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Elite concur

Travel management

companies BCD and FCM

have both achieved Elite

partner level with SAP

Concur. It is the highest

level of engagement and

collaboration attainable

between any TMC and the

travel, expense and invoice

management solutions


Areka sets the bar

Areka Consulting has

added two benchmarking

tools. The Travel Scan tool

looks at ten dimensions of

a company's travel

programme and produces

a roadmap with suggested

actions. And its new Travel

Index tool compares the

travel spend of a client to

similar organisations,

comparing the ratio of

spend versus the number

of employees and


HRs pay platform

Hotel booking platform

HRS has introduced a new

corporate payment

platform, Invisible Pay, a

solution it believes could

increase policy compliance

by 30%. HRS says it helps

address high levels of

out-of-policy spend and

insufficient use of

preferred hotels by

enhancing payment


co2 reporting

TripActions has added

carbon impact monitoring

for clients using its

booking platform. Users

can access a new Carbon

View element of its

redesigned Admin

Dashboard, which also

enables users to purchase

offsets through the

organisation of their choice.

sustainability is the

watchword at gBTA

SUSTainaBiLiTY took centre stage at the GBTA Conference

in Munich in November, as delegates addressed the urgent

need to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Travel managers, TMCs and airlines aired their views, all

espousing the need for action, but a show of hands revealed

only a small minority of delegates have sustainable travel

policies in place. Lonneke de Kort of said

the WWF operates its travel policy with both monetary and

CO2 emissions budgets, and that while “many companies

offset air emissions, reducing emissions should be the goal”.

“Try and avoid travel before thinking about compensating

it, and make the most sustainable options your preferred

suppliers,” she advised. “That helps incentivise them too.”

United Airline’s Jake Cefolia told delegates that the carrier

was concentrating on mitigating emissions using biofuels

rather than offsetting. It is the only US airline to use biofuel

in its regular operations, including to help sustainably power

every flight from its Los Angeles hub.

Lufthansa’s Jurgen Siebenrock said the airline has not seen

any evidence of ‘flygskam’ – flight-shaming – in the form of

passenger traffic decline as has been seen in Sweden.

Boeing’s Randy Tinseth said: “I don’t think anyone should

be ashamed of flying,” adding that there is no alternative to

flying for around 80% of all flights. Tinseth said that while

Boeing is investing in making more environmentally friendly

aircraft, governments also need to take responsibility and

invest in alternatives fuels and better airspace management.

A poll of attendees showed 69% were confident in the

industry’s ability to make the future more sustainable.


scott davies

Chief Executive

On a recent ITM Podcast,

Amex GBT’s Martin Ferguson

helped our listeners to be

effective communicators with

three key pointers, and the

first is to know your audience.

So many people at all levels

of business focus too much

on what they want to say and

not enough on what their

audience will value hearing.

Martin’s second piece of

advice is to be succinct and

interesting. Most peoples’

attention spans are very short

and their ability to retain

information degrades very

quickly over time. It’s always a

good idea to pre-plan the

three things you would like

them to take away, in the

knowledge that everything

else you’re going to say will

soon fade away into the ether!

Finally, Martin suggests that

speakers are true to their

authentic self. Although it can

be tempting to replicate the

wit and style of that orator

you admire, it just doesn’t

come across naturally unless

it’s the real you. There is

nothing that will connect a

speaker more with an

audience than honesty and

openness, including sharing if

you’re nervous. In general,

audiences want the speaker

to be a success, so relax, be

brief, act less and don’t forget

to smile – it’s infectious!



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