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Finding Your Words

Show what you mean - don’t tell. “I’m so sad, I just feel

bad, my girlfriend left me today...”....Not the best way to

express your words. This is a fast way to make your song


The best lyrics, like any good writing, get us to feel emotions

because they capture that experience, not because

they tell us what to feel. Try to write about what it’s like to

feel something, instead of just

telling your audience.

A good example of an alternative to this “I’m so sad” thing

is from Damien Rice’s song The Animals Were Gone: “At

night I dream without you, and hope I don’t wake up;

‘Cause waking up without you is like drinking from an

empty cup”.

Brainstorm some ideas so you can see what you have and

choose or even build off of an existing idea. It is probably

best if you have an inspiration.

https://www.rhymezone.com/ - Check this out if you’ve

never used it before. It’s a great aid to rhyme.

has far more rhyming than other ge

not required. It’s just stylistic.

Try non-standard rhyme schemes. I

your rhyming stand out a bit more a

cheesy, you can experiment with diff

rhyming. Did you know that there’s

Explore assonance/consonance rhym

alliteration, forced rhymes, etc.

Assonance is the repetition of vowe

create internal rhyming within phra

together with alliteration and conso

of the building blocks of verse. Ass

to be a rhyme; the identity of which

sequence of both vowel and conson

Consonance refers to repetitive sou

consonants within a sentence or ph

often takes place in quick succession

patter. It is classified as a literary ter

as well as prose. For instance, the w

kick are consonant with one and oth

existence of common interior conso

Rhyme within reason. You know when you see a song

written by someone who isn’t very good and the lyrics just

come off as cheesy? This is often because they rhyme too

much or very badly. Aim to avoid having all of your lines

rhyme, and look for rhymes that you do use that look

natural. Don’t put weird phrases or words into your lyrics

just to get a rhyme. Really, your lyrics don’t have to rhyme

at all. Plenty of songs have non-rhyming lyrics.

Good: “You make me feel real again/You just have to smile

and I know/The sun’s coming out - Amen!”

Bad: “I really love my cat/My cat is where it’s at/Her tail

looks like a bat/She’s getting kind of fat...”

Of course, there are some genre considerations. Rap often

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