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Newsletter Issue # 3

December 12, 2019

In this issue:

New Relea se: Rebel Without a Clue by - New York editor-in-chief of

The National Examiner - Jeanne Erickson.

Red Time the Movie. Screenplay by Gippsland author Matt Dunn.

Coming Soon: The first of The Jake Hunt Series: WITHOUT WARNING

by Jed Hart.

Customer Reviews

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An inspiational story about finding the courage to

never give up

Jeanne Erickson has written celebrity,

human interest and real-life adventure

stories for decades. Her work has been

published in dozens of national and

international magazines, including US

Weekly, STAR, OK! and The National

ENQUIRER. Jeanne was a licensed EMT

for five years and drew on those

experiences for her “Fantastic Fiction.”

She lives in the New York City area with

her family and is currently the editor-inchief

of The National Examiner, a weekly

celebrity magazine.

Out Now

AFTER Jenny Price loses her glamorous big-city

job as a magazine editor, she goes to work as an

EMT in her hometown—and hates it. Her bedside

manner stinks, and whiny senior citizen patients

drive her crazy. Then true disaster strikes when

a drunk driver hits her ambulance and blows it

sky high in a video that’s seen around the world!

Desperate to track down the person behind the

accident, Jenny’s bumbling detective work lands

her in jail. But people she never imagined come

to her rescue—in a heartwarming story of

friendship, second chances and the magic that

happens when you finally open your heart.

Author Insights

Jeanne Erickson

Jeanne, what inspired you to write Rebel Without a Clue?

During a time I was laid off, I trained to become an EMT and went

to work for a company that serves nursing homes. The people I

met in the back of that ambulance were so brave in spite of all

they were facing, which was sometimes so sad I had to step

outside and cry. They would actually ask me about my problems

and give me advice! I was so inspired by them and their stories! I

couldn’t forget them so I decided I would honor them—and my

poor partner who put up with a lot of my bumbling—with a book

about two women and their patients that would entertain others

while getting the message across of what it’s like to be old in

today’s society. Those people humbled me in ways I never


Do you have any unusual writing habits?

I started writing this book on a tiny dressing table that’s

nailed to a wall in my bedroom with a folding chair. It’s really

uncomfortable but when I try to do it someplace else, the

words don’t come.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

I always thought if you were meant to be a book author that it

would come on you so easily and a book would be written before

you know it! But now that I’ve been in contact with other authors

I found that it’s not that way at all. E. L. Doctorow says, “Writing

is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your

headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” So my

advice would be to just keep on driving a little every single day.

What are you working on now?

The second REBEL. A senior citizen gets kidnapped.

What is the best advice you have ever heard?

Never give up no matter how many years it takes.

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HEART WARMING & HUMOROUS, Rebel Without a Clue is an

inspiration for people who are filled with the uncertainty of

starting over. Disenchanted and bitter, Jenny doesn’t realise

that a lousy turn of events could ultimately lead her to a

better life with a greater moral vision.

Lead Review The Herald Sun

When life, love and premiership glory are all on the line…

A gripping tale of murder and mayhem in

contemporary Australia

Who is the killer?


Red Time has suddenly taken on greater significance for

nomadic country footballer, Mick Stewart. While those final

moments of the game have always been important for the

renowned goal kicker, the stakes are even higher this

time―with love, redemption and a missing woman’s life all

on the line. With the clock ticking down to zero and

everything at stake, will Mick finally find the road to lasting

glory or just another dead end?


Interview with Matt Dunn author of Red Time

Matt, did you need to make any story modifications

when you created the RED TIME screenplay?

A SCREENPLAY is a different kind of animal to a novel,

and unless you're planning a mini-series, you have to be

quite ruthless when it comes to what you include.

My own ambition was to see my novel made into a gritty

new Aussie film.

Red Time the film script is quite different to Red Time the

novel. There have been more than a few casualties (both

scenes and characters) along the way.

What can viewers expect when RED TIME the movie


As it stands, I believe I have created something that will

translate well to the screen.

Now that you have written the screenplay, where

to next?

The next step now is finding that filmmaker who is

ready to come along for the ride. More than

anything else, though, it would be essential to find

the right actor for the lead role.

Do you have an actor in mind that would suit

playing the role of your main character Mick


I see my main protagonist, Mick Stewart, as a larger

than life character who is ready to embrace the

challenges of avenging his mother's murder, finding

a missing woman and putting his team on the road

to premiership glory. I envisage the actor as

someone like Russell Crowe in his younger days or

Mel Gibson in the Mad Max era. He would definitely

have to have that edginess. I know he's out there. The

search begins.

Will Saylor find the strength to triumph over tragedy?

Lost in a world of hoplessness, after being sexually assaulted, Saylor

flees from her hometown in Gippsland. In her new world she meets

like minded friends who inspire her to pursue a life in the Arts.

Now―on the path to fame―life could not be any better, until she

uncovers a buried secret that shatters her world. Haunted by the

past, Saylor delves deeper only to discover that enemies are on a

mission to destroy her. She knows too much!

Coming Soon

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1 st

Title in The Jake Hunt Series

How far would you go to protect the ones

you love?

Without Warning will be available at Feather Knight Books online store in the

next few months and will hit the bookstores in the second week of April 2020.

Without Warning: The JAKE HUNT SERIES

JAKE HUNT has finished with war, but when he travels to Brunei, a routine

assignment is fragmented. Terrorists attack the Sultanate seeking power

and revenge. Working alongside Jake, Nicole Roswell realises that the

thoughtful man she knows is also an incorrigible risk taker, whose actions

challenge her ideas of right and wrong. As the terrorists escalate their

violent campaign, those involved must act to protect themselves and the

ones they love.

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Delivery Australia

Customer Reviews

Rebel Without a Clue by Jeanne Erickson :

Romeo Einstein:

Imagine if Stephanie Plum was an EMT with a hilarious love-hate relationship with the elderly she

served–that pretty much summarizes this HIGHLY ENTERTAINING beach read of a book with a lot of

heart. Jeanne Erickson is a very funny writer. And she knows her subjects inside out. But she also has

ironic distance that gives Rebel Without a Clue a great edge! I hope we get more of this great character.

Get this book. You will laugh and you will ache.

Orphan Boy:

A Small Town girl, realizing her roots, sees that there are people out there who care. Our Author draws

poignant vignettes from a lifetime of experience. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Jeanne Erickson has

continued to expand her story-telling abilities. A good time will be had in reading “Rebel Without a Clue”

and you will definitely find yourself identifying with the situations and the characters in this well-written


Red Time by Matt Dunn:

David Barker April 27, 2019

A wonderful first nov el by Matt Dunn. Red Time fo llows the travels and travails of footballer for hire Mick

Stewart – our flawed hero as he restlessly moves on after each successful season of country footy unable to

commit to a relationship with a town or a partner as a result of a sad, tragic past. The story gallops along

with subplots within subplots and is laced with laugh out loud humour leavened by reflections on domestic

violence, redemption, narcissism. I wholeheartedly recommend this very accessible novel to everyone even

if like me – oh shock horror -you don’t have an interest in Aussie Rules.

Laura Gibb May 29, 2019

‘Red Time’ is a well written, earthy novel about footy, pain, belonging and human nature.

Mick, our protagonist, is athletic, smart and disciplined, a sought-after footballer in country AFL

competitions. However, he struggles to connect with any place or anyone. When he was a child, Mick saw

his father brutally beat his mother, and it’s left Mick with a pain and a desire for revenge that get in his way

as he starts trying to build a life and forge some real relationships for once.

Mick is something of a bridge between the old version of masculinity and emerging ideas about what it

means to be a man. The novel is a timely examination of family violence, sexual violence and masculinity,

but there’s no preaching. The fact that an ‘issue’ is part of the story in no way detracts from the drama.

It’s warm, frank, insightful, funny at times, and better written than many books from bigger publishers. A

genuine pleasure.

Gavin Van Eede June 17, 2019

Mick Stewart is a flawed but gifted individual. A talented footballer with an inability to commit to life. Matt

Dunn has written a brilliant first novel of country life, football passion, and shadows from the past that

refuse to go away. Filled with interesting, if not perfect characters and a story line full of twists and turns

that will keep you wanting to read the next page. While the footy side of the story provides a lighter and

sometimes witty element, the undertone of domestic violence gives a darker thriller edge. A very

entertaining read.

Corrupted Innocence by Caroline Mullarkey:

Kerrie May 26, 2019

This is a really brilliant book. I have not read such a good book since I was a teenager. I’m now sixty-one. I started

reading Corrupted Innocence and couldn’t put it down because it was so exciting and riveting. I would really suggest

this book to anyone that enjoys a good fiction novel. I highly recommend it.

karin gasson June 2, 2019

I was recommended to read Corrupted Innocence – I love reading books but usually only read books from well

known authors but decided to read this book. I was absolutely amazed how brilliant it was and couldn’t stop

reading – there were so many twists and turns and found it to be one of best books I have ever read (and I have read

hundreds of books over the years). It was also great to read a book about Loch Sport and surrounding areas (as I live

in Loch Sport) and cannot wait for a sequel or another book written by Caroline, I will be first to read that is for sure

– she is a brilliant author!

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