NZPhotographer Issue 26, December 2019


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F18, 1/2000s, ISO320

What makes me tick is being in such a beautiful

country and seeing the beautiful birds and wild

scenery that we have – Behind my house is bush

and farmland, every morning I wake up to the

chorus of birds as they bring in a new day.


My favourite place to visit on the West Coast is

Mokau which is an hours drive from Te Kuiti. It

is beautifully wild with hardly anyone there. My

other favourite coast to visit is Tirohanga outside

of Opotiki on the East Coast, the campsite there

is a fantastic place to stay. Of course, I prefer to

go off season to these places when there are less

people around!



I got into photography in high school when

I was part of the magazine club back in the 80’s

where I was a student at Ruapehu college. But

it was during my time living in Tauranga that my

passion evolved and grew and where I became

obsessed with sunrises and sunsets – Getting up

in the early hours to rush to the mount to see

the sunrise. I love the colours that nature brings

to you in those early moments, the golden hour

or blue hour as we call it. It’s a time I feel the

power and glory of nature and when you stand

on a beach and see that glorious sun rising and

knowing that New Zealand is the first to see its

rays makes it even more special – It gives you

hope that nothing is all that bad in the world.

It’s been a hard year this year with a marriage

breakup and going through ‘the change’.

It was extremely debilitating and I suffered

tremendously with depression and anxiety. My

health was affected greatly by the sudden

decrease of hormones, they became so low it

affected my ability to even think and I became

extremely emotional with things. My mothers

death three years ago did not help and my

husband’s diagnosis with Huntington’s disease

made things even harder. We are still supporting

each other and I am still supporting him but

I needed to find myself and find who I was to

become a better person so that I could be there

for him. I needed to find myself to come right.

I love my photography, it’s a passion that runs

deep and has saved my life. At one time I nearly

gave it up but I’m glad I haven’t. It takes me

places and I meet amazing people and have a

journey and adventures at the same time.

I love to photograph nature, macro,

astrophotography, city nightscapes, dancers,

and also I love fire photography and have done

quite a bit of work in that area. I would love to

get into photographing ballet dancers and into

extreme sports photography so yes my tastes

vary and I experiment with photography all the

time since technology is forever changing.

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