Encompass 2016-2017 Annual Report


A report of Encompass activities from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

Annual Report


“Encompass is an amazing place culturally, and as far as services go, it’s top notch.”

-Pediatric Therapy Parent

Dear Friends of Encompass,

Our community continues to grow with families who are drawn to the scenic beauty and warm community of the Snoqualmie

Valley and surrounding areas. They need Encompass to be here to support them on their journey of building a healthy

foundation for their children, just as we have done for countless families during the last 50 years.

Last year, nearly 1,500 children and their families received help from Encompass. Some utilized several services, like our

nationally-accredited preschool, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), or speech therapy. Some attended a parent workshop,

Sibshops, or Parents’ Night Out. Whether they came to Encompass only once or many times a week, we were there to

offer assistance to light their way.

Our community has continued to rally around us and support us right back, for which we are so grateful. Last fall, we had our

largest gala yet in honor of our 50th anniversary, which was attended by over 450 people. We also held our first annual Rise &

Thrive Breakfast event at the Club at Snoqualmie Ridge in April. We were overwhelmed by the generosity you showed at

both these events, which directly fund our vital programs and services.

We continue to seek opportunities to be responsive to the growing needs of our community. Our new Mobile Therapy Unit

brings vital therapy services to areas that have had to do without. We continue to partner with other businesses and nonprofit

organizations to offer Encompass services at various locations, like the YMCAs in Snoqualmie and Sammamish, Sno-Valley

Senior Center, Carnation Elementary School, Umpqua Bank Community Room, KCLS libraries throughout the Valley, and local


Looking ahead to the future, we have exciting plans to offer our excellent pediatric therapy, early learning, and family

enrichment services to even more children and families in our community by building a new, a state of the art facility in

Snoqualmie. We look forward to sharing more news of this project with you as it develops.

Thank you for your support in working toward the realization of our vision: a community where ALL children thrive.

In gratitude,

Nela Cumming

Executive Director

Amy Wright

Encompass Board President

Our Programs

With two locations in North Bend, our Early Learning Center and Pediatric Therapy Clinic, as

well as a preschool site in Carnation, Encompass partners with families to build healthy

foundations for children through these programs:





Offered onsite at Encompass

• Behavioral health, including Parent-Child

Interaction Therapy (PCIT), a coaching program for

caregivers of children with disruptive behavior

• Feeding therapy

• Motor therapy, including occupational and physical


• Speech and language therapy, including social

skills groups

Offered in the home

• Birth to Three Early Intervention, integrated

care services for children who have

disabilities or developmental delays

For parents and caregivers

• Parenting groups like Kinship


• Free parenting workshops

• Parents’ Night Out

Offered onsite at Encompass

• Toddler groups for children and their caregivers

• Preschool, including free slots for income-qualifying

families through the Early Childhood Education and

Assistance Program (ECEAP)

• Summer camps

Offered in the home

• Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP), a free early

literacy and parent coaching program for incomequalifying




For siblings and older children

• Sibshops, a national program of workshops for

siblings of children with special needs

• Safety classes for teens and preteens, including

Super Sitters and Safe Kids 101


Program Numbers

Snoqualmie Valley

School District:


sq. miles

Our in-home

programs serve a


square mile radius


School District:


sq. miles

Examples of our impact in



free toys and books distributed

to income-qualifying families

in Parent-Child Home Program


School District:


sq. miles


scholarships given so children

could attend summer camp


nutritious meals fed to children

in our Early Learning programs


families healed through Parent-

Child Interaction Therapy


“Best school ever... we have been there for two years and I couldn’t imagine a better place for my

daughter... I will be sad next week when school is out and she gets ready for kindergarten.”

-Preschool parent

Number of children

and families served


Total services provided


Early Learning:




Summer camps offered


77% of the children who participated in toddler and

preschool early learning programs met developmental


Pediatric Therapy:



Types of therapy offered


Family Enrichment:




Free workshops offered



95% of parents and caregivers who attended free parenting

workshops and groups reported that they learned

techniques to help foster a stronger and more positive

relationship between themselves and their children.

98% of children who received early intervention and

pediatric therapy services for developmental delays met

outcomes identified in Individual Family Service

Plans (IFSP).


Year in Review

Family 4th

of July on




summer campers

showcase their floats

in local parades

2016 Autumn


Encompass 50th








Pediatric Therapy

Clinic celebrates

1000th patient

First Day

of School

Early Learning

trip to pumpkin






“When I first attended, it felt like bricks were being lifted up off my shoulders.”

-Sibshops participant, age 10


Rise & Thrive


Take a

Seat for Kids





Home Program




Work begins on

upfitting Mobile

Therapy Unit




Discovery Days



group starts in



named a




Therapy Unit


Parent Talks

starts at local


End of School



Financial Result Summary

for fiscal year 2016-2017*

Support & Revenue

% of


Government sources $1,799,609 45.9%

Fee for service 1,116,676 28.5%

Contributions & fundraising

(net of event expenses) 684,868 17.5%

United Way 253,335 6.5%

Non-cash donations 60,714 1.5%

Interest & miscellaneous 5,337 0.1%

Total support & revenue $3,920,539 100.0%


% of


Program services

Birth-to-three early intervention &

pediatric therapy 1,921,356 48.9%

Early childhood education 870,727 22.1%

Behavioral health 200,791 5.1%

Parent-Child Home Program 184,543 4.7%

Family enrichment 126,089 3.2%

Summer camp programs 100,217 2.5%

Total program services 3,403,723 86.5%

Supporting services

Administration 274,507 7.0%

Development 253,065 6.4%

Total supporting services 527,572 13.4%

Total expenses $3,931,295 99.9%

Excess of support &

revenue over expenses ($10,756) -0.3%

Percentage of dollars spent

48.9% Early intervention & pediatric therapy

22.1% Early childhood education

7.0% Administration

6.4% Development

5.1% Behavioral health

4.7% Parent-Child Home Program

3.2% Family enrichment

2.5% Summer camp programs

*Figures agree with the audited financial reports for the

fiscal year ending 6/30/2017


2016-2017 Board of Directors

Board Officers

Amy Wright, President

Brad Hutt, President-elect

Larry Brown, Past President

Art Zylstra, Treasurer

Joan Vaughn, Secretary

Robin Pasquarella, Trustee

Board Members

Gayle Bennett

Claudia Castle

Paula Croteau

Janice Evans

Sandra Ramsey

Erika Ribary

Katherine Ross

Roy W. Simperman, Jr.

Tom Sroufe

Steve Weaver

Rob Wotton

Emeritus Members

Keri Bailey

Pat L Bohan

Jane Danforth Koser

Kevin Haggerty

Charlotte Rempfer

Dick Ryon

Aleena Schneider



2016-2017 Encompass Staff

Shannon Adams

Jennifer Ahrens

Sandra Angel

Jennifer Bainbridge

Lindsey Batz

Taryn Baumann

Autumn Cook-Biggert

Melissa Boustedt

Jacob Bridgman

Missy Budworth

Margaret Butcher

Alyssa Carlson

Kelsey Carr

Sarah Christopherson

Rocío Collado

Kathleen Corriveau

Marnee Crawford

Lynne Creed

Nela Cumming

Megan Daniels

Erin Davies

Becky DeCou

Meghann Delaplaine

Nicole Demetrescu

Sandy Dempsey

Sheri Dodd

Alethia Esquivel

Marty Flood

Julie Forslin

Kim Goldenberger

Terry Granillo

Helen Grebelskaya

Laurie Gutenberg

Nicole Hale

Kim Hall

Melissa Hammond

Sage Hammond

Lupita Hernandez

Maribel Hinkle

Francene Holland

Kristen Howard

Alana Hunter

Sarah Johnson

Kat Kaiser

Kim Kanzler

Jessica Kitz

Krista Kobe

Julie Korssjoen

Steven Kraft

Nan Krueger

Victoria Leman

Colleen Lenahan

Laura Lewis

Carolina Liendo

Darlene Logan

Arlene Lousberg

Becky Manni

Lina Marin

Tracy Marrero

Ashley Mason

Jan Mathis

Brittany Metteer

Mary Miller

Kristin Milton

Amy Mogridge

Kristen Morita

Nishi Navin

Chelsea Nelson

Stacy Newton

Marianna Nielsen

Summer Jo Nowicki

Rebecca Parker

Alba Polanco

Marsha Quinn

Sally Rasmussen

Melissa Rhodes

Diane Robbins

Irma Rodriguez

Annalisa Roy

Renata Marcinowski-


Morgan Schmelzer

Jayne Sievers

Sandra Sinanan

Nikki Slaght

Kavita Sleight

Liann Smith

Rochelle Clayton Strunk

Jennifer Tachell

Hannah Tankersley

Nicki Torres

Celina Travis

Kristin Webb

Johnna Winslow

Lisa Yamasaki

Veronica Zeballos


Leadership Givers

Keri and Vince Bailey

Jeanne and Dave Elliott

Rebecca and Richard Kitz

Carol-Ann O’Mack and John Deininger

Anne and Darren Shakib

Lorna Stern

Angela Ursino and Steve Orchekowsky

Marcia and Dick Ryon

Individual Donors

Suzanne and Jeff Adams

Kathleen and Jon Adams

Kathrina and Ryon Addison

Dana and Dan Ahner

Cheri and Alan Ameche

Deanna and Jim Anderson

Heather Anderson

Monica and Tom Antone

Bill Antone

Sharon and Vincent Augenstein

Dory and Joel Aune

Caitlin Back

Gina and Monir Bahhage

Keri and Vince Bailey

Stacie and John Baker

Katherine and Caleb Banta-Green

Tiffany and Bryan Barbre

Danielle Barnes

Katie and Shannon Barrett

Mary Barrett

Patricia Barthe

Terry and Edward Bayless

Kim and John Belcher

Alexandra and Kyle Benn

Patricia and Chris Bennett

Gayle and Rich Bennett

Marcia Bennett-Reinert and Joe


Amy and Eric Benolkin

Ronda and John Bergman

Holly Bigoff-Young

Karen and Robert Birzell

Damon Bishop

Cherie Blehm and Barin Yoder

Jennifer Blevins

Denette and Jonathan Blustein

Pat L Bohan

Martie Bohn and Vaughn Himes

Jennifer and Bob Bohner

Jessi Bon

Paul Bonneau

Kelly and Jeff Borek

Lisa and Tim Bowersock

Judy and Roger Boyce

Marianne and David Bradburn

Kristi Branch and Jim Moore

Carol Brewster

Tahvia and Alan Bridgman

Tricia Bringardner

Renee and Renier Britz

Johnathan Brodin

Teresa Brosche

Sharon and Larry Brown

Travis Brown

Jean Buckner

Sheri and Jeff Bucy

Colleen and Joshua Burin

Diane Burkhammer

Jeanette and Patrick Busby

Tracy and Brent Bush

Laura and Charlie Cabe

Deborah Callahan

Stuart Campbell

Esther Carag

Maria Barge Carlson and Bruce


Stephanie and David Carlson

Kelsey and Charles Carr

Becky Casey and Tom VanBuren

Cynthia and John Castle

Claudia and David Castle

Barbara and Kent Chaplin

Rachel and Allen Chin

Milissa and Ryan Ching

Julie and Samit Choudhuri

Cary and Kevin Clark

Jeff Clark

Lauren Clark

Janet Clarkson

Rochelle Clayton Strunk and Dave


Jaime and Michael Cole

Rocio Collado and Rodrigo Varas

Christy and Michael Conn

Megan and Michael Consolati

Maury and Scott Corbin

Margaret Corder

Kathleen and Jon Corriveau

Molly Cox

Magan Cromar

Paula Croteau and John Menefee

Nela Cumming and Brian


Barb and Chuck Danek

Jennifer and Wil Daniels

Lisa and Domenic Daste

Erin Davies

Melissa and Steve DeAngelo

Jodi and Dan Defenbaugh

Sandy and Jim Dempsey

Grant Dickinson

Kevin Diegel

Sheri and Paul Dodd

Brenda Dodd

Diane Doppel and Dave


David Downing

Kristine and Bart Drango

Joe Drovetto

Patricia and Hank Durand

Michelle Dutton

Cammi Libby and Cedric Duty

Lori Duvall

Krista Eberle and Marty Stitsel

Tracy Egan

Jeanne and David Elliott

Ruby Elwood

Wynter and Brenden Elwood

Rhonda Ender

Bob Erdle

Janice Evans

Karen Farrell

Ann Marie and Mark Farris

Marty and Mike Flood

Julie Forslin

Raymond Fowler

Brian Freese

Jessica Friedman

Leanne Gann

Angela and Chris Garcia

Diane and Phil Garding

Kelly and Troy Garwood

Jonathan Geyer

Kari Gilje

Susan and Findley Gillespie

Nina and John Gladish

Andrew Glandon

Greg Goff

Joyce and Steve Goldberg

Brett Goldfarb

Karaline and Andrew Gormley

Esther and Alan Gothelf

Cynthia Grab and Mike Bergman

Linda and James Graham

Jan and Richard Gram

Melody and Terry Granillo

Jaime and Geoff Graves

Joan and Darin Graves

Ginny and Donald Gray

Robin and Matthew Gray

Deb Grove and Kevin Hinkley

Jackie Gruendike-Lefort

Allison Gubata

Doug Gundlach

Laurie and Neil Gutenberg

Molly and Kevin Haggerty

Holly and Roy Hahn

Kelly Hale

Kim Hall

JD Hammerly

Melissa and Brett Hammond

Jenna and Mike Hansen

Justin Hansen

Deane Haugen

Phillip Hawley

Katy and Tom Hawley

Ken Hearing

Etta Heieren

Lynn and Ken Heikkila

Matt Heikkila

Maryrose Henebry

Andrea and Eric Heuston

Brandi and Ryan Hill

Maribel and Robert Hinkle

Carol and Jim Hoch

Jessica and Jack Holmes

Gerene and Richard Holt

Rachel and Mark Hopkins

Marie and Steve Hubbard


Brent Huntington

Jim Hutsinpiller

Dana and Brad Hutt

Jon Ikegami

Gabriel Indalecio Cano

Michelle and Dustin Ingalls

Kathleen Irish

Cassie and Justin Isackson

Lynda Isernio

Marie Jackson

Charlotte and Tim Jacobs

Patty and Barry Johnson

Mark Johnson

Deanna Johnson

David Jones

Nancy Jones

Lorrie Jones

Terra Joy

Marie Joy

Kat and Rick Kaiser

Shana Kalenius and Joe Whitaker

Mary Kanzler

Kim and Justin Kanzler

David Kelley

Colleen Kelly

Angela and Mark Kennedy

Lynn and Scott Kenyon

Kaaren Kim

Maria King

Lisa King

Mary Ann and Gary Kinner

Heather and Craig Kitterman

Becky and Dick Kitz

Mindy Kober

Jane Danforth Koser

Maria Kressley

Deborah Kriens

Ellen and Donald Kropp

Nan and Doug Krueger

Jo and Bill Krueger

Chanel Krueger

Cynthia Krueger

Emily and Scott Kuempel

Mike Kuntz

Rahmi Kutsal

Karen Kuykendall

Kathy Lambert

Laurie Litwack and John Lang

Trini Langhans

Keil Larsen

Emily Larson and Trevor


Jennifer and Matt Larson

Jane and Robert Larson

Heidi Lawless

Callie Lee and Kent Talbot

Katlin and Sean Lee

Linda and Jeffrey Lentgis

Marianne Leslie

Kathy and Rick Lessley

Brooke and Al Lira

Pauline and Robert Little

Mimi Liu

Carolyn Loew

Karen Logan

Alisha and Matt Logue

Katelyn Long

Mary and Brooks Loop

Kim Loop

Arlene and Randy Lousberg

Becky and Stuart Lower

Elizabeth Luna

Mar Lydon and PJ Hough

Monica Lynne

Andi Main

Rebecca and Tavish MacLean

Janie and Gregory Magnan

Anne Mahoney

Melanie Majerech and Ryan


Carolyn and Gregory Malcolm

Kim and Ryan Mallady

Sara Manetti

Jenn Maples

Tamar and Bruce Mar

Bev and Dan Marcinko

Tracy and Paul Marrero

Richard Martin

Jill and Scott Massengill

Sheely Mauck

Kevin Maude

Linda and Uwe Mayer

Leasa and Brian Mayer

Ann and Jared Mayes

Angela and Tom McCann

Elizabeth McCaw and Yahn


Lacy Carter and Brock McCuen

Nan and Jeff McCutchan

Deborah and Dave McGrath

Lindsey McGrew

Allison McLean

Jan and Terry Menefee

Clint Merriman

Alicia Messa

Michelle Meyer

Scott Michelson

Mike Miller

Wende Miller

Becky Miller

Stephanie Mitchell

Lisa and Eric Mitchell

Tom Mitchell

Amy and Brian Mogridge

Nancy Montano and Isaias


Kristin and Dann Moomaw

Alicia and Chris Moore

Kristin Moore

Susan Murphy

Denise and Gregg Myers

Chelsea and Ryan Nelson

Joy Nelson

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Finley and John Norberg

Dariel Norris

Gina and Peter Nunan

Betty and David Olson

Carol Ann O’Mack and John


Mathew Orton

Susan and Richard Osburn

April and Nicolas Pacholski

Carolyn Paola

Thomas S Parker

Quinn Partridge

Laura Partridge

Robin and Lee Pasquarella

Chelley and Matt Patterson

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Cheryl Provost and Sean Pelletier

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Jody and Jeff Peterson

Lisa and Don Petrick

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Mark Sutherland

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Individual Donors (cont.)

Aggie and Chick Sweeney

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Peter Talevich

Maritherese and Nathan Thomas

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Brenda and Larry Zinkan

Angela Zwiefelhofer

Ronda and Art Zylstra

Corporate, Community & Public Donors


ABC World Movers

Acceptiva Service

Aetna Foundation

Agape Chiropractic Healing


Alaska Airlines

All Star Heating and Air


Allstate Foundation


Banner Bank

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Boeing Employee Community


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Chavez for Charity

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City of North Bend

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City of Seattle, Combined


City of Snoqualmie

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Crowley Cares Foundations

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First American Title

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Snoqualmie Valley Moose Lodge

Southwest Airlines

Liz and Tom Sroufe

St. Bernadette’s Guild

St. Joseph’s School of Issaquah

Lorna Stern

Kristi Stevens

Sonja and JR Stevens

Stevens Pass Mountain Resort

Bryan Stokosa

Denise Stone

Byron Strange

The Summit at Snoqualmie

Sunset Alehouse

Jennifer and Mike Tachell

Tavern Hall


Technical Glass Products

Tequila Mockingbird

Total Wine & More

Trader Joe’s

TreeHouse Point

Umpqua Bank

Urban Farmscapes

Utopian Gardens

Uwajimaya, Inc.

Joanna Van Ronk Household

Joan and Ken Vaughn

Village Theatre

Nancy Whitaker

Whole Foods Market

Wildflower Wine Shop

Wildlife Expeditions of Teton

Science Schools

William Grassie Wine Estates

Woodland Park Zoo

Nancy Wray

Amy and Monty Wright

Lisa and Mike Yamasaki

YMCA Camping & Outdoor


Young Reflections Photography

Ronda and Art Zylstra




Shannon Adamson

Aljoya Thornton Place

Shereetha Allen

Kenna Alston


Christine Barasona

Pat Barthe

Ellie Bates

Kristi Baumann

Leslie Beck

Madison Bellmore

Gayle Bennett

Patricia Bennett

Ronda Bergman

Gwyn Berry

Kerry Beymer

Abby Blair

Pat L Bohan

Cindy Bolla

John Botten

Kyra Bovenkamp

Boy Scouts

Amy Brink

Ellison Brink

Renee Britz

Larry Brown

Tegan Brown

Matthew Brumfield

Colleen Burin

Josh Burin

Kamrynn Burk

Jeanette Busby

Kaitlyn Busser

Jess Buttermore

Chaz Carr

Cascade Covenant Church

Claudia Castle

John Castle

Lydia Chaplin

Miguel Chavez

Kimberly Cheeney

Tamara Chinn

Janet Choi

Chloe Chow

The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-Day Saints North


Church on the Ridge

Lorraine Clarke

Rochelle Clayton Strunk

Kirby Corder

Amanda Creasia

Emily Creed

Paula Croteau

Megan Daniels

Shannon Danielson

Stephen DeLeon

Tara DesJardin

Nikki Dillon

George Dixon

Marni Donnelly

Aiden Drake

Rhonda Ender

Janice Evans

Leah Evans



Freiheit and Ho Architects

Ezra Gallegos

Linda Garcia

Bonnie Gilmartin

Girl Scout Troop 40088

Sarah Goodspeed

Anika Granillo

Melody Granillo

Laurie Gutenberg

Sage Hammond

Young Han

Kathy Harris

Ginger Harris

Piper Hawley

Erica Haycox

Caroline Hebert

Olivia Hebert

Erika Hendron

Jennifer Hitt

Aimee Hittinger

Grace Hopkins

Clara Hopkins

Gracie Hopkins



Hailey Hummel

Alana Hunter

Susan Husa

Craig Husa

Brad Hutt

Michelle Ingalls

Fiona Jacobsen

Carrie Jensen

Lily Johns

Emily Johnson

Patty Johnson

Spencer Johnson

Ron Johnson

Tomoko Jones

Jordyn Jones

Marie Joy

Kat Kaiser

Elizabeth Kaiser

Heather Kawamoto

Wendy Kellberg

Helen Kim

Linda Kitchen

Cory Kocher


value of

$146,204 *

Volunteers are not paid… but the

work they do is priceless!

*according to Independent Sector’s estimated

value of volunteer time.

Deborah Kriens

Jacob Lacewell

Justin LaGeorge

Kathy Lambert

Abby LePage

Andrea Lewicki

Doug Lewis

Elodie Li

Carol Lightle

Mimi Liu

Nessa Livingston

Kim Loop

Elizabeth Lowry

Grace Luccio

Laura Mahrer

Andrea Main

Maddi Manelski

Alyssa Manke

Cami Marinella

Justin Marrero

Zoe Marshall

Sonu Mathur

Audrey May

Kathleen McCarty



Ryan McCarty

Jess McClain

Troy McDunn

Sam McNabb

Cameron Meilke

Michelle Meyer

Darren Miller

David Miller

Kathy Mitchell

Corbin Moore

Kaye Moreton

Bryce Mueller

Amy Murphy

Denise Myers

Leslie Nan Moon

Tina Nguyen

Darrell Niemiec

Suhani Nog

Sunehri Nog

Maddie Nowicki

David Nye

Jinni O’Day

Alex Odesskiy

Katie Olmschenk

Steve Olmschenk

Judy Olson

Janielee Osborne

Megan Osborne

Jeneveve Osborne

Robin Pasquarella

Sean Pelletier

Linda Phipps

Shelly Pica

Yvonne Plata

Rosa Ramirez

Darlene Ray

Tyler Reid

Erika Ribary

Jasmine Rich





Kathie Robinson

Chelsea Robinson

Bruce Robinson

Daniella Roca

Carla Rodecap

Wendy Rogers

Katherine Ross

Morgan Ross

Dick Ryon

Melina Sauer

Kevin Sauer

Lydia Sauer

Davis Sauer

Gabriella Schriver

Isabel Scott

Sydney Seese

Michelle Shadel

Anne Shakib

Rileigh Shelton

Nancy Shepherd

David Sherrer

Linsay Showalter

Jared Sikes

Roy W. Simperman, Jr.

Roxanne Smith

Larnell Smith

William Spellman

Tom Sroufe

Dusti Steele

Molly Steele

Jaedi Stevens

Kristi Stevens

Bryan Stokosa

Eva Marie Strunk

George Strunk

Lenda Sundene


Technical Glass Products

Cybil Tribie

Quinn Van Buren

Joan Vaughn

Ethan Vernon

Megan Waddell

Brittan Wadsworth

Alea Walior

Katie Walker

Steve Weaver

Bri Wedge

Nicole Wedge

Kayla Wenker

Willow Westbrook

Nancy Whitaker

Casey Wilkinson

Dan Will

Johnna Winslow

Cade Woolf

Rob Wotton

Amy Wright

Monty Wright

Mike Yamasaki

Ting Yang

Cynthia Yongvan

Anne Young

Art Zylstra


In Memoriam

John Castle (1939-2017)

John was a beloved Encompass Board Member and Emeritus Board Member with a tremendous intellect and mischievous sense

of humor. He was instrumental in the development of the Encompass Pediatric Therapy Clinic, using his considerable talents and

experience as a successful entrepreneur to guide Encompass in this new venture.

The Castles are an “Encompass family.” Not only did all John’s grandchildren who live in Snoqualmie participate in Encompass

programs, his daughter-in-law, Claudia, is a current Board Member and enthusiastic volunteer, helping with fundraising events.

We are so grateful for all John has contributed to Encompass in more than 10 years volunteering with us. His presence and

contributions live on in the programs and services offered at Encompass.

Marian Danforth (1920-2017)

Marian Danforth was a longtime supporter of Encompass through the Bridge Fund, a discretionary pool of money that helps families

cover unexpected costs in times of hardship. The word “Bridge” in the name of the fund has two meanings: it helps bridge financial

gaps, and it is funded through an annual bridge tournament spearheaded by Marian for over 20 years.

Marian and a group of other longtime North Bend residents came together to support Children’s Hospital through an Orthopedic

Auxiliary in the early 1950s. In the early 1990s, when Marian’s daughter Jane Danforth Koser was on the Encompass Board of

Directors, the Orthopedic Auxiliary group turned its focus to helping Encompass serve all families who turned to them for help.

Since then, the Bridge Fund Tournament has raised over $1,000 for Encompass every year. Jane will be taking the mantle of

running the annual tournament going forward. We are so thankful to have had Marian as a supporter for so many years, and she will be greatly missed.

Memorial Donations

In Honor Donations


In memory of Marian Danforth

Doris Vinnedge

In memory of Brandon Powell

Michelle Meyer

In memory of our son, Dane


Charlotte and Jerry Rempfer

In memory of Dane Rempfer

Krista Eberle and Marty Stitsel

Nina and John Gladish

In memory of Cindy Stedman

Marie and Steve Hubbard

In memory of Jack Stern

Lorna Stern

In memory of Marie Sundene

Lenda and Dick Sundene

In memory of Joan Vaughn’s

father and sister

Stuart Campbell

In memory of John Whitaker

David Kelley

In honor of Sophia Chaplin;

commemorating Christmas

Barbara and Kent Chaplin

In honor of Marnee Crawford

Terry and Edward Bayless

In honor of Shane DeAngelo

Melissa and Steve DeAngelo

In honor of Lucas Eadon

Brent Huntingon

In honor of Terry Granillo

Kristin Moore

In honor of Ken Heikkila

Gina and Monir Bahhage

Emily and Scott Kuempel

In honor of Mike Kuntz

Sharon and Rich Wiltshire

In honor of Nicolle and Chris’s wedding

Cassie and Justin Isackson

In honor of Staci and Sean Ray

Allison McLean

In honor of Nancy Whitaker

Ellen and Donald Kropp

Carolyn and Gregory Malcolm

Encompass is proudly affiliated with these organizations and programs:



Encompass Early Learning Center

1407 Boalch Ave. NW

North Bend, WA 98045


Encompass Pediatric Therapy Clinic

209 Main Ave. S, Ste. 111

North Bend, WA 98045


Encompass Carnation Preschool

4950 Tolt Ave.

Carnation, WA 98014




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