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Leading in insulated

panel manufacture

Product overview

For absolute confidence

Hemsec started manufacturing insulated panels for cold stores in 1928, and have remained at the cutting edge

of innovation and technology in the panel manufacturing industry. When you work with us, you can be confident

that you are using amongst the strongest and most thermally-efficient panels available anywhere in the world,

which are backed by our Diamond Guarantee.

To give you additional assurance, we are a BS EN ISO

9001:2015 certified company, and operate within strict Factory

Production Control (FPC) measures which ensure we conform

with CE marking to BS EN 14509:2013.

Controlled environment


Our products form self-supporting and air-tight internal structures for

temperature and hygiene control. They are primarily used within the

food and drink industry, and a variety of thicknesses and finishes give

you plenty of scope for customisation.

At a Glance:

• Self-supporting internal structures give you ultimate flexibility

• Single spanning capability maximises your clean working and

storage area

• Precision jointing detail makes installation quick and easy

• Industry leading 0.01 m 3 /m 2 /hr at 50 Pa air-leakage performance

• Superb thermal transmittance performance with U-values up

to 0.10 W/m 2 k

• Up to 60-minute fire performance certified through the LPCB and

FM secures safety

• Ideal for temperature control in ambient, chill and frozen

applications between -40°C to +60°C

• Food safe and hygienic steel face coatings

• Zero Ozone Depletion means you have peace of mind with

eco-friendly products

Applications include:

• Food processing and preparation

• Fruit ripening rooms

• Storage and warehousing

• Distribution Centres

• Retail solutions and Dual

compartment rooms

• Internal fire rated builds including

fire walls

• Spray booths

• Drying rooms

• Data Centres

• Pharmaceutical and Laboratory


• Internal column cladding

For modern methods

of construction

Hemsec External

Reduce the overall cost of your project using these lightweight panels. They

boast exceptional inherent strength, and provide superb building insulation

and aesthetic finishing in one simple step.

At a Glance:

• Reduces the need for secondary supporting framework

• Factory engineering and fire resistance up to 60 minutes give you security

• Improve the visual appeal of your building with a wide colour choice

• A complete weather-graded thickness range, from 50mm (U-value

of 0.39 W/m ² k) to 200mm (U-value of 0.10 W/m ² k) allows for any

construction purpose

• The products are ideal for modular and volumetric buildings, using

On or Off-Site construction

• Using these panels creates more workable space inside your

buildings, reducing multi-component wall build-ups

• Light in weight, these are labour and material saving products, which

give you at least 50% reduction in installation time

• Thermally superior tongue and groove joint provides greater fire

performance, excellent vapour resistance and best-in-class air tightness

• Available in bespoke lengths to fix horizontally or vertically directly to

steel frame centres

Applications include:

• External chillers and freezers

• Dutch barn builds

• Retail stores and offices

• Storage units

• Site offices and amenities

• Schools and temporary classrooms

• Biogas facilities

• Data/Switch rooms

• Living space extensions

Hemsec Carrier

Hemsec Carrier is a fire-resistant insulated panel for walls and roofs,

that supports the application of external cladding options and

greatly enhances the energy performance of your buildings.

At a Glance:

Applications include:

• Commercial and

Residential envelopes

• Walls – Support substrate for

external facades and rainscreens

• Roofs – Support deck for secondary

components and follow on trades

• Lightweight thermal and structural support-panel for wall

and roof cladding materials

• Made to take external finishes such as zinc, copper, aluminium,

standing seams and rainscreens including weather membranes

• Minimise labour and install times with a reduction in

multi-component build ups

• Their low-air permeability reduces an overall buildings

CO ²


• Benefit from a superior, smooth backing surface over long

and bespoke panel lengths

• Thermally efficient range of thicknesses from 80mm (U value

of 0.25 W/m ² k) to 200mm (U-value of 0.10 W/m ² k)

• Up to 30 minutes fire resistance through LPCB certification

For modern methods of construction

Hemsec SIPs

Hemsec SIPs are exceptionally strong, load-bearing panels for walls,

roofs and floors in commercial and residential buildings. They have

been extensively tested, and exceed the leading standards for

strength across the UK and Europe.

At a Glance:

• Far fewer building materials are required when you use SIPs,

saving significant time, labour and cost

• Gain far greater architectural flexibility than when you opt

for traditional building methods

• SIPs minimise heat loss through continuous, high

performance insulation

• They are made using OSB from sustainable FSC sources,

providing exceptional eco-benefits

• Under BBA, ETA and CE certification, a minimum life expectancy

of 60 years makes SIPs a safer bet than most building materials

available anywhere

• Fire resistance up to 90 minutes when utilised as the principal

structural element in built up wall systems

• Panel thicknesses range from 100mm (U-value of 0.34 W/m ² k)

to 225mm (U-value of 0.14 W/m ² k)

Applications include:

• Affordable housing – thermal

properties make them inexpensive

to run

• Luxury housing – flexibility of design

gives architectural creative freedom

• Public Buildings including education

and healthcare

• Commercial buildings –

cost-effective to build and manage

• Industrial buildings – large spans

combined with load-bearing strength

For modern methods of construction



Metal faced

Hemsec’s range of metal-faced panels are auto-adhesively

bonded during the manufacturing process to the wet lay

down polyisocyanurate closed cell insulation core.

Panels are available with an array of different colour and

steel finishes from various suppliers to meet all project

requirements and are completed with our Smooth, Microrib

or 100 Rib detail facing options.

The cover width is 1155mm, with panel thicknesses ranging

from 50mm to 200mm. Made-to-order in bespoke lengths

from a minimum of 2m (2.4m on 50mm panels) up to our

maximum line capability of 15m.

Timber faced

Hemsec SIPs are constructed from two faces of Oriented

Strand Board (OSB/3) sandwiching a pressure injected,

rigid polyurethane (PUR) insulation core.

We can supply panels with either 15mm or 11mm thick

OSB facings.

The cover width is 1200mm, with panel thicknesses ranging

from 100mm to 225mm. Made-to-order in bespoke lengths

from a minimum of 1.2m up to 6m. Standard lengths of 2.4,

3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0m are also available.

Panel joint

Tongue and Groove

Panel joint

Mini SIP spline

Panel profile

Alternative timber

spline (by others)

Micro rib

100 rib



Panels are supplied

filled to edge as

standard. 40 or 50mm

rebates are available

and can be applied to

all edges. Panel

thickness dependant.

Rebates and Thermal breaks

Maximum 200mm rebate

positioned at the top of the

panel to suit ceiling

panel thicknesses.

Landing depth of 40mm

for 80mm thick panels or

50mm for 100-200mm

thick wall panels.

20mm saw cut depth,

thermal break.

Positioned between 80-300

mm from base of panel.

Construction partners

As a high-volume producer of SIPs, Hemsec is particularly

attractive to those requiring the security of a reliable source

through a leading manufacturing supply-partner.

Your SIPs project will run smoothly with support from our

trusted partners from across the construction industry. We

can facilitate pre-manufacturing input from architects and

designers, and services post SIPs manufacture, including

fabricators/engineers and installers.

When you need products with an

unquestionable pedigree, you’ll find

them here at Hemsec.

Part of our service is in advising you on

the right solution for your situation.

Please contact us and we will be more

than happy to help.

Hemsec Manufacturing Ltd.

Stoney Lane, Rainhill,

Prescot, Merseyside L35 9LL

Tel: 0151 426 7171

Email: contact@hemsec.com


Assessed to ISO 9001

Cert/LPCB ref. 558

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