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The Most Flexible

Business Travel.


Business trips get cancelled for endless reasons, most of them out of your

control. FlexiPerk by TravelPerk gives you a 90% refund for all cancellations,

no questions asked. TravelPerk is Europe’s leading business travel management

platform. Helping de-stress travellers and travel managers is what we love to do.

FlexiPerk is the newest addition to

TravelPerk, Europe’s fastest growing

online travel management platform

which offers the world’s largest

travel inventory, automated travel

policies, smooth UX, and consumer

prices alongside 24/7 support.

When booking business trips,

travellers have to choose between

flexible fares that are on average

60% more expensive, or risking the

cost of a cancellation.

With FlexiPerk, businesses pay 10%

of the price of a trip to receive a

90% refund—for any reason. You

can choose to cover trips for all

travellers or just a specific group.

Cancel the entire trip if you need to,

or just one reservation, such as the

hotel, flight, train, or car. With

FlexiPerk, business travel is finally


To learn more about FlexiPerk and

sign up for the Beta program, visit

But for trips whose cancellation

was covered, there are big issues:

• Flexible fares cost on average

60% more than a traditional ticket

• Traditional cancellation coverage

is for illness and injury only

• Some old coverage can be

unavailable to business travelers


Key Points

Traditional flexi fares don’t

cover business-related


Research shows that cancellation

rates for businesses are

consistently over 20%.


cost per trip.


minimum refund.

No questions.


of trips are



your travel is

covered. Flights,

trains, hotels, cars.


average savings.

Companies that

love FlexiPerk

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