Page 6A THE BEACON January 2020

Area first-grade students

recently wrote to Jolly Old

St. Nick about their holiday

wishes. We thought you might

enjoy reading some of their


Dear Sentu,

Hi! My name is Cali. Haw

mene rain Deer do you rele

have? Whie did you make 1

uf my cucis in to a c? I like

to sing so can I have a frosin


Love, Cali Lannan

Dear Santu,

Hi! My Name is Beckham.

How R your lvz? I wut a

mnene dozr.

Love, Beckham Ross

Dear Santu,

Haw are you?! My name is

Olivia. Do your Randere rily

fli? I wood like an Amarukin

grll doll food truk and iskrem

truk. Oh and wold you like

sumthin? I wold be happy to

give you sumthing.

Love, Olivia Allison

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D ear S anta

Dear Santu,

Dear Santa,

Hi! My name is Emmett. Hi! May name is Audrey.

Haw or yur randers doing? I How are you? I whold like

wut a quod.


Luv, Emmett

Love, Audrey Roessler

Dear Satu,

Haw are you? I am Ben.

Wut are you rades nams? I

wunt anuthr legoset.

Love, Ben Satchwill

Dear Satu,

Hello? My name is Colton.

How aer the ran deer? Can I

have a hvr bord?

Love, Colton Wanamaker

Dear Satu,

Hi! My nam is Lane. Ho

my elfs do you have? Can I

plez have a ranedeer and can I

have a drcbic?

Love, Lane Witte

Dear Sante,

Hello! My name is Lucy.

You are gowin to love your

mik and cuces. Can I pues haf

2 macan grll dolls?

Love, Lucy Yeary

Dear Sata,

Haw ar you? My nam is

Ava. Did you like my cesces?

I rile ned a jen jacit and princ


Love, Ava Snyder

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year.

What would you like For

Christmas? I wut a brby.

Love, Lyla

Dear Santa,

Hi! My name is William.

Do you like my kukes? Can

you get me a huv r bord?

Love, William Gibson

Dear Santa,

Hello! My name is Gabe.

Did you like my milk and

cookies? And can I have

a PS4 for cristmas and art


Love, Gabe Cole

Dear Santa,

I have been great this year!

what Kind of cookie do you

like best For Christmas I wou

like LoL dolls. Thanks!

Love, Ivy

Dear santa,

I have been good this year

wut Do yoow lfs do at nit

For Christmas I would like


Love, Jesse

Dear santa

I have been good this year!

I want a rel hamstr and supris


Love, Cooper

Dear Satnta,

I have been good this

year Wut do you wunt for

Christmas? Wut I wnt is

instrmins and mowr macup

can you do that for me?

Love, Chloe

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year!

I would like a drmp bike plese

plese? and a hundred dolrs


Love, Luke

Dear Santa.

I have been good. Would

you give me my mom and dad

play stashin 4 us thanks!

Love, Blake

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year

but what I would like four

Christmas is an amarkin girl

doll icmcreem truk and comper.

Love, Elle

Dear Santa,

I have bin good This year.

What Kind of cookies do you

like? I would like LoLs.

Love, Emalyn

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