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N E W K T M 8 9 0 D U K E


Super Scalpel, huh? Well, the new 890 Duke R exists between

the 790 Duke, aka the Scalpel and the 1290 Super Duke,

so Super Scalpel it is. “Beast-Duke with a Scalpel” probably

wouldn’t fit on the tank, anyway.

You’re not remembering wrong, they

did just introduce the all-new 790

Duke a couple years ago. So why

produce an upgrade this soon? The

answer, we think, is that this isn’t a

replacement. The meaner 890 R will

be sold alongside the 790. They’re

just expanding their range, mainly

for coun tries like SA where there is

no replacment for displacment.

The 890 Duke R uses an

upgraded 790 parallel twin, now

making 121 horsepower! That’s 15

more than the 790, and yet the 890

weighs almost 3 kilos less at 166

kilos (dry). Making a very strong


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