RideFast December 2019


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is implemented visually, with

a brass-colored, fan forced

radiator. There’s a second,

ducted fan at the back of the

battery pack, which presumably

draws heat out of the battery

and motor cooling systems and

deposits it right onto the rear

Supercorsa SP tyre, where it can

make itself useful in bringing

the rubber up to temperature.

The footpegs are adjustable

using circular locators, and there

doesn’t appear to be a rear brake

pedal. That’s odd, because BST

says the Hypertek is one of the

very few electric motorcycles

you’ll see that runs a traditional

clutch, so presumably that’s the

left handlebar’s lever accounted

for and we have no idea how

you’re expected to operate the

rear brake.

The addition of a clutch, even

though the bike is an electric

single-speed, allows you to rev

the motor at a standstill, but

also to clutch up bulk wheelies

and drop sick burnouts. And if

you have (correctly) identified

that as a bit of a personal point

of glee for me, it should also

be noted that BST itself says

“burnouts and wheelies [are]

standard features.”

For those less inclined

to antisocial shenanigans,

there will be wheelie and

traction control built in. Other

electronics include cruise

control and hill stop. ABS is not

mentioned, but can possibly

be assumed given that the

brakes look absolutely savage:

a single 330-mm, unvented

disc at the front made from

ceramic-infused aluminum and

gripped by what looks like a

Brembo monobloc caliper, with

a smaller copy at the rear.

The wheels, naturally, are

carbon fibre. As is the slim,

skeletal monocoque frame,

which is a beautiful piece of

design. The “tank” unit and

subframe/tailpiece are barely

there, they just hint at the

human shape that’ll press

against them. The tail and

transparent brake light take

an idea we first noticed in the

late-model Yamaha R1 to the

extreme, like some kind of

floating wing. It would perfectly

channel flatulence out into a

pocket of negative pressure in


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