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Home cleaners do make your life easier. Home cleaners also make your house cleaner too. When you hire Home Cleaning in NYC service, you are bringing someone new into your home who has not been there before. If you hired the house cleaners through a cleaning service, then the only person you may have met was the person who came and gave you a quote and set you up for your first house cleaning appointment.

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From apartments, condos, and homes to small

businesses, office buildings, and commercial

facilities – our professional cleaning staff does it


Yes, we offer professional cleaning services in NYC,

but we’re also friends and neighbors.


That means we’ll take care of your home, office

and other spaces like they were our own.

We’ll also provide the most competitive prices


Whether you’re a weekly, monthly or once-in-awhile

customer, you’ll always get our very best

cleaning service.


We hire only the best, most experienced

professional cleaners.

Every member of our elite cleaning team has been

interviewed and approved so your satisfaction is


We’re a local New York City cleaning company you

can count on.

We offer apartment, home, office and commercial

cleaning services in NYC. Get your free estimate



It’s a fact: when life gets busy, cleaning is one of

the first chores to get sidelined – and life is always

busy in New York City.

But your apartment has to be cleaned, so what’s a

busy New Yorker to do?

Hire a professional cleaning services in NYC of


And it’s more affordable than you think.


If you look at a cleaning service as an investment,

you’ll actually find that professional NYC cleaning

can save you time, money and can even make your

home a happier place!

Save Your Time with Professional NYC Cleaning

There never seems to be enough time in the day to

do everything you want to do.

Coming back to a dirty apartment after a long day

at work can be frustrating, and suddenly your

relaxing night involves the vacuum and some

scrubbing gloves.


With a weekly or monthly professional cleaning

service though, much more of your personal time

stays your own!

Think about how much time you spend cleaning

each month.

How much could you accomplish if you put that

time towards starting a side business or working on

your career?

Maybe you just want more time to spend with your

family (or dog). What is your time really worth to



Grand Mark Cleaning was started to deliver

outstanding home, office, and commercial cleaning

service to the NYC area.

When it comes to where you live and work,

cleanliness is essential for health, happiness, and



With a professional NYC cleaning service, you’ll

save hours and hours every single month.

Plus – and we’re being 100% honest here – a

professional cleaner will do a better job!

Bottom line:

A professional cleaning service once or twice a

month can mean another night out with friends or

a day-trip with the kids or just about anything else!

Save Your Money with Professional NYC Cleaning


There’s another great benefit to professional

cleaning besides the cleaner living space, healthier

air, and feelings of wellbeing:

You’ll actually save money in the long run.


When your furniture, floors, carpets, shades, and

just about everything else in your house is cleaned

regularly, it lasts longer.



You’ll get more value out of every dollar you spend

on the things you use every day and the things that

make your home your home.

You will also avoid expensive repair bills because

your possessions are maintained and cared for by

your professional cleaner.

And remember the old saying, ‘time is money’?

Well, with all the time you save from not having to

clean, you can earn more money doing gig work

and end up with more than you started with after

the professional cleaning fees.


Professional Cleaning Service Makes You Happier

Beyond saving time and money with a professional

cleaning service in New York City, don’t

underestimate the positive mental and emotional

effects of less dirt and clutter!


When you’re free to live your life in a clean and

tidy home, you’ll experience less stress and feel


Plus, when friends and neighbors come to visit,

you’ll feel confident and proud of your spotless

living space.

Though we covered how professional NYC cleaning

can save you time and money, there are many

more benefits.

We offer apartment, home, office and commercial

cleaning services in NYC.



121 E 23rd St #C14, New York, NY 10010

Working Hours:

7 days a week / 8 am to 7 pm

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