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Jason Baker



While I have been a musician

since age 14, songwriting is

something I started in earnest

in 2017. As part of learning

how to write songs, I joined

several songwriting communities,

including local groups that

hold song feedback meetings

monthly. One thing that song

communities provide is song

prompts to help inspire songwriters

get into the practice of

completing songs.

One of the very first prompts I

used was “write a holiday song”.

Most “holiday” songs are about

Christmas, so I had to decide if

I wanted to do that, or

something “alternate”. As an

atheist from an ethnically-Jewish

background, I didn’t feel

particularly compelled to write

about Chanukah or other

holiday. While many, many

“Christmas” songs are in fact

secular in content, while

celebrating the trappings of

“the season”, I didn’t feel ike

I needed to add to that large

body of work. I decided to

write a song about Christmas,

and to focus on the main character

and event, Jesus and the


I thought about when I first

learned about Jesus and his life

as a kid, and the thoughts I had

at the time, mixing Chanukah

and Passover, Christmas and

Easter in my young mind, and

wondering… “If they knew he

was a prophet, why didn’t they

warn him?”. So this song is

simply a sympathetic message

from one Jewish kid to another.

Jason Baker is a songwriter &

performer from Burlington,

Vermont. Jason started writing

songs in 2017, and performing

in 2018, releasing his debut,

“America Dreams”. On his new

album, “Common Man Blues”,

Jason continues to write songs

influenced by the deep roots of

old-time & acoustic music, yet

modern in lyrical perspective.

2019 New England Music

Awards Nominee for “Best in


Nov/Dec American Songwriter

Magazine Lyric Contest Runner-Up

for the song “Christmastime


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