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Omnibus services at YouthSight

Omnibus Services

at YouthSight

Our four solutions

Youth Omnibus

Student Omnibus

Applicant Omnibus

Graduate Omnibus

2 Omnibus Services at YouthSight

Omnibus Services at YouthSight

How can our omnibus help you?

If you want to access a robust sample of young people and

ask them a few quick questions, YouthSight omnibus are ideal.

• Commission polls to generate new coverage e.g. during Freshers’ Week

• Test Communications e.g. graduate recruitment campaigns

• Campaign evaluation and tracking e.g. youth brand promotions

• Inform new product development e.g. concept testing


4 Weekly Omnibus

Youth (N=1,000)

UK nationally representative by ONS date:

• Gender

• Age

• In/out of full time education

Applicant (N=500)

Representative by:

• Gender

• Age

• School

Student (N=1,00)

Representative by:

• Gender

• Year of study

• University type

Graduate (N=500)

Representative by:

• Gender (with graduation year quotas)

4 Omnibus Services at YouthSight

Omnibus Services at YouthSight



Minimum spend of £1,200 + VAT (includes three standard


We define a standard question as a question followed by up to ten

coded responses (single or multi code).

We are alwas happy to provide pricing based on your draft

questionnaire. Just send your question through!

Minimum charge

Includes first three simple closed questions

plus set up charge

Simple closed questions

Single or multiple response with up to ten codes

Additional code batches (in batches of up to ten)

Grids or re-iterations (scale questions)

Up to five statements, up to a five point scale

Each additional statement

Open questions

Without coding (verbatim reported only in a word file)

Tagged verbatim (Excel file, price per tag)

With coding

Stimulus material


Audio visuals (per 15 seconds)












Omnibus Services at YouthSight



Standard tables

Results of each question broken down by key analysis


Customised tables

More complex cross tables including more breaks

based on earlier question, derived variables, nets etc.

Additional analysis variables

Price per table

Data files (can output to most standard formats (SPSS,

Triple S, SAS etc.)

Fact checking before publication








One week from commission to data delivery for a standard






Data delivery

Sign-off questions

6 Omnibus Services at YouthSight

About YouthSight

YouthSight is powered by the largest youth research panel in the

UK, the OpinionPanel Community.

The OpinionPanel Community has over 150,000 profiled members

who participate in market research - there are no subscriptions, no

advertising, no brand ambassadorship and no marketing.

Since 2004 our primary recruitment partner, UCAS, has helped

us reach out to over half a million young people every year.

Together with the large scale recruitment generated via our

unique community website, we attract young members with a real

interest in sharing their opinions. We successfully avoid recruiting

professionalised respondents and are proud to run one of the

highest quality research paels in the UK.

*Any findings published and using YouthSight’s name, must comply with our ‘Polls for publication’ guidelines. We have an obligation for the technical accuracy

of our research as set out by the Market Research Society (MRS). Our guidebook (“YouthSight Polls for Publication Guidelines”) helps clients accurately write up

findings and contains appropriate wording for attributing our research. We are happy to supply this document to customers free of charge, but we st ill need to

check any findings before they are published. Because this takes us time and must be conducted by skilled staff, we need to charge for this service. We charge

a £200 fee for checking which includes one hour of checking, there after the fee is £100 per hour. We have found it is rarely necessary to do more than 1 hour

of checking.

Prices exclude VAT. All prices include panellist incentives. Costs are subject to change if requirements change. Prices based on 50% payment on commissioning

and 50% payment on completion. Work will be completed in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. It is assumed t he results of the

research will be used solely within the client company and its authorized consultants and advisors. YouthSight must be informed if the results are intended for

publication, sold, given or transferred to third parties. If results are intended for publication, YouthSight has an obligation to check the technical accuracy of find

ings prior to release. YouthSight reserves the right to amend pricing at any time.


020 7374 0997

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