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I hope you enjoy using The Gratitude Journal as much as I enjoyed making it!

Practicing gratitude and appreciation is something that has changed the way

I see my life. It’s funny to think something as simple as showing appreciation

for a cup of coffee has the power to do that. The saying “What you focus

on grows.” is real, and I hope with the help of this journal, you grow love,

success, wealth, vitality and true happiness.

Please stay in touch and check out the other magic that PleaseNotes has.

I’m all about helping you become your favorite version of you, and by using

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Journaling can be a great process for connecting with yourself, your goals and

dreams. Many successful people throughout history have used journaling, and

for good reason. Writing out your thoughts, challenges, and feelings allows your

left brain to be occupied, so the creativity in your right brain is able to flow and

create solutions. It’s actually been shown that journaling even has a positive

impact on your immune system!

So where do we start?

For someone who hasn’t journaled before, these next few pages are for you. Even

if you are an experienced journaler, take a gander. These next couple of pages

will help you settle into creating a gratitude practice that works for you. We’ll

explore why it’s so important, the effect it has on your life, and ways to easily

integrate it into your life daily.

Why Practice Gratitude?

How would your life change if you were 10% happier?

Would you be quicker to smile at a stranger?

Would you have more fun doing your regular tasks?

How would it affect your relationships?

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude has a long lasting effect on your life. In addition

to helping you have better sleep, handle stress better and have deeper, more fulfilling relationships,

it builds your inner strength and sense of self (AKA emotional intelligence). This is a gamechanger

when you are confronted with difficult situations. In continually focusing on the good things in

your day-to-day life, you program your brain to focus on the positives, therefore allowing you to

be more creative, and find solutions easier. Another way that this practice effects your life is by

helping you rewire your perception. Have you ever noticed when you want to buy a new car, all of

a sudden there’s a MILLION of the same make, model and color you want zooming on the streets.

There wasn’t a giant sale, it’s because you’ve told your brain that this is important so it highlights it

and brings it to your attention. Do you know someone who always sees the negative in any situation?

You could get free ice cream from your favorite ice cream place and they would complain about

how they got a cup instead of a cone. It’s not really their fault. They have trained their perception

to focus on the negatives, and it can be a really hard habit to kick. As you go through your day,

it is your DUTY to see the good in everything so you allow more goodness to flow into your life.

Your car got hit in an accident? AMAZING! You now get to treat yourself to massages and therapy

for a couple months on the insurance you’ve been paying for years.

Just got dumped? FANTASTIC! Now you’ve made space for the relationship you want.

You gained 30 pounds? CONGRATULATIONS! Now you get to go shopping for a new wardrobe

that makes you look and feel delicious.

Please choose to practice this as much as you can, even when really difficult things happen.

It can be hard to see any good in difficult times, however focusing on those sparks of light

allow you to heal quicker and start implementing the lessons taught to you by the situation.

Someone you love passed away? Now you get to focus on what made them special to you, practice

loving others deeper, and leaving an impact you can be proud of.

Do you have to shut down your family business? Take a look at what you really love and build

again, or do something else.

You have to declare bankruptcy? Take a sigh of relief. Everything is getting better from here.

Let's Break



Grat·i·tude / 'gradəˌt(y)o͞od/

noun - the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to

return kindness.

Ap·pre·ci·a·tion /əˌprēSHē'āSH(ə)n/

noun - recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

Gratitude and appreciation are often used interchangeably, however there is a subtle yet important

difference between the two. Gratitude comes with a connotation of relief or overcoming

something. Appreciation is simply being thankful, which internally registers as a cleaner energy.

Take for example someone being grateful for the food in front of them. That comes with

the understanding that at one point in time they might of not had as great access to food,

and may be concerned about that experience happening again, ie scarcity. If you appreciate the

meal in front of you, you’re focused on the present with a feeling of clear positivity. When doing

your practice, attempt to come from a space of appreciation vs gratitude more often than not.

Self Appreciation

The person we routinely dismiss is ourselves. When was the last time you told yourself

you were proud of yourself ? That you appreciate yourself ? That you love yourself ?

Brené Brown stated something that I found truly impactful. “We can only love others as much

as we love ourselves.” In the practice of loving and appreciating oneself, you make it easier

for others to love and appreciate you. In addition, take a look at how you are at receiving

compliments. Do you feel awkward when people attempt to compliment you? Studies show

that there are four main reasons people have difficulty receiving compliments; low selfesteem,

how you see yourself is different than the compliment given, you want to be seen as

humble, or you want to keep others expectations of yourself low so you can’t disappoint them

down the line. Instead of brushing off or redirecting compliments that others give you, allow

yourself to enjoy the feedback and respond with a “Thank you” or a “Thank you, I know.”

In writing your list of appreciation, make sure to include yourself! Some suggestions would be to

celebrate the fact that you are talented, have an amazing personality, love deeply, have a hilarious

laugh, give the best hugs, have a majestic runway walk, are the best cheerleader or that you

make other people feel safe. You have value and now is a great time to own and

celebrate it! The more you see it, the more you believe it, the more you know it.

A Little Deeper

I would encourage you to do this every time you pass a reflective surface, even though it can

be REALLY hard at first. Lock eyes with yourself and say a positive statement about you.

When I first did this, myself and a friend took turns with a mirror and simply repeated, “I

love you.” That 10 minutes of talking to myself took me through a barrage of emotions.

From awkwardness, to sadness, happiness and finally calm. Now I use the ones in my Mirror

Mirror Affirmations or a special affirmation. Saying things like, “Life loves me”, “I am

successful.” “I am proud of you.” “You’re delicious.” or a simple “I love you” can change

the way your whole day goes and tunes you into self-confidence, love and worthiness.

Keeping Moments

We are all busy and there are days that you might forget to take time for yourself.

This technique of Keeping Moments allows you to take 5-10 seconds at a time just for you.

When I do this, I find that time slows down a fraction of a second, that my breathing

is deeper and slower and I deeply feel that this moment was made just for me.

This allows you to lower your stress level, feel grounded and one with nature, and helps

you consciously choose what feelings you want to take into the next part of your day.

Here’s a sample of an experience you can choose to practice today.

You’re going to find yourself alone outside, usually on your way to the next task.

Decide that this moment is yours.

Breathe in the air, notice how it feels as you inhale and it flows into your body.

Notice the feel of the wind on your skin, is the temperature soothing, how does the humidity feel?

Blink, and as you open your eyes, enjoy that everything around you exists just for you.

Look at the sky, notice how the clouds look and relish the particular shade that the sky chose to be

at that specific moment.

If there is plant life around, touch it. Notice the unique texture it has, the colorings, the shape of

each part of it. Think about the individual cells that make up that plant and how over thousands

of years they have shifted and altered to create the exact life in front of you today, in this form to

be here with you.

Take another deep breath and feel appreciation.

You have the opportunity to enter these moments at anytime. You could be eating a meal

and take a moment to appreciate the flavors, scents, textures, ingredients in the bite

you’re about to take. You could be just waking up and take a moment to deeply savor

the feeling of your sheets, the softness of your pillow, or the way the sun is peeking into

your room. Practice taking these moments and watch how it starts affecting your life.


Get Started!

To help you with a nudge of inspiration, here are some prompts to help

you mix it up. Pick the one that resonates with you.

1. What interaction with nature this week are you appreciative for?

2. What part of your morning routine can you pause and steep in appreciation?

3. Take a moment to soak in a sunrise or sunset. What do you appreciate about the


4. Recall a moment that you experienced the kindness of strangers.

5. Recall a time you felt the most at peace.

6. Recall something you read that really resonated with you.

7. Recall a time when someone’s words changed your life.

8. What are 5 things you appreciate about your body?

9. What are 5 things you appreciate about your mind?

10. What are 5 things you appreciate about your personality?

11. What are 5 things you appreciate about your face?

12. What are you looking forward to this week?

13. What piece of furniture do you love the most?

14. What is something you made recently that you appreciate?

15. What fun activity allows you to feel authentic and alive?

16. What author do you appreciate?

17. Write about 3 items in your wardrobe that allow you to feel your best.

18. Write about your favorite place in the world as if you were there now.

19. Write about the funnest night you had out.

20. What is your favourite perfume or cologne?

21. What task have you done in the last 24 hours that you are proud of ?

22. What meal have you eaten this week that brought you the most pleasure?

23. Write about the last time you had a deep belly laugh.

24. Write about the music you’re thankful to be able to listen to and why.

25. Write about one person you appreciate and why.

26. Who is a mentor you appreciate?

27. What television show are you appreciative for?

28. What is a challenge you grew from?

29. What comforts in your life are you appreciative of ?

30. What in your living space are you appreciate the most?

31. Who is a person you see the least that you appreciate deeply?

32. Who is a person you see the most that you appreciate deeply?

33. What do you appreciate about your telecommunications company?

34. What do you appreciate about your neighbors?

35. What do you appreciate about your best friend?

36. What do you appreciate about a person who has left your life?

37. What do you appreciate about a person that owes you money?

38. What do you appreciate about yourself ?

39. What self-care ritual do you appreciate the most? Why?

40. What is your favourite way to move your body?

41. What film are you appreciative for?

42. What is your favourite thing to touch? What does it make you feel?

43. What meal makes you feel the most satisfied and why?

44. What quote, verse or saying brings you the feeling of calm?

45. What are your 3 favorite childhood memories?

46. What completed (finished) friendship are you most in appreciation for?

47. What about your mode of transportation are you appreciative for?

48. What is a smell that transforms your mood?

49. What animal do you connect the most with?

50. Who is the most annoying person in your life? Why are you appreciative for them?

51. What was your favorite gift giving experience?

52. What is your favorite part of a frequent commute?

53. What spiritual figure / leader connects with you the most?

54. What post online did you enjoy this week?

55. What is your favorite new friendship?

56. What piece of jewelry are you most in appreciation for?

57. What flower brings you joy?

58. Remember the nicest bubble bath or spa day you’ve had.

59. Remember the last piece of art that really impacted you.

60. Remember the last time you felt treated and taken care of.

61. Remember your favourite day at the hair / nail salon.

62. What teacher are you the most appreciative for?

63. What challenge in your life are you appreciative for?

64. What new obstacle would you like to be in appreciation for?

65. What previous manager/employer do you feel gratitude for?

66. What romantic relationship helped you see your value?

67. What do you appreciate about your current job environment?

68. What do you love doing alone?

69. What ‘failure’ or ‘mistake’ are/can you be appreciative for?

70. What person at work can you show appreciation for that you normally wouldn’t?

71. What way did you show kindness for another recently?

72. What do you enjoy about the weather today?

73. What are 10 things you are proud you achieved in life?

74. What do you love about the country you live in?

75. What situation at work caused you to grow the most?

76. What’s your favorite movie scene?

77. What athletic pursuit can you choose to be in appreciation for?

78. What ‘negative event’ can you choose to be in appreciation for?

79. What is something that you do easily that can be seen as a talent?

80. What is your favourite dessert?

81. What is your favourite part of the day?

82. What piece of technology are you the most appreciative for?

83. What can you show appreciation for in this moment?

84. What do you love doing for hours at a time?

85. What work task are you appreciative for?

86. What new experience are you appreciative you got to enjoy?

87. What boundary did you create with another person that you are proud of ? Why

are you appreciative for it?

88. What was your favourite vacation?

89. What recent non-essential purchase brings you the most joy?

90. What fear are you working through right now? How can you be grateful for it?

91. What beverage are you deeply appreciative for?

92. What do you love the most about your group of friends?

93. Take a dance break! How does it feel to enjoy your body?

94. What form of play have you practiced recently?

95. What book helped you see something differently or impacted you greatly?

96. What new exercise regiment brings you joy?

97. What part of your body are you grateful functions well?

98. What wellness practice are you appreciative for?

99. What meal did you eat in the last 48 hours that brought you joy?

100. What routine are you grateful for?

Ooh...Activity Time!

Watch out for these pages as an opportunity to

take your practice to a new level! Enjoy these

exercises by implementing them with real people.

Some of the activities may involve relationships

that are tricky, so use your own discretion and

decide if sending letters or messages is beneficial

to you instead of only writing them down.

Let s'



Alright! You now have all the tools to really dig in!

One thing that will supercharge your writing is using the PleaseNotes Sticky Notes

to set an intention and add extra positivity.

Practice surrounding yourself with reminders of who you really are and where

you’re heading. Check out the “Mirror Mirror” Mirror Affirmation Decals and the

“Label of Love” Water Bottle Labels to help you do just that!

Want additional support in getting clear on and taking action towards your dreams?

Check out our new courses and coaching programs created to help you get unstuck,

create new powerful beliefs about yourself, and feel clear and confident as you

move towards the abundant life you deserve.

Visit today!

Happy Journaling!

Date / Time


My Affirmation For Today Is;

I Am Grateful for;

Life is working for me, not against me.

Great Things that Happened Today!

I am in love with life, every minute of it.

Date / Time


My Affirmation For Today Is;

I Am Grateful for;

I am choosing to lean in, be bold, and dare greatly.

Great Things that Happened Today!

I Am Capable of Wondrous Things.

- Cheryl Sutherland

Activity Time!

Text five people and tell them

you're proud of them.

Write about the experience.

I Appreciate Myself


The more I love myself, the more I allow the Universe to show me love.

- Cheryl Sutherland

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