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This surreal shot of a late-autumn sunset was captured by Marta Morton overlooking the Harbour Club Villas and Marina docks at South Side


Sunrise, Sunset

As I was looking at this photo, one of the songs from the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” came to mind: “Sunrise,

sunset; Sunrise, sunset; Swiftly fly the years; One season following another; Laden with happiness and tears.” That’s

how I feel these days, as time speeds by and the people and places near and dear to me change.

I think that’s why the late autumn’s sunlight brings me such joy. It starts with the slow arrival of dawn, marked by

a conch-shell pink tint to the sky, deepening to rose-red at the tops of the billowing clouds at the horizon. Afternoons

are dipped in gold, the sun painting everything in sight with a burnished beauty. These scenes always remind me

of my belief that the God of creation is a master. Nothing humans create comes close to the glorious splendor of

the natural world. This shouts of the existence of a good God, a God of love, a God who will never change. And that

brings me great comfort.

Whenever I count my blessings, living in the Turks & Caicos Islands and having this job come near the top of the

list. I revel in being able to showcase this country’s “Beautiful by Nature” portraits and stories in each issue. May this

issue bring you the same joy, beauty and wonder.

Kathy Borsuk, Editor

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