Times of the Islands Winter 2019/20


Presents the "soul of the Turks & Caicos Islands" with in-depth features about local people, culture, history, environment, businesses, resorts, restaurants and activities.

eye on the sky

Opposite page: Water that is turbulently mixed with sand is a possible indication of a rip current.

Above: Pelican Cay appears to be “just offshore” Bambarra Beach in Middle Caicos, but the distance and potential presence of rip currents

can be deceiving and dangerous.


Hidden Dangers

Understanding rip currents and rip tides.

By Paul Wilkerson

Travelers from across the globe descend on the Turks & Caicos Islands at a steady pace throughout the

year. Nearly all are drawn by photos of the clear turquoise waters that surround the country. Our family

fell into that category. Images seemed surreal, and we wanted to see for ourselves if they were accurate.

What we never thought about are the hidden dangers that lie beneath the waters—dangers present along

nearly every coastline around the world, whether ocean or large lakes, such as the Great Lakes of the

United States. What are these dangers? Rip currents and rip tides.

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