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Bob Love

ew Christmas Tree

with a couple of people I work with, who play music in

clubs, and that inspired me.One woman co-worker,

Theresa, took a few of my lyrics and wrote songs that she

performed locally. She was very encouraging to me. I

write all the time now and always have ideas in my head.

I play some guitar. I have melodies in my mind for most

of the lyrics that I write. I joined Songbay a few months

back. I won their 2019 Lyric contest.The people at Songbay

were able to use the melody I had in my mind and

match it up almost perfect for, “The Dark Road Leads to

Light”. The only thing that limits me is a lack of time. I’ve

been taking some on line classes to help me with my I.T.

career. I would like to write full time and find someone to

collaborate with. I survived stage 3 throat cancer in 2011.

Worth noting as encouragement to anyone. I survived

alcoholism and throat cancer.

For the lyric “Grandma’s Got a New Christmas Tree”. I

thought of it when my wife bought a tree last year. I’m not

sure how long that she had her old tree, but it took a long

time to put it up, piece by piece. My wife is all about

Christmas and she was very excited about the new tree

and how easy that it was to put it together. I decided to

write a lyric. The tree is very nice. In case you can’t tell,

she likes snowmen. It’s worth noting, that where we live,

especially the past few years, we have seen very little

snow. Maybe once or twice a year and usually only a

dusting. I hope everyone enjoys reading my little

Christmas lyric.

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