Backpacking Zimbabwe

A Backpackers Way Through Zimbabwe

Welcome to Zimbabwe, a world of wonders! This is truly a home away from home. Every

experience you will have here is a memory you will carry for the rest of your life. I am

Thandeka, your local ambassador in Zimbabwe, and I can´t wait to show you what my

country has to offer. This itinerary is the perfect travel route if you are a backpacker

that wants to see a lot as possible with as little cash as possible. Put on your backpack,

and get ready to visit my country where you don´t feel at home, you are at home!

PST! Look out for text bubbles around

the itinerary for personal tips and

tricks from me to you! I hope you love

Zimbabwe as much as me. See you!

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Day 1 - Welcome to Zimbabwe!

Meals included: dinner at the Boma

After arriving at the Victoria Falls International Airport, you will be

met by our Zimbabwean team and transported to your home for a

few days: Shoestrings Backpackers lodge. This is a locally owned

logde, with superfriendly staff, a huge garden, swimming pool,

resturant and everything you might need for a most pleasant stay.

The lodge is close to the city centre, so you can walk around here and

choose from the many good resturants in the area – or if you are tired

you can eat at the shoestrings café! After getting to know the area,

you will go and get ready for an experience out of the ordinary! The

Boma Experience is a culinary and cultural event, where everyone

gets to be a part of the entertainment. All the guests are given a

drum each in their seats, and are taught how to play drums like a

local whilst eating from a high-standard buffet with everything from

lovely vegan pots to marinated buffalo and a worm-eating challenge!

You will stay at : Shoestrings Backpackers Lodge (We have included

the price of a dorm in your budget, but if you would like to upgrate to

a single or double room you are more than welcome to contact our

team and make changes!)

Day 2 – The smoke that thunders!

The smoke that thunders, or The Victoria Falls, is one of life's most

captivating and enchanting experiences. The falls are one of the

seven natural wonders of the world, and is the major waterfall on

the Zambezi River in Africa. The day begins by having a rainforest

walk to see the falls – where the name “rainforest walk” couldn´t

be more fitting.

After lunch, you will take a trip to the local Inkomasa

market with your local ambassador, to see how the

locals do their shopping. If you are on a low budget, I

would recommend bying your groceries here to make

your very own dinner at the Shoestrings kitchen in the


To end the day we will go on a game drive in the

Zambezi national park, where if you are lucky you

might be able to see the big 5 of Africa!

You will stay at: Shoestrings Backpackers Lodge

PST! Bring or borrow a

raincoat if you don´t

want to get wet!

PST! If you go to the shops, bring an international

card, as the shops do not take dollars. Also, you

should test out the “Maheu” drink – a local maize

drink sold in every shop!

Meals included: no meals included in price

Day 3 – Hit the road!

Bulawayo is Zimbabwe's second capital city, filled with warm and

loving people. Today you will say goodbye to Victoria Falls and head on

to the next city. I recommend taking the bus, as this is cheaper and a

really fun way to see how locals travel. Ask the Kiwano team for bus

prices before travelling, as this changes by the week in Zimbabwe due

to economical issues. When you arrive Bulawayo, you will check in at a

local homestay in a township where you will get to refresh, enjoy local

food and rest for the night.

You will stay at: Shoestrings Backpackers Lodge

Meals included: no meals included in price

Day 4 – Vakatsha!(Ndebele word for “Visit!”)

After waking up, you will walk around the township you arrived in last

night to get a sense of the community. You will visit shops, beer

gardens and old fruit markets, as well as seeing arts and crafts at the

herbal market. You will get to talk to the local community and hear

stories from their everyday life, before visiting sangomas – meaning

a traditional healer/fortune teller. In the evening it will be dinner with

the Amawumbo Dancers.

You will stay at: a homestay of the Amawumbo Dancers

Meals included: dinner included in accommodation

Did you know that Zimbabwe has 16 official

languages – where the dominant ones are

shona, ndebele and english? In Victoria Falls

and Bulawayo you will hear more of the

Ndebele language. To say hello, you say

”Sabona!” and put on a big smile!

Day 5 – Giya! (Ndebele word for “dance!”)

Let´s dance! The Amawumbo dance company are ready to offer you

dance classes on traditional dances. You will learn shona dance,

kalanga, zulu and much more. To start off the show you will get a full

presentation of dances, before joining in yourself. Later on you will

get to practice your drumming skills in a drumming lesson, before

going back to your homestay in the evening.

You will stay at: a homestay of the Amawumbo Dancers

Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6 – Thunga! (Ndebele word for “sew!”)

Last day in the village! Today you will get to learn how to make the

dance costumes you have seen the last few days. You will also learn

how to make drums and sleeping mats. Later on you will learn how to

cook traditional foods, and enjoy it with your friends before leaving

the village and travel back to Victoria falls in the evening.

You will stay at: Shoestrings Backpackers Lodge

Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

Day 7 - Goodbye Zimbabwe!

It is time to wave Zimbabwe goodbye. I hope you have had a lovely stay, made memories to

remember and friends for life. You will be transferred to the airport, or to the border of your

next destination. See you again soon!

The Price will be NOK 9000/per person


• All activities mentioned in the itinerary

• All accommodations

• Meals mentioned in the itinerary

• Ambassador expenses


• Food if not mentioned above

• Flights, visas and insurance

• Personal expenses

• Transportation

• Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

• Tip

Please note that insurance is not included in the price. We strongly recommend

you to NEVER travel without insurance. Please check if you have a valid insurance

before travelling.

When should I travel?

Zimbabwe has a comfortable all-year-around climate; however, the temperature and the

amount of rainfalls vary depending on the different seasons of the year, as well as where in

the country you are. The rain season, which is the warm and wet period with temperature up

to 33 degrees Celsius, is from November to March. In this period there will be heavy, but

short rainfalls which normally disappears as quick as they appear.

The least recommended time

if you think about the heat levels is the winter months of June and July, as it can get

extremely cold, and October – which is the hottest month and can lead to temperatures over

40 degrees.

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