,

that I ain’t paid for yet.

Yes, I believe, I believe it’s gonna rain.

Wishin’ ain’t gonna stop it,

the sky is lookin’ strange:

yes, I see that it’s comin’ on to rain.

Yes, I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

I was sleepin’ in the parlor,

dreamin’ ‘bout a train,

someone was leanin’ on the whistle,

like they was tryin’ to stop the pain.

Yes, I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

Foxfire ‘cross the swampland,

clouds that hide the moon,

all the signs that I’m seein’

say the rain is comin’ soon.

Yes, I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

A miracle takes some doin’,

there’s an idea in my brain,

somethin’ that keeps on goin’,

like the water down the drain.

Yes, I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

I see that it’s makin’ up to rain.

The storm I seen a comin’,

no one ever seen the like.

The pressure keeps on fallin’,

and there’s nothin’ here to like.

The rain won’t stop a comin’

‘till the world is wringin’ wet.

I guarantee, from what I see,

there ain’t been nothin’ like this yet.

Yes, I believe it’s gonna rain.

Yes, I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

More and more it’s comin’,

it’s floodin’ ‘cross the plain.

People ain’t goin’ nowhere,

an’ I believe it’s gonna rain.

Yes, I believe, I believe it’s gonna rain.

Hear me good and listen,

the rain is comin’ soon.

I guess I heard about it

in the darkness of the moon.

Yes, I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

The voices are all quiet,

the words are in my head.

If it amounts to something,

I ain’t thought about it yet.

An’ I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

Yes, I believe it’s comin’ on to rain.

Ted Torgersen, Out of Exile


authorial magazine | 80


authorial magazine | 81

Hardcover | $26.56

Paperback | $26.56

Ebook | $3.99

Rome and America:

The Great


What the Fall of the Roman Republic

Portends for the United States

by Walter Signorelli


Rome and America: The Great Republics examines the parallels between the two greatest and

longest-lasting republics in history and how they were founded, grew, and prospered. It

examines their strengths and weaknesses, the environments from which they emerged, the

similarities of their constitutional governments, their military campaigns, the values and

practices they had in common, and the extraordinary legacy of Roman law in America.

Drawing on Montesquieu’s theory that democracies evolve into dictatorships, a major

theme that builds throughout the book is the parallel between the progression of Rome

from a free democratic republic to an emperorship and the progression of the United States

toward an imperial presidency. Chapter by chapter, it demonstrates distinct parallels, and

these parallels lead to the conclusion that we are following a path similar to that which the

Roman Republic followed to its disintegration, and also that we might be destroyed not

from the outside but from within. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, we face a

host of problems similar to those the Romans faced—problems related to immigration and

citizenship, the growing divide between the elite classes and the mainstream population, the

conflict between conservatives and progressives, and the challenges of superpower status. The

book compares how the Romans addressed their problems to how we have addressed ours.

The book should appeal to a wide audience of general readers who are interested in the

remarkable historical narratives and the people who played starring roles in those narratives.

It will also interest students of history, political science, law, and cultural development, and

it could be used in advanced college courses.

Walter Signorelli is a practicing attorney and an adjunct professor

of law and police science at John Jay College of Criminal

Justice in New York City. He was previously a member of the

New York City Police Department for thirty-one years, and today

he is a criminal defense attorney and a police practices and

procedures expert. Signorelli graduated cum laude from St.

John’s University School of Law before later graduating from

the Columbia University Police Management Institute. He has

written three books related to law and police science: The Crisis

of Police Liability Lawsuits (2006), Criminal Law, Procedure,

and Evidence (2011), and The Constable Has Blundered (2012),

which received a recommended rating by the Choice Review

for Academic Libraries.


Hardcover | $28.95

Paperback | $15.95

Ebook | $2.99

Paperback | $14.99

Ebook | $2.99

The Mind of a

Deviant Woman

by Paula Paul

Carrie Buck, a young woman living in early-twentieth-century Virginia, is

raped and becomes pregnant by a family member--and her trauma is only

beginning. She is deemed a “deviant” for having a child out of wedlock and,

for that reason, is a candidate for sterilization.

Louisa Van Patten, a New York socialite, is an advocate of the eugenics

movement, which promotes this punishment.

When Carrie and Louisa meet, along with journalist Ben Newman, during

a national debate about the merits of forced sterilization, all their lives--

and ours--are changed forever.

Paula Paul’s historical novel The Mind of a Deviant Woman offers

a thrilling story based in extensive research into a little-known, but

devastating, part of American history.

Receiving the Healing Gift in MS:

My Journey from Separation

to Union after a Diagnosis of

Multiple Sclerosis

by Mounina Bouna Aly


Can you open yourself up to the possibility of an infinite, loving

intelligence guiding and orchestrating this whole universe? Can you listen

to the wisdom of your divine body? Can you trust in the divine wisdom of

your soul? These are difficult questions, yet in 2007, Mounina Bouna Aly

had to seek answers as MS came into her life and turned her world upside

down. Receiving the Healing Gift in MS shares Mounina’s firsthand

journey as she became curious and began to study herself, life, and healing.

And after three years of denial, she opened herself to the message the

universe was trying to deliver.

Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $31.99

Paperback | $20.99

Ebook | $0.99

Hardcover | $25.99

Paperback | $12.99

Atlantis: Insights from

a Lost Civilization

by Shirley Andrews

The legend of lost Atlantis turns to fact as Shirley Andrews synthesizes a

wealth of information from more than one hundred classical and Atlantean

scholars, scientists, and psychics to describe the country and its inhabitants.

Review the scientific and geological evidence for an Atlantic continent,

which refutes the popular notion that Atlantis was located in the

Mediterranean. Follow the history of Atlantis from its beginnings

to its destruction, and see a portrait of Atlantean society: its religion,

architecture, art, medicine, and life style. Explore shamanism, the power

of crystals, ancient techniques for health and healing, pyramid energy, ley

lines, the influence of extraterrestrials and the origin of the occult sciences.

Learn what happened to the survivors of Atlantis, where they migrated,

and how the survivors and their descendants made their mark on cultures

the world over.

From Homeless to Heaven

by Jeanne Ann Off

Usually Cody Cambres had to do ranch work alone in the winter. However,

he had a standing order with an employment agency for an employee. One

winter he was surprised to get a call saying a man would be on the bus that

evening. Alan told Cody that he wanted a job and a warm place to sleep

instead of living outdoors as a homeless man. Alan had refused to stay in

any mission shelter because of life experiences involving religion. He does

enjoy ranch work. In the spring Cody and Alan are checking cows and the

calves born that spring when a bullet hits Alan. Later a bullet from the

same rifle kills Cody’s best horse. Fire begins on Cody’s ranch and spreads.

Aimi’s house burns down and Aimi’s husband is murdered by a bullet from

the same rifle. Alan helps both Cody and Aimi with ranch work.


Friendship develops.

Book copies are available at


Contribution by

Thomas Reischel

Best Foot

Even if you’re wrinkled with age,

And your Life has reached the

Ancient Age,

And you have a tangled Root

Put forward your Best Foot


authorial magazine | 86


Author Notes:

I couldn’t resist this obvious subject taken

from a root found along the Mississippi

River bank near Harriet Island. I just had

to pen this verse. Hope you like it.

This poem is AABB Quatrains

These are poems written in a standard

4 line stanza (Quatrain) with a rhyme

scheme of aabb (coupled).

authorial magazine | 87

Hardcover | $15.25

Paperback | $8.30

Ebook | $3.49

Paperback | $11.99

Souls from Mercury

by Raju Ramanathan

Charles Darwin pointed out that the future evolution of mankind

cannot happen through the continuation of the “survival of fittest”

ideology. It lies in the courage to stand up like the first animal did

and move in a vertical dimension, whereas developing kindness,

compassion, and empathy are the hallmark of evolution and

truly an inward revolution. This goal can be achieved by delving

deeper into ourselves through the simple process of meditation

and mindfulness. In this book you will learn the pathway to your

inner vastness (i.e., Samadhi, Enlightenment or the “Mercury

space”) and gain answers to becoming “Souls From Mercury.”

Better Than a Homerun

by Freda Dehoff

Twelve-year-old Daryl Jenkins’ summer plans are shattered by the death

of his best friend, Terry, who died in an automobile accident caused by a

drunk driver. With the memories still fresh in his mind, he tries to deal

with his anger, disappointment, and frustration by playing baseball with

his friends and drawing pictures for an art contest. But the ache in his

heart tarnishes everything he does. Better Than a Homerun is the story of

a boy who faces the monumental challenges of forgiveness. Through the

encouragement and wise advice of his parents, Daryl begins to trust God

and depend upon Him in all that he does, and his personal relationships

with family and friends help strengthen his trust in God. But one big

question remains. How can he ever forgive the drunk driver who took his

best friend’s life? To Daryl, it seems almost more than a boy can handle.


Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $17.99

Paperback | $9.99

Ebook | $5.99

Hardcover | $25.94

Paperback | $12.49

Ebook | $2.99

TSAVO: Oddball Reseachers

Use Data and Guns to Save

African Elephants

by Daniel B. Botkin

A small group of American and British scientists go to East Africa to try

to save elephants from poachers and to find how many remain. They end

up fighting with poachers, large and small groups, who try to kill them,

meanwhile being chased and threatened by elephants and having to shoot

some to survive.

Based on real research and attempts to save African elephants, in this book

you will meet some of the strangest characters in the world, the kind of

people who can’t survive in normal society and, with their odd behavior,

retreat to wilderness.

The Gift

by Lila Ellexson Senter

In The Gift, Lila Ellexson Senter reflects on Christmases past and takes

us along for the journey. Throughout time, she and her friends and

family have discovered the joy of “word gifts’’—collections of quotations,

original poetry, and stories that have amplified the meaning of

Christmas for both the gift giver and the recipient. This book represents

some of the most meaningful word gifts they have exchanged over

the years. The words, so carefully chosen, reflect a strong faith, and the

beautiful artwork that accompanies each word gift amplifies the message.


Reading The Gift is truly a gift to yourself. Throughout the year, pick

up this book and let it remind you of the importance of love, family,

amd faith. And during the holidays, consider wrapping it up for a friend

along with a word gift of your own—so they, too can reconnect with the

true meaning of Christmas.

Book copies are available at




Cleo W. Robinson Jr.

Hardcover | $25.95

Paperback | $15.99

Ebook | $2.99

This is a work manly of fiction. However, many of the stories and characters are drawn

from real life. It is a about life in a small ranching and railroad town in Southwest Texas

just east of the Big Bend area. For nine months in 1958 and 1959, I had the pleasure of

living in Sanderson, Texas. It was a time between high school and college that I needed to

decide what I wanted to try to do with my life. Although I was born in a small town, Ionia,

Missouri; my family moved to Springfield, Missouri when I was less than one year old so I

never experienced small town life. Sanderson, Texas provided that missing ingredient.

Sanderson a small town, the County Seat for Terrill County, and at that time it was a busy,

thriving, happy, community with almost every service that one needed with the exception

of a Dental care and a Hospital. However, both were about an hour’s drive away.

The population appeared to be approximately one-half Anglo and one-half Latino.

The cultures lived worked and in harmony. However socially each tended to keep to

themselves and dating across ethnic lines was frowned on by both groups.

The Turner Hotel Café was located in the center of town and was the social center for

the Anglos. Along with the café the building housed the Post Office and a small grocery

store. Town people and local ranchers were always present in the café, almost everyone

was a colorful character and all had stories to tell and lies to swap. It was a treasure

trove of material a writer could use. I spent many hours drinking coffee in the presence of

those characters listening to stories involving Mountain Lions, snakes, top hands, good

men, strong women, good horses and faithful dogs living in a harsh and unforgiving land.

I believe that the people, their times, their stories, adventures, misadventure, lives and

loves are worthy of being recorded and shared.




The Saga Continues Book 2

Cleo W. Robinson Jr.

Hardcover | $25.95

Paperback | $15.99

This sequel begins where the first book ends. The same locales and characters are still

very much involved. However, a few more characters will be trailing into the area from a

couple of new geographic locations to keep the action moving. The new characters bring

their own unique backgrounds and survival skills. They are good people, friendly, but do

not push them.

If you ever wanted to go on a Mountain Lion hunt, this is your chance. But be alert

and watch your back. You’ll get acquainted with some good horses, a talented mule,

several great dogs and, if I recall correctly, a snake will make an unwanted appearance.

Intermixed with all action involving four legged critters and a snake, we’ll have time and

for some romance. We can’t have a novel that contains plenty of strong women and good

men and not expect to read about some he- in’ and she-in’ or, if you prefer, some she-in’

and he-in’ taking place. (I told you that the Sanderson women are strong.) A fairly large

portion of the book goes back to the Civil War and the months following the conflict as a

war weary Wilson ancestor journeys back to the family ranch. Enjoy.

Cleo Walton Robinson, Jr. lives in Omaha, NE with his wife Carol (Diane) Harrer-

Robinson. They have a daughter and two grandchildren. Cleo is a graduate of Missouri

State University, Springfield, Missouri, with a Bachelor of Science in Education

Degree (History) and a Master of Arts Degree, in International Relations from The

University of Southern California, Los Angles. Cleo is a retired DOD investigator

and an Army LTC, Military Intelligence Officer (Ret). He had two tours of duty in

Vietnam and a four-year assignment as an Intelligence Officer and Security Officer

at Headquarters United States European Command, Stuttgart, Germany. He also

had three tours in Kansas City, Missouri as a Counterintelligence Officer and Special

Security Officer and served one tour as a member of the Staff and Facility at the U.S

Army Intelligence School, Fort Holabird, Baltimore, Maryland. Four nine months,

between High School and College, Cleo lived in Sanderson, Texas where he collected

local stories and characters. He combined his Sanderson material with some of the

many stories his father and told him as he was growing up. Using his two primary

sources of material and some his own experiences and healthy imagination, two books,

both set in Sanderson, Texas were produced. Trails to and Tails of Sanderson, Texas

and the sequel, Trails to and Tales of Sanderson, Texas, Book !!, The Saga Continues.


Paperback | $21.95

Ebook | $9.99

Paperback | $8.99

Ebook | $2.99

Book copies are available at



The Texas Convoy

by Captain Eugene Ray Martin

Captain Sam is an experienced convoy commander and Captain of a

Mahan Class destroyer. He is responsible for thousands of men in warships

and the merchant ships of this convoy that must get to England for that

country to survive. The Germans have proved the master of the Atlantic

in this war. This battle of the Atlantic. German submarines have sunk

thousands of ships. Those ships carried desperately needed things for

England everything from food, medicines, and clothing. And naturally

things to make war. Things needed to invade France and end the terror

the Germans created all over Europe. This is the time of the war when the

Allies finally have enough ships and aircraft to counter the Germans in

Atlantic. The Germans are still very formidable. The Germans are desperate

to stop supplies from reaching England, otherwise they know it will get

mush worse for them.

John and the Jesus Boat

Episode Two

Ad 28 - Woes and Comfort

by Rolin Bruno

How did Jesus become best friends with teenage John of Zebedee, and then

with Mary Magdalene, newly freed from seven demons? And who is this Jesus

guy anyway, rebuking a storm and calming the sea?

The high priest has heard about the prophet Jesus, and he’s alarmed. A dungeon

cell solved his earlier problem with that Baptist prophet. Maybe a “regrettable”

death in a dark corner of Jerusalem will serve to get rid of this second prophet.

Walk with John while Jesus announces the Kingdom of God. Join this teen on

a ghost-busting mission to confront evil spirits. Step out with him and a friend

as they’re sent to proclaim the kingdom on their own.

Follow John, Mary, and Jesus with his disciples as they keep one step ahead of

the murderous plans of the high priest. Jump into this episode of biblical fiction

and follow history to its deadly climax in the year AD 28.



by Rio Siao

Have plans of going to Miami? Get your cameras ready

as you just won’t be able to resist taking snapshots

of great memories, forever remembered as you visit

this wonderland filled with so much rich history,

arts, and culture. And oh, don’t forget your dancing

shoes and party OOTD’s!

Here’s a list of our top picks for you to check out

and enjoy.


authorial magazine | 93

Adrienne Arsht Center for

Performing Arts of Miami-

Dade County

One of the many architectural treasures of Miami is

the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

of Miami-Dade County, which is also home to the

most distinguished artists and brilliant productions

worldwide. It is mainly located in the Cultural Corridor.

This masterpiece by architect Cesar Pelli is composed

of three theaters where you can watch your favorite

entertainment such as ballet, opera, concerts, Broadway

and dance shows. You may also enjoy its magnificent

outdoor plazas, charming lobbies and classy private

salons, which are all available for rent.

Little Havana

Such lovely colors and awesome beats await you in

the heart of Miami. The Little Havana’s main spot

is known as Calle Ocho which is Cuban for Eighth

Street. It is where you’ll find not just the most popular

live music scenes, but also authentic Cuban cuisine,

salsa dancing and even freshly rolled Cuban cigars.

In fact, you may go back to your home and Cuban

music could still be playing inside your head.


authorial magazine | 94

The Art Deco District

History and arts spawns interesting stories within

the walls of beautiful architecture from the 1930’s.

The Art Deco District features almost a thousand

historic buildings that takes pride of Miami Beach’s

architectural and cultural heritage. Walking tours are

available daily but the Art Deco Museum has its own

schedule. Marvel in its unique and vibrant designs.

Island Jungle

A theme park like no other. Jungle Island is home

to extraordinary tropical animals from around the

world which includes the vibrant pink flamingoes,

orange orangutans, the time stopper sloths and other

gorgeous wildlife. It allows close encounters with these

lovely creatures in this contemporary theme park and

beautiful jungle. It’s like one of the national geography

episodes right in front you where the animals can be

carefully touched. Enjoy a brilliant interaction with

these rare beauties.

Bayside Marketplace

Tired of shopping in malls and side streets? Then the

Bayside Marketplace is your perfect place to go. This

shopping complex on a waterfront doesn’t only have

over a hundred shops and resto bars, it also offers live

entertainment on the daily which features top bands

of Miami. Boats are also available to tour guests and

lets them dance their shoes off through pumped up

disco cruises. Families are also encouraged to come

during the weekends to enjoy pony rides for children

and petting zoo.


authorial magazine | 95

Paperback | $24.99

Ebook | $9.99

Paperback | $17.95

Ebook | $3.99

Two Lives Put On Hold

by Phyllis Wilkins-Nims and Sandra Nims-Landskroener

Do you believe in love at first sight, while maintaining a long and loving

marriage? Two Lives Put on Hold is a true story of a man and woman who

fell deeply in love at first sight and didn’t know it. There was a lot of good

and bad memories within our marriage. Through faith and trust in God, we

overcame many challenges, tragedies, disappointments, helplessness, and

tears. We made it through with many prayers. My life with Carl changed

dramatically when he contracted Guillain Barre Syndrome. This change

also affected all of our family and friends lives. Without God’s strength,

mercy, and hope, our journey would have been much more difficult. Many

people have asked me the question, “How did I manage to take care of

Carl for so long?” My response was, “There was a lot of prayer that went

into everyday experiences.” May this book bring comfort to those that are

seeking answers in their own lives. God is so good.

Hello Up


by Judi Buenaflor

Illustrated by Carol Kelley


When a young boy loses his ability to walk, his

world suddenly seems so much smaller, but a

conversation with a giraffe changes everything.

Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $31.82

Paperback | $16.06

Paperback | $18.70

Ebook | $6.99

Kennedys In Love

by Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer

Ambassador Joseph Kennedy lost three of his favorite children to

violent death due to his fanatical ambitions. Joseph Junior, in love

with the former Lady Jersey, Pat Wilson, died in a bomb-laden

aircraft that exploded in World War II; Kathleen, perished during

a storm that tore apart the plane carrying her wih a titled lover

to Canner; John F. Kennedy, deeply in love with Ingrid Arvad,

was transferred due to pushy father from his safe desk job in

Washington to Solomon Islands was assassinated while preparing

for his Second Term as President. In this tasty novel, Kick wins

undying love from American, Mark Esterhazy. Not until fourteen

years after her accident does Mark fall in love with Kick’s double,

Rosie O’Hara, who is perilously investigating names of instigators

of JFK’s assassination. Thereby causing Rosie and Mark to become

targets for those same assassins.

The Relationship Saver

The Gameless Relationship

A Fast Track Manual for Saving and

Repairing Your Relationship

by Radomir Samardzic

The Relationship Saver is a short book, a manual. It takes most people not

more than 30 minutes to read. As you know, there are many “relationship

gurus” and marriage counselors out there as well as scores of books

promising to restore your relationship. Most of them contain such titles like

“99 different ways to save your relationship”. But if just one of them actually

work, what need is there for the other 98?That’s where The Relationship

Saver stands alone. Its digital version was downloaded more than 70,000

times! Most of these people used the results-based strategy to transform

their relationship. It is simple, but also counterintuitive and therefore it may

not be very easy to apply.


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The Making of a King

A Story of David as He Grows

to Be the King of a Nation

by Joe and Ava Becerra

Jonathan, King Saul’s oldest son overheard the argument

between his father and Samuel, the Prophet. The argument

was fierce and tense. He had never seen Samuel so

distraught. Samuel had just finished telling his father that

he was no longer to be king of the country when Jonathan

reached them. It must be a mistake, Jonathan thought.

Longger-Jo Takes

on The Bully

by Sharon Dorival

It’s hard to know how to handle bullies.

But NOT telling someone and NOT stopping the bully can be dangerous.

Bullying is not new and it can happen to anyone.

Remember that if you are bullied, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault.

Anyone can be a target; in fact, bullies often pick on children who did

nothing to provoke them.

Let’s see what Longger-Jo did.

Should he have acted differently?

What would you do?


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Pilgrimage of a Pugilist

by Brian Sheetz

Pilgrimage of a Pugilist is the story of a boxer named Hemi who

experiences the throes of his violent sport. After being badly beaten

in the ring and receiving a bad concussion, he suffers a long bout

with postconcussion syndrome. The symptoms send his life spiraling

downward both professionally and personally. The only thing he can

think to do is return to the ringagainst the wishes of his family.

Pilgrimage of a Pugilist is a story on the human condition and the fact

that all life will experience both triumph and tragedy. It is a story of

both overcoming adversity and the inevitability of certain adversities

that cannot be overcome. It delves into not only the life of the main

character, but the people surrounding him. Pilgrimage of a Pugilist is a

look into the human soul, both for its flaws and greatness.

DogSpeak: The Strange

Story of a Curiously Smart

Dog in the Year 2038

by Donal Blaise Lloyd

Many people have asked the question, “What does the future hold?” This

book provides some answers. This touching story of a man and his dog may

surprise you, because this dog is like no other dog you have ever met. Both

man and dog live in the near future, at a time when everything has been

transformed by new technology: voting, driving, spending money, the use

of clocks, time zones, and basic measurements. But the most surprising is

likely the use of brain decoding and recording—and its many and varied

uses may shock or surprise you.


And yet some things are certain to never change—like the love between a

man and his dog.

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NNE From Tanzania

by Dennis Gladwell

There are thousands of children in East Africa orphaned from either

malaria or HIV and thus left to deal with the improbabilities of a

disinterested world. This is their story told through the eyes of three little

girls--Moja, Mbili, and Tatu--who bravely, hilariously, and often cluelessly

face life on the Serengeti. Their struggle is intertwined with a mysterious

fourteen-year-old girl named Nne, who, like hundreds of girls in Tanzania,

Uganda, and Kenya, “leak” from a vaginal fistula. Together, the girls must

travel to Addis Ababa so that Nne may undergo a life-changing surgical

procedure. Come with us as we join the journey of these courageous little

vagabonds across the plains of Africa from one Masai village to another,

from one harrowing escape to another, all within the context of a true-tolife

story never before told.

Wow! Scammed or

Not Scammed!

by Beverly Koribanic

Being scammed can be at once financially and emotionally devastating.

Beverly Koribanic addresses the issue frankly. Breaking the scamming

process down in to easy-to-understand stages, she hopes to empower

potential victims of scamming with awareness. Armed with awareness,

potential victims can avoid the advances and common tricks of many



The process of being scammed is truly an emotional experience, scammers

often employ romance--be it the exploitation of dreams of hitting it big, or

simply finding a companion. Beverly Koribanic has learned of this through

personal experience and through studies of scamming. She now seeks to

share her experiences and knowledge within the pages of WOW! Scammed

or Not Scammed!

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Ebook | $4.52

Paperback | $15.00

Calibrè 2

by John W. Lees

This story is about a woman named Linda whose husband, Lieutenant

Christopher Davenport RM, was reported as missing in action (MIA) in

the depths of the Borneo jungles during the Borneo Conflict. Chris was an

experienced helicopter pilot and was ranked as one of the best in the corps.

However, he had been flying an untested and untried LYNX helicopter

in tropical climates. The story details a charismatic and beautiful woman’s

desperate attempts to find her husband. Starting from Plymouth, England,

and moving to the other side of the world in search of Chris Davenport,

Linda by coincidence (or was it?) comes upon her childhood lover, Tom

Martial, another handsome marine. By a series of manipulations, Linda

persuades Tom to help her find her husband. And so, Tom, with his special

search-and-rescue team, hunts the densest forests of Sarawak in search of

Chris, who seems to have vanished without a trace, disappeared from the

face of the earth. Linda will do anything and everything to accomplish this

mission. In her heart, there is no greater love than finding her husband, no

matter what it takes.

The Final Turn

by Beverly A. Urban

This is an invitation for the reader to come with the Author, Beverly A. Urban, as

we take a book trip down South to visit one of the historical Majestic Mansions.

The Author will introduce you to Brenner Hall and its imposing beauty of

architecture. Next, the reader will meet Jami Brenner and her parents, Sean and

Sybil Brenner. Once inside, the reader’s eyes will follow the marble flooring

to the winding marble staircase which was carpeted in red velvet--absolutely

breathtaking. As the reader gets to the top of the staircase, there is an ominous

wave of...

One day, as the Author was reading, she thought... why not write a book about

a Southern mansion but add some very chilling and eerie twists to the story? In

1967, she brought out her manual Royal Typewriter and that’s how The Final

Turn was born.

The Author put it in a box--she would look it over again later. Later became

2016. She then decided to submit her manuscript to a publisher. Soon after, the

publisher notified her that they would like to publish her manuscript.


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The Lord Is My Shepherd

by Roy Hardeman Deaver

Roy Hardeman Deaver is a beloved preacher, teacher, author, and linguist.

His education includes A.A. (Fort Worth Christian); B.A. (Harding

University); M.Ed. (Cambridge University); Additional Graduate

Studies in Linguistics & Extensive Training in “Accelerative Learning

Methodology.” Mr. Deaver has been preaching and teaching the Gospel

for over 50 years. He has helped train preachers in the United States,

Africa, India, and the Caribbean. He has former students teaching on

five continents. He has been involved in numerous special mission efforts,

including the original “Safari for Souls” in Tanzania, East Africa, in

which over 1000 souls were baptized into Christ! Other mission efforts

have included teaching in India, South Africa, Jamaica, and frequent

summer Vacation Bible School campaigns among the Navajo Indians of

Northwestern New Mexico.


by Matthew Striegel

Nathan Paxton is a widower who works as a mover in the small town of

Oakwood, Indiana. After he moves in a mysterious new neighbor, people

around him start to die. He learns that members of his late wife’s family

were enemies of Nergal, a demon once worshipped as a god who now

wants the world for his own.


Necromancer is a different type of horror story in that it combines

Mesopotamian myth with Midwestern Americana.

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Ebook | $3.99

Paperback | $34.95

The Lives of Louis Linville

by Kevin M. Treanor

LOUIS LINVILLE is plagued by nightmares that seem to foretell of

something bad about to happen. By night, he dreams of a mouthful of

blackened, rotting teeth and struggles to breathe. By day, he works as a busy

and successful consultant and spends time with his love, Karen. But when

he is involved in a horrific car accident, it seems Louis’s nightmares have

unfortunately come true.

As Louis floats somewhere between reality and the world beyond, he meets

his Watcher who has been with him throughout his lives. As the Watcher

reveals that Louis has landed in a place where he can take stock of his

lessons, observe what he has learned and has left to learn, and prepare to

accept the next phase of growth and maturity, he also discloses that Louis

has held several identities in his past lives. While the Watcher leads Louis

back in time to see who he has been and why, Louis realizes there is greater

meaning to his existence than he ever knew.

In this poignant short story, a man who meets his Watcher after a lifealtering

accident is led on an enlightening journey back into his past lives.

Dream World: Tales of

American Life in the 20th


by William Charles Krebs

The Anderson’s are in Ocorlampa. Florida to look at the college for their

daughter, Liz. They saw their daughter move into a family home of the

Wilson’s At the same time a young man, Willie, has come to Florida

to settle in so he can go to the local college. He finds a room with an

elderly widow. Both of these young people find jobs at “Dream World”

where they are destined to meet. Therefore, Liz and Willie, begin dating.

Neither are very experienced in dating, so it is new for them. They fall

in love, but Willie gets scared as he is not ready for marriage yet, so he

drops Liz without any explanation. Sue, who fancies herself ‘the complete

woman’ pursues Willie. She does not think Liz is right for Willie and they

have heated relationship. Liz is puzzled. Willie does not love Sue, and by

Christmas has broken up with her, and then sets out to get Liz back.


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Lt. Williams on

the Color Front

by Christopher C. Bell Jr.

“Lieutenant, I’m neither a member of the NAACP nor of the White

Citizens’ Council,” said Colonel Ritter. “But I would have preferred the

Department of the Army to send me a White lieutenant instead of a

Colored one like you.” This is the story of Lieutenant Neal Williams’

struggle when, in the early 1950s, he was assigned as a platoon leader

in an all-white Army Infantry Regiment in Germany. This assignment

placed him “on the color front” of a racially segregated Army where it

was not accepted policy to have a Colored officer in charge of White

soldiers. While on the color front, though not always successful, Lieutenant

Williams had to reach deep inside himself for strength and determination

to meet the challenges and dilemmas that extended from his regimental

commander to his company nemesis, and from his girlfriend back home to

the array of women ready to comfort soldiers regardless of their race.

Hot and Cold Running War

by Captain Eugene Ray Martin

This book is a collection of adventures that defined the cold war. The

theme of some of these adventures is about how close we came to World

War III with nuclear exchanges between China, Russia, and America. The

results of some of those stories might have resulted in a non-nuclear war

with Russia and America shooting at each other.


Our NSA protagonist and his KGB girlfriend tie many of the stories


All the adventures are fictional although they were based on actual events.

This was a time when the world’s greatest powers, Russia, America, and

China were at conflicting ends politically and militarily. Both China

and Russia felt it was necessary for them to occupy other countries. This

colonization in their eyes was necessary for their very survival. America

with her self-viewed position as the world’s policemen tried to stop them.

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Paperback | $15.00

Born Black in the South as an

Entertainer: The Legendary

Earnest Stanberry Jr.

by Earnest Stanberry Jr.

Earnest Stanberry began playing at an early age. At the age of

sixteen, Earnest had the privilege of performing with the late, great

international recording artist Jimmy Reed in his hometown of

Pensacola, Florida. Earnest performed in all major night clubs traveling

throughout the south with constant sellouts in which he was noted for

his amazing harmonica playing and natural vocal style, which has made

him somewhat of a legend in his hometown of Pensacola. Earnest and

his band became the house band for ABE’s Five-O-Six Club; one of

the biggest and hottest night clubs in the south during the early 1960’s

and 1970’s by drawing constant sell-out crowds.

When Spirits Speak:

Messages from

Spirit Children

by Jeri K. Tory Conklin


One, two, three, four, five, six... “Hello,” a small voice called. “Writer, I’m

Aaron. Can you hear me?” I glanced around, but saw no one -- just the

usual morning fog hugging the coastline. “Yes, I can hear you,” I said,

realizing where the small voice had come from. From first hearing the

voices of children from the World of Spirit, Jeri Tory Conklin brings forth

the sensitive and eloquent conversations with spirit children who wish to

console, teach, and lead others who have yet to cross the rainbow bridge.

These are their stories.

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Paperback | $20.95

The Beautiful Blonde

Library Angel

by Phillip Parcheminer

The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel is about my spiritual journey to being

reborn. This spiritual journey started with the discovery of The Beautiful

Blonde Library Angel. The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel was to be my

guiding light out of my fall into my pit of darkness. My fall into my pit of

darkness was due to the return of my migraines that were to lead me to

losing out on my future as a truck driver. My losing out on my future as

a truck driver meant my returning to work, and returning to work meant

a return to dealing with humanity and my social anxiety. My fall into my

pit of darkness was about my seeing no hope for a brighter future. Then

I started my spiritual journey of rebirth. This spiritual journey of being

reborn is about how The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel led to my passion

for writing.

Desert Beach

by Bob Gentry

In the year 2015, Atascadero, California is the epicenter of a seismic event

that will forever alter the course of U.S history. A 10.2 earthquake has

sent much of the state into the Pacific Ocean. Atascadero State Prison

has become a pile of rubble, where prisoners and staff are scrambling to

survive. Bob, a mental health counselor, and his surviving colleagues have

mustered up the strength and determination to escape their surroundings

and forge a new existence elsewhere, by setting sail and settling in Las

Vegas. The precarious new world which they face is surprisingly ripe with

promise. This is a story of destruction and rebirth, and the ability of the

human spirit to prosper despite what may appear to be an insurmountable

event. Desert Beach offers a glimpse at the potential for human beings

to thrive when the simple pleasures of life become paramount, and the

prosperity that follows when we realize the true meaning of living.


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Living Life On Purpose

by Kenyetta Thigpen, PhD

The key to living your life on purpose starts here.

Living Life on Purpose presents practical steps

using universal laws to help people create the life

that they desire. Within the pages of this book is

knowledge that will put you well on your way to

being in control and living your life on purpose.

Life According to Gigi

by Sandra Hodge-Hampton

Life according to GiGi is about Gigi Nelson, a middle-aged woman who

pursues her acting career in between hot flashes while supporting herself

via odd jobs and her bootleg beauty salon. Gigi’s over-inflated opinion of

her talent creates hilarious and sometimes sad adventures for Gigi on her

way to realizing her “Hollywood Dream” in the heart of Atlanta. This is

volume one in The 12 Chapter Series. Stories told in twelve chapters and

designed to keep readers engaged over several series installments and media

platforms created by Sandra Hodge-Hampton.


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Hardcover | $49.50

Paperback | $46.00

Ebook | $41.00

An Invitation to Your

Own Wedding

by Bessie R. Torian

This book, An Invitation to Your Own Wedding, is the epitome

of the gracious plan God has for each of us, and how that plan

is manifested in its description of a wedding, the most personal

relationship between man and woman, or, between the Father

God in heaven, the Creator, as personified by His only begotten

Son, Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom.

This book is an illustrated version of the simplicity of a Father’s

love for His Son and the extent the son is willing to go to clarify

and verify that love to others.

I’ll Have the Chicken

by Captain Robert Kavula

I’ll Have the Chicken is a collection of engaging stories from former

Navy and commercial pilot Captain Robert Kavula. The book gives

readers an intimate look from the other side of the cockpit door and

some of the decisions made before and during flight. Kavula tells about

his journey to become a pilot, near collisions in the air and on the

runway, and the people and flights that remain vivid memories more

than forty years later.


The collection includes Kavula’s account of losing engines and

generators and somehow finding his way to a safe landing, and hilarious

conversations among pilots mid-flight. Read about Kavula’s flight

with astronaut Neil Armstrong and the question he asked him about

flying, and dozens more stories that put the reader inside the cockpit to

experience the life of a pilot.

Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $33.50

Paperback | $18.95

Ebook | $3.99

Hardcover | 24.95

Paperback | $12.95

Ebook | $9.99

Matthew’s Redemption

by Madelyn Palmer

Eighteen year old Prince Matthew is unsure what to do with his

life. Training for Knighthood is not working out. The girl he likes

has rejected him. There is a certain appeal in the glamorous life of

a sailor. Perhaps he will find what he is looking for there. But life

out in the world is rough. There are temptations and dangers. There

is struggling and a side of life that he has not seen before. The

values he has been taught are put to the test. But still he searches

for meaning in his life and yearns for companionship. Then he

discovers a plot to overthrow the stability of his country and the

nations nearby. Perhaps Matthew is in the right place at the right

time to make a difference after all.

True Story: I Found Big Foot

by Dustin Teudhope

Yes, it is a true story; I have actually found the creature of legend that many

refer to as Bigfoot. I like to call them Georgies though. Bigfoot is really

just an adjective describing a body part, not a name. Plus, the plural form

of the word as such doesn’t make sense. I mean, why would society accept a

species with an illegitimate name?


These highly intelligent, super-elusive wild primates possess supernatural

strength, speed, and power. They truly are apex predators. Georgie just stuck

for me as a name after an expedition with the KBRO (Kentucky Bigfoot

Research Organization) in which a little girl had showed up and referred

to these creatures as such. When I first heard this, I instantly thought of

Curious George, the pet monkey from the kids’ books. Then I later found

out that she was comparing these animals to George of the Jungle, the man

who was raised in the jungle by monkeys. Then when you factor in all of the

evidence of these creatures from the Chattahoochee watershed, the name

Georgie just seems fitting.

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Paperback | $ 8.95

My Favorite 120 Jokes:

Dirty, Clean & In Between

by Dr. Donald R. Stoltz

Dr. Donald R. Stoltz was born in Philadelphia, is a

retired family care physician who loves children. He has

also penned many magazine articles, a teen novel, several

poetry books and a play about his medical practice.

Stunningly illustrated by Barbara Thornton, the names of

the author’s seven grandchildren illuminate the chapters.

He lectures on medicine and art, and believes it’s never

too late to enrich your mind.

My Story

by Sandy Sereno

This is an adventure of healing the heart through art and journaling. Sandy

encourages the readers to discover their own unique healing path through

the discovery of play, painting, meditation, music, and other forms of

discovery. She invites the readers to gain insight into their own personal

journey by encouraging the students to open up to their own artistic

expression. This book is an inspiration and an authentic creation of art and

writing from the heart for the readers to interpret the art of creation for

their own artistic journey.


• Being Brave • Exploring Within • Spiritual Growth

• Love Within Your Heart • Love Yourself Unconditionally

• No Matter What, No Matter What

Book copies are available at


Hardcover | $30.95

Paperback | $13.95

Ebook | $3.99

Paperback | $5.99

Ebook | $2.99

The Mystery of Ezekiel’s

Temple Liturgy: Why Ezekiel’s

Temple Practices Differ from

Levitical Law

by Hilary Arthur Nixon, PhD

This book first demonstrates the future necessity for Ezekiel’s Temple and

liturgy. Then we analyze the details of each component in the Tabernacle

and Ezekiel’s Temple. Details include priesthood, consecrations, Tabernacle

articles, sacrifices, and festivals. It is boring, but this foundation must

be laid. It allows us to identify similarities and differences. Similarities

indicate continuation of Tabernacle ritual. Differences indicate changes for

a new era. Sacrifices that cease are of special interest. These spotlight what

Mosaic shadows have found their reality. This defines what Messiah has

done as God’s suffering servant. Christ’s death made atonement for sin and

therefore the Day of Atonement festival ceases.

Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is

Saying Thank You Enough

by Ralph Mosgrove

A simple response of “Thank You” seems inadequate when you are on the

receiving end of an act of kindness. My wife, Elsie disabled from a fall at the

age of 75, received such attention as she approached a door or was in need

of help in some manner. We often asked what more could be said to make

the thank you more meaningful. After her death in 2015, I put some of our

thoughts together and present them in this book. It offers ideas and anecdotes

on ways to go beyond the ordinary response.


Remembering the effects of a ripple in the water, does the same with our

words, which have the power of life or death. Just like our echo, what we say

and how we act comes back to us in like form. Passing on the act of kindness,

generates good will and gives benefits of encouragement, confidence and joy,

knowing you have helped someone as you have been helped. Reading about

our journey will answer the question, is saying thank you enough?

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