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Dear Readers

If you are not already feeling festive, this

edition may help as it is full of local events

and articles full of ideas and information for


The Green Corner section is continuing to

prove popular - Please turn to pages 5 & 6 for

a host of suggestions for more environmental

friendly presents and decorations.

Wishing you all the very best for Christmas

and the new year.


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The Green Corner 5 & 6

Happy Hounds at Christmas 9

Winter Wanderers 11

Hordle Primary School Decades Day

Celebrations 12 & 13

Drinks Ideas for the Festive period 17

Wildlife Matters 19

Local Noticeboard 21-23

Useful Christmas Dates 24 & 25

Hordle Church 26 & 27

Village Diary 28

Our Armed Forces in Hampshire 30

A clarification from the story about Wilbur in

the last magazine: Corvids (members of the

crow family) that can be seen along the cliffs at

Milford include carrion crow, rook, jackdaw and

raven. In Hampshire as a whole 6 corvids occur,

magpie and jay being the other two. The

nearest choughs can be found in Wales and

Cornwall , although they have more recently

been recorded in Somerset, Wiltshire and

Dorset. There are only one or two Hampshire

records of choughs - unless you know


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With the excess and over

consumption of Christmas just

around the corner December is

a good time to be generous to

our planet and community as

well as our friends and family.

Here are some ideas from the

Lymington 2020 Vision project

(Find them on Facebook) to redress the balance

and make it a ‘Happy Christmas’ for our

environment as well.

Make December Different this Year

• Source your Christmas Dinner as locally and organically as possible

• Buy New Forest edibles as presents – cheese, chutneys, jams, cakes, drinks, honey and more….

Search: newforestproduce.co.uk

• Use the Village shops or visit Lymington High Street, instead of going on line.

• To reduce packaging and add that special something, bake some biscuits or sew a simple gift.

• Avoid buying presents wrapped in plastic.

• Donate some food to the Basics Bank box in Tesco/Waitrose.

• Invite your neighbours round for Christmas Drinks.

• Buy non palm oil candles.

• Use natural decorations: pine cones, holly branches, willow wreaths and ivy. Cut oranges

into slices and dry to hang on the tree.

• Find a box and every day during December put something in it to donate to the food bank

or charity shop, or make a pledge to a friend.

• Buy reusable cups as a present idea.

• Buy a live Christmas tree in a pot and look after it so it lasts 2 years. Alternatively use bare

branches instead of a tree - this can look really stunning.

• Attend a local Christmas Fair and buy something you need from a local crafts person:

Sun 24 Nov – Milford on Sea – Artisan Market

Fri 29 Nov – Lymington – Lights Switch on and market

Thurs 5 Dec – Hoburne Bashley – Christmas Market 6-9pm

Thurs 5 Dec - Burley Manor Hotel – 5-9pm

Fri 6 Dec - Milford on Sea - Carols on the Green & Late Night Shopping from 5.45pm

Sat 7 Dec – New Milton – Community Craft Market

Sat 7 Dec – Lyndhurst – High Street Christmas Fun Day

Sat 7 Dec - Sway church rooms, Newe friends sale of work (all local handmade items)

Village hall - craft fair & at the church - Christmas tree festival

Weekend 7th & 8th Dec – Exbury – New Forest Christmas Fair

• Make a pact with certain friends to give handmade or charity shop gifts as presents. Please

see the next page for more ideas here.

Greetings of the Season

Sarah and Kate

New Forest Transition

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Have Yourself a Crafty Christmas

If you can not find natural alternatives,

recycle is better than buying new. Charity

shops have an array of items that can be

used, you can find items that are unused or

new as both decorations and presents.

Support your local charity shops in

Lymington, many having very good quality

items that can be reused and recycled.

present and be reused again and again.

Wrap parcels in brown paper or newspaper

(Lymington Times - keep it local!)

Surprisingly this can look great and unusual.

And If you have a small present to wrap,

why not use the cover page from this


If you like making things Oakhaven Craft shop

( St Thomas Street ) is an amazing shop for

your craft needs and inspiration. There are

wonderful donated craft materials, dress

making fabrics, wool, buttons… the list is

endless. There are also knowledgeable

volunteers to help if needed.

Here are some easy to do ideas from Kim ,

one of the Volunteers at the shop:

Make pom poms from scraps of yarn. They

can be made into garlands, swags or

wreaths, or for hanging from tree.

Cut out Christmas shapes using old

wrapping paper, stick to card and hang on

the tree.

Use garden string to tie & bow presents.

The string can be used again or put on

compost, will rot down or use remnants of

ribbon found in charity shops.

Old Christmas cards too, can be made into

gift tags.

Cut out Christmas shapes using cardboard

from cereal packets and glue buttons on

them, make great decorations

Use fabric remnants to wrap presents or

make a gift bag which can be part of the


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The Dog Friendly Detective

Happy Hounds



Christmas is nearly upon us, and there’s a

growing sense of excitement in the air.

With all the sparkle and festivity, even our

dogs start getting a sense that something is

afoot. All sorts of extra food and drink

seems to be piling up in the house, and the

place is filling up with enticing and unusual

smells! Christmas from a dog’s perspective

is the chance of a yummy, drooly,

interesting scoffing time (a bit like for us

really). This is fine, apart from there a few

festive nibbles that both humans and dogs

find irresistible, but which to the latter can,

actually be downright dangerous. So, being

your responsible local pet care experts, we

thought we ought to give you a few canine

festive warnings…


This is toxic to dogs, and the darker the

chocolate, the more dangerous. Don’t put

any under the tree where they can sniff it


Christmas pud and mince pies

Grapes and dried fruit can cause kidney

failure in dogs, so keep this well away from



All the allium family (onions, garlic, leeks,

shallots and so on) can cause diarrhoea

and anaemia.


Can make dogs wobbly and drowsy, make

them lose temperature and potentially

even put them in a coma. Best make sure

you drink it all up yourself to avoid leaving

any leaving around!

So, keep your four-legged friend safe this

Christmas and have a lovely time, and if

you do find that after the festivities, you’ve

simply indulged too much to be bothered

to take the dog out, then give us a call, and

we’ll take care of it. 01425 262100.


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Christmas Party Package

Choose 3 of the following services to

the value of £70

& save yourself £10!

• Mini Facial

• Shellac hands

• Shellac toes

• Hair up

• Make - up

Vouchers available

Offer Valid from mid Nov—Christmas

Tel: 01425 612548









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By November the last of the swallows and other

summer migrants will have left our shores and,

as autumn slips into winter, the bird life of our

region takes on a different look. The coastal

marshes, which during the summer hosted

nesting terns and avocets, now hold large

numbers of wintering wildfowl and waders.

These birds have come from Iceland,

Scandinavia and Russia, and among them will

be handsome duck such as pintail, wigeon and

teal, alongside elegant waders such as blacktailed

godwits, greenshank and dunlin.

Wader species that breed in small numbers

locally are joined by hundreds of their northern

cousins and therefore winter is the best time

for us to see good numbers of curlew, snipe and

lapwing. Some of the less common waders also

regularly appear along areas of our coast. The

likes of ruff and spotted redshank can be found,

and golden plover can appear in large flocks,

sitting in open fields, often in the company of

their relative the lapwing. On a dull day the

name ‘golden’ does not seem very apt, but on a

sunny day they really do live up to their name.

A wader whose presence and comings and

goings may go unnoticed is the woodcock.

Following extensive studies by licensed bird

ringers, we now know that in our region both

the New Forest and private woodland support a

surprisingly large resident breeding population

and an even larger wintering population. The

latter arrive from Russia and Finland, some

staying with us all winter, others passing

through to winter further west or south.

Far easier to see and hear are the flocks of

redwings, whose arrival each autumn from

Scandinavia is eagerly anticipated by bird


By Dave Summers, Local Resident

watchers. These are colourful thrushes, slightly

smaller than the song thrush, and they avidly

feed on the berries of holly and hawthorn. It is

not their wings that are red, rather their

underwings and the upper flanks, which are an

attractive rusty hue. They are also the only

British thrush to have a clear and obvious

supercillium (the pale stripe over the eye).

The redwings will join other thrushes on the

lawn areas of the New Forest. Here they dig for

worms, often in the company of their fellow

Scandinavian migrant the fieldfare. In this type

of situation it is sometimes possible to spot all

five of the region’s winter thrushes; redwing,

song thrush, blackbird, fieldfare and mistle

thrush. If you manage a full set on one day at

one site, you can award yourself an extra bar of


The song thrush, blackbird and mistle thrush all

breed locally, but some of these also come from

Scandinavia, and it is common for song thrushes

from cold parts of continental Europe to be

found wintering in southern counties of

England. If we experience a cold snap, these

migrant thrushes may come into our gardens,

where they can be tempted by halves of apple

placed in hedges or on the ground.

By January, as the days slowly lengthen, our

resident thrushes will be singing, in preparation

for the coming breeding season. The migrant

thrushes will still be wandering until March or

April, when they will return to breeding grounds

a long way to the north and east of us.

Graham Giddens

Freelance Ornithologist and local resident

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Nick Wells

Fencing & Gardening Services

Fencing, gates, repairs, turfing, raised flower

beds, sleeper walls, shed building & repair,

car ports, decking………& much more.

Family run business - Fully insured

Free, no obligation quotes

References available

W: www.facebook.com/


T: 01425 837966 M: 07770 656072

E: nickwells908@gmail.com


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Growing Shrubs as Small Trees

If you’re wanting height in your gardening but

don’t want to risk choosing a tree that grows

larger than expected which then needs constant

pruning to keep it under control, consider

growing a shrub as a small tree simply by

removing lower branches, as they grow, to a

single or multi-stem trunk. You will probably

need to support it with a stake – just like any

tree – until the stem is stronger and


Bear in mind that the height and spread

mentioned on plant labels refers to growth in

the middle of the country. Down here in the

south we have a longer growing season with

warmer temperatures and plants are likely to

grow much taller and wider than specified.

Look for large shrubs such as:-

• Amelanchier lamarkii (Amelanchier

Canadensis) nicknamed ‘Juneberry’, is a

double value shrub/tree. Gorgeous frothy

white flowers in spring and lovely autumn

colour. This one can definitely be bought


• Sambucus (elderflower) – Deciduous. There

are a several varieties, I love the dark purple

leaved Black Beauty and Black Lace, the latter

has finely cut leaves. These can easily grow to

3 or 4 metres tall and wide so are ideal

candidates to grow as a single or multi

stemmed tree. They have beautiful white/

pink May flowers which can be made into a

cordial, or the autumn berries (if you can get

them before the birds) into a lovely wine.

• Eleagnus Quicksilver – Deciduous. As its name

suggests this is a gorgeous silver leaved

shrub/small tree which grows very quickly! As

with other Eleagnus varieties it has highly

scented flowers in May, these are tiny yellow

flowers which are barely noticeable. It’s a

tough shrub and will put on a good deal of

growth each year – with a tendency for

branches to bend with the weight of new

growth. When it’s young I check it regularly

and ‘rub off’ unwanted superfluous new

growths before they take hold, and so limit

the number of branches it produces in order

to try and have a better shape as it matures.

• Buddliea – deciduous. ‘Lochinch’ is a favourite

of mine as the leaves are a good silver grey,

and the flowers a pale lilac, and the butterflies

just love them.

Alternatively, if you already have big shrubs in

your garden you can ‘raise the canopy’ and turn

them into a small tree. Starting from the

bottom, remove lower branches to a single or

multi stem – try and get into the middle to see

the structure of the shrub so you get a feel for

the best ones to remove. Deciduous can be

pruned anytime between now and February

14 th while the sap is down. Evergreen shrubs

will be best cut back in the spring as they start

to put out new growth.

And finally as an alternative, you could put a

quick growing large tree in a VERY large pot to

confine it. I have had a multi stemmed yellow

Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa Bignoides aurea) in a

very large terracotta pot for about 15 years.

Each spring I prune it back to about where I can

reach and keep a drip watering system on it to

ensure it doesn’t dry out, I also remove the top

couple of inches of soil and replace it and feed it

well. It produces lovely large dinner plate sized

yellow leaves and creates a bright corner in my

shady garden with a canopy at about 7 or 8ft.


Hordle Gardening Club

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Unseasoned logs available

01590 750063

07501 636064

Steve or Lorraine Mabbett


(01590) 381255 or

(07543) 901324




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The festive period is upon us again and with so

many wine choices out there, this is a great

time to pop into your local independent wine

merchant to get advice, sample a tipple or two

and be confident in the choices you make.

Whether it is for the main Christmas meal or

drinks party with nibbles - we are here to help!

Party Fizz

We have a fantastic selection of bubbles to

inspire, ranging from an appley Prosecco to

some unique 'Grower Champagnes' and

everything in between. Two particular

favourites are the new Lessini Durello that is

citrus and zippy, with green apple and light

honeyed notes - very similar to Prosecco but

more interesting! Veuve Fourny grow their own

grapes and make some fantastic Champagnes

just outside of Epernay in a village called Vertus.

We love the elegance and the fact that they pair

extremely well to seafood canapés.

White - To go classic or off piste?

The benefits of using an independent is the

knowledgeable, friendly advice you will get.

There are also new and exciting wines arriving

all the time there's no chance you will get stuck

in a rut! Many like the classical wines at this

time of year, such as a Sancerre or Chablis - a

particular favourite are

the wines from small

grower Domaine

Gueguen who produce

several wines from

Aligoté to Chablis 1er Cru

and these can be served

as an aperitif, through to

smoked salmon canapés

and oysters. For the

more adventurous we

might guide you towards

New World Rieslings or

our great selection of diverse Italian whites -

with always a taste or two open there will

always be something to tempt.

Reds - New World/Old World, full bodied or


There is not a certain type of wine for a certain

time of year, although a full bodied glass of red

is very appealing and comforting when sat by

the fire when the weather outside is crisp and

Drinks Ideas for The Festive Period

cold! Lighter reds like

Beaujolais or Pinot Noir

make great partners to

turkey and cold cuts, and

full bodied reds we would

pair to roast beef or

cheese. If you're having a

party we have some

crowd pleasing wines like

a lightly oaked Rioja, a

juicy, dark fruited

Argentinian Malbec or a

Southern French blend from an organic cooperative

that are all really popular and great

value for money.

Stickies, Fortified/Spirits and Other!

This category is where we like to experiment

and try something new! We will have plenty of

fortified wines and

spirits open to sample

over the Winter months

to inspire - from locally

made Conker Coldbrew

coffee liqueur for your

espresso martini's to

some small batch, single

malts and everything in

between. Put in the

diary 30 th November for

Madeira Saturday and

come and try two

different types matched to the traditional

Madeira cake 'bolo de mel' - Madeira is such a

fun match to so many different things at this

time of year, from mince pies to blue cheese

and the dry styles to paté, soups or simply a

bowl of mixed spiced nuts. Our range of sweet

wines expands at this time of year too, so there

is always something delicious to pair to a

particular dessert you may be serving.

We would love to see you over the festive

period, do keep an eye on our website for our

Christmas offers and events, or pop in and pick

up a Christmas flyer. Don’t forget we are here

to help and to make life easier we offer free

local delivery when you spend over £40.

Heather & Simon,

40 St Thomas Street, Lymington


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We offer free no obligation quotations for any work including:

Extensions - Alterations - Plastering & Decorating - Kitchens - Bathrooms

Groundwork - Brickwork - Roofing - Electrics - Plumbing

Need help with plans? We can help with this as well


T: 01425 837950

E: paulbeltonconstruction@gmail.com


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WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us

Environment Bill:

On the 15 th October, the Government

launched its landmark Bill to Parliament

tackling the biggest environmental

priorities of our lifetime. The Bill sets out

to improve air and water quality, tackle

plastic pollution and restore habitats so

that plants and wildlife can thrive.

All new housing will be required to show a

‘biodiversity net gain’ and local

communities will have a greater say in

protecting wildlife.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust:

On 24 th October I attended the Hampshire

& Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s AGM in

Winchester. They have also launched their

‘manifesto’ - ‘Wilder 2030’.

They too set out their aspirations for

creating a wilder Hampshire and Isle of

Wight with many ambitious objectives.

One of these says that they need 1 in 4

people to take action for nature’s recovery.

As Greta Thunberg says “No one is too

small to make a difference”.

So, how can we help?

Would you make a commitment to wildlife

in 2020? If so, here are eight ideas that

you could easily sign up to:

1.Plant butterfly or bumblebee-friendly

flowers or shrubs

2.Fit a ‘nest-box’ in your garden

3.Instead of mowing your lawn, cut a

meandering pathway through and

around it and watch the wild-flowers


4.Litter-pick one of our reserves

5.Take your children or grandchildren to

the ‘bird-hide’ at Sturt Pond to see

‘live’ nature

6.Buy a ‘wildlife field guide’ for your

child or grandchild

7.Speak to your neighbour about

creating a ‘hedgehog-tunnel’ between

your gardens

8.Buy your child/grandchild a ‘bird-call’

recognition CD so they learn the calls

of coastal, garden or woodland birds

Please ‘pledge’ your support for one or

more of these nature recovery suggestions

by circling the numbers and posting your

commitment to nature to:

Keith Metcalf, MCV Conservation Officer,

‘Fledglings’ 25 Swallow Drive,

Milford-on-Sea, SO41 0XD or drop it in to

your nearest Public Library anytime.

Name: …………………………………………………...


Post Code:.………………………….

Remember: “No one is too small to make a

difference” Thank you

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email


Prvacy Statement: Please No personal mention data Your will be Village shared when or used responding other than to for advertisements

the purposes stated



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A small and friendly group of photographers

of all skill levels aiming to further our

knowledge and enjoyment of our hobby.

Meeting held 2nd and 4th Monday of

each month in Hordle Parish Church

New members welcome

Contact Ian Blundell 07969008076



The hall where we meet is spacious

and it has been wonderful for the

women of Hordle to meet, to make friends, to help

each other, and help others throughout our

community. On Monday afternoons we have a

happy chatty craft group meeting. We have

exhibitions, parties, games, but most of all we are

there for each other and for other women

everywhere. Come along as a guest on the 1 st

Tuesday of every month at 2pm or pop in on a

Monday afternoon for a chat.

For details and any events, we are organising

please contact: Lesley Hogbourne: 01425 627942

or to book the hall call Wendy Perkins on

01425 622458


The Community Association run

a variety of regular events at

Hordle Pavilion (Please see page

28 for the diary).

This includes a Pop-up-Pub

which is held on the last Sunday

of each month, with Music,

Darts, a pool table and fun for

ALL the family.

The bar has prices to compete

with anywhere in the area, and

has a" tipple of the month" at

special prices!

The 3rd Pop Up will be on the

24th November & will open

again on the 29th December

between 2-5pm.

After the success of the 1st two

openings we hope to see lots of

Hordle residents there.


We meet on a Wednesday evening

in Tiptoe St Andrew’s Church

Hall, From 7:15-9:pm. Anyone who

enjoys a good laugh, and a sing, are

welcome to come along. Not

necessary to read music. For more

details please call

Pat Hood 01425 615051

Boules (Petanque)

Hordle Boules Group meet every

Tuesday and Saturday at Hordle

Recreation Ground at 2pm

(1.30 pm in winter).

We welcome new, regular or occasional, participants.

Spare sets of boules are available for beginners.

Show up or call Rinus tel 01425.617480

Email: postmaster@rinuskoop.plus.com

7p.m. Saturday December 14, 2019

St Thomas’ Church, Lymington

English Christmas Music


(includes interval drink) accompanied

children free

Phone for tickets: 07484 230822


Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements


This free family event is bursting with

festive fun!

The beautiful Christmas Market will

be brimming with delicious food,

festive fare and gifts for all

ages. There will also be a FREE giant

Snow Globe where families and

individuals can step inside and pose

for pictures in their own winter

wonderland photo booth. The Mayor

will be switching on the Christmas

lights, carols will be sung outside St

Thomas Church and Santa will be

making an appearance on his Sleigh.

FREE car parking in all NFDC car parks in

Lymington for the whole day!

Admission: FREE


Hordle Voluntary Care Group: Annual Clients

Tea Party

This was held on the

25 September at St

Mary’s Church Hall

Everton. Some of

our clients who have

used the service over

the past 12 months were provided with an

afternoon tea and table quiz which was very much

enjoyed by all those present.

This has become an annual event after it was first

introduced in 2010. It was such a success that the

following year it was sponsored by one of our then

volunteers and the Group have been able to fund

the event since that time.

We would like to thank Oakhaven Kitchens for

providing an excellent variety of sandwiches and

cakes and to the Trustees of the Church for the use

of their facilities.

The afternoon would not be possible with the help

of our Coordinator, Margaret Maggs and the other

volunteers from the Group who provided transport

for some of the clients and helped to set up and

clear up after the


Ian Chislett-Bruce

Hon Secretary

07980 268318




Do you:

• have an interest in plants and gardens?

• like growing plants - fruit - vegetables?

• want to learn more?

• want to meet new people and have a

sociable evening out?

Do come along to one of our meetings

and see if you’d like to join us. We have

talks on a variety of subjects and social

events too.

We meet at 7pm at the Hordle Pavilion

on the 4th Friday of each month (except

August & December).

Guest fee £3. Annual membership £7

email: hordlegardeningclub@outlook.com


or call Kate Cornhill on 01425 621305

Do you run or are a member club/

society, or have news, or information of

local interest that you wish to see in the

next edition?

Please email the details to


07801 562358

Small entries are free of charge

To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Ebenezer Scrooge, as we

know, had it all wrong

For him, Christmas was not the season of

goodwill, but the ‘season of foreclosure’.

By this he meant the end of year

reckoning, when he would repossess the

properties whose mortgage payments

were in arrears, collecting a profit for

himself and leaving families homeless.

Christmas should be the opposite. A time

to forget old scores and get together with

family and friends. We often use

Christmas as a good excuse to reconnect

with people we wish we could see more


But maybe Christmas is also a time for a

bit of a stock-take. Have we managed to

see enough of the people we love this


Have we lost loved ones, making

Christmas a sad time? Have we achieved

the things we wanted to during the year?

Compass can help you to think and talk

about these things in a safe, nonjudgemental

space, and perhaps to get

your life moving in the right direction.

Counselling at Compass

Help with depression, anxiety and

all kinds of emotional distress.

Professional, confidential, affordable

Lymington based, BACP Accredited


01590 674011


Charity number 1078724


This year has been another successful one for our club. We held

our annual Flower Festival at All Saints in May, with the theme of

“Coast and Country”. A beautiful pedestal was dedicated to

Madge Hopkins, our President and Treasurer, who sadly passed

away in January. This was arranged by Davina Lance, depicting

‘Afternoon Tea in the Garden’. Cynthia Mason played the

keyboards during the Saturday morning, followed by the

Bellringers. Our stall at the Everton Art & Music Festival proved a

success, selling floral arrangements and plants. The club was

delighted to win 2nd place at the New Forest Show with our

exhibit entitled ”Holi, Indian Festival of Colour”. This also won the “People’s Choice” award

by public vote. The exhibit was designed and arranged by Sue Erler, Kay Spreadbury and

Sally Groves.

Our Flower Show at the Hordle Summer Fair was as popular as ever, along with our Floral

Tombola Stall. The Show exhibits were judged by a qualified NAFAS judge before the

marquee was opened to the public for viewing.

A friendly welcome awaits visitors and new members to our monthly meetings. We have

demonstrations where you can enjoy beautiful creations of contemporary and traditional

designs. Also workshops to learn new skills in arranging flowers. The club meets on the 2nd

Wednesday of the month at the Pavilion, Vaggs Lane. Hordle 7pm for 7.30pm.

For more details contact Denise Gibb: 01590 642804

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Father Christmas and his Elves will

be visiting Lymington & Pennington and

district over the Christmas period and once

again Lymington Rotary will be providing

transport for him with the new sleigh which

first appeared last year. Children can tell

Father Christmas their Christmas wishes and

pose with him for a memorable photograph.

All is free but donations would be





Lights switch


Dec 6th Pennington


Dec 6 th



Dec 7th Father


Dec 8th Father






Santa on the








to 3.00pm


to 3.00pm


8am to



High Street




Village Green






Town Quay







8am to








8.30am to



High Street



Professional and Affordable

Quality Assured

Free Estimates and Advice

Interior and External

Fully Insured

Reliable Team

No job too small

01590 643 516

07901 808 722

LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea

Units 8&9 Lea Green Farm

Christchurch Road

Downton, Lymington

SO41 0LA

Tel/Fax: 01590 645999


To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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1st 4pm Christingle Service Hordle Church

1st 6.30pm Service of Light Tiptoe Church

3rd 2pm WI: Christmas Party & Diamond Divas WI Hall

5th 12.30pm Lunch Club Hordle Church Hall

6th Mens Shed Christmas Party Pavilion

7th 9.30-11.30 Messy Church Breakfast Hordle Church Hall

8th 10am Christingle Service Tiptoe Church

10th 9.30am Little Angels Party Hordle Church Hall


Hordle Flower Club Demonstration: Glisten &

7pm Glow Christmas


13th 12.30pm Christmas Lunch at The Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

14th 10am Carols Westmorland Court, Hordle

14th 7.30pm BINGO Pavilion

15th 10.15am Nativity Service Hordle Church

15th 3pm Carol Service Tiptoe Church

15th 6.30pm Carol Service Hordle Church

19th 3pm "Tea at 3" Hordle Church Hall

21st Christmas Party Pavilion

24th 4pm Crib Service Hordle Church

24th 11.30pm Holy Communion Hordle & Tiptoe Churches

25th 8am Holy Communion Hordle Church

25th 10am Family Service Hordle & Tiptoe Churches

29th 2-5pm Pop -Up - Pub Pavilion


3rd 6.30pm Film: The Lion King Pavilion

5th 10.15am All Age Worship Hordle Church

6.30pm Prayer and Praise Service Hordle Church



Little Angels restarts


Hordle Church Hall

7th 2pm WI: What the Butler Saw WI Hall

9th 12.30pm Lunch Club Hordle Church Hall

10th 8.30am Coffee Pot restarts Hordle Church Hall

16th 9.50am Quiet Garden

Contact Church office to


17th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

18th 7.30pm BINGO Pavilion

23rd 3pm "Tea at 3" Hordle Church Hall

24th 7.30pm Film: Mrs Lowry & Son Pavilion

26th 2-5pm Pop -Up - Pub Pavilion

HCA: www.Hordleca.co.uk, Pavilion 01425 517944, Film screenings £2.50

Café: Every Saturday 9am –12.30. The Pavilion, Vaggs Lane Come and have a coffee and home made

cake. Children and pets are welcome.

The Parish Council meets on the 1 st and 3 rd Tuesday of each month at 7.15 pre meeting public

forum. Meeting starts at 7.30pm Hordle Pavilion.

Top to Toe Classes: Every Friday 10.30am

28 All Saints‘ To advertise Church Office, email: Hordle: jqpeacock@gmail.com, 01425 626565 or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358







Tel: 01425 638656

Email: newmilton@haywardfox.co.uk


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Our Armed Forces




By the time this article is printed, I shall

have laid several wreaths at memorials and

services throughout my county division

and Remembrance Day will be over. One

service I always find most poignant

happens in Milford, after the main service

in the church, where those who wish to

visit the grave of the Unknown Sailor

(whose body washed ashore at Milford in

October 1917) take a moment to reflect on

what that young man and his family may

have had to endure.

The Navy, Army and RAF are all

represented strongly in Hampshire with

the British Army Headquarters in Andover,

RAF Odiham (home of the Chinook

helicopter) and Her Majesty’s Naval Base

at Portsmouth amongst them. There are

90,000 serving military personnel and

veterans, 17,000 service children and 5,500

Gurkhas currently living in Hampshire –

quite staggering numbers!

Hampshire County Council was one of the

first councils in the country to sign the

Forces Covenant. https://

www.armedforcescovenant.gov.uk/ The

work of the county’s Civilian Military

Partnership Board underpins the delivery

of the Covenant, making sure that the

needs of veterans and forces families are

met in the areas of health and wellbeing,

housing, education and employment. The

Covenant is required because members of

the armed forces can find it harder to

access public services than the general

population because of frequent moves,

extended periods away and lack of

familiarity with local support available.

The County Council provides specialist help

for forces families and veterans in

children’s, adult and public health services.

Additionally, a ‘Forces Connect’ app has

been developed by Hampshire to signpost

veterans and forces families to services

and organisations giving support and

advice. You can either download the

phone app or google ‘Hampshire Forces

Pathways’ to find the same information

online. Please pass the information on to

forces friends or family.

And may I also take this opportunity to

wish you a very merry Christmas and a

happy new year.

Cllr Fran Carpenter

Hampshire County Councillor

New Milton North, Milford &


01425 614665 / 07867 502624


To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Email: legal@daglessandwhitlock.com

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To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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