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New music for choirs

July – December 2019

Welcome to Chorus

If you’re starting to think about your Christmas concert programme, we hope this issue provides you with

some inspiration! Our Christmas and Advent music features new repertoire by a diverse range of composers

including John Rutter, Sarah Quartel and David Bednall. A particular highlight is Bob Chilcott’s majestic

new Christmas Oratorio (page 3), which offers a compelling retelling of the Christmas story. For school and

community choirs, we have a fabulous festive addition to the Voiceworks series: Popular Voiceworks at Christmas

(page 6), which includes 20 songs and carols in a range of styles, from jazz and salsa to show, swing and gospel.

You will also find a number of key additions to our secular choral catalogue. Turn to page 10 to discover a

host of new pieces by Sarah Quartel, from Swept Away with its pop-inspired rhythms and harmonies, to ‘Hope’

is the thing with feathers, which sets an evocative poem by Emily Dickinson. Finally, The Oxford Book of Flexible

Choral Songs (page 8) provides an exciting new addition to the Oxford Flexible Anthologies series. Featuring 45

flexibly scored secular choral songs with 12 new commissions, the repertoire includes madrigals and part-songs,

folksongs, European art songs and more.

Whatever type of choral group you lead, we hope this issue offers you some fresh music that your choir will

love to sing.

Ben Selby

Director of Music Publishing

Oxford University Press

Choral Highlights 2019

New and recent Christmas, sacred, and secular choral publishing from Oxford





New and

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Christmas, sacred,

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These top-quality performances are directed by Bob Chilcott,

produced, engineered, and edited by John Rutter, and

accompanied by Richard Pearce.

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Recent Christmas secular works music

Bob Chilcott

Christmas Oratorio

With this majestic work Chilcott takes on a

landmark of the choral repertory, the Christmas

Oratorio. Words from St Luke and St Matthew

are intertwined with 16th-19th-century poetry to

create a compelling retelling of the Christmas story.

Five hymn texts are set to new, original melodies

that take their place among the season’s tradition

of great hymnody and enable the audience or

congregation to join in with the choir. As in the St

John Passion, much of the narrative is presented by

a tenor soloist in the role of Evangelist, with focal

points such as the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis and

Rossetti’s ‘Love came down at Christmas’ taken by

mezzo-soprano and bass soloists.

Bob Chilcott,

described by The

Observer as “a

contemporary hero of

British Choral Music”,

has become one

of the most widely

performed composers

and arrangers of choral music in the world.

He has a large catalogue of works published

by Oxford University Press which reflects his

wide taste in music styles and his commitment

to writing music that is both singable and

communicative. Discover more:

Photo credit: John Bellars

SATB and soloists (M-S, T, & B), with organ and flute or small ensemble

50 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult

978-0-19-351437-9 | Publishing August 2019

David Bednall

Make We Merry

Commissioned by Benenden School, Make We

Merry is an eight-movement piece which sets

texts from the 15th to 19th centuries to a variety

of choral textures with a highly characterful

accompaniment. A vast array of sentiments is

depicted, from quiet expectance and gentle

wonder to boisterous jubilation, and the different

movements provide a wonderfully paced journey

through these moods. The final movement brings

back motifs from the opening and grows to a

thrillingly climactic ending to this exciting Christmas

concert work.

David Bednall is

one of the leading

choral composers of

his generation. He

studied for a PhD in

Composition with

Professor John Pickard at

the University of Bristol,

and with Dr Naji Hakim and David Briggs.

He was Assistant Organist at Wells Cathedral,

and is now a Teaching Fellow and Organist

of The University of Bristol, Sub Organist

at Bristol Cathedral and Director of The

University Singers. Discover more:

Photo credit: Iain MacLeod-Jones

SSAA and organ, with or without brass ensemble and timpani

25 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult

978-0-19-352653-2 | Published May 2019

Bednall speaks with an individual voice that is really worth hearing.

Every note demonstrates a composer who understands ‘from the inside’

how to write for choirs and for the organ.

Church Music Quarterly


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Christmas repertoire

Malcolm Archer

As I sat on a sunny


Archer’s innovative setting of this traditional

text swings energetically between 7/8 and 6/8,

presenting a fresh take on the original tune.

This piece offers a dash of cheerful festivity in

any Christmas concert or service.

SATB and organ

2½ mins, Easy


Published April 2019

David Blackwell

A Carol for our Times

This thought-provoking carol takes up the

topical theme of the plight of refugees, drawing

parallels with the stories and reception of

Christ’s birth. The text, by the composer,

alludes to familiar lines from the Coventry

Carol, rooting the piece in tradition while

encouraging us to consider our present.

SATB (with S. solo) unaccompanied

4 mins, Easy


Publishing July 2019

Gary Hallquist


With a text by the composer, this declamatory

Christmas piece provides a fresh take on

the nativity story. The cacophony of choral

sound in the polyphonic middle section is

akin perhaps to the angelic announcement of

Jesus’s birth, leading to an emphatic closing

proclamation ‘Gloria! in excelsis Deo!’

SATB and piano

3 mins, Easy


Published April 2019

Ian Assersohn

Make we joy now

in this fest

In this lively 6/8 setting, Assersohn explores

a macaronic 15th-century text (‘A Patre

Unigenitus/Through a maiden is come’), with

its exclamations of ‘Eya!’ reinforcing festive

celebration. Featuring modal harmonies and

energetic rhythms, this carol promises to be a

fresh, uplifting, and accessible addition to any

Christmas programme.

SATB unaccompanied

2½ mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult


Published April 2019

Bob Chilcott

Pilgrim Jesus

This sophisticated, jubilant setting of a macaronic

text by Kevin Crossley-Holland begins with an

emphatic opening refrain before setting off on

a sprightly dance through fluctuating 2/2 and

7/8 time signatures. Pilgrim Jesus was originally

published in Carols for Choirs 5.

SATB (with divisions) unaccompanied

2 mins, Moderately Difficult


Published April 2019

Gabriel Jackson

Hush! my dear

Offprinted from Carols for Choirs 5, this

exquisite setting of a familiar text by Isaac

Watts has flexible scoring, with choirs

encouraged to explore different options for

each of the four verses. The music is gentle,

flowing, and peaceful, perfectly reflecting the

nativity scene the poet so vividly depicts.

SATB accompanied or unaccompanied

3 mins, Easy


Published April 2019

David Bednall

Sweet was the song

This movement from Make We Merry sets the

words of the seventeenth-century Christmas

text ‘Sweet was the song’ to a straightforward

and lyrical solo line in the first soprano part, with

an imitative second soprano part joining towards

the end. The organ accompaniment gently

underpins the tender vocal lines throughout.

SS and organ

3 mins, Easy


Published June 2019

Pete Churchill

In the bleak mid-winter

This is a funk, gospel-tinged, harmonically

innovative arrangement of the popular Christina

Rossetti carol In the bleak mid-winter for mixed

voices, with piano, shaker, and tambourine

accompaniment and solo opportunities.

SATB, piano, and percussion

4 mins, Moderately Difficult


Publishing July 2019

Cecilia McDowall

A Prayer to St John

the Baptist

Written for the 2018 BBC Advent broadcast

sung by the choir of St John’s College,

Cambridge, A Prayer to St John the Baptist sets

an artfully crafted text that combines Guido

d’Arezzo’s Ut queant laxis (itself a Hymn to

John the Baptist, as well as a medieval musicteaching

mnemonic) with Thomas Merton’s

poem on the same subject.

SATB and organ

4 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult


Published April 2019

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Christmas repertoire

Michael Higgins

The Angel Gabriel

In this haunting arrangement of the wellknown

carol, Higgins creates a mystical

soundscape by layering a single motif in a fourpart

soprano canon.

SSSSAATBB unaccompanied

3 mins, Moderately Difficult


Published April 2019

Sarah Quartel

This endris night

Sarah Quartel brings a fresh take on a familiar

fifteenth-century text in this carol for upper

voices. The carol may be sung unaccompanied,

though for added sparkle there is an optional

part for handbells (or percussion or organ).

SSAA unaccompanied or with optional

handbells (or percussion, or organ)

3 mins, Easy


Published April 2019

John Rutter

The Jolly Shepherd

This sprightly setting of a sixteenth-century

English text tells the tale of a jolly shepherd

named Wat. With an upbeat triple metre and

a joyful swing feel, this carol has imaginative,

contrasting textures, and a memorable refrain.

SATB (with divisions) and piano or organ

or orchestra

5 mins, Easy

Vocal score with organ: 978-0-19-353003-4

Vocal score with piano: 978-0-19-353004-1

Full score: 978-0-19-353005-8

Set of parts: 978-0-19-353006-5

All published May / June 2019

Libby Larsen

A Simple Gloria

Originally published in the anthology, An

American Christmas, this is a serene setting

of a macaronic text by M. K. Dean describing

the song the angels sang for the birth of the


SATB unaccompanied

4 mins, Easy


Published April 2019

John Rutter

arr. Kenneth Pont

Jesus Child

An arrangement for upper voices, with a

simplified piano part, of John Rutter’s popular

Jesus Child, an upbeat carol with a clear

Caribbean influence.

SS or SA with a simplified piano


3½ mins, Very Easy


Published April 2019

Gordon Thornett

Star of the East

Thornett’s setting of this Epiphany text, also

known as ‘Brightest and best’, makes effective

use of arching melodies and a variety of choral

textures. The accompaniment features bell

effects and quotations of Gruber’s famous

‘Silent night’ melody. For choirs who are

low on male numbers, there are options for

omitting tenor and bass divisi parts.

SATB and piano or organ or orchestra

4 mins, Easy


Published April 2019

Ben Parry

Adam lay ybounden

Parry presents a fresh take on this popular

15th-century macaronic carol through

appealing imitation, strong rhythmic interest,

and imaginative harmonic language, leading to

a satisfying Tierce de Picardie.

SATB unaccompanied

1½ mins, Easy


Published April 2019

John Rutter

Past three a clock

Originally published in Carols for Choirs 2,

Rutter’s arrangement of this well-known carol

is energetic and joyful. The memorable and

buoyant melody is supported and driven by

lively piano accompaniment, making it wellsuited

for Christmas concerts and services.

SATB (with divisions) and piano

or small orchestra

2½ mins, Easy


Published April 2019

Roderick Williams

The star has come

The star has come is an illustrative and

imaginative setting of a poem by Robert

Seatter. In response to the evocative text,

Williams uses portamenti techniques to create

musical imagery, and explores cross-rhythms,

chromatic harmony, and energetic dynamics in

an ever-changing texture.

SATB unaccompanied

2½ mins; Moderately Difficult–Difficult


Published April 2019

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176 pages, Very Easy–Moderately



Publishing August 2019

More from the Voiceworks Series

Charles Beale and Steve Milloy

Popular Voiceworks 1

28 Songs in Jazz, Gospel, R&B,

Soul, and Show Styles

Very Easy–Easy, 240 pages


Published 2008

Charles Beale and Steve Milloy

Popular Voiceworks 2

28 Songs in Jazz, Gospel, R&B,

Soul, and Show Styles

Charles Beale and Steve Milloy

Popular Voiceworks at Christmas

• 20 fabulous seasonal songs and carols from unison to four-part harmony

• Ideal for youth choirs, school groups (11 yrs +), community choirs, and choral groups of all ages

and experience

• Vast range of repertoire, including jazz, country, salsa, show, swing, gospel, and more

• Brand-new songs and new arrangements of popular favourites

• A complete rehearsal plan for each song, including warm-ups and guidance on vocal techniques

for singing popular styles

• Stylistic but accessible piano accompaniments

Photocopiable pages

CD of backing tracks

Singers will discover exciting new material by the authors, as well as arrangements of traditional

carols such as ‘Away in a manger’ and ‘In the bleak midwinter’ and popular songs such as ‘Jingle Bell

Rock’ and ‘Get Together’. As well as the backing tracks on CD, stylish performances are available on

a companion website.

has a winning formula with its Voiceworks

series. Each volume is a valuable resource full of

attractive songs in a wide variety of styles designed

to capture the imagination of young singers.


Music Teacher

Peter Hunt

Voiceworks at Christmas

30 Seasonal Songs

Very Easy–Easy, 232 pages


Published 2017

Kevin Stannard

Junior Voiceworks at


Very Easy, 232 pages

Very Easy–Moderately Difficult, 240 pages


Published 2012


Published 2017

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Sacred choral Choral repertoire works

Bob Chilcott

Samba Mass

Samba Mass is a joyous and colourful setting of the Latin Missa brevis.

The work is framed by the gentle bossa nova style of the warm Kyrie

and relaxed Agnus Dei, which is prefaced by a funky Benedictus. The

compelling rhythms of samba come to the fore in the second movement,

a vivacious Gloria, which is followed by a beautiful Sanctus that offsets

a steady flow of quavers with rhythmic syncopations. The stylistic piano

part can be played as written or serve as a guide, and an optional guitar,

bass, and drum kit part is available separately for band accompaniment.

SSA or SATB & optional guitar, bass, & drum kit

13 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult

SSA vocal score: 978-0-19-352462-0

SATB vocal score: 978-0-19-352461-3

Guitar, bass, and drum kit part: 978-0-19-352912-0

All Publishing July 2019

John Rutter

London Town

A Choral Celebration

London Town was

commissioned and written

to be performed by the

combined forces of unison

children’s choir and SATB

mixed voices, with piano.

The vividly communicative

six-movement work, which

is accompanied throughout,

is full of musical contrasts

from the jaunty ‘London Zoo’

to the solemn ‘Lines written

in the Tower of London’. The work celebrates London through its

six songs and contains texts by Rudyard Kipling, Walter Raleigh, and

William Wordsworth alongside new material by Delphine Chalmers

and the composer. It has sections for adult voices alone and sections

for children’s voices alone alongside passages for the two forces to

combine as a full choir.

Mixed & children’s choirs, with piano

20 mins. Easy–Moderately Difficult

978-0-19-352838-3 | Published June 2019

Oliver Tarney

Missa media


This is an uplifting and

celebratory setting of the Latin

Missa brevis. The choir may

be accompanied by organ,

chamber ensemble, or any one

of the ensemble instruments

in combination with organ,

opening up several compelling

performance options. Four

French carol melodies are

woven into the music, and

performance with glockenspiel

and trumpet bring these particularly to the fore. The chosen carol melodies

are often associated with hymns from other Church seasons, making the

work suitable for performance throughout the year.

SATB (with divisions) and organ/chamber ensemble

9 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult

Vocal score: 978-0-19-353048-5

Set of parts: 978-0-19-353049-2

Both publishing August 2019

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Oxford Flexible Anthologies

Edited by Alan Bullard

The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs

Secular concert works for all choirs

• 45 flexibly scored choral songs

• 12 new commissions by composers including Will Todd, John Rutter, Bob Chilcott, Oliver Tarney,

Sarah Quartel, Ben Parry, and Alan Bullard

• Wide range of styles, from the 13th century to the present day

• Repertoire includes madrigals and part-songs, folksongs, European art songs, Victorian ballads,

and variety songs

• Newly arranged songs by composers ranging from Dowland to Walton

• Accessible piano accompaniments, with some unaccompanied songs

The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs is perfect for small choirs, young choirs, choirs with few men,

choirs just starting out, and choirs with limited rehearsal time. Each piece may be performed by a

mixed choir, but is also presented with flexible scoring options, clearly explained throughout, enabling

performance by various combinations of singers, including upper voices or men’s voices alone.

240 pages, Easy

Paperback: 978-0-19-352563-4

Spiral-bound paperback: 978-0-19-352564-1

Both Publishing August 2019

In the same series

Edited by Alan Bullard

The Oxford Book of

Flexible Carols

The perfect resource for every

choir at Christmas

Paperback: 978-0-19-336462-2

Spiral-bound paperback: 978-0-19-336463-9

Both published 2009

Edited by Alan Bullard

The Oxford Book of

Flexible Anthems

A complete resource for every

church choir

Paperback: 978-0-19335895-9

Spiral-bound paperback: 978-0-19-335896-6

Both published 2007

Edited by Alan Bullard

The Oxford Book of

Easy Flexible Anthems

Simple, varied anthems for the

church year

Paperback: 978-0-19-341325-2

Spiralbound paperback: 978-0-19-341326-9

Both published 2017

Alan Bullard was

born in London in

1947 and studied at

the Royal College

of Music with

Herbert Howells.

Having for many

years combined

composition with a post as a college

lecturer, he now devotes most of his time

to writing music, and is also an examiner

for the ABRSM. Discover more:


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Sacred Choral choral collections repertoire

John Rutter studied

music at Clare

College, Cambridge

and first came to

notice as a composer

and arranger of

Christmas carols

and other choral

pieces during those early years; today his

compositions, including such concert-length

works as Requiem, Magnificat, Mass of the

Children, The Gift of Life, and Visions are

performed around the world. Discover more:

Bob Chilcott

Times and Seasons

8 songs for upper voices

A collection exploring different times of

the day and the four seasons, Times and

Seasons sees Bob Chilcott collaborate with

poet Delphine Chalmers. Four of the pieces

are unaccompanied, while the remainder

have characterful and supportive piano

accompaniments; the voices sing in unison or

two parts, making this collection eminently

accessible. Suitable for performance as a suite

or as stand-alone pieces, these charming songs

will be a welcome addition to the repertoire

of any children’s or upper-voice choir.

Upper voices, accompanied and


Very Easy–Easy


Publishing October 2019

John Rutter

Anthems and Choral


for upper-voice choirs

This collection of nine of John Rutter’s finest

and most popular anthems, scored for uppervoices,

has been carefully compiled to cover a

variety of texts and styles and embraces both

sacred and secular material.


All things bright and beautiful

A Clare Benediction

For the beauty of the earth

A flower remembered

A Gaelic Blessing

God be in my head

The Lord bless you and keep you

Look at the world

The Music’s Always There With You

Upper voices and piano



Publishing July 2019

Other John Rutter collections

John Rutter Anthems for

SA and Men

9 anthems for sopranos, altos,

and unison men


Published 2017

John Rutter Carols

10 carols for mixed voices


Published 2005

John Rutter Anthems

11 anthems for mixed voices


Published 2003

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Secular repertoire by Sarah Quartel

Sarah Quartel

As you sing

In this fast and energetic piece, Quartel sets

her own text celebrating the joy of singing.

The melody weaves in and out of the texture,

supported by dynamic vocal accompaniment

and rhythmically driven by the hand drum.

Originally published as part of the Songbird

collection, As you sing.

SSAA and hand drum

3 mins, Easy


Publishing October 2019

Sarah Quartel

‘Hope’ is the thing

with feathers

This is a beautiful setting of an evocative

poem by Emily Dickinson that explores the

symbolization of hope as a bird. Quartel offers

soaring melodic lines, rich harmonies, and a

fluttering accompaniment to illustrate the

persistence of hope even through hardship.

SATB and piano

3½mins, Easy


Published June 2019

Sarah Quartel

My soul is awakened

This is a beautiful piece setting a text by

Anne Brontë that explores natural imagery

on a blustery day and the feelings they inspire.

Supported by the piano acccompaniment,

Quartel’s soaring melodies, rich harmonies,

and syncopated rhythms illustrate the power

of the wind.

SSAA and piano

4½ mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult


Publishing July 2019

Sarah Quartel

Sing, my Child

Sing, my Child sets a joyful text celebrating

the beauty found all around us in everyday

life. Characterized by tight harmonies and

a dynamic percussion line, the buoyant 7/8

metre of the opening drives the piece forward.


Published May 2019



for SATB

SSAA unaccompanied with hand drum

4½ mins, Easy

Sarah Quartel

Swept Away

Setting words by the composer, Swept Away is

a beautiful, haunting piece with pop-inspired

rhythms and harmonies. The scat syllables of the

lower parts are combined with a flowing melody

in the soprano to create a powerful work

exploring the journey of the singers in the wind.

SSATBarB unaccompanied

4 mins, Moderately Difficult


Publishing November 2019

Sarah Quartel

This we know

Setting a moving text inspired by Chief Seattle,

Quartel appeals for better stewardship of the

planet through gentle flowing lines and expansive

textures. The melodies are accessible throughout

and well supported by the piano accompaniment,

while the swells and falls in dynamics offer a

sense of organicity. Originally published as part

of the Songbird collection, As you sing.

SSA and piano

3 mins, Easy


Publishing October 2019

Sarah Quartel, is a Canadian composer and educator known for her fresh and exciting approach to choral music.

She celebrates the musical potential of all learners by providing singers access to high quality repertoire and engaging

music education. Sarah’s choral works are performed by children, youth, and adults throughout the world and her

work as an educator connects exciting musical experiences with meaningful classroom learning. Discover more:

Photo credit: Sandra Dufton Photography


To listen to recordings, visit or search on Spotify

Secular repertoire

Ian Assersohn

Slow Down

Slow Down has a relaxed swing feel, with

imaginative lyrics by the composer that

encourage us to take time out of our busy

lives. The baritones have fun with a scat

bassline while the upper parts enjoy exploring

a swung quaver style, all underpinned by a

supportive yet characterful piano part.

CCBar and piano

3 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult


Published June 2019

Jussi Chydenius

Deep in the night

Originally published in Sun, Moon, Sea, and Stars,

‘Deep in the night’ sets a poem by Sara Teasdale

that likens a heart seeking its love to a swallow’s

cry. Chydenius’s rich harmonies, syncopated

melodies, and modal inflections paint an image

of the starry night, while the underpinning bass

ostinato provides rhythmic drive.

SATB unaccompanied

3 mins, Easy


Publishing October 2019

Toby Young

Give me the river

Originally published as part of the Songbird

collection As you sing, this is a thrilling and

high-energy piece setting a text by Jennifer

Thorp. Young uses body-percussion, sound

effects, repeating themes, and strong rhythms

to capture the characteristics of a river.

SA or TBarB and piano

2 ½ mins, Easy (SA) / Easy–Moderately

Difficult (TBarB)

SA vocal score: 978-0-19-352760-7

Bob Chilcott

Piping Down the

Valleys Wild

In this jazzy setting of William Blake’s

Introduction to his Songs of Innocence,

Chilcott’s extended harmonies and

syncopated melodies bring new energy to

the text, challenging the expectation of the

listener. The voices are supported by a stylistic

piano part, which may be played as written

or serve as a guide, and the optional bass

and drum kit part is printed at the back of

the score. Also available in a version for SSA,

piano, and optional bass and drum kit in Jazz

Songs of Innocence.

SATB and piano with optional bass and

drum kit

2 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult


Publishing August 2019

Oliver Tarney

The Lover’s Ghost

Tarney’s setting of this traditional Scottish

text offers catchy melodies and folk-inspired

harmonies, driven by a rhythmic piano

accompaniment. The ballad is framed by a

repeating, haunting, and ethereal a cappella

phrase that hints at the unearthly nature of the

subject. Also available for cambiata voices in

the Emerging Voices series.

SATB and piano

3½ mins, Easy


Published May 2019

Bob Chilcott

Sing the Colour

of Peace

Setting a beautiful text by Charles Bennett, this

is a gentle, optimistic piece that remembers

those lost to conflict and looks encouragingly

towards peace. The tenor solo is supported

by vocal accompaniment with oscillating

harmonies and warm melodic figures. In

the final section, the sopranos take over the

melody before the soloist brings the piece to a

finish with dreams of ‘a blue sky’.

Tenor solo and SATB (with divisions)


4 mins, Easy


Publishing September 2019

Oliver Tarney

The silver swan

Originally published as part of the Songbird

collection As you sing, this is a beautiful

and modern setting of a traditional text,

popularised by Orlando Gibbons’ well-known

madrigal ‘The silver swan’. Tarney draws upon

the themes of nature, love, life, and loss to

create melodies that are yearning and flowing,

and supports the voices with a graceful and

delicate piano accompaniment.

SSA and piano

4 mins, Easy


Published June 2019

TBarB vocal score: 978-0-19-353175-8

Both publishing November 2019

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Solo voice

Cecilia McDowall

Three Songs after Schubert

Commissioned by Roderick Williams, this characterful trilogy of songs sets poems by John Greening that

present a vibrant, modern take on each of Schubert’s song cycles. The first draws on ‘Gute nacht’ from Der

Winterreise, taking inspiration from Captain Scott’s perilous expedition to the Antarctic in 1911-12. The

second, ‘after Ständchen’, has an air of darkness and mystery, with icy clusters and ghostly spread chords.

The text of the third song alludes to Schubert’s ‘Mein’ from Die Schöne Müllerin, and the musical setting is

characterized by rapid semiquaver figuration in the piano and a vocal line full of dramatic expression.

Baritone and piano

10 mins, Moderately Difficult

978-0-19-353185-7 | Publishing September 2019

Howard Skempton

The Moon is Flashing

Chamber version

The Moon is Flashing was originally scored for tenor solo and full orchestra, but has here been rescored

for chamber ensemble, broadening its reach to smaller ensembles. The work sets three contrasting texts:

the titular poem is a short valentine by the composer; ‘A Day in Three Wipes’ by Chris Newman is

a modern lyrical ballad; and the final poem is the D H Lawrence’s well-known animal poem ‘Snake’.

Tenor solo, clarinet in B flat, violin, cello, and piano

20 mins, Moderately Difficult – Difficult

Full score: 978-0-19-353012-6 | Set of parts: 978-0-19-353013-3

Both publishing September 2019

Cecilia McDowall was born in London

in 1951, educated at Edinburgh and London

Universities and was a prize-winning

student at Trinity College of Music. She has

a distinctive style which speaks directly to

listeners, instrumentalists and singers alike.

Her most characteristic works fuse fluent

melodic lines with occasional dissonant

harmonies and rhythmic exuberance. Discover more:

Photo credit: Karina Lyburn

Howard Skempton was born in Chester

in 1947, and has worked as a composer,

accordionist, and music publisher. He studied

in London with Cornelius Cardew from

1967, which helped Skempton to discover

a musical language of great simplicity. Since

then he has continued to write undeflected

by compositional trends, producing a corpus

of more than 300 works - many pieces being miniatures for solo

piano or accordion. Skempton calls these pieces “the central

nervous system” of his work. Discover more:

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Sacred repertoire

Alan Bullard

How good is our God

Alan Bullard’s simple, uplifting setting of words

by eighteenth-century writer and Calvinist

minister Joseph Hart is perfectly suited to

the Every Voice Rejoice series. The anthem is

characterized by flexible rhythms that sensitively

complement the metre of the text and a

beautifully reflective set of Amens at its close.

SATB unaccompanied

1½ mins, Very Easy–Easy


Published June 2019

Gary Hallquist

I will rejoice

With words and music by the composer,

this upbeat anthem features a compelling

recurring melodic motif that is passed around

the voice parts, underpinned by a spirited

accompaniment for piano.

SATB and piano

2½ mins, Easy


Published May 2019

Giulio Caccini arr. Mack Wilberg


Male voices take the leading role in this mixedvoice

arrangement of the tender and wellloved

solo piece attributed to Caccini (and

usually sung to ‘Ave Maria’). In keeping with

the cumulative embellishment of the original,

Wilberg’s version starts with unison men and

gradually adds more parts, always grounded by

the lower voices.

SATB and keyboard or orchestra

6 mins, Easy


Publishing July 2019

Michael Higgins

May the road rise

to meet you

Michael Higgins’s gentle setting of the

traditional Gaelic Blessing has a memorable

melody, a flowing piano part, and a beautiful,

soaring soprano descant in the second verse.

Written for the National Children’s Choir of

Great Britain, the piece would be particularly

suitable for children’s choirs.

SSA and piano

2½ mins, Very Easy–Easy


Published June 2019

Bob Chilcott

When spring comes


When spring comes walking is a warm and

optimistic setting of an evocative poem by

Charles Bennett that explores themes of

rebirth, nature, and celebration. Chilcott

embraces the return of spring with gentle

sustained melodies, rich harmonies, and a

quote from the traditional carol ‘O come,

O come, Emmanuel’. This piece is suitable for

both Advent and Easter.

SSAATTBB unaccompanied

4 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult


Published May 2019

Michael Higgins

View me, Lord

With a text by Thomas Campion, View me, Lord

is a tender prayer characterized by its sensitive

text-setting. Each verse features a change in

voicing, rhythm, and harmony, while the everchanging

metre provides a feeling of fluidity.

SATB unaccompanied

8 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult


Publishing October 2019

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Sacred repertoire

Gabriel Jackson

O Virgo virginum

Following Jackson’s settings of the seven ‘O’

antiphons (Seven Advent Antiphons), this is a

setting of the text recognised as the eighth

‘O’ antiphon and performed as such in many

Christian traditions. Jackson’s imaginative

setting features a melismatic line for tenor

soloist and aleatoric writing.

Solo tenor and SSATB unaccompanied

3½ mins, Moderately Difficult


Published April 2019

Ethan McGrath

O come, let us sing

unto the Lord

This rhapsodic anthem sets verses from Psalm

95 and features contrasting sections, changing

metre, and a buoyant organ part.

SATB and organ

1½ mins, Easy


Publishing July 2019

Cecilia McDowall

I obey thee, O Lord


From Da Vinci Requiem

The third movement of McDowall’s powerful

Da Vinci Requiem, I obey thee, O Lord is a

compelling pairing of the ‘Lacrimosa’ text from

the Latin Missa pro defunctis with extracts

from the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, and

has a poignant, tender simplicity. The composer

has reworked the keyboard part from the

parent work to facilitate performance by piano

or organ.

SATB (with divisions) and piano or organ

4½ mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult


Publishing July 2019

Will Todd

Locus iste

Locus iste is an atmospheric setting of a

well-known Latin text. With an ever-changing

time signature, Todd’s writing is gentle but

effective; the mysterious piano accompaniment

combined with the dissonant harmonies in the

sustained voices create a soundscape that hints

at an ethereal world.

SATB (with divisions) and piano

3½ mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult

Cecilia McDowall

O sing unto the Lord

This joyful setting of Psalm 98 is a bright and

celebratory anthem of praise. The intricate

organ writing offsets emphatic statements from

the choir full of melodic and harmonic interest

while grounded in assertive homorhythm.

SATB (with divisions) and organ

4 mins, Moderately Difficult


Publishing July 2019

Will Todd

My Love has Died for Me

From Passion Music

With a text by the composer, ‘My Love has Died

for Me’ is taken from Passion Music, a concert

and liturgical work that epitomizes Todd’s love

of blending jazz and choral music. Recurring

melodies, changing metres, and extended

harmonies combine to explore the theme of

loss in this powerful and expressive lament.

SATB (with divisions) unaccompanied

3½ mins, Easy


Publishing October 2019

978-0-19-353183-3 | £2.15 $2.90

Publishing October 2019


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Sacred repertoire

Mack Wilberg

O splendor of God’s glory bright

(That Easter day with joy was bright)

This bright and exultant arrangement of Michael Praetorius’s melody

‘Puer nobis nascitur’ is presented with two text options: ‘O splendor of

God’s glory bright’ for general worship and ‘That Easter day with joy

was bright’ for use at Easter. Sparkling organ interludes, characterised by

flutes and piccolos in the orchestral accompaniment, punctuate the lilting

melody, which is given contrasting treatment in each of the verses, from

presentation in unison to rich four-part harmony.

SATB and organ or orchestra

2 mins, Easy

Toby Young

If you love me

If you love me is a beautiful and unique setting of a well-known Pentecost

text. Coloured by nuanced dynamics, Young’s rich, extended harmonies

create tension throughout the piece, before finally resolving in the last

chord. It is suitable for concert and liturgical use.

SATB unaccompanied

2 mins, Easy–Moderately Difficult

978-0-19-353180-2 | Publishing October 2019

978-0-19-353187-1 | Publishing October 2019

knows how to score for

voices, and provides technical

challenges which careful rehearsal

will enable most efficient choirs to


meet with pleasure.

The Organ

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