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Maybe Christmas T

I don’t regret the choice to fight

for what is right

But every day I pray

to be coming home tonight

So Let us win and let peace begin

I pray that soon, I’ll get back again

I don’t know how I don’t know when

Maybe Christmastime I’ll be home

Maybe Christmastime I’ll be home

I never turn around

when things don’t go as planned

I never once back down

when I have to make a stand..



Didn’t know how much I’d miss

Mom and everyone

You tell her I’ll be back

When the war is won.


I always think first of the people I protect

I never once thought twice

about things I could not get.


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HappyRon’s music has been described as

“Mr. Rogers Meets South Park.”

At the age of 48 he finally healed a lifelong

disabilities that have prevented him from

fully pursuing music and is excited to finally

bring his music to the world.

Firstly he is on the autistic spectrum that

has always made communication difficult

and music has helped him heal and move

forward in life.

Secondly, he was born without a left hip

socket which brought tension and pain

throughout his body. After having surgery

he found that was able to create music

much easier and has become obsessed with

teaching people that anyone can make


He is most well known for fun sing-along

songs like “Terribly Happy” and “If You’re

Bored In San Diego (IT’S YOUR FAULT)

as well as songs in many other styles. He

has been described as a cross between

“punk rock and punk folk.”

His music is influenced by, among others,

Ringo Starr, Mr. Rogers, South Park, and

Leonard Cohen.

He is now an inspirational speaker with

music sharing the value of positive thought

and action to businesses and schools.

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