December 2019 Newsletter


Gift Shop Announcements

Pat Wolkow & Denise Gordon

Hanukkah items are popping up in the Gift Shop. Start making your list

and stop in for a look.

The big shopping day for our students will be December 8. We are

offering to gift wrap their purchases this year for a very nominal cost.

We are looking for volunteers to become trained to work hours in the

gift shop. We also need someone to help with creating on-line product

pages. Please contact Pat Wolkow about training.

If you are shopping for Judaica on-line, we can usually match the price

offered or even purchase for less because of wholesale pricing. If you plan

to shop ahead of time for your needs, or wish to support your Sisterhood,

who in turn supports our Congregation, then give us a shout!

Pat Wolkow & Denise Gordon

Security Committee Information

Pat Wolkow

Your team is currently working on another grant to fund more security

hardening to the building and help with security personnel costs. These

grants, we hope, will allow us to avoid adding a “Security Fee” to our

membership dues statements, which many congregations have had to do!

In January we have scheduled security training and planning for temple

leadership and teachers. In this training we will learn how to best

prepare for emergencies through developing a plan of action. We will

also offer, for those who have not been trained, “Stop the Bleed” and CPR


Anyone interested in joining our team, please contact Pat Wolkow.

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