Celtic Beer Festival 2019 - Programme

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Saturday 30 TH NOVEMBER

Registered Charity N o 1105828















a guide to the programme

Welcome From James Staughton

Welcome From Roger Ryman

A Guide To The Cellars & Bars

the top Bar

Beers 1 to 71

The gin Bar Open 3pm to 9pm

Gins 72 to 103

The charitable trust

The music Bar

Beers 104 to 146

The Old Rum Store Bar

Beers 147 to 189

The Small Batch Brews Bar

Beers 190 to 212

The Food Bar

Food served from 12noon to 10pm

Live Music

From 12noon to 10.30pm

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A Guide To The Programme

Welcome once again to the Brewery

cellars for the 21st St Austell

Brewery Celtic Beer Festival.

Today is a somewhat emotional occasion for me

as it is my last ‘welcome’ to you all following my

decision to retire as the Brewery’s Chief Executive

at the end of January after 40 years’ service. Today

is also my last stint serving behind the Top Bar on

the first shift having done so at all 21 festivals.

As a great-great grandson of the founder Walter

Hicks, and one of the fifth generation I have

been fortunate enough to have enjoyed the

most amazing and memorable time in our family

company. It has been a huge privilege to have

been the boss for the last 20 years and have the

opportunity to lead an extremely dedicated and

hard-working team of colleagues who have helped

me transform this great company to be a regional

force that has earned enormous respect on the

national stage for everything we do: pub operator,

brewer, wholesaler and purveyor of our beers both

nationally and internationally. One of my favourite

statistics is that in 2000 we sold 15,000 barrels

of beer and this year we will brew over 150,000

barrels. I think we could all raise a glass to that!

It has been the most spectacular journey that I

could not possibly have foreseen when I joined the

company back in 1980, a time when ‘Brand Cornwall’

was not even thought of. Today it is still standing

the test of time and all things Cornish are riding a

very special wave of positivity. This is typified by

the plans for a spaceport in Newquay alongside all

the good work that is taking place at the Goonhilly

Earth Station. The space and communications

sectors could not be more important to all our

futures and it is particularly exciting to know that

Cornwall can, and I am confident will, play a crucial

role at the heart of them.

But back to our St Austell Family Group where

we never tire of receiving so many awards for

our endeavours. Every one of them is genuinely

appreciated and is recognition for all the hard work

that goes on behind the scenes to enable us to

earn them. In April we were honoured to host a

visit from HRH Prince Charles to help celebrate our

Queens Award for Enterprise, arguably the greatest

award of them all.

As last year this festival is a spectacular showcase

for our beers and brewers, at both our brewery sites

at Hare Brewery and here in St. Austell, to show off

their latest creations for us to savour every drop.

As a company we have continued to acquire new

pub sites through the year: Rising Sun, Pensford;

The Windmill Inn, West Quantoxhead; Bridge

Inn, Dulverton; Red Lion, Cricklade; Lamplighters,

Bristol; Rock Point Inn, Lyme Regis and Harbour

Light, Paignton. Pub acquisitions will continue

to play a major part in the future growth of the


As always, I am particularly grateful to our

employees and their families who have volunteered

to give up their time to set up the festival and staff

the bars, thereby minimising our costs and ensuring

that as much money as possible that we raise goes

to the good causes funded through our Charitable

Trust. Huge thanks must also go to the companies

that sponsor the event. Last year’s Festival raised

£37,000 and I estimate that over the 21 years we

have raised a total of over £250,000. If that isn’t

something to celebrate what is?

In closing I want to pass on my very sincere thanks to

all of you, our valued customers, because without

you we don’t have a purpose which in our case is

“to continue to build a long-term, progressive

and profitable business, fit for future generations.”

In addition, I wouldn’t have had the good fortune to

enjoy such a special career here. So, thank you again

and I know you will continue to give my successor,

Kevin Georgel, the same love and support that

you have given me. The future of the Company

is in very good hands. He will look after you all

and rest assured, I think I can say with confidence

that this won’t be the last Festival. Indeed, I look

forward to enjoying future Festivals on your side of

the bar as President, which is an honorary role that

the company have generously bestowed on me in

recognition of my service.

Our Beer Festival acts as a great finale to the year,

so for the twenty first time of asking, please enjoy

yourselves (responsibly) and I wish you a very

Happy Christmas and prosperous 2020. Cheers to

one and all!


Chief Executive

P.S. To kick off my retirement celebrations the

Senior Management Team took me to the famous

Munich Oktoberfest in September. As you can

guess, our spirits were running high and we wanted

to enter into the spirit of the occasion. The result

was that a number of us, including me, dressed up

in the full German lederhosen outfit. I give you

notice, and my apologies, as I might be wearing it

again today!

Welcome From James Staughton

Chief Executive, St Austell Brewery & Bath Ales 3

Welcome to the St Austell Brewery

Celtic Beer Festival 2019.

Now in its third decade, the Celtic Beer Festival

is the festival that just keeps giving. The beer

scene in the UK has developed into a bright and

vibrant space over the life of our festival, and the

selection, variety and quality of beers that we offer

has grown to fill that space. We choose some of

the very finest beers from breweries within our

region and beyond, yet it is the creativity of our

own brewing teams at both of our breweries in

St Austell and at Bath Ales that always provide the

stand out beers.

Over the last couple of months our brewers have

been concocting up all sorts of delicious delights

within our Small Batch Brewery in St Austell and

the micro-brewery at Graze in Bath. These brews

explore the full spectrum of flavours possible

to extract from malt, hops, yeast and water. And

when that is not enough, a few innovative and

experimental ingredients may be added to explore

the brewing process and beer flavours that take

you to beery places that your tastebuds have

never been to before! Most of these beers are

brewed in very small batches, then sold only at

this festival and a very few selected pubs, they are

never intended to be for commercial release but

they do offer a tantalising insight into the skill and

creativity of our brewing team.

Beers to look out for include ‘Orange is the New

Black’, is a delicious and balanced orange and black

pepper saison. Alternatively, for a dessert beer, you

might enjoy ‘Roobarb’. This beer offers just what it

says on the tin, it’s bright, fun and delicious, and for

those of us of a certain age - try drinking it without

the cartoon theme tune going around in your head;

it will annoy you all day! For something a little

more classic, Dunkel Weisse is a first-class Cornish

interpretation of the authentic Bavarian dark wheat

beer, full of spice, bubble-gum and chocolate.

We have a full range of beers at all strengths from

a session table beer at 2.8% if you want to pace

yourself, to a 10.5% barley wine if you’re on a sprint

to the finish!

Keen to get some malt under my own fingernails,

and prove that I can actually still brew, the beer that

I have created is an Italian style Pilsner. OK, we had

to call it Italian Job… I know that we have used that

name before, but it seems too good a name not to

use again! I discovered that Italian style Pilsner is

the hottest thing on the US craft brewing scene on

a recent holiday to New England, USA. Inspired by

a brew created by a small brewery on the shores

of Lake Como, this style of dry, crisp, hop forward

pilsner has been picked up by the US craft brewing

scene and now everyone is brewing one. It will not

be long before you start seeing Italian style Pilsners

emanating from the brewhouses of some of the

hippest craft breweries in the UK, but remember,

you drank it here first.

As we have two breweries - St Austell Brewery and

Bath Ales - under our umbrella, we of course have

two Head Brewers. Our latest signing, superstar

brewer Georgina (George) Young, formerly of

Fuller’s Brewery in London, joined us in May 2019 to

head up our Bath Ales team. A Head Brewer’s life

is not as glamorous as you might think, with much

of our time taken up with the kind of meetings

and management issues that you would find in

any business. However George, like me, was keen

to flex her brewing muscles ahead of the festival.

Finding a rare spare day in her diary she hot footed

down to Graze in Bath to brew up her Tangerine

Porter. We are delighted to welcome George to

the team. She is a brewer of impeccable skill and


Welcome From Roger Ryman

Brewing Director / Head Brewer at St Austell Brewery

knowledge, aligned to our own brewing and brand

values, a great colleague and a very good friend.

She is already making an impact at Bath Ales and

we expect much more to come.

For all the choice and variety at the festival, perhaps

like me through the course of the day you like to

take some time out and come back to an old friend.

A beer tried and trusted and one that never lets you

down. A beer that is unpretentious, honest but full

of depth, subtle complexity and always satisfying.

That beer is Tribute Cornish Pale Ale, the rock upon

which the fortunes of St Austell Brewery has been

built and which celebrated the 20th anniversary

of its creation this year. The story of the birth of

Tribute has been told many times, and I shall not

elaborate on that now. All I will say is that as Tribute

has grown from its conception, first brewed in the

same micro-brewery as the broad and wonderful

spectrum of one-off creations here today, to

the 20 million pints per year that we brewed and

sold during 2019, it is still brewed with the same

care, passion and attention to detail as it ever was.

If anything, in my humble opinion, Tribute has only

become a better beer over the years. When you

brew a beer several times a week over the course of

20 years you really get to know it intimately, finely

tuning it from a coarse pencil sketch to a finely

detailed work of art. As brewers, we hold true to our

Brewing and Brand Values and never compromise

in our aspiration to brew the very finest beer

that is our vision of what good beer ought to be.

I am often asked which is my favourite beer from

those that we brew. Like choosing your favourite

child this is an impossible question to answer. But

Tribute is my first born and therefore does, and

always will, occupy a very special place in my heart.

Roger Ryman

Brewing Director

/ Head Brewer at St Austell Brewery


Welcome From Roger Ryman

Brewing Director / Head Brewer at St Austell Brewery


a guide to the bars

Entrance & Exit

The Queue...


Available here. £2 per

1/2 pint / food token

Tokens / Glasses / Programmes / Pens


Entrance & Exit

Cloakroom (£1 Donation Required)

Smoking Area

the top bar Beers 1 to 71

Smoking Area

The smoking area is

accessed from in

front of the Top Bar.

the gin bar Gins 72 to 103

gin bar

The music bar Beers 104 to 146

The Old Rum Store Bar Beers 147 to 189

The Small Batch Brews Bar Beers 190 to 212

Music Stage

The Food Bar

Food served from 12noon to 10pm

The Cellars

Top bar

The gin bar

Open 3pm to 9pm

(or until stocks run out)

Gins 72 to 103


The Cellars

A Guide To The Bars

The Food Bar

Available from

12noon to 10pm

Trade Pass Entrance

Food Bar

The Cellars

First Floor

Music Stage



music Bar

The Small

Batch Brews Bar

Sponsored by

Gregory Distribution Ltd

Beers 190 to 212

The top bar

Beers 1 to 71

The music Bar

Sponsored by

Cornwall Signs

Beers 104 to 146

The Old Rum

Store Bar

Sponsored by

M. Yates & Sons

Beers 147 to 189

Please Note

• We cannot refund any unused tokens.

• Food is available to purchase using tokens.

• If you require a new glass, please see the

ticket desks. A £1 donation will be required.

• Soft drinks are available at all bars for 1 token.

• Free bottled water is available at all bars.


The Cellars

A Guide To The Bars

alc 5.0% vol

alc 4.7% vol

with Coriander & Cloves


a l c 6 . 8 % v o l


in the old wine cellar

Allergen Information

Allergen information is available upon request. Please let a member of

bar staff know about any intolerance to specific allergens and we will be

able to supply which of our beers are safe for you to drink.












Cherry Stout 5.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Cherry Stout

A smooth and warming stout, made with 7 different malts

and Admiral and Bramling Cross hops, providing typical soft

English orchard flavours, before allowing the 10kgs of sweet

cherries added to offer a refreshingly sweet cherry finish.

Adam Lumb

Ruby Tuesday 4.6% abv

St Austell Brewery Red IPA

USA and NZ hops combine with a biscuity and spicy

malt base. Deep ruby in colour, aromas of citrus,

tropical fruit and pine resin and flavours of red berry,

grapefruit and mango to finish. Tom Wallace





American Brown Ale



Double Chocolate Stout 5.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Stout

A rich and complex stout brewed with chocolate malts,

chocolate powder and dark chocolate. Malted oats and

English Goldings hops help with the soft mouthfeel for

a real chocolate explosion! Mark Heamen

Cluster 4.7% abv

St Austell Brewery American Brown Ale

Cluster is a full-bodied, rich and warming American Brown

Ale. Maris Otter, Crystal, Aromatic, Dextrin and Roasted

Barley malts provide the deep mahogany colour and rich

flavour, before 3 hop additions of American Cluster offer

spicy and blackberry flavours. Simon Matthews

Sugar & Spice 5.2% abv

St Austell Brewery Hopfenweizen

A spice infused hop forward wheat beer. Citra,

Cascade and Centennial hops dominate with citrus

fruit flavours and a bracing bitterness before orange

peel, coriander and cloves are added to spice up the

refreshing IPA. Anthony Plum




Rosa 5.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Rose Petal IPA

Starting off at 5% for a strong base beer with 100% Maris

Otter foundations, Celeia and Centennial hops provide

soft floral and citrus aromas before the late addition of

rose petals provide a delicate pink hue, geraniol fragrance

and crisp finish. Mike Notley

Double or Nothing 6.8% abv

St Austell Brewery Double IPA

Massively hopped with American Simcoe, Azacca and

Mosaic hops, sweetness from the Vienna malt and

then double dry hopped at huge rates for tropical,

berry and citrus flavours. Ben White

Amber Panda 4.3% abv

St Austell Brewery American Amber Ale

Brewed with Maris Otter, Cornish Gold, Cara and Crystal

Rye malts to give a lightly toasted and spicy backbone.

This is followed by a strong stonefruit profile with citrus

elements from the 3 American hops. Herbie Harford


the top Bar

Beers 1 to 8

• Session Pale Ale • alc 3.7% vol •

9 14


India Pale Ale


A L C 4.9% V O L

Lady Hamilton 4.9% abv

St Austell Brewery IPA

Made with 3 malts and 3 hops, Lady Hamilton spares

no blushes by kicking out good spirits, fun times and

fruity flavours, all from the signature hop, Nelson

Sauvin. Barnaby Skerrett

10 15

Living the Dream 3.7% abv

St Austell Brewery Session Pale Ale

Light, crisp and easy drinking pale ale. Simple but

Session effective Pale Ale malt base of 100% Cornish Maris Otter,

with Lemon Drop and Citra hops providing soft fruit

and citrus flavours and aromas. Matt Rowe

11 16

Prophecy 3.8% abv

Bath Ales New World Pale Ale

With a fruity yet pine-like aroma, a crisp light colour

and a keen bitter finish, Prophecy will fulfil all of

your expectations.

Tribute 4.2% abv

St Austell Brewery Cornish Pale Ale

Light, hoppy, zesty, easy to drink and consistently

delicious. The zesty orange and grapefruit flavours

are balanced with biscuit malt for this superb

Cornish classic.

Lansdown 5.0% abv

Bath Ales West Coast IPA

A big and bold, well-constructed amber IPA with

multiple layers of hop flavour, notes of tropical

fruit, lime zest and pine forest.

Proper Job 4.5% abv

St Austell Brewery Cornish IPA

An award-winning modern IPA, packed full of

citrus pineapple, grapefruit resinous flavours with

a fine crisp bitter finish.

12 17


Trelawny 3.8% abv

St Austell Brewery Best Bitter

This full-bodied, malty beer is a great partner to

robust flavours. A delicate apricot aroma is followed

by peach and toffee on the palate and a toasted

bitter finish.

gem 4.1% abv

Bath Ales Amber Ale

Our well-balanced amber ale that sees the malty

character from the Maris Otter barley really shine

through. All British hops, including Goldings from

Kent, add a subtle, aromatic spice.


Festivity 5.0% abv

Bath Ales Winter Porter

With hints of rum mingling with coffee and vanilla

flavours, we’ve lovingly crafted Festivity to be a

truly wonderful old-styled seasonal porter.

Hicks 5.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Strong Ale

Brewed with plenty of malt and lashings of English

Progress and Golding hops, Hicks is a truly classic

ale of considerable depth and complexity.

the top Bar

Beers 9 to 18







3 0 T H N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 9

ALC 4.9% VOL


Tangerine Porter 5.4% abv




ALC 5.4% VOL

20 Tribute Extra 5.2% abv 25

21 Golden Glow 5.1% abv 26



ALC 5.1% VOL

22 Proper Cracker 4.3% abv 27

23 Sabro Nah-Bro! 5.5% abv




ALC 5.5% VOL

Bath Ales Orange Porter

A rich dark porter brewed with orange peel. The

chocolate and coffee notes from the brown and

chocolate malts are offset by the citrussy notes

from the orange peel. George Young

St Austell Brewery Strong Cornish Ale

An extra special version of the South West's

favourite beer, Tribute Extra has developed a cult

following by pub goers with its full, rich and fruity


Bath Ales Golden Smoked Ale

A rich, sweet and malty golden beer with a gentle

hint of smoke. Our own interpretation of a

Bamberg style Rauchbier. Darren James

St Austell Brewery Ruby IPA

A hint of spice tiptoes across your taste buds

before the full force of dark fruit hops. It has

a unique bar call and blends the style of a

traditional Christmas beer with a modern IPA.

Bath Ales Ultra Pale Ale

Hoppy, tropical and full-bodied ultra-pale ale.

Double dry hopped to give BIG juicy bitterness

from copious amounts of American and Slovenian

hops. Will Ekins


Witch pumpkin



alc 6.0% vol



ALC 7.2% VOL



ALC 4.9% VOL



Basic Witch 6.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Pumpkin Spiced Stout

Rich and full with 8 malts, demerera sugar and

added home roasted pumpkin, pumpkin purée,

cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and vanilla pods.

Pumpkin pie in a glass! Georgia Phillips

Heavy Duty 7.2% abv

Bath Ales 80 shilling

A big and powerful malty beer with a wonderful

rich and roasty flavour. In the style of Scottish

‘Wee Heavy’. Stuart Tucker

Grapefruit IPA 5.3% abv

St Austell Brewery Grapefruit IPA

Maris Otter, Malted Oats and Dextrin malts provide a

rounded malt base and soft mouthfeel to counteract

the sharp grapefruit bite from fresh grapefruit zest

and American hops. Grant Coles

Nicholson's Pale Ale 4.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Pale Ale

Brewed exclusively by St Austell Brewery, made

with Cornish water and a hand-picked selection

of the finest barley and hops including Fuggles,

Goldings and Galaxy. James Wright

Envy 4.9% abv

St Austell Brewery Green Hop Pale Ale

Made with 100% English hops, including hand

selected green hops the day after harvest! This

brings tutti frutti and passion fruit aromas with a

juicy sweet taste and a crisp finish. Rob Orton


the top bar

Beers 19 to 28

















4.4% abv


30 Mena Dhu 4.5% abv 35

31 Milkshake IPA 5.8% abv 36

32 Sea Level 2.8% abv 37



ALC 4.4% VOL

Bath Ales Session Pale Ale

Grapefruit, citrus and spice dominate from the

Comet hops. The finish has a beautiful floral tail

which cascades behind. Alex Smith

St Austell Brewery Cornish Stout

Complex and flavoursome. Deceptively light and

refreshing. Subtle oak smoked aroma. Hint of dark

chocolate taste. Delicate touch of liquorice on the


St Austell Brewery IPA

Smooth, sweet and hazy like a milkshake, juicy and

hop-driven like an IPA from late American hop

additions. Contains Lactose. Rob Orton

St Austell Brewery Unfiltered Table Beer

A surprising amount of body for its ABV, followed

by a strong citrus hop profile with elements of

grapefruit, lime and tropical fruit... what's not to like?

Herbie Harford

Flower Power 4.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Hibiscus Infused Ale

Hibiscus petals provide a floral character to the

beer along with a pink hue. American Cascade and

Willamette hops to cut through the floral character of

the beer to give Flower Power a grapefruit and citrus

flavour and a refreshing finish. Lee Reed-Bennett


Big Job 7.2% abv

St Austell Brewery Double IPA

If a job's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. A

BIG beer, dry as a bone, with Cornish barley and

jammed full of hops. Just the job!

Harlequin 4.8% abv

St Austell Brewery English IPA

A brand new and highly talked about English hop variety,

Harlequin, has already won numerous awards. Dank

passion fruit, pomegranate, rhubarb and mango flavours

are all in abundance. Rob Orton & Andrew Whalley

Dunkel Weisse 5.4% abv

St Austell Brewery Dunkel Weisse

Dark wheat beer with a rich mahogany colour, soft

chocolate and caramelised flavours, with soft

spice and refreshment coming from cardamom

and lemon zest. Tom Wallace

Cubic 4.5% abv

Bath Ales Pale Ale

A quartet of Summit, Comet, Dragon and Citra

hops bring strong passion fruit and citrus aromas,

offset by a mellow bitterness.

Monterey 3.9% abv

Bath Ales California Pale Ale

Full of pine and tropical notes, this pale ale was born

but not raised in the USA thanks to its four American

sourced hops. Easy going, easy drinking and destined

for long, lazy afternoons, a pint will be sure to transport

you to a sun-drenched Monterey bay. Well, almost…


the top bar

Beers 29 to 38



Dark Side 4.0% abv


40 Sulis 4.2% abv 45

41 The Good Old Haze 6.9% abv 46


ALC 6.9% VOL

42 Italian Job 4.7% abv 47

alc 4.7% vol

43 Orange is the New Black Pepper 5.6% abv


the top bar

Beers 39 to 48

Bath Ales Stout

Dark Side is an impressive and seriously smooth

stout, brewed with flair and diligence using a blend

of dark roasted malts and English Fuggles.

Bath Ales English Lager

A crisp and clean lager for ultimate refreshment,

hopping it with new hop varieties like Lemon Drop

to add zingy, lemony notes. The lager boasts a bright

freshness and a subtle hint of fruitiness.

St Austell Brewery NEIPA

Unfiltered for soft, juicy and tropical fruit flavours

from the double addition of dry hops, but without

the bracing bitterness associated with West Coast

IPA's. Rob Orton

St Austell Brewery Italian Style Pilsner

Clean, crisp, dry, charming and sophisticated.

Italian Job is a classic pilsner style lager, dry

hopped with noble European hops and slowly

matured to fine perfection. Roger Ryman

St Austell Brewery Orange & Black Pepper Saison

Wheat, Maris Otter and Oat malts lay the base, mildly

hopped with fruity orange flavoured hops before having

orange zest, orange peel, grains of paradise and black

pepper all added to enhance the spice from the saison

yeast strain. Lee Reed-Bennett

Roobarb 4.8% abv

St Austell Brewery Pale Ale

A pale ale made with lots of cereals, infused with

custard creams, rhubarb chunks, lactose and vanilla

pods. Light pink in colour, sweet, soft and refreshing.

A modern twist on a sweet shop classic.

Contains Lactose. Matt Rowe

Korev 4.8% abv

St Austell Brewery Helles Style Lager

Korev is a lager in the Helles style with a

wonderful pale colour and a clean, crisp taste.

Now an established brand, Korev was first

launched at the 2010 Celtic Beer Festival.

Bounders 5.5% abv

Bath Ales Dry Cider

A full-bodied fresh and crisp-tasting cider which

will leave cider lovers bounding back for more.

Crafted with slowly fermented fresh-pressed

English apple juice, Bounders is matured for up to

18 months.

The Mix 5.7% abv

St Austell Brewery Barrel Aged Ale

A pure concoction from our brewing team, wild

yeast, fruit and all aged in a red wine barrel, what's

not to love...? The Brewing Team

Barney Wine 10.5% abv

St Austell Brewery Barley Wine

Affectionately known as Barney, this strong and

rich beer contains lashings of sherry and raisin

flavours, with a gentle bitterness from classic

English hops. Brewed by... Barnaby Skerrett.





4.2% abv


50 Sea salt Stout 4.5% abv 55


51 Cornish Stuggy Stout 4.6% abv 56

52 Golden Gauntlet 4.0% abv 57


sea salt


Atlantic Brewery, Newquay Pale Ale

American Cascade hops combine with English First

Gold to produce a balanced blend of grapefruit and

orange with a gentle bitter backdrop. A little crystal

malt adds depth to the flavour, with a base of extra

pale malt keeping its pale colour.

Atlantic Brewery, Newquay Stout

Crystal malt lends sweetness, balanced by the

delicate pull of Cornish Sea Salt and the dryness

of the black malt, which also brings the hint of

smoke. All supported by the rich deep flavour and

colour of chocolate malt.

Castle Brewery, Lostwithiel Stout

A smooth stout with chocolate malt and roast


Castle Brewery, Lostwithiel Golden Citrus Ale

A golden ale with a punchy bitterness from First

Gold hops. A real thirst quencher of a beer. Lots of

mouth feel given the relatively low ABV.

Jouster 3.8% abv

Driftwood Spars Brewery, St Agnes Pale Ale

Jouster is a 3.8% Pale Ale using a development

hop CF210 giving it a zesty orange and lemon

flavour with a light caramel background.


bowithick amber 4.0% abv

Penpont Ales, Launceston Amber Ale

Bowithick Amber is a 4.0% English amber ale,

hopped with Olicana and Godiva, with a very light

bitterness and a malty undertone.

Your Shout 5.0% abv

Granite Rock Brewery, Penryn American Red Ale

A collaboration brew between Granite Rock

Brewery, Penryn, and Nomadic Beers, Leeds,

hopped with mosaic and simcoe, with cara red

malt for a classic American red taste.

Daymer Extra Pale 3.8% abv

Harbour Brewing Co, Bodmin Pale Ale

A bright golden pale ale brewed with Sucrose and

Vienna malts and uses Saaz, Celeia, Mosaic & Citra

hops for a Pine & lemon aroma, jellied citrus fruit

flavour and clean, crisp finish.

Panda Eyes IPa 5.0% abv

Harbour Brewing Co, Bodmin IPA

An unfined, naturally hazy ale with smells of

tropical and citrus. Passion fruit, orange and

mango on the palette with a long, bold and juicy


Lance 4.0% abv

Keltek Cornish Brewery, Redruth Golden Ale

A refreshing, easy drinking summer golden ale

using Southern Cross hops for a citrus freshness of

gooseberry and grapefruit.

the top bar

Beers 49 to 58 13


Pilot Gig Porter 5.2% abv

Keltek Cornish Brewery, Redruth Porter

This 6 malt porter has a subtle liquorice like

sweetness to balance the chocolate notes as

well as a slight hint of saltiness. Delicate melon,

strawberry and apricot undertones.


Sunset red 4.2% abv

Sharp's, Rock Red Ale

Full body with good balance of caramel notes

from malt and prominent dark fruit/ hedgerow

from hops.


Gale Force 4.8% abv

Longhill Brewery, Whitstone Copper Ale

Copper coloured strong bitter, malt and almond

aroma. Malty flavours with toffee and nuts, short

malty dry finish with stone fruit.


Lushingtons 4.2% abv

Skinner's Brewery, Truro Pale Ale

Bursting with fruit, within its bittersweet scent

you’ll find lime, mango and lychee. Its creamy

texture contains a slight strawberry finish.


Padstow Pale ale 3.6% abv

Padstow Brewing Co, Padstow Pale Ale

Our beautiful light golden ale, noticeably hopped

with a good balanced bitterness. Punches above

its weight for a 3.6%; a whack of US hops at the

steeping gives an aromatic and refreshing pint.


Sennen 3.8% abv

Skinner's Brewery, Truro Session IPA

Sennen is a session strength IPA with zesty notes

of lemon and pineapple enhanced with the

bittersweet kick of pink grapefruit. Great hop

intensity and flavour.


Crows-an-wra 4.3% abv

Penzance Brewing Co, Penzance

. American Hopped Pale Ale

It's crisp and hoppy, yet with plenty of good juicy

malt balance too. The finish is dry and satisfying.


Harbour Special 4.8% abv

Tintagel Brewery, Tintagel Best Bitter

Our best-selling special brew has a dark amber

hue, an initial malty flavour with a crisp aftertaste.


Cornish Winter 4.0% abv

Sharp's, Rock Milk Stout

Full-bodied with long lingering flavours including

chocolate, coffee and a smooth finish.

Contains Lactose.


Merlin's Muddle 5.2% abv

Tintagel Brewery, Tintagel Strong Ale

A stronger dark, full-bodied beer with a good

balance between hops and malts and a clean,

refreshing taste.


the top bar

Beers 59 to 68




treen's essential 3.8% abv

Treen's Brewery, Ponsanooth Golden Ale

Packed full of biscuit and cereal malt flavours

with a hint of spice. A smooth body balanced by

refreshing bitterness make this a thirst quenching

and very sessionable ale.

Brexit Bitter 3.8% abv

Tremethick Brewery, Grampound Traditional Bitter

Made with all British hops, malt and yeast and

special Grampound water. Brewed using the finest

Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, Fuggles, Bramling Cross,

First Gold and Jester hops. A bitter taste with under

notes of betrayal and despair.

Red IPA 5.0% abv

Tremethick Brewery, Grampound Red IPA

Auburn colour. Malt balanced by firm pine and

gentle citrus hops. Spicy notes. Bitter throughout

and a kaleidoscope of fruits.

the top bar

Beers 69 to 71



FROM 3 PM - 9 PM (or UNTIL STOCKS run out)



72 77


72 to 81

Gordon's Dry Scotland 37.5% abv

Angelica is the magic ingredient in this gin that ties

together the other botanicals to give a long and

complex flavour.

73 78

Gordon's pink Scotland 37.5% abv

The taste of Gordon’s is balanced with the natural

sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, to give a

real berry taste.

74 79

Tanqueray london dry Scotland 47.3% abv

A juniper-forward gin with distinctive flavours of

piney juniper and faint lemon zest.

75 80

Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla Scotland 41.3% abv

A zesty twist on the original recipe by Charles

Tanqueray which infuses the essences from oranges

grown in Seville. Delicious!

76 81

Tanqueray Rangpur Scotland 41.3% abv

The result of adding rangpur, ginger and bay leaves

to the original premium product is an easy-drinking

gin with a citrus twist.

Whitley Neill Original Birmingham 42.0% abv

This gin contains two African botanicals, baobab

fruit and Cape gooseberries, that give the gin an

exotic touch to the palate.

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger

Birmingham 43.0% abv

The rhubarb adds a tart crisp edge to the smooth

English gin base whilst the ginger adds warmth to

the palate.

Whitley Neill Raspberry Birmingham 43.0% abv

Their very own raspberry gin was launched right

at the start of 2018, featuring Scottish raspberries,

liquorice and coriander.

Whitley Neill Quince Birmingham 43.0% abv

A variation on the classic Whitley Neill gin recipe,

featuring a hearty helping of quince juice at its core.

Whitley Neill pink Grapefruit

Birmingham 43.0% abv

Zesty, sweet citrus and floral.



Whitley Neill Parma Violet

Birmingham 43.0% abv

Bright vibrant flavours of juniper followed by floral

notes displaying the exact qualities of parma violet


Whitley Neill Lemongrass & Ginger

Birmingham 43.0% abv

Citrus infused with essence of lemongrass and a

touch of zing from the ginger!



Trevethan Grapefruit & Lychee

Cornwall 43.0% abv

There is big grapefruit on the nose which continues onto

the palate, a tart note which is perfectly balanced by the

lychee and an increased amount of meadowsweet.

Trevethan Zesty Lemon Cornwall 37.5% abv

Think lemon sherbets in a bottle, citrussy, fresh yet



Whitley Neill Blood Orange

Birmingham 43.0% abv

Featuring a generous helping of Sicilian blood

orange at its core.


Trevethan Passion fruit & Orange

Cornwall 37.5% abv

Vibrant, fruity, with a punch of passion fruit.


Whitley Neill Blackberry

Birmingham 43.0% abv

This gin tastes of fresh plump berries and hints of

floral hedgerow.


Trevethan Rhubarb & Apple

Cornwall 37.5% abv

Zingy and crisp with a tart finish.

86 93

Whitley Neill Aloe & Cucumber

Birmingham 43.0% abv

Juniper forward flavour profile supported by crisp

melon and earthy cucumber notes with subtle hints

of green apple on the finish.

87 94

Trevethan Cornish Gin Cornwall 43.0% abv

Complex, with subtle hints of citrus and floral


Tarquin's Cornish Dry Cornwall 42.0% abv

Fragrant handpicked Devon violets and fresh orange

zest are used to deliver an aromatic sensation

unlike any other.

Tarquin's Elderflower Cornwall 42.0% abv

Infused with foraged elderflower and juicy pink


88 95

Trevethan Honey Cornwall 43.0% abv

A smooth oak flavoured gin with a hint of Cornish

honey sweetness.

Tarquin's Blackberry Cornwall 38.0% abv

A fruity spirit infused with blackberries and local

wildflower honey.

the GIN Bar

82 to 95 17

96 103



Tarquin's strawberry & lime

Cornwall 38.0% abv

Bring a little bit of Cornish sunshine to every glass

with Tarquin’s celebration of the Great British


Tarquin's Rhubarb & Raspberry

Cornwall 38.0% abv

Infused with the most delicious rhubarb and


Tarquin's Figgy Pudding Cornwall 42.0% abv

Dried fig, clementine zest, festive spice and brandy

soaked cherry wood chips - Christmas in a bottle!

beefeater blood orange London 37.5% abv

Fresh citrus, bitter-sweet blood orange and juniper

notes that develop into a long, rich finish.



Plymouth gin Plymouth 41.2% abv

An absolute classic gin which is well balanced and

smooth combining citrus and juniper overtones. For

the true gin drinker!

plymouth sloe gin Plymouth 26.0% abv

Fruity, smooth and full-bodied, with a perfect

balance of sweet and dry, perfect winter warmer!


beefeater london dry London 40.0% abv

Beefeater London Dry is one of the world’s best

selling gins, distilled in a traditional London Dry






96 to 103

beefeater pink London 37.5% abv

Beefeater Pink is the vibrant, delicate, refreshing

new strawberry flavoured gin from Beefeater



helping others across the south west

The St Austell Brewery Charitable Trust

was set up in 2003 to support local

charities, good causes and individuals in

need across our South West operating area.

The Trust is funded by contributions from

the Brewery plus donations and fundraising

events held by our head office, depot

and pub teams as well as our free trade

customers. To date, the Charitable Trust

has raised over £800,000.

Every penny of profit from the Celtic Beer Festival, which has raised over

£200,000, goes back to the community, so thank you for coming, thank you

for your continued support and thank you for helping us to help others.

Charities supported by the Trust include the RNLI, Cornwall Air

Ambulance, Children’s Hospice South West, Macmillan Cancer

Support and many others, with over a third of all money raised being

donated to individuals and small local groups across the South West.

If you would like to nominate a good cause or charity, or would like further

information about the Trust, please contact us at


st austell brewery charitable trust

Helping Others Across The South West 19


the old bond - by the stage

sponsored by cornwall signs

104 111

Korev 4.8% abv

St Austell Brewery

Helles Style Lager

105 112

Milkshake IPA 5.8% abv

St Austell Brewery

IPA Contains Lactose

106 113

Sulis 4.2% abv

Bath Ales

English Lager

107 114

Session IPA 4.0% abv

Lithic Brewing, Brecon, Wales

Session IPA

108 115

Brooklyn Lager 5.2% abv

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, USA

Amber Lager

109 116

Hop House 13 5.0% abv

Diageo, Ireland

Double Hopped Lager

110 117

Thatchers RosÉ 4.0% abv

Thatchers, Somerset

Apple Cider

Jubel Elderflower 4.0% abv

Jubel, Cornwall

Elderflower Lager

Jubel Grapefruit 4.0% abv

Jubel, Cornwall

Grapefruit Lager

Carlsberg 3.8% abv

Carlsberg, Northampton


Monterey 3.9% abv

Bath Ales

California Pale Ale

Mahou 5.1% abv

Carlsberg, Spain

Spanish Lager

Guinness 4.1% abv

Diageo, Ireland


Thatchers Gold 4.8% abv

Thatchers, Somerset

Apple Cider


the music bar

Beers 104 to117

118 127

Cornish Rattler 4.8% abv

Healey's, Truro

Apple Cider

119 128

Hicks 5.0% abv

St Austell Brewery

Strong Cornish Ale

120 129

Prophecy 3.7% abv

Bath Ales

New World Pale Ale

121 130

Tribute 4.2% abv

St Austell Brewery

Cornish Pale Ale

122 131

gem 4.1% abv

Bath Ales

Premium Amber Ale

123 132

proper job 4.5% abv

St Austell Brewery

Cornish IPA

124 133

Lansdown 5.0% abv

Bath Ales

West Coast IPA

125 134

Cubic 4.5% abv

Bath Ales

Pale Ale

126 135

Mena Dhu 4.5% abv

St Austell Brewery

Cornish Stout

Heineken 5.0% abv

Heineken, Netherlands

Premium Lager

Lagunitas DayTime 4.0% abv

Heineken, California


Thatchers Haze 4.5% abv

Thatchers, Somerset

Cloudy Cider

Strongbow Dark Fruits 4.0% abv

Heineken, Herefordshire

Fruit Cider

Wadworth 6X 4.1% abv

Wadworth, Wiltshire

Amber Ale

Citra IPA 4.0% abv

Hanlons Brewery, Devon

Citra Hopped IPA

Climate Change 5.0% abv

Teignworthy, Devon

Best Bitter

Mystik 4.5% abv

Stonehenge Ales, Wiltshire

Brown Ale

Bluegrass 4.0% abv

Otter Brewery, Devon


the music bar

Beers 118 to135











Raspberry Valhalla 4.7% abv

Bristol Beer Factory, Bristol

Raspberry Kolsch

Island Street Porter 5.9% abv

Salcombe Brewery, Salcombe


Exmoor Beast 6.6% abv

Exmoor Ales, Somerset


Jail Ale 4.8% abv

Dartmoor Brewery, Dartmoor

Best Bitter

Sunbeam 4.2% abv

Banks's, Wolverhampton

Blonde Beer

Old Charlie 3.9% abv

Hunter's Brewery, Devon

English Bitter

Jingle Ale 4.0% abv

Bays Brewery, Torquay

Christmas Ale

Deuchars IPA 4.4% abv

Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh


Knowle Spring Blonde 4.2% abv

Timothy Taylor, West Yorkshire

Blonde Ale



Idler 3.9% abv

Powderkeg, Woodbury Salterton

English Ale

Bass 4.1% abv

Bass Brewery, Burton-upon-Trent

Amber Premium Ale


the music bar

Beers 136 to 146


the old wine cellar - near the food

sponsored by m yates & sons








Lifesaver 4.8% abv

Salcombe Brewery, Salcombe


Exmoor Gold 4.5% abv

Exmoor Ales, Somerset

Golden Ale

Old Peculiar 5.6% abv

Theakston's, North Yorkshire

Session IPA

Saddle Tank 3.8% abv

Marston's, Burton-upon-Trent

Amber Ale

Landlord Dark 4.3% abv

Timothy Taylor, West Yorkshire

Dark Ale

Fascination 4.2% abv

Bristol Beer Factory, Bristol

Session IPA

Citra IPA 4.0% abv

Hanlons, Devon

Citra Hopped IPA










Gwaed y Draig 4.0% abv

Tomos a Lilford, Cowbridge, Wales

Red Lager

Vale Pale 4.3% abv

Tomos a Lilford, Cowbridge, Wales

New/Old England IPA

Snowdonia ale 3.7% abv

Purple Moose, Gwynedd, Wales

Golden Pale Ale

Glaslyn 4.2% abv

Purple Moose, Gwynedd, Wales

Golden Premium Ale

Bedrock Blonde 4.0% abv

Bluestone, Newport, Wales

Blonde Ale

Tiger's Eye P.A 4.6% abv

Bluestone, Newport, Wales


Portland Pale 4.0% abv

VoG Brewery, Barry, Wales

Session Ale

Paradigm Shift 4.2% abv

VoG Brewery, Barry, Wales

Best Bitter

Tiamat 5.0% abv

Brew Monster, Cwmbran, Wales


the old rum store Bar

Beers 147 to 162




Nutty Ale 5.0% abv

165 174







Black Widow Stout 5.4% abv

Brew Monster, Cwmbran, Wales


Singing Sword 4.2% abv

Cold Black Label, Bridgend, Wales

Golden XPA

Cold Black Label, Bridgend, Wales

Brown Ale

Red Beacons 5.0% abv

Brecon Brewing, Brecon, Wales

Red Hued IPA

Gold Beacons 4.2% abv

Brecon Brewing, Brecon, Wales

Golden Ale

Oystermouth Stout 4.4% abv

Mumbles Brewery, Swansea, Wales


Redemption 5.5% abv

Mumbles Brewery, Swansea, Wales

American Pale Ale

Charisma 3.7% abv

Alechemy Brewing, Livingstone, Scotland

Session IPA

5ive Sisters 4.3% abv

Alechemy Brewing, Livingstone, Scotland

Best Bitter









Bad Day At The Office 4.5% abv

Alechemy Brewing, Livingstone, Scotland

Session IPA

Sunshine on Keith 3.5% abv

Spey Valley Brewery, Keith, Scotland

Session American IPA

David's Not So Bitter 4.4% abv

Spey Valley Brewery, Keith, Scotland

Best Bitter

Ferry Fair 4.0% abv

Ferry Brewery, South Queensferry, Scotland

Pale Ale

Ferry Witches Brew 4.5% abv

Ferry Brewery, South Queensferry, Scotland

Copper Red Ale

Ferry Stout 4.9% abv

Ferry Brewery, South Queensferry, Scotland


Mid-Atlantic 4.0% abv

Edinbrew, Livingstone, Scotland

Golden Ale

Little Monster 3.7% abv

Edinbrew, Livingstone, Scotland

Golden Ale

The Good Stuff 3.9% abv

Edinbrew, Livingstone, Scotland

Best Bitter


the old rum store bar

Beers 163 to 180










85 Shilling 4.1% abv

Edinbrew, Livingstone, Scotland

Scottish Ale

Gunner Blonde 4.3% abv

Campbell's Brewery, Peebles, Scotland

Blonde Ale

Scran and Swally 4.4% abv

Campbell's Brewery, Peebles, Scotland

Pale Ale

Sesh! 3.6% abv

Hybrid Brewery, Grangemouth, Scotland

60 Shilling

Apex 4.1% abv

Hybrid Brewery, Grangemouth, Scotland


Red Lady 4.0% abv

Redcastle Brewery, Angus, Scotland

Red Ale

Avondale 4.2% abv

Strathaven Brewery, Strathaven, Scotland

Amber Ale

KOREV 4.8% abv

St Austell Brewery

Helles Style Lager

Bounders 5.5% abv

Bath Ales

Dry Cider


years of


the old rum store Bar

Beers 181 to 189
























• C O L L A B O R A T



• C O L L A B O R A T

I O N •

I O N •


above the old rum store

sponsored by gregory distribution ltd


Hand Of Midas 5.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Belgian Style Wheat Beer

The fresh mangos, greedy punch of ginger and a subtle,

smooth lime bite gives this beer the real Midas touch.

Assisted by Olicana, Mosaic and Azacca hops, every

aroma filled with a juicy, spiced tropical scent. Ben White


Moo Juice 5.2% abv

St Austell Brewery Milk Stout

Moo Juice has a depth of roasted malt and

chocolate aromas, whilst being full and sweet due

to the addition of lactose (unfermentable milk

sugar). Contains Lactose. Mark Heaman










Don’t Panic 4.1% abv

St Austell Brewery Unfined Kveik IPA

Made using Kveik yeast, fermented at much

warmer temperatures for a clean and fruity IPA.

Roger Ryman & Karl Ockert

Last Light 4.6% abv

St Austell Brewery English Harvest Ale

The initial full, sweet, malty base is soon

complemented with dark fruits and toasty notes which

will keep you coming back for more. Adam Lumb

The Thirsty Gardeners 4.3% abv

St Austell Brewery Pale Ale

Infused with Gunpowder green tea, green hops

and lemon verbena, Collaboration brew with

Nick Moyle and Rich Hood, aka, the Two Thirsty

Gardeners! Rob Orton, Nick Moyle & Rich Hood




Wild Coast 4.4% abv

St Austell Brewery Autumnal Ale

Containing a hearty blend of Cornish Gold, Vienna, Light

Crystal and Cara malts, this deep and rich coloured ale is

gently bittered with English hops for lovely grassy

and earthy aromas. Rob Orton & Tony Wilson

Fox in the Box 3.8% abv

St Austell Brewery Session IPA

The variety of hops do the talking in this session IPA

- giving blackcurrant and lemongrass aromas. Maris

Otter Pale and Dextrin malts give the beer body,

alongside Light Crystal malt, providing a biscuity

finish to this refreshing pint. Lee Reed-Bennett

Harlequin (cask) 4.8% abv

St Austell Brewery English IPA

A brand new and highly talked about English hop variety,

Harlequin, has already won numerous awards.

Passion fruit, pomegranate, rhubarb and mango flavours

are all in abundance. Rob Orton & Andrew Whalley

the small batch brews bar

Beers 190 to 197

198 Harlequin (keg) 4.8% abv 203



4.8% abv



St Austell Brewery English IPA

A brand new and highly talked about English hop variety,

Harlequin, has already won numerous awards.

Passion fruit, pomegranate, rhubarb and mango flavours

are all in abundance. Rob Orton & Andrew Whalley

St Austell Brewery Helles Style Lager

Korev is a lager in the Helles style with a

wonderful pale colour and a clean, crisp taste.

Now an established brand, Korev was first

launched at the 2010 Celtic Beer Festival.

Big Job 7.2% abv

St Austell Brewery Double IPA

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

A BIG beer, dry as a bone, with Cornish barley and

jammed full of hops. Just the job!

Bad Habit 7.4% abv

St Austell Brewery Abbey Tripel

Aromas of spice, yeast and banana overlay a

palate of peppery hop bitterness, citrus fruit

and barley sugar. Roger Ryman

Bounders 5.5% abv

Bath Ales Dry Cider

A full-bodied fresh and crisp-tasting cider which

will leave cider lovers bounding back for more.

Crafted with slowly fermented fresh-pressed

English apple juice, Bounders is matured for up to

18 months.


Rosie's Pig Strawberry & Elderflower

4.0% abv

Weston's, Herefordshire Medium Sweet Cider

An easy drinking, well balanced cider with delicious

strawberry flavour and hints of added elderflower.


Smugglers 6.0% abv

St Austell Brewery Vintage Ale

A blend of pale and dark malts with a mix

of classic hops. Oak aged and gently spiced.

Complex with a flavour well worth savouring.


Rosie's Pig Cloudy Apple 4.8% abv

Weston's, Herefordshire Medium Sweet Cider

A refreshing, flavoured and easy drinking

traditional cloudy cider.


Milkshake IPA 5.8% abv

St Austell Brewery IPA

Smooth, refreshing and hazy like a milkshake, juicy

and hop-driven like an IPA from late American hop

additions. Contains Lactose Rob Orton


the Hog Father 7.4% abv

Orchard Pig, Somerset Medium Cider

Well here's the Pig's Daddy, at 7.4% not for the faint

hearted. Close your eyes and savour the Somerset

cider apples in this one. You can expect a smooth,

drinkable moreish finish.

the small batch brews Bar

Beers 198 to 207








Explorer 4.5% abv

Orchard Pig, Somerset Medium Cider

That all important first sip delivers the full

bittersweet richness of cider apples, followed by

the lingering sweetness of ripe fruit, including notes

of the dark autumn berries from the hedgerow.

Berry Lane 4.0% abv

Sandford Orchards, Crediton Sweet Cider

Satisfyingly sweet and refreshingly tart, perfectly

ripe raspberries are a fabulous addition to this

masterfully crafted Devon cider.

Old Blossom 4.0% abv

Sandford Orchards, Crediton Sweet Cider

Elderflower adds a subtle sweetness and delicate

aroma to our expertly crafted Devon cider.

Norcotts Rhubarb 4.0% abv

Norcotts, Honiton Sweet Cider

A delicious light cider complemented with

mouth-watering rhubarb.

heineken 0.0 0.0% abv

Heineken, Netherlands Non Alcoholic Lager

Heineken 0.0 has a perfectly balanced taste

with refreshing fruity notes and soft malty body.

Heineken 0.0 is double brewed while alcohol is

removed and blended with natural flavours.

the small batch brews bar

Beers & Ciders 208 to 212


available in the old rum store

from 12 noon until 10 pm

Ale Pasty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 tokens

Specially made with our award-winning ale.

Cheese & Onion Pasty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 tokens

Made with mature Cheddar cheese.

Barbecue Pulled Pork Roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 tokens

24 hour marinated pulled pork served with apple sauce.

Spanish Chicken . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 tokens

Chicken and chorizo with Spanish herbs and spices.

Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry

Made with a blend of spices.

. . . . . . . . . . . 2 tokens

Pork Scratchings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 token

Specially made for the Beer Festival.

Allergen Information

Allergen information is available upon request. Please let your

server know about any intolerance to specific allergens and we

will be able to say which of our dishes are safe for you to eat.

The Food Bar

Available In The Old Rum Store


in the old bond

live music & djs throughout the day

12.0 0 to 12.45

13.25 to 14.10

14.35 to 15.20

15.45 to 16.45

17.15 to 18.15

20.00 to 21.00

21. 30 to 22.30

22.30 to Close









*Please note that stated times are approximate and may vary during the day.

Live Music

In The Old Bond


Established in 1919, Gregory Distribution ltd is now celebrating it's

centenary year, culminating in a visit from HRH The Prince of Wales in

July 2019.

From its original roots in North Tawton in mid Devon, the business now

embraces England, Scotland and Wales, with 40 operating centres, 1,000

trucks and 2,700 staff.

The company is actively involved in many sectors of the logistics industry

including both chilled and ambient grocery, retail, white goods, DIY,

recycling, pallet networks and milk and bulk liquids. In addition, we store

100,000 pallets across one million sq ft of warehousing.

Part of the visit from HRH The Prince of Wales was to showcase our

interest in developing sustainable solutions for our industry as well as

celebrating employing 100 apprentices in 2019 – one for each of our

centenary years.

0808 168 3408


m yates & sons have been specialist butchers since 1979. We pride

ourselves in not just the meat products, but the complete story, right

down to the end consumer enjoying their meal.

Working extremely hard alongside our talented chefs, we bespoke

cuts and products that compliment each unique style of kitchen and

personally test our new recipes and ideas at home.

Encompassing traditional butchery with the most modern culinary

requirements is a constant source of learning and development –

something which we take great pride and effort in.

Our animals are personally selected from the best that our local markets

and farmers have to offer and being in constant touch with our producers

is essential in the message we want to convey to our buyers.

We fundamentally believe that the importance lies in the whole package

from farm to plate. Our first class service provides provenance and

piece of mind that M Yates & Sons trade ethically and with our whole

community at heart.

01637 875 727



Thank You To Our platinum Sponsors

Who Kindly Donated To The Charitable Trust This Year

Cornwall Signs. Established in 1949, are one of the UK’s leading

creative signage, display and vehicle wrap companies.

Proudly offering the ‘go to’ service for all forms of signage, we set the

trends, which inspire our clients and other companies around us.

Our team of young, hungry and dynamic professionals, complete with our

high level investment - offer the highest of quality in signage manufacture,

digital and 3D print and all forms of bespoke CNC display work.

01726 72863


Simpsons Malt is the most

sought-after malt, and used by

many of the world's finest Brewers

including St Austell Brewery.

The largest independent family

Maltster in the UK, Simpsons'

exceptionally high quality malt

is made from a superior grade

of two-row malting barleys, and

sourced from UK farms that only

use quality assured seed.

Brewers choose Simpsons Malt

because of its exceptional

quality, taste and flavour and the

expertise that has been handed

down through generations of the

Simpsons family, since 1862.

At OfficeTeam we are passionate

about working together with

St Austell Brewery towards a

greener, sustainable future.

Our long term strategy

for responsible business is

embedded in our sustainability

agenda and supported by a set

of environmental and social

initiatives, designed to deliver

ongoing benefits for your business,

our customers and all our local


01209 700 386


01289 330 033


Thank You To All Our Gold Sponsors

Who Kindly Donated To The Charitable Trust This Year 31

design management


At DMP, our team consists of

architects, interior designers and

project managers, based in Cardiff.

We work predominately in the

leisure, hospitality and healthcare

industry nationwide.

02920 644 829



Nationwide Print is extremely

proud of its 80 year working

relationship with St Austell

Brewery and is delighted to

sponsor the legendary annual

Celtic Beer Festival.

Nationwide Print is a

St Austell based award-winning

litho and digital printing company

that is powered by renewable

energy. Nationwide Print are now

recognised as one of the most

environmental print companies

in the UK and are now producing

more energy than they use.

porter lancastrian

Since 1936 Porter Lancastrian – the

brand owner of Porta has been a

leader in the design, development

and manufacturing of drinks

dispense products and services for

the Global drinks industry.

We are a passionate manufacturer

with a proud history of crafting &

developing equipment, products

and services for the global drinks

dispense market.

0870 871 0113


lorne stewart

We are one of the UK's leading

independent building services

companies with an annual turnover

of over £200m.

Our group provides a range of

specialist skills harnessed through

our Mechanical & Electrical

Engineering and Facilities services

and offsite Modular Design &

Construction business. We provide

our customers with building

service solutions throughout the

construction and operational

phases of any building asset.

01726 72548


020 8732 2000



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Blacknoll Limited is a successful

independent building contractor trading since

November 1996, with a strong reputation of

quality workmanship on a variety of projects

around the South of England, South Wales and

the Midlands.

Currently employing over 30 employees, many

of whom have over 20 years’ experience in

all aspects of the building trade, we also have

access to a range of specialist contractors with

whom we have developed a long and stable

working relationship.

Blacknoll support the local community with

sponsorship, events & fundraisers.

01305 853 205


Musk Process Services (Musk) partner

with our clients in the manufacturing and

process markets, to improve their manufacturing

capability and help them gain a competitive


We deliver bespoke engineering throughout

your asset lifecycle. Whatever the scale of your

challenge, we are passionate about being the

best at what we do and look forward to working


Manufacturers and installers of both the

St Austell and Bath Ales brewhouses.

01283 200 400



healeys make delicious food and drink from

their independent, family-run farm in the heart

of Cornwall. They’ve been making the most of

the apples from their own orchards for over 30

years and are proud makers of award-winning

ciders - including Cornish Gold and Rattler

Cornish Cloudy Cyder.

As Cornwall’s only distillery for 300 years,

Healeys work in collaboration with St Austell

Brewery to craft England's oldest whiskey.

Whether it’s getting to the core of great flavour,

or thinking outside the box, Healeys know what

it takes to make apples special.

01872 573 356


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Our passion is creating bespoke

printed drinking glassware and

take great pride to be involved in

providing a unique platform to

promote your brand.

01422 382696


reflex plus

We create a unique “shelf presence”

for our clients’ products, from

brand conception to the final pack

on shelf. Now operating out of 19

sites across the UK, Reflex stands

proud of our Great British heritage

and award-winning design & print.

01455 852400


j gas

Unlike other beer gas companies

J Gas Supplies proudly generates the

majority of the gas it supplies right here

in Cornwall. Continual investment

in our state of the art gas filling plant

ensures that our customers can be

assured of guaranteed gas quality and

uninterrupted supply 365 days per year.

01872 571622


true digital

Founded in 2004, True is an

award-winning Bristol agency.

We help our clients profit from the

limitless possibilities of digital.

We are proud to be working with St

Austell Brewery, developing a new

scalable web platform supporting

the future of the business.

0117 927 7750


Turvey Construction Ltd

Specialist contractors to the

Leisure and Entertainment Industry.

We cater for contemporary bars

to branded roll outs for large


02392 250763


aps construction

We are a local construction

company who offer a wide

range of services. We undertake

construction of large buildings,

civil works, renovation and utilities.

07808 803642

atlas packaging

We are a UK cardboard box

manufacturer making all types of

corrugated cardboard packaging

from our base in Devon.

01271 344055


emm-lec ltd

Emm-Lec offer complete general

builder, electrician and kitchen

solutions through a complete

design and installation service.

01297 680 396



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Willis Publicity, trading since

1970, has developed into one

of the UK’s leading suppliers of

branded POS bar products.

01582 764 040


duynie group

Our drive for innovative and gamechanging

ideas keeps us ahead of

the market. Continuously looking

for new, creative ways to generate

more value from co-products. For

us, our suppliers, our customers

and the environment.

0172 46 06 10


Carters Packaging

have a comprehensive range of

products within the industrial,

retail, food, postal, janitorial and

horticultural industries which is

forever evolving.

01209 204777


Cornwall Waste Solutions

provide a complete waste

management service for industry

and businesses throughout the

South West of England.

01726 218 755



Rawlings is a leading

independent, packaging specialist

supplying bottles and jars to a

diverse range of markets. We work

with some of the most revered UK

brands who trust us to provide a

professional service.

0117 960 41 41


Cornwall Cooling can

provide a comprehensive

range of solutions to meet the

requirements of the commercial

refrigeration and air conditioning


01209 832840


croxsons is a unique,

family-owned company.

We offer the best choice of glass

bottle containers, closures and

decoration to international food

and beverage brands.

020 8337 2945


E R Jenkin & Sons provide

building, construction

and electrical services with

attention to detail, quality

workmanship and excellent

customer care.

01736 361 188


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Pentair Flow &

Filtration Solutions

offer inspired engineered

solutions. Including membrane

technology for beer purification,

carbon dioxide systems and quality

control equipment.

01905 797 280


Fluid Branding

are a promotional merchandise

supplier providing branded

promotional products, creative and

innovative ideas, or fully managed

online merchandise solutions.

0333 414 9495




markem-imaje uk

Markem-Imaje is a manufacturer

of product identification and

traceability solutions, offering a

range of innovative inkjet, thermal

transfer, laser and print & apply


0161 864 8111


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Air Products

Alfa Laval

Allsop and Pitts

ASG Security

Berkshire Labels

Crisp Malt

D F Bryan Ltd

D Wade Welding

Drew & Co Electrical



Edmunson Electrical

Electrical Services


Foot Anstey

FWB Products Ltd

Holchem Laboratories

ITP Electrical Ltd

JWS Industrial & Welding



krones uk ltd


Moeschle Uk Ltd

Murphy & Son

N A Dowrick

Parc Signs

Parker Sales UK


Pure Tec Separations Ltd

Seals & Mounts

Sign Specialists ltd

South Coast lifting


South West Electrics

SRS Digital

Treasure Transport


Trevor Crane

UB Plastics

Voice Group

York Electrics


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21 Years of Beer

Every penny

of profit from the

beer festival goes to

help local charities

St Austell Brewery

63 Trevarthian Road

St Austell, Cornwall

PL25 4BY

0345 241 1122





Thank you

please drink responsibly

please drink sensibly, enjoy the day and please be

considerate of our neighbours when you leave.

All hop decorations for the

festival were kindly donated

by Charles Faram & Co Ltd.

if you require first aid, please contact a

member of the security team or bar staff.


If you are lucky enough to look under 25 you must produce ID to enter. No under 18s.

No pets. Entry tickets are only available on the door. Please arrive early as we have

limited capacity. Extra beer tokens are available for £2.00 per half pint at all cash desks.

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