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Based on our international art promotion project, the competition „Enter into Art“, held in Germany at regular intervals, this art book presents 31 artists from 19 countries on different continents. Most of them are award winning artists and finalists, others adequate guest artists. We encourage readers to choose any of the artworks in this book and, using our instructions for meditative art observation, deeply and consciously connect with it to experience the unique form of art-induced relaxation emblematic of our “Enter into Art” concept.
Based on the visible, specific side of paintings and sculptures, and mostly leaving out aspects related to the artists’ résumés, we invite art lovers to try out this stimulating method of connecting with the artworks themselves.
To accompany this excellent selection of paintings, some first-class international haiku poems are presented alongside them. Both original versions and English translations of the poems are included – reading poetry in a foreign language allows us to perceive its characteristic color tones, increasing its intercultural effect.
Our art and poetry pages give „Enter into Art“ artists the opportunity to present their artwork in combination with their own poetry.

The printed book is available in the book trade and in internet bookshops. Hardcover: ISBN 978-3-96103-724-7, Publisher: Re Di Roma-Verlag, Language: English, German, Size: 21 x 21 cm

Gerhardt Gallagher

Seascapes Spawning Dreams

gerhardt gallagher

Ireland / Irland

Gerhardt Gallagher‘s mature art has no room for artistic fads. His charismatic

aquatints tell stories of peaceful landscapes and small, quaint villages. The surroundings

of his home are the fundamental theme of his art. His style captures

an expressionist representationalism. Reducing shapes to impersonal figurines,

he challenges viewers to follow their own hiking routes and explore the lyrical

atmosphere and the nature surrounding them. Inadvertently, one feels an urgency

to be there and take in the austere light of the beautiful islands of Northern

Europe, and the sparse, quiet clarity of their nature.

Seestücke zum Träumen


Im reifen künstlerischen Schaffen Gerhardt Gallaghers haben Modeerscheinungen

in der Kunst keine Bedeutung. Seine stimmungsvollen Aquatinta-

Radierungen erzählen von friedvollen Landschaften und kleinen Dörfern mit

urtümlichen Charme. Die Umgebung seines Lebensdomizils ist das Grundthema

seiner Kunst. Dabei hält er an expressionistischer Gegenständlichkeit fest.

Die formale Reduzierung zu unpersönlichen Figurinen fordert den Betrachter

dazu auf, ihn auf seinen Wanderwegen zu folgen und in die lyrische Atmosphäre

der ihm umgebenden Natur einzutauchen. Unweigerlich will man dort sein,

um das herbe Licht der schönen Insel im Norden Europas und die karge, stille

Klarheit ihrer Natur zu genießen.

1. Barrow Valley, 2016, Aquatint Etching, 20 x 30 cm

2. Upper Lake, 2018, Aquatint Etching, 17 x 23 cm

3. Copper Coast, 2019, Aquatint Etching, 28 x 23 cm

4. Rocky Detour, 2017, Aquatint Etching, 18 x 22 cm

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