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Bamil Gutiérrez Collado

tmas Time

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‘Real Christmas Time’ is a soft rock song about

bringing back to present the old things, subjects that

caused emotions and joy on our Holiday lives like

things used to be.

The expression of things that used to be the special

times, memories, peace, love and kindness to all

living beings. What we wish to have for our closer

loved ones like our Moms, our Kids, ourselves in a


Being good people to our projim and the deserve to

enjoy better things and have the right moment to

reach for good. When we could have all those things

that fill our special moments and as we get closer to

the Holiday seasons enjoy a ‘better ride’, which for me

is meaning of ‘wishes for happier moment’. The gift of

giving to the world softer times is part of the purpose

of this song to carry a message to society and share

not only love, but the spirit and the real Christmas

spirit meaning that is hope.

In a whole, live the moment beyond the christmas

time. Was written in soft mode considering the

lyrics and to give a more nostalgic ambience. This is

a kind of message that catch us all in any moment of

our lives bringing back the memories. Christmas is

a very strange yet at the same time beautiful season

where it looks like we are opening a chest of

reminiscings. ‘Real Christmas Time’ the best way I

felt to show how we enjoy reviving our wishes and

makes them come true asking Jesus for a Holiday


Happy Holidays Everyone And Lots Of Blessings!!!

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