2019 WD-12


December 1, 2019

Issue 04

Publication of Alton Pool Four (Flotilla 34)

8th Western Rivers Region



Flotilla Commander

Vice Flotilla Commander

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Cover Photo courtesy of Webshots: Smoky Cape Lighthouse, New South

Wales, Australia.

Wing Dam is a quarterly publication for the members of

the Eighth Western Rivers Region, Flotilla 34 in Electronic

ONLY format and published on the flotilla web site.

Reprints of articles or pictures may be used in other publication

without written permission provided proper credit is

given. Your feedback and contributions would be greatly

appreciated. Please send your comments, articles or feedback

to: Barbara Rhoades, FSO-PB. Address and email

available at AUXOFFICER.

Publication Deadlines

Articles sent no later than

2350 hours on:

1 March

1 June

1 September

1 December

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Flotilla Commander

Barbara Rhoades

Vice Flotilla Commander

Marilyn Aten

2019 is coming to a close and that means

we need to look forward into 2020 and

what the flotilla will do. There is discussion

on the Sea Scouts becoming a part of

the Auxiliary and we always look at what

training we need/want

to do.

This year, we will do

VE and IT training in

the first few months

and then turn to the BQII course. This

should take us through the rest of the


Beginning in January, we will staff

the “Let’s Go Fishing” exhibit in

Illinois. The COW will be held

on the third weekend and a PE class

will be held in Litchfield in late February.

We can’t forget the twice-yearly dinner

meetings just to keep

our flotilla social and,

of course, the annual

Christmas dinner/party

in early December.

Change of Watch Party

Join all the members from Flotilla 34

and other flotillas from Division 3 for a

wonderful evening of fellowship and fun.

Division 3’s annual Change of Watch and

Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday,

January 18 at Andre’s Banquet Center on


Invitations will be sent to all division and

flotilla members. The evening’s reception

begins at 1800 hours followed by a lavish

buffet dinner with all the trimmings and


There will be a presentation of Division

Awards to members for their achievements.

We will be honored to have CDR Suzanne

Hemann, 8 th Western Rivers

DIRAUX as our Guest Speaker.

Please return your response card, when

received, to reserve your place.

Flotilla Staff Officer-CM

Larry Miller

We need to seek out new members.

This is one of the harder things we try

to do. Where do you go to acquire new

members? Who do you ask? What do

you tell them? We have created a tri-fold

brochure that we will have available at the

“Let’s Go Fishing” show and we hope this

will help answer those questions.

Between the training courses, the PA

exhibit, the PE class and the social events,

our flotilla will be active in 2020.

Here we go, roaring into a new year.

Where will that take us in the realm of

Telecommunications? Perhaps it is time

to start planning

some activities.


communications are

a two-way street.

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How about practicing your Phonetic

Alphabet? As you are traveling down the

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road and

you see an 18-wheeler,

use your phonetic

alphabet to spell the

trucking company name.

For instance: “truck” “I spell Tango,

Romeo, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo;” “truck.”

Or a billboard: “Eat at Joes, I spell, Echo

Alpha, Tango, Alpha Tango,

Juliet, Oscar, Echo, Sierra”. Just

remember that you are operating a motor

vehicle and you still need to concentrate

on the road! Knowledge of the phonetic

alphabet could be useful in a telephone

conversation so it’s good to know. You

may not be the one to have to spell the

words but someone may be saying them

to you and you need to be able to interpret


Grab a good book and learn some of

the telecommunicator pro-words. Choose

one or two a week and really learn what

they mean and how to use them or ask

your FSO-CM to suggest some for you

to learn. Do we say “Over and Out?”

Why or why not? What do we say on

the air when we need to pause to look

something up?

we need to know what to do to handle

them. And they don’t need to be done

over the radio; a telephone call could be


Keep communicating. Out.

Flotilla Staff Officer-CS

Barbara Rhoades

The flotilla web site is a great place to refer

new or possible members for information

on what our flotilla does, when/where we

meet and how the process of becoming a

member works.

The photo page could use

some new images. What is the

saying? A picture is worth a thousand

words? We are a visual group today so

send your images along and I will post


Any suggestions of items that

need to be on the web page

will be welcome. It is difficult to be the

one to think of what goes onto the web

page and any help will be appreciated.

Some of the training used in other flotillas/

divisions/districts is a Distress Assist

Response Training (DART) scenario. This

is where an oncoming watch stander will

call a current watch stander and present

a situation. The goal is to give that

watch stander an opportunity to practice

a situation they wouldn’t normally come

across. Once that scenario has played out

and there is a change of watch, the offgoing

crew will present a situation to the

new watch crew. These are beneficial for

those situations that rarely come up but

Page 4

Happy and Safe Holidays!

Flotilla Staff Officer-IS

Barbara Rhoades

The year is fast coming to a close and I

hope you all have your hours turned in.

It is disheartening to receive a package

with 25 sheets of hours to enter. You

should be sending your hours in monthly

or, at the very least, every other month.

Hours are what gets us our COW awards

and without your paperwork, I don’t know

what needs to be entered for you.

Remember, we no longer have to use the

pre-set forms found on the division web

page. As long as you and I know what

you are wanting entered, a sheet of plain

paper will do. Just no cocktail napkins,


Flotilla Staff Officer-MT

Marilyn Aten

8 th WR D-Train 2020

Commodore Tracy DeLaughter and his

planning committee have been working

on D-Train 2020 in Kansas City. The

dates are 2-5 April with C-Schools starting

on March 30. There is a lot of training

planned for this event. C-Schools will

be limited this year so get your reservation

in early.

Check out D-Train information on the 8 th

Western Rivers website at http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=085&category=2020-spring-d-train

Read over all the training courses

and make a list of what you’d

like to take. Then watch for the

Training Registration on the website. The

Page 5

DSO-MT is adding the final touches so it’ll

be ready soon.

Attend and become Certified, Qualified

and Ready to Go!! Courses are designed

as the completion of study in various mission

areas. The goal is that after D-Train,

the member is CQR to do the mission


Flotilla Staff Officer-PA

Marilyn Aten


The Let’s Go Fishing Show is just around

the corner. This will be our sixth year.

Come out to the exhibit on

January 3, 4 and 5. We’ll

be at booth #501 at the

Gateway Center in Collinsville,


This is a fabulous show.

The flotilla has always been

well received and guests, numbering over

9,000, come through and love to stop

and talk life jackets and fishing.

This is a great place for us to promote

out upcoming Public Education Classes

for 2020.

Our FSO-PB Barbara Rhoades developed

a promotional trifold to hand out. This

lets everyone know about the Auxiliary

and Flotilla 34 activities.

If interested in working the Public Affairs

Exhibit, let Marilyn know.

Flotilla Staff Officer-PB

Barbara Rhoades

This issue of the Wing Dam will be the last

for 2019. I hope you all

like the flipbook format

and the new layouts.

Creating a newsletter

isn’t as easy as it sounds and it needs to

be something a non-coast guard Auxiliarist

would be willing to read. This is one way

to attract new members. Send the URL

to anyone who you think would be willing

to consider joining our ranks.

two things: a safer boater and one who is

in concordance with the law.

We could also begin classes on weeknights.

That could work better for people who

want to have their weekends

free to enjoy boating. It

may also work better for

those of us whose weekend calendars fill

up pretty quickly.

We have the opportunity to present an

ABS class in Litchfield. Stay tuned for


Flotilla Staff Officer-VE

Dan Rhoades

Any suggestions on what to put in the

newsletter or layout suggestions are always


Happy and Safe Holidays!

Flotilla Staff Officer-PE

Larry Miller

As I write this, it is dark by 5:00 PM, boats

are winterized and we have had

snow. Looking at the positive

side, the Mississippi river is at

normal levels.

I wish to thank everyone for your efforts

this year. We could not get to marinas

With the rolling out of the AUXSCOUT until July 4 th and the marinas needed two

program, we are given an opportunity to to three weeks to clean up. All worked

include and use Sea Scouts in our public hard to get the VE’s in that we had. Next

education training. Not only

year, we hope for no floods and no bad

to train them but have them

river--only the good river when we start

for “adjunct” professors

having VE stations at the various marinas

in presenting portions of

along the Alton pool.

the lessons, obviously with

guidance from an Auxiliary

I been reading about sales from boat

certified instructor. They may

and engine manufactures both of which

even have ideas on where we could possibly increased for year 2019. That means more

hold training sessions. Both Missouri and vessels to check and more people to help

Illinois require those under a certain age have a safe on the water day.

to have a boating safety certificate and if

we can instill boating safety in the younger Use this time to get your new members

boating enthusiasts, we have accomplished trained and ready to help

Continued on Page 7

Page 6

Continued from Page 6 the many new boaters that

are waiting to get out with new boats and

wave runners. Review any new state laws

and the 2020 VE Workshop when this

comes online.

We will be there when the rivers return to

normal helping every boater to have safe

and uneventful boating season.

Thank You.

Mother of Pearl Clouds, Antartic, courtesy

of WebShots.

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