2 Ways to Recover Android Files without Rooting


Follow this upload to learn how to restore your deleted data from an unrooted Android device.

How to Recover Android

Files without Root


In daily life, you may lose data from different mobile phones for various reasons, such as

accidental deletion, Android operating system update, factory reset, and so on. You are

hoping to download a good Android data recovery software, but you find that you can't use

this software to retrieve deleted text messages or contacts, let alone restore these files. This

is because most of these Android data recovery software requires you to root your Android


After rooting your Android phone, you can refer to the two effective methods we have

provided to recover deleted Android files from your unrooted phone.

Part 1: Why Most Android Data Recovery Software Need Root Access

Part 2: Recover Android Files without Root via Google Account

Part 3: Recover Android Files without Root via Lab.Fone for Android

Part 1: Why Most Android Data Recovery Software Need Root Access

You may have discovered a lot of ways to perform data recovery tasks for Android. Most

Android data recovery tools require root access on your device. This is because application

needs to perform low-level interactions with the device when performing recovery

operations using most Android data recovery programs. Android has made some

restrictions in order to prevent Android devices from receiving any malware attacks. For

example, most devices follow the MTP protocol. According to the agreement, users cannot

perform advanced interactions with the device.

Many people don't know too much about the Android device's rooting, or they don't want

to go to root their devices after learning. Because root has some advantages, it also has a

lot of shortcomings (learn the risks for rooting Android devices). However, people are

eager to recover lost data from their unrooted Android phones. To solve this problem,

people searched the Internet for solutions to recover Android data without root.

Fortunately, there are tools that perform data recovery without root access. In this article,

we will show you how to recover deleted data from Android without root.

Part 2: Recover Android Files without Root via Google Account

Google Account is a useful backup tool for Android, which provides a convenient Android

backup and restore service. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage per user. Once

you've backed up your Android files in Google Drive and accidentally deleted or lost them

later, you can recover deleted Android files from Google Drive without using your device,

and you don't need to root your Android phone. Before restoring deleted Android data,

such as contacts, text messages, photos, you'd better make sure you've backed up your

Android data to your Google Drive account using "Auto Backup" and "Music Manager".

Back up your Android data to your Google account

You can back up your contacts to Google Drive with your Google Account. Back up your

photos and videos to Drive with Google Photos, back up your music to Drive with Music

Manager, and back up other files with Auto Backup to Drive.

Recover Android data from your Google Account

Open and log in to your Google Drive on the web, click Open Trash to find deleted files >

click "Restore" to restore these deleted files to your Google Drive. To recover your deleted

Android files on Google Drive, you need to consider two cases:

Case 1: If you need to restore deleted files to another Android phone, you need to add your

Google account to your new phone and recover all backup files from Google Drive. These

backup files include contacts, photos, videos, settings, calendars, and more.

Case 2: If you plan to restore deleted files to your original Android phone, you will need to

sign out of your Google Account on this Android phone and re-add this Google Account.

After that, you'll be asked if you'd like to sync your Google Drive data to this Android phone.

Just give a positive answer.

Shortcoming: As you can see, recovering Android data using Google account only allows

you to recover the whole file, and you cannot perform selective recovery. Next, we are

going to show you a better solution to help you recover some Android data selectively from

Android without rooting by using an Android data recovery program.

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Part 3: Recover Android Files without Root via Lab.Fone for Android

Before we introduce the Android data recovery program, we should let you know that

Android data are generally located on both the internal memory of the Android device and

Android SD card. If you only want to recover deleted files from SD card on Android, you

do not need to root your Android device in advance. That's to say, Android data recovery

without root actually means SD card recovery for Android. When talking about Android SD

card recovery, you cannot miss the Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android with its Mac version -

Lab.Fone for Android Mac).

Lab.Fone for Android is such kind data recovery program for all Android users to recover

everything from Android phone and tablet from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony,

Huawei, Google, etc. It can recover lost photos, videos and music files from SD card on

Android device without rooting access. And if you have rooted your Android phone, this

program also can get back deleted contacts, SMS, call logs and more, in a word, recover

data from Android internal memory effortlessly without any hassle.

Please choose the right version of Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android to download and

install on your PC or Mac computer. Then, follow the steps below to recover data from

Android SD card without root.

Step 1. Run Android SD card data recovery program

Install and download Lab.Fone for Android on your PC or Mac. Launch it and choose

"Android SD Card Recovery" tab from top menu. Just insert your Android SD card in a card

reader and connect the reader to the computer.

Step 2. Analyze and scan your Android SD card

After you connect your SD card to the computer, the program will start scanning your SD

card for the lost files. Please note you can only restore photos, videos, music and documents

from SD card. After scanning, you will see the program interface like the picture below and

you will be able to open each file type to preview found files in details.

Step 3. Preview and recover data from Android SD card

After previewing the scanned out files such as photos, videos, audio files and documents on

your Android SD card, you can select the files you want to recover and then click on the

"Recover" button to start recovering deleted data from Android SD card.

Note: We kindly suggest your keep a habit of transferring files from Android to computer

for backup frequently, so that you can easily restore your Android data if you suffer from

data loss problem.


So, this article introduces how to recover Android files without root by restoring from

Google account, or using Android data recovery software like Coolmuster Lab.Fone for

Android. Both ways have their advantages, you can choose one accordingly. If you

encounter any problem when using Lab.Fone for Android, please feel free to tell us by

leaving a message in the following comment zone. Any good suggestions are appreciated


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