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Split Rock is a highlight of West Harbour Bluff, a remote area at the southwest point of Providenciales. It includes a small peninsula with sea

cliffs, an open faced cave, and a long stretch of secluded beach.

To safeguard the multiple benefits the environment

provides for present and future generations and to support

sustainable development, the Turks & Caicos Government

through the Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Heritage,

Maritime, Disaster Management, and Gaming (MTE) is

developing the first Environment Strategy for the Turks

& Caicos Islands. The Department of Environment and

Coastal Resources (DECR) is coordinating this activity with

technical support from the UK’s Joint Nature Conservation

Committee (JNCC).

An Environment Strategy (ES) will help to join existing

and new environmental plans and activities to ensure

effective implementation of environmental priorities. The

ES is envisaged to be a “living” strategy—that is, it will be

reviewed and updated regularly, enabling it to be adapted

to meet TCI’s changing needs. Fundamental to its success

will be the development of an islands-wide information

management system that will ensure all data required

for effective management and monitoring of the environment

is housed and accessible from a central location.

The ES will be crafted to be congruent with TCI’s

existing legislative and policy framework, notably the TCI

Constitution (Sec. 18.1—have due regard to the need to

foster and protect an environment that is not harmful to

the health or well-being of present and future generations,

while promoting justifiable economic and social development),

TCI Vision 2040, the National Tourism Strategy

and Policy, the National Disaster Management Plan and

the National Physical Development Plan (in preparation).

The proposed strategy will also be guided by national

and global principles and commitments set out in the TCI

Environment Charter, the UK 25-Year Environment Plan

and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To ensure the ES meets user needs, JNCC visited TCI

in October 2019 to hold the first stage of stakeholder consultations.

Over 40 stakeholders attended from the Office

of the Governor, various TCI Government departments

and units, NGOs, the Sustainable Tourism Committee,

watersports operators and civil society, with consultations

taking place on North, Middle and South Caicos,

Providenciales and Grand Turk. Stakeholders were asked

their opinions on the overarching purpose and objective

of the ES, what environmental areas it should contain,

and how to ensure effective implementation.

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