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A Word From The Editor...

A very warm welcome to my Christmas issue of

Write Away Magazine. It’s packed full of cheer

from talented artists around the world who have

kindly contributed thier own original Christmas

songs/lyeics for your pleasure. Please take a

moment to check out all the links provided.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my

readers a wonderful Christmas, and ask that if you

enjoy my magazine please share it on social media

for all to enjoy.

I’ve also released Volume Two of ‘My Life In

Lyrics’, which you can now preview or download

from my website. Volume One is also still

available from www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

You can also submit articles for my magazine

directly from my website should you so wish to.

I would like to offer a huge thank you to each of my

regular writers for their invaluable support over the

past twelve months, and for producing such

excellent content in all their articles. I would be lost

without your input, and am truly grateful to you all.

So, here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

time, and also good fortune and health for the

coming New Year.

Jane xxx

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Finding Your Words

Show what you mean - don’t tell. “I’m so sad, I just feel

bad, my girlfriend left me today...”....Not the best way to

express your words. This is a fast way to make your song


The best lyrics, like any good writing, get us to feel emotions

because they capture that experience, not because

they tell us what to feel. Try to write about what it’s like to

feel something, instead of just

telling your audience.

A good example of an alternative to this “I’m so sad” thing

is from Damien Rice’s song The Animals Were Gone: “At

night I dream without you, and hope I don’t wake up;

‘Cause waking up without you is like drinking from an

empty cup”.

Brainstorm some ideas so you can see what you have and

choose or even build off of an existing idea. It is probably

best if you have an inspiration.

https://www.rhymezone.com/ - Check this out if you’ve

never used it before. It’s a great aid to rhyme.

has far more rhyming than other ge

not required. It’s just stylistic.

Try non-standard rhyme schemes. I

your rhyming stand out a bit more a

cheesy, you can experiment with diff

rhyming. Did you know that there’s

Explore assonance/consonance rhym

alliteration, forced rhymes, etc.

Assonance is the repetition of vowe

create internal rhyming within phra

together with alliteration and conso

of the building blocks of verse. Ass

to be a rhyme; the identity of which

sequence of both vowel and conson

Consonance refers to repetitive sou

consonants within a sentence or ph

often takes place in quick succession

patter. It is classified as a literary ter

as well as prose. For instance, the w

kick are consonant with one and oth

existence of common interior conso

Rhyme within reason. You know when you see a song

written by someone who isn’t very good and the lyrics just

come off as cheesy? This is often because they rhyme too

much or very badly. Aim to avoid having all of your lines

rhyme, and look for rhymes that you do use that look

natural. Don’t put weird phrases or words into your lyrics

just to get a rhyme. Really, your lyrics don’t have to rhyme

at all. Plenty of songs have non-rhyming lyrics.

Good: “You make me feel real again/You just have to smile

and I know/The sun’s coming out - Amen!”

Bad: “I really love my cat/My cat is where it’s at/Her tail

looks like a bat/She’s getting kind of fat...”

Of course, there are some genre considerations. Rap often

04 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

The Lyrics Doctor

nres, but even then it’s

f you do want to make

nd avoid sounding

erent styles of

more ways to rhyme?

es, pararhyme,

l sounds to

ses or sentences, and

nance serves as one

onance does not have

depends merely on

ant sounds.

nds produced by

rase. This repetition

such as in pitter,

m used in both poetry

ords chuckle, fickle, and

er due to the

nant sounds

Another example, Macklemore’s Same Love uses many

examples of assonance rhymes and other non-standard

rhymes: lately/daily, anointed/poisoned, important/support

it, etc

Pararhyme is a half-rhyme in which there is vowel variation

within the same consonant pattern.

“Strange Meeting” (1918) is a poem by Wilfred Owen, a

war poet who used pararhyme in his writing. Here is a part

of the poem that shows pararhyme:

Too fast in thought or death to be bestirred.

Then, as I probed them, one sprang up, and stared

With piteous recognition in fixed eyes,

Lifting distressful hands, as if to bless.

And by his smile, I knew that sullen hall,

By his dead smile I knew we stood in Hell.

Alliteration and rhyme

Alliteration refers to words that share the same

initial sound, like Peter Piper, Bugs Bunny, or Mickey


Rhyme refers to words that share the same final sound or

sound sequence, like me and tree or tap and cap, or fun

and sun. Rhyme is actually quite complex and difficult to

explain precisely, so you’ll want to keep it pretty simple, at

least at first. My advice: stick to one-syllable words with a

simple sound structure, at least at first.

Avoid cliches. You want to avoid cliches because these

keep your songs from standing out and don’t show off your

unique talent. If you have someone down on their knees

(especially if they’re begging please), someone is walking

down the street (either it’s a girl or it’s you, either way, it’s

been done), or you just have to ask “why can’t you see”, you

probably need to go back to the drawing board...

Please email any questions for The Lyrics Doctor

directly to me and I will forward to him.


www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 05


Every morning it’s the same routine …

Alarm clock is waking me at four …

Hot cup of coffee stirred with a candy cane …

Sugar pie then out the door

Making my way through the traffic jam …

With thousands of elves heading to Santa’s shop …

Where we all make toys on the assembly line, …

And the work it never stops


Slap on a set of tires make the noise “vroom, vroom”

… Send the car rolling across the room …

Grab a hammer, whack a nail, make a tug boat …

Throw it in the tub see if it floats

Stand the doll, brush the hair, put it in the box …

Tie a golden ribbon in a knot …

Every task is different but the goal’s the same …

Filling Santa’s magic bag


Steam-whistle toot-toots for the shift change …

I’ll finish this toy before I go …

Then skip rope, dance a jig, sing a Christmas song …

As I’m heading for the door

These twelve hour shifts seven days a week …

Don’t leave a lot of time for elf things …

But it’s what I love and all I live for,

… And the only thing I dream


Slap on a set of tires make the noise “vroom, vroom”

… Send the car rolling across the room …

Grab a hammer, whack a nail, make a tug boat …

Throw it in the tub see if it floats

Stand the doll, brush the hair, put it in the box …

Tie a golden ribbon in a knot …

Every task is different but the goal’s the same …

Filling Santa’s magic bag


Filling Santa

Written By D

You can find Daryn’s music on Reverbnation... and follow on his Website...

06 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Daryn Wright

’s Magic Bag

aryn Wright

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 07

What Are You W

Want To Go Further in 2020 Than You Did in 2019?

Are you willing to spend 30 minutes to get started on

2020 right now? Why wait for New Yearâ€s Day to

start planning and working on your next year!

If you’re serious about improving your lyric writing

and going somewhere with it grab a pen and paper,

we’ve got some writing to do:

Tell Me About Your Made It Moment....

What’s it feel like when time stops as you reach your

dream goal?

Shivers? Spotlights?

Are you hearing your words on the radio? Getting

your first royalty cheque?

Stop and imagine it.

Close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of reaching

your songwriting dream!

Now before you let reality crush your dreams and

you start thinking but I can’t. I’ll never, that’s too big

a dream.. write about it!

Pretend it’s a piece of fiction if it helps. If you want to

be a writer, write about it, point form is fine:

What would a made it momentfeel like, look like,

sound like?

What knowledge, skills, connections with other

people will help you get to your dream?

What steps or smaller goals do you need to get there?

write at least 10 before you continue.

I’m Not Kidding, Write It Down!

Write it down to help make it real, go get a pen and

paper, I’ll wait. Seriously...

Now that you’ve thought about and written about it

you’ve got an impressive list, yes? There’s at least a

page of dreams and ideas in front of you. So much to

do, probably too much. Instead of getting

overwhelmed be gentle with yourself, dial it back and

find the best first step:

What can you do consistently over the next year to

move towards your dream?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:


You need to know what to do: how to generate

interesting song ideas, how to write effective lyrics,

how to structure them into a song...

To learn more about lyric structure, you could

analyze a song each week.

You could take a lyric writing course and carve out

30 minutes, 4 nights a week to work on it.

What knowledge would help you achieve your

songwriting dream and how will you learn it?


Knowledge is power, but it takes songwriting skills

to create solid lyrics.. What lyric writing skills would

improve your songs?

For more emotional impact with your lyrics spend

an hour a week building a list of awesome lines you


To make it easier to start new songs, create a list of

titles to refer to when you’re starting a new song and

brainstorm new title ideas at least once a week.

To practice coming up with lyric ideas quickly, for a

month spend 10 minutes a day brainstorming ideas

for you latest song.

If you want to make more time for songwriting, you

can consistently work on your songwriting a little

every day.

08 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Trevor Dimoff

riting Next Year?

What lyric writing skills would help you get to your



Nobody is successful without helping and interacting

with other people. Put yourself out there online and

especially in person.

For example, if you need to find co-writers to help

you write music you can:

Reach out to a new songwriter each week with a

personal message.

Find a songwriting group in your area and go to

meetings, meet people face to face.

Spend an hour a week setting up and having

conversations with other songwriters.


I want you to do something new or different or better

so you’re moving towards you dream. Start with the

little steps that set you on the path! think about what

you’re writing next year.

Now, tell me about your I made it moments, when

your songwriting dream comes true and let me

know: what’s your best first step to get to your

songwriting dream?

I’d love to hear from you, tell me about it:


Trevor is a songwriter and songwriting teacher at


Click here to learn a quick method to write lyrics and

music for a song chorus.

What musical connections do you need and how can

you develop them?


All of the planning in the world won’t accomplish

anything if you don’t follow through! results require


Start with the end in mind, your songwriting dream.

Come back to it when you feel your motivation

slipping. If it no longer seems relevant, change it and

focus on a new dream, a new I made it moment!

Break it down into smaller more manageable steps.

Perhaps one of these steps is your big goal for 2020.

Decide what consistent action will help you learn and


You’ve thought and written about your

songwriting dream, and worked through these

questions... what’s your best first step to catch that


www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 09

George Mich

In the coaching world, one of the primary things

to get working in a voice quickly is efficiency and

adduction - the proper closing of the vocal folds.

So many other great things become available

when we can do this. So what about all the

breathy songs out there? Are they sung poorly?

Are they bad? Not at all. But if you’re in

training with a pro coach and the ONLY thing

you can ever do after training is sing breathy,

then you’d probably want to be asking some

questions. A car that can go 200Km/hr can

obviously travel at 60 if the driver desires, yet

a car that can only go to 60 can’t go to 200. A

voice that can sing powerfully can obviously pull

back and sing breathy and intimately, but a voice

that can only ever do that, can’t sing with power.

When a singer interprets a song, there are

multiple options available to them. Loud or soft?

Pushing the groove or sitting back on it? Bright

and twangy or dark and mellow? Perfect diction

(that might make a contemporary song suck) or

approximate diction (that would make

traditional singing suck) and breathy or clear.

The ability to instantly go from a huge belt to a

seductive and breathy voice is one of the greatest

hallmarks of George Michael’s sound. He was

truly masterful at it. And he could do it more

than once within the same vocal line.

George Michael had a GREAT tone to his voice.

It always sounded very open, controlled and

accurate. What made his performances shine

was his deliberate (or naturally intuitive)

movement from breathy to belt without

changing his tone. This takes skill and a deep

emotional connection to his voice. Listen to his

performances and you’ll notice him moving in

and out seamlessly.

So when you’re working on your performances

this month, why not take a leaf out of his book

and try singing some phrases differently to

how you usually would. If you have a naturally

breathy voice, try singing a few with a clear tone,

and if you naturally sing very clear and

efficiently, try singing a word or two with some

breath for emphasis. I can’t stress enough what a

10 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Paul Sykes

ael’s Vocals

difference it will make to your live or studio

performances when you can step out of the

dynamic comfort zone and apply dynamics and

texture to your lines. At first, you may feel silly,

but with practice and experience you’ll begin to

develop a whole new vocal expression and


Maybe it was coincidence that one of his songs

was called careless whisper… But after reading

this, you may come to the same conclusion that

I came to, that maybe it wasn’t so coincidental

after all...

You can find out more about Paul Sykes, vocal

coach by visting his website.

Please follow this link...

Also Paul has just opened a brand new online

vocal course, which you are all invited to check

out on the following link.

Please follow this link....

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 11

So This Is Christmas... An

In our last episode, one of the points we touched

upon was the need to tell a story that was new,

or at least an emotional groove that was new…

.”Love is great”, we said, was a statement that,

while true, was so universal as to be the worst

of all artistic sins: not interesting. And if there

were a “runner-up” prize for “Most dangerous

quagmire for new songwriters”, what could be a

more deserving candidate than Christmas! (we

note, as an aside, that topics like this are

particularly perilous for new, upcoming

songwriters…..songwriters with widespread,

universal appeal seem to get away with

generalized pap they call universal much more

easily...did Paul McCartney just click to a new

webpage? Well, if so, I hope he took his

Christmas bells (and John Lennon’s children’s

choir with him…..but I digress)

Christmas! Where religion, family, food,... and

toys coalesce….and don’t forget alcohol! If, as

the rehab counselors say, addiction is a

downward spiral of chasing a first time high over

and over, but never quite as good….well that’s an

apt description of what Christmas becomes for

many adults. That’s a whole nother book! The

problem for songwriters, however centers around

the fact that so many people already have very

strong emotional impressions from idealized

(half remembered) childhood experiences--they

already “know” more about Christmas than you

could possibly tell them. But they want you to


Sales of Christmas songs clearly holler that (or

“carol” that, if you prefer). The waterfront,

unfortunately, has already been well covered,

which accounts for the further and further

“reaches” in order to say something new….

did the authors of “Grandma got run over by a

reindeer” just click to a new webpage? Could

they take the barking dog Jingle Bells people with

them? This is kinda for songwriters, ok.

Actually, though, Grandma and her reindeer are

actually what you need,or so I would suggest:

something outside the sappy “Love is great”

song...with “love” changed out to “Christmas”.

Which brings us to a personal story:

In 2014, I decided to take up the challenge of

a Christmas song. Hazardous, I knew….but

hadn’t I already written the “Best Song in the

World”? Well, I hadn’t...but I was runner-up

(twice) in a contest called that. And I still had

those Elixir coated guitar strings I had won as

“honorable mention” in a Billboard songwriting

contest….so I was clearly qualified ( I thought) to

take on a challenge that had reduced so many

talented writers to….dreck. But what to do….

what fresh spin could I possibly…...AH HA! It

came to me in a great moment of clarity (or so

I thought). I scribbled a few lines, and called

the band for rehearsal. I began teaching them

my epic: “All I want for Christmas is...a divorce”.

Suddenly, my wife Amy, who rarely takes

interest in musical matters, burst into the room.

“Did you write that? Is that yours?”, she asked.

“Uh…..maybe”, I sheepishly replied. There

was a pause that perhaps seemed longer than it

was…...and she responded “That’s the best song

you EVER wrote!”....I couldn’t be sure, but she

SEEMED neither sarcastic nor upset…..I chalked

it up to the power of ART….I think.

You decide, here it is:




And Merry Christmas….also

Happy holidays, Blessed Kwanza


12 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Bill O’Halloran

d What Have You Done?

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 13

S tand F

(Verse 1)

Snow is falling on Christmas Eve

Reindeer being readied

Sleigh bells on the breeze,

But not everybody’s tucked up in bed

Or has a roof on which to land a sled

Woah, Christmas Eve

(Verse 2)

Snow keeps falling on Christmas Eve

Riley’s old blanket

Guards against the freeze,

The medals that he earned were sold long ago

A dog-tag round his neck glinting in the snow

Woah, in the snow

(Pre Chorus)

We all have our wars to fight

Let me stand with you

Deep in the dark of night

I know what you would do


You stood for me

So I will stand for you

If you can’t stand any more

I will carry you

We’ll carry you

Support each other

It’s what we gotta do


I see dark clouds

Cold city walls

Queues for a shelter

The blare of car horns

Heroes in rags showing wounds in their eyes

They’ve faced more than snow falling from the skies

(Verse 3)

Hope comes calling on Christmas Eve

Stockings on the mantle

Kids all believe,

There is no man that will be left behind

We carry our fallen, eyes for our blind

Eyes for our blind

(Pre Chorus)

We all have our wars to fight

Let me stand with you

Deep in the dark of night

I know what you would do


You stood for me

So I will stand for you

If you can’t stand any more

I will carry you

We’ll carry you

Support each other

It’s what we gotta do

Written By Simon Wright

(September 2018)

Click here to listen....

Hope for Homeless Heroes’ Hearts II – a

Christmas Charity album

Christmas should be a joyous time. A time to spend

with loved ones, exchange presents while enjoying

good food. But Christmas is not joyous for everyone.

It’s really important that we reflect on this and do our

bit to help those who haven’t been as fortunate as us.

One group that particularly deserves support is

homeless veterans. These are people who have served

their country, often putting their bodies on the line,

but who then find themselves on the margins of

society after returning to civilian life.

American musician Stephen Kalpin decided to do

something about the plight of homeless veterans by

creating an album of Christmas-themed songs, with

the proceeds of sales going to the National Coalition

for Homeless Veterans.

Bringing together a team of big-hearted


When Stephen came up with the idea of doing a

Christmas charity album, he invited others to

14 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Simon Wright

or You

collaborate through a post on a Facebook group

called ‘Songwriting and Music Production’.

His invitation was answered by an enthusiastic and

talented bunch of musicians and songwriters. It’s a

really global effort, with contributions drawn from

Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Finland, England,

South Africa, United States, Scotland, Italy, and


The album features fresh interpretations of

well-known Christmas favourites, plus original new

material. The music is sumptuous and will make your

foot tap, your heart smile, and hopefully also make

you think about what Christmas means to you and

its true spirit.

Stand for you lyric

My contribution to the album was to create an

original lyric, called ‘Stand for you’. Riley, the veteran

referenced within the song, is a fictitious

character, but he represents the plight that many

veterans sadly end up facing. He has had to sell the

medals he earned, and has gone (in society’s eyes)

from being a homecoming hero to just another

homeless person sat on a street corner.

I wanted to juxtaposition Riley’s plight with the

joyous anticipation that kids have on Christmas Eve

– being tucked up in a warm bed waiting excitedly

for Santa and his reindeer to arrive. And then to have

the chorus be an uplifting tale of how others will

support Riley in his hour of need, just as he stood for

us when serving his country.I originally thought the

lyric could maybe be converted into a Bruce

Springsteen-type song, but when Seth Koos started

working on it he had the great idea to move it into

more of a hard rock territory. And we were very

lucky to enlist Bob Campbell to provide the vocal

oomph that the song needed. I’m very proud of the

end result and that a lyric I wrote is helping a great



Click here

to purchase..

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 15

Maybe Christmas T

I don’t regret the choice to fight

for what is right

But every day I pray

to be coming home tonight

So Let us win and let peace begin

I pray that soon, I’ll get back again

I don’t know how I don’t know when

Maybe Christmastime I’ll be home

Maybe Christmastime I’ll be home

I never turn around

when things don’t go as planned

I never once back down

when I have to make a stand..



Didn’t know how much I’d miss

Mom and everyone

You tell her I’ll be back

When the war is won.


I always think first of the people I protect

I never once thought twice

about things I could not get.


To listen click this link...


HappyRon’s music has been described as

“Mr. Rogers Meets South Park.”

At the age of 48 he finally healed a lifelong

disabilities that have prevented him from

fully pursuing music and is excited to finally

bring his music to the world.

Firstly he is on the autistic spectrum that

has always made communication difficult

and music has helped him heal and move

forward in life.

Secondly, he was born without a left hip

socket which brought tension and pain

throughout his body. After having surgery

he found that was able to create music

much easier and has become obsessed with

teaching people that anyone can make


He is most well known for fun sing-along

songs like “Terribly Happy” and “If You’re

Bored In San Diego (IT’S YOUR FAULT)

as well as songs in many other styles. He

has been described as a cross between

“punk rock and punk folk.”

His music is influenced by, among others,

Ringo Starr, Mr. Rogers, South Park, and

Leonard Cohen.

He is now an inspirational speaker with

music sharing the value of positive thought

and action to businesses and schools.

16 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Happy Ron Hill

ime I’ll Be Home

“Dare we say HappyRon is making San Diego

hipper?” - The San Diego Reader

“HappyRon lives and breathes music. His

dedication is an inspiration” - The San Diego

Union Tribune

“Every guy in the English Speaking world

needs a copy of HappyRon’s Terribly Happy

if only to sing along with his own life” The

Expresso Magazine https://www.theespresso.


“Masterpiece… anyone who listens will be

amazed at the depth of Happy Ron Hill’s songwriting.”

The San Diego Troubadour http://

www.sandiegotroubadour.com November


“Great stuff, great attitude and lyrics as well as

cool songs. Not to mention brilliant titles”

Dominic Pedler, author of the 800 page book

Songwriting Secrets Of The Beatles

Gregory Page says “ I didn’t like it, I LOVED



The Happy Man has lived in San Diego all his

life and his hope is to die in San Diego. He

never sang a note until he was thirty and didn’t

get “seriously” into music until he was forty.

He was played more than 2700 shows since

then bringing to the stage his unique

combination of fun sing-along songs with

heartfelt softer songs.

To celebrate his 44rth birthday he released

his first real album, backed by no less than

twenty-two people, including some of the best

musicians and singers in San Diego. Also

featured is Paul Litteral on Trumpet, who

played on the B-52s “Love Shack” and James

Brown’s “Living In America. The album

Produced by local music guru Sven-Erik

Seaholm. The critically acclaimed album was

nominated for a San Diego Music Award and

was described by The San Diego Troubadour

as “Masterpiece… anyone who listens will be

amazed at the depth of Happy Ron Hill’s


HappyRon was born without a socket in his

left hip and that contributed to music being

very difficult for him. After having surgery his

life and his music changed. He is now in what

he calls “HappyRon finally unleashed” mode

and is finally able to create his music in full


HappyRon has played with a thousand

musicians, his current band is The Good

Hearted People, featuring Stand Up Bass

Player Paul Tillery and Andy Gallagher from

Trains Across The Sea on keys.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/


SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/


www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 17

Life In

Volumes 1 & 2 are now available from my

You are invited to preview for free the first 7 pages of e

Each volume contains 30 original lyrics/poems of mine,

There are a further 12 volumes which will be released

So, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee you ca

18 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk


Life In Lyrics

website - www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

ach volume, or download for only £2.00 per volume.

with a brief caption on the inspiration for writing them.

at 3 monthly intervals, exclusively from my website.

n enjoy reading all of my lyrics/poems forever...

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 19

The room is getting smaller

The walls are closing in

The cold bites deep inside me

Where do I begin

I sit here watching snow fall

Remembering times past

Of love and fun and Christmas cheer

Times now in distant past



I’ll sing you a song of those days

Of family food and fun

And pretend for these three minutes

That they’ve only just begun

The wrapping presents, the Christmas tree

The anticipation on Christmas eve

But now the kids are grown up

You took your chance to leave

You left me in the season

Thats supposed to be of cheer

Leaving me to the ghosts of past

Alone to face my fear


I’ll sing you a song of those days

Of family food and fun

And pretend for these three minutes

That they’ve only just begun

So while you’re all celebrating

Think for a second of my pain

Coz there’s hundreds out there like me

All feeling much the same


I’ll sing you a song of those days

Of family food and fun

And pretend for these three minutes

That they’ve only just begun

That they’ve only just begun

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All rights reserved @Coolparadiso

Every year I write a couple of cheery Christmas

songs, which my wife and I perform and send as a

video to our friends, like a modern day Christmas


I started thinking about it just the other day and I

had another idea for now. Last year around

November as we were digging out our Christmas

songs and starting to practice, a member of our

musical group stopped coming and sent me and


He said he has no cheer for Xmas as it has too many

bad memories, so he just disappears for a while. It got

me thinking and I realised that it is true for many as

well as isolating further some very lonely people.

Now i am all in favour of Christmas cheer, but my

song was written so perhaps we take a small

moments reflection for the people that find

Christmas a challenge.

I only wrote the lyrics the day before writing this

article so at present the song has no music...

John (Coolparadiso) is a songwriter musician from

Australia, he has had many songs recorded across 8

countries and has released three of his own albums (2

of which he has produced).

He writes daily and posts early demos on his

SoundCloud account


his albums can be found at Bandcamp


20 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

John Nicholson

s Past

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 21

First Sign O

The moon rises early

In a clear November sky

Rests upon the brow of the hill

The ponies in the meadow

With their turnout rugs keep warm

While the suns still shines

Through the winter chill

Though it’s not even December

The shoppings all but done

And there’s nothing left to save for anyway

Bring me joy, bring me peace

Bring me comfort and relief

Bring me truth, bring me hope

For even though I don’t believe

I will join you in glad tidings

And sing within your choir

At the first sign of Christmas

Seasons bring no comfort

And little chance of peace

As children play beneath Syrian skies

The ever crumbling ruins

Of a country on its knees

Make every day a battle to survive

Though it’s closer now to Christmas

The fighting’s never done

And what is left to pray for anyway

Bring me joy, bring me peace

Bring me comfort and relief

Bring me truth, bring me hope

For even though I don’t believe

I will join you in glad tidings

And sing within your choir

At the first sign of Christmas

And there but for the grace of god

And there but for the grace of god

And there but for the grace of god

Bring me joy, bring me peace

Bring me comfort and relief

Bring me truth, bring me hope

For even though I don’t believe

I will join you in glad tidings

And sing within your choir

At the first sign of Christmas

Follow this link to listen...

First Sign Of Christmas

The inspiration for this lyric is based around the

simple principle of peace and good will, and that

should be a welcome message, regardless of

religion. The narrator is not religious, but

appreciates the message of peace.

The verses concern the difference in ‘life’,

particularly at Christmas time, between the

relative opulent and stable Western world and

that of warn torn Middle Eastern countries.

‘There but for the grace of god’ is meant as a

‘cheeky’ bridge between believers and

unbelievers, but is also an acknowledgment that

no one chooses their destiny.

David Sutherland:

Is a musician and writer of songs. With

unashamedly Americana influences, he weaves

stories of love, loss and travel among the open

landscape of the great American dream.

EP: Americana is available from https://davidsutherland.bandcamp.com/album/americana

SINGLE: Carnival is available from https://davidsutherland.bandcamp.com/track/carnival

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Dave Sutherland

f Christmas

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It’s been too long…, Since I saw your face…

At Christmas Time.., we’ll once again embrace…

Cause what I feel for you, Despite how far I roam

It’s Christmas time babe, And I’m coming home…….

Yes I know babe, that you’ll still be there

And of course you know, Just how much I care

Cause you wait for me, and your there to stay.....

There’s no more agony babe, I come home today….

Now I know the time is near…

And I know I’m almost there…

I’m so close to what is dear….

Feel electric in the air…

I can’t wait to see you, how’d I get this far

Alone without you

Walking to the door…

And I see you standing there….

With that smile on your face….

I know you still care….

Heart begins to race….

There’s just no more time to spare….

My spirit starts to soar….

Now I feel your warm embrace…..

Walking in the Door....

Walking in the door….

And Maybe, I’m a little more…..

So unlock the door…

And I’ll be there for you….

Said oh,

Oh this is true babe….

I walked in the door….

And you’re standing there,

With a smile on your face….

I know you still care…

Feel my heart…, my heart…, begin to race…..

‘Cause baby…

It’s been too long, it’s been too long…..

So long…..

Baby, without you…..

Baby, baby, baby, it’s true

Now lift the weight….

From your heavy heart….

this is where I left you….

Ah, oh, oh ……

To Listen click link...

This song started as a backing track, something to

play along with, just guitar, bass, and drums. I was

looking for something that featured an AM chord

and CM Chord, but not to prominently. It ended up

being 8 bars. As time went on, I added the piano and

the synth. After adding the piano melody, I began

to think of words for it, and wanted to do something

with the theme of coming home. Much of this can be

heard in the end of the song since those are the 8 bars

from the original backing track.

But I had no chorus, and nothing seemed to work.

So I got a vision of it starting with a kind of gentle

finger picked guitar that slowly progressed into what

you hear in the end. So I tried a few things on my

acoustic, and came up with what you hear today in

the beginning of the song. From there, it was just a

matter of slowly changing each instrument until it

becomes what you are hearing at the end of the song.

To be clear, this song is the same 8 bars from start to

finish. It’s the layering of each instruments voicing

that was the key.

Been too long (Christmas Version) – Words

This song started out as some of the words you hear

towards the end of the song. The piano melody always

gave me a feeling of coming home. So

phrases like walking in the door, sent me down that

path of a story about coming home. I had this vision

in my head of a young man, nicely dressed, sitting in

the back of a car, on his way home. He nervous and

anxious about seeing his lover again after so long.

So I put this image, a kind of video in my mind if

you will, to words. This became the first verses of the

song. I also had an image of him walking up to the

door, filled with anxiety that slowly dissipates as he

sees his lover and they exchange smiles. So I put this

image to words and it became the middle of the song.

The rest of the words at the end of the song, were

gathered from numerous improvisations.

Since this song is about coming home, and the

holidays are all about coming home and seeing loved

ones, I thought it would make a good Christmas

song. So I changed a few words around, and made it

about coming home at the holidays.

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Stephen Kalpin


Short Bio: Stephen Kalpin

Ever since he touched his first instrument in his very

early childhood, Stephen Kalpin (AKA Seth Koos

and Steven Jericho), has always been keenly

interested in creating original music. During visits

to his grandparents’ house at a very early age he

would play songs on their organ, using the numbers

of course. But he was always more interested in what

made that combination of notes work, and how it

made him feel, than the song itself

Around age 4 or 5, he began playing guitar,

experimenting and looking for combinations that

made him feel a certain way. At age 11, he began

taking lessons and studying music theory. At age 19,

after playing in a few bands, he stepped up for a bass

player with an injured finger in a band, and

immediately became their new bass player.

Frustrated by the bands unwillingness to try

original music, he would book studio time and write,

and record songs. Those songs drew the interest of

a smaller label. He continued to play with that band

and do studio work until age 29, when a virus caused

him, at first a nearly total hearing loss, and forced

him to leave the band and recording. As his hearing

began to return, he began to slowly play again with

friends, until a relocation moved him hundreds of

miles away.

At that point, unsatisfied with playing acoustic

guitar alone, he began recording again. After years of

comments like “this is too good to keep to yourself ”,

“Music is meant to be shared”, “You should be on a

stage somewhere”, and “That should be published”,

and because changes in technology, made it easier

to record at a much higher quality, he began writing

to publish. His first single “Banishing the Beast” in

2016 under the name “Seth Koos”. He has since been

working on an EP that will be titled “Days of Vinyl”

You can find a few of these tracks on soundcloud at

the link below. So come, feel the music.

Listen to Been Too Long by WinRec on #Sound-




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to purchase..

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It was a silent night and I’d drifted off to sleep

First day on the job

Third shift watching my brother’s sheep

It didn’t pay much money

But it was all that I could find

I was trying to keep my nose clean

Tryin to toe the line

Tried to fight the sleep

But the job it was so boring

It didn’t help for me to hear

Them other fellows snoring

Then somewhere near the edge

Of being awake and having a dream

The night sky lit up the like the noonday

And I heard myself scream

And the angels started dancing

They started saying Noel

Joy to the world born this day

Is the King of Israel

I thought I was seeing things

Closed my eyes thinking I was dreamin

But I knew that it was for real

When I heard them other fellas screaming

A hundred million angels

They was dancing in the glory

We ran for we was worth we left them sheep

Cause somebody had to tell the story

And the angels started dancing

They started saying Noel

Joy to the world born this day

Is the King of Israel

To this day I can still hear’em

Close my eyes see the glorious fire

My brother swears I’d been drinking

That night when I talk about

that heavenly choir

You know it doesn’t matter

He’s gonna feel what He wants to feel

But as for me I know what I saw

It ain’t no story man its real

The angels started dancing

They started saying noel

Joy to the world is born this day’s

the king of Israel

To listen click this link...

Outside the Box Writing

I like to look at a story and pick one element

and see where that tangent goes.

In light of the Holidays, I decided to revisit the

story of the Shepherds and the Angels from

Luke Chapter 2. As the story goes they were

watching their sheep at night when the angels


So I took one of the Shepherds and thought

about a guy who was down on his luck, maybe

an ex con. His brother begrudgingly gives him

a job where no one would see him. I built the

lyric around him “trying to toe the line” to keep

his nose clean and not screw up.

Then an incredible event happens and he leaves

his livestock. What was the reaction from his

brother and what happened. Would you

believe him? I enjoyed just taking a little twist

and painting a different perspective. This takes

your listener on a paradigm shift and helps

them see deeper into the people involved.

Thinking differently than the norm is fun to

explore and can create new opportunities

of discovery and innovative lyric writing.

Merry Christmas! Happy writing!

David Michael Rose

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David Michael Rose














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Is the most significant time

Of the year;

It’s the earth’s celebration

Of the birth of our Savior

Jesus Christ.

It’s the best time to be with

The people so dear to your heart

That is why I always long to

Celebrate Christmas with you.


(And/ I ) greet you,

Merry, merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you;

Merry, merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you;

I am very joyful

We’re together

On this holy day

That is why I

Always (long, love) to

Celebrate Christmas with you.


Is the most eventful season

Of the year

It’s the world’s festivity

Of the love of our Father

Almighty God.

It’s a season for giving, for sharing,

For showing love

That is why I

Always love to

Celebrate Christmas with you.

(Repeat Chorus, 2x)

I.... Always love to...

Celebrate Christmas....

With you.

Celebrate C

Even though I don’t have the talent of playing any

musical instrument, I am able to write song lyrics

with melody.

When a song chooses me to be it’s channel, I

usually write it straight away while singing it

with the melody that goes with it to capture the

song within me. There are songs that came to me

smoothly that I finished writing them in just a few

minutes or hours. When a song comes by

installments or with missing lyrics or blank

melodies, I sing them again and again while taking

a bath until the missing lyrics/melody fill in. There

are also songs that took me days, months, and

sometimes years, to complete them.

I composed the CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS song

in December of 2012. My father died in July of the

same year. The loneliness of having thoughts of

celebrating Christmas without him for the very

first time sparked in me the urge to write this song

with sense of encouragement for us to do our best,

as much as we can, to celebrate Christmas with

our loved ones, especially with our family, because

when they are gone, celebrating Christmas would

never be the same again.

It is also a product of a renewed excitement to

celebrate Christmas with hope and love, despite the

hurt and brokenness of losing my father, because

of the woman I met when we coincidentally went

to the Municipal Hall to get the death certificates

of her mother and my father who died just one day

apart. As we conversed, we learned that we were

grade school classmates and we only saw each

other again on that “destined” day, after 19 years

since our graduation. My Christmas wish of

celebrating Christmas with her, that I incorporated

in writing the song, is always granted since 2012,

especially now that we built our own family


To hear Augusto sing his song...

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Augusto Flameño Monsayac


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Oh Say But


Chords and voices

Silhouettes of a livin’ Prince

Many hearts rejoices

That unto us is born a King

Excitement and noises

All around the earth and heavens fill

That golden star announces

The birth of the prince of peace

And we welcome Him with joy in our hearts

With Gold, silver and myrrh in our hands

We bow our heads for an heavenly regard

Oh say but we’re glad

Carols and praises

Every livin’ soul would sing

As our hearts embraces

A beautiful n’ wonderful gift

In chants and choruses

We will let our voices ring

With joy we celebrate

The birth of our messiah king

And we welcome Him with joy in our hearts

With Gold, silver and myrrh in our hands

We bow our heads for an heavenly regard

Oh say but we’re glad

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, it’s

the time I feel true happiness. For me, writing

a lyric during this period should come

naturally. Christmas lyrics I believe must be as

clear as possible and also very easy to relate

with. In fact, any kind of lyric must be able to

get to the target listeners.

Before I thought of writing this, I was actually

stuck with the idea of writing something

related to the significant signs we see when the

Christmas season sets in. I knew what I wanted

to do, but I had to pend it because I myself

wouldn’t be able to relate with most parts of

the lyric. There’s no way we could talk about

Christmas season signs without snow. So far it

was a decent write and Christmas lovers in the

US would easily relate with it. But then, I never

felt any life in it. It took me awhile to realise

what the problem was. Then I had to go back

to my creative realm, tried to brainstorm ideas

but I was my own critic.

I said to myself, “C’mon you’re not trying to

impress anyone y’know”. I got a good pointer

at what I should actually be thinkin’ about. I

had gone through an article “Tips for writing a

Christmas song” sometime ago, and there was

a point that got me out of my so-called problem.

The writer said “a Christmas song must

be true...” Boom! I got what I needed.

All I had to do was look at my immediate

environment and write a song about the things

that I’ve really experienced. This inspired me

30 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

James K Victor

We’re Glad

to create a little piece not to quantify my joy

for the season, but because it’s the only way I

could express this wonderful feeling.


I am Kpokunu Victor, born on the 4th of July

1998. I’m a student and also a teacher. I write

and compose my own songs.

Although, none are recorded yet.

More of my lyrics at:


www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 31


32 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Sydney Westan

er 31st

The new year’s just a few days away

Then the whole world gets to celebrate

Out with the old, in with the new

Another magic year to spend with you

We will leave all our troubles behind

‘n Start all over with a kiss and a smile

We’ll tip a toast with midnight cheer

‘n Dance away the chill in the air

Make new plans, fulfill new dreams

Count your blessings,

your slate’ll be clean

That big crystal ball will start to fall

The fireworks fly, fun times for all

As the midnight hour

sweeps across the land

Auld Lang Syne will strike up the band

(Solo- 16 bars of humming the

melody of Auld Lang Syne)

We’ll make new plans,

fulfill new dreams

‘n Count our blessings, Oh!

12 / ThirtyFirst is almost here

The new year’s just a few days away

Then the whole world gets to celebrate

Out with the old, in with the new

Another magic year to spend with you

A Happy New Year to spend with you

Now, the new year’s just a few hours away…

Yeah, the new year’s just

a few hours away……

It’s time to start chilling…...

that French champagne!!!

It’s December Thirty First………………...


To listen follow this link...

I wrote this just to have some fun. There aren’t many

New Years songs, mostly just Christmas songs, so

we have to have a song to sing after Christmas to get

ready for the remainder of the holiday season.

Sydney Westan - Singer/Songwriter, aka Stan


Music from the heart of our land... comin’ from a

Country music man.

Singer/Songwriter Sydney Westan is committed to

all original works of Country, Blues, Folk,

Americana and Western music. His songs are

crafted into heartfelt ballads, intriguing love songs,

bluesy shuffles and some ‘just for fun’ songs.

Sydney has studied at Berlee College of Music in

Boston, M.A., and has been writing songs, lyrics

and poetry since the ‘60’s’. He has performed in the

Santa Fe / Taos area for over a decade now.

His shows blend dynamic acoustic/electric guitar

playing with varied vocals, from a deep Country

growl to smooth tenor and lively falsetto.

He wears his heart on his sleeve, bears his soul in his

lyrics and leaves you with a song to remember, so

please ‘don’t just come to hear some music! Come

and listen to the song!!’ He’s available for 2 or 3 hour

shows in the Santa Fe, Taos and Albuquerque area.

For info on rates and bookings or to receive a

promo CD 505-699-5135



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Christmastime blues, king of the jews

If you only knew what’s gonna happen to you

Nailed to the cross, by the big boss

Everyone just standin’ ‘round at a complete loss

The baby that’s before us will be joining in a chorus of the

Christmastime Blues


Christmastime Blues, poor little dude

A manger for a cradle-bed when you are brand new

Star in the sky, shines in the eyes

Of the three old wise men from the east who drop by

Besides the gifts they bring these wise men gonna sing a bit of

Christmastime Blues

Christmastime Blues, nothin’ to lose

Not a single clue about what you’re here to do

Dad’s got a plan, but he’s not a man

He’s an ancient idea from way out in Iran

They marked you as a prophet there’s no way you can stop

them ol’ Christmastime Blues

Christmastime Blues, don’t get to choose

Stay out of Jerusalem man you bound to lose

Passover time, committin’ crimes

With the 12 apostles and a bunch of red wine

But you will be betrayed so there you gonna stay with the

Christmastime Blues

Christmastime Blues, born without shoes

Dad above sure knows that you’ll be payin’ your dues

Ready or not to show what you got

Kill the Roman Empire from inside with slow rot

You’ll know it when they gotta sing a whole cantata called the

Christmastime Blues

Christmastime blues, king of the jews

If you only knew what’s gonna happen to you

To listen click this link...

34 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Jason Baker



While I have been a musician

since age 14, songwriting is

something I started in earnest

in 2017. As part of learning

how to write songs, I joined

several songwriting communities,

including local groups that

hold song feedback meetings

monthly. One thing that song

communities provide is song

prompts to help inspire songwriters

get into the practice of

completing songs.

One of the very first prompts I

used was “write a holiday song”.

Most “holiday” songs are about

Christmas, so I had to decide if

I wanted to do that, or

something “alternate”. As an

atheist from an ethnically-Jewish

background, I didn’t feel

particularly compelled to write

about Chanukah or other

holiday. While many, many

“Christmas” songs are in fact

secular in content, while

celebrating the trappings of

“the season”, I didn’t feel ike

I needed to add to that large

body of work. I decided to

write a song about Christmas,

and to focus on the main character

and event, Jesus and the


I thought about when I first

learned about Jesus and his life

as a kid, and the thoughts I had

at the time, mixing Chanukah

and Passover, Christmas and

Easter in my young mind, and

wondering… “If they knew he

was a prophet, why didn’t they

warn him?”. So this song is

simply a sympathetic message

from one Jewish kid to another.

Jason Baker is a songwriter &

performer from Burlington,

Vermont. Jason started writing

songs in 2017, and performing

in 2018, releasing his debut,

“America Dreams”. On his new

album, “Common Man Blues”,

Jason continues to write songs

influenced by the deep roots of

old-time & acoustic music, yet

modern in lyrical perspective.

2019 New England Music

Awards Nominee for “Best in


Nov/Dec American Songwriter

Magazine Lyric Contest Runner-Up

for the song “Christmastime


My Website:


www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 35

This Ch

Its Christmas, dont you know

This Chirstmas all I want is snow

God’s already provided us everything we need

in our new New Hampshire home

The only thing left on my wishlist

is to spent it in the glistening snow

This Christian already celebrates all year long

So this year all my wishes have been granted

Except to spend my first northern winter

In the White Mountains, high, hi

I’ll be singing a happy ho ho ho

to all you Southern folks

We don’t see much snow in Broken Bow

So This Christmas, all i want is snow

Ole man winter visits

for more that just a brew or two

Oh yea, he wants dinner, wine,

& a recliner too

Settle down for a long winters nap or two

I’ll watch the snow pile from my easy chair

where I’m warm

and Ill make snow angels

I’ll take my five then come back

and get warm by the fire

This season all I want is snow

To spend Christmas in a pretty red bow

In the glistning snow

This Christmas, all I wanna do

is spend it with family & friends

In the glistning snow

Lyrics and vocals by Queen Regina Palmer

Tony Carlozzi on Guitar

All copyrights reserved 2019

I’m an Oklahoma native. I’ve been a poet & lyricist

my entire life. As long as I can recall back from early

childhood. But from a broken family & tough childhood

& adolescence, I never had much opportunity

to learn music, or be around musicians. But I wrote,

sang in the shower & dreamed. I couldnt play any

instrument & allowed that to hold me back. Finally

at 28, I moved to Nashville. Married a professional

keyboardist who worked for Young Chang Piano

Company. But that didnt work out in my favor like

I had hoped. Moved back to Arkansas in 2003 to

be with my dying father. Married again & hung up

the dream. Until it nearly killed my soul. I was on

the wrong path & felt disappointed in myself, as if I

had missed my calling. 12 years of physical sickness,

unequally yoked partnership & internally unhappy, I

filed for divorce 3 years ago. Walked away with nothing

just to get out.

I took my briefcase down from my closet where I had

aproximately 60 song lyrics written. I prayed over

them. I told God, if he would give me my health &

talent back I’d vow to pursue the vision he have me

come what may. My miracle came in my health with

hard work, a complete rebuild of the old me began

to transform me & my fate. That’s when the blessings

began to rain. I started writing & singing again every

day. But there was still a very big mountain to crumble.

I was 50, broke, & homeless.

So from a borrowed broken hand me down cellphone

with full Verizon service that my lifelong dear friend

afforded me, I began adding my acapella songs to

Reverbnation. I began to grow fans & get fantastic

comments that fueled me. I felt like finally I was on

the right path God chose for me. Finally after joining

International Singer Songwriter Accociation, I met a

Veteran Cover Tribute artist Tony Carlozzi. I was in

Oklahoma, he was in Brockton, MA. We worked a

plan & executed it to come together for music. Thus

becoming the Gigglefits. That was in May, 2019, just

over 6 months ago. The growth is astounding.

Click this link to listen...

38 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Queen Regina Of The Gigglefits


www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 39

Grandma’s Got A N

The old tree was withered from years of use,

but grandma couldn’t bear to let it go.

Through 27 Christmases the tree has survived.

With love and tinsel the age hardly shows.

This year, as she was getting it from the box,

the limbs were tattered and falling apart.

First she got mad, then she was sad,

as all the memories swelled in her heart.

The kids suggested, it’s time to get a new tree.

Grandma went to Wally’s to find one that’s just right.

So easy to assemble, granny couldn’t believe,

It came in three pieces, even built in lights

Grandma’s got a new Christmas tree

and she’s showing it off.

She lights it brightly every night.

She opens the curtains so everyone will see,

this shiny new tree with glimmering lights.

She’s as thrilled as she can be.

She’s called her friends on the phone

and her grand-babies too.

This Christmas will be the best ever.

Granny’s spreading the news.

Every day of the week even before dark,

granny lights the tree and it gives her a spark.

Cloudy days, rainy days, it doesn’t matter to her.

That tree will be glistening and she’ll get a stir.

The kids all love it, especially what’s underneath.

Grandma went crazy this year way beyond belief.

Presents for the kids, grand-kids,

neighbors and friends.

Granny maxed her credit cards right to the end.

Grandma’s got a new Christmas tree

and she’s showing it off.

She lights it brightly every night.

She opens the curtains so everyone will see,

this shiny new tree with glimmering lights.

She’s as thrilled as she can be.

She’s called her friends on the phone

and her grand-babies too.

This Christmas will be the best ever.

Granny’s spreading the news.

Oh no, it’s almost the 25th this can’t be the end.

She might roll back the calendar and do it again.

With all the happiness that the old gal has found,

it might be the 4th of July

before the tree comes down.

Grandma’s got a new Christmas tree

and she’s showing it off !

To view this lyric on Songbay...

Growing up in East Tennessee in the 1970’s I had a lot

of friends in bands, probably not much different than it

is today. I would work to help set up the stage and their

instruments since I couldn’t play or sing myself. I did not

come from a musical family. I discovered it on my own,

with influence from my older brother and friends. I went

to my first concert on my 13th birthday, it was Three Dog

Night I listened to the radio all the time. I’d stay up most

of the night. I decided at age 14 that since I couldn’t be in

a band like my friends, I could at least play music on the

radio. We had a career day in 8th grade and I chose DJ.

I went into the U.S. Army at age 17. When I came home

2 years later, I went to broadcasting school in nearby

Knoxville, Tn. What followed was a 20 year career in radio

broadcasting. I stayed locally instead of pursuing work

outside the area. I feel that I could have made it in a bigger

market. Working in mostly small town radio is tough. It’s

low pay and no benefits. I worked at numerous stations in

East Tennessee. Over the years, I developed an

alcohol dependency. It was not uncommon, for some of

my co-workers to be involved in drugs and alcohol. It was

just what we did during that time.I was one of the worst. I

was an alcoholic. Without going into all the details, it was

bad. I lost a couple of radio jobs and burned a lot of

bridges. After years of struggling, I finally got clean and

sober, over 14 years now. I decided to go back to

college at the age of 43. I studied Computer Networking.

I earned an associates degree. Not bad for a high school

drop out with a GED. I got a job at the company that I’m

still employed at today, 11 years later. I currently work in


I started writing lyrics when I was a teenager. Over the

years I would write some from time to time. I’ve always

enjoyed reading lyrics too, it was one of the cool things

about record albums growing up. The albums would often

have the lyrics included. I’ve always had a good

imagination and that helped me in my writing. A few

years back I started writing more regular. I had talked

38 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Bob Love

ew Christmas Tree

with a couple of people I work with, who play music in

clubs, and that inspired me.One woman co-worker,

Theresa, took a few of my lyrics and wrote songs that she

performed locally. She was very encouraging to me. I

write all the time now and always have ideas in my head.

I play some guitar. I have melodies in my mind for most

of the lyrics that I write. I joined Songbay a few months

back. I won their 2019 Lyric contest.The people at Songbay

were able to use the melody I had in my mind and

match it up almost perfect for, “The Dark Road Leads to

Light”. The only thing that limits me is a lack of time. I’ve

been taking some on line classes to help me with my I.T.

career. I would like to write full time and find someone to

collaborate with. I survived stage 3 throat cancer in 2011.

Worth noting as encouragement to anyone. I survived

alcoholism and throat cancer.

For the lyric “Grandma’s Got a New Christmas Tree”. I

thought of it when my wife bought a tree last year. I’m not

sure how long that she had her old tree, but it took a long

time to put it up, piece by piece. My wife is all about

Christmas and she was very excited about the new tree

and how easy that it was to put it together. I decided to

write a lyric. The tree is very nice. In case you can’t tell,

she likes snowmen. It’s worth noting, that where we live,

especially the past few years, we have seen very little

snow. Maybe once or twice a year and usually only a

dusting. I hope everyone enjoys reading my little

Christmas lyric.

Link to twitter...

Link to songbay...

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Last Christmas

George Michael & Wham By Paul Michel

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart

But the very next day you gave it away

This year, to save me from tears

I’ll give it to someone special (x2)

Once bitten and twice shy

I keep my distance

But you still catch my eye

Tell me, baby

Do you recognize me?

Well, it’s been a year

It doesn’t surprise me

(Merry Christmas!) I wrapped it up and sent it

With a note saying, “I love you, “ I meant it

Now, I know what a fool I’ve been

But if you kissed me now

I know you’d fool me again

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart

But the very next day you gave it away

This year, to save me from tears

I’ll give it to someone special (x2)

A crowded room, friends with tired eyes

I’m hiding from you, and your soul of ice

My god, I thought you were someone to rely on

Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on

A face on a lover with a fire in his heart

A man under cover but you tore me apart

Now, I’ve found a real love you’ll never fool me again

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart

But the very next day you gave it away

This year, to save me from tears

I’ll give it to someone special

A face on a lover with a fire in his heart

A man under cover but you tore him apart

Maybe next year I’ll give it to someone

I’ll give it to someone special

Christmas time wouldn’t be the same without those classic

tunes that haunt our TV and Radio each year. Wow, do I sound

ancient saying ‘radio’? Does anyone still use them? Well, I do

so I suppose that’ll do. So are you haunted with ‘Merry Christmas

Everybody’ by Slade or ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas

Everyday’? C’mon admit it, we all have our favourites.

Last Christmas by Wham! is Jane’s favourite, so I

thought I would jump on the chance to take a

look at the origins of the song and the man

behind it. To be fair, It is one of the best

during the festive season. After all,

the UK did vote it the eighth best

Christmas song ever and us Brits

do like our Chrimbo party hits.

Although ‘Last Christmas’ is

credited as Wham! it was totally

written and produced by George

Michael back in 1984 while he

and Andrew Ridgley, George’s

partner in the duo, were visiting

his parents. He jotted the intro

and chorus down while sat in

his old childhood bedroom and

played it to Ridgley who said that

it was a moment of wonder.

So in August 1984, George recorded

the song in Advision Studios, London

He played all of the instruments on the

track, a Linn 9000 drum machine, a

Roland Juno-60 synth and sleigh bells,

performed and produced it.

It was released in December 1984 on Epic records

with ‘Everything she wants’ on the B Side (Yes, we’re

still in the days of 45rpm vinyl and tape cassettes here) amist

some fierce competition. Live Aids ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’

was rocketing to the top (of which George Michael was a

major part) and as the Christmas charts were announced ‘Last

Christmas’ was, as expected, No:2.

To the credit of George Michael and Andrew Ridgley, all of

the royalties were donated to the Ethiopian famine. Although

Wham! had already scored two No:1 hits, this was probably

their most defining moment in the history of the duo.

Yes, there were many ups and downs in Wham and in the personal

life of George Michael which we will take a look at shortly

but this Christmas classic remains today as the most memorable

moment. It showed the true spirit of who Wham! really were.

They were, at the time a major force in the pop world but this

particular Christmas saw a side of them, and indeed so many

other pop stars, that was simply impossible to ignore and not

admire. For that very reason ‘Last Christmas’ will remain as

one of the greatest Christmas songs ever.

I suppose we can see why it is Jane’s favourite!

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George Michael

We’vetaken a look at the Christmas classic but there was so

much more to George Michael and Wham! So let’s take a

little time to discover the iconic 1980’s pop duo.

George Michael and Andrew Ridgley first burst on the

scene way back in 1983 with their debut single “Young

guns , go for it” The first of many of what would be one of

the most commercially successful pop acts of the 1980’s.

Michael and Ridgley first met at Bushey Meads School

in Bushey near the town of Watford in Hertfordshire.

For a short time they formed a SKA band called The

Executive with a few other class mates before forming

Wham! in 1980.

Michael took on the majority of roles and responsibilities

within the band—composer,

producer, lead singer, and occasional instru

mentalist. Still teenagers, they promoted

themselves as hedonistic youngsters,

proud to live a carefree life without

work or commitment. This was

reflected in their earliest singles

which, part-parody, part-social

comment, briefly earned Wham! a

reputation as a dance protest


In order to move to a recording

contract with Sony label Epic,

Wham! was forced to walk away

from most of the royalties from

their debut album, Fantastic.

None of that mattered when their

1984 single, “Wake Me up Before

You Go Go,” became a worldwide hit,

accompanied by a video of the pair

cavorting in their sportswear. Almost

immediately, George Michael started thinking

of a solo career, and released “Careless

Whisper,” issued in the U.S. as George Michael of

Wham! The duo embarked on a much-publicized trip to China

and enjoyed considerable success in America.

Andrew Ridgley

also tried to go it solo but could

not recover from the Wham! split-up. He tried

his hand at Formula 3 motor racing but, again, without much


George Michael’s popularity continued to grow despite the

adverse headlines until Christmas Day 2016 when at the age of

53, he died of a heart and liver condition.

Owing to the delay in determining the cause of death, Michael’s

funeral was held 29 March 2017. In a private ceremony, he

was buried at Highgate Cemetery in north London, near his

mother’s grave. That summer an informal memorial garden

was created outside his former home in Highgate. The site, in a

private square that Michael had owned, is tended by fans.

Like us all, George Michael had his issues. But his talents

coupled with his integrity, generosity+and honesty made him

one of the best loved superstars of the 1980’s and 1990’s. His

Christmas hit, ‘Last Christmas’ will ensure that he will live on

in our hearts for many years to come. The group ‘Wham’ still

remains today as an influence to any young musical act and the

ultimate in the fun of music.

Wham!’s end came rather suddenly, in 1985, reputedly when

the group’s manager, Simon Napier-Bell (later to manage Take

That), decided to sell a share of his management to a

South African entertainment conglomerate.

Supposedly, as part of a stand against South African

politics, George Michael immediately announced

Wham!’s breakup. They gave their farewell performance

before a sold-out audience of 72,000 fans at London’s

Wembley Stadium.

George Michael embarked on a solo career which rarely

saw him out of the press, not only for the amazing music

he was producing but also a few embarrassing incidents in

which he was involved in public sex acts and other

misdemeanours involving the law.


1963 - 2016

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Last Christmas

George Michael & Wham Discography

Wham! Albums

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George Michael

George Michael Albums

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It’s Just Not Chris

Years almost over

Sure looks like December

The snow and ice on the ground

I hadn’t sent a single Christmas card

The 31st is coming around

It makes me remember our last December

How the city looks so beautiful in white

As we walked the street that day you kept me warm

We couldn’t wait to get inside

Now its Christmas and you’re so far away

On this Christmas I just wish you had stayed

And I wonder if you’re thinking of me today

I don’t know what I’ll do

its not Christmas without you

I hear carols in the distance

Don’t want to listen because every sound

says your not here

Just in case you change your mind

I’ll leave a light over the door

And hope you suddenly appear

‘Cause its Christmas and you’re so far away

On this Christmas I just wish you had stayed

And I wonder if you’re thinking of me today

I don’t know what I’ll do

its not Christmas without you

I’m too old too old to believe in Santa Claus

What are these gifts under the tree

But I did this once

Or many it’s a dream,

has he really brought you back to me

its Christmas all I wanted is here

On this Christmas was for you to be near

And I wonder if you’re thinking

of me ‘cause you’re here

My one wish has come true,

it’s not Christmas without you

Click this link to play...

Christmas song...’It’s just not christmas

without you’...West berlin...Christmas 1985...

Sitting in my plane waiting to deplane...

Friends waiting to greet my visit from

california...Looking forward to seeing my

ex-wife here for christmas...I thought i heard

horses and bells in my head to go with the

latest snow flurries...Looking forward to

meeting friends in a local bar called the

“flying dutchman”. We are mostly american

songwriters living off the rich German

economy. Folks ask why we’re here. We told

them “blondes”. The stewardess woke me

from my christmas reverie. Took a taxi to go

uptown and see my -ex. Berlin is a

wonderland all covered in snow. Women in

their furs stepping out of their mercedes.

I took a nice cozy mercedes taxi to the

“hardke” resteraunt off kudamm. We all

planned a great sit down dinner including

my ex, doris. I wrote the lyrics in my head

spurred on by my love for her, especially at

christmas. Everyone was there to greet me

after my flight from california. Berlin was

always our secret paradise, the only city in

the world where one could write music all

day and play for rent money at night. It was a

privilege to be among this talented group of


The Jimmy Travis Band Website Bio

We began as a group of American expatriates

living in Berlin, due to the fact that we

discovered that there you can live from music

alone. Of Music. I, Jimmy, began my public

musical career in the group “Eastfield

Meadows” in Hollywood. I moved to

London to work on an album for Warner

Brothers. John Vaughan was a U.S. Army brat

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Jimmy Travis Band

tmas Without You

who grew up in Germany. Francis Serafini

is from Rhode Island and I found him in a

Berlin club playing solo gigs. Trevor Cooper

is from London and he agreed to put

together a duo for club dates. Hansi is our

drummer and the only German member of

our group.

I loved playing with these guys, seeing how

they were some of the best songwriters in

Europe. Our life style included sleeping

until 5 pm and getting coffee. Then we went

to work writing songs we could play in the

clubs that night. Berlin was heaven for


We wrote songs and played in the clubs,

usually three clubs a night. We did TV and

radio. We toured

Western Europe out of Berlin. But in the end

I guess you could say we did it for the music

and the blondes....


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Can you hear the angels

Singing soft and low

Can you hear the angels’

Song within your soul

Saying we should love each other

Whether friend or foe

Spread peace on Earth

Goodwill to men

Where so e’er e go

Over and over and o’er again

The angel band is calling

Calling to all of fallen man

A new day is at hand

Ever and ever and e’er again

The gentle tones are falling

Peace on Earth, peace on Earth

Goodwill to every man














Peace on Earth, peace on Earth

Goodwill to every man

Peace, peace, the angels sing

Let only one truth remain

Our God welcomes every one

Who hears the angels sing

To listen click this link...







46 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Dave Eidson

I am a 63 year old man from

the Lake of the Ozarks,

Missouri. I graduated in 1974

from Mack’s Creek, Missouri

as valedictorian. I was voted

most scholarly and most likely

to succeed. For personal

reasons, I didn’t attend

college but went to work at the

various industries in the area.

I spent the last thirty years

working at Blair Cedar until

I quit to care for my invalid

mom until her death. I have

dabbled at writing short

stories and had a story that I

co-wrote with a friend

published in a book called

the Book of Exodi titled “The

Huntress of Aveleor”. I also

did digital art and had a poem

in the book. Now I enjoy the

hobby of playing the keyboard

and writing songs.

I wrote “Can You Hear the

Angel’s” because I felt that the

message of Christmas had

been lost among some

Christian churches. Peace on

Earth, good will to men, for

God so loved the world and

not just Christians, etc. Peace

had been replaced by war, love

by hate. They wanted to take

the name of Christ but ignore

his central message. Not just

message but a commandment,

love not just your neighbors

but also your enemies.


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Kisses Under The M

You can spend the year in another’s arms

He can have the thrill of all your charms

But I hope that you will see

How I’ve waited patiently

For your kisses under the mistletoe for me

In the Spring when the flowers are in bloom

And I am all alone here in my room

As the sky turns blue

All I think about is you

And your kisses under the mistletoe for me

In the Summer you can go on holiday

While I am on my own you’re far away

But Now that Winter’s here

All I want is to hold you near

And taste your kisses under the mistletoe for


In Autumn when the leaves fall to the ground

I search but you’re nowhere to be found

You are warm no doubt

But all I can think about

Is your kisses under the mistletoe for me

Its Winter time and I can hardly wait

To hear your voice and to see your face

My dreams have all come true

Now its only me and you

And your kisses under the mistletoe for me.

In the future when we are old and grey

And our children have all grown and flown


As we kiss goodnight and hold each other tight

I feel your kisses under the mistletoe for me

As we kiss goodnight and hold each other tight

I feel your kisses under the mistletoe for me

The song was written C.2009 and was very

much inspired by Johnny Cash. I haven’t had a

chance to record it professionally yet, so what

you will hear is a demo, but it gives nice flavour

for what the song is about. We all want to write

a Christmas number 1 and this was my first

attempt, and I think its a good song. I hope

that someday couples will be dancing around

the kitchen to this song whilst wearing paper

crowns, or while they are preparing Christmas



“A Very Original/Great Singer/Songwriter”

Kent Folk on BBC Radio Kent

Nick Lawrence is a singer and songwriter from

Folkestone. His music is most strongly influenced

by the work of artists such as Bob Dylan,

Billy Bragg, The Beatles, The Band, Johnny

Cash, Jake Thackray and The Levellers. These

inspirational musicians have driven Nick to

write songs encompassing numerous genres,

including heartfelt ballads, social observation

and cutting political commentary.

I have released three EPs:

Bludgeoned by the Poetry (2014)

So Long, Its Been Good To KNow Ya (2015)

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Any

Road Will Take You There (2019)



Music video for “Time To Leave This Town”



Instagram @NickLawrenceMusician

To listen click this link....

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Nick Lawrence

istletoe For Me

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December Lights

50 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Colin B Leonard

Guide Me Home

Verse 1

At the time of warm spirits and atmosphere

The smell of pine, of Christmas cheer

I listen to stories which make cruel souls fear

Sing the holiday songs year after year

Yet on the Eve of the day

my memories come clear

One the day of days my longings appear.


Those December lights guide me home

To childhood memories I’ve never outgrown

I close my eyes in whichever city I roam

And those December lights guide me home.

Verse 2

Cold skies above a winterland dream

Welcoming smiles greet warmly this scene

With childlike eyes I walk in the snow for

When the lights gather in my heart, I know

Great friends, great parties I’m never alone

For at this time of year

my heart always turns home.


Those December lights guide me home

To childhood memories I’ve never outgrown

I close my eyes in whichever city I roam

And those December lights guide me home.


My own children will know this yearning

Of egg nog, mince pies, of log fires burning

The Christmas spirit will always be

In the eyes of my children, in the eyes of me.


Those December lights guide me home

To childhood memories I’ve never outgrown

I close my eyes in whichever city I roam

And those December lights guide me home.

© Colin B Leonard. The Guild of International

Songwriters and Composers.

I’m afraid the top-line melody for

December Lights’ is not down in music, only

in my head. If someone wishes to collaborate

on ‘December Lights’ I will send to them

a poorly sung version, as I have done for ‘I

Love My Guitar.’

I ventured into the world of song writing

when my friend singer/songwriter Joe

Rogerson asked me to write lyrics about the

city of Liverpool. The lyrics were written and

accepted within thirty minutes one workday

afternoon. Since that day I have written over

eighty songs.

Unlike many songwriters, I don’t write

constantly as, in my case, I must wait for the

lyrics and melody to enter my mind. A

songwriter’s retreat would be a waste of time

in my case. Inspiration comes when you don’t

think! (To quote myself.) Having written

several novel’s, I am able to write prose and

sustain a narrative. A lyricist and top-line

architect I may be, a musician I am not. I hire

a professional in order to create in sound

what is in my mind. I mainly write in the

Country genre although, as an example, my

song https://soundcloud.com/user-28472269/

i-love-my-guitar-master-1 could be sung in


The song ‘December Lights Guide Me Home’

I wrote sitting next to a Christmas tree at

home in 2017. I once sent the lyrics to my

friend Joe who commented that he wouldn’t

sing it in a pub as ‘everyone would be in tears.’

I suppose he’s right...

Guild No: 2196687

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Stack the deck and makes some calls,

we’re getting ready for a party

Mr. Price and his son brought ice -

that was nice and naughty

Run Run Ruddy do your duty

and got those records spinning

Shake a leg, drink rum and egg,

that turkey there needs trimming

The broken toys are making noise,

Cause Santa’s back in town

There’s mistletoe and ho ho ho

Fire chestnuts roasting

And Charlie brown is making rounds

while Lionel does the toasting

This is it the house is lit No more days are counting

They’ll be no waiting just celebrating Joy

on John Boy’s mountain

Cause Santa’s back in town

The Leaping Lords are dropping cords

as Drummer Boy keeps beat

Jacob Marley’s on the Barley –

he Stinks of “Beef & Cheese”

Some old geezer named Ebenezer --

gives Sugar Plum the squeeze

Broken Toys found their rhythm --

there’s no Misfitting ...

Ragtime Jimmy is getting tipsy --

acting like a clown

Frosty Jack is where it’s at when Santa’s back in town

Zuzu Bailey and ol Fred Gaily dance to the VG3

Leon got his revillion with Buddy Max and Yukon C

Cindy Lu that Whoville girl

brought the prime roast beast

Cousin Eddie and Banjo Burl are carving up a feast

Professor Hinkle’s got his new hat down...

There’s room for more inside this door

Cause Santa’s back in town

I know I know its Christmas.

You Know You Know It Too.

I know I know its Christmas.

You Know You Know It Too

I know I know its Christmas.

You Know You Know It Too

Blue Christmas & White & Silent Night. I

ts Tiny Tim ... Let Him In.

Merry Christmas To All ... Good Night.

Click here to listen...

Lyrics by Bob & Joan Minnery. Music by Bob & Bill

Minnery. Arrangement by Bob Minnery, Joan

Minnery, Bill Minnery, Dan Taylor Copyright 2019,

Bob Minnery


Joan Minnery – Lead Vocals

Bill Minnery – Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals

Bob Minnery – Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals

Dan Taylor – Drums/Backup Vocals

Our Song: Christmas Gumbo

Christmas has always been our family’s most favourite

time of year and definitely the happiest. Christmas

Gumbo is Bob’s madcap creation stemming from our

Family’s long love of the Holiday season and a

lifetime of watching the Classic Movies on TV while

sitting eating popcorn and all hanging out in the

living room. Christmas Gumbo is a cornucopia of

references to some of the most well known and

legendary Christmas Movies of all time. Look closely

every line has one or two references to the greats such

as: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snow

Man, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, ELF, Edward

Scissor hands, Little Drummer Boy, Charlie Brown

Christmas, the Walton’s Homecoming, A Christmas

Carol, the Grinch and a medley of Christmas song

puns. See if you can catch them all...

SIVLE (Elvis spelled backwards and pronounced

“civil”) is a versatile Indie and Soft-Rock band from

Brantford Ontario Canada, belting out original tunes

and an arsenal of legendary tunes from the 50s -

Today. SIVLE is a family oriented band consisting of

Joan Minnery on lead vocals, her son Bill Minnery on

lead guitar, her brother Bob Minnery aka

bigEZbob on rhythm acoustic and Dan Taylor on bass

and drums.

While SIVLE is primarily a cover band; SIVLE went

into the recording studio in the summer of 2019 and

has released their own original explosive rock anthem,

“Whatever It Takes” along with their

Dixie-Prog single entitled “What Would Walter Do” a

salute to Walter Gretzky. Both singles have garnered

radio air play on Indie stations in Germany, Australia,

the United States, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England

and Canada. They are distributed through CD Baby











52 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

and available on Sound Cloud, iTunes, Spotify,

Google, BandCamp, Amazon, and more.SIVLE were

selected out of over 450 bands to play one of 5 spots

and were the opening act for the 2019 WTFest Rock

Festival, one of Ontario’s largest music festivals. SIVLE

were the featured entertainment at the 2019 Mayor’s

Levee at the Brantford Armouries and will be again

for 20/20. They also headlined the 2018 ‘FIND YOUR

SPIRIT FEST’ and the 2018 ‘Downtown Music Fest’

both at Harmony Square in Brantford.


They have packed rooms at the Sanderson Centre, the

Corktown Pub, Delhi Harvest Fest, Jeffery’s Lounge,

Manny’s Place, Branch 90 Legion, Tansley’s, Upper

Thames Brewery, the Norfolk County Fair, the

Polish Hall, Frankies Hometown Tavern, the St.

George Legion, the Honest Lawyer, the Dairy

Capital Cheese Festival, the Norwich Museum and

has a heated schedule at a variety of festivals, fairs and

local establishments.

SIVLE salutes the classic sing-a-long hits of the

Beatles, CCR, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Johnny Cash

and of course ELVIS. There is something for everyone

as the band also covers Pop and Country tunes from

50s - Today. The lads often take over and do their own

original progressive rock songs and also salute Van

Halen, Jimi Hendrix and other rock icons.

SIVLE is a refreshingly youthful band combining two

generations of musicians while bridging the age gap

through likable tunes and interactive dynamic stage


Two Generations --- One Foundation.

“As always -- SIVLE is a must see live! You can’t see the

energy this band gives off until you see them live. They

connect with their fans and our energy feeds their

energy. If you only see their show once, you have to

return to a number of shows to witness the change

from show to show, it’s an absolute delight! While

contemplating SIVLE, I couldn’t help but think of the

Grateful Dead who were one of the early pioneers of

direct relationships with their live show fans and renown

for fusing many different styles together. SIVLE

is the Grateful ALIVE.” ~ Ken Shipman, Brantford ON




www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 53

I Aint Workin


Ever since I can remember, the 25th of December

I’d have to punch a clock and work ‘til I’m half dead

SoI told my wife and children

that this year’s gonna be different

Instead of punchin’ that clock

I’m gonna punch my boss instead


‘Cus I ain’t workin’ on Christmas this year

No, I’d rather be with my family than here

Well, I worked all day Black Friday,

But this Christmas is gonna be my day

No I ain’t workin’ on Christmas this year


My boss tells me I gotta work,

so I tell him he’s such a jerk

Cus’ I told him months ago and I made it clear

So he says “Don’t be comin’ back”,

so I says “Catch you later, Jack”

‘Cus I ain’t workin’ on Christmas this year


No I ain’t workin’ on Christmas this year

‘Cus I’d rather be with my family than here

So you can take this job and shove it,

‘Cus I never did really love it

No I ain’t workin’ on Christmas this year


And I ain’t workin’ on Christmas next year

‘Cus I’d rather be with my family right here

well, the hours and pay are crappy

so I’d rather be broke and happy

No, I ain’t workin’ on Christmas next year


And all my friends and family

We all stayed home so happily

And no one worked on Christmas

Not even store clerks worked on Christmas

Not even truck drivers worked on Christmas

Not even waitresses worked on Christmas

No, we all stayed home on Christmas this year

(Except for Santa Claus, but he only works one day a

year anyway)

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© 1/30/18

Rollin Jewett


I don’t care how much you’re gonna pay

Just for one day leave it alone

‘Cus Christmas don’t last but one day

And it’s a day we should all be home


Well, I lost my job but I don’t care

‘Cus I never did really like it there

And I know I’ll find a better job somewhere

And I’ll tell my new boss right way

That there’s a certain holiday

that I ain’t never gonna work

and that’s Christmas, so there

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Rollin Jewett

On Christmas

There are songs I’m literally embarrassed to tell anyone how

long they took me to write, lest one get the false impression

that I’m a careless hack of a songwriter. But really, several

of what I consider to be my best songs have been the easiest

to write. So easy, in fact, that they almost write themselves

because the ideas, rhymes and word flow seems to come

so effortlessly. “I Ain’tWorkin’ on Christmas” is one of

those songs. I wrote it barely a year ago and have almost no

recollection of having written it. I know I started with the

title. After that, it’s a blur.But let’s start with the title: A man

proclaims he’s not working on Christmas. Easy enough. Then

what happens? Those were the questions I wanted to answer.

According to statistics, millions of people will work on

Christmas day every year. And the numbers keep growing.

Let’s consider some of the obvious folks that will have to

work: doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, caregivers, utility

workers, clergy, and journalists. Beyond that, however, there

are many others that, due to the profitability of remaining

open when many businesses are closed, are forced to work:

these are store clerks, grocery clerks, truck drivers, and

restaurant workers, etc., who are not volunteering to work on

Christmas, but are forced to by employers eager to make a

buck on a holiday when stores are traditionally closed.

Christmas used to be an untouchable holiday. Everyone other

than the necessary above-mentioned workers had the day

off to be with their families. In fact, so was Thanksgiving in

America…until “Black Friday” came along and shook things

up, breaking that traditional mold. According to Wikipedia

regarding Black Friday for many years, it was common for

retailers to open at 6:00 a.m.on Friday morning after

Thanksgiving. But in the late 2000s many had crept to 5:00 or

4:00. This was taken to a new extreme in 2011, when several

retailers opened at midnight for the first time. In 2012, Walmart

and several other retailers announced that they would

open most of their stores at 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day,

prompting calls for a walkout among some workers. In 2014,

stores such as JCPenney, Best Buy, and Radio Shack opened

at 5:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day while stores such as Target,

Walmart, Belk, and Sears opened at 6:00 PM on Thanksgiving

Day. Three states, Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts,

prohibit large supermarkets, big box stores, and

department stores from opening on Thanksgiving.

some quality time with their loved ones. My belief is that

those who want to work on Christmas, due to necessity or

religious beliefs, should be allowed. But those who want to

stay home with their families should be allowed to do that as

well -- without fear of losing their jobs (like the man in the


Rollin Jewett bio

Singer/songwriter Rollin Jewett grew up in South Florida

and has lived in New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix, to

name a few influences. Music has always been a priority in

Rollin’s life and he’s been writing songs for as long as he can

remember. In addition to singing and songwriting, Rollin

has also written and acted in several films and is a published

poet, playwright & short story writer. In 2016, Rollin’s outlaw

rocker “Ride Tall” was a prize winner 2016 IMSTA FESTA

International Songwriting Competition in Chicago. In 2015,

Rollin’s heartfelt love song “Arizona Sun” was also a finalist

in the same competition. Rollin has licensed several songs in

top platforms and is featured on several international compilation

albums. His musical influences range from rock to

country to folk to alternative to pop. An avid world traveler,

Rollin currently makes his home in North Carolina and is

presently working on new songs for an upcoming album.

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My thought was “What’s next?” Christmas, of course! And it

seems to be happening. More and more retailers and restaurants

are now open on Christmas day, forcing workers, many

who would rather be home enjoying quiet time with their

families, to be on duty so their employers can make a few

extra holiday dollars. So…the song is a reaction against that

materialistic mentality and an outspoken retort on behalf of

the working men (and women) who simply want to spend

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Real Chris

We’ve been together for a long time

We’ve spent together very good and bad times

It’s time we can afford a better ride

And I hope could be now

We could enjoy real Christmas time

Let’s set the table like we used to do

Bringing the wine and set the meal too

Let’s stick together and bring back the joy

And spend again real Christmas time


(Ahhhhh) If we keep together with the lights


(Ahhhhh) If we hold together our love

everyday strong

(Ooohhhhh) If we keep the faith around our


Kissing each other under the mistletoe

We’ll go beyond in real christmas time

We’ll be together wishing for hope

Finally we have the house of our dreams

Now it’s time we can afford a better ride

For you and me

For our kids

For our Moms

Rejoice the love with the miracle

In real Christmas time

Let’s keep peace in the world and raise the


Beyond the real christmas time

Let’s keep the friendship around us all

Beyond the real christmas time

Share compassion around the world

Beyond the real Christmas time

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Real Christmas Time

(Music + Lyrics By

Bamil Gutiérrez Collado

56 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Bamil Gutiérrez Collado

tmas Time

Sacred Healing Songs/ASCAP©2019

All Rights Reserved)

‘Real Christmas Time’ is a soft rock song about

bringing back to present the old things, subjects that

caused emotions and joy on our Holiday lives like

things used to be.

The expression of things that used to be the special

times, memories, peace, love and kindness to all

living beings. What we wish to have for our closer

loved ones like our Moms, our Kids, ourselves in a


Being good people to our projim and the deserve to

enjoy better things and have the right moment to

reach for good. When we could have all those things

that fill our special moments and as we get closer to

the Holiday seasons enjoy a ‘better ride’, which for me

is meaning of ‘wishes for happier moment’. The gift of

giving to the world softer times is part of the purpose

of this song to carry a message to society and share

not only love, but the spirit and the real Christmas

spirit meaning that is hope.

In a whole, live the moment beyond the christmas

time. Was written in soft mode considering the

lyrics and to give a more nostalgic ambience. This is

a kind of message that catch us all in any moment of

our lives bringing back the memories. Christmas is

a very strange yet at the same time beautiful season

where it looks like we are opening a chest of

reminiscings. ‘Real Christmas Time’ the best way I

felt to show how we enjoy reviving our wishes and

makes them come true asking Jesus for a Holiday


Happy Holidays Everyone And Lots Of Blessings!!!

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It might be a holiday to you but it’s, Christmas to me

A time filled with tradition love and family

I put it on display each year for all the world to see

It might be a holiday to you but it’s, Christmas to me


I remember as a child every Christmas Eve

We’d sing our favorite carols as we decorate the tree

Mom would tell us stories; we’d bow our heads and pray

Jesus our saviour was born that holy day

We’d pray for peace in the world so all can enjoy

The true meaning of Christmas, the birth of a baby boy


It might be a holiday to you but it’s, Christmas to me

A time filled with tradition love and family

I put it on display each year for all the world to see

It might be a holiday to you but it’s, Christmas to me


Politicians try to tell us, take Christ out of the day

To hide all the symbols we use to celebrate

They say it might offend those who don’t believe

Let me tell you mister now you’re offending me


It might be a holiday to you but it’s, Christmas to me

A time filled with tradition love and family

I put it on display each year for all the world to see

It might be a holiday to you but it’s, Christmas to me


Why must everything be politically correct

All we need to do is treat each other....with some respect


It might be a holiday to you but it’s, Christmas to me

A time filled with tradition love and family

I put it on display each year for all the world to see

It might be a holiday to you but it’s, Christmas to me


It might be a holiday to you but it’s Christmas, Christmas

to me

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

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Christmas To Me

Words and Music by Don Murdock (SOCAN) & Brian

Dolph (SOCAN)

Copyright © September 02, 2013 by Don Murdock &

Brian Dolph

Christmas To Me – The Story

Christmas To Me is a song that takes a stand on the

political correctness that has now become associated with

the season. Some would argue there is a “War on

Christmas.” If that is the case, then Don Murdock is

battling back. Christmas To Me expresses what a lot of

people feel. “It might be a holiday to you, but it’s

Christmas to me.”

Don was raised a Catholic and as a youngster has

memories of attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve,

of carolling door to door, and of Christmas concerts at

school. Like many Canadians he grew up with traditions

of decorating Christmas trees and spending time with

family and sharing Christmas dinner. He recalls fondly

wonders and excitement of children on Christmas

morning. And of course, he always remembers the true

meaning of Christmas, the birth of a baby boy....

Over the past few years Don has seen these beliefs, these

values he holds dear chipped away at by bureaucrats and

CEO’s. Bit by bit and piece by piece, traditions he grew

up are being dismantled and tossed aside. Greetings like

“Merry Christmas” being replaced with “Happy Holidays.”

Christmas concerts and plays replaced with “Winter

Solstice Celebratory Pageants.” It is his opinion that by

trying NOT to offend others by using traditional greetings

we have begun to offend those who celebrate Christmas.

Christmas To Me is Don’s way of saying, celebrate what

you want to. If you celebrate Kwanzaa, then have a Joyous

Kwanzaa. If you are Jewish have a Happy Hanukkah. But

don’t tell him that he cannot say Merry Christmas!! Quit

telling him he is buying a holiday tree!! And stop forcing

employees to greet customers with Happy Holidays rather

than with Merry Christmas...

Like the song says, all we need to do is treat each other

with respect!

• Fun Fact: 4 days before the song was to be

recorded Don Murdock and Brian Dolph decided to

completely rewrite the music and lyric. The pressure was

on as the studio and musicians were already booked for

24 58 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Don Murdock

s To Me

the session in Nashville.

Christmas To Me – The Release & Controversy

“Christmas To Me”, by Don Murdock, flew in under the

musical radar and landed at #3 on the Canada Country

Aircheck Top 10 list of favourite Canadian Country

Christmas songs. The song was co-written by Don

Murdock and Brian Dolph, who also produced the


Released for the 2013 holiday season, “Christmas To

Me” had an immediate and controversial impact. News

organizations from across the country, including The

National Post and CBC Radio One, featured the song in

news stories and radio programs. Don also performed

the song live on the prime time SUN News TV program

The Source. Each time an online story featuring the

song appeared the comment section filled with debate

about the “War on Christmas” and the song.

“Christmas To Me” has now become a regular part of

the syndicated holiday program, A Country Christmas,

heard annually for over 30 years across Canada, the

USA and Europe. Each year the song grows in

popularity here in Canada and around the world

bringing Don Murdock new fans to his brand of honest

country music.

Don Murdock – Mini Bio

Born and raised in Oshawa, Don Murdock is a former

firefighter who was awarded Canada’s Medal of Bravery

by Governor General Jeanne Sauvé. He also established

the firefighting training program at Durham College

where he was a professor. Music has always been part of

Don’s life. He has been playing guitar and

performing from the time he was a teenager. It is only

in the past few years, however that Don began writing

his own songs, eventually recording an 8 song EP. He

has released a number of songs to radio and his music

has appeared on thousands of radio playlists around the




www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 25 59

Signs Of

Signs of Christmas

Copyright @2017 by Mike Turner

All Rights Reserved


Presents wrapped in paper

Ribbons, bells and bows

Stockings on the mantle

Hanging mistletoe

Tinseled tree in window

Wreath upon the door

All the signs of Christmas

Here again once more

Verse 1:

Lights in festive colors

Wink in falling snow

Visions of reindeer and sleigh in flight

Carolers on our doorstep

Voices high and low

Singing songs of peace and joy so bright

[Instrumental Break]

Verse 2:

Snuggling by the fire

Holding you so near

Wrapped in a soft blanket warm and tight

Words of love and caring

Whispered in your ear

My favorite gift is in my arms tonight


Presents wrapped in paper

Ribbons, bells and bows

Stockings on the mantle

Hanging mistletoe

Tinseled tree in window

Wreath upon the door

All the signs of Christmas

Here again once more


Yes, signs of Christmas here for us once more

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“Signs of Christmas”

by Mike Turner

My musical interests, as a songwriter, performer and

listener, are to say the least eclectic, ranging from the

blues to folk, country, jazz, pop and gospel. A small

sub-genre of my songwriting catalog are pieces in

the, “Great American Songbook,” tradition – think

melodies and lyrics by such luminaries as Gershwin,

Porter, Berlin (at least those are my goals – not that I

have fully realized them!).

So with the Christmas season closing in, I found

myself wanting to write, not just a holiday song, but

one in the “Great American Songbook” tradition.

I was particularly drawn to the idea of a song that

recalled some of the great Christmas albums and

singles of the past by artists like Bing Crosby, Frank

Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland.

I also wanted a song rich in imagery – partly because

the Christmas season, with all its decorations and

colors, lent itself to such imagery; and partly because

the lyrics of many of my songs tend to “tell” rather

than show, and I wanted to challenge myself to

produce a piece that led the listener to “see” and

experience the story, not just “hear” it.

In crafting the lyric, first, I went for simple scenes

and symbols that many could relate to having seen,

and which would readily evoke both images and

pleasant memories – things like ribbons, bows,

wrapped presents, wreaths. Second, I brought in

some other senses – primarily, hearing, with references

to carolers and their songs; and touch, with a

mention of soft, warm blankets.

And, third, I wanted to capture some of the romance

of the season – snuggling with a partner by a fire,

sharing love together – the goal, again, being to get

the listener not just to “hear,” but to “feel” the warmth

and joy of Christmas.

The structure follows the genre, particularly in beginning

and closing with the chorus. Musically, the piece

is mid- to up-tempo, intended for a “crooner” style


60 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Mike Turner


I’m happy with the result – to me, the song captures

the vibe of the genre and the scenes of the holiday I

was aiming for. My recording of the song has

garnered some radio and Internet streaming play

over the past two holiday seasons – but I’d love to

hear what a more accomplished vocalist, with a fuller

arrangement, might bring to the piece. All you classic

pop/jazz vocalists/recording artists out there, you

know the present you can give me – and, Christmas

is coming…


Mike Turner retired to the U.S. Gulf Coast after a

27-year career as a Federal law enforcement

executive. While he grew up in a musical family,

Mike had never pursued performing or

songwriting – until an adult education class in

ukulele ignited long-dormant musical yearnings, and

he’s never looked back. In the past 7 years, Mike’s

completed over 120 original songs, from blues to

folk, country and gospel. His recordings have

received radio and Internet streaming play in the

U.S., UK, Europe, New Zealand and on the Armed

Forces Radio Network. Mike was named 2016 Male

Gospel Entertainer of the Year by the Alabama Music

Association; and 2017 Male Gospel Entertainer of the

Year by the North America Country Music

Associations Interantional (NACMAI).

You can follow Mike’s music at:


and on FaceBook @MikeTurnerSongwriter

YouTube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEnNxm0y6KELGPo6k7oMajg

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 61



Christmas Lullaby

Close your eyes until the day breaks

Rest your head upon your pillow

Hear the whisper of the snow flakes

Dancing soft across your window

Let your dreams begin to take hold

As you wander with the Sandman

Through those memories of pure gold

To when Christmas magic began

Silent night (Peace on earth)

Holy night (Harmony)

All is calm (Peace on earth)

All is bright (Let it be)

Once in royal David’s City

Stood a lowly cattle shed

Where a mother laid her baby

In a manger for his bed

Round yon virgins (Peace on earth)

Mother and child (Harmony)

Holy infant so (Peace on earth)

Tender and mild (Let it be)

Mary was that Mother mild

Jesus Christ her little child

He came down to earth from Heaven

Who is God and Lord and all

And his shelter was a manger

And his cradle was a stall

Sleep (Peace on earth)

In heavenly peace (Harmony)

Sleep (Peace on earth)

In heavenly peace (let it be)

Jane Shields (C)

Christmas Eve

Silent Night

Christmas Eve (Silent Night)

It’s all so very still tonight

The night air is crisp and clear

Snow is laying pure and bright

It’s Christmas Eve now everywhere

Snuggled up safely in warm beds

Children dream sugar plum dreams

Fantasies run through their heads

As tomorrows happiness streams

On Christmas Eve (Silent night)

On Christmas Eve (Holy Night)

On Christmas Eve (All is calm)

On Christmas Eve (All is bright)

Outside the magic fills the air

The atmosphere comes alive

Silence strains through winters ears

For Christmas day’s yet to arrive

On Christmas Eve (Silent night)

On Christmas Eve (Holy Night)

On Christmas Eve (All is calm)

On Christmas Eve (All is bright)

Every child awaits their treats

Toys and books and games and sweets

Cinnamon and candy canes

Barbie dolls, electric trains

On Christmas Eve (Silent night)

On Christmas Eve (Holy Night)

On Christmas Eve (All is calm)

On Christmas Eve (All is bright)

Round yon virgin Mother and Child

Holy infant so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace

Sleep in heavenly peace

Jane Shields (C)

62 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Jane Shields

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas time so lets all pray for peace

Families together and all wars to cease

Light up your candles for loved ones above

Share laughter and joy with those that you love

As you sit together beneath the tree

Exchanging gifts wrapped in fine frippery

The Christmas cheer begins to come through

Remember each moment, it’s special to you

Christmas is time for families to share

Drawing them closer to show that they care

Bringing smiles and laughter to young and old

With family traditions for you to uphold

Please take a moment from your Christmas day

To offer a prayer for the homeless today

May they find some peace,

and hope and good cheerAnd may C

hristmas be special for them next year

So here’s my own wish to one and to all

Christmas is joy for the great and the small

But for those on their own it’s a sad sad day

Perhaps you can brighten it in some small way

Merry Christmas everyone. x

singing to her child in the bedroom on Christmas

Eve, trying to get the child to sleep. I’m really not at

all musically minded, but I kind of like the thought

of mixing a few Christmas Carols that might

compliment each other as a lullaby.

Likewise, Christmas Eve (Silent Night) is also a

mixture, this time four verses with the chorus

constructed with the addition of the Christmas

Carol Silent Night at the end of each line. In my

mind I hear that part of the chorus sung by an

angelic voice. After the final chorus is the

remainder of the first verse of Silent Night, again I

‘hear’ this sung by an angelic voice.

Merry Christmas is the very first Christmas lyric I

attempted to write, in late 2017. I tried to end it

with a message to all, to remember those less

fortunate than ourselves on Christmas Day,

because there are so many people all across the

world who are not and perhaps never will be as

fortunate as we are. The least we can do is to look

out for each other over the Christmas period, and

perhaps a short visit or telephone call to someone

who is spending it alone is a small way of

brightening their day for them.

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you all a safe

and happy Christmas day. xx

Jane Shields (C)

Hi to all, I’m Jane Shields, and I have been

writing lyrics for three years now. I thought since

it’s a Christmas issue I would include three

different Christmas lyrics I’ve put together over the

years. None of them have, to my knowledge, yet

been recorded, as I am not a musician, and my

singing leaves much to be desired...

My first offering, Christmas Lullaby, is a bit of a

mash up of a couple of Christmas Carols, starting

off with two verses in which I imagined a mother

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 63

The Biggest T

I want it to surprise

I need it to be spectacular

Im looking for tremendous

This time to be huge

I want it to be massive and

I need it to be strong

Im looking for enormous

This time in Extra large

I want it to be magnificent and

I need it to be grand

Im looking for voluminous

This time to be immense

I want it to be beautiful

ohhh I need significant

Im looking for attractive

This time to be impressive


I want it, to look good on facebook

To be the best on instagram

Ohh yeah I want our pictures

to be in magazines

I only want the biggest

The biggest tree of all

I like it to be huge

huge and really tall

I bought the rings already

now all I need is snow

I will put them in a present

and once you found them

I’ll propose !

Oowoohh, I bought the rings already

Now all I need is snow !

I want it to be greater

I would like it to be stunning

Im looking for the best

This time to be incomparable

I want it to be dominant and

I need it to be capital

Im searching for exellence

This time to be superior

I want it to be celebrated and

I hope it will be famous

Im looking for distinguished

This time to be amazing

I want it to be wonderful ohhoww

and I would love supreme

Im looking for superb

This time to be magnificent !


I want it to be marvellous and

I would love incredible

Im looking for sensational

This time to be most exceptional

I want it to be dazzling

I need most beautiful

Im looking for extreme

This time to be unbelievable

I want it to be premium

and I’m dreaming of sublime

Hoping for supernatural

This time to be unthinkable



A short introduction.

I’m a songwriter for a year n

I wrote about 50 lyrics in 1 y

I have had my up and down

My tips when you’re stuck: B

you’re stuck on a sentence: d

whole verse and start over, i

once got stuck for 2 hours an

your really stuck you should

My tips for a writersblock: I

assignments like:

• Has to be funny and have a

Write something where yo

of four

Write using a storytelling s

The Story Spine: Pixar’s 4th



Or use this link, this one is v



In short a short version:

1. Choose a character who’s

64 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Richard Solleveld

ree Of All


ear, mainly cause I’m in between jobs. So

s and wanted to share it with you.

elieve me, I got stuck a lot of times. When

elete not just the sentence, delete the

nstead of looking for a word to rhyme. I

d got moody looking for a rhyme. When

consider this option.

work a lot with

long chorus

u only use three sentences in verse, instead

pine, for example this one.

Rule of Storytelling:



ery helpful


to indentify with

2 Descripe the current situation

3. Descripe a goal

4. Descripe how to accomplish this

5. Create a situation which is very recognisable

My results were surprising, didn’t know I had it in me. Go ahead and

try it. Good luck with writing!

Now on to Christmas.

I wrote a Christmas song and I wanted it to be

different from the rest and to be about now: 2019.

1. It’s about showing off, a need to have the most beautiful, expensive

tree and decoration, totally

forgetting what Christmasmas is all about.

2. Then also, the opposite, its all because of love, in the chorus.

The question for the listeners will be:

1. All this showing off is crazy, waste of money. There are other ways to

prove this.

2. Or it’s ok, cause this persons aim is to make the other person see

how big his/ her love is.

Wanna read more lyrics?


Then go to Lyrics-English (at the bottom)

and choose a category

Or follow me on facebook


www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 65


Here it is Christmas Eve and I sit here all alone

Retired from the working world

senior living my new home

Seeing visions of some special days

of the past I still know

They dance around inside my mind

as I watched my children grow

I remember each one had a flare

trying hard to get things done

So my kids have a memory each one a special one

Time has a way of giving life to us to call our own

When the holidays roll around

don’t forget to call your Mom


Just call to say I love you just call to say you’re there

And let me know that memories

are more than my gray hair

Just call to say I love you just call to say you care

Wish your Mom a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year

Hours I spend waiting

you know sometimes they seem so long

Surrounded by ceramic gifts

give to me from everyone

The telephone hanging on the wall

and the doorbell never rang

Both of them alone with me

where a single stocking hangs

And there’s a card that came two weeks ago

stands on my old tv

Says mom we’ll be opening gifts

serving dinner around three

If you want you can come early

if you need a ride it’s free

Just call I’ll come and get you just call if you need me

I lost my mom at an early age

before a family of my own

And I would give you anything

to hear her called grandma

Neglected I could never be too busy to call my Mom

And never would that well run dry

the well that I called home


Just call to say I love you just call to say you’re there

And let me know that memories

are more than my gray hair

Just call to say I love you just call to say you care

Wish your Mom a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year

Here it is Christmas Eve and I sit here all alone

Words n music

Nellie Zold & Ric Angus


To listen click this link...

( chorus)

Just call to say I love you just call to say you’re there

And let me know that memories

are more than my gray hair

Just call to say I love you just call to say you care

Wish your Mom a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year

66 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Ric Angus


This song was written one particular 2002 Christmas

for my Mom. I was living in Menomonie,

Wisconsin at that time about 300 miles away from

her place. And so I called my Mom about 11:30pm

and we talked into the New Year. Mom sounded at

that time to be in the Christmas Spirit.

I had a doctors appointment in March of 2003 close

to my Mom’s so I arrived towards the evening kinna

tired. So time being a little later into the evening we

called it a day after a brief visit.

I had sat down in her easy chair and noticed to the

one side of the chair a spiral notebook. It read (Here

it is Christmas Eve and I can’t believe not a one of

my five kids called to wish me a Merry Christmas.

I would give you anything if I could call and talk to

my Mom and wish her a MerryChristmas.)

You see, my Mom found her Mom on the kitchen

floor with a shotgun wound to her head two months

pregnant with me. It continued (Well, Rick called at


As I was reading this I started crying and started

writing this song called ‘Just Call’.

The rest of the song would be continued with

collaboration from Mom. We dedicate this song

every year for all Mom’s.

Coincidence, I dunno, however at the release of this

song Nora Jones released one of her songs and in it

said ‘I don’t know why I didn’t call’.....

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Christmas Whe

68 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk.

Linda Harborth

re Did You Go

Seems oh, so long ago…

Memories of softly falling snow…

Excitement and anticipation,

Of what was to come,

Danced in my mind…

Guess I moved on – left Christmas behind.

Where did Christmas go,

Seems like a lifetime ago,

Where did it run,

I’ve searched high,

I’ve searched low,

Christmas - where did you go?

Why can’t I find you…

I need to start anew…

Where’s the spark, the joy, the magic…

I use to know…

The ties that bind…

Find what I’ve left behind...

Where did Christmas go,

Seems like a lifetime ago,

Where did it run,

I’ve searched high,

I’ve searched low,

Christmas - where did you go?

Will I learn or will I fall,

Life without Christmas is no life at all,

Change my world one heartbeat at a time,

Undo my wrongs…

Run back to where I belong,

Remember my Christmas song...

Where did Christmas go,

Seems like a lifetime ago,

Where did it run,

I’ve searched high,

I’ve searched low,

Christmas - where did you go?

I wrote “Christmas Where Did You Go” during a

particularly low point in my life.

It seemed as though nothing mattered in my day to

day life anymore. It all boiled down to a daily grind

to make a buck.

I had lost my emotions and humanity. My world had

turned black and white. I had lost my rainbow of


I thought back on what where my highlights in my

life were and it always came back to my childhood

at Christmas time. The birth of Christ. The wonder

and excitement that stirred at this time.

The thoughts of what was to come. It was always a

magical time.

Back story:

I am a songwriter only. Others re-record my work.

I started writing in 2010 on a whim to see if I could

do it. I recorded my songs in Nashville.

My work has been used in various cable TV shows, a

trailer for an award winning indie movie “Three Of A

Kind”, by The Little River Band “Forever Me, Forever

You” on the album “Cuts Like A Diamond” and

various up and coming artists here in America and


My publisher is Ken Barton Publishing.

My work is out on SoundCloud


Click this link to listen...

Copyright 2011, Ken Barton Publishing, L.A.


www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 69

Beneath Th

There’s a Snowman in the front yard,

The lights are all strung on the tree,

The presents are wrapped and in their place,

And the kid’s are being good as can be,

The caroler’s winding their way

down the street,

Are all making a joyful noise,

The smell of the coffee and the pumpkin pie,

Add flavor to our holiday joys...

Evergreens are bowing to pressure,

From branches that are laden with snow,

Smoke from the chimney’s all over town,

Swirls wherever the wind does blow,

Should the temperature fall

a little lower tonight,

By only three or four more degrees,

We’ll probably get

a little more snow on the ground,

And the pond’s are all sure to freeze...

Family gathers ‘round the fireplace,

Waiting for the stockings to be hung,

The feeling of Christmas is in the air,

It brings excitement to the old and the young,

Soon Santa will be making his visit,

So off to bed all the children will go,

But before we turn in for the evening,

Why don’t we meet beneath the mistletoe,

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas,

Beneath the mistletoe

Words and Music by Gary Snead

Copyright © 2006

To listen click this link....

70 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Gary Snead

e Mistletoe

I’m a singer songwriter, living currently in

Metro NYC, in the sub genre of country

music known as Trop Rock. As a performer

and frontman for over 20 years in the genre,

it can best be described as Jimmy Buffett

inspired songs about Beaches, Bars, Boats

and Ballads, to steal the title of his box set!

It’s fun music.

This song comes from my love of all things

Christmas. It truly is my favorite time of the


To hear more of my music, please feel free to



I started this song on the way to a club gig

in Charlottesville, Virginia, and finished it

while awaiting my flight home in the

Departure Terminal at JFK after a trip to

Long Island. It was inspired by Nat King

Cole’s version of The Christmas Song.

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 71

The Spirit O

Christmas comes but once a year

A day of gifts, a day of prayers

We share our love with next of kin

We greet our friends...the smiles begin

The Spirit…...Of Christmas

Colored lights adorn the trees

Icicles sparkle from the eaves

Dreams of palms, dreams of snow

Dreams fulfilled under mistletoe

The Spirit……Of Christmas

We sing, we dance...we raise our glass

A toast to Peace...may it ever last

Then to the table for the feast

For later on...we all will sleep

(Short solo: humming first line of Jingle


The Spirit…...Of Christmas

Christmas night is cold and clear

Our hearts are full of warmth and cheer

Endless stars now grace the sky

I make a wish...on one so bright

I hope that soon...we’ll find a way

Our gifts ‘n smiles...our love ‘n prayers

Will be a part of every day

The Spirit Of Christmas...every day

The Spirit Of Christmas…every day

(Hum the Jinge Bell Line again)

The Spirit…...Of Christmas

The Spirit…...Of Christmas

To listen please click this link...

“TheSpirit Of Christmas” © 2013 Stanley

Thompson aka: Sydney Westan

People are always saying how they wish

the love of family and the joy of the

season should be shared more often than

just around Christmas...that was the

inspiration for this song.

Family, love, celebration, peace and

prayers should be shared every day of the

year , not just on Christmas Day.

Sydney Westan - Singer/Songwriter, aka

Stan Thompson

Music from the heart of our land... comin’

from a Country music man.

Singer/Songwriter Sydney Westan is

committed to all original works of

Country, Blues, Folk, Americana and

Western music. His songs are crafted into

heartfelt ballads, intriguing love songs,

bluesy shuffles and some ‘just for fun’


Sydney has studied at Berlee College of

Music in Boston, M.A., and has been

writing songs, lyrics and poetry since the

72 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Stanley Thompson

f Christmas

‘60’s’. He has performed in the Santa Fe

/ Taos area for over a decade now.

His shows blend dynamic

acoustic/electric guitar playing with

varied vocals, from a deep Country

growl to smooth tenor and lively


He wears his heart on his sleeve, bears

his soul in his lyrics and leaves you with

a song to remember, so please ‘don’t just

come to hear some music! Come and

listen to the song!!’ He’s available for 2

or 3 hour shows in the Santa Fe, Taos

and Albuquerque area. For info on rates

and bookings or to receive a promo CD




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Little Pi

December 23rd not too many years ago

the TV weatherman was promisin snow.

I was tuckin my angle in after bedtime prayers.

We’d bumped into Santa just a couple days before

ringin a bell outside the hardware store.

He wasn’t takin orders, but little hearts don’t care.

She climbed right up on old Saint Nick’s knee

smiling back at her momma and me

and told him the treasures

she’d be lookin for Christmas morn.

That night in her bed, she was goin down her list,

when out popped something her mom and I missed,

our baby girl’s holiday wish we hadn’t heard before.

“He’s bringin me a little pink kitty

and he’ll bring it right here,

with pretty green eyes, and soft furry ears.

I know he’ll remember me. I’ve been a very good girl.

I want a little pink kitty,

more than anything in the world!”

O’Dark Hundred, me and Poppy had a mission.

I didn’t have to work and we weren’t going fishin,

just tryin to help Santa

make a Christmas wish come true.

We put a hundred miles on my old truck.

A couple rusty elves runnin low on luck

with one more chore to check off

before we were through.

Spent the whole day… every store in town…

not a single toy aisle I didn’t walk down.

I was out of options, and losing my Yule Tide cheer.

With daylight fadin, Poppy said “Boy,

no big deal just buy another toy.”

So I shook my head and said

“Maybe I haven’t been clear!

I need a little pink kitty,

and I need it right here

to keep Santa Clause in business

for just another year…

keep those reindeer flyin in her pretty little world.

I need a little pink kitty for my pretty little girl.”

One last stop at the grocery store,

I was kicking myself…

thought I could have done more

to fill that empty wish waitin under our tree.

Then across the street, peakin through the trees

twinklin lights just as pretty as you please

caught my eye, and I felt my spirit soar.

There in the window, starin at me,

the cutest little Kitty Cat you ever did see.

But the lights were going out,

so I made a beeline for the door.

The kind old lady, on hearing my tale,

said “Son you’re in luck, that kitty’s on sale,”

then hugged my neck and said

“On second thought, it’s on me!”

I had a little pink kitty for my girl the next morn.

I thought about that little barn

where Grace was born.

I realized then the lesson we’re meant to share.

It’s not about the toys or the things we’re given.

It’s all about the stuff that makes life worth livin,

If you’ve got love your rich beyond compare!

A few days later, thought I’d try to repay

that sweet little shop keep who saved the day

and invite her to help my family ring in the new year.

I went back to that very same spot.

There was nothing but a “pay-to-stay” parking lot.

So I asked the attendant

“Man! What’s going on here?”

He said “There hasn’t been a toy store here….

for 20 years.”

Click here to listen...

This song, which still gets me all misty when I sing it, tells

a story about a modern-day holiday wish that the parent of

any child who celebrates Christmas has inevitably made in

desperation at one time or another: A youngster asks Santa

for a present, but by the time mom and dad learn about it

it’s not available anywhere. They desperately want to help

Santa make that eleventh-hour wish come true, and to keep

the magic of Christmas alive in their little girl’s heart, but after

a daylong search… no luck. Late in the day, with the sun

setting, when it seems unavoidable that disappointment will

be lurking among the gifts under the tree Christmas morning,

dad finds it!

The song, “Little Pink Kitty,” which should be available

on all major retail and streaming sites on November 25, is

based on a completely true story from my own life. You can

read a little more about at:


Whenever I feel stress creeping into my holiday season, I

think back on that story, and it reminds me that just best

because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to leave behind

the awe and magic of Christmas.

Spotify playlist link...

Our website link...

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nk Kitty

Pete Marksteiner

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 75



Gran and granddads

on the cheese and wine,

The family’s here

because its Christmas time,

Lights and baubles hanging from the tree,

And the mistletoe’s there

just for you and me


Santa’s been and had his sweet mince pie,

He came in the night and we all know why,

Down the chimney with his big red sack,

Put presents by the tree and went right back


So come on everybody put your blues away,

That time is here it’s Christmas Day,

Get the old tunes playing on the stereo,

We all know the words

we’ve heard them all before


We got Slade and Wham and Wizzard to,

Grab the one you love

dance the whole night through,

There’s a twinkle there in your granddads


As the songs take him back to years gone by


Ain’t about the turkey

the roasties or the sprouts,

Spreading love is what it’s all about,

Time for family having fun with friends,

Such a good time hope it never ends

music interlude


So come on everybody put your blues away,

That time is here it’s Christmas Day,

Get the old tunes playing on the stereo,

We all know the words

we’ve heard them all before


The icing on the cake

is when the snow falls down,

And a snowman grows

right up from the ground,

In your hats and coats

having snowball fights,

Just having fun in the winter night


So come on everybody put your blues away,

That time is here it’s Christmas Day,

Get the old tunes playing on the stereo,

We all know the words

we’ve heard them all before

Here is my attempt at lyrics for a Christmas song, I decid

and music are added will be along the lines of classic up b

the ilk.

How the lyrics for my Christmas song came about is quit

the No1 Christmas songs really have had nothing to do w

tor so I thought it would be a good idea to write somethin

important message which I hope the lyrics convey.

I also write and am vocalist for the ‘4 Owld Codgers’ cou

friends and known each other since school (we are now a

performing for the last few years. We have had airplay wi

International song writing competitions (4th and 7th). I c

Susanne Waldbrunner from Germany,but also Knoll Bud

Link to revernation songs...

Link to Facebook page...

72 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Ron Todd

s Is Here

ed to go for something which when melody

eat songs like those by Slade, Wizzard and

e simple. Over the last few years a number of

ith the festive season mainly due to X-Facg

traditional with an up beat feel but also an

ntry band and all of the members have been

ll over 60 years of age) but only been

th stations in America and done well in

ollaborate with other artists too. Mainly

dy an artist in America.

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 73


Set during the Blitz, The Spirit of Christmas 1940 is a Christmas

ghost story that actually started life off as a musical drama. The

inspiration for the story came from one song, ‘Echoes of Home’.

Echoes of Home

Got your letter yesterday

Told me you were far away

You said you were doing fine

But I can read between the lines

I hear the sounds of echoes of home

Both the kids are doing fine

Running round at Christmas time

Mrs Brown’s still telling tales

Of drunken wives and baby wails

Still I hear the sounds of echoes of home

Got your letter yesterday

Saying you’d be home today

But the station’s cold and bare

Cause your still not standing here

Where are the sounds of echoes of home?

Got a telegram today

It told me you had passed away

You died quick and you died brave

All the soldiers you had saved

To hear the sounds of echoes of home

Pictures of a distant time

Reminding me when you were mine

I guess that I’m now doing fine

But you can read between the lines

There’s no more sounds of echoes of home

Lyrics & Music arrangement

Paul Michel

I can’t remember where the mental image actually came from

for ‘Echoes of Home’. All I can say is that at the time I was

writing an awful lot of war songs and poetry. I had also written

two musicals, one of which was very much written about

conflict. What I can remember is picturing a soldier’s wife

waiting for her husband to return on a station platform. That

was the basis of everything about the story.

Of course, it was destined to be a ghost/ love story but in reality

they were just sidelines that would carry the story of a time

when a country faced its most challenging test and some of it’s

darkest times. That was the main point I wanted to make.

The song is just that. It tells the sacrifice, the sadness. the

courage and the love of that awful time. I think so much so,

that more had to be written. Song after song was written to try

to capture what I was trying to say and I have to say, I came very

close. But more than music and poetry, the story itself had to

be told.

To give a brief outline of the story, without trying to give too

much away, the story centres around three main characters.

Rosie, an innocent young flower seller who makes a meagre

living with her stall. Jimmy, an over-confident newspaper

vendor with the gift of the gab, a dodgy deal never too far away

but a very large heart. Finally, Billy Snow. Billy is the ghost of

a soldier who’s purpose is to comfort the heart of the bereaved

on Church Street station. In doing so, he takes on the pain of

those he comforts to the point that he can no longer endure the


In a relatively short period of time, a love triangle forms and a

powerfully emotional situation develops in which a forbidden

road comes dangerously close to being travelled. How that is

negotiated one way or the other, I will not tell.

The story is set on a ficticious London Train Station during

the Blitz as mentioned earlier. My inspirations for this station

has come from a very real station today. I must give thanks to

the Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster for their very kind

assistance with the development of the story and the production

of my book which is the first step in telling the full story.

The beautiful Kidderminster station is a period set station

with every detail reflecting life during those days of the second

world war. The engines that run there are beautiful vintage

locamotives with carriages looking as new as the day they rolled

off the lines all that time ago. How could one not be inspired.

In fact, the background sketch you see is actually a photo I took

of the Kidderminster Severn Valley Railway station and edited it

to a sketch. A similar picture is on the cover of the book, again

taken at the station.

78 www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk

Paul Michel

It is as if everything is being provided for me to get the most

from this story. My original idea of telling the story as a

musical still stands. I am still writing the musical sections and

ideas are still flooding in as I put the book together, in fact I’ll

go as far as to say the musical aspect will add new dimensions

to the story. Humour for example. Jimmy, our newspaper

vendor is meant to be the cheeky cockney lad full of mischief

and charm which is difficult to portay in the book although not

impossible. In the musical version, the songs really bring this

out in the character.

The same goes for Rosie, our flowergirl. The music allows for

her tenderness to come out in a way the pages don’t allow. This

is something that is really important to the story in several parts

especially towards the end.

On the other hand, musical elements can sometimes dominate

the story rather than enhance it. In the early stages of the

development of the story I needed to avoid that.

So what else can we expect from the book? Well, telling the

story of life in London during the Blitz is, as I said earlier, the

main aim. To that end I needed to bring in actual events that

took place during the time period. That took some research.

One of the big events I picked up on was the fact that towards

the end of the year (1940) the Luftwaffe started bombing the

city earlier and earlier in the evenings. I took some time to

think about how it would have actually affected life especially

around our station, even though it is ficticious. I imagined

how the raids would have disrupted and devasted lives on a

station around early evening when trains were coming and

going. Hopefully you may get why I chose this time period

and location.

walking in somewhat of minefield in many areas. Something

which has demanded respect and discipline. Hopefully I have

achieved this.

So there you have it, a Christmas ghost story set in war torn

London on a ficticious railway station. All I can say is read the

book when it is released next year and please do let me know

what you think.

I cannot say when the story will appear on stage but I will be

looking for producers once we are in the appropriate position.

Let’s see what the future brings.

On a final note, I would like to thank Jane for featuring ‘The

Spirit of Christmas 1940’ in Write Away magazine. The only

real connection I had here was the lyrics to the song that gave

birth to the idea. I hope, by the way, you liked the lyric at the

start of this article. Again these are my own work.

Also I would like to encourage you to visit the Severn Valley

Railway Station in Kidderminster. It is a truly amazing place. It

is right outside the main Kidderminster station so very easy to

find. It also has an outstanding pub on the grounds with some

of the best beer I have ever tasted. Well worth a visit. You can

also ride the trains into Shropshire for a wonderful day out.

Thank you all and have a very Merry Christmas.

Another aspect of the book I feel I should try to explain is

our ghost, Billy Snow. To begin with you may ask yourself

why I chose this particular name. Well, William Snow was

my great, great uncle who died during WW1. To all intents

and purposes he is mostly forgotten through nobodys fault

except time. But being an ex-military man, I searched my

family tree only to find this hero who fought during the

Great War. After his death at the Battle of Guillemont in

1916 he was buried in La Neuville British War Cemetary,

Corbie, France. His family members have all but passed

on now except for a few. To my knowledge, I am the

only one who keeps his memory.

Although our character is not my relative, I found that

using his name would immortalise his name. There

will be a short paragraph on the characters inspiration

that will pay tribute to the late William Snow

containing all of the fact that I know about him.

Using a ghost in this story was very much influenced

by the musicals. Of course, the classic A Christmas

Carol also influenced me for the good although I

would never put myself anywhere near the great

Charles Dickens. But I did feel that using the ghost

of a soldier in a sensitive way would add a little

magic and mystery to the story.

On the subject of being sensitive, I felt like I’ve been

www.writeawaymagazine.co.uk 79

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Once More.....

With The Wonderful

Karen Carpenter

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