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2 | December 5, 2019 | 22nd century media education guide


Exceptional dental care for the whole

family at Artistic Dentistry in Homer Glen


Preschool, Kindergarten, Day Care, and Summer Camp

Tradition of


We are halfway into the

school year and almost to

a new year, a blank slate

waiting to be filled with

exciting new adventures.

Everything is ready to go.

One has got homework

routines, activity schedules

and carpooling mastered

by now. But what

about one’s child’s smile?

How is one’s child’s dental


Did you know there is an

undeniable link between a

child’s oral health and his

overall health?

In fact, the link is so

universally recognized

that the state of Illinois

requires children in public,

private and parochial

schools to have a dental

exam performed before

entering kindergarten, second

and sixth grade. Simply

put, dental problems

can indicate unseen health


A dental exam is as important

as immunizations

and should be part of all

back-to-school preparations,

reports the American

Dental Association.

Further, the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention

said that U.S. children

are more affected by

tooth decay than any other

chronic infectious disease.

Tooth decay is not just unsightly.

It can also lead to

pain, difficulty speaking,

eating, playing and even


Our goal at Artistic Dentistry

is to help ensure that

one’s child is as healthy as


About 20 percent of

children between ages 5

and 11 have a decayed

tooth. Dental hygiene for

children should start as

early as the first teeth appear.

If one is a busy parent,

they may not always

feel like they have time

for dental hygiene. With so

many different demands

on their schedule, it can

seem impossible to have to

help one’s family members

take care of their teeth.

Even though it is challenging,

it is so important

to make time for good dental

habits, especially if one

has young children who

are still learning how to

care for their own smiles.

Encourage one’s spouse

and one’s children of every

age to make dental care a

priority with these simple





Make Dental Visits a

Family Affair: Our Homer

Glen office welcomes

patients of all ages, and

we are happy to schedule

one’s family’s dental visits

together so they and their

family can all be seen on

the same day. Help one’s

family take care of their

teeth by grouping everyone’s

appointments into a

block schedule and making

dental visits a family


Brush and Floss Together:

This tip is particularly

essential if one is the parent

of a baby or toddler.

Make dental hygiene fun

and encourage healthy

habits by brushing and

flossing together as a family

each night. This helps

one’s children get into a

regular habit while also




708-385-2288 815-741-2627

Palos Hills Lockport

708-599-0101 815-838-2855

Tinley Park Frankfort

708-532-5566 815-469-2627

Homer Glen Tinley Park (167th St.)

708-301-3939 708-532-7676

Register Now 2020-2021 School Year www.bobbienoonans.com

providing a few minutes

of “family downtime” free

from other distractions.

Eat Healthy Meals Together:

It is easier to take

care of one’s family’s teeth

when everyone is enjoying

nutritious meals together.

Encourage all family

members to drink plenty of

water between and during

mealtimes, and limit sugary

drinks like soda and

juice to special occasions

or holidays.

At Artistic Dentistry, we

are proud to offer family

dental care. We enjoy getting

to know our patients

over time, and many of

our patients continue to

come back because of the

individualized care that is

tailored to their needs and

preferences. Our patients

know they can trust us to

take care of their teeth, no

matter what phase of life

they are in. Come join our

dental family and see what

personalized dental care

can do for you.

One of the biggest benefits

of visiting a family

dental practice is that

no one ages out of our

care. We are able to help

everybody from babies

with brand new teeth to

grandma and grandpa,

and everyone in between.

Our expertise allows us to

serve each of these demographics,

meeting the different

needs that different

ages require.

Additionally, because

we see our patients

throughout their whole

life, we know their teeth

and any special circumstances

they might face.

Our long-term relationship

with patients allows us to

give the best care available.

Our entire team has

the knowledge and experience

to handle whatever

dental needs our patients

might have during any

phase of their life. From

dental cleanings to dental

implants, we have you


Being a family practice

can also make it convenient

to get dental care for

one’s whole family. Imagine,

one can take their children

to the dentist while

they also get their dental

checkup. Our expertise allows

one to simplify their

life because they do not

have to worry about finding

the right dentist for

each member of their family.

Caring for one’s child’s

oral health offers a pretty

wonderful fringe benefit:

it provides them with a

bright, healthy smile that

makes people smile back

at them. Give us a call,

and we’ll make sure one’s

child is on the road to the

best smile possible.

We enjoy serving families

and love teaching people

how to better care for

their smiles. If you would

like to make an appointment

with our family dental

office, call us today.

Submitted by Artistic Dentistry,

14811 S. Founders

Crossing in Homer Glen.

For more information, visit

artisticdentistry-pc.com or

call (708) 301-6060.




The official school of the Ballet 5:8

professional company

SCHOOL.BALLET58.ORG |708.329.8773

Ballet 5:8 is a501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

22ndCenturyMedia.com education guide

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High achievements,

honors celebrated at

St. Joseph School

St. Joseph School has had an incredible

year as the students, alumni, and community

celebrates honors and achievements

that seem to be endless.

St. Joseph School is a small school in

a small town, but it sure has a big collection

of honors and awards that keep coming.

As a High Performing National Blue

Ribbon School of Excellence, St. Joseph

exemplifies a dedicated community of the

faithful through our staff, families and

students. It truly is an engaging and challenging

place for children to reach their

personal best, and in 2019, the honors

were abundant.

Last May, the seventh grade students

demonstrated their scientific skills at the

Regional and State Science Fair. Nineteen

students competed at the Regional Science

Fair at the University of St. Francis

and took away 17 gold medals and two

silver medals. From there, 14 students

competed at the Illinois State Fair winning

12 gold medals, two silver medals,

and one Top 10 paper in the State. This

level of excellence was unmatched in the

Will County area. St. Joseph had the most

significant number of awards for the Will

County Schools at the Illinois State Science


As Principal Scheffler said, “This level

of excellence demonstrates the efforts

of the incredible staff, committed families,

and surely the talented students of

St. Joseph. I couldn’t be prouder of their

dedication to performing at their personal

best. They worked so tremendously hard

to get to State. To come home with so

many awards and honors, they learn the

value of their efforts and the education

they receive at St. Joseph. Certainly, our

Science and STREAM Programs, along

with a rigorous all-around curriculum,

makes the grade at SJS and the State of


The honors and achievements continue

as St. Joseph graduates earn top scholarships

to local Catholic High Schools. In

the past two years, our graduates have

earned over $100,000 in scholarships

from Joliet Catholic Academy and Providence

Catholic High School. These scholarship

awards were based predominantly

on academic achievement and leadership

awards along with financial need.

“These scholarships demonstrate the

value of the St. Joseph education,” Scheffler

said. “It is certainly a return on your investment

to start high school with awards

ranging from $1,000-$26,000 per student.

While we love learning from alumni that

they are over-prepared for freshman year,

we treasure hearing from our feeder high

schools that they can pick out a St. Joseph

graduate. They are dedicated and talented

students, strong leaders and well-prepared

for their future. In addition, they are just

good kids. And, that’s what we do here at

St. Joseph. We prepare them for life and

cheer them on along the way as they receive

tremendous awards and honors.”

The latest excitement at SJS was the

incredible performance at the Providence

Scholastic Bowl. Placing in second for

the seventh grade and third for the eighth

grade team, SJS demonstrated to the entire

community the exceptional level of excellence

provided at St. Joseph. In addition,

the seventh grade school team took home

first place in geography, second place in

language arts, second place in social studies,

and fifth place in science. The eighth

grade team won fourth place in language

arts and fifth place in math.

“While our teams were competing

against schools two and three times our

Please see honors, 8


St. Joseph


The ONLY Blue Ribbon School

of Excellence in the Area

• Top Notch


• Full Day Programs

for Preschool 3

and Up

• Before & After

School Programs

• Scholarships

Available from

$500 to Full Tuition

Call Today for Tour

(815) 838.8173

529 Madison Street, Lockport


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We invite you to experience the vibrant, warm and welcoming environment at St. Mary Catholic School.

See why students succeed. Feel our sense of community. Meet faculty, teachers, families,

and students in Preschool through 8th grade.

Come see the difference.

Open House

SUNDAY, JANUARY 26 | 11-1 P.M.

+ Tours + Information + Refreshments



11409 195th Street, Mokena

22ndCenturyMedia.com education guide

22nd century media | December 5, 2019 | 5

6 | December 5, 2019 | 22nd century media education guide


What Idofor my clients


Ifocus on what’s important to you

now while helping you build avision

for your futureand making sure

your plans stay on track.


Iamcommitted to finding

the best solutions for your family,

your business and

all you hold dear.


Iunderstand your needs, then

clarify and explain your options

so you can make decisions

with confidence.


Istrive to be there for you during

major life events and tough times

to provide encouragement,

perspective and clarity.

Gary Bronner,CFP ®

Financial Representative

827 SState St

Lockport,IL 60441-3548



(630) 863-4775

Auto,home and business insurance policies issued by COUNTRYMutual Insurance Company ® ,COUNTRYPreferred Insurance Company ® and COUNTRYCasualty Insurance Company ® .

Life insurance policies issued by COUNTRYLife Insurance Company ® and COUNTRYInvestors Life Assurance Company ® .Fixed annuities issued by COUNTRYInvestors Life Assurance

Company ® .All issuing companies located in Bloomington, IL.


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Find complete education for the whole child at St. Dennis

St. Dennis School is a

loving environment that

provides a complete education

for the whole child.

Our school has been embedded

in the Lockport

community since 1881,

built upon the foundation

of tradition and a vision

for the future.

Small class sizes combined

with a caring and

highly qualified faculty

provide an environment

where students thrive.

Supporting multiple studies

that show students

perform measurably better

with more individualized

attention, an average of 80

percent of St. Dennis graduates

earn honor roll status

as freshmen. Teachers

utilize instructional strategies

that require student

collaboration and critical

thinking skills. With the

aid of multiple tools for assessing

students’ progress,

teachers personalize instructional

strategies to address

individual learning

needs as necessary. The

success of this approach

is evident in standardized

test scores that continue to

range above the national

averages. St Dennis students

also meet or exceed

readiness/growth expectations

at an average of 75-

80 percent annually.

St. Dennis teachers

have the flexibility to utilize

different instructional

approaches to engage

students. We offer stateof-the-art

embedded technology

throughout the curriculum

at all grade levels,

with SMARTBoards in

every class for increased

student engagement, and

1-to-1 iPads K-8. The use

of technology throughout

the school provides students

with access to countless

learning tools that reinforce

the core standards

taught in ways that appeal

to the modern learner. Students

are given alternative

ways to synthesize information

they have learned

and present it in a creative


St. Dennis students have

access to an outstanding

fine arts program at St.

Dennis. Art teacher Lisa

Boyer, who has been recognized

by the publication

Celebrating Art as a

Teacher of Distinction,

is quick to point out that

children who participate in

visual arts are statistically

proven to perform better

on tests. Our award-winning

choirs, participating

in competitions, as well

as musical programs, provide

students with another

creative outlet. Students

also have opportunities to

be involved in no-cut athletics,

intramurals, clubs,

a Technology Apprentice

Program and Battle of the


St. Dennis School enhances

traditional classroom

religious instruction

with the Catechesis of the

Good Shepherd program

to teach students about

their faith. In addition,

students K-8 plan and participate

in weekly school

Mass. Active participation

in service projects is an

integral part of students’

call to stewardship. Sacramental

preparation is part

of daily Catholic instruction.

Student role models

mentor younger students

through the school-wide

buddy system. Our school

enjoys a strong bond with

the parish, as we work together

to build the future

of the church. St. Dennis

School and parish are a

family committed to a vibrant


Catholic education is

affordable and accessible:

financial aid, scholarships

and monthly payments for

tuition and fees name just

a few of the opportunities

available, including the

Tuition Transfer Grant,

available for students

transferring from a public


The community is invited

to explore our St. Dennis

School by scheduling

a personal tour by calling

(815) 838-4494 x106 or

join us on Sunday, Jan. 26,

2020 at 12:15 p.m. for an

open house.

Submitted by St. Dennis

School, 1201 S. Washington

St. in Lockport. For more

information, call (815) 838-

4494 or visit stdennisschool.



Weekly school Mass

• Student-led liturgy • Tradional

religious instrucon enhanced with Montessori-based enrichment


No-cut athlec teams • Intramurals • Gospel Choir • Chime

Choir • Award-winning Jubilaon Choir • Gospel Club •

Open House

Preschool – 8 th Grade

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Open Enrollment

Mass 11:15am

Open House 12:15pm—1:30pm

Bale of the Books • Technology Apprence Program (T.A.P.)

Academic Excellence

On average, 80% of our graduates earn honor roll status as

Freshmen in High School • SMARTBoards in every

classroom • Hands-on science lab for all grades

State-of-the-art technology lab • K-8th 1:1 iPad program

St. Dennis Catholic School • 1201 S Washington Street • Lockport • 815-838-4494 Ext. 106 • www.stdennisschool.org

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Private Tours and Shadow Days available.

Please call the office for details.

607 Sobieski St. • Lemont, IL 60439


• Pre-K through 8th Grade

• On-site morning and after school care

• 100% acceptance rate of students applying

to private high schools

• Computer and Science Labs

• 1 to 1 chrome books in the JR. High

• Smart Boards in all classrooms

• Spanish, Physical Education, Technology,

Music & Art

• Extra-Curricular activities include:

Basketball, volleyball, band, chess, talent show

& school musical

• Financial aid is available, inquire at school

Lemont’s SS. Cyril and

Methodius School named

one of the best in the nation

U.S. Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos announced

on Sept. 26 that

SS. Cyril and Methodius

School (SSCM) has been

named a 2019 National

Blue Ribbon School.

SSCM is among 312

public and 50 non-public

schools nationwide receiving

this honor. This marks

the first and only time a

Lemont elementary school

has received this recognition.

“The entire SS. Cyril and

Methodius School family

is honored to have been

named a 2019 National

Blue Ribbon School,”

said Shirley A. Tkachuk,

principal of SS. Cyril and

Methodius School. “This

reaffirms the dedication,

hard work and commitment

to Catholic education

from all of our students,

staff and families.”

The coveted National

Blue Ribbon Schools

award affirms the hard

work of educators, families

and communities in

creating safe and welcoming

schools where students


From Page 3

size, our students rose to

the challenge and performed


Scheffler said.

At St. Joseph, the administration

and staff create

a strong academic and

faith-filled atmosphere,

which is the recipe for

success. Encouraging the

development of each student

through a blend of

rigorous course study and

extra-curricular programs,

master challenging and

engaging content. Now in

its 37th year, the National

Blue Ribbon Schools Program

has bestowed recognition

on more than 9,000


The Department recognizes

all schools in one of

two performance categories,

based on all student

scores, student subgroup

scores and graduation


• Exemplary High Performing

Schools are

among their state’s highest

performing schools

as measured by state assessments

or nationally

normed tests.

this home away from

home is much more than

a school for children, but

a community of caregivers

who want the best for

each child. This is a promise

that St. Joseph School

has honored for over 135


The education at St.

Joseph is truly the education

every child deserves.

To learn more about SJS

and schedule a tour, please

contact the school office at

(815) 838-8173. Scholarship

funds are available for

• Exemplary Achievement

Gap Closing Schools are

among their state’s highest

performing schools

in closing achievement

gaps between a school’s

student groups and all


School officials will represent

SSCM at a two-day

awards ceremony in Washington,

D.C., where they

will join other esteemed

educators, share best practices

with each other, and

celebrate their hard-won


For more information

about SSCM, call (630)

357-6488 or visit www.

school.stcyril.org. For

more information about

the National Blue Ribbon

Schools program, visit nationalblueribbonschools.


Submitted by SS. Cyril and

Methodius School, 607

Sobieski St. in Lemont. For

more information about

SSCM, call (630) 357-6488

or visit www.school.stcyril.


students transferring from

local schools and families

that desire the excellent

education that St. Joseph

provides. Applications for

the 2020-2021 pre-school

3 and pre-kindergarten

4-year-old Programs along

with kindergarten through

eighth grade are open.

Submitted by St. Joseph

School, 529 Madison St. in

Lockport. For more information,

call (815) 838-8173 or

visit stjoeschool.com.

22ndCenturyMedia.com education guide

22nd century media | December 5, 2019 | 9

9250 W. 167 th Street

Orland Hills, Illinois 60487

708-403-6525 • www.cjbschool.org


January 26, 2020

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Kindergarten Presentation at 1:15pm

Pre-K Presentation at 2:00pm

• Nationally-recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

• Grounded in the Catholic faith • Weekly Masses

• PK3 and PK4 (full and half day) • K (full day) - 8th Grade

• Before/After School Care

• Cutting-edge technology including ChromeBooks, interactive whiteboards and iPads

• 1:1 devices (4th-8th)

• Differentiated Instruction/iReady Online Assessment & Instruction

• Inclusive Education Center/Full Time Math/Reading Interventionist

• CJB is an ASPIRE “All are welcome” school

• Career and College Ready Aspire Assessment Results

• On average, 35% of CJB graduates have been recognized as Illinois State Scholars

each year

• Since 2007, 13 CJB Alumni have been named high school Valedictorian or


• CJB’s Class of 2019 graduates received more than $67,000 in scholarships for

high school

• Spanish, Fine Arts Program & Physical Education (Pre-K- 8)

• Library/Media Ctr for Student Broadcasts/Media Productions

• 6-Sport Athletic Program/IESA Chess and Cheerleading

(7-time State Champions!)

• STEM, Robotics and Technology Programs

• Parent-led Virtue Program

• Full-time Nurse

Proud to be a twice-recognized National Blue Ribbon School.

2008 and 2018 National Blue Ribbon School

Online Registration for the 2019-20 school year can be accessed through our website at cjbschool.org

10 | December 5, 2019 | 22nd century media education guide


Cardinal Joseph Bernardin a twicerecognized

National Blue Ribbon School

As the 2019-2020 school year

began, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

Catholic School opened its doors

as a twice-recognized National

Blue Ribbon High Performing

School of Excellence.

In 2018, we were one of seven

schools in the Archdiocese of

Chicago and one of 49 across the

nation to receive this prestigious

award. What makes it even more

special is that this was the second

time CJB has been named a

Blue Ribbon School. The honor

of achieving Blue Ribbon designation

status, not once, but twice,

reinforces the academic excellence

and quality Catholic education

provides to students and their


Our year has been busy while

students, staff and families continue

to share their time, talent

and treasure. Our Family School

Association has provided numerous

opportunities for our

families to get together and

celebrate the CJB community.

We’ve attended weekly liturgies.

CJB celebrated Veterans Day with

many veterans who shared stories

and celebrated Mass with us and

we were honored to present Bremen

VFW Post 2791 with a check

from a fundraiser. CJB hosted a

parent technology safety presentation,

collected over a ton of food

for our Thanksgiving Food Drive

benefitting the Orland Township

Food Pantry and continue to volunteer

at Shepherds Table.

We made blankets for the Ronald

McDonald House, fundraised

and collected items for M&M

Acres, PADS, The Care Kit Foundation,

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos

and Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Each month, CJB families donate

needed items and make over 400

sandwiches for Port Ministries.

Our volleyball, soccer and basketball

teams continue to do well.

Our cross country team finished

the year strong with a member

qualifying and competing at state.

We offer Suzuki Violin Lessons,

IESA Chess Club and our Drama

Club is currently rehearsing “Disney

Frozen Jr.” We do all this

while achieving excellent academic


Additionally, we finalized a formal

relationship with the ASPIRE

Organization whose mission is

to work with schools who want

to convey the message, “All Are

Welcome.” CJB is proud to say

we are a school whose message is

“Choose to Include.”

CJB offers Spanish, fine arts

programs and physical education

for pre-k through eighth grade.

We have a library/media center

for student broadcasts and media

productions, an extended day program,

hot lunch program, extracurricular

activities, a six-sport

athletic program, cheerleading,

and a full-time nurse.

Since our opening in September

of 2000, we have graduated over

1,000 students. Our school administration

and instructional staff

take pride in the fact that, on average,

one-third of our graduates are

named Illinois State Scholars in

high school. Thirteen CJB Alumni

have been named high school

Valedictorian or Salutatorian since

2007 and three of our Alumni

have obtained perfect scores on

their ACTs.

We’ve been busy like most

schools, but the difference is that,

here, every day begins in prayer

together. We are reminded to be

thankful for all God’s gifts and to

treat everyone with respect and

kindness. We live and promote the

Gospel message of love for our

neighbors and each other.

These accomplishments do not

come without the hard work and

dedication of the entire CJB staff

and our families that are committed

to our students and to our ministry

of teaching and education.

Check us out at our open house

on Jan. 26 from 1-3 p.m. We guarantee

no one will be disappointed.

Submitted by Cardinal Bernardin

Catholic School, 9250 W. 167th St.

in Orland Hills. For more information

about CJB visit our website at

cjbschool.org and on Facebook.

Homer Glen center helps with spine care needs

The holidays can be

a time of heavy lifting,

whether moving boxes of

decorations or rearranging

furniture to accommodate

guests. That means many

will be at risk of sustaining

back and neck injuries.

“The easiest way to cause

an injury is not keeping the

core muscles in shape,”

said Dr. Kris Siemionow,

chief of spine surgery and

assistant professor of orthopedics

and neurosurgery at

the University of Illinois in

Chicago. “The most common

cause for a spinal injury

is overuse. Often, when

you overexert yourself, your

muscles fatigue, which, left

unrested, can lead to worse

injuries such as strains,

pinched nerves or even


One common ailment is a

disk herniation. This painful

condition is caused by problems

with the rubbery disks

between the individual vertebrae

of the spine.

“A herniated disk is extremely

common,” said Dr.

Anthony Rinella, founder of

the Illinois Spine & Scoliosis

Center. “It’s often caused

by repetitive motions that

involve looking up. Disk

herniations in the neck are

a common cause of pain radiating

toward the shoulder

and down the arm.”

Fortunately, there are

treatment options available.

Patients are often successfully

treated with conservative

management options,

such as pain medication,

therapy and injections. But

a small percentage of people

with this condition will

eventually need surgery.

Traditionally, this procedure

involved taking out the

problematic disk and fusing

the remaining disks together

with metal hardware.

While this fusion process

provides spinal stability, it

can also limit the patient’s

range of motion. A newer

procedure, called cervical

disk replacement, has

solved this problem. Like

the standard cervical fusion,

this surgery involves

removing the disk to relieve

pressure on the nerves. But

instead of a metal plate, surgeons

insert a flexible piece

of plastic.

“The biggest benefit is

that this maintains motion

of the neck in that area

where normally a fusion

procedure would weld the

two bones together,” Siemionow

said. “The cervical

disk replacement basically

functions similar to a joint

replacement that maintains


While the procedure has

been around for some time,

it is relatively new in the

United States.

“It took time for there to

be adequate research and

for insurance companies to

support the new technology,”

Rinella said. “Current

studies suggest this is a major

step forward for cervical

spine surgery, perhaps the

biggest step in the past 30


Along with preserving

range of motion, there are

other benefits to the procedure.

Cervical disk replacements

typically have

a shorter recovery time than

a fusion procedure. Patients

often go home the same day

and are completely healed

in four to six weeks. There

are also fewer follow-up appointments


This recovery time is also

more comfortable for the

patients, because no immobilization

devices, such as

neck collars, are required.

Compared to metal, the

plastic device used in cervical

disk replacement puts

less pressure on the disks

above and below it, which

helps prevent arthritis or

degeneration. Perhaps most

importantly, the procedure

quickly improves the patient’s

quality of life by reducing

their symptoms.

“Patients usually see immediate

improvement in

their radiating pain symptoms.

There’s a very high

rate of success compared

to other surgeries,” Rinella

said. “In patients that do

need surgery, we find that

this new technology is very

promising. And we are one

of the few spine surgeons

using this advanced technology.”

Submitted by the Illinois

Spine & Scoliosis Center,

12701 W. 143rd St., No. 200,

in Homer Glen. For more

information on cervical disk

replacements and spine care

needs, contact the center

at (877) 694-7722 or visit


22ndCenturyMedia.com education guide

22nd century media | December 5, 2019 | 11

happy holidays


With sincere appreciation and gratitude,

Illinois Spine and Scoliosis Center

extends a heartfelt “ThankYou”

to our patients and partners

for your loyalty and support over the years.

Our Entire team joins in sending you & yours a

very blessed and joyous upcoming Holiday Season.

12 | December 5, 2019 | 22nd century media education guide


Country Financial CFP gives clients peace of mind

As a financial representative

with Country Financial, Gary

Bronner works with his clients

as their resource to help build,

preserve and transfer their financial

security through a longterm,

one-on-one relationship.

Utilizing a disciplined and ongoing

process to address a wide

range of financial security needs,

Gary offers insurance and financial

solutions to help his clients

realize their financial security


While Gary works locally

with his clients in Lockport,

Homer Glen and Lemont, he is

supported by the vast resources

at Country Financial. This allows

him to draw on the extensive

knowledge of the team to

develop strategies tailored to his

clients’ unique situations and deliver

a high level of personalized


Gary has more than 30 years

of financial services experience.

He is a graduate of the University

of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

and has held the CFP certification

from the Certified Financial

Planner Board of Standards since

1999. Gary is a resident of Lemont

and married to Judy, a graduate

of the University of Notre

Dame. They have two children.

Alex is a graduate of Bradley

University and Sydney is attending

Marquette University. Gary

and Alex are members of the National

Eagle Scout Association

of the Boy Scouts of America.

He is taking this moment to

remind everyone that not only

is he a Country Financial representative,

but he also been a

CFP professional for 20 years.

The designation comes with extensive

training in financial planning,

estate planning, insurance,

investments, taxes, employee

benefits and retirement planning,

as well as in CFP Board’s Standards

of Professional Conduct,

which is rigorously enforced.

As a CFP professional, he is

required to uphold my certification

through continuing education

— something to consider

with new financial instruments

appearing regularly on the consumer

market. It’s little wonder

that CFP certification is the

most recognized in the industry

for personal financial planning.

While one thinks about financial

future, please bear in mind

that only 17 percent of all financial

advisors in the industry can

claim this distinction.

His clients have found working

with Country and Bronner

achieves financial peace of mind

and a way to have a stress-free


Submitted by Gary Bronner, of

Country Financial, 827 S. State

St. in Lockport. Bronner can be

contacted at his office at (630) 226-

1525, or cellphone from 8 a.m.-8

p.m. daily at (630) 863-4775, faxed

at (630) 226-5693, or emailed at


com. For more information, visit



Noonan Academy charging into 25 years of excellence

Noonan Elementary

Academy is a private, independent

school with a

classical, Catholic curriculum

for those with

children in PreK (3 years

old) through eighth grade.

Faith formation was the

inspiration for, and continues

to be, the purpose

of the school. Founded

in 1995 by Roberta and

Joseph Noonan, the academy

has grown from a few

dozen families to 250 students

enrolled in preschool

through eighth grade.

Dr. Roberta “Bobbie”

Noonan said, “As the

founder of Noonan Academy,

I found it my vocation

to help guide children

spiritually and provide

the best educational experience.

It is here, in this

school, where students

will develop a foundation

needed to lead a successful

and fulfilling life. It is a

privilege to open the minds

and hearts of children to

the love of Christ. And I

am proud to say Noonan

Academy offers students

both a superior education

and the support of a warm

Catholic community.”

The academy, located

in Mokena, recognizes

that each child is unique.

The school is committed

to providing each student

with an individualized plan

for educational success

and the structure for development

of the complete

person — mind, body, and

spirit. Noonan Academy

maintains an environment

that is a catalyst to learning.

It has a teacher-tostudent

ration and various

resources that allow the

gifted, average and at-risk

students to maximize their

potential. Noonan distinguishes

itself by providing

the most classroom

time, smaller class sizes,

the broadest curriculum,

extensive extracurricular

activities, and a culture

that fosters strong character

formation and spiritual


Students at Noonan

Academy, on average, attend

school 185 full days

per year. This, combined

with an extended school

day, translates into as

much a 30 more days per

year or 20 percent more

classroom time than that of

other local schools. By the

time students’ graduate,

they will have benefited

from nearly two additional

years of instruction. Also,

Noonan offers before-andafter-school


Noonan Academy’s dedication

to the overall wellbeing

of children is evident

in its rigorous health and

safety programs, which

include reverse osmosis

water system, HEPA filters

in the furnaces, high-shock

absorption flooring in the

gymnasium, and a very

detailed nutrition policy

that encourages healthy

choices by disallowing

foods containing excessive

sugar, artificial sweeteners,

colors and flavoring,

or any other chemical additives.

Noonan Academy will

be hosting an open house

from noon-2 p.m. on Jan.

26. All potential and interested

families are encouraged

to visit. Noonan

Elementary Academy is

located at 19131 Henry

Drive in Mokena. To

schedule a visit, please call

(708) 479-8988. You can

also learn more at noon


Submitted by Noonan Elementary

Academy, 19131

Henry Drive in Mokena. For

more information, call (708)

479-8988, or visit noon



For more info visit 22ndcenturymedia.com/events

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TheraCore’s physical therapy services

get clients back on track in Lockport

Vestibular? BPPV? Concussion?

Cervicogenic dizziness?

Wait, what?

Before searching Dr. Google,

learn about the vestibular system

and how physical therapy can

help address problems it may be

causing. For those experiencing

dizziness, feeling unsteady on

their feet or who have had several

recent falls, physical therapy,

specifically vestibular rehabilitation,

may be appropriate.

The what

The vestibular system includes

the inner ear, eyes and the

proprioceptors in the feet. This

system provides feedback that

allows the body to know where

it is in space relative to its surroundings.

It assists in comprehending

accelerations and decelerations

— for example, the

body’s ability to sense that it are

in a moving elevator. Finally, it

is the primary system used for

balance. If any of these systems

becomes impaired, it may result

in dizziness or the feeling of being


The why

There are many causes of vestibular

system impairments. It

could be a fall that involves hitting

one’s head, which causes a

disruption in the system. It could

be a cold that results in an ear infection.

Or, everyone’s favorite,

it could be just one is getting a

few years older and the hair cells

of the inner ear are diminishing.

When one of these occurs, a

person will experience vestibular

dysfunction. Their body will

Bones of the Middle Ear

Ear Drum

Ear Canal Eustachian Tube

then compensate in order to help

avoid situations which cause

their symptoms. Unfortunately,

these compensations usually

make things worse. One could

end up with additional visual

disturbances, increased muscular

tension, headaches or altered

movement patterns.

The how

Vestibular rehabilitation is a

subspecialty within the physical

therapy profession. Research

shows that vestibular rehabilitation

is more effective than medication

in the treatment of balance

and postural disturbances. Treatment

utilizes manual therapy

techniques along with therapeutic

exercises in order to assist individuals

with vestibular deficits

overcome their difficulties.

The who

A licensed therapist will examine

a patient, explain their

findings to that patient, and then

create an individualized treatment

plan for the patient. Vestibular

rehabilitation therapists are

specially trained to help individuals

overcome their symptoms in

attempt to return to their activities

of choice, decrease their risk

of falls and improve their overall

quality of life.

The where

Vestibular rehabilitation is

provided at TheraCORE’s Lockport,

Burr Ridge and Westmont

locations. Dizziness and falls can

be debilitating and life-changing.

If a loved on is experiening any

of these symptoms, schedule a

free injury screen or ask a doctor

for a script for physical therapy.

Submitted by TheraCORE Physical

Therapy, 16622 W. 159th St. No.

503 in Lockport. For more information,

call (815) 838-5070 or visit


Where dedicated, personalized care

is at the core of your experience.


- Outpatient physical therapy

- Complimentary injury screens

- Physical Therapist owned

- One on one care by licensed physical

therapists only

- Accepting all major insurance plans

- Self pay rates available

- Massage and dietician services

- Graston Technique ®

- Aquatic Therapy: Ideal for chronic pain,

low back pain, postsurgical, and any

difficulty walking

16622 West 159th Street - Suite 503 - Lockport


6901 S. Madison Steet - Burr Ridge


350 East Ogden Avenue - Suite 200 - Westmont


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St. Michael School preparing students early in education

Gym-Kinetics offers programs for children of all ages

Gym-Kinetics Gymnastics

School in Mokena has

recently celebrated its 34th

year in business. The No.

1 gymnastic school in the

south suburbs got its start

in 1985 over in Glenwood

before moving to Mokena

in 1993. Since moving to

Mokena, Gym-Kinetics

has grown by leaps and

bounds. Owners Jim and

Wendy Fredrickson had

fewer than 100 students

in that first session back

in October 1985. Fast forward

to 2019. The most

popular south side gymnastic

school now sees

more than 1,000 children

per week. Teaching classes

for children as young as 1,

Gym-Kinetics offers Baby

Gym for 1-year-olds, Mom

& Mini for 2-year-olds,

Little Minis for 3-yearolds

and Minis for 4- to

5-year-olds, as well as beginner

and advanced level

gymnastics for girls and

boys from age 5 through

high school. Another really

popular program is

Ninja Zone, an obstacle

course type of activity for

boys and girls ages 4 and

up. This is probably the

fastest growing program

With over 500 students from

Pre-K 3 through eighth grade,

St. Michael School in Orland

Park is a leading Catholic school

in the greater Chicagoland area.

St. Michael School is proud to

offer a faith-based, competitive

and rigorous academic education

to all students.

St. Michael School remains

competitive with the surrounding

public schools while offering a

tight-knit community. Recently,

SMS integrated Chromebooks

and Google Classroom for all

students in fourth through eighth

grade. IPads are a large part of

the technology program in primary

grade classrooms. This

year, St. Michael implemented

the iReady online instruction

program in grades K-8 to further

enhance reading and math curriculums.

In addition, the school’s technology

center is home to 30 HP

Business Desktop Elite 8300

all-in-one computers. Beginning

in kindergarten, students attend

weekly sessions on keyboarding,

word-processing, blogging

and Internet safety. Students also

learn how to research and develop

multimedia presentations and


Curriculum and instruction are

the primary focus of St. Michael

School. The math program utilizes

blended learning aligned

with other core subjects and

real-world scenarios to provide

a balance resulting in a deeper

understanding of math concepts

and skills. St. Michael School is

expanding its reading and writing

initiatives through the Daily

5, an Archdiocese of Chicago

National Certification, and the

Harvard Data Wise program.

St. Michael is the only school

in Orland Park to host a foreign

language program that begins

in second grade and continues

through eighth grade. The teachers

of St. Michael School continue

to create innovative and

engaging ways to learn, so all

students feel comfortable and are

more likely to advance.

Due to St. Michael’s focus

on faith, students learn important

social-emotional skills on a

daily basis. St. Michael’s daily

curriculum provides invaluable

education in self-awareness,

self-management, social awareness,

relationship skills and

responsible decision-making

skills. The students of St. Michael

have access to a school

counselor for additional socialemotional

support. Exposure to

a faith-based education along

with social-emotional learning

encourages students to build

successful family and community

bonds. St. Michael students

participate regularly in com-

currently at the gym.

Competitively, Gym-

Kinetics has been a powerhouse

in the State of Illinois

for the last 30 years.

With hundreds of State,

regional and national

champions, Gym-Kinetics

girls and boys teams are

getting ready to begin the

competitive season this


munity service. Aside from the

Thanksgiving food drive and the

Children’s Hospital toy drive,

students participate in three service

days each year, one dedicated

to veterans and the other two

dedicated to schools in need. St.

Michael school’s commitment to

knowledge, hope, faith and guidance

provides a solid foundation

for safe and positive learning

while enhancing students’ ability

“Each year we do so

well that it’s hard to match

the successes of the previous

season, but each year

we seem to do so,” Gym-

Kinetics owner Jim Fredrickson


Competitions are scheduled

to begin in early December.

The coaching staff

at Gym-Kinetics say that

the children seem ahead

of schedule for this time in

the training process, which

is a really good place to be

this early in the competitive


Other activities offered

at Gym-Kinetics are open

to succeed in school and life.

The community surrounding

St. Michael School prepares students

for high school as well as

real-life experiences. St. Michael

School prides itself on producing

students who are successful and

continue to uphold the morals

and values of the Catholic community.

In addition to an excellent

education, St. Michael School

offers a convenient extended day

program and a full-time School

nurse to meet the needs of each

student and their family. Full and

half-day options are available

for Pre-K 3 and 4. Other school

features include art and science

clubs, FLL Robotics, yearbook,

mock trial, video club, cooking

classes and many more. Students

interested in sports can participate

in basketball, cheerleading,

football, golf, soccer, cross

country and volleyball.

Submitted by St. Michael School,

14355 Highland Ave. in Orland

Park. For more information about

St. Michael School call (708)

349.0068 or visit www.saintmike.


gyms at 1 p.m. Tuesdays

and 9 a.m. Wednesdays

for preschool-age children

and noon-2 p.m. Sundays

for children ages 6 and up.

Birthday parties, held on

Saturdays and Sundays,

are also very popular and

can be booked by calling

far in advance.

Submitted by Gym-Kinetics

Gymnastics School, 19220

Ridge Drive in Mokena. For

more information on all of

the Gym-Kinetics programs,

call (708) 479-6969 or visit


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St. Michael School


Open House



Preschool Preview


Join us for Family Mass @ 9AM

Open House 10AM - Noon

A Catholic Tradition for Over 150 Years

Pre-K - 8th Grade Classrooms

Progressive Academics & Technology

Extra-Curricular Athletic &

Academic Programs

Early Morning Care & Extended Day


Full-Time Nurse

K-8 Bus Service

*Kindergarten thru 8th Grade teachers will be available in classrooms





Scan here to schedule

your tour now!


14355 Highland Avemue, Orland Park, IL

(708) 349 - 0068

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Become something greater

at Providence Catholic High School

Choosing a high school is an

important decision for families.

From academics to extracurriculars,

finding the right fit is

vital to a student’s success. More

and more families are choosing

Providence Catholic.

“Providence has opened me to

so many new opportunities and

people to help me be successful

in everything I do,” said senior

Samantha Spencer, who won

state in pole vault last year and

maintains a 4.73 GPA. “I have

gained values and relationships

that I will carry with me past my

time here.”

Spencer will be attending the

University of Minnesota next

year with academic and athletic


Inspired by our Augustinian

values of Truth, Unity, and Love,

the Providence Catholic High

School family is a vibrant community

of believers and learners,

one in mind and heart on the

way to God. We provide rigorous

programs at all levels in academics,

arts, and athletics, along with

extensive extracurricular activities

and opportunities. In a safe

and supportive environment, our

dedicated, talented, and highly

qualified faculty and staff guide

students to embrace individuality,

challenge assumptions and grow

in confidence and compassion.

Providence recently began a

STEM Academy, an academic

program for inquisitive students

who are active learners wishing

to identify and solve authentic

problems. STEM students utilize

self-directed and collaborative

learning in the integrated fields

of Science, Technology, Engineering

and Mathematics.

Providence Catholic is a coeducational,

college preparatory

Augustinian high school located

on 75 acres in New Lenox. The

students come from more than 70

elementary, middle and junior

high schools within a 30-mile

radius of the school. Whether

a student is AP, honors, college

prep, or need a little assistance

in the classroom, there is a place

for every student. With ACT

scores, college acceptance rates,

and college scholarship offers all

well beyond the national average,

the Providence advantage

is well-known by Celtic students

and parents.

“Our demanding co-educational,

college preparatory curriculum

is evidenced by the success

of our most recent graduates

who earned scholarships valued

at nearly $45 million,” Fr. John

Merkelis, president, said. “We

offer inclusive service programs;

in fact, our recent graduates performed

in excess of 25,000 hours

of community service during

their high school careers.”

Not only do the Celtics experience

excellence in the classroom,

but PCHS students also succeed

in the athletic/extracurricular

arenas. The Celtics are home

to 30 State Championships, 67

State Trophies, hundreds of regional

titles, sectional titles, and

conference championships.

“Providing financial assistance

to Providence Catholic families

is a top priority for the school.

Twenty-five percent of our families

receive some type of financial

assistance. In fact, this year

the school has awarded $1.5 million

to our families in need-based

scholarships and grants, work

programs, discounts, and subsidized

lunches,” Ed Barrett, Director

of Need Based Aid, said.

The new affordable-for-all

program will add additional

scholarship opportunities for academics,

leadership and legacy.

Become the start of something

greater today. To learn more

about the Providence Advantage,

visit online at www.providence

catholic.org. The placement

exam will take place on Dec. 7.

Submitted by Providence Catholic

High School, 1800 Lincoln Highway

in New Lenox. Visit online at

providencecatholic.org or call (815)


Providence Catholic

Children’s Academy was

opened in 1992. Under the

direction of the Joliet Diocese,

it serves the religious

and educational needs of

children who are members

of the New Lenox and surrounding

communities. It

is located on the campus of

Providence Catholic High

School at 1800 W. Lincoln

Hwy. in New Lenox. Preschool-aged

children, ages

3-4, have the choice of full

Providence Catholic Children’s Academy

serves religious, educational needs of children

or half-day classes. Kindergarten

children, ages 5-6,

attend school five full days

a week. Before and after

school care is also available

to students on a full time or

as needed basis.

All teachers at PCCA

possess a bachelor’s degree

or greater. They provide

a nurturing environment

that emphasizes on

academic, social-emotional,

physical and spiritual

growth. This environment

encourages children to develop

a positive self-concept,

while allowing them

to grow on many levels.

Tuition includes books,

in-school field trips and

most supplies. There are

no required parent volunteer

hours and all fundraising

is optional. Free

and optional speech and

developmental screenings

are offered to all PCCA

students in the fall.

Our open house and registration

for the 2020-2021

school year is from 10 a.m.-

12:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 26.

Tours of our school are offered

year-round. Tours can

be scheduled by calling for

an appointment.

Submitted by Providence

Catholic Children’s Academy,

1800 W. Lincoln Hwy. in New

Lenox. For more information,

call Laura McErlean at (815)

485-7129 or visit the school’s

website at wearepc.org.

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Providence Children’s Academy, New Lenox, IL

Join Us!




10 am - 12:30 pm


• Full-Day Kindergarten

• Half/Full-Day Options for 3/4 year

old preschool

• Small Class Sizes

• No Mandatory Fundraising

• Before/After School Care

• Bachelor Degreed

Experienced Teachers

• Spiritual & Nurturing Environment


• Kindergarten (age 5)

• Pre-Kindergarten (age 4)

• Preschool (age 3)

QUESTIONS? CALL 815.485.7129

1800 W. Lincoln Highway • New Lenox Illinois 60451 • www.wearepc.org

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St. Mary Catholic School reaches new heights

St. Mary Catholic School, located

at 11409 195th St. in Mokena,

invites families to an Open

House on Sunday, Jan. 26, from

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Visitors will

experience a welcoming community,

view the exceptional

facilities, meet the dedicated

faculty and staff, and witness

testimonials from school families

regarding faith infused curriculum,

academic successes and

lasting friendships.

Benefits of a learning community

focused on academics, faith and


St. Mary School is a vibrant

and welcoming Catholic school,

serving students in preschool

through grade eight. Since 1949,

teachers have been providing

an extraordinary, personalized

learning environment allowing

each student to achieve their full

potential. As a result, St. Mary

Catholic School continues to

reach new heights. For the first

time in school history, enrollment

eclipsed 500 students. St.

Mary’s continues to grow and

outpace other Catholic elementary

schools in the area.

Beth Cunningham, St. Mary’s

principal, was a recent recipient

of the Bishop Kaffer Outstanding

Principal Award and continues

to lead by example by emphasizing

an active community

with committed faculty and staff

focused on improving the school

and enriching the students both

in and out of the classroom.

See the exceptional learning


St. Mary School offers 3-yearold

preschool through eighth

grade. Visitors are always impressed

with the school’s facilities,

which include a music

room, library, computer lab, science

lab, spacious gymnasium

and the STEAM (science, technology,

engineering, art, mathematics)


The STEAM classroom allows

teachers to bring a unique

approach of teaching to enhance

student learning and understanding

of how all things relate

to each other, in school and in

life. Unlike other STEM programs,

St. Mary’s program also

emphasizes the integration of

the arts and offers more creativity

to students in the learning

process. The STEAM program

and open classroom setting allow

teachers to facilitate rather

than lecture, resulting in students

experiencing their education

as a process instead of a

final product.

St. Mary School also offers

a one-to-one technology program

that provides each student

in grades six through eight with

an individual iPad, a class set of

iPads for grades three through

five and kindergarten through

grade two have designated classroom

iPads and SmartBoards for

educational use. Primary students

also benefit from a certified

reading specialist and teacher


Learn about numerous

extracurricular opportunities

and more

Students can enjoy many after-school

programs, including

band, chess, youth choir, drama

club, yearbook, scout groups, social

events and an extensive athletic

program. Before and After

School Care is available for a fee

from 6:45-7:50 a.m. and 2:40-6

p.m. Bus service is an option for

those families who reside in the

Mokena Public School District

159 for a fee.

Learn about tuition assistance

St. Mary’s offers tuition assistance

through Empower Illinois,

the Catholic Education Foundation

and a Tuition Transfer Grant.

St. Mary’s funded 100 percent of

its students that applied for a tuition

grant through Empower Illinois

last year. St. Mary’s offers a

special Tuition Transfer Grant for

up to $1,500 per family ($1,000

in Year 1, $500 in Year 2) for

students entering grades 1-7 who

transfer from any private, public,

charter or home school. Students

transferring from another Catholic

school in the Diocese of Joliet or

neighboring dioceses are not eligible.

Submitted by St. Mary Catholic

School, 11409 195th St. in Mokena.

For more information, visit

stmaryschoolmokena.org or call

(708) 326-9330.


For more info visit 22ndcenturymedia.com/events

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Hearing loss and the holiday blues

The holidays are upon us, and

many of us are looking forward

to going to parties and getting together

with extended family over

the next couple of weeks. Some

enjoy the frenetic pace of family

gatherings, shopping, cooking

and travel and don’t even mind

that some radio stations started

playing Christmas music in October.

But for others, the holiday

season brings a sense of isolation

and loneliness. Those with hearing

loss, especially, are at greater

risk for the “holiday blues.”

Holiday blues

Studies have linked untreated

hearing loss to loneliness, stress,

depression — feelings which

intensify during the holiday season.

If you have hearing loss,

you may find holiday gatherings

difficult due to the frustration of

trying to participate in conversations

with family and friends. You

might even avoid parties and gettogethers.

But unfortunately, avoiding

holiday gatherings altogether just

leads to further loneliness, isolation

and depression — and the

cycle continues. Sergei Kochkin,

Ph.D., the executive director

of the Better Hearing Institute,

explains the dichotomy of the

festive holiday season against a

backdrop of hearing loss: “The

holiday season is meant to be a

time of thanks, celebration and

joy,” he said. “But for many people,

it is a time of year when unaddressed

hearing loss can cause

them to feel particularly isolated

and depressed. Even when surrounded

by loved ones, a family

member’s impaired ability to hear

and actively participate in conversation

cuts them off.

Oftentimes, they are left with a

sense of sadness, inadequacy and

emotional isolation. This is especially

true when the hearing loss

is either unrecognized or is being

‘hidden’ by the family member

with hearing loss.”

Get back into the festive spirit

Just because you have hearing

loss doesn’t mean the holidays

have to be stressful and depressing.

There are steps you can take

to have a joyful season and be able

to participate in the festivities.

• Don’t let another year of

struggling to hear go by. See

South Suburban Hearing Health

Center for treatment.

• Speak up. Let friends and family

know you have hearing loss

so they can accommodate your

hearing needs. Most people are

quite happy to help by facing

you when speaking, speaking

clearly and distinctly, and repeating

things, if necessary.

• Connect. Loneliness and isolation

are associated with depression,

as is hearing loss. Don’t

avoid parties and gatherings;

make plans to attend holiday

gatherings or get together with


• Volunteer. There are many

charitable organizations looking

for help this time of year.

Volunteering can not only take

your mind off your troubles, it

can make you feel more socially

connected, helping reduce

loneliness and depression. Visit

a nursing home, work at a soup

kitchen, help out at a toy donation

program or wrap gifts for

charity; any time you give in

service to others will lift your


• Embrace past traditions. What

did you used to love to do? A

walk in the crisp winter air,

baking cookies, making handmade

ornaments, singing favorite

songs or resurrecting a

traditional family recipe can

help connect you to past experiences

and bring back the joy

of the season.

• Talk about it. Give family and

friends the opportunity to support

you by letting them know what

you are going through.

Help is a text message away

If you are not comfortable talking

to family or friends about

your feelings of sadness, there

is another option. Now, you can

try a 24-hour crisis text line. The

free, nationwide text line receives

millions of texts annually.

Though the crisis text line was

originally intended for teens,

whose preferred method of communication

is texting, it quickly

found another, unintended group

of beneficiaries: those with hearing

loss. The hotline is now being used

by the deaf and those with hearing

loss who are feeling the need to

reach out due to personal crisis.

Text “HOME” to 741-741 to


Submitted by South Suburban Hearing

Health Center, 14316 S. Will-

Cook Road, Homer Glen. For more

information, visit southsub

urbanhearing.com or call (708)



Hearing health and overall health are related. EARLY INTERVENTION is the best medicine.

Though all human brains

become smaller with age,

shrinkage is accelerated

in adults with hearing loss. 1

Adults with untreated hearing loss are

more likely to develop dementia. 3

severe loss

moderate loss

Treat hearing loss

before it’s too late.

Hearing Health Event

December 2 nd – 13 th

Untreated hearing loss may result in

serious long-term consequences

to healthy brain functioning. 2

mild loss

2x 3x 5x

times more likely

Call 708-968-3677 today

to schedule your FREE

hearing screening!


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http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/hearing_loss_linked_to_accelerated_brain_tissue_loss_ | 2 http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/hearing_loss_accelerates_brain_function_decline_in_older_adults | 3 http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/hearing_loss_and_dementia_linked_in_

study | 4 Amieva, H., Ouvrard, C., Giulioli, C., Meillon C., Rullier, L., & Dartigues, J. F. (2015). Self-reported hearing loss, hearing aids, and cognitive decline in elderly adults: A 25-year study. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2015 Oct;63 (10):2099-104. doi: 10.1111/jgs.13649

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St. Jude Catholic School producing academic, spiritual leaders

St. Jude Catholic School

in New Lenox continues

on the journey of guiding

the spiritual, academic, social,

and emotional growth

and development of the

next generation of students

in grades preschool

through eighth grade.

St. Jude’s mission continues

to follow the Augustinian

values of Truth,

Unity and Love to prepare

students to be 21st century


The rigorous academic

program at St. Jude prepares

our students to

achieve academically.

Students consistently perform

above the national

standards on standardized

tests (Iowa Tests and AimsWeb),

earn scholarships

awarded for high school

entrance exams (more

than $30,000 last year) and

compete in academic competitions.

St. Jude offers instructional

and competitive

sports programs in volleyball,

basketball, co-ed

volleyball and cross country.

There are a wide variety

of extracurricular activities

offered, including

STEM activities, Service

Club, choir, band, chess,

drawing, crochet and Sign

Language Club. Spanish

instruction is part of the

curriculum for grades K

through eighth.

Central to our faithbased

learning is the participation

of the students

in many service related

projects and parish activities.

Student Council sponsors

many events, such as

Focus Days for charities,

collections for Operation

Care Package, and NAWS,

and trips to visit at Veterans’

homes and volunteer

at Daybreak Shelter.

The school day begins

with school-wide prayer,

and students participate in

multi-grade Prayer Families.

Parish support is crucial

in the spiritual growth

of the whole child. Sacrament

preparation is one

way in which the whole

community is involved.

Students prepare weekly

mass and participate in

the monthly parish student


Technology remains

an important tool for 21st

century learners. All St.

Jude students utilize a

fully-equipped computer

lab. Every classroom has

an updated SMART Board

integrated with individual

devices. Grades K-fourth

have class sets of iPads

and/or laptops. Grades

fifth-eighth participate in

an iPad one-to one program.

School staff uses

the latest in instructional

technology programs,

such as Discovery Education,

Google Classroom

and Apple Classroom.

Students produce a daily

podcast from their stateof-the-art

podcasting studio

with information about

news, current events, local

and school information,

and lively student led discussions.

All of this takes place in

a very safe and secure environment.

Class sizes are

kept small to allow for individualized

and differentiated

instruction. A warm

and nurturing environment

is provided by the caring

and dedicated staff. The

average teaching experience

of the staff is

17.5 years, and almost

50 percent of the staff has

or is working toward an

advanced teaching degree.

It is recognized that parents

are the first teachers of

their children, and a strong

school/parent relationship

is vital to the success of the


The pastor of St. Jude

Parish, Rev. Robert Basler,

is committed to the role

that our school plays in

the parish community and

is a strong advocate of our

school. He can be seen frequently

greeting, visiting

the classrooms and guiding

the spiritual development

of the school.

The principal, Kathleen

Winters, has a lifelong

commitment to Catholic

education and has almost

20 years of experience in

teaching and leading at all

grade levels. Together with

the strong school staff and

parish support, St. Jude

School will continue to

live our motto: “Learning

and Living our Faith.”

Submitted by St. Jude Catholic

School, 241 W. 2nd Ave. in

New Lenox. For more information,

call (815) 485-2549,

or visit stjudes.org/school.

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Heritage Christian School focuses

on spiritual and academic growth

For more than 45 years,

Heritage Christian School

in Frankfort has been

training students to strive

for excellence in fine arts,

academics and spirituality.

Elementary through high

school students are taught

by a caring staff using an

academically rigorous curriculum.

Heritage’s challenging

academic program

insures that graduates are

well-prepared for life after

graduation, whether they

seek college or vocational

training. This preparation

begins with a program that

lays a strong foundation

for a lifetime of learning

and is continued throughout

elementary and high

school with an emphasis

on spiritual and academic

growth. Starting this year,

Heritage also offers a hybrid

homeschool option.

This option allows parents

to choose to enroll their

student part-time – anywhere

from a single class

to multiple subjects – in

the school, while still retaining

the ability to personally

educate their child

in other areas. By offering

a hybrid education option,

Heritage seeks to continue

its tradition of supporting

parents as they seek the

best options for educating

their children.

For several years, Heritage

has been proud to

have a 100 percent college

acceptance rate among its

graduates, with students

being accepted to prestigious

nursing schools, law

schools and universities.

Heritage Christian School

also has a long-standing

tradition of fine arts

achievement, winning numerous

awards on both the

state and national levels.

From concerts, to plays, to

competitions, the students

are given the opportunity

for training in a wide variety

of disciplines, including

choir, band, handbells

and acting. These opportunities

allow students to

discover and refine their

God-given talents in order

to serve Him.

In a society that is in

constant flux, Heritage

Christian School continues

to focus on aiding

parents in instilling traditional

Christian values in

their children. The entire

atmosphere of the school

is intended to create a safe

environment to encourage

the development of a

different kind of person –

one who will honor God

and lead others rightly. In

all subjects, students are

taught from a Christian

worldview with a goal of

both academic and spiritual


Anyone interested in

more information about

opportunities to grow their

children through Heritage

Christian School’s program

can call (815) 464-

9100. Parents can arrange

for more information to be

sent or for their prospective

students to visit classes for

a day. Interested parents

can also schedule a walkthrough

enabling them to

see the school in action.

Submitted by Heritage Christian

School, 21739 South La

Grange Road in Frankfort.

For more information, call

(815) 464-9100 or visit hbc


South Suburban College announces $1.5 million grant with new career programs

South Suburban College recently

announced its selection

for a Workforce Equity Grant

through the Illinois Community

College Board, which includes

funding for several new in-demand

programs. The project is

designed to create, support and

expand short-term workforce

training opportunities in high

need areas within SSC District

510. Through expanded access,

opportunity and support services,

the project is anticipated to

yield impactful outcomes for individuals,

families, communities

and local businesses.

“We are so pleased to receive

this grant for the benefits it will

provide to our student participants,

as well as its establishment

of new highly employable

career programs,” said Frank M.

Zuccarelli, chairman of the SSC

Board of Trustees. “I commend

the ICCB for recognizing the importance

of providing assistance

to students who need it the most,

while also creating critical opportunities

for meaningful employment.”

The project provides wraparound

services, including financial

assistance and academic

support to participating students

within five program areas providing

stackable credentials, including

nursing and patient care

technician, basic nursing assistance

training program, community

healthcare worker, certified

production technician and barber


Students who are not selected

to participate in the grant will

still benefit from the opportunity

to enroll in the following new

programs, pending final ICCB


• Patient Care Technician: The

PCT program will be offered

during the spring 2020 semester

and will provide stackable

credentials in EKG, basic nursing

assistant training program,

and phlebotomy. The program

is a basic certificate, which allows

completion in one semester.

According to Indeed.com,

the average national salary of

jobs for PCT is $36,000 with a

high confidence ranking based

on over 250 sources. The U.S.

Department of Labor, Bureau of

Labor Statistics data shows job

outlooks for PCTs and related

careers will increase by 23 percent

over the next 10 years.

• Barber Technician: The barber

technician program will not

be in place until the fall 2020

semester. Barber technician is

a 12-month program leading to

professional certification According

to BLS data, the average

salary for a barber in Illinois is

$42,930, or $20.64 per hour with

an increase in demand of 9 percent

by 2026. In the southland

area, there are currently 286 new

job openings for barbers. The

barber technician program at

SSC will be offering programming

and support at a fraction

of the cost to attend area proprietary


For more information about

these programs, please call (708)

596-2000 ext. 2413, or email


Registration for the spring

2020 semester is open. For more

information, please visit ssc.

edu or contact the Admissions

Office at (708) 210-5718. Para

Información En Español Llame:

(708) 210-5740. SSC is located

at 15800 S. State St. in South

Holland. The Oak Forest Center

is located at 16333 S. Kilbourn

Ave. in Oak Forest.

SSC is a community college

located in South Holland serving

21 communities, including parts

of the Chicago southland and

northwest Indiana. SSC provides

a variety of support services and

leadership opportunities to its

students in addition to a wide

range of academic program options.

For more information

about SSC, please visit ssc.edu.

Submitted by Southwest Suburban

College, 15800 S. State St. in South

Holland, and 16333 S. Kilbourn

Ave. in Oak Forest. For more information,

call (708) 210-5718, or

visit ssc.edu.

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4–8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5,

Orland Park Crossing,

14225 95th Ave. Orland Park

Former Charming Charlie's

space (North Pole)

Former The Dailey Method

space (South Pole)



Vendors Include

This event will feature:

• 70+ vendor booths to finish your holiday shopping!

• Santa, Mrs. Claus and an elf - bring your camera

(4-8 p.m.) - North Pole

• Live reindeer (5-8 p.m.) - North Pole

• Live Ice Carving with Chef Michael McGreal

of Joliet Junior College Culinary Arts

(5:30 p.m.) - South Pole

• Sandburg Chamber Singers (5:30-6:30 p.m.)

• Enter to win a chance to see Andy Grammar

LIVE at WeishFest, or Broadway in Chicago tickets!

• Bring a new, unwrapped toy for our Toy Drive!

• Free tote bag to first 200 people, courtesy of

Artistic Med Spa!

• Paint your own ornament with DIY Sign Party ($5-$8)

• Holiday makeovers with Von Maur!

• 22nd Century Media

• 3B’s Mobile Boutique

• A-N-D Bedding

• ARMOR Video & Photo

• Artistic Med Spa

• Avon

• Bare Scrubs by Mary O’Connor

• Beautycounter

• Between Me, You, and The Wall

• Brannigan Chiropractic

• Charlene’s Doggie Oasis

• Chela Nay Boutique

• ChoVonne Accessories

• Colleen McLaughlin, The

McLaughlin Team, Coldwell

Banker Residential

• Coldwell Banker Residential

Brokerage & Neighborhood Loans

• Color Street - Tracy

Swanson, independent stylist

• Comfy Threads Boutique

• Crafts by Rosemary

• DIY Sign Party


• Dykstra Home Services

• Eagle Sports Range

• Elements by The Odyssey

• Fabulously Sweet Creations

• Four 12 Photography

• Fred Astaire Mokena

• Gemzisle

• Gift Basket by Occasion

• GorJus Whips Body Butter

• Gracie Pie Apothecary

• Hemp Heals Body Shop

• Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru

• Imperfect Produce

• Infinity Scarves by Nancy

• Inspirational Lula Ladies

Tiffany & Sherr (LuLaRoe)

• Inspire Studio Gallery

• Irish Greens

• Jean Lachat Photography

• Jewels 2 U

• Juicy Luzy Sangria

• Just a Spoonful

• Laurie’s Fudgelicious


Skin Care

• LegalShield

• Made for Me Boutique

• Madewithalittlelove

• Mary Kay Cosmetics

• Matilda Jane Clothing

• Mrs. Banton’s Cookies


• Norwex

• Nothing Bundt Cake

• Nuturing through Nature

• Oberweis Dairy Home Delivery

• Paparazzi (Glamour Bijoux)

• Parker James Boutique

• Porter Place Memory Care

• Premier Designs Jewelry

• R&R Candles

• Rock's #1 Gals Jewelry

• RockNmom Art

• Smart Cake Creations

• Sterk Family Law Group, P.C.

• Surprise Parties

• Tastefully Simple

• The Little Red Donut Truck

• Thirty-One Gifts

• Total Life Changes (TLC)

• Totes & Taggies by Melinda

• Usborne Books & More

• Virtue Cider

• Von Maur

• Wakaya Perfection/CBD/KETO

• Wicks & Wax

• Wine, Spirit, Butterbeer Mixes

• Women’s Healthcare of Illinois

• Young Living Essential Oils

(Oily University)

• Younique



For more information, call (708) 326-9170 ext. 16 or

visit 22ndCenturyMedia.com/mistletoe

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2020 EXPO


Start your

New Year

with a New


9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 20

Tinley Park Convention Center

18451 Convention Center Drive,

Tinley Park

• 50+ vendors

• Free 30-minute workouts

• Free Healthy Cooking Demos

• Free Health Screenings

And more to come!

For more information visit 22ndCenturyMedia.com/healthy

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